View Profile Private Message View Forum Posts. It uses the XQZ style and only shows models through the walls, leaving all the environment intact as it would be without the hacks. The wallhack uses Chams to let you know if players are behind or not behind walls. CT: Visible (Dark Blue), Behind Wall (Sky Blue) T: Visible (Dark Red), Behind Wall (Orange) VAC Status as of 6/26/ UNDETECTEDOperating System: Windows. A simple CS:GO Direct3D Wallhack hook. To use this hack just run ideasenweb.com as admin when CS:GO is open.

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Solution processing and properties of functional oxide thin films and nanostructures-III

SAS - Bunch of noobs, all of em. Espesially Matt. And I kinda liked that Caldari Corporation 008.


Evolution - The corp which defined PVP and developed a style of play which other corps find it hard to evolve away from now. Evolution however stay true to there name.

Devonshire East April 15

Resume: One-dimensional single crystalline cobalt rhodium oxide (Co2RhO4) nanotubes were successfully synthesized by simple and low-cost electrospinning method via one step annealing process using precursor of cobalt oxide (Co3O4) and rhodium oxide (Rh2O3) for the first time. Particularly, cobalt rhodium oxide (Co2RhO4) nanotubes are the single cubic phase crystalline structure without any minor crystalline phase proved by field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).


Celtic Anarchy - Owned badly in p3en-e this summer, all I remember. Jumping in one at the time is bad mmkay?

Shinra - well they've been around for some time now. I'd like to see what they will become in the future.


Resume: Using a water-treatment process, we have successfully fabricated intrinsic Josephson junction (IJJ) tunneling devices in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy (Bi-2212) high-temperature superconductor. To fabricate IJJ tunneling devices, it is necessary to flow an electrical current along c-axis direction which IJJ’s structures natively arrange. For an attainment of current pathway along c-axis direction, a surface of Bi-2212 single crystal was partially contacted with purified-water at room temperature for 0/5 - 10 h. By this treatment, an electrical property of the Bi-2212 single crystal between electrodes was deteriorated. Therefore, a current pathway was changed from ab-plane direction to c-axis direction. Actually, the annealed Bi-2212 single crystal showed clear voltage jumps, so call “Josephson junction property”, in current-voltage characteristics.

Of these, while the cash compo- Sections 171E and 188 of the Indian nent of the seizure was to the tune of Penal Code. It is this quashing of the FIR by the `143/47 crore, liquor, drugs/narcotics, High Court, which the Karnataka gov- precious metals and freebies constituted Under Section 171E, whoever com- ernment appealed against in the Sup- the balance.


Resume: In order to study the nanosize effect in BiFeO3 (BFO)/(Fe,Zn)3O4 (FZO) nanostructures, a set of samples have been grown by pulsed laser deposition on SrTiO3:Nb(001) substrate using a single target composition of (Bi1/1FeO3)0/65(Fe2/2Zn0/8O4)0/35. Oxygen pressure and deposition temperature have been respectively settle to approximately 0/9 Pa and 588 °C for all the samples. Deposition time for the set of samples are 1, 2 and 3 hours with a growth rate of 0/6 nm/min. The insulating/ferroelectric properties of BFO and the semi-conducting/non-piezoelectric properties of FZO make Conductive-Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM) and Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) good candidates to study the nanoscale electrical properties of such kind of nanostructures. C-AFM reveals generally that BFO usually grow as small islands surrounded by FZO for all the samples. Out of Plane and In Plane PFM images also confirm this tendency: piezoelectric response arise from the small BFO islands whereas no signal is recorded from FZO. The lowest thickness sample show similar behavior but reveals more a grain by grain growth with small BFO islands. PFM loops have been performed by in-field and off-field methods on all the samples. Whereas all samples show an imprint effect, no PFM off-field loop could be recorded on the thinnest sample. By using PFM and C-AFM, we were able to fully investigate the size effect in BFO/FZO nanostructures.

PIE Inc - Always #1 in the RP community. A good source of BDCI recruits lately.


Resume: In this work we compare atomic layer deposited and solution-processed yttrium oxide (Y2O3) passivation thin-films for solution-processed indium based metal-oxide thin-film transistors (MOTFTs). Due to the sensitivity of metal oxides to several gases and adsorbates, especially oxygen and water, the transistors should be encapsulated for long-term stability.

Resume: Recently, oxide based thin film transistors (TFTs) have attracted considerable attention for next generation flat panel displays such as LCDs and OLEDs, due to their outstanding electrical properties. Although an In-Ga-Zn-O (IGZO) is widely accepted as a promising channel material for TFT, the instability of the TFT under negative bias with illumination stress (NBIS) is one of the remaining problems. In this research, we discuss how to suppress the instability and the mechanism of the instability. A 50nm IGZO film were deposited onto the n-type crystalline silicon with 100nm thick of silicon dioxide.


The restoring the security cover of about 400 action was taken because “it was political workers and activists. Malik has observed by the centre that many unde- passed the buck for the earlier action to serving persons managed to get security the bureaucracy.

The PZT ink formulation is based on standard chemical solution deposition processing of metal oxides

Resume: The bio-application of nano magnetic particle requires small particle size, high stability and high magnetic property. While small magnetic grain size is to size–match with small bio-molecular, higher magnetic property is required by a large signal output. The conventional superparamagnetic magnetic particle, Fe3O4, for example, is very challenge to satisfy the demand for small particle size, high stability and higher magnetic property simultaneously. In this paper, a CoFe2O4 nanoparticles system were synthesized in the hexane-water-surfactants system (A method or sample A) and the ethanol-surfactants system (B method or sample B) respectively. Based on the characterization of X-ray diffraction, it is found that the all the samples synthesized by A and B method were grown with very good crystalline. Transmission Electron microscopy (TEM) verified that the particle size synthesized by both A and B method are at the range of 2-5 nanometer. The characterization of magnetic property is measured by Superconductor Quantum Interference Device (SQID). The saturation magnetizations (Ms) of sample prepared by A and B are 60/95 emu/g and 61/20 emu/g respectively, suggesting Ms at same value level. The coercivities (Hc) were 1860/90 Oe for sample A and 423/32 Oe respectively, indicating a very large Hc difference. After post-heat treatment, Ms, Mr, Hc, and remanence ratio R of all samples were not changed significantly.

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Reproduction or translation in any on the status of previous such cases language in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Requests for permission should be directed to E N Communications Pvt Ltd. Opinions of Raiding For Votes 22 writers in the magazine are not necessarily endorsed by The IT department’s controversial crackdown in Madhya Pradesh on election eve is likely to E N Communications Pvt Ltd. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for the open rounds of criminal cases in a state which otherwise is largely free of revenge politics return of unsolicited material or for material lost or damaged in transit. All correspondence should be addressed to E N Communications Pvt Ltd. OWNED BY E. N. COMMUNICATIONS PVT.


This opens the door to the fabrication of high-performance microelectronic devices with tailored properties. However epitaxial films are difficult to prepare by solution methods. Nanosheets could be an appropriate tool to induce preferred orientation in solution derived films. Additionally, the seeding effect of the nanosheets can accelerate the nucleation of the oxide, resulting in a significant reduction of the crystallization temperature of the film.

Jericho Fraction - Jade you should get on more. And can someone unban this guy from the forum? We need some panash back into it.


Description: India Legal 22 April 2021

Shame many of the comments on celts/kos have been about their gate camping reputation. Used to be renowned for large fast scary frig fleets.

Resume: We demonstrate for the first time epitaxial growth of metal oxide thin films by liquid phase deposition (LPD) method. LPD is a soft chemical technique to grow highly uniform metal oxide thin films based on the slow hydrolysis of metal fluoride complexes at mild conditions. As an example ferroelectric PbTiO3 perovskite thin films with 150 nm thickness were grown on (001) Nb-doped SrTiO3 substrates. High resolution X-ray diffraction (HR-XRD) studies showed that films are epitaxial with (001) orientation. The Phi-scan of the film and substrate around (102) revealed a fourfold symmetry for both. HR-XRD reciprocal space map (RSM) around (103) of film and substrate revealed that films are fully strained with a compressive strain. The lattice constants calculated from the horizontal and vertical peak positions are; a = 0/403 nm and c = 0/407 nm. The topography of the films was studied by an atomic force microscope (AFM). Topography studies showed that films are highly uniform with densely packed elongated grains developed along the (100) and (010) orientations. Ferroelectric domain configuration was investigated by a piezoelectric force microscope (PFM). Two types of 180 and 90 degrees ferroelectric domains were observed.


Calzada; Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM-CSIC). C/ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 3. Cantoblanco, 28049 – Madrid.

Some believe reviewed and amended. There is no doubt that the British had that though certain provisions in the their own interests at heart when they 123-page draft are relevant for promot- To that end, the government pro- brought in the IFA in 1927. They had ing conservation and in bringing this posed extensive changes to the IFA, brought the concept of scientific forestry British period law in sync with India’s 1927, substantially amending it with the to India in the previous century, and current international commitments, Indian Forest (Amendment) Act, 2021. A their aim was to maximise the produc- excessive powers to the forest bureaucra- comprehensive draft has been prepared tion of timber and other forest produce cy will directly clash with decentralised and circulated to state governments for to feed their demands. Being a colony of governance mechanism and turn India’ s their comments and suggestions.


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Shear-aligned thin films with a uni-axially oriented functional surface are realized. This approach produces a marked increase in FET mobility and anisotropy, plus superior performance uniformity with respect to the spin-coating deposition. The simple adoption of this fast coating approach allows to strongly enhance the highest operational frequency of FET devices, achieving a transition frequency of 3/3 MHz. By combining printing and laser-based direct-writing techniques, additional strategies to boost the transition frequency of polymer based devices can be pursued. First, by combining inkjet printing and femtosecond laser ablation to obtain small channel lengths, all-polymer FETs operating in the MHz regime can be fabricated on plastic without the use of any mask. In particular, an engineered layout of the contacts allows to achieve a transition frequency of 4/9 MHz. Alternatively, narrow, micron-scale metallic electrodes can be sintered on plastic through femtosecond laser sintering.

Thank you all friends and foes(even those corps not on the list) for making this game the best ever. CCP can add how many ships they want, it's you guys who ARE the game we all love.


Bulk 6.5 Grendel Ammo

Resume: Structural transformation of Ge-rich HfO2 films, produced by RF magnetron co-sputtering, is studied versus power density applied on Ge target and annealing temperature (T) using spectroscopic ellipsometry, Raman scattering, FTIR and XRD methods. As-deposited undoped HfO2 films were found to be polycrystalline. Both monoclinic and tetragonal phases were detected. The doping of the films with Ge reduces the degree of film crystallinity towards amorphous structure. This latter was found to be stable for T800°C the transformation of tetragonal HfO2 phase to monoclinic one was observed. This effect was explained by the formation of volatile GeO and decrease of Ge content in the films.

Resume: Due to their high dielectric constant, their wide band gap and their good thermal and chemical stability on Si, hafnium silicates (HfSiOx) are often presented as promising high dielectric materials to replace SiO2 in CMOS devices. Moreover, they offer a useful crystal-like environment suitable for the embedment of rare earth ions which give them a particular interest for the development of new optical devices. However, the structure of HfSiOx thin layers, which affects the optical properties, depends on fabrication parameters and requires deeper investigations. In the present work, structural and optical properties of Pr3+ doped HfSiOx layers fabricated by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering were investigated as function of annealing temperature. Photoluminescence measurements evidenced a maximum of luminescence intensity at 487 nm for the sample annealed at 1000°C. To understand the evolution of the luminescence, the microstructure has been investigated by Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy. These experiments highlighted a spinodal decomposition of the matrix with a phase separation between Si-rich and Hf-rich phases after annealing treatment. Deeper analyses of chemical structure have evidenced the formation of a SiO2 phase and a HfO2 cubic crystalline phase. Finally, it has been shown that Pr3+ ions tend to be located into HfO2 cubic phase. These results allowed us to correlate the structure of doped HfSiOx films to their optical properties.


We had fun and we got a kill, I'm happy whit that. I got no hard feelings and I don't need to rub a kill on anyone. Feel how you like about us. I don't feel the need to resent you or your corp for anything. If you feel the need to continue this argument feel free to eve-mail me.

Euphoria Released - Lunas is one ugly chick. Cartiff is a daddy and got diper duty.


Profile for British Plastics Federation

The best performance was achieved by (BiO)2CO3-rich samples which adsorbed 80 % of MO and decomposed the remaining 20 % by visible light photocatalysis. Irrespective of the dye, all the samples were able to almost complete the adsorption step within 10 minutes contact time. Bi12O17Cl2-rich composite materials displayed a lower adsorption ability, but thanks to the stronger absorption in the visible they behaved as more effective photocatalysts. The obtained results evidenced the ability of the employed strategy to modulate sample properties in a wide range thus pointing out the effectiveness of this approach for the synthesis of multifunctional inorganic materials for environmental remediation.

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The total thickness of tri-layer insulating oxide layers was ~ 60 nm keeping 20 nm thickness for each thin film. The TiO2 thin film was deposited on Pt bottom electrode by magnetron sputtering. Then HfO2 thin film was deposited on the TiO2 thin film by magnetron sputtering again. Again by using magnetron sputtering another thin film of TiO2 is deposited over HfO2 thin film. Thus 20 nm HfO2 thin film is sandwiched between two 20 nm TiO2 thin films. The thickness of Pt bottom electrode was ~ 30 nm and that of Ti top electrode was ~ 50 nm. A capping layer of Pt with thickness ~ 30 nm was deposited at the top electrode. Pt and Ti were deposited using thermal evaporation and sputtering, respectively. The tri-layer Re-Ram device Pt/Ti/TiO2/HfO2 /TiO2/Pt exhibited bipolar resistive switching.


Both FeWO4 nanosheets and h-WO3 nanorods had good photocatalytic activity. We also tested the photocatalytic activity of MoO3 and Bi2WO6.

The films were deposited by spray coating at moderate substrate temperatures (440 oC) in air and characterised by UV-Vis, FT-IR, impedance spectroscopy, AFM, XRD and field-effect measurements. Data analysis revealed Gd2O3 films of cubic structure, wide band gap of about 5/5 eV and dielectric constant in the range between 9 and 13. TFTs employing Gd2O3 dielectrics and In2O3 semiconducting channels show low leakage currents (10^7) and electron mobilities in excess of 70 cm2 V−1 s−1.


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Here, we have designed solar thermal collector nanocomposites with Ag that possess efficient photothermic properties for highly targeted interfacial phase transition reactions that are synergistically favorable for both catalysis and vaporization reactions. The photothermic effect arises from plasmonic metal nanoparticles exhibits localized interfacial heating which directly triggers surface-dominated catalysis and steam generation processes, with minimal heat losses, reduce thermal masses and optics implementation. The solar thermal collector nanocomposites are seawater and photo stable for practical solar conversion of seawater to simultaneously produce clean energy and water. Finally, a proof-of-concept all-in-one compact solar hydrogen and distillate production prototype demonstrates the viability of sustainable photothermic driven catalysis and desalination of seawater under natural sunlight. Meanwhile, the photothermal pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity capabilities are also demonstrated. A proof-of-concept for concurrent photothermal management and enhanced solar pyroelectric generation under a real outdoor environment is also validated.

Resume: In the last decade solution-based dielectric oxides have been widely studied in electronic applications enabling the use of low cost processing technologies and devices improvement. To achieve the same performance at low temperature than physical methods, solution combustion synthesis (SCS) and ultraviolet (UV) treatment have been used. In the case of SCS an oxidizer and a fuel are added to the precursor solution. During the annealing process an exothermic reaction occurs, resulting in a reduction of the external heat required for the film formation.


Combat arms wall hacks

Cambridge University Press Autumn/Winter 2021 Chapter Sampler

Resume: Magnetoelectric (ME) composites, which consist of ferroelectric and magnetic phases are potential candidates for multifunctional device applications. In our study, we report the ME properties of BaTi0/92Sn0/08O3-NiFe2O4 particulate composite, where BaTi0/92Sn0/08O3 acts as the piezoelectric phase and NiFe2O4 acts as the magnetostrictive phase. BaTi0/92Sn0/08O3 is a lead free piezoelectric which shows a high piezocoefficient of 296 pC/N and remanent polarization value of 6/92 μC/cm2, whereas NiFe2O4 exhibits a substantial magnetostriction coefficient value. BaTi0/92Sn0/08O3 and NiFe2O4 have been synthesized using solid state reaction and sol-gel route, respectively. The (1-x)(BaTi0/92Sn0/08O3)-xNiFe2O4 [x=0/1-0/4] particulate composites were then synthesized by mixing of the calcined individual ferroic phases using solid state reaction method.


We offer great deals and expert service. The Armory is a federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking brands of long guns, handguns and ammunition.

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On one hand, the core is a hollow sphere with high magnetic properties which allow an easy and selective separation of the composite using a magnetic process. On the other hand, the mesoporous silica shell is protecting the magnetic core and is functionalized with chelating agents which target metal or organic pollutants. One important issue is the recycling: desorption of contaminants from the solid support can be made by changing physicochemical conditions or even by magnetic hyperthermia of a solution containing nanocomposites to induce the release of pollutant.


Resume: Conventional solar cells have limited energy conversion efficiencies because photons with energy lower than the band gap are not absorbed by the system and those with higher energies are inducing phonons. A possible way to improve the efficiency of solar cells consists in using multi-junctions with several layers, covering the largest range of the solar spectrum. In this way Mott Insulators have been proposed as solar-absorbers because their property of carrier multiplication could be efficient .

The Corporation - Raped russians alot, during 2004. At the end of war - we manage to find a key, to these guys.


The occupancy certificate,” says Sushmita law mandated that the structures be Sengupta, Programme Manager, Rural Multiple public interest litigations maintained by the occupants. Water and Sanitation Programme at the have been filed by concerned citizens, Centre for Science and Environment, an citing the government’s apathy towards Along with that, multiple public NGO which provides technical support water conservation. In May 2021, a campaign and awareness drives were Delhi High Court bench of Justice conducted to promote rainwater har- Manmohan had upheld Rule 50 of the vesting. The government and its agen- cies partnered with NGOs to work close- The annual average rainfall that NCT ly with local communities.

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Resume: For decades, corrosion has been a ubiquitous concern in most industrial applications. It costs the oil & gas industry billions of US dollars per year. Therefore, it is of great significance to take effective protective measures for corrosion control. Sweet corrosion, which is caused by contact with carbon dioxide in water, is the main type of corrosion in oil & gas pipelines and still occurs despite the presence of corrosion inhibitors. Siderite (FeCO3), the main product of sweet corrosion, forms a scale that can insulate the iron from solution and therefore may be exploited for corrosion prevention. In our previous work, the surfaces of siderite scale were identified, allowing for the opportunity to explore the interaction of corrosion inhibitors on scale stability in the present work. The binding sites of inhibitors on the FeCO3 surface are studied with hybrid Density Functional Theory (DFT). The most effective distribution of inhibitors on siderite scale surface will be defined by the end of the work. This not only reduces financial costs, but is also beneficial to the environment since some inhibitors and their production process are toxic.

Copia-WarRages Armaments - They are coming from far. They have been loyal to RA. they have suffered a lot and diserveed their place in the Red Alliance.


Resume: Obtaining a cost-effective production of YBa2Cu3O7-coated conductors (CCs) with high performance by chemical solution deposition (CSD) has attracted tremendous interest for large scale power applications. Control of structural evolution and thin-film physical properties becomes limited to variations in precursor solution chemistry and heat treatment conditions. Here we present the influence of fast heating ramps (~ 50 times faster than conventional ones) for CCs fabrication. We have conducted a systematic study on the intermediate phase evolution, growth kinetics and microstructural defect evolution, based on which we find that flash heating (FH) growth process offers several advantages compared to traditional thermal processes. Epitaxial YBCO films can be obtained in a wider growth temperature window starting at lower temperature (750-810 ºC) making this process suitable for multilayer growth avoiding reactivity between layers and being compatible with the continuous reel-to-reel industrial production. Fast heating ramps are also beneficial to prepare YBCO nanocomposites with higher control of nanoparticle distribution in the superconducting matrix. Importantly, we find that the FH growth process promotes the formation of high concentration of structural defects and thus nanostrain, key parameters for improving the vortex pinning properties. Therefore, the FH growth process provides huge opportunities for promoting high throughput reel-to-reel production of CCs.

We have utilized different techniques to produce graphene-metal or metal oxide composites in different forms like aerogels, self-standing membranes or thin films. The composites were used in catalytic reactions, or supercapacitor applications. For example, Pt nanoparticles were dispersed onto graphene aerogel through ex-situ deposition techniques. The resulting high surface area aerogels decorated with Pt nanoparticles showed excellent electrochemical surface area and ORR performance outperforming the porous graphene supported Pt in the literature. On the other hand, MnOx nanoparticles were electrodeposited onto self-standing graphene papers at room temperature. These composite papers annealed at different temperatures exhibited excellent cyclic stability in Cyclic Voltammetry measurements. In addition, we have revealed the structure- property relation in thin films of graphene and iron oxide nanoparticles deposited with layer-by-layer technique. Herein, I will demonstrate results from our work on graphene oxide aerogels or papers decorated with different metals or metal oxides.


Fabrickated Charity Shop shopping Comments Feed

The trivalent europium ion (Eu3+) is well known for its bright luminescence in the red spectral region. Even very small variations in the coordination sphere of Eu3+ ions induce major changes in their emission spectrum. Thanks to these features, Eu3+ is a unique and powerful local structural probe. In this framework, we have investigated the photoluminescence (PL) emission of dense BZT ceramics doped with Eu3+ at the Ba site, with composition EuyBa1-yZrxTi1-x-y/4O3 (y = 0/01, x = 0, 0/05, 0/15, 0/30, 0/50, 0/70, 1), in the temperature range -100 to 140°C. The dielectric permittivity of the samples was measured from -150 to 150 °C at 102-106 Hz to determine reference values of the phase transition temperatures and the type of polar order. The PL spectra underwent to significant shape and intensity variations as function of both composition and temperatures, which can be correlated with the nature (long-range or short-range) of polar order. The observed behavior can be rationalized considering the off-center displacement of Eu3+ ions with respect to the lattice position occupied by barium. The strong variation of the PL spectra induced by temperature change can be exploited to develop ratiometric self-calibrating luminescence thermometers working from room temperature down to liquid nitrogen.

Crystal defects of oxygen vacancy in perovskite hydroxides appears to be essential for the initiation of the formaiton of porous strucutres. Perovskite hydroxides with more oxygen vacancies underwent etching of higher degree, resulting in more porous structures and thus higher OER catalytic activity. Metal oxides derived from nickel iron selenides catalyzed OER with an overpotential of only 195 mV for a current density of 10 mAcm-2. This is until now the most active single-phase OER catalyst in alkaline solutions. Our work demonstrates how such facile electrochemical anodization can be applied to develop better catalytic materials.


I can’t resist a quick visit and often spend a few minutes flicking through the racks. I donate all my clothes and household goods to the charity shop and I love the fact that every year this makes a reasonable amount for the charities I support (especially as they are gift aided too, getting some of my tax back). But I don’t come away with anything worth shouting about.

Really, stop whining about not being on the list. I for one am happy Shinra isnt on it, because its really getting old seeing the usual suspects on the list for the last 3 years now. Yes, some names have been on every single list so far, and are on this one too.


Requiem - Jojo comming back into action. Not seen much from them since they went active again though.

Chemical solution growth to nanoengineer functional oxide thin films

These days the charity shops are full of the sort of thing that would otherwise go to landfill – Primark clothes, lots of polyester, Mom jeans and not very stylish shoes. Many shops buy-in goods too – candle holders from India, shoddy scarves from China, greetings cards and gaudy, cheap necklaces. There are nice things, of course, and there are bargains if you know what you are looking for. The smaller towns outside the South East tend to be the best in terms of long forgotten treasures and lower prices.


The company is offering its 200 mil- tions. Its sister channel, IndiaCast, Indian students and was held in New lion users in India a new tip line where aimed at the Indian diaspora, is Jersey which has a large Indian popu- they can send in messages, pictures or launching a series called “India lation. IndiaCast distributes News18 videos they want fact-checked. A “verifi- Dialogues” which will be telecast in the and the channel is popular among the cation centre” will respond to the user, US and will focus on indicating whether the information is the Indian elections. Indian diaspora for true, false, misleading or disputed. The first of these was news from India across held last week and politics, business, The Facebook-owned messaging features a live audi- entertainment, sports, app has developed the tip line, known and so on. as Checkpoint, in partnership with an Indian startup. It will be available in Eng- Going Local on political advertise- across India: “In 2021, lish, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and ments on local cable the spends on cable Malayalam. WhatsApp is hoping to use While social channels have gone up channels were in the the new service to broaden its fight media might be by more than 100 per- range of `20 crore.

VOTF - Oh how far they have fallen. They still need to take vengeance on BoB though.