I tried running Tech stream via win10 and could never get it to work. Also tried running it in a Virtual Machine but no joy there either. I ended up buying an old laptop from eBay for $40 and it runs great.

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Uncompressed it with the password listed:mhhauto.com. I think it is a rar file so you may need to grab winRar,7zip or something similar. Put the files into a directory of your choice. VMWare player supports something called unity mode on windows.


The site above is free of trojans, but my Malwarebytes goes nuts on some others (online, not Amazon). I think this seller used to be on Amazon, but there's a whole new bunch of sellers now. The link above may not be any good six months from now. The v2/0.4 cable is currently out of stock, but a lot of these Chinee sellers are out of all Mini VCI/TS stock right now. This site has "Chat" and may be able to give you a delivery forecast.

TechStream Codes P0117 &

Tire shops have tools that can read the sending units serial number. If you have, or know someone that has techstream on a laptop, you can program the new sending units to the monitor.


Discount tire has a magic wand that can read the numbers when they hold it near the wheel. Then they can plug into the OBD2 connector and program the numbers into the truck.

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Then install Techstream and apply the registry fixes (either manually or by the downloadable registry mod file), also previously mentioned. You can also manually point the original Techstream interface entries in the registry (same location) to the same Xhorse files just to be sure. These settings point Techstream to the correct location of the XHorse driver used for the MVCI Cable.

Yes but you'll need Techstream to program them into the truck. Either you need a TPMS scanning tool or Techstream on a laptop.


When I then connected to my RAV4 it connected nicely and I could readout my TPMS sensor ID’s which was my main objective. The interface is flashing green during communication with the vehicle.

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Hopefully there are some easter eggs I don't know about. They said in the FAQ there is like 2,000 functions.

If I recall correctly, you can't have multiple versions running. I tried getting 12 working a few years back, no luck, then rolled back to the v10 I had and it worked fine so I've not bothered with it since.



I used it to program keys and fobs on my 2008 when I had it. I've also used it to deactivate the seatbelt chimes on my 2021 (and several others). The version I have doesn't auto-recognize the truck because it only has 2021 and older in it, but all the functions are still there. I have messed around a little with newer versions, but ran into an issue where newer versions needed a cable that had a newer firmware. Since the ebay/Amazon knock-offs typically have the v1/4 firmware and cannot be updated, that made it more difficult, so I just stuck with the version I knew worked.

Step 0. Buy a mini vci cable somewhere like Amazon. They are cheap and come with the drivers and a version of TIS.


I have a 2021 Highlander & a 2021 GX460 to try and connect to and see what my old Version 10 can make of them. My truck is a 2021 so my version 10 was able to handle it pretty well.

So far, everything I've used it to look at shows up in there. I haven't specifically looked for things like calibrating TSS radar or anything like that, but as far as pulling codes or changing dealer-only settings, they have all showed up when I hooked it up. I just have to pick the make/model from the drop-down list when I first connect.


Bilstein 5100 install guide

This is a very useful tool to have if you are a DIY type owner. Tons of useful features and visibility to trouble codes that are not available in generic OBD2 standard scanners. You can also customize options and run various diagnostics and reset procedures.

Search only TPMS reprogramming reset

I've got version 10/10/018 that I have running on an old Dell Venue tablet. It is running on Windows 10 20H2, but it is a 32-bit tablet.