This is the latest version of my CCF. I removed a VCR, but added a CD-RW, TiVo screens, DVD multi-disc, plus a 2nd receiver. This CCF now contains a phone directory, tic-tac-toe, a card trick, lights/fireplace automation, a calendar, Tetris directions, 6-tab DirecTV channel listings,an expert user area, a novice user wizard and many different devices! My personal gallery is included.

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Sphero Mini is a smaller version of the original app-enabled robot toy, only even smaller. The size of ping pong ball, you can control it with different modes in the Sphero Mini app, or you can just use your face thanks to a new feature called Face Drive. This uses your facial expressions to steer the ball.


I learned some of the codes from the OEM remote today using the IR Pro, and they worked when I tested with them from a T4x. I sent them to my buddy to see if he can generate the discrete inputs for me using that information and some additional data from Sennheiser.

TV on, TV input, Sky STB on etc. You can insert delays between each function.


I don't like the auto format that expands the picture to fill the screen. I much prefer 4:3 pictures to be displayed as such and 16:9 to fill the screen. There is no mode that does this automatically.

Initial impressions of the picture are very impressive although I have been spoiled by having a Panasonic plasma. I haven't had an opportunity to test the HD pictire as I do not have an HD device. I have tried the HDMI connection from my Panasonic DMR-EX75 and the upscaling does produce a good picture as far as I can tell. There are loads of AV connections as well as a USB. The EPG is a delight and digital reception is very good. The only downside to the EPG is that if you select programme information there is a bit of a wait for it to download. My Panasonic DMR-EX75 downloads this information so it is available for immediate display.


Dead simple to set up: you select a device, select the brand and then try it out. If all functions don't work then the remote tries other codes until it finds the right set, failing that you can use the learning function.

The set looked OK apart from a couple of grease marks on the piano black surround. These were quickly removed with a little elbow grease. The software installed on the TV is Version BX31E-0/48/30/0 Dated 30/11/2006 so I think the set is quite new.


There is a little light bleed on full black (common for LCD TV). This is usually only noticeable at night viewing films like Star Wars with lots of black background. I wish Philips had included a 15 pin VGA socket to connect my PC. I had great difficulty sourcing a VGA to 5 phono lead as the only way to connect an analogue PC VGA socket it to AV3 which is component video input.

On the other hand, you do not need to hold the unit upside down, and I do not recommend the IR adapter sold by Pacific Neotek. I do recommend a used palm III (~$140-150 on ebay), and the IR2RF widget at [Link: smarthome.com].


Palm Pilot is an excellent

I am going to see if the USB port on the soundbar can be used to sense its power state. I'll feed it to a sense port on the XP processor if it does. That way I can manage power of the device, and use the discrete input commands to select the source I want.

Download GRAUPNER BERNHARD GRUBEN model boat Assembly instructions manual

So on to the point of my message. I loaded Omniremote onto the Palm and programmed a few buttons. I quickly found out the IR signal worked from 8 feet on my cable box, from 1/5 feet on my Kenwood receiver only with the glass door on the cabinet open, and not at all on my Mitsubushi big screen.

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Today is my first time on the cite. I've heard some very exciting and interesting comments. I just purchased the Pronto and part of the fun has been the programing, however I would like to explore some of the programs that have been sent in to the cite. Could you please tell me what I need to do to view and down load these programs? Do I down load it straight to the Pronto, or to a disk, can I view the program before downloading, etc?


There is an outside change that you have re-configured the remote control settings on the Alpha 10. To get into the menu to do this press the "Mode/Zone" and "CONFIRM" buttons at the same time. You should then see an entry on the display like "RC 16*" which is the default option. If you see "RC 19" then turn the Volume control until the RC 16 option is selected.


For me, this whole debate over the Palm Pilot vs the Pronto is academic. Philips has no plans to release the Pronto in Australia, although we have the most gadgets (videos, TVs, PDAs etc) per capita of any Western Country.


Sphero Mini sports a little gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights, as well as bright, interchangeable shells. It uses Micro USB charging and gives you about one-hour of play after an hour of full charging. It also comes with three mini traffic cones and six mini bowling pins for different games.

I have found that this works with Dolby digital but not dts. I am continuing to try to resolve this as I prefer dts.


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Yes, and the programming is so closed in too. Pronto stuff it a lot more attainable to joe public, even though Philips are marketing it as a CI only product. Enough leak out into the amateur market for remote central to have some useful stuff on. BTW, I gather the last ones at letsautomate are the last ones, you'll see no more on the net in UK after that.

Sadly, Sennheiser confirmed that there are no discrete power codes. Their engineers are fresh out of college and haven't lived in the real world. We'll have to wait for them to grow up.


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Hiya all, must admit this remote looks like a great deal! I run a translation tool on the info and it appears that there is a 2-3 week delay so better be carefull!

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If you could figure out a way to share it, that would be really helpful! I'm trying to set one of these up remotely.

OK, I can't upload the file here. I'll figure out where to do that.


How did you set it up to control the motorised stand? I have the same TV so (detailed) instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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The LCD uses a lot less electricity than the plasma and runs cooler. The light sensor works and reduces the picture brightness when the ambient lighting is low. The RC is nice and simple but well featured. The TV responds to loads of RC codes not on the supplied RC so if you have a Pronto you can have fun tailoring the TV to your exact specification.

Not used for a while tho' so will have to do some learning again. I see I've got some time consuming project on my hands.


Our roundup of the best tech toys around

I recommend the Palm Personal or higher because the older models do not have a backlight. There are two problems with this setup, one minor and one major. Minor first: as previously stated, I also wish the Macros could drop you on a specific screen as part of their calls. More seriously, the thing is highly directional. You can't necessarily see the screen while aiming at a component placed low to the ground.

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Great contraste, im very keen to hear your initial impressions, im very close to ordering one myself. Just out of curiosity what kit are you going to be using it with?