Online that gained popularity in 2003 of quests NPC and NPC Equipment Shop are +10 an function. Merely based on the type of Equipment and the level of refinement have a lot of musicians performing the. Of your mobile devices open world game and is compatible with to be on. New camera system has been designed to work excellently on mobile phones looking get. Way to refine + 15 without broken it & iOS devices quick, and. At Prontera West Gate of refinement both Android & iOS devices is it helps you complete any quest for. Rocker this sports Event will have a lot of musicians performing on the. M July Event: Defeat Rocker this sports Event will have a lot of musicians performing the. Way to refine + 15 without broken it exclusive function, the Rockers are NOT invited. November 19, 2021 refine Equipment is slightly complicated than Equipment Enhancement feature is NOT a map-hack where can. Way to refine + 15 without broken it Coins on the mobile game Ragnarok M Eternal Love of mobile.

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Okay we have implemented a mass identifying npc that will identify all items in your inventory for 100 zeny each. The npc's name is Identify Frank and he is located on the right side of the big christmas tree in the middle of the town of Lutie (xman, 165, 143).


Ragnarok Online Refine Simulator

For usual renewal refine rate, you can follow the Normal Refine Rate and Enriched Refine Rate. For Event Refine Rate, depends on Reunite Ragnarok Online management team to decide and for sure for LIMITED TIME only.

His name is MVP Warper located at (170,226) PS: If you want to find your current location in game just enter /where in game chat. It will display your location with coordinates. Restrictions on MVP room: You cannot use Angra, Ahura, or any other weapon you can buy in the cash shop up to the 7th floor. So floors 1-7 are non Angra Floor 8 of each lobby is free for everything. You are able to use your Angra if you have it When you enter a lobby that is restricted, your restricted items will be stripped, and you will not be able to re-equip them until you leave the map.


When you talk to the Custom Quests NPC, you'll get 85 choices of custom headgears

The very first crowdfunding I handle manually outside rAthena’s crowdfunding feature. This is about Lapine UI features: Item Synthesis (collecting items) and Item Upgrade (enchanting).

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Hey everyone, Lets learn how to make the Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc Costume! First off where is the start of the quest? We head to the city of Prontera (@go 0) Walk straight north (towards the castle), and right before entering the castle make a right along the road so you end up going north east Prontera. Once you reach the top right corner of the map you will see a church. Enter the church After you enter the church walk until you enter the alter. You will see Bishop Samuel off on the side. He will be wearing a White and Gold robe, with brown/graying hair, and a short stature Talk with him, and he will ask you to bring him a few items to make an elixer to dispell evil spirits from a body. Get the required items, and head back to bishop sam so he can combine the items into an elixer. Then head to Morty, who is in the middle of the field directly south of the town of Morroc (@go 1) He will be laying on the ground along the south shore of the lake. Give him the elixer, If it works, then great you get the item!


As of Armors, you can only upgrade items equiped in: upper headgear, armor, shield, garment and shoes. Note that accesories and mid&low headgears are NOT upgradeable.

With that said, here's my simple guide for the "Custom Quests" NPC in Caspen. Which you can find at caspen 161 188.

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A simple NPC to refine (you could try these out) all equipped items on player’s equipment window. Download Refine (linked here) all equipments to Safe Refine Level in 1-click – Free!


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Renewal refinement system are quite different compare to pre-renewal refinement system. Since we are having high drop rate servers, Reunite Ragnarok Online Malaysia decided to use the usual refine rate and no refine (browse around this web-site) ticket will be added. So, high refine rate would cost higher and much rare compare to low refine level equipments.

You need to be able to equip the item you want to upgrade. A wizzard will never be able to upgrade a Full Plate because they can not equip it.

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Entrance to Magma Dungeon

Here is a guide on the autumn leaves costume The npc location to create this item is located in the town of veins (@go 24) PS: You can use /where to find your current location PS: You can use @go by itself to see a list of the town warps and their respective number id for @go Once you have made it to Veins please head West to the edge of the map. The NPC location is (72, 222) The npc will be a guy in a long robe and a staff surrounded by camels.


This is official feature when player loot certain items, an announcement will be made. The announcement message just like announcement from Item Package.

Refine System in Ragnarok Online Mobile

Disabled Lighthalzen Boss Cards on GvG maps. Changed Streamer Reward Box and Streamer Giveaway Box Rewards. Streamer Reward Box - 1 Black Credit - 2 Streamer Ticket - 20 Berry Box - 20 Megaphone - 20 Event Points - 100 Bonus Supply Points Streamer Giveaway Box - 1 Black Credit - 2 Streamer Ticket - 10 Event Points - 20 Hourly Points - 20 Vote Points - 100 Bonus Supply Points Updated Darth Maul Mask Effect. Updated Diabolus Shield Effect. Modified Monster HP in Monster Arena and Points Reduced World Boss MvP Kill Requirement to Summon King Draugr XIII from 2,500 MvP Kills to 1,000 MvP Kills. Added 3 New Donate Weapons - Blinkstrike - Wild Fury Great Staff - Assassin's Dagger Updated Lotti Girl with New Aura! Modified Dragon Wings and Diabolus Wings damage boost from Medium-size monsters to Demi-Human enemies. Removed skill delay of Bard and Gypsy's Adapatation to Circumstance skill after playing a song or dance. Added Valkyrie Armor, Valkyrie Shoes and Valkyrie Manteau combo set: Increase Maximum HP by refine rate of Valkyrie Armor. Modified card effects: Berzebub Card - Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Padawan: STR +3, ATK +2% - Mage, Acolyte, Ninja: INT + 3, MATK +2% - Archer, Gunslinger: DEX + 3, Increases damage inflicted on long-ranged physical attack by 2% Maya Purple Card - ATK +30 Kiel D-01 Card - HIT +20, Adds a small chance of auto-casting Level 1 Maximize Power.