Similar to other releases we’ve covered in the series, you’re going to find a blend of electronic and pop music, although Trilogy is heavy on the pop side, and a lot of it isn’t as catchy as I had expected. While I admit I am a bit disappointed with this one, many of the tracks came to grow on me, and the 2-disc release is worth checking out if you happen to pick up the PC release of DJMAX Trilogy.

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I immediately began to worry about how the rest of the album would unfold, but fortunately we do get some memorable electronic pieces from artists ReX and XeoN. ReX provides us with the simple but amazingly well produced “Airwave” while XeoN’s tasty “Dream of Winds” with its classy piano bridge section and “Eternal Fantasy” with its reverberating soundscapes and belltone melody that would be right at home in Chrono Trigger’s Kingdom of Zeal are two of my favorite tracks on the album.

Let that be an indication to you that it’s good stuff. We recently posted the trailer for DJMAX Portable 3, which is due out later this year, and it was just two nights ago that we highlighted DJMAX contributor Nauts’s work on BAR OASIS. It’s a good time for game music from Korea.


Paul Bazooka finally gets us into some electronic music with “The one,” a house track with lots of crazy synth and vocal elements. Later, xxdbxx returns alone this time with a similarly strange electronic piece featuring computerized vocal snippets that voice a melody along with an upbeat trance lead. Cycle75 introduces “Ventilator” next, a hardcore techno track with razor-like synth lines and a fast tempo.

Where can I find DJ MAX for PC

NieN makes an entrance with “NB Girls,” a rock pop track with some super cheery female vocals that I imagine some people will find annoying. The ascending progression and the enthusiastic backup singers make this one sound like a girlie anime theme song. Unfortunately NieN’s “Mindcontrol” isn’t as entertaining, going too far into the modern rock realm for my tastes.


The DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 Signature Collection not only includes this two disc soundtrack (with the second disc dedicated to bonus material), but it also contains a key chain, a sticker sheet, a platinum member’s card, and a card case. This is all tucked away inside of a fancy box with a nifty magnetic flap that keeps it closed. The package is awesome (just like the original DJMAX TECHNIKA collection), but let’s get on to the music.

The piece was conducted by Tetsuji Honna and performed by the Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo. Satoh says: "The harp is one of my favorite instruments.


Forte Escape (Chulhee Lee) was the head producer and the sound director, with Panneh (Huunjin Cho) as the art director. This was developed in parallel to Metro Project, which involved DJMAX Clazziquai Edition, Black Square and Technika.

Max Combo! What a Crazy Mix

ECS note: Similar to DJMAX Portable Black Square, special notes that are different in colour will often appear. Missing these notes will cause the background music to stop until another special note is hit.


DJ Max in the House

Forte Escape’s “End of the Moonlight MR” is similar in this regard, but the added in synthesized bits make up for the lack of vocals. The track is also noticeably sped up, making it almost sound like a different song entirely. M2U’s “Space of Soul MR” sounds like an amazing track to round out the bunch, but again, no vocals! The last four tracks contain vocals without any musical backing. I have to ask, why are these tracks here?

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In terms of other styles, classical music makes an appearance on the album through FIRST AID’s trance arrangement of Camille Saint-Saens in “D2” and Cranky’s take on Franz Lizst’s “La Campanella” which really lets the original piece shine through by including choral and solo piano segments that somehow fit in alongside the driving rave-like elements. I have to highlight “Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong” by DINY, you who you may remember from his extensive work on the outstanding and free soundtrack to La Tale. This track is right in line with his past work, with singer chohee voicing this sticky-sweet pop tune.


It's a commandline tool, works in the current directory, and doesn't do any sort of file management. So if you use it to dump a save it's your responsibility to move the files it generates to a more permanent backup folder - otherwise subsequent dumps will overwrite the old files.

You can break the game if you let the tool write random data to your dongle. The format option should fix it, but no guarantees.


The first portion of the disc is dedicated to Forte Escape’s remixes, most of which aren’t particularly memorable. There are a few that I really enjoyed, however, starting with “Let’s Go Baby (Acid House Mix)” which is exactly what you’d expect based on the title. I really enjoy the filtered electric keyboards and the deep basslines.

Dj max trilogy patch


Slightly different Fever system: When Fever is used, a clear gauge appears on the Fever bar, showing how much Fever remains. The gauge decreases depending on the accuracy of the notes hit, and decreases severely if a note is hit inaccurately or missed. This detaches Fever from the time-based decay in the Portable series and places more importance on accuracy.

Unlike most other DJMAX titles, Trilogy (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9419)'s OST was shipped with the game (not with just the LE sets). It contains 2 CDs - A game cut CD (T-side), and a Forte Escape remix special CD (R-side) that also includes minus-1 (karaoke/vocal-off) and acapella (vocal-only) tracks.

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Are you a fan of the DJMAX series? Have any idea why they dedicated half of the R side disc to separate karaoke and vocal tracks?

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  • Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
  • Sam & Max Episode 302: The Tomb Of Sammun-Mak
  • Sam & Max Episode 301: The Penal Zone
  • Yo Max Megatonic Mix
  • Trilogy's Network servers were taken down along with the shutdown of the Technika servers on December 31, 2021
  • This time it’s the DJMAX Trilogy, which is a PC version of the amazing rhythm game series
  • In Trilogy, the duration depends on how accurate the notes are being hit
  • Original Sound Version The Weakest Link: DJMAX Trilogy Original Soundtrack Comments Feed
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  • See DJMAX Trilogy:Tracklist for a list of playable music
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Trilogy (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/dj-max-trilogy-crack.zip) online playing differs from the original DJMAX Online play, consisting only of a 1 vs 1 DJ Battle. While there can be 8 players in the room, the additional 6 only spectate the battle.


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Using C1 control mode makes the leftmost notebar show red and wider notes, like in IIDX. Also rearranges white and blue colors of the notes to correspond the controller upper / lower row.