ALLDATA Diagnostics now allows Android users* to perform quick vehicle scans. While using a tablet is still the only way to take advantage of all the features that ALLDATA Diagnostics has to offer, the phone app allows you to quickly scan a vehicle, create a report, and even clear codes.

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  • It’s a shop management system seamlessly integrated with ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision
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This article is for you, shop owners and shop managers. Brave souls that entered the automotive repair business hoping to eke out a living. You may have come into this endeavor with excellent hands-on skills and now have been compelled to track profits and losses and negotiate wages. Along the way you might have heard or used (or overused) a term: Return on Investment.

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The instructions about Flexnet is a little off. It tells you to download the software, but its included in that folder.

Originally I was having issues getting the crack to run but it was giving error 4502 which is related to the Windows installation not to AD. Tried a different PC and was fine. I had originally been using 10/4 Q1 11 but this will be better (and twice as large lol).


I have two separate HD's in one computer. One with Windows 7 and a previous version of alldata (about his) installed version 10/0 I believe. The other HD with Windows 8/1 installed clean, no other programs (ive been trialing 8/1).

In a lot of ways your business is like the cars we work on. There are many complex systems that work together in concert, but if the intake system isn’t operating correctly it causes numerous difficulties. Without proper procedures you shouldn’t guess at diagnosis or adjustments.

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When the phone rings and there’s a potential repair customer on the line, you have a choice. You can offer a price quote and hope that it’s not too high and scares them away. Or you can take the approach of a fellow shop owner with decades of experience: offer a quote.


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If you took a service technician from 1955 and transported that person to 2021 they would be amazed, and frightened, by the level of technology in today’s cars and trucks. Even today’s technicians are surprised at how interconnected all the systems are. Systems that you would not expect to share data do so with frequency.

I'm writing here in the hopes that some of you can help me out with this. I have the AllData program, as well as tons of gigabytes of the discs. I wanted to be able to share all this data across several computers without having to buy separate hard drives and plug each of them into each computer. So I bought a NAS, copied over all the discs to it, and I'm currently having a hell of a time getting AllData (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3196) to utilize it. I'm on a Windows 8/1 (with the update) machine as a test machine. When I install AllData (check this site out) on it, the program runs as normal until it comes time to fetch data.


We recently covered the body and chassis on 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, the newly revealed seven-seater Grand Cherokee. But the vehicle from Stellantis — the OEM formed out of the merger of Peugeot and FCA — contains or will contain some other notable technology, particularly on the advanced driver assistance system front.

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But maby someone can help me and explain step by step how to install AllData (that site). I Just downloaded firt set but don`t understand how to install it!

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I did notice that a few seeds are sending bad data that ends up being discarded and therefore wasting bandwidth. If you have a torrent client that allows you to see Discarded or Canceled data blocks, disallow that peer from sending you data.

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This page is about ALLDATA Repair for Windows. Below you can find details on how to remove it from your computer.


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Tried everything that everyone asked but still got the ACE corrupted and manipulated. However I did find out what is happening. First of all uninstall and reinstall. Post me for additional instructions.

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Can you please post detailed install instructions? I got passed the program install, but not sure how to associate ISO files to it or load as devices. Tried extracting folders to local drive and loading as devices to no avail. Would very much appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon ([email protected]).

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