Otto Matic is Re-Released: Pangea Software, Inc, re-released their epic sci-fi action-adventure game Otto Matic. Previously, Otto Matic was being published by Aspyr Media and was only available on CD, but now Pangea Software is making the game available as a download for only $19/95.

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Apple announced a new addition to its professional notebook series, the 17" 2/16GHz MacBook Pro. Priced at $2799 it is expected to ship in 7-10 business days according to the Apple Store.


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You might also check out the in-depth info and practical training that Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference provides. It's coming up June 28th and an early bird registration includes a $300 discount.

Now we have Mac OS X 10/4.6 (PPC), how fast is it? Did 10/4.6 speed anything up or slow anything down? To determine this we ran our usual suite of speed tests on two of our test-bed Macs. The speed tests are composed of a series of "canned" benchmark applications and several so-called "real world" tests that anyone can repeat on their own Mac for comparison by following the steps that we perform. For 10/4.6, however, we have begun using Universal Binary versions of some test applications that were not available for our tests prior to Mac OS X 10/4.5.


The MacBook Pro looks almost exactly like a PowerBook G4, the same general form factor and aluminum material and color. Note the camera in the top bezel between the two latches -the MacBook Pro has two latches like the 17" PowerBook G4. The infrared port for taking commands from the new Apple Remote is by the latch bar in the front of the bottom case.

Apple Nvidia fCode Flasher 1/1 Posted: Yes, it's REALLY new. We noted last week (3/3) that Apple posted this updater for Nvidia graphics cards in Macs and that it updated the firmware of our GeForce2 MX cards in our G4 Cubes to v1057/011.


Universal Binary support for Mac OS X which provides native support for Macintosh with Intel Core processors. Firefox supports the enhancements to performance introduced by the new MacIntel chipsets.

So there you have it, rebooting our Macs and launching Virtual PC before launching any other application cured our problem of extremely slow running of VPC under Panther, Mac OS X 10/3.2. But YMMV since we could not cause a repeat of the problem.


GDC Expo Booth Crawl: Explore the floor with a drink in your hand, seeking out information on the latest innovations presented at the GDC Expo. Talk with company experts in a more relaxed atmosphere, and get your questions answered as you snack on happy hour goodies and enjoy catching up with technology — and friends.

Otto Matic is Re-Released

That income level, says the IRS, will allow 70% of income tax filers to still file for free through one of 21 or more online services who have signed up with the IRS. The cap will increase in subsequent years to provide the same opportunity to 70% of filers.


We revisited the Dell web site and configured it using the newly divulged details and got $5,213 for the Dell instead of $5,884. However, if we revise the Power Mac G5 configuration to be consistent with the Dell (mainly 4 512-MB DIMMS rather than 2 1-GB DIMMS and add 3-yr AppleCare), the price of the G5 is only $3,887. That is a very significant $1,326 less than the comparably performing Dell not "similar" in anybody's lexicon.

ComputerWorld Favorably Reviewed Dual 1/8 GHz Power Mac G5 in this article. The dual 1/8 GHz costs $500 less than the top-end dual 2 GHz Power Mac G5 -you get a lesser video card but everything else is the same.


From what I understand, the firmware update that accompanies Boot Camp mostly adds a BIOS emulation layer to the firmware. This is a key part in getting windows to run. Additionally, beyond windows, it will also make it much easier to get Linux and other open source operating systems to run on the Mac Intels.

Allrecipes.com was founded in 1997 after co-founder Hunt had trouble finding his favorite cookie recipe on the Internet. The recipe sharing and cooking community website began as an offshoot of one of Seattle's first web companies, Emergent Media. The company's original website was CookieRecipe.com. After Cookierecipe, came Cakerecipe.com, Chickenrecipe.com, Pierecipe.com, Beefrecipe.com.


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The bottoms of the MacBook Pros we felt were very warm, actually bordering on hot. The tops were fairly warm as well. Both sides were much hotter than those on our 867MHz 12" PowerBook G4. Look out bare-skinned laps.

Built for Mac OS X, Nanosaur II: Hatchling delivers amazing graphics, brand new two-player modes, and more, plus support for 3D glasses for a truly immersive experience. With the discount, the full download version is $18/75 and the boxed version with 2 pairs of red/cyan 3D glasses is $26/25, both deals are good until May 19th.


Feral Working on Ghost Master: Feral Interactive will release Sick Puppies' ground-breaking game, Ghost Master, for the Macintosh on Halloween 2003. Set in the town of Gravenville - Ghost Master is the strategy game with a difference – it turns the typical ghost story on its head, it lets you control a number (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7877) of ghosts, gremlins and spectres, with one goal in mind – scaring humans - It's Scareware.

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The Mini Skin comes in five translucent colors: clear, gold, blue, pink and lime green. It has a lanyard attached to the top that can be easily removed if one wishes. According to Speck Products, the Mini Skin is made from flexible KRATON plastic that feels like silicone rubber to us. The Mini Skin slips onto the iPod mini through a small cutout in the bottom.


The cover story of the winning June issue of Macworld was Time- Saving Tips. The prestigious award honoring excellence in print publishing was accepted by Macworld's Editorial Director, Jason Snell.

Jr High iBook Program Moves Ahead in Minnesota: Patterned after the iBook programs in Henrico County, VA, and the State of Maine, the Stillwater Board of Education approved buying iBooks for 2270 junior high school students and 135 staff according to this TwinCities.Com article. The Board will lease the iBooks and services from Apple over 5 years for $2/85 million.


After downloading and installing Mac OS X 10/4.6 and a myriad of other software updates, we ran our suite of speed tests on our 2/16GHz MacBook Pro. The speed tests are composed of a series of "canned" benchmark applications and several so-called "real world" tests that anyone can repeat on their own Mac for comparison by following the steps that we perform. In the table below we also list the previous results from our 20" 2GHz iMac Core Duo with 2GB RAM and Power Mac G5 Quad with 2/5GB of RAM for comparison. Except for the RAM, both comparison computers are stock.

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One of our favorite iPod items is the iSee 360 by ATO. Slip your iPod into the iSee 360 and it records video off a TV or computer to the iPod and then plays it back on a 3/6" screen. The battery lasts for 4 hours of viewing. It works with most 4G iPods like the 20GB clickwheel iPod (also US edition) and iPod mini, and 5G iPod nano and 30GB iPod with video. The iSee 360 is $249 and available in March.


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The Power Mac G5 Quad blows both Intel-based Macs away in all of the canned benchmarks with one exception, the OpenGL Graphics test in Xbench 1/2. There, the MacBook Pro wins by a nose. But what's important is that both Intel-based Macs do as well as the Power Mac G5 Quad portending good news in 3-D graphics game department.

He is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Roblox. He previously co-founded and served as the CEO of Knowledge Revolution which was acquired by MSC Software in December 1998.


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What do the World Wide Web, Electronic Mail, Mailing Lists, Electronic Forums, Personal Web Pages and a funny looking penguin have in common? Find out Saturday, March 27, 9 AM to noon When Washington Apple Pi reviews its electronic services and looks to the future: some of which may surprise you. TCS Explorer subscribers, this is a meeting you won't want to miss!

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NTI is not new to the Mac since it has produced Dragon Burn for Mac OS 9 (9/0.4 and higher) but they have been mainly a Wintel software company. They claim a reputation for simplicity in the Wintel world. Dragon Burn 3/0 for Mac OS X is their first application for the Mac's latest operating system. It is built in cocoa, Mac OS X's purely native application interface set that harnesses all the features of Mac OS X's Quartz graphics engine. Dragon Burn's interface complies with the brushed metal theme that Apple has adopted for all but system applications.


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According to Burst's 2005 Annual Report, it is a Delaware corporation located in 450 sqft of office space in Santa Rosa, CA, with three employees. It has a market capitalization of about $40 million, apparently due at least in part to its recent net settlement of $38 million with Microsoft. The latter was paid out nearly entirely in a dividend of $0/90 per share to shareholders. Over 80% of the company's stock is owned by the four corporation executives and board members.

As first reported by the well respected hacker, Netkas, the final version of Mac OS X 10/7 "Lion" has a Finder that only runs in 64-bit mode, and as a result, the software cannot be "hacked" to install on Core Solo or Core Duo-based Macs, as these are 32-bit processors. Earlier developer's preview releases had a Finder capable of running in 32-bit mode and it could be "forced" to install on these unsupported models, but it is no longer a feasible option.


Microsoft, AOL, Earthlink and Yahoo Go After Spammers with lawsuits according to this AP article on Excite. The combined legal staffs are about to pounce on dozens of the most egregious spammers, Earthlink alone is after 75, according to the news account using the new Federal anti-spam law.

Core Data is well documented in the ADC Reference Library. It is a powerful data-management framework introduced with Mac OS X v10/4 Tiger. Taking advantage of Core Data slashes the amount of custom code needed to be written in order to manage application data.


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We posted our initial impressions and some speed tests last Monday on this Web page. Since then we've mostly had it hooked up to our 30" Cinema Display, Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and Microsoft Explorer 5-button mouse. Urged on by the great experience we've had with our 1/66GHz Mac mini Core Duo, we've used our MacBook Pro as our main computer here at MacsOnly.com's global headquarters.

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A primary subject of his research later became known as Markov chains and Markov processes. The PageRank of a webpage as used by Google is defined by a Markov chain.


On-Site GDC 2004 Report with Photo Gallery: Our West Coast reporter, Brian Nakamoto, was able to attend the Game Developers Conference 2004 in the San Jose, CA, Conference Center yesterday and attend the Microsoft keynote. He said he saw nothing of Apple and ATI was not openly showing off its promised Radeon 9800XT for the Mac (256 MB VRAM). Nvidia's big announcement on its next hot game chip comes in a couple of weeks so nothing new was displayed.

Apple shipped 1,112,000 Macs and 8,526,000 iPods during the second quarter, representing 5 percent growth in Macs and 69 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter. Desktop Macs (Power Macs, eMacs, iMacs, Mac minis and Xserves) increased 4 percent and portables (iBooks, PowerBooks and MacBook Pros) increased 7 percent. Apple does not provide a further breakdown of Mac or iPod sales.


Microsoft Office runs well on Rosetta tranlation software but will be getting its universal binaries soon. Roz Ho of Microsoft's Mac unit said they are still here and plan to stay with the Mac for at least the next 5 years. Quark will release a beta of Quark Express today.

Needham, MA, School System Picks Apple's PowerSchool software after a lengthy analysis of alternatives according to this Needham Times article. PowerSchool's integration, being web-based and requiring only one server were it's major selling points.


Then late yesterday after discussions with Pixar employees, Disney and Pixar jointly announced that Disney has acquired Pixar, subject to shareholder voting and other particulars, for a net $6/3 Billion in Disney stock. Disney's stock payment is worth $7/4 Billion in a ratio of 2/3 shares for each one of Pixar's but Disney gets back over $1 Billion in cash from Pixar making the net cost of the deal some $6/3 Billion. Pixar Animation Studios will be joined with Disney's animation studios and Pixar's President Ed Catmull will become the President of the combined animation studios. Dr. Catmull will report to Disney's CEO Robert Iger and Disney Studio's Chairman Dick Cook. Steve Jobs, Pixar's CEO, will become the largest shareholder in Disney and will join Disney's Board as a non-independent director.

Two Laptop Programs, One Successful and One Struggling, are described in this DistrictAdministration article. The successful one is Maine's iBook program, of course. The other is Michigan's Hewlett Packard PC notebook program.


Game Theater: See the year's best real-time game footage clips. The GDC's Game Theater celebrates the technological and artistic achievement of real-time game play.

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While we sincerely hope that educational insitutions (and large firms) ordered many thousands of the new Power Mac G5s and we could wait a few weeks if that were true, our readers are still perplexed by the way that Apple handles delays. Maybe doing so minimizes cancelled orders but it sure ticks many people off.


You’ll learn how to utilize the platform’s extensive Accessibility APIs to provide elegant features to users with special needs and to leverage the platform’s built-in internationalization and localization services to deliver great products quickly to users around the world. You’ll also discover how to take advantage of high-level networking and Internet technologies to incorporate Web browsing and Internet connectivity capabilities in your applications.

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The performance of the 2/16GHz MacBook Pro and 2GHz iMac Core Duo are pretty similar as might be expected. The iMac has a larger and faster hard drive but the graphics are the same ATI Radeon X1600 and the MacBook Pro has a slightly faster Intel Core Duo processor.


We expect that the new 15" AlBook will be the best seller of the three AlBooks. At $1999 to $2599 with options in between it covers the professional sweetspot on price very well. However, we like the 17" AlBook better because of its larger screen size and because it is a bit faster. Its size and weight differences are not as unwieldy as one might expect from a first encounter -we quickly got used to them. The gloat factor is also in our favor. We believe that the 17" AlBook is easily worth the current $400 difference in price.

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Improves security by requiring an administrator to authenticate for each Finder action that needs authentication, such as installing software. In earlier Mac OS X Panther versions, an administrator who authenticated may have unknowingly given elevated priviledges to the non-admin user for 5 minutes. This change also prevents a normal user from performing administrator actions if an administrator user has authenticated during their session.


Pangea Released Otto Matic 2.0, Announced Bugdom 2.0 & Shipped Nanosaur 2 CD

The small 17-inch iMac G5 Transceiver clips temporarily onto the iMac case and the other end connects to the AirPort card inside the iMac G5. It delivers a full 500 milliwatts of RF power. By comparison, iMacs tend to average little more than 30 milliwatts. The 27dBm Transceiver works with Apple AirPort networks including all 2/4GHz Wi-Fi systems.

Williams was previously chairman and CEO of Twitter. He also founded Blogger and Medium two of the largest internet platforms of their kind.


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Apple iPhoto v4/0.1 Update is Out and available for download via the Software Update preference pane if iPhoto 4/0 is installed. There is also a standalone updater available from this Apple web page.

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Store one's favorite TV shows on a Mac to watch whenever one wants, or burn them to DVD to watch on a TV or export them to iTunes' library and an iPod (5G). As usual Miglia includes a high quality remote control that allows remote scheduling and channel selection from the comfort of an armchair.


Nanosaur II is the only game available for Mac OS X which supports both anaglyph and LCD shutter glasses for a totally immersive 3D experience. Click here for all the details about our 3D glasses support, and some really cool screenshots!

Apple Confidential 2/0 generally moves forward from the origin of Apple Computer in Steve Jobs' bedroom, not the family garage, but it is not written as a strict timeline through the chapters. It pauses on topics which are covered from their origin through today, like the Copeland project to develop the next generation Mac OS, ultimately turning out Mac OS X. There are special topic chapters like the 1984 Super Bowl ad for the Macintosh. Each of Apple's CEOs, Jobs, John Sculley, Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio is treated with their own chapter.


Clicking the Audio CD icon opens a layout page. Importing a Beethoven CD's 10 tracks of 78:39 (min:sec) of music into the layout window took 4:48 off the CD. Then, they may be saved as wav, aif or mp3 files. Permanently saving them all to the hard drive as aif files took another 4:40 while wav files took another 4:44. That's about 9/5 minutes in total. Saving (encoding) only the first track as a 192-bit mp3 file took a very long 9:29.

We deal with the local Pepsi or Coke bottler to get the products we carry. It is entirely up to the bottler to decide what size to offer us. Our local Pepsi bottler sell us the 16/9 Oz bottles which are not part of the promotion.


Responding to question about the adoption rate of Boot Camp, Apple's tool to allow installation and booting of Windows XP on Intel-based Macs, the executives replied that Boot Camp is a beta product. It's not supported and they will not release the amount of downloads accordingly.

We clicked the "Next" button for Step 2 and our data were automatically drawn from our Address Book. We did a minor amount of editing and clicked the "Next" button for Step 3 where we chose to format our cards as 10 3/5"x2" cards. After clicking the "Finish" button, our data were tranferred to the standard design. Then, we highlighted and deleted the two blue squares, chose "Place image" from the File menu, navigated to our web site logo on our hard drive and imported it and sized it using the "handle squares" on the image. The result is shown below in the main application window.


Dreamweaver named to Jolt Product Hall of Fame

MacGrab.com is a continuous countdown promotion featuring two brand-new applications: AppZapper and Menuet. Software licenses will be awarded to two participants every five minutes. Players can choose which application they want to win.

Griffin SightLight is Now Shipping: Griffin Technology, Inc, announced the Griffin SightLight, the only light in the world made specifically for the iSight camera, has begun shipping -two weeks ahead of schedule. With SightLight users can better use their iSight cameras to video chat while they're in dimly lit or dark areas such as hotel lobbies or darkened rooms. Announced at Macworld Expo San Francisco in January, the SightLight slips directly onto the front of the iSight and beams a warm bright glow onto the iSight user. Settings include On, Off and an Auto light mode, which senses the amount of ambient light and adjusts SightLight's output accordingly. Made exclusively for the iSight, the Griffin SightLight sells for $39/99 and can be purchased directly from Griffin.


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Apple's Focus on Frontside Bus Speed Lauded in this TechNewsWorld.com article carried on E-Commerce Times. The frontside bus is the main channel that connects the CPU to other parts of the system. The CPU communicates with the motherboard chips, RAM, the graphics card and other peripheral buses through the frontside bus. So the speed of the frontside bus, along with RAM speed, determines the computer's overall speed maybe more so than the clock speed of the CPU. Apple has dramatically increased the frontside bus speed from 167 MHz in the Dual 1/42 GHz Power Mac G4 to 1 GHz in the Dual 2 GHz Power Mac G5. In addition, Apple's G5 frontside bus is two-way so their is no wait time.

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Since then we have bought several iSight's. One of them we sent to a family member out West so that we can see each other every week or whenever the mood strikes. We also use it in business for one-on-one video conferencing and, with the aid of digital projectors attached to PowerBooks, one-on-many and even many-on-many video conferencing -all free thanks to Apple's deal with AOL to use its AIM network.


Since the launch of the Xbox, the annual Game Developers Conference has seemed more like the Microsoft Game Developers Conference with Sony and Nintendo playing second fiddle in the face of Microsoft's developer relations juggernaut. Although I won't be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts, it will be interesting to see what Sony chooses to highlight in their keynote tomorrow.

RIAA Lawsuits Partly Working according to this Yahoo News article. The lawsuits last week are having a chilling effect on music file swapping according to a poll of 1004 people.


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He also owns the franchise for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League and serves as self-styled Caretaker of the team. He was born in Hamilton Ontario Canada. He attended Trinity College School in Port Hope Ontario. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria College at the University of Toronto.

With shadows off, the frame rate of Quake 4 provides acceptable play in the single player version at 1024x768 with high video quality on the MacBook Pro but better play at 800x600 and medium video quality. The single player version is fine at 1024x768 and high video quality on our Power Mac G5 Quad. Our 2/0 GHz iMac G5 requires 640x480, low quality video and turning off High quality special effects in addition to turning off shadows to get acceptable play.


We know that there are inexpensive USB cables for many cell phones, but they are not retractacle like the Zip-Linq and do not include a voltage booster that some cell phones need to use the USB port on your computer. Keyspan's Zip-Linq can also charge your phone off an optional wall unit adapter or car lighter adapter.

The eLeK Tex Fabric Keyboard is for smart phones and PDAs. Fabric Keyboard is a 12"x4/5" full keyboard made from fabric. It communicates by Bluetooth technology using 2 AAA batteries. Battery life is 10 hours of constant typing. It rolls up into a small (5"x2"x1/2") and light (2/4 oz) portable unit. The Fabric Keyboard is about $40.


Analyzing Business Data with Excel shows you how to solve real-world business problems by taking Excel's data analysis features to their maximum potential. Rather than focusing on individual Excel functions and features, this book keys directly on the needs of business users.

In these tests, we used Apple's top-of-the-line Power Mac G5 Quad that is stock except for an additional of 2GB RAM to 2/5GB. Our second test Mac is a 20" 2 GHz iMac G5 (Rev. B), stock in every way, to represent a relatively recent mid-range PPC Mac. We will post the results from our Intel-based Macs at a later date.


The first screen (see below) displays the "Library" section interface, the first of four. The other three are: Develop, Slideshow and Print. The Library section is primarily for importing photos into Lightroom and is divided into five panels. The top panel allows one to easily navigate among the four sections. The right panel shows the selected photo and its color distribution. Also on the right panel is the Quick Develop set of tools for basic things like white balance and exposure, and Info tool for a caption, copyright, comments and rating and an EXIF metadata panel. The bottom panel displays the library of photos as a film strip. The left panel is for selecting the portion of the library of photos to be worked on including a search engine. The center panel shows the selected library of photos.

Hopefully, the committee will adopt the compromise and the draft standard resulting in the new standard being completed in 12-18 months. Manufacturers are already gearing up to produce MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) hardware based on the draft standard and Airgo's technology.


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Dragon Burn includes the application, a PDF of its User Guide, and the Discus NT 2/74 application and Discus NT Artwork art database. Dragon Burn was easy to install by dragging it's icon to the application folder.

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The HELIOS PDF HandShake 2/1 server solution offers extensive PDF printing capabilities such as printing host-based or in-RIP color separations, and ColorSync/ICC-based color management for printing separations or simulating the printing process on a proof printer. It enables advanced print options including: custom bleed settings, font availability preflight, custom paper sizes, CID to Type 1 font conversion, preserve black text plus RGB gray detection, and many more capabilities that are essential print tools for professional PDF printing sites.


Tonight on The Mac Night Owl LIVE, "Mr. Gadget" and Mr. TidBITS: This week, The Mac Night Owl LIVE will feature Steve Kruschen, the technology wizard known as "Mr.

Apple Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Firmware 1/1 Updaters are Out. They are available via the Software Update preference pane if you are using the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. Otherwise, they are available as a standalone updater from this web page. The firmware updates are recommended for all users. The download decodes as two separate update installers. We downloaded and applied them and encountered no problems.


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Hands-On Report -Mac OS X 10/3.3 Update for Client and Server: Early yesterday evening, Apple released the latest updates for Panther, v 10/3.3 Build 7F44. The updates, available via the Software Update preference pane, are large, 59 MB for the client edition and 71 MB for the server edition of Panther. The standalone client updater is available from this Apple web page and the server updater from this Apple web page.

Archiving a CD or DVD disc should be no more difficult than simply inserting it in the slot in the Disk Stakka, having the software read its name and the names of files on the disc, storing that information in the database and offering an opportunity to change or supplement the information. Unfortunately, the OpdiTracker software requires that one type in the name of the disc and choose what type of disc it is from a popup menu.


A part of that commitment is making sure that Unity works on all the obscure hardware that’s out there. We work around the clock to fix any problems that our customers and our customers’ customers run into," said CEO David Helgason.

The PowerBook is surrounded in soft foam padding inside a corrugated plastic insert to create significantly more protection than just foam alone. The top consists of two padded flaps that close with Velcro. There are four snaps on the back for securing it inside of the Empire Builder or other Tom Bihn bags. It's also available without the snaps for standalone use. The Brain Cell has a snap-closing front pocket of heavy-weight stretch mesh to hold a power supply, cables etc, web handles and D-rings for a either the Absolute or the Simple shoulder strap. There's a size for each PowerBook and iBook: Size 1 fits our 17" PowerBook and Size 5 fits our 12" PowerBook G4.


The Seiko Instruments SLP 450 is compatible with Mac OS X 10/2 and later. It will be available in May at an estimated street price of $189.

Hands-On Review -Skin-Tight Mini Skin for the iPod mini: Speck Products is one of the first companies out of the starting blocks with an accessory for the new iPod mini. We have previously favorably reviewed iPod FlipStands and iPod Skins from Speck Products. The Skin-Tight Mini Skin is a translucent rubberized case that slips over the iPod mini to protect it from scratches, slips and bumps.


O'Reilly's October Mac OS X Conference Shaping Up: Bud Tribble will be one of the main keynoters. Tribble is leading the Apple charge into the Scientific Computing field by helping to set the long term technical direction for the Mac OS software engineering group. Sal Soghoian, a respected fixture in the AppleScript community, is presenting his signature "Introduction to AppleScript" tutorial at the conference. The Bioinformatics Keynote will be given by Terry Gaasterland.

The AirPort 3/3.1 Update improves the reliability of AirPort connections when changing network locations. The update is recommended for all users with an AirPort Extreme and AirPort enabled computer or an AirPort Extreme base station.


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Investopedia was founded in 1999 by Cory Wagner and Cory Janssen in Edmonton Alberta at the height of the dot-com bubble. Wagner focused on business development and R&D while Janssen focused on marketing and sales. In April 2007 Forbes Media acquired Investopedia.com for an undisclosed amount.

Firefox 1/5.0/2 provides native support for Macintosh with Intel Core processors, and stability and security enhancements that are part of our ongoing program to provide a safer Internet experience for our users. We recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to this latest version.


Except for PowerBook-toting game developers, Apple did not have a conspicuous presence at the conference. Hopefully, tools that make porting XNA technologies such as DirectX to Mac OS X counterparts like OpenGL will continue to be made available by third parties.

Warnock was President of Adobe for his first two years and chairman and CEO for his remaining sixteen years at the company. Although retired as CEO in 2000, he still co-chairs the board with Geschke. Warnock has pioneered the development of graphics, publishing, Web and electronic document technologies that have revolutionized the field of publishing and visual communications.


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Last weekend, we downloaded the inadvertently-released beta version and played it. The original Nanosaur, released free on the early iMacs, is one of our all time favorite computer games. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to Mac OS X. But in comparison, Nanosaur 2 is terrific, clearly the best yet from Pangea Software. The color and rendering is fabulous. We haven't found a set of red/cyan 3D glasses yet to check out that feature.

Last week we received a pre-release brief on Lightroom from Kevin Connor, Adobe's Senior Director for Digital Imaging. The brief updated the November pre-brief and provided a preview copy of the application.


When the request is received, the free serial numbers will be emailed to the school

Apple Posted Free Sample WWDC 2003 Sessions in QuickTime: Have you never attended Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference? Well, you can find out just what it's like and learn a lot too. Apple has posted a number of sample sessions from WWDC 2003 that only require QuickTime 6 or later.

Keep Up to Date on AppleWorks Development: AppleWorks is Apple's terrific but somewhat neglected productivity suite. Do you want to keep up with the latest news about AppleWorks? Then all you have to do is to sign up for the AppleWorks Users Group's free "AppleWorks News Service" and AWUG will automatically deliver all the important AppleWorks news right to your email mailbox.


Contour Design Launches New Perfit Mouse Optical: Contour Design unveiled today a new version of its highly regarded Perfit Mouse. Re-engineered to incorporate optical technology, improved reliability, and increased functionality, the Perfit Mouse Optical retains all of the ergonomic benefits which have made the original Perfit Mouse so popular. The Perfit Mouse Optical MSRP is $109/95 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The main compartment unzips low on the sides and it has lockable sliders. The front, back, bottom, and sides are padded and stiffened by 1/4" (6mm) closed-cell foam to protect the contents and to maintain its form. Inside the main compartment are three hard plastic file dividers for organizing papers and a snap to keep files from getting damaged. The dividers are easily removed. Extras can be ordered for the Empire Builder for even greater organization. There are also snaps to hold a Brain Cell PowerBook slipcase.


The new venue will house the largest-ever BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area accommodating 3,000 players, an increase of 1,000 seats from last year’s packed house of 2,000. The four-day event will erupt with contests, workshops, hardware and software demos/exhibits, give-aways, loud parties and white-knuckle tournament action – attracting top players from around the globe.

Development has also continued progressing with Call of Duty 2 and Sid Meier's Civilization IV. Aspyr told us to look for both of these titles to be released for Mac in the next few weeks. Both will be Universal applications out of the box like Quake 4 -and dual core as well, we hope.


Microsoft now owns Virtual PC and all of the applications in our day-job workplace are web-based. They are largely platform agnostic thanks, at least in part, to a very strong and broad resistance to replacing Netscape/Mozilla as the standard web browser with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and its evil-inspired proprietary quirks. Due to this, Mac OS X and a resurgence of various Unixes due to security issues, we no longer use Virtual PC except for a few applications where there are no alternatives to Windows. One those exceptions is Garmin's MapSource software for our Street Pilot III and eTrex Vista GPS equipment.

In fact, after the upgrade our Windows ME and 95 virtual machines wouldn't even launch and XP was even slower, hardly showing more than a couple of frames of the splash screen before crapping out. The recent VPC 6/1.1 updater didn't help either.


We tried out several of Dragon Burn's features. First, we compared making audio CDs with iTunes 4/01 on a Power Mac G4 Dual 1/42 with it's SuperDrive. Dragon Burn allows audio CDs to be made off another audio CD, from files stored on the hard drive and from iTunes playlists. It works with aif, wav and mp3 files as does iTunes.

Apple Remote Desktop 3 is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $299 for managing up to 10 systems and $499 for managing an unlimited number of systems. Special education pricing can be found on Apple's Education Store. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade pricing.


Provides Apple's iPod Innards according to this Forbes article on Yahoo News. The Santa Clara, CA, company was founded by a few former National Semiconductor executives.

Firmware -Intel-based Macintosh computers support the firmware password feature. Prior to this update, a person with physical access to the computer could bypass the firmware password and access the "Single User Mode". This update addresses the issue by enhancing the security provided by the firmware password. Credit to David Pugh of the University of Michigan for reporting this issue.


Broadband Wireless Internet Widespread This Year? Maybe so, according to this AP news article. Lots of companies appear to be jumping into the fray -AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Samsung.

We ordered it as a CTO from the Apple Store on April 7 and it arrived by FedEx from Shanghai Wednesday the 12th, faster than we expected. After having waited longer than usual to decide to order one, it was frustrating to be in the throes of tax time and not have the time to immerse our selves in setting it up and using it immediately.


Omsi 2 serial number

Well, despite the possibility we don't think so. The web site's "new" cap is the only type that we have found in our area since we first set out to look for them on the Saturday following the Super Bowl. We have not yet found the "old" less cheat resistant type in our area. Perhaps that explains why we have been skeptical of the cheat from the beginning. Our "blind" record is 19 winners out of 29 bottles.

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MacWireless Announced High Power 200 mW 802/11g WiFi Access Point: Offering 200 MilliWatts of output power (6 times the normal power of AirPort Base Stations), the MacWireless 802/11g High Power Access Point has the signal strength to take your wireless network to the furthest corners of your building according to the manufacturer. They will ship April 10th for $199/98.


Since no demo sequence is included with Quake 4 and the Mac version for PowerPC Macs apparently does not recognize a "demos" folder in the "q4base" folder, benchmarking the speed of Quake 4 is not an easy task. Worse, one can not even record, play back or timedemo a segment of the game on a PPC Mac. At least we have not been able to do so on our Power Mac G5 Quad or iMac G5.

Enigmo 2 is a follow-up to the incredibly popular game Enigmo, and the new version takes puzzle games to a whole new dimension. Enigmo 2 is a 3D puzzle game where the player manipulates flowing water, plasma and laser beams so that they can reach their final destination. Along the way, the player must toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, use magneto-spheres to attract charged particles, and perform many other feats of Newtonian physics. Enigmo 2 will include a built-in level editor that allows players to build their own games that they can share with friends or post on a web site to allow anyone to play their custom levels.


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The Apple Read Me file also states that update is for D-Link USB adapters. It doesn't state which model but we have DBT-120 units on our Power Mac G5 Quad and our Mac mini.

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Description: Security vulnerabilities related to the use of "reflection" APIs in the Java Runtime Environment may allow an untrusted applet to elevate its privileges. This update addresses these issues by providing J2SE version 1/5.0_06, which is not susceptible to these vulnerabilities. For additional information on these issues see Sun Alert 102171.

Pc matic license keygen

Worms 3D is now available to pre-order from dying-to-buy. Get in line now and remember to check out the special offers.


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Thornton will be the first high school to give all of its students and teachers an iBook. The State of Maine currently gives iBooks to just 7th and 8th graders but has plans to add the 9th grade in high school.

Of all of the runs we made, the resolution and shadows settings had the greatest effect on average frame rate. The resolutions supported by Quake 4 go up to 1600x1200 but the MacBook Pro would only correctly run resolutions up to 1024x768.


Pack the car, buy the airline ticket, or get a new pair of walking shoes – just do whatever it takes to be at QuakeCon 2004. The 9th annual QuakeCon video game festival and tournament storms into town August 12-15 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. This annual fan pilgrimage to the largest, most awe-inspiring North American LAN event will be a four day adrenaline-pumping party with 5,000 of your closest friends. With 24 hour-a-day entertainment, action, and activities QuakeCon is open to video game fans worldwide completely free of charge.

Next, we tried Dragon Burn's Live Audio recording feature using the microphone in our iSight camera. It was straight forward, just select Live Audio in the start window and click on the record button. It worked fine but the fidelity was not as good as we would have liked. Conversation sounded rumbling and music had no range to it. We guess this is to keep the file size as small as possible. We also tried to use it on our 17" PowerBook G4 but no matter what we did we got an error stating that the available disk space was too small.


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The MacBook Pro is 0/4" wider than a 15" PowerBook G4 and it looks hauntingly like a 17" PowerBook G4 and we have owned three (1GHz, 1/5GHz and 1/67GHz). It especially looks like a 17" Powerbook G4 when opened with the 15/4" low aspect ratio screen with 1440x900 pixels -the same as our last 17" PowerBook G4. But the MacBook Pro is 1/3lbs lighter at 5/6lbs.

Airline Internet Pricing Announced: According to this Reuters article on Yahoo News, the cost for a transcontinental flight (3-6 hrs) will have a flat rate of $19/95. Flights under 3 hours will cost $14/95 and those longer than 6 hours will cost $29/95.


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We are able to toggle on the speed counter in frames per second (FPS). During play while taking the energy cannon bunker on our Power Mac G5 Quad (Nvidia GeForce 6600 graphics card) with the resolution at 10245x768, graphics at high quality and shadows off, the FPS ranged from 60 down to the mid-30's in heavy action. It dipped to the high 20's when firing the energy cannon. We were unable to turn on the use of multiprocessors on the Quad ("unknown command" error).

Wider will accept s-video and composite video and audio inputs and supports both NTSC and PAL standards. Wider also has two USB 2/0 ports for transfers to and between a video iPod and a hard drive.


From the Dark Side -M$ Critic Loses Job at @Stake, a Massachusetts firm that works closely with Microsoft, according to this SiliconValley.com article. Daniel Geer, now former CTO at AtStake, was one of the expert authors of the report we noted yesterday that warns that reliance on M$ software is a significant security threat.

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Did 10/4.6 speed anything up or slow anything down on Intel-based Macs? To determine this we ran a reduced set of our usual suite of speed tests on our two Intel-based test Macs. The speed tests are composed of a series of "canned" benchmark applications and several so-called "real world" tests that anyone can repeat on their own Mac for comparison by following the steps that we perform. In these tests, we used a 20" 2GHz iMac Core Duo with 2GB RAM and a 1/66GHz Mac mini Core Duo with 1GB of RAM.


We applied the update to 12" and 17" PowerBook G4s, G4 Cubes, a G3 iBook and a Power Mac G5, all with no problems. We forgot to remove the SpeedStart patch but that appears to not be a problem. Startup in 10/3.3 seems as fast or faster than the patched 10/3.2. We like the added feature of shared volume icons appearing in the sidebar with the eject button that appears next to it to disconnect -much more logical than using the "gear" button. There appear to be new ATI and Nvidia graphics drivers with a March 7, 2004, modification date.

New Cheat-Free Caps in Pepsi-iTunes Promotion? The reporter on this Mac web site thinks maybe so. They have photos of two different types of Pepsi-iTunes contest bottle caps, one with smaller font and a more obscure seal over the lettering.


If we do not hear from you prior to shipment, we will assume the revised date is acceptable and will ship your order. If you decide to cancel your order and it was paid for in advance, you will receive a prompt refund.

Serial number macromedia flash mx 2020

With transfer rates up to 3 gigabits per second per port, this breakthrough solution sets a new standard for handling data in a remote setting. FirmTek's established hot-swap compatibility also makes it easy for users to move entire drives and arrays from the MacBook Pro to any FirmTek-equipped desktop system in seconds.


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Its operating system already contains most of the key features promised for Vista. However, the Mac doesn't really need a buyer's guide.

This is primarily a compatibility and stability release that adds support for USB Overdrive mice, improves stability of games running on Windows, adds support for some old graphics cards, and fixes a few rare bugs. According to the publisher, one can build rich 3D games with animated characters, dazzling graphics and immersive physics, then deploy to Macintosh and Windows as standalone, as a Dashboard Widget or for the web. Use JavaScript, C# or Python to script complex interactivity without worrying about performance. Learn from good documentation and loads of examples and tutorials. Enjoy using the features through a crisp pro-application user interface.


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The Universal Microphone Adapter connects to your iPod and to any audio microphone with a 3/5mm plug. You can use the iPod player's abundant storage capacity to store hundreds of hours of audio, and easily review your audio notes using the built-in 3/5mm jack with headphones or your computer. Copy recordings to your computer for easy storage, editing, or to send in e-mail.

To make sure a product gets the retail recognition as an Intel-native and PowerPC-native application, Apple introduced their new Mac OS X Universal Logo Program. Both the Mac OS X and the Mac OS X Universal logos are shown at right.


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It's hard to tell exactly because Burst's complaint simply broadly alleges violations of four of Burst's patents without explicitly stating how. Burst is requesting a jury trial in its counterclaim. Burst produces Burstware, software for audio and video distribution that stems from its first patent applied for in 1988 and issued in 1990. The other three were issued in 1991, 1992 and 1999.

TIP -Fixing Virtual PC's Speed in Panther: We have used Virtual PC, orginally by Connectix and now by Microsoft, since it first came out. It saved our Mac bacon in the workplace many times over in the early years of the IT group converting to Windows NT Server from Novell and the mass move to Windows 95 as their platform of choice. Company software applications were rewritten in Microsoft Access and other proprietary Microsoftian formats that only Windows 95/98/2000 could use. A modest group of us managed to hang onto our Macs by using Virtual PC and Connectix's other major product, DoubleTalk. We certainly hope the founders of Connectix got rich -it is their due.


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A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) panel is available in Energy Saver preferences, as well as a UPS menu bar item, when a UPS power management system is connected to the computer. Overall support for UPS systems is improved.

We replaced our 30-GB iPod with a silver iPod mini (see our review) because it does everything we need to do and holds five times as many songs as we have -so far. At $250, the iPod mini sold out rapidly and supplies have remained contrained in the US. The continuing high demand means that Apple will have to ramp up production further to provide the iPod mini outside of the US. That is projected to happen in July.


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Web Piracy Fight May Be Counterproductive according to this New York Times article. Some of the measures championed by the recording and motion picture industries will make it harder to deliver media and to innovate.

Nominations are open for Apple's Design Awards for 2006. Make sure your outstanding Mac OS X product gets the attention it deserves. Enter the eleventh annual Apple Design Awards, recognizing technical excellence and outstanding achievement in software products and solutions for Mac OS X. Winning developers receive outstanding prizes, and their winning entries will be showcased at WWDC 2006 in August, Macworld 2007 in January, and on the Apple Web site.


We really like our Mini Skin and it has found a permanent home on our iPod mini. The Skin-Tight Mini Skin is $19/95 from Speck Products.

Mac, Macworld's Jason Snell and Analyst Joe Wilcox: Tonight host Gene Steinberg and his irreverent son and co-host Grayson will explore the state of the Mac and other fascinating things with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus and Macworld's Jason Snell. In addition, Apple's quarterly financials and other issues will be examined by noted industry analyst Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research. It should be a really good show.


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It will create HFS/MSDOS CDROM's but it simply dumps the files all in the same directory. SO having duplicate folder names is a problem, and on the Mac, you see all the Windows only specific files, not a good thing.

Well the clever people at Zonic have been hard at work on a solution and have created a utility specifically to work with our Mac games, Input Calibrator. This lets you improve the input control for any supported game. Our first two games to enjoy such support are Rayman 3 and Total Immersion Racing. The utility is included in the updaters on both games that are released today.


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Also on Wednesday's show will be Stephan Yogya of Monster. Monster is well known for their audio cables but did you know they make high quality cables for your Mac? Find out more on tonight's show.

The MacBook Pro runs well closed and attached to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's also much quieter than our Power Mac G5 Quad.


Burning an audio CD from 9 of the 10 tracks in Dragon Burn's layout window with Dragon Burn took 9:36. Burning from files or iTunes' playlists also worked fine. However, burning the same 9 tracks as an audio CD from iTunes-imported aif files took 5:46.

This update makes some very important fixes to Retrospect 6/0, including dramatic speed improvements when copying the file permissions during a duplicate or restore. Specifically this will speed up Retrospect while "closing" the execution.


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Experimental Gameplay Workshop: This workshop provides a platform for designers to showcase their risky new work. Each designer gives a dense 15-minute presentation, illustrating how their new game design is different from what has come before, and explaining what they hope to achieve through this experimentation.

From the Dark Side -M$ IE Security Patch is a Dud according to this CNet article. Microsoft's recently-released security patch for Internet Explorer apparently doesn't work.


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It is available for direct download from this Apple Web page. For some reason, it appeared in the Software Update application for our Rev.

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Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), president and chief software architect while also being the largest individual shareholder until May 2021. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs and pioneers of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. Since 1987 he has been included in the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people.


Well, Intel just anounced that is has produced samples of 1GB flash RAM modules built in a 65nm process. Intel's flash RAM is used in devices such as cell phones to manage critical phone operations, handle Personal Information Management data and to store photos, music and videos, a much narrower market than Samsung's. However, Intel's announcement shows that the development of flash RAM technology continues at a rapid pace. It's only a matter of time until flash RAM technology is used in computers to replace hard drive functions.

Each easy-to-use, three-component kit includes a specially formulated Heavy Scratch Remover solution, Fine Scratch Remover solution, and Plastic Clean and Shine protection polish. The NewerTech Clean and Polish Kit utilizes advanced chemistry bonds to remove heavy scratches, abrasions, fine marks and delicate cuts from virtually all plastics and acrylic surfaces without unsightly filling.


Divine Fiat announced the immediate availability of Title Card, their latest theme for Apple's Keynote presentation software designed with film, TV and video professionals in mind. With photo cutouts in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, Title Card is perfect for introducing your employer, clients or potential investors to your next project. It is also ideal for students or professors at film school. Title Card features a graphic design straight from the golden age of Hollywood and clear easy to read Arial Black text, Title Card is the perfect theme in which to package and present your concepts with power and style.

Previously, the entire stereo system would be needed to pre amplify the turntable. Now, the record player can be connected directly to an iMic or PowerWave with no additional hardware necessary. Final Vinyl 1/1 adds several new features including sound waveform based cue editing and complete Panther compatibility.


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For the 1/66GHz Mac mini Core Duo, there are generally no appreciable differences between Mac OS X 10/4.6 and 10/4.5. The Quartz Graphics score in 10/4.6 is statistically higher, however. Somewhat surprisingly, the Mac mini Core Duo's Quartz and OpenGL graphics scores are similar to those of the iMac Core Duo, maybe even better in OpenGL. Also surprisingly, we got the same QuickTime DV compression performance from iMovie HD 6/0.1 as we did with the Power Mac G5 Quad. The Intel GMA945 integrated graphics chip in the Mac mini is proving to be very good except at fast 3D games.

Founder of the Russian search engine Yandex. He has been the CEO and manager of the company since 2000. As of 2021 his net worth is at least $ 1/15 billion.


Is an American investor and entrepreneur who has founded several New York-based businesses, including Gilt Groupe, Business Insider and MongoDB. Ryan helped grow DoubleClick from 1996 to 2005, first as president and later as CEO. Ryan continues to found and invest in companies through AlleyCorp, a venture capital firm he founded with Dwight Merriman in 2008.

Ppf o matic patch

Championship Manager 03/04, New Patch: Sports Interactive have released another patch for Championship Manager 03/04. This patch for the Mac version and brings the Mac version completely up-to-date with the Windows version. Patch Two (4/1.5) requires you have installed Patch One (4/1.4) first.


The Apple Store has great pricing on a limited supply of 10GB and 30GB iPods. The 10GB iPod is priced at only $249, and the 30GB iPod is priced at only $449. These are brand new, unopened products covered by Apple one-year limited warranty. In addition, customers may purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for their new iPod. All details on the 10GB and 30GB iPods available under the "Special Deals" tile.

All visitors to the BeLight contest Web page were asked to contribute their advice on how to convert a "die-hard" PC user to the Mac. More than 300 ideas were received.


Burst's filing responds to a suit that Apple filed against Burst in January of this year, seeking a declaration that Burst's patents are invalid and that Apple does not infringe them. Burst requests in its counterclaims that Apple pay a reasonable royalty for Apple's infringing products and services, and also seeks an injunction against further infringement.

Additionally, a minor security-related fix for Java InputMethods is included in this update. Due to an issue handling input method events, it is possible that key events intended for a secure field such as a password field may be sent to a normal text field in the same window. This could result in accidental password disclosure to others physically present when the password is entered. This update addresses the problem by properly handling input method events.


Nicknamed Gaben is an American businessman the co-founder and president of the video game developer and digital distribution company Valve. He was educated at Davis Senior High School and attended Harvard University in the early 1980s before dropping out to join Microsoft where he helped create the first iterations of the Windows operating system. With Mike Harrington he left Microsoft in 1996 to found Valve. As of 2021 he had a net worth of approximately US$4 billion.

All of the excellent online events are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with internet access. They are designed to be no more than 30 minutes in length and offer a wide variety of resources and information for your review. Topics cover solutions using Apple and partner products and technologies.


It's old technology so just like the 3/5" floppy drive, its gone. If you think you are going to get stuck staying at a no-tell motel in nowheresville without broadband, you will need an external USB modem and Apple makes one.

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Virtually any image, including PDF, can be imported to use on one's card. The are 50 or so masks that can be used with the images. There's a snap tool and a positioning indicator for aligning objects and floating palettes for tools, fonts and colors.


We posted a favorable review of Lightroom on Monday. It was based on several days use and we have developed several questions since.

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Logitech Ships 500 Millionth Mouse according to this Mercury news article. The article states that the Macintosh was first to have a mouse.


Macromedia studio 8 serial code

Hook up your iPod to your Mac or Windows machine where it shows up as a disk. Use it to copy, back up, or transfer large files from place to place -at impressive rates of transfer speed.

Also new today is the Griffin Turntable Connection Cable with built-in grounding. This six-foot cable presents stereo RCA jacks and a turntable grounding screw on one end, and a mini-jack on the other. It connects a turntable perfectly to the Griffin iMic or PowerWave. This adaptor cable makes hooking up your turntable much easier with the extra six feet of length, and the built in grounding system eliminates potential hum problems that sometimes occur with ungrounded turntables. The Turntable Cable costs $12/99 and is available immediately.


All of the keys are the same height an straight. The only cosmetic issue is a slight upward bend in the right hand side of the screen's top that is only visible when the screen is closed -with a tiny bit of careful flexing of that corner the screen, it now appears to be perfectly straight.

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We almost never reboot Mac OS X and use Safari almost exclusively on all of our computers. Safari is even automatically launched at login. We were highly skeptical but desperate so we gave it a try. We rebooted and launched VPC without launching Safari or any application for that matter. Amazingly and thankfully, it worked!

We got the clear model for our silver iPod mini. The Mini Skin slipped on our iPod mini with the appropriate measure of difficulty, giving us the clear impression that the iPod mini will never slip out accidentally. The cutouts in the top allow the headphones to be attached and the "Hold" switch to be actuated with no difficulty. Same with the iPod mini's scroll wheel and screen -the cutouts are perfect.


We have carried an iPod almost every where we have gone since they came out and have used them extensively on airplanes to listen to our own choice of music. The iPod's standard ear bud headphones are small, light and have excellent sound but one has to crank them up pretty high on an airplane to drown out the external noise. We have worried about possible further damage to our already poor hearing so we got a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones. They fold up but are still very large lump in our computer bag. Apple's In-Ear Headphones are as small or smaller than the standard iPod ear buds. They are supposed to fit tightly in the external ear canal like ear plugs so they should reduce external noise significantly without having to set them extra loud.

Macromedia dreamweaver mx 2020 serial number

This new version allows users to create unique images using the image generator feature and various Tiger Core Image visual effects. The results can be used as backgrounds, web-design illustrations, for print materials and more.


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The Ultimate Creative Workstation. Discovering the Apple Power Mac G5 -Todd Benjamin provides a tour of the Power Mac G5, describing what makes them so innovative and how they will benefit your creative endeavors.

Last Monday, Adobe released Lightroom Public Beta 1 and we favorably reviewed it. One point made by Adobe in its public beta program is that Lightroom would be constantly updated as bugs are squashed and features are added based on public comments. Public Beta 1/1 was just released and it is available for download via the application or from this Adobe Web page.


Feral Interactive Released Five Game Updaters: Feral released 5 patches to improve performances and visuals of our games. Changes specific to each game update are listed on its download page.

Printing your cards is also made simple. BCC has a calibration procedure to use any paper stock that your printer can use. The user can define the layout and select any card on the page to print. Crop and registration marks allow for easy cutting of the page into indiviual cards.


Share Dreamweaver named to Jolt Product Hall of Fame via Facebook

VoIP is a family of technologies that enables voice applications and telephony to be carried over an IP network such as the Internet. These technologies include protocols, hardware and software standards, and computer programs. VoIP is employed in telephony applications, from analog phones to next-generation IP phones and wireless headsets, and in desktop voice chat services, from web-based party-line chat services (like Yahoo Chat) to the well-known Skype desktop voice-calling service.

But we hope that the Appeals Court won't go there since the original decision did not. The case, we believe, truly turns on whether or not a leaked bonified trade secret falls under the source protection afforded by California law. At the federal level, we have seen in recent cases, like the Valerie Plame spy ID leak, that the source of some news leaks do not receive federal protection and reporters are subject to prosecution and punishment if they fail to reveal their sources. Of course, the spy name leak case was a criminal investigation and the Asteroid leak case is a civil case. What will California's Appeals Court decide?


We expect that at least one Mac will get an Intel CPU and begin shipping very soon, if not immediately, but which one? We think the G5 Macs will be last to get an Intel CPU so that nixes the iMac and Power Mac. The Macs that really need a faster, more capable processor the most are the PowerBooks.

Title Card is a Keynote theme that's all about options. With fifty-six text and photo layout masters, the possibilities are endless. Because Keynote will only allow one title text box and one body text box per master slide we have included an extras file which provides a variety of text box layouts for each of our photo cutout masters. Simply drag them out of our extras file, drop them into your Keynote presentation and you're on your way to the perfect pitch.


Apple's WWDC 2004 Continues Enterprise IT Track: According to Apple, their products have captured the attention of IT organizations wanting to develop and deploy open source and standards-based solutions into their heterogeneous environments. The Enterprise IT track at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2004 is designed for professionals focused on the requirements of an IT environment, including: in-house developers, system administrators, IT managers, and commercial application developers targeting the enterprise.

Spam Banned in CA with Fines to $1 million: California seized the anti-spam lead among governments yesterday when Gov. Davis signed the bill into law according to this Yahoo News article. The CA law bans sending unsolicited commercial email to California residents or from California to anyone.


Foster Farms Fosters Freeze-Fox Fox Entertainment Group Fox Film Corporation Fox's Pizza [email protected]@ -1784,7 +1732,6 @@ GEICO GHD Group GKN-GM GMB GMO GNC [email protected]@ -1800,7 +1747,6 @@ Gannett Company Ganz Electrical Works Ganz-Ansaldo-Gap Gardner Denver Garmin [email protected]@ -1833,11 +1779,9 @@ Genesco Inc. Genesis Microchip Genetics Institute-Genie Genrad Gentiva Health Services Genuine Parts Company-Genus Genworth Financial Geo. A. Hormel Georgia [email protected]@ -1865,7 +1809,6 @@ Global Insight GlobalFoundries Globex-Gm Gmfanuc Go Daddy [email protected]@ -1905,7 +1848,6 @@ Grand Metropolitan Grand-Met Grandmet-Grant Gray Line Worldwide Great Amer.

We have not used our MacBook Pro long enough on the battery to get a really good handle on its battery life. We deep cycled our battery out of the box and the menu icon shows 4 hours 10 minutes when fully charged, setting the screen on the lowest setting and disconnecting the AC adapter. Our 17" PowerBook G4 used to show around 5 hours doing the same thing but typically yielded about 3 1/2 solid hours of word processing work. If the MacBook Pro's battery were the same kind as the Powerbook G4 battery (lithium ion), we'd expect to get a good 3 hours out of it while word processing with the screen dimmed. But the MacBook Pro's battery is a new lithium polymer battery, like those used in iPods, so more time with it on battery is needed to understand its performance characteristics.


This is an advanced, expert level program. The IGDA Developer Business Summit is intended for industry veterans managing game development studios, publisher executives, and other industry leaders who care about the strength and future growth of their companies and the game industry as a whole.

We like the feel of the KRATON plastic. Our iPod mini will not accidentally slip out of our hand easily and, if it does, it is protected. We weren't foolish enough to drop our iPod mini to find out how good the protection is but we expect it to survive if ever dropped accidentally.


Mac OS X provides a wealth of technologies that make it easy for you to create reliable, high-performing, great-looking, and easy-to-use products for your customers. Whether you are using Apple’s own powerful application frameworks, Cocoa or Carbon, or one of many other development options on the platform, in this track you’ll get expert guidance on the best design, development, optimization techniques, and UI practices for creating outstanding software applications.

We have used Speed Download and can confirm that in many cases it does substantially increase the speed of downloads. The current version is optimized for both dialup and broadband connections.


These cards require the update to support the high resolution of the Cinema HD Display. The update is required only for customers using Mac OS X 10/2 or later.

Our only use issue is that our MacBook Pro frequently does not automatically reconnect to our AirPort network after a long sleep or a restart. We have the same issue with our iMac Core Duo.


Web Design in Mac OS X - featuring Adobe GoLive. Learn how Apple's leading-edge technology and Adobe's design tools combine to deliver a high-performance base for website creation and maintenance.

He previously served on the board of directors of MasterCard International from 2004 through 2006. He is a member of the Stanford Business School advisory council, the Financial Services Roundtable, and the board of directors of the BITS Technology Forum.


SF.net SVN: gate: gate/trunk/plugins/ANNIE/resources/gazetteer

Bridge, Photoshop and Camera Raw) in comparison of Apple's incipiently shipping Aperture we got an early peek at Adobe's upcoming response, code-named Shadowland at the time. Adobe's answer to Aperture, Lightroom, will be available today as a public beta and will get its first public demonstration this week at Macworld 2006 in San Francisco. Lightroom Public Beta 1 may be downloaded for free today from this Adobe Web page.

Salling Clicker 2/0 turns your Sony-Ericsson cell phone with bluetooth into a remote contol. The latest version supports the new model 616 and revises the control scripts. It works superbly with our T68i and 17" PowerBook G4 with built-in bluetooth.


Serial number maxidisk 2020

While installing Boot Camp is relatively painless, there are pitfalls users need to avoid. Running Boot Camp by Chuck Toporek (O'Reilly, 32p, $7/99) is an easy-to-follow guide that steps the user through the installation and configuration process.

While the zippers are nylon, the slides are metal as are the D-rings. The buckle that holds the front flap is also plastic but very strong and light in weight. Loaded with our 17" PowerBook and other stuff, the 3/25-lb bag topped out at 17/5 lbs. We really like how the handles naturally lay together on top, very handy, and it was easy to carry on our shoulder without slipping. On its side, the Empire Builder fit nicely under the airplane seat in front of us.


I attempted to stop Volume Optimization after it apparently completed - one frag left - but hadn't stopped running. Now a drop down warning appears to indicate that you have to wait until the procedure finishes before you can shut down or move to another test. You can push the stop button but nothing happens. And, apparently, you can't Force Quit either.

The only problem that we've encountered with Mac OS X 10/4.6 was updating Mac OS X Server v10/4.5 on an external FireWire drive -after the second reboot it froze at the Mac OS X splash screen. After a restart it would mount but would not boot our G4 Cube. We had to reformat the drive after backing up the data and reinstall 10/4 Server. Then, we used the 10/4.6 Server combo updater and it worked fine.


The program committee is seeking proposals for sessions and tutorials to address the needs of developers, sys admins, entrepreneurs, and business people working in free and open source software. OSCON is where the world shares ideas, discovers code, and finds solutions. This year's OSCON happens July 24-28, returning to Portland, Oregon for the third year in a row.

The additional material is not found in just a few additional chapters but throughout the book with illustrations that have been brought up to date. The book follows Steve Jobs into NeXT and Pixar and adds what has happened to Pixar as well as Apple. The timeline for Macs is extended through the Power Mac G5 and iBook G4. Covered also is the release of the iPod and the iApps.


FileMaker Pro Business Tracker Module is Free, a free download according to this FileMaker press release. FileMaker Business Tracker combines such key business functions as customer tracking, invoicing, shipping and more to help both current FileMaker Pro users and new users to learn about the many new features and functions now available in the new FileMaker Pro 7 database software from FileMaker.

The Solio is a portable solar power device that stores energy in an internal battery or powers devices directly. It looks like a mouse in shape when folded but fans out into three solar panels to look like a propeller. It can power or charge iPods, cellphones, digital cameras and GPS units. It takes about 8-10 hours of sunlight to fully charge the Solio but one hour of sunlight can power an iPod for an hour according to the exhibitor.


We have won nearly 50 free songs with an unaided win rate of about 75%. We're floating in Pepsi and they still owe us a replacement for an unreadble cap that we mailed in over a month ago. We guess that the redemption rate has been so low that the ratio of winning to losing caps has far exceeded the advertised 1 in 3 chance, at least in our area.

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Nanosaur 2: Hatchling v1/0.4 Updater is Available for download from Pangea Software's web site. This update is highly recommended by Pangea and it will update any version of Nanosaur 2 to version 1/0.4.


According to our visit to the Dell web site, the similarly configured Dell 650 (dual 3/06 GHz 1 MB L3 cache processors, 2 GB PC2100 memory, a 120 GB HD and an equivalent DVD-RW drive) costs $5,884 and even then it only includes slower PC2100 RAM and a smaller 120 GB hard drive. The "similar" Dell is over $1500 more expensive!

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The new flash RAM is based on a 70nm process, smaller than the currently most advanced flash RAM using a 90nm process. The sustained read speed is 108GB/sec as opposed to 68GB/sec for the 90nm process. Both processes yield chips that have a sustained write speed of 9/3GB/sec.

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This software update will upgrade your version of iDVD 4 to iDVD 4/0.1. This update is highly recommended for all users of iDVD 4 and will provide for improved reliability when authoring and burning DVDs.


You'll hear from John Rizzo, of MacWindows.com and Macworld's Rob Griffiths. A new application that promises to run Windows and the Mac OS side-by-side with top performance will be discussed by Benjamin H. Rudolph of Parallels. In addition, we'll be joined by Mike Baldwin, Senior Product Manager, Symantec, who will be talking about the new Mac version of pcAnywhere.

The 12" PowerBook gets a 1 GHz G4 CPU, a digital video interface (DVI) port, more RAM up to 1/25 GB and a faster GeForce FX Go 5200 graphics chip. It doesn't get a PC-card slot, backlit keyboard or FireWire 800 port. It's priced the same as before at $1599 with a combo drive and $1799 with a SuperDrive.


O'Reilly Releases "Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual" Once again, renowned Dreamweaver writer and teacher David Sawyer McFarland has teamed with Missing Manual creator David Pogue to produce "the" user guide for the popular Dreamweaver MX -this time for the 2004 release. Their new "Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual" (Pogue Press/O'Reilly, US $34/95) gives web designers all the tools and techniques they need to get their work onto the Web faster and more professionally and bring stunning, interactive web sites to life.

WWDC 2004 -Details on Over 100 Sessions are Out: From basics to best practices, the in-depth technical sessions at WWDC provide the latest details about Mac OS X and Apple technologies. Descriptions of more than 100 sessions are currently available to view with more coming soon.


No more accidental battery drop outs. The new 15" Albook has the same latching mechanism as the 12" AlBook that was pioneered by the iBook. The battery is held in by a lock that is turned with a coin in its slot. We wish the 17" AlBook had this mechanism even though it is less likely to drop the battery when handled than the TiBook.

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That does not apply to our choice of mobile computer, a 17" PowerBook G4, but that is another story -serious screen real estate addiction. The Apple In-Ear Headphones were announced at Macworld 2004 along with the iPod mini but have been just as scarce, at least at the Apple Stores we visited. We found that B&H PhotoVideo had them in stock and ordered a set by mail. They were received in a few days, a couple of weeks ahead of the transcontinental flight we are on as we write this review. We visited the Tyson's Corner Apple Store over the weekend and it now has a ton of them, of course.


The new 15" AlBook with 1/25 GHz CPU seemed a bit snappier than our ex-800 MHz TiBook and 1 GHz 17" AlBook. The CPU at 1/25 GHz has a faster clock speed and twice the L2 cache at 512 KB but it lacks the 1 MB of L3 cache of previous models. We think the G4 CPU is the new low-power model 7457 but we didn't have software with us to confirm it. The new 15" AlBook also has a faster ATI 9600 graphics chip set so it should be measurably faster all around. We'll conduct our speed tests at a later date to see for sure.

In fact, Bourg is often hired to develop custom Excel solutions for other engineers. Over the years, his observations showed him that there is a real need for a book that shows how to apply Excel to a wide variety of complex problems.


Toast offers "Custom Hybrid" where, if you are a developer, you can have a separate HFS/MSDOS Joliet partition. This allows you to distribute software for both platforms on one CD. For our business this is a much needed and used feature.

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According to Apple, Aperture 1/1 features dramatically improved RAW image rendering and a new set of advanced RAW adjustment controls. It also delivers impressive speed gains on any Mac including desktop performance on a MacBook Pro with image adjustments and searching up to 4x faster in Apple's tests.


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Feral Interactive Releases Input Calibrator for Their Games: According to Feral, one of the many joys of publishing games for the Mac is making sure that they work perfectly with the most popular input devices, such as steering wheels, joysticks and gamepads. Because of the, shall-we-say, infinitely variable nature of such devices - this has been a hard, not to say impossible thing to do.