Now Blizz asks of you to deliver 4 items to 4 of his associates. There are 2 hidden achievements within this task. To earn them you will have to correctly guess without making a mistake the names of the 4 associates (they only appear as “Jawa” at first) and then give the 4 items to the correct person, again with no mistakes. There are visual and audio clues as to who is who, but if you prefer, I have made a map as well as a video, so you’ll be sure to not make a mistake. Failing to guess correctly will still finish the quest, of course, but you will have to do the mission on another character for the 2 secret achievements.

  • What is New World's release date
  • Lvl 300 10/30/12 as 17th player
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While New World's combat requires more than just tactical skill—your attacks have to connect with hit boxes, and there's dodge and block timing to master—you level up like in a typical MMO. As you gain levels, you'll be able to add points to a few base stats. Strength will increase your damage with melee weapons, and agility will do the same with ranged weapons—it's the standard stuff.


There's a lot of pressure on New World. The early modern fantasy MMO is Amazon's latest attempt to develop a PC hit, something the tech giant has had a tough time of so far: competitive shooter Crucible released, unreleased, and then was canceled, and multiplayer brawler Breakaway was canceled before leaving alpha. Perhaps that's partially why New World was delayed into 2021. Two false starts can be handwaved given Amazon's enormous bank account, but three would look a bit dire.

What's the story of New World

New World is available for pre-order on Amazon, but what you'd be pre-ordering is a Steam key, and it's also listed directly on Steam. The official site has a few trailer and very staged screenshots, as well as a handful of article explaining some of these systems in depth.


Both companies will recruit armies of 50 (they don't all have to be company members) to fight for them. During the battle, the attackers will have to capture control points around the fort, bust through the doors, and capture a central point. Siege weapons, defensive turrets, explosive barrels, and other munitions come into play here.

We've heard a lot about New World's 50v50 War Mode, but IGN recently sat down with a few devs to show the mode in action. The War Mode showdown can decided the fate of a faction's fort. But it's not as easy as declaring war and storming their walls. Factions need to complete smaller objectives and projects before they're equipped enough to initiate the conflict.

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As you use different weapon types, you'll also gain proficiency with them independent of leveling. The more you use, say, a sword, the more active and passive swordfighting skills you can unlock in the mastery tree. Active skills are special attacks—a spinning attack that hits multiple enemies, for instance—that have long cooldowns. If you wanted to, you could completely master every weapon type.


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If you want to really get involved in New World's social side, you can found or join a company. Companies are 50-player groups—New World's guilds, basically—which can take over and govern territories.


I've created a private sf server, server side is written entirely from scratch, and the client side is copied from official servers, and is the lastest version. It has many bugs, but it's in no means a finished server.

At level 20, you can buy a house in a settlement, and it'll act as a respawn or fast travel location. It's not going to be in a unique plot—many players can 'own' a house on the same plot of land, but once they enter they'll see their personal version of the interior, which will be customizable with decorations and furniture (some of which can provide you with buffs out in the world). You can bring up to four players with you into your house to hang out.


Amazon hopes that if you play New World for a while, you'll want to be involved in this territory control system at least a little. You can buy houses in settlements, and they act as fast travel points. You want your fast travel point to lead to a settlement with high tier crafting equipment, not one that's being neglected, so you may find it useful to form a company and take over, or support a company that promises to make strong efforts to improve a territory—without taxing you at a ridiculous rate.