The Swordmaster is one possible tank class, so that players can choose to play Warhammer Online. Initially as an anti-magic tank design, and later became blurred. The Swordmaster's advantage comes from the ability to wear heavy armor, and the ability to deal with the spirit, not a lot of damage to material losses.

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Knightin'+ (£5/99 / €5/99) - Join brave Sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little adventure. Explore and fight your way through the four dangerous dungeons filled with dangerous traps, devious puzzles and magical artifacts. Survive all four dungeons by unlocking new abilities and items that can help Sir Lootalot conquer his enemies. Knightin'+ is a classic adventure game inspired by many of the amazing masterpieces from 90s.


Nintendo Download: 20th February

The second calendar was amazing! We were definitely better prepared and even more energized – it was also more photography based than post-processed.

Angelina Jolie is the nearest thing we have to a legitimate GWG superstar, and is perhaps the only actress who can open an action film on her name alone, as she did in Salt. This is, obviously, somewhat different, being more or less a re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, from the point of view of villainess Maleficent, who wasn’t always an evil witch. Per the synopsis, “When an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal – an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone.


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He has also published two science fiction novels: Outside (2021) and Siege (2021). He has also recently published an ebook novella entitled Branch. His previously published short fiction is collected in Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places (2021) and Virtuoso and Other Stories (2021). The Curse of El Bastardo (2021) is a short fantasy novel.

The chinese simply doesn't have the same opportunities as the japanese did. The market is already well established and people are fans of well known franchises from both american and japanese companies alike.


The game’s pace is that slow, it’s drooling all over itself. There are no boss fights and no way of arming yourself; adventure game fans would appreciate it, but don’t worry, there aren’t any bizarre puzzles – like making a fake key out of soap and plaster.

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and stop yourself from making a mistake? I wish I could step back in time and stop my younger self from wasting money renting Superman 64. Alas, time travel is not yet a reality, but time travel is a fun concept which has seen much application (good and bad) in film, fiction, and video games. Junko Kawano is a video game designer and writer whose work often features themes of time travel.


I feel like I should start with Toys R Us as they only recently went out of business, and younger gamers might know what this was like. I can’t say if the store changed the way it sold games in recent times, but back in the day, it was an interesting experience.

Nathan M. Beauchamp started writing stories at nine years old and never stopped. From his first grisly tales about carnivorous catfish, mole detectives, and cyborg housecats, his interests have always delved into strange waters. Nathan works in finance so that he can support his habit of putting words together in the hope that someone will read them. His hobbies include reading, photography, arguing for sport, and pondering the eventual heat death of the universe. He has published many short stories in magazines and anthologies, and holds an MFA in creative writing from Western State.


There were once women among the Danes who dressed themselves to look like men, and devoted almost every instant of their lives to the pursuit of war, that they might not suffer their valour to be unstrung or dulled by the infection of luxury. For they abhorred all dainty living, and used to harden their minds and bodies with toil and endurance. They put away all the softness and light-mindedness of women, and inured their womanish spirit to masculine ruthlessness. These women, therefore (just as if they had forgotten their natural estate, and preferred sternness to soft words), offered war rather than kisses, and would rather taste blood than busses, and went about the business of arms more than that of amours. They devoted those hands to the lance which they should rather have applied to the loom. They assailed men with their spears whom they could have melted with their looks, they thought of death and not of dalliance.

Bullied in high school, ignored in college, trod upon for the rest of her life. Frustrated by the lack of creative outlet, frustrated at her fair-weather friends and nit-picking family, and frustrated by how insignificant she felt in the vast void of the universe.


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M. De Voe writes interstitial fiction and has been published in magazines ranging from the St. Petersburg Review to Daily Science Fiction. Her poetry has won first place in the Lyric as well as the NYC’s PoetTweet contest. She has also won top prizes in flash fiction, literary fiction and horror, and co-wrote a sci-fi musical that was produced by Tisch School of the Arts. Founder of the literary nonprofit Pen Parentis, she lives in Manhattan, writes what she likes, and does the next thing on a daily basis.

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Grandia was developed by Game Arts, a company previously famous for their Lunar series, the last of which had been released on the oft-forgotten Sega Mega-CD system in 1994 in Japan. Development began shortly after Lunar: Eternal Blue had been completed, taking a total of two years to finish. Although the game was initially going to be released for the Sega Mega-CD, it was eventually decided to be released on Sega’s next-gen console at the time, the Saturn in 1997. It was welcomed with large amounts of praise from fans and critics alike during its initial release in Japan but, despite a fan campaign as well as massive import sales, it wasn’t released in the West. It wasn’t until the game journeyed to Sony’s magic grey box two years later in 1999 that it was given an official English localization. And for many players, this is where their experience of Game Arts’ classic began. So, what exactly is so good about it?


Stealth mainly consists of you walking to one of the side cabin, waiting for a geezer to walk past, and walking out while his back is turned. Another option is popping out of cover with an action roll or dodging certain attacks; you Souls veterans will feel right at home. The game does it’s best to mix the gameplay up with controlling the speed of a train to match another train, multiple scenarios/endings and a bomb disposal section where the wirecutter is the slowest machine I’ve had the pleasure of enduring.

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Wendy Nikel is a speculative fiction author with a degree in elementary education, a fondness for road trips, and a terrible habit of forgetting where she’s left her cup of tea. Her short fiction has been published by Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Daily Science Fiction, Nature: Futures, and elsewhere.


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Another mall staple and a place that’s near and dear to my heart! EB, as it was known back in the day, was my home away from home. It was well-lit, clean, and always stocked with the latest and greatest. This was the place I bought 90 per cent of my gaming needs. I can’t think of a time where I didn’t walk in to buy something but ended up there for hours just talking to the employees about all things geeky and gaming. There were systems set up to play and everyone had a great time. It was our Central Park, our hangout spot.

The real magic, however, is in the game as a whole. Combining vibrant, colourful locations with brilliant characters, a fun battle system and intriguing lore, Grandia is well-worth a look, even in this day and age. There is a reason, after all, why it is still widely talked about and given that the game is readily available on the PSN network, you really have no excuse! In an era of angst-filled JRPG solemnity, the charm and brilliance of Game Arts’ classic is a welcome one.


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Behold El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a hack and slash platformer developed and published by UTV Ignition Games. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2021. Development was led by none other than Takeyasu Sawaki, the character designer for classics such as Okami, Devil May Cry and Fatal Frame. It featured voice acting from Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter Movies.

Within a millisecond of the last tie being cut the Sangheili had grabbed both of the human’s hands and yanked him forward, Styles able to do little more than yelp in surprise as he was thrown off balance. Wrapped around the pliers his hands were being menacingly crushed by the Sangheili, the force just shy of what it would take to dislocate joints or snap bones. Frank whimpered as he looked up in fear into Riga’s predatory yellow eyes.


However, there are complications, because it turns out that a senior politician has an ill daughter, who is relying on the organ trafficking ring for a black-market transplant. The word comes down to Rie’s boss, Mutoh (Ryu) that the investigation has been squashed, and Nana is to be dumped out of witness protection, as no longer of interest. That would almost certainly be a death sentence, because her betrayal of the gang isn’t limited to her knowledge of their actions, she also swiped a large suitcase of their cash before turning police informant. But has she done enough to endear herself to Rie, that her bodyguard might be prepared to go off-book and continue with the original mission on her own initiative? Or, better yet, entirely take out Kaneda – whose weirdness has now graduated from transvestitism to cannibalism.

Fortunately, their novelty apparently wears off for the director, and we get on with the actual plot, which involves a stolen suitcase of bearer bonds, belonging to a politician. Rei is sent to retrieve them, working her way up through the shady network of fences which handle such things. As help, she’s assigned a member of the regular police (Watari – credit information is basically non-existent here), but he turns out to have his own plan, to recover the bearer bonds himself and make a nice profit by selling them back to their owner. However, said owner is also working his own way up the chain, and kidnaps the sister of one of the thieves, as leverage for the return of his property. That brings the perp (Kosugi, the son of Sho Kosugi, iconic star of a million ninja flicks) into an alliance with Rei, and they storm the warehouse where the hostage is held, for a bloody confrontation.


Another area where Grandia is strong is its in-game world. Unlike many of its contemporaries in the genre, Grandia doesn’t use pre-rendered backgrounds for its locations, instead opting to use fully 3D polygonal areas. While this does mean that the areas have a very jagged look about them (and especially noticeable in today’s climate where games are held to a much higher graphical standard), the game’s bright and vibrant colour palette, as well as the variety in location assets, nonetheless make it a joy to explore.

Nick himself, for instance, was a captivating protagonist. His quirky, yet determined to succeed and find the truth manner (something his creator Shu Takumi once admitted was based on himself) made the journey a truly thrilling ride.


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Games like Lollipop Chainsaw live and die by the quality and feel of their combat. God of War worked brilliantly because it made you feel like the most powerful badass in the world, Bayonetta worked because you felt like an agile and magically sadistic killing machine. In Lollipop Chainsaw controlling Juliet in combat, navigation and even in the poorly presented QTE’s just feels like a chore.

While this was never released as a single, it was one of the songs which formed part of her 1979 Christmas special for the BBC, from which the image above is taken, and which is available, with a little searching online. There’s almost an old West feeling to the version here, along the lines of Hannie Caulder – amusingly, the target for her vengeance is played by Kate’s brother, Paddy. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and track down a copy of The Bride Wore Black.


KJ Kabza, a has written and sold over 70 short stories to a multitude of anthologies and award-winning fantasy and science fiction magazines. His debut print collection, The Ramshead Algorithm and Other Stories, has been called “a fresh new voice in the genre” by Booklist and “bursting with both ideas and emotion” by RT Book Reviews.

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What the game is, is entertainment, time out of your life for 4-5 hours. In that very 90’s way, it knows what it is and what its goal is, to entertain; not too much, but enough – it doesn’t swallow your life in the process. If this was a 90’s movie, it would come in a triple VHS with ‘Money Train’ and/or ‘Daylight’; it’s that calibre of video game.


Jeff Bowles is a science fiction and horror writer from the mountains of Colorado. The best of his outrageous and imaginative short stories are collected in Godling and Other Paint Stories, Fear and Loathing in Las Cruces, and Brave New Multiverse. He has published work in magazines and anthologies like PodCastle, Black Static, The Threepenny Review, and Dark Moon Digest. Jeff earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing at Western State Colorado University.

I don’t want tactical information, that doesn’t matter. I want to know who you are, how you were trained, what your people, society and culture are like.


Well, This project has definitely connected me to my own style, which I don’t think I had established before, as far as shooting with women goes. While I do enjoy just shooting portraits, The ideas that excite me are more storytelling oriented, a moment in time that speaks to the viewer.

Everyone saw her and waved as she goes through town! She is cute, she's pink, and loved! Or at least they seemed to love her. She soon learned that even in this world, there were those that went out of their way to make others feel like dirt, and less than nothing.


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Will Swardstrom is a speculative fiction author. His latest novel is Blink, the first adventure in The Utility Company series, co-written with his brother Paul. He also has two full length novels, Dead Sleep and Dead Sight, and is at work on the finale in the trilogy. He also has three stories in The Future Chronicles anthology series (Uncle Allen in The Alien Chronicles, Z Ball in The Z Chronicles, and The Control in The Immortality Chronicles). Each of those anthologies has charted in the Top 5 on the SF Anthology list and The Alien Chronicles reached as high as #6 on the Overall Top 100 List. The Control from The Immortality Chronicles has been nominated for Best American Science Fiction. He also has a few stories set in Hugh Howey's WOOL Universe among his various other short stories and novellas. He lives in Southern Illinois with his wife and two kids.


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Chase the Express is a third-person action game with puzzle elements and item management. It features the obligatory tank controls suited for the fixed camera angles you’d expect from a game of the genre and time; however, the environments are modelled in 3D meaning you can slightly alter the camera angle.

Well, firstly, there is the charm and character of the game which is not only apparent in its colourful, anime-esque presentation, but also in the shoes of its protagonists. The story follows the escapades of fourteen-year-old Justin, a wannabe adventurer, and his sidekick and childhood friend, eight-year-old Sue, as they travel the game’s world searching for the lost kingdom of the mysterious long-forgotten Icarian race, Alent. This consequently has them lock horns with a private army known as the Garlyle Forces, whose evil leader is looking to seize the secrets of the Icarians himself and use them to take over the world. As is evident, the story isn’t exactly groundbreaking – the game clearly has younger players in mind, after all – but it works.


Molly Thynes has been everything from a student at an all-girl's Catholic school to a nanny, a purveyor of haunted artifacts, and a mental health counselor, but she has been a writer before she even knew how to write. Her first love is the horror genre but she has found inspiration in a few other genres too (just not romance). Currently, Molly lives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband and as many animals as their landlord will allow.

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This is evident in the closing level when you finally come to rescue the princess in more ways than one. How its narrative is told through books of text and not a cutscene, or how its story is fragmented and deconstructed is like the postmodern literature of Vonnegut, Moore or Pynchon. It takes the fun and simplicity of Mario (Modernism), then changes it to a high concept and philosophical platformer, Braid (Postmodernism).


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In a WWE vs. WCW move, GameStop even purchased formal Rival EB Games (Electronics Boutique) for a whopping $1/44 billion back in 2005. GameStop is a great place and I enjoy my visits, but the evolution it took to get to where it is today is staggering.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (August 22) – We re-watched the original a little while ago, and it has stood the test of time very well, remaining one of the best graphic novel to film adaptations. The most obvious section of interest was The Big Fat Kill, which saw Clive Owen team up with the ferocious and protective hookers of Old Town, including Rosario Dawson and Devon Aoki. Dawson returns for this sequel, but Aoki is too busy being pregnant, so the role of “little Miho” is being played by Jamie Chung, whom you’ll know as Amber from Sucker Punch.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, from Japanese giant Capcom, was produced for the Nintendo DS in 2005, or rather, an enhanced remake was. While it’s not all that common knowledge, the game was actually first conceived for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, way back in 2001. There was also a popular port of the title on Nintendo’s archaic, yet somehow fondly remembered WiiWare service in 2021.

Unlike some artists from my days as a callow youth, she has stood the test of time very, very well, and over three decades later, despite many wannabes over time (coughToriAmoscough), there has still been no-one like her. I’ve been on a bit of a Kate Bush revival of late, inspired by her current return to live performance in London, after a gap of 35 years. Reviewing her work, both aural but particularly, the visual, I get the sense she had some action heroine tendencies of her own.


Luckily though, plenty of disc space was left for battles that are fun and engaging in equal measure. In an interesting twist, the game combines elements from both turn-based and real-time battle systems. During a battle, both the party and their enemies must wait until their icon reaches the midway point of the ‘IP’ bar before they can make an action. When an enemy or player is attacked, this usually means that their icon’s journey to the midpoint of the IP bar is momentarily postponed thus giving an opportunity for the player or enemy to reach their midway point before the other and gain an advantage. If the player manages to attack the enemy while they are planning an attack or spell, they will ‘cancel’ that enemy’s action – naturally, the same applies vice versa.

Your drop pod entered the atmosphere of this planet four hours ago with you on board. Your mission was to kill me and retrieve whatever useful information this station may hold. A phantom shuttle will pick you up on the surface at this site in eighteen hours once your mission is completed.


The highlight of this game is by far the dialogue, writing and voice acting; it’s so terrible in that PlayStation 1 way that it provides the game entertainment and lots of charm. The lines are delivered vacantly with no emotion and are disjointed. The writing – there is a section where you speak to a character about how to disarm some missiles, his reply is just “Screwdriver”.

This work was positively subtle in comparison, originally for the first book in the Raven, Swordmistress of Chaos series by “Richard Kirk” – actually a pseudonym for two writers, and not the noted industrial musician. Bush’s take, along with designer Pamela Keat, was somewhat more modest, as you can see in the side-by-side below. But I was fourteen when the song came out, and can still remember watching the video for the first time.


What Braid is, is a fine – and very rare – example of postmodernism in videogames. Braid takes what we know from platforming games – especially citing the pinnacle of the genre Mario on several occasions – to only flip it on its head; to take what we conceive and then change our preconception of it.

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While players have experienced considerable difficulty making the game work on newer versions of Windows, you can find a workable solution on lead game designer Chris Bateman’s blog. Trust me when I say it’s worth the effort.


West1Jess) is currently pursuing a state of self-induced psychosis, also known as writing. In the past, she has worked for Wal-Mart, a lawyer, and a bank.

The cutscenes were tightened and more polished than the Grand Theft Auto series too. All of these improvements mean the narrative, was and is, conveyed in a sublime fashion.


Rhett C. Bruno has been writing since before he can remember, scribbling down what he thought were epic stories when he was young to show to his friends and family. He currently works at an Architecture firm, but that hasn’t stopped him from recording the tales bouncing around inside of his head. Rhett is the bestselling author of The Circuit Trilogy, Titanborn, and From Ice to Ashes. Please subscribe to his newsletter for exclusive access to updates about his work and the opportunity to receive limited content and ARCs. For a limited time, you'll also receive a FREE digital copy of Book one in The Circuit Trilogy-The Circuit: Executor Rising.

Too Stubborn to Die - Whilst in a Berserker Rage, she absorbs damage. If she would sink to zero HP, she stabilizes herself at 1 until the fight ends. If she had access to any healing potions or healing magics she can save herself from death - otherwise, she will drop to critical and die after the rage depletes.

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Sam Osborn is a Mexican-American filmmaker who has directed films for Topic Studios, Vice News, Great Big Story, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Vox, GQ and more. Most recently he completed the first season of Eating, an ongoing documentary series for Topic Studios, along with the four-part documentary series Night Shift. The pilot episode of the interactive digital series Language Keepers premiered at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and was supported by the Alaska Humanities Fund and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He's currently completing work on his debut feature-length documentary, Universe.


On the surface, this may look like your typical third-person platformer hack and slash, but it is, in fact, more unique than you would think. With only three weapon types: Gail, a long ranged weapon that allows you to dash in mid-air but is weak in terms of damage, Arch, a mid-damage melee weapon that allows you to perform combos quickly, and the Vail, a slow weapon, but powerful. It can also act as a strong shield.

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It achieves this through striking colours and shapes, but there’s also mobile phones, disco-dancing and a motorbike section; it’s the mix of old, contemporary and the profound, it’s like everything you’ve seen and like nothing you’ve seen all at once. The game has a charm to it too, with the characters appearing in a cel-shaded manner.


Even at low levels, Spin is an extremely proficient healer, able to mend almost any damage if it's recent. Their innate skill with healing spells is akin to muscle memory. Spin's unconscious technique can turn even a low-level restoration spell into a powerful mending tool. However, the longer a wound remains, the more difficult it is for them to heal it as the patient's body acclimates to its new state. The enormous friendly spider is also quite adept at building web hammocks in case one needs a place to relax.

Ethan’s hollow pen is a Kairos family heirloom gifted to every successive Kairos on their 17th birthday. The hollow pen allows its wielder the ability to draw a “hollow” in the fabric of time. These drawn hollows function as windows to the past. Time Hollow’s gameplay hinges on using the DS’ touch screen to physically draw hollows in Ethan’s world, and using those hollows to manipulate the past and thus alter the present. Of course, you can’t run around Ethan’s world drawing hollows wherever you please; Time Hollow is very restrictive in regards to linearity.


Unfortunately, I don’t think I would last too long! But if I had any chance to just escape to the wilderness beforehand, that’s what I’d do. Avoid areas that were once populated.

In The Princess Bride, a little boy played by Fred Savage asks this question when his grandfather, portrayed by Peter Falk, starts reading him the offbeat fairy tale. It’s also what fans may wonder when they hear that there’s now a new version of that 1987 movie, created in a deliberately awkward but charming way.


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Kawano’s video game writing debut was the 2001 PS2 title Shadow of Memories, a game centred around the concept of time travel. Shadow of Memories’ protagonist, Elke Kusch, is murdered shortly after the game begins, and spends the remaining length of the game travelling through the past to prevent his own murder. Shadow of Memories is an exceptional adventure game, but it’s also a game that is more concerned with telling an interesting story than it is with being a “fun” game. If you’re patient and like slow-paced adventure games, I can’t recommend Shadow of Memories enough, but I recommend Kawano’s Nintendo DS title Time Hollow more.

Let's Play Billy Blade Temple of Time Part 11 Boss ''Persja''

Some newer work I’ve been doing is inspired by groups on Facebook like Girls with Guns and Badass Babes, so I have been focusing on the gun culture as well as the biker and tattoo cultures, which are very visual to begin with, providing me with tons of inspiration and material. I have also recently begun working for United Ink, a tattoo based company that runs Tattoo Expos and sponsors their own United Ink Angels – a group of up and coming tattoo models.


Home Site News The Swordmaster Guide to Ma

Holly Heisey is an author, illustrator, and designer with a love of spaceships and a tendency to quote Monty Python. They’ve had stories in Intergalactic Medicine Show, The Doomsday Chronicles, Clockwork Phoenix 5, and Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction volumes one and two, as well as translated into German and Estonian. Holly lives in Arizona with Larry, their pet cactus, who doesn’t bite. They’re currently at work on a space opera epic, and you can find them online (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/patch-swordmaster-luna-online.zip) at hollyheisey.com.

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As I was downloading a game onto my PlayStation 4, it dawned on me that the process in which we purchase video games is nothing like the bygone days of my youth. Back in the ancient times of the 80’s and 90’s, we had to go to places called stores, which were constructed of bricks and mortar, and staffed by human beings from all walks of life.


This time manipulation is stretched and rolled like a piece of dough with some in-game items not being affected by it, the player’s shadow leaving an imprint on the world, slowing down time in a specific area or the world where time is governed by the direction you walk. Time manipulation isn’t just the mechanic, it’s the central core of the gameplay.

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Assuming that this theory is valid, you should burn an extra 10,500 calories or cut 10,500 calories from your diet to lose 3 pounds a week. That’s a deficit of approximately 1,500 calories per day. If your daily meals provide around 3,000 calories, you must either stick to 1,500 calories or exercise more in order to burn energy.


Everything they had was located behind the counter, so you’d have to ask if there was something you didn’t see. I always found it slightly impersonal, but reliable in a clutch if a game was sold out elsewhere. If memory serves me, they were also a tad more expensive than other places, which is probably why I mostly stuck to the Star Wars figures. It’s been years since I’ve seen a KB Toys let alone walked into one, but a trip to the mall was never complete without walking down its disorganized aisles of fun.

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After graduate school, she was an instructor for six years at Auburn University. In addition to FAMILY VALUES, Lorna's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in CANYONS OF THE DAMNED, POETRY SOUTH, FIVE:2:ONE, SPECTACLE, FORMERCACTUS, POETRY WTF! RUM PUNCH, WIKI LIT, JERRY JAZZ MUSICIAN, UNSTITCHED STATES, MYSTERICAL-E, SHUFPOETRY, BETWEEN WORLDS ZINE, WILD VIOLET, CACTI FUR, BIRDS PILED LOOSELY, EVERY WRITER, BLUE MONDAY REVIEW, and the anthologies LEAVES OF LOQUAT IV (Loquat Literary Festival), LUMINOUS ECHOES (INTO THE VOID MAGAZINE), and DARK MAGIC (Owl Hollow Press), among others. In 2021 she won second prize in the Loquat Literary Festival poetry contest; in 2021 she was a finalist in the JERRY JAZZ MUSICIAN contest; and in 2021 she was shortlisted for INTO THE VOID's poetry competition and a finalist in the Neoverse Short Story Competition and the Valus' Sigil contest at SHARKPACK POETRY REVIEW. Her poetry has been favorably reviewed on NEW PAGES. Lorna has published scholarly essays on the American Renaissance and children's literature, and she is currently Associate Editor of GEMINI MAGAZINE.


Kate was always extraordinarily well-versed in culture, right from Wuthering Heights: how many 18-year-olds can pepper a song with a sly reference to Armenian philsopher George Gurdjieff? But bonus points have to be awarded for her being inspired by a French girls with guns film even I haven’t seen, Francois Truffaut’s The Bride Wore Black.

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Everything in the game has meaning, even if it’s not clear consciously. This has many people speculating and theorizing the true meaning of Braid; such as the game is about a scientist working on the atomic bomb, obsession, etc.


You quickly realize you are not the only one on this space station as you come across several ghosts who are waiting in purgatory – waiting to pass over. You communicate with these ghosts who will set you tasks in the form of fetch quests – doing this sets their spirit free.

The war has been raging for twenty nine years but I’m only thirty years old now. I’ve spent so much time in cryosleep, hopping from battle to battle that I’ve lived a half-life.


Gone are the two-dimensional, zany cartoon visuals of the first two games – in their place are realistic 3D pre-rendered graphics that create a darker atmosphere. Indeed, the whole game takes place during night.

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn (let’s be honest, that title sounds like a prog album) in America, was developed by Sugar and Rockets, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan/Europe and Activision in America. It was released in the dawn of the new Millennium for the PlayStation.


Engrossed in his electronic pad he failed to notice the Sangehili regarding him. He didn’t look like a soldier, a pistol lying haphazardly in his lap and clothed in little more than grey shorts and a T-shirt emblazoned with “ODST”, a familiar crest. Rigo recognized the name and symbol immediately; he had killed many black-armored humans wearing it. He was white-skinned with short cut black hair meeting at a widow’s peak on his forehead. The majority of humans Riga had bested in battle were young, but this one looked slightly older, if only by a little. A subtle tickle in the Sangheili’s throat began to grow. He tried his best to fight it but eventually the sensation overcame his ability to suppress the aching and he coughed, alerting the human. He looked up from his pad with an expression of surprise.

However, let’s cut to the chase – with the elegance of a pissed-off bride wielding a Hattori Hanzo sword. This remains one of the finest examples of action heroine cinema to come out of mainstream Hollywood, and arguably, hasn’t been matched in the ten years since. And it’s not purely for The Bride: O-Ren, Vernita, Elle and GoGo all deserve acknowledgement as memorable characters, any of whom could stand on their own. Even as someone who can generally take or leave most of Tarantino’s directorial work – I think he’s a better screenwriter – I can’t deny what he crafted here is an undeniable, four-hour classic of the genre.


A: Not much, considering the entire first edition has the same mistake. There are thousands of this card on the streets. It's real value comes from the fact it's a first edition card, which increases it's price a few cents.

There’s little enemy variation outside of the tried and true “exploding enemy, flying enemy, slow enemy, fast enemy, rinse and repeat” approach to character design which just adds more to this glazed over “hit things until they stop moving” feel of much of the game. There is a few bells and whistles such as the “Sparkle Hunting” mechanic which rewards multiple decapitations at the same time and the inclusion of a few semi-vehicular sections but these trimmings do little to improve the overall experience.


New life guild cards

Only one or two of the gods know Spin's true history between them, it's a mystery even to to the spider. They've been in the world of New Life since New Life was new itself, one of the few remaining 'beta testers' who have carried on without succumbing to the insidious and growing corruption which has taken the souls of so many. Death, however, has taken Spin quite literally more times than they can remember. While many players would consider ten or twenty deaths a frightfully large number, Spin's card lists it in the thousands, very possibly more than any other player in the game's history. Their memory and Player Level has been so repeatedly drained by thousands of deaths and ill-compensated back-alley revivals that in many ways they may as well be a brand new player. All memory of Spin's old exploits and original life have been banished to Shaddohelm – the spider's vast collection of knowledge and fragmented secrets jealously guarded by Olenn Razz, accessible to none.

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The Sony PlayStation (or the PSone in its later slim, white iteration) was home to some of the biggest and best JRPGs in gaming. From the likes of the unforgettable Final Fantasy VII to Star Ocean: The Second Story to Suikoden II, Sony’s first console rivalled the Super Nintendo in terms of diverse and epic JRPGs. In this Past Blast, we’re focusing on one of the more charming and vibrant releases in the genre during the PSone’s lifespan.


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It not only saddens me that those days are most likely over (with a couple exceptions), but it makes me weep for the younger generation who will never know what that experience was like. For all those who don’t know what video game buying was like oh so long ago, I am going to list all the places and experiences from my childhood where one could go to treat themselves to a cacophony of gaming.

A mash up of the Mad Max costumes and women who had the time apparently, to do their makeup and retain their femininity. But it soon evolved to represent women more as a symbol of strength and survival.


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Ernie Howard was born on January 29,1977 during a Minnesota blizzard. His two story telling parents almost didn't make it to the hospital in their beat up blue Cadillac. Ernie is the writer of Write Something, a book about the illusion of Writers Block. A World Without, a Science Fiction book about the love between a husband and wife, and the darkness that can come into a marriage. Walter, A Science Fiction book about a boy who is an outcast who makes a friend with a man that speaks to him through his television. Ernie lives with his wife and 3 boys in Henderson, NV, where he dreams up new stories, and tries to live everyday to the fullest.

Jason Anspach writes old movies. Together with his wife and their six children, Jason resides in a hundred year old Craftsman home in a blue collar city nestled in the Pacific Northwest. The house is very drafty, but a family that large has a way of keeping you warm.


Terry R. Hill, a Texas native, was trained with two degrees in aerospace engineering. He has worked for NASA since 1997 with a very satisfying career as an engineer and project manager spanning programs from the international space station’s navigation software, to next generation space suit design, to exploration mission planning, to mitigating the health effects of space on astronauts. While supporting the manned space program has been a lifetime passion, writing of different worlds, alternate futures and the human condition has filled his spare time.

Eager to share this experience, my friend purchased me an Xbox cash voucher and told me to buy a game called Braid. Like my friend, I too was entranced by this video game, this piece of philosophy, this work of art. Never had I gazed upon a CRT for that length of time simply not moving – watching, understanding the levels and their logic.


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Based on a popular series of young adult books by Veronica Roth, which has been compared to The Hunger Games, both being trilogies set in a dystopian future, with a young heroine. Certainly, the trailer (above) has a similar vibe, and contains enough action to establish its credentials here – it also gets a bonus point for including Maggie Q in a supporting role. So confident are the studio of this film’s success, that they are already working on versions of the other two books for March 2021 and 2021, so this series could become a staple of these previews. The writer of Jane Got a Gun (about which, more in a moment), Brian Duffield, has been hired for the second installment.

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Steven Van Patten is from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. After graduating from Long Island University on a full-tuition scholarship, he pursued a career in television production.


Unfortunately, my mother went through a divorce – which resulted in us moving out and giving up Thelma to a new home as we crowded into my grandfather’s house. The following years after that were tough, before I had my trusty companion, now I was alone. Thelma would have died by now, all I can hope for is that she was happy in her new home and that she went peacefully – but that’s something I’ll never know, and will never know. I never got to say goodbye properly.

If there’s one thing more disturbing than your average religious zealot, it’s a religious zealot, with supernatural powers, who burns people alive. That would be Melisandre, a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light, a religion that has found devotees in House Baratheon, and who has an absolute conviction in her faith, to go along with her abilities of prophecy. You get the sense there’s a lot more to her than has been seen to date, but anyone capable of giving birth to shadows that kill on command, is clearly someone to be treated with respect.


Both of them are secret rares unlimited cards. A LOB Gaia the Dragon Champion with a gold nameplate and a MRD Thousand Dragon with its secret rare foil reversed. I don't know the history of these cards so I don't know how common they are or what the issue was, but I've owned them for a very long time.

An End to Hostilities - Chapter

Q = I have a Mystic Horseman Beast card with a defence score of 15500 instead of 1550. I presume this is a true misprint and was wondering if this adds value to the card?


You got an European card, that's all. Do a search, the entire European set is posted here. European cards usually are worth 20-30% less than their American equivalent.

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Let us not forget Miles Edgeworth either, a fan favourite of the series, and rightfully so. Edgeworth would end up becoming the anti-hero construction we all know and love in fiction. He would help Phoenix in the courtroom, but would nevertheless remain a formidable opponent who Wright had to prove himself to again and again; however improbable the events that unfolded!


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The sense of isolation is an ode to the audio though, being accompanied by your breathing, footsteps and the faint echoing voices of the dead repeating the same sentence – due to hardware limitations, but here it gives an unsettling and haunting feeling to the game. The main theme is a rendition of ‘Moonlight Sonata’, but with electronic instruments and a female vocal chorus that captures the game’s slow-paced and mournful tone.

After the genuinely impressive bleakness of Assassin Lovers, the series comes crashing back to earth with a splat like a rotten tomato for this entry, which fizzles out early on, and then manages to lumber on for another 45 minutes. Rei (Tachihara) spends her time between missions hanging out at a gay bar, and rescues one of the rent boys, Mitsusu (Kitagawa), who ply their trade there after a vicious assault – accompanied, it has to be said, by the least appropriate music in the history of cinematic homosexual rape. He ends up moving in with her, to the latest in a series of unfurnished apartments provided by Section Zero, and the two damaged individuals start creating a life, of sorts, for themselves. However, there’s a serial killer, apparently with a deep hatred of men, operating in the area, and Rei is given the mission of tracking down and eliminating the psycho.


Kevin Lauderdale has written essays and articles for the Los Angeles Times, The Dictionary of American Biography, and McSweeneys.net. His short fiction has appeared in several of Pocket Books’ Star Trek anthologies as well as various small press publications. His story “Box 27” appeared in the science journal Nature. This is his second James and Reggie story for Canyons of the Damned. His story “James and the Dark Grimoire,” which made Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mention list for the year’s best horror and was nominated for a Washington Area Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Best Short Story was reprinted in Canyons #6. More James and Reggie adventures are in the Canyons pipeline.

Grasshopper Manufacture has released a pretty solid library of games. It was set up by gaming luminaries Suda 51, Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamoaka. Shadows of the Damned managed to be an entertaining, chaotic trip through hell. Grasshopper then set its sights on small-town America with Lollipop Chainsaw.


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So, what follows are all nine entries, in chronological order of Japanese release. This may cause some confusion, since the order of release in the West was not necessarily the same as in their home territory. For instance, the entry sub-titled Final Mission here, appears to have been the first “new” release, dating from January 1995.

The '83 crash has always been greatly exaggerated by people with clear Nintendo biases. The Crash didn't even kill Intellivision until further down the road, and primarily killed a lot of extremely low quality 3rd party development houses that existed to push out loads of absolute horse crap for the Atari.


But will that be able to over-ride Rei’s strong loyalties to Section Zero? The film does a good job of keeping that in doubt, right up to the very end, where Rei is given the ultimate in ultimatums by Takefuji, and it’s not clear what way she’s going to jump.

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As the screen fades, if you spam all of the buttons, you will get another attempt and carry on from where you left off – but each time gets harder and harder to revive yourself. If that wasn’t enough uniqueness for you, the game also changes from 3D to 2D sections and never feels off when it does.


In that second a shot rang out, Frank expecting a searing pain as the concussive blast reverberated in the small concrete room. Instead all he felt was a wet splash against his side as the canteen cup impacted the wall behind him with a hollow clack, its content splattered all around from the force of the gunshot.

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UBERMOSH:OMEGA (£3/14 / €3/49) - The retro-hardcore topdown masterpiece was carefully crafted during 5 years of community feedback, carrying over 4k sprites, tribal drums, fuzzed guitars and flawless gameplay. The players can choose a Saint, tune it to fit their gameplay style and try to survive a gun-filled pit where you can cut bullets with swords, unleash havoc with psionic powers, and evade hells of projectiles. Each character is a love letter to ARCADE games, like Kore, inspired on classic shmup gameplay or Aya that calls for a progressive combo score beater.


You wear stealth armor and carry an energy sword. They don’t just give those away, right? Regardless of the conflict between our species you must be an accomplished warrior.

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Eventually aquired by Barnes & Noble (they also bought Funco as well), back in the late 90’s, the entity formally known as Babbages went public and was renamed, you might have guessed, GameStop! That tiny hole in the wall store has become one of the biggest names in gaming retail, which is mind-boggling to me.


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We’ve covered a couple of entries in the series previously, but I’ve decided to start work a rather more comprehensive set of reviews, systematically watching them in order, rather than the sporadic pieces previously published, as they fell across my retinas. Some of those pieces were also reprints from a previous publication, and were also shorter than the ones I’ve grown accustomed to writing. This was largely inspired by stumbling across the first movie, dating from the seventies, and realizing that I could now cover the entire set.

Cute title, even if it does feel rather too close to the lacklustre school plot from Kick-Ass 2. Chris will probably be up for this, since she thoroughly enjoyed director Kyle Newman’s Fanboys. Hailee Steinfeld plays the hit-teenager, Megan, and Jessica Alba is former employer Victoria Knox, who smells a rat and heads in pursuit. Samuel L. Jackson and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones) are also involved.


Tales from the Canyons of the Damned

Still, Gun got its moment in the sun. An extended version of the song, over eight minutes long, became the show-stopper for the third and final act of her first, and until this week, only live tour in 1979, demonstrating the mix of music, ballet, mime and theatre in which she has been interested since the very beginning.

This is too chatty to succeed, especially when the conversation is so one-sided, as are the ones between Nana and Rie. They do form a somewhat interesting contrast in characters, and Shiratori certainly has the physical presence to carry off the part of a cold-blooded assassin, to a much greater degree than some of the previous actresses in the series. But to reach the bloody finale, you have to sit through a solid 70 minutes of her moping around her apartment, with our without Nana, and that’s more than an entire month’s quota of mope for me. The L they’re missing from the sleeve probably is “lugubrious”.


The unspoken genius of this game lays in the hands of the sound designers. It’s like listening to the nostalgia of old samurai and kung-fu movies. Those vivid swooshes of the sword, that ting and swipe of steel on steel, the swooping of bodies gliding in the air, those synthesized laser beams, and last but not by a long shot least, the sound of the loose fabric clothes contending with the force of its wearer.

He would always carry the shame of knowing that he had been captured, but that would be his burden alone to bare. More interesting was how the human referred to him. He never considered fascinating or respectable part of the human vocabulary when describing his species, in fact he had never considered a human feeling an emotion towards him other than blind hatred.


As I mentioned, you don’t have a typical health bar as it’s your heart rate instead. Ghosts make the rate go up, as well as running, and the higher it goes the less you can see. This is a strange mechanic because when you see a ghost you heart rate goes up, so you run away, that makes your heart rate go faster and thus diminishes your visibility.

Despite not being able to use healing magic in human form, they're skilled at seeing through the truth of things, easily deciphering codes and puzzles. Spin has an innate drive to put things back together, to make them make sense – to make them whole again. In general, they abhor violence against any living creature. Spin has a special affinity for shadow mushdrakes, and many of the giant spider's deaths can be attributed to repeated attempts to tame just one of the wild beasts. Spin is also never without their Tome of Translocation, which shows them where their healing skills are needed, though they can only use its translocation magic in human form.


What hasn’t changed is the sheer, unadulterated awesomeness of the fights, as jaw-droppingly brutal and intense as they were ten years ago. Yuen Wo-Ping certainly cements his position as the most inventive and effective martial arts choreographer in history. Though this version has the entire House of Blue Leaves fight in colour, the arterial spray becomes so obviously excessive, as to reduce its overall impact. Much love must also now go to someone barely known at the time, now carving out her own niche: stuntwoman and Thurman double: Zoë Bell. Bonus fun is now had, watching the battles and going, “Zoë.

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Acquiring the sword didn’t make Hervor any less touchy, however. While hanging out at the court of Godmund, a king in Jotunheim, someone picked up and drew Tyrfing, when Hervor was given the king some tactical advice during a game of chess.


This helped lead to bootleg editions circulating through the usual sources online, where fans edited the previously-released versions together, to simulate Tarantino’s vision as closely as possible. Of course, these aren’t perfect, if QT’s claims of an extended anime sequence are to be believed. But I’m not inclined to wait around any longer – it’s entirely his own fault I still have not bought a copy of either film, even though they are certainly iconic in our genre. So, how does the combined version play?

Volume 2 seemed excessively talky on its own. While that’s still the case, it’s to a significantly lesser degree, being balanced directly by the first half, where The Bride engages in actions, not words. Indeed, the only person she kills in the second part is Bill, a sharp contrast to the pile of corpses left in her wake during its predecessor. His death still feels somewhat rushed, and it’s a shame the original ending – a swordfight between Bill and Beatrix, clad in her wedding dress, on the beach – couldn’t be filmed, because the production went over time.


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All the remaining survivors have gained special powers from earth’s energy – in swordplay and magic. You play as Lau Wong, a human exile who returns to earth to battle his training partner and friend Rei Jenron – who has been possessed by an ‘Evil Spirit’.

Story and writing, however, aren’t Lollipop Chainsaw’s main selling point, and I only mention them first because the gameplay, the meat of the game, is so painfully average. Juliet’s adventure plays out in your basic hack and slash style with the titular cheerleader exploring the games’ six levels, saving classmates, decapitating zombies and eventually taking on an end of level boss.


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The director was in the midst of postproduction on his movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife when the quarantine hit; when the movie was pushed from July 10 to next March due to the shuttered theaters, that meant his team suddenly had more time for a side project. He recruited editor Nathan Orloff to stitch together the footage, and longtime collaborators Jason Blumenfeld and Erica Mills joined to produce. Like all the actors, the behind-the-scenes team decided to work strictly for charity.

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Inexplicably described by Tom Mes as “the best” in the series, I found it severely uninteresting on just about any level, being badly hampered by poor performances, direction which struggled to reach workmanlike and, in particular, a script which is largely bereft of ideas. This and Assassin Lovers feel like the Jekyll and Hyde of the series; it’s as if all the good stuff somehow ended up in its predecessor, leaving this installment with just the inept film-making.


There’s also a nice, slick look to the film, which unfolds under an apparent endless array of neon lights, and on perpetually-moist streets, a visual style that helps conceal the low-budget nature of proceedings. While the story may rely to heavily on the clichés of the genre, those involved, on both sides of the camera, execute – pun not intended – their responsibilities with enough flair and energy to counter-balance its shortcomings, and the end result is certainly a significant improvement on the first two films in the revived series.

It really is a shame about Lollipop Chainsaw. In retrospect, the game had some really funny, interesting moments but none of these occurred when I was actually controlling the game. The music, presentation and the concept of the game are great – it just feels rushed and poorly executed. There is little about the game to recommend to fans of the character action genre that can’t be found somewhere else where it has been done better. Besides the titillation and the gore, there really isn’t much to Lollipop Chainsaw, it’s as if years of eating nothing but Chubba Chubs has made Juliet a little anaemic.


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Charles Barouch’s quest to never stop learning has made him a fiction author, a journalist, a teacher, and a technologist. You can find some of his other fiction writings on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. His current journalism is in the pages of International Spectrum.

Considering China is home to Tencent? Eh, that's a pretty hard pass from me. I don't really do MMOs or follow Battle Royale trends in regards to my gaming habits. I'm not generally a fan of Korean gaming company practices either, so don't take it as a dig against Chinese people, just lack of ethics in their corporate culture. Trust that I have plenty of criticisms against big Japanese companies like Konami as well.


Braid went on to become a hit, critically and commercially. It contributed to the rise of indie games, digital distribution being a viable platform and self-publishing. Its most profound achievement is showing an industry what games can be – like Ico before it – that games can be an art form and it inspired this sensibility, not just for indie games, but the AAA market too.

Blood Breed (£5/39 / €5/99) - Blood Breed is a brutal, retro-styled survival horror with challenging gameplay and mature visuals (nudity can be toggled on and off in the game menu). In this stylish game, you will fight for your life and explore hand-crafted-like environments. Your car breaks down in a mysterious area, full of horrific human remains, and you're left to face a murderous maniac who is hunting you down. As you dive deeper into the story, you begin to discover the twisted and paranormal meaning to it all. Will you survive to see the light of day again?


Styles would interject every now and then, usually to ask for clarification on something Riga said, or to delve further into a certain subject. Somewhere after an hour the nature of the dialogue began to shift, with the history of Mortam Keep covered they instead talked about economic systems and government organization. Now Styles was doing the majority of the talking with the Sangheili interjecting to either ask questions or demean the human and his dying civilization. If someone had told Riga that he would be fascinated by a human explaining their government structure he would have told that person they were mentally unwell. On the contrary, he was fascinated by the difference between human leadership and that of his own kind, if only to hear how insane it seemed.

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Time Hollow’s world is, in my opinion, its greatest strength. Not only are the beautiful sprite-based graphics easy on the eyes, the player sees the way Ethan’s world changes with the passage of time and transversal of timelines. A business in one timeline may not exist in another timeline, or the business may have different employees in different timelines. Ethan is able to interact directly with characters in the past to influence his present. Seeing Ethan’s world change as he manipulated time gripped me and made it hard for me to pull myself away from Time Hollow. Ethan explores the past and different timelines through the use of a “hollow pen” he is gifted by his dad for Ethan’s 17th birthday.


I also thought that it might be interesting to tel this story mostly from the perspective of the Sangheili, as they are often so hateful of humans. Be sure to let me know what you think.

His young adult fantasy novel, MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST, won the Forward National Literature Award and was named one of BOOKLIST’s Top Ten First Novels for Youth. His cross-genre science fiction thriller, DAY 9, is an International Book Award winner. He also won the 2021 Scribe Award for Best Original Novel from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers for his alternate history, TANNHÄUSER: RISING SUN, FALLING SHADOWS. Simon & Schuster, DAW/Penguin Books, and DC Comics have published his work. He won the grand prize in Pocket Books' nationwide Strange New Worlds contest and was nominated for the British Fantasy Award.


Messing with your mind by transforming the voices in her head into odd stories. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her greatest fans: her husband Mark, twin sons Aidan and Jared, and four cats. When not writing, she loves to travel, run, knit, use the Oxford comma, and of course read!

I also wanted to like this game, I really did. I love zombies, I love this type of game and I loved the concept but there just isn’t enough actual game here – and that hasn’t changed years on. In all honesty, if you’re looking for a great character action game with a sexy lead character and insane gameplay, buy Bayonetta.


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The player asks these questions through a simple menu of dialogue choices but more frequently through the use of Lewton’s notebook. When Lewton hears important information or potential leads, he will automatically note it down in his notebook.

Bob Williams lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Sara and daughter Kate. When Bob isn't writing he works for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville. Bob has another short story, MAGENTA, currently available in the Amazon Kindle Store. Bob hopes you enjoy reading his words as much as he loves writing them.


My viewing of the film now is also altered, by having seen over the intervening decade, more of the movies which had influenced Quentin, in particular Lady Snowblood and Thriller: A Cruel Picture. I’ve not been a particular fan of this aspect of Tarantino’s work, since the whole City on Fire/Reservoir Dogs thing; I find it gets in the way of enjoying his films, if you’re frequently being reminded of other movies.

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Comparisons may be drawn with past PlayStation 3 hitter Heavy Rain, in the sense that if you do read the situation wrongly, it can impact your progress within the game. But unlike the BAFTA-winning hit, LA Noire seems to take the complete experience to another level. The action sequences that complement the investigative gameplay work very well too, (as you’d expect from Rockstar).


Meanwhile, Kyle was undertaking his usual swordsmanship exercise, yes, swordsmanship. Although in this age swords were scarce and most people didn't see one in their life, Kyle was from a traditional Japanese family with deep roots when it came to sword arts.

Jason LaVelle is an author, photographer, and podcaster from West Michigan. When he’s not spending time with his beautiful wife and four children, LaVelle works at a veterinary clinic, helping animals of all kinds. With his two pugs, Dragon and Mr. Sparkles, his Chihuahua, Mari, and his annoying dachshund, Lady, LaVelle pretty much lives in a zoo. After he’s done playing with the pugs and tucking the kids into bed, LaVelle ventures down into the basement, where his umbrella cockatoo, Bella whispers in his ear like a demonic muse, forcing him to explore the paranormal world inside his mind.


Christopher J. Valin is a writer, teacher, artist, and historian living in the Los Angeles area. He received his masters’ degree with honors in military history from American Military University and his bachelor's degree in history from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.