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FURNACE BOTANY: At the portal you will find the furnace of the blacksmith will give you free upon request only items, you will get: ALL THAT IS DEW. RED, PINK, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE.


DibiaseEO - Epic Re-Opening - 24/7

I see this is a realy great board and I want say you that we have the longju (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/i-longju-metin2-patch.zip) server files. We are a chinese hacking group from Beijing. I say this cause we search Player when they cheat. We want repair this gaps and make lot of updates. This server is coming for you in November. When you have questions then write this and I try to answer.

I will say to you that you are a german ugly guy who wants a lot of thanks and you wants that we all look to you. But i find you must go to the doctor and you must learn english.


In these maps you can make the mission of the Dragon Ball. The maps are linked together, each map are inserted 2 new mobs and bosses, bosses to drop the 1 key to go to the next map, 1 boss to drop the Dragon Ball. Upon completion of the 7 balls, you will be teleported to the villa where the master will await the Turtles, which would take the 7 balls, summon the dragon Shenron, who will grant a wish to choose from 1 of 90 weapons per category.

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