Native Instruments Noire Crack comes in two main forms – a pure version, which offers the piano in a pure form, and a felt version, which modifies the action of the piano using a layer of felt. If you’ve used Una Corda, Native Instruments’ previous collaboration with Nils Frahm, you already know the hushed sound of the piano. In fact, the felt creates a form of muffled piano sound that is perfect for quieter and more intimate piano parts. Within each instrument, you will also find a variety of presets which then process the basic piano samples and demonstrate all the musical dexterity of the instrument.

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Heavy Mental (1998), Elizabeth (2009), The Psychic World of Walter Reed (2021), and Planet Of The Gods (2021) are the standouts in Wu-Tang Clan affiliate and Sunz Of Man member Killah Priest’s vast catalog – along with the two LPs he released in 2021. Rocket To Nebula (#15 on our top 60 Hip Hop albums of 2021 list) is a left-field masterpiece, and The Third Eye In Technicolor (#18) is not far behind.


The album drags a bit in the middle of the tracklist, but starts and ends strong with tracks like “What AmeriKKKa’s Fears”, “AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare”, “AmeriKKKan Made, “No Piece, No Justice” (with a powerful verse from guest rapper Ruste Juxx), “Border Wars”, and “Propaganda”. AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare III: City Under Siege is a must-listen.

Maybe it’s not fair to compare the debut of the sons with the classic debut of their fathers, but since they themselves so obviously elected to emphasize the family connection a comparison is inevitable. Of course, this album never reaches the levels of the epicness their fathers’ debut Enter The Wu-Tang (1993) achieved. And realistically it never could, knowing the monumental Enter The Wu-Tang is one of the best and most influential Hip Hop albums of all time.

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Sing Along with Jim

Under the moniker of Certified Craftsmen, DJ/producer Propo’88 and rapper Wildelux crafted an excellent no-bullsh*t boom-bap record with their Certified Craftsmen LP. Propo’88 hails from Utrecht in The Netherlands, and Wildelux is a Bronx-born emcee who is currently based in Kyoto, Japan. Their collaboration is one of the many examples we can see these days of the global village that Hip Hop world has become – with artists from all over the world joining forces, and with producers from Europe leading the way in keeping that original boom-bap sound alive.


At this point, both Rome Streetz and ANKHLEJOHN can be counted among the underground elites. ANKHLEJOHN has been stringing together a series of dope releases, with a benchmark release in 2021: Van Ghost with Big Ghost Ltd is one of the absolute best projects in the ‘rap-noir’ niche that was pioneered by the likes of Roc Marciano and the Griselda family. Rome Streetz always kills it with his features and his Death & The Magician collaborative album with DJ Muggs is one of the best projects released this year.

Prolific Milwaukee-based emcee Taiyamo Denku teamed up with John Doe for Bars Bury Them. The project is entirely produced by German producer Bo Faat – this is the third full-length collaborative project from Taiyamo Denku and Bo Faat in less than a year. Bars Bury Them is solid Taiyamo Denku – while he rarely comes with something truly memorable, he never really disappoints either. This is a solid throwback boom-bap project, good enough to deserve an honorable mention here.


Jim Noir - Jimmy's Show

The Debut Final Album), which features guest appearances and production from Planet Asia, Hus Kingpin, Chino XL, Wais P, RBX, Phil da Agony, El Gant, Tragedy Khadafi, Bronze Nazareth, and Anno Domini. The Last Ride displays the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a truly biblical fashion. Kurupt (Famine), Ras Kass (Pestilence), Canibus (War), and Killah Priest (Death), all coming together to bring light to the ills of the world; and reclaiming their rightful throne as one of the most dominant lyrical forces Hip Hop has ever witnessed.

Nic Roeg – whose previous films included Walkabout, Don’t Look Now and the jointly-directed Performance (starring Mick Jagger) – had been gripped by a script by British writer Paul Mayersberg. Mayersberg had adapted the 1963 Walter Tevis novel, The Man Who Fell To Earth, a story about an alien, Thomas Jerome Newton, who travels to Earth in search of water for his dying planet.


And now we have Haram – for which Armand Hammer hooked up with producer extraordinaire The Alchemist. This is what the blurb says about the album: “Haram is a mercurial collaboration between incendiary rap duo Armand Hammer, and living legend The Alchemist. For the first time ELUCID and billy woods have crafted an album with a single producer and the result is extraordinary. With their unmatched penchant for stirring imagery and incisive storytelling, the two rappers dive into an ocean of Alchemist’s creation: warmly inviting on the surface, black and bone-crushingly cold at depth. Haram is a collection of the profane and the pure; a reminder that that which is forbidden is also sacrosanct.

Release your mind and soul while ‘Kalimba Dreaming’ frees your spirit. Music is what feelings sound like.


Zambian Canadian trans artist Backxwash’s bold and forward-thinking I LIE HERE BURIED WITH MY RINGS AND MY DRESSES serves harrowing raps over industrial horrorcore beats. This powerful and energetic audio-visual landscape of pain and despair features Backxwash as an empress of chaos on a path of self-destruction. The deeply atmospheric and immersive I LIE HERE is Backxwash’s best project yet – taking nothing away from her previous releases which are strong too, especially the short but hard-hitting God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out Of It (2021). I LIE HERE expands directly upon the foundation she built with that project.

Best 9 Hip Hop Albums Released in March

With this album, Killah Priest continues his winning streak. Lord Sun Heavy Mental 1/1 is another absorbing Killah Priest listen that further cements his status as one of Hip Hop’s best – albeit unsung – writers.


The Things We Can’t Forgive is the latest project of La Coka Nostra member Slain, following 2021’s Anti-Hero collaboration with Termanology, and 2021’s One Day. Like One Day, The Things We Can’t Forgive is (primarily) produced entirely by The Arcitype, and the album has features of fellow La Coka Nostra member Ill Bill, as well as from Claire Whall, Snak The Ripper, and Rike Hook.

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Cracked Actor was broadcast by BBC TV on 26 January 1975. Folklore has it that Roeg happened to switch on the television that evening, stumble across the documentary and have his eureka moment, but the truth is more prosaic. Bowie’s movie agent, Maggie Abbott, knew Litvinoff and Roeg (she had got Jagger his part in Performance) and thought that The Man Who Fell To Earth would make an ideal vehicle for Bowie. She somehow procured a video tape of Cracked Actor and sent it to Roeg and Litvinoff.


Mimz and Dunn are two emcees/producers from New York City, and Infinite Lawn is their debut project. Soulful low-tempo beats and laidback vocal deliveries make for a relaxing listen, something like a meditative experience even. Infinite Lawn is a captivating listen, a great introduction to the world of Mimz and Dunn.

March 2021 hip hop

How We Intended is one of those rare albums with the potential for widespread appeal – boom-bap traditionalists, as well as people from the pop-rap crowd (and everyone in between), can find plenty to enjoy here without being turned off by influences that may not appeal directly to personal tastes. There are enough banging beats, but there’s lots of more subtle musicality to be found on How We Intended too – beats-wise there even are some forays into trap-like territory that surprisingly do not hurt the cohesiveness of the album in any way (although a track like “Roadtrippin” is one of the weaker songs on the album for us). For HHGA, the album would have been better with less of the sing-songy hooks, but that’s just a minor complaint – they might not bother you.


Because our list with the best Hip Hop albums of 2021 and this list with the year’s honorable mentions are both works in progress, some of these honorable mentions might yet make the ‘best of’ list. In any case, all the albums listed here are well-worth checking out – peruse this list at your leisure, and no doubt you will discover a couple of Hip Hop projects JUST for you, albums you otherwise might have missed out on.

The musicians involved in the project were Bowie (keyboards, guitar, percussion), Buckmaster (keyboards, cello, percussion), Alomar (guitar), Murray (bass) and Davis (drums). Also present was the British musician J Peter Robinson, who played Fender Rhodes and synthesiser.


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Free-associative Chicago rapper Sharkula teamed up with Hausu Mountain Records producer Mukqs for Take Caution On The Beach. This is a wonderfully weird project, with quirky synth-saturated drum patterns crafted by Mukqs and stream-of-consciousness lyrics from Sharkula – his lyrical content is reminiscent of Kool Keith‘s in its bizarness. Take Caution On The Beach is different, but intriguing.

Music From Twin Peaks

I’m not sure I ever did; it was a construct of other people’s imaginations,” reveals Al. “AM Jazz is definitely the kind of music (recommended reading) I make generally. It harks back to when I started making music (important source) years ago and didn’t worry about capturing a particular style. It will be nice to show people more of that.


Behind them is a ‘little picture show’ style set, the effect akin to performing within the confines of a large four poster, only without the bed itself. The recent EP Zooper Dooper is the source for the artwork, a psychedelic sheep glinting radioactively at the crowd.

Jim noir - a.m. jazz

Well, yes it is. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is on par with Flower Boy, and it is way better than the edgy-for-edginess-sake IGOR is. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST feels like Tyler put all of his previous albums in a blender, and kept the best aspects to fuse them into this project. He took some of the abrasive Hip Hop sounds from his older albums like Goblin and Wolf and combined them with the neo-soul synth-funk sounds of Flower Boy and IGOR to great effect.


Hus Kingpin’s wordplay is solid enough, just like that of guest rappers like Vinnie Paz, SmooVth, Nems, The Musalini, Ransom, and Ty Farris (and many others), but it’s the gloomy instrumentals (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=2863) that make this project a keeper. Portishead fans will recognize a lot of the samples on Portishus, but this project is just as enjoyable without intimate Portishead knowledge. With Portishus Hus Kingpin started the year off in a strong way.

Film noir - Four scenes Digital Sheet Music By Jim Ferguson

Four years in the making, The Complexity is a collaborative album from New Jersey/Philadelphia-based artist P-Rawb and London-based (but American) producer Big O. The Complexity is an album for connoisseurs, tasteful and classy – with beautifully crafted laid-back instrumentals (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=407) and compelling lyricism from start to finish. Go check out The Complexity now, and come back to thank us later for pointing you in the right direction.


In Vinnie Paz’s catalog of solo albums, Burn Everything That Bares Your Name follows Season Of The Assassin (2021), God Of The Serengeti (2021), The Cornerstone Of The Corner Store (2021), The Pain Collector (2021), and As Above So Below (2021). If there’s one word that would best typify Vinnie Paz’s body of work – solo and group efforts – it is CONSISTENCY.

Hip Hop Golden Age Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2021 – The Honorable Mentions Comments Feed

David Bowie is in a studio working on music for the soundtrack of a film in which he plays the main role. The movie is director Nic Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth and Bowie is on a tight deadline to get the music ready for the film’s planned release in March 1976. After several months of feverish activity, the soundtrack is finished and sent to the film’s producers. Some of those who hear the music describe it as “beautiful”, “haunting” and “remarkable”, but the work is rejected and (apart from one piece) remains unreleased. Why was it shunned, and how was the soundtrack produced?


Amari Mar took 8 years to work on and perfect this album, and it shows. Grand Rising is one of the biggest surprises of the year so far. Songs like “Grand Rising”, “Nothing To Prove”, “Above The Rim”, “Live Your Life”, “Black Business”, “Beyond The Surface”, ‘The Gift” “A Beautiful Soul”, “The Chosen One”, and “Rise N Shine” all are gems, not taking away anything from the other songs on the album by the way – for a 17-track project, Grand Rising is super consistent.

Pseudo Intellectuals is a trio from Buffalo, New York. They debuted in 2008 with the excellent but sadly slept on Resourceful Illery. Since 2008 they’ve dropped a number of dope projects, Only Built For Food And Drinks is another fine addition to their catalog. Only Built For Food And Drinks is a must-listen for fans of traditional sounding Hip Hop – melodic boom-bap beats, lots of throwback style scratching, and clever wordplay: this album is a fun listen.


Wow patch 13164 music

Detroit producer/emcee Ilajide is best-known for being a Clear Soul Forces – the now-defunct 4-man crew who dropped a couple of great projects over the years, their best album Gold PP7s (2021) is a low-key classic. Clear Soul Forces always came off as a mix of iconic crews like The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and Freestyle Fellowship – straight lyricists projecting positive vibes with quirky twists. As a solo artist, Ilajide is no different. Code 200 is a dope little project – Ilajide’s wordplay is entertaining, and his off-center beats are dope.

This is a project for Hip Hop traditionalists. Paavo is an emcee from San Francisco, and for Crumble A Paper Man he teamed up with producer Burnt Bakarak, who’s from Ohio originally. Knowing their geographical origins, maybe it’s unexpected that they cooked up an album that is clearly inspired by 1990s New York Hip Hop – with enough of a contemporary twist to keep things fresh that is. Paavo is an emcee with a distinctive sound, and Burnt Bakarak’s upbeat brand of boom-bap is dope.


Detroit emcee Ty Farris had a couple of solid releases in 2021, and he continues his streak of quality releases in 2021 with the short but strong Practice Raps tape. Dope beats and great wordplay from one of the best emcees in the underground.

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More than four years in the making, Stellar Mind takes a deep journey and boom-bap ride with flawless production courtesy of Confidence, the man with the Golden Age sound. The Element Of Surprise, his collaborative album with Rashad is one of the best Hip Hop albums released in 2021 – Stellar Mind is on par with that release. Beneficence is a real lyricist who made his recording debut in 2004, he has dropped a bunch of solid projects since then – his last one, Basement Chemistry, in 2021.

Black Rivers Interview Part One

Guitarist and Manchester legend Vini Reilly has been making instrumental music as The Durutti Column for over 40 years, and his records have incorporated ambient and new age, post-punk, rock, dance, you name it but all with his nimble, inventive playing at the core. The Durutti Column were one of Factory Records' early signings and Reilly also brought his skills to Morrissey's mostly terrific 1988 solo debut, Viva Hate. One of the more underrated records in the large Durutti Column catalog, 1996's Fidelity, is getting its first-ever vinyl pressing this week via its original label, Les Disques du Crépuscule.


The beats on Keith’s Salon are far from the worst Kool Keith ever got to work with, but they’re not the best either, unfortunately. Kool Keith’s best albums are those where his bizarre genius was successfully harnessed by producers who understood how to control him – Ultramagnetic’s Ced Gee for example, or Kutmasta Kurt, and Dan The Automator. Keith’s Salon is a must for Kool Keith aficionados of course, but others can give it a miss – while this is far from Kool Keith’s worst, it is not one of Kool Keith’s 25 best albums. If you’re a Kool Keith noob you’d better leave off Keith’s Salon for now, instead start here and work your way up the list.

Not everything’s perfect though. At times the album meanders when R&B vibes take to the forefront, and it could have done without some of the skits. And who remembers DJ Drama, who made a career of ruining mixtapes with his ‘energetic’ ad-libbing? Well, unfortunately, he is doing his annoying screaming/talking routines on this record a couple of times too often too – every single track here with DJ Drama would have been significantly better without him. You can use his antics on an intro or an outro, but that should be it. These are minor complaints though – overall CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is a great album, one that can rival Flower Boy for the title of Tyler’s best album yet.


Slik Jack and Sqreeb are a Montreal-based emcee and producer, The Kingpin Project is their fourth collaborative project in two years. Sharp and crisp boom-bap percussions crafted by Sqreeb provide a perfect backdrop for Slik Jack’s dope wordplay – on The Kingpin Project Slik Jack is embodying Marvel Comics’ supervillain ‘Kingpin’, with some modern twists on the character. The album’s cover art (front and back) is pretty awesome too – this is a well-rounded project in all aspects.

Bowie added that the dispute had one benefit: “It did prompt me in another area – to consider my own instrumental (this content) capabilities, which I hadn’t really done very seriously before. The area was one that was suddenly exciting me, one that I never really considered would.


Illa Styles is an artist from Richmond, Virginia (by way of Philadelphia). His Mind Your Reality is a short but strong project, with thoughtful lyrics and dope beats & flows from start to finish.

Bowie was so taken by his experience on The Man Who Fell To Earth that stills from the film were used for the sleeve shots of both Low and Station To Station. It also signifies how the music from the lost soundtrack straddles both albums.


With that in mind, did you approach the song writing process for this record differently than you would have for a Doves record? Describe how you usually turn an idea into a song, How far do you go with the idea before you involve Andy?

Hereditary was originally released on the 8th of November 2021 with ten tracks, but the album was soon retracted from streaming services as most songs wouldn’t play. The album has been redone since, adding an additional 5 extra songs to the tracklist.


Uptown XO is best known for being one-third of Diamond District, the underrated Washington DC trio he is part of together with Oddisee & yU. Of course, Oddisee is DD’s highest-profile member with a couple of sleeper classics on his name (The Good Fight (2021) and Tangible Dream (2021) are just two of the gems Oddisee dropped in the 2010s). Diamond District has two albums – In The Ruff (2009) and March On Washington (2021) that need to be in your collection if you appreciate quality Hip Hop. As a solo artist, Uptown XO released a number of dope projects over the years, his official solo debut Colour De Grey (2021) arguably the most noteworthy.

Acetone key instrumental music

In the summer of 1974, a young BBC film director called Alan Yentob was filming a documentary about a rock star in Los Angeles. The artist was David Bowie, who was on his Diamond Dogs tour. The documentary, Cracked Actor, turned out to be a fascinating portrait of a man in crisis. At the time, Bowie had personal problems (his marriage was disintegrating), business issues (he was undergoing a fractious break-up with his manager) and a severe cocaine habit. His physical appearance was startling – luminous white, stick-thin, androgynous, with red hair. In one scene, Bowie is travelling in the back of a limousine, sipping milk from a carton.


The Palmer Squares are a Chicago-based Hip Hop duo composed of Acumental (aka Ac), and Term (aka Terminal Knowledge and Term K). They originally began writing raps as Ordinary Dogs, and then iLLiteracy, changing their name to The Palmer Squares in 2021. Prior to Out With The Old, the duo has released a bunch of mixtapes, EPs, and some collaborative projects with other artists, as well as three full-length albums, Finna (2021), Planet Of The Shapes (2021), and With Or Without It (2021).

Ukrainian-American producer/emcee Your Old droog has garnered a strong following since he debuted in 2021, Time is his 7th full-length solo project and it is one of his best projects yet. Production is strong and Your Old Droog’s lyricism is on point – his flow is dope as always and his personal bars are worth listening to. Time features guest appearances from Aesop Rock, eLZhi, Blu, Mick Jenkins, Wiki, and MF DOOM.


In addition to the WSG features, frequent Mach-Hommy collaborator Tha God Fahim appears on one track, as does Griselda artist Keshia Plum – but Pray For Haiti is very much Mach-Hommy’s show, his varied flows are better than ever and his verses carry power. While Mach-Hommy’s bars are dope, it’s the daring production that takes Pray For Haiti to that other level. The murky jazz-flavored beats crafted by the likes of Denny Laflare, Camoflauge Monk, Cee Gee, Sadhugold, Messiah Musik, DJ Green Lantern, and Conductor Williams are f***king amazing. The first single “The Stellar Ray Theory” is an obvious highlight, but tracks such as “The 26th Letter”, “Folie A Deux”, “Marie”, “Magnum Band” (with a Capital Steeze reference that will make you frown), “Blockchain”, and “Ten Boxes – Sin Eater” are just as awesome.

Atoms Family members Cryptic One and Jestoneart are PIRATA. Cryptic One and Jestoneart are longtime collaborators, most notably on Cryptic One’s masterpiece The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory (2004). PIRATA is not as progressive, but it is left-field enough to be a worthy part of the Atoms Family legacy. Jestoneart atmospheric instrumentals are dope, full of delicious drum breaks, bluesy loops, and obscure samples, plus Cryptic One’s potent rhymes are entertaining. PIRATA is an accessible and smooth listen, almost hypnotic and totally immersive – this is a beautiful piece of music (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6877).


‘Musick To Play In The Dark’

Dallas-based artists Ca$ablanca and Cap Chino are regular collaborators, the last time just a couple of months ago on Gold Front Fang$. Ca$ablanca is one of those extremely prolific artists, dropping multiple projects each year, Korea-Town is his first release in 2021.

Film noir - Four scenes

Detroit-based Bruiser Wolf’s debut LP Dope Game Stupid on Danny Brown’s freshly minted Bruiser Brigade Records label is something else. Bruiser Wolf’s voice is unique without sounding gimmicky (“Nobody sound like this, I’ve got my own sound, I’m an instrument”), his flow and delivery are like a blend of the quirky styles of Bay Area legend E-40 and Goodie Mob’s Cee-Lo Green, only turned up to eleven. Bruiser Wolf’s weird style will no doubt be an immediate turn-off for some, but those who can get with his oddities will consider Dope Game Stupid a keeper.


Considering Conway standards, La Maquina has some trendier-as-usual production on a couple of songs – borderline trap tracks like “KD” and “Scatter Brain” are cases in point, those two are among the weaker songs on the album, along with a meandering quasi pop-tune like “Had To Hustle”. Plenty of strong tracks too though: stand-outs include “Bruiser Body”, “Blood Roses”, “200 Pies”, and especially “Sister Abigail” – the absolute highlight of this album.

Ferreira (fka Milo), Homeboy Sandman, and Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz) – round out LORE, offering some welcome variation to Onry Ozzborn’s brooding conversational-rap style. LORE offers 46 minutes of intelligent alt-Hip Hop, a great project well-suited for the surreal times we are currently living in.


Native Instruments Noire is one of my most unique and favourite piano libraries at the moment. What makes it distinct for me is the particle engine and characterful quality of the sound. It injects motion and an unpredictability to musical (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/jim-noir-my-patch-instrumental-music.zip) parts, so when I’m composing, it’s got this live organic interaction between me and the sample where I’m responding to the notes playing back. There are so many parameters you can sculpt to control the sound there’s nothing quite like it on the market at the moment. There’s huge flexibility and subtlety in how I can alter the sounds to fit in with my tracks. I can literally play around with it for hours – it’s such an inspiring tool.

I'm going to come clean and admit that before this album landed in my inbox this March, I had scarcely listened to a note of Lennie Tristano and knew little of his backstory. But for whatever reason I've found myself reaching for these sixteen cuts more than almost any others this past nine months. Perhaps it's simply because it sounds so little like 2021 that it seems to immediately transport me to another time – and, let's face it, who hasn't wanted to be transported to another time this past nine months? But these late '60s/'70s sessions with regular Tristano collaborators Lenny Popkin, Connie Crothers, and Roger Mancuso are also a quiet masterclass in unforced instrumental (check out the post right here) dialogue, each player weaving woozily around the other like a detective and a murderer in a tightly-plotted noir (get redirected here). Time was, if you needed music (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1403) for your B-picture thriller you would either go with a small jazz group or an astringent Schoenbergian exercise in atonality.


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Roeg showed the script to Hollywood producer Si Litvinoff, who liked it and agreed to become the film’s executive producer. Two other producers, Michael Deeley and Barry Spikings, came on board, and soon, Roeg began making preparations. Several actors were hired for the film, including Candy Clark, Rip Torn and Buck Henry, but Roeg was struggling to find someone for the lead. Roeg didn’t want an actor who simply saw the role as just another job, he sought someone with an unusual physical characteristic that would mark him as an outsider. Peter O’Toole (who Roeg thought had an interesting face) and Michael Crichton (who was 6ft 9in) were considered, but rejected. Roeg would find the actor he wanted from an unusual source.

Whichcraft is an artist from Canandaigua, New York. His Face The Mask is a dope project, with one of our favorite tracks of the year on it. “Flourish” is ‘a shout-out to true B-Boys’ – incorporating parts of classic Dr. Dre and Boogie Down Production songs, and scratching in Roxanne Shante samples in a great way.


After a few sangin' albums, Ryley Walker's been dippin' his toe back into instrumental guitar music and it's a real dang treat to see both sides develop simultaneously. This quiet-yet-busy rambler with drummer Charles Rumback sounds like it could've appeared on ECM Records LP with rolling fields painted in pastels on the cover.

Not that there are any complaints, for an intimate show suits Jim Noir just fine

Codenine of Massachusetts super-crew Tragic Allies started 2021 off strong with LVNDR. Codenine’s debut (with fellow Tragic Allies member Purpose) Below Sumerian Skies ranks on our top 40 Hip Hop albums of 2021 list, and all Codenine projects following that debut were pretty good too. With LVNDR Codenine continues his streak of excellence. Production is tight on LVNDR, darkly atmosphere with dope sampling throughout, and Codenine has bars for days. Like mostly everything that comes out of the Tragic Allies camp, LVNDR strikes a great balance between Hip Hop with a 90s-centric feel and a more contemporary boom-bap sound. Tragic Allies colleague Estee Nack makes an appearance, along with the likes of Crucial the Guillotine, Bub Rock, and Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon – helping round out what is one the finest projects of its sort this year.


Sleep Sinatra’s second full-length of the year is another strong effort. Building on the strengths of his March release of Sleep Gloriously, DIVINENATION has the prolific Lincoln, Nebraska emcee revealing more of his life experiences and inner thoughts, this time over self-produced boom-bap beats, soulful and mellow.

Cee Knowledge (Craig Irvin) is a Fresno-based artist also known under the moniker Doodlebug as one-third of the legendary Digable Planets trio (together with Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler, and Mariana “Ladybug Mecca” Vieira). With Digable Planets, he was responsible for two timeless jazz-rap classics: Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space) (1993) and Blowout Comb (1994). Of the three Digable Planets members, it arguably is Ishmael Butler who has the most celebrated post-Digable Planets career as half of Shabazz Palaces (the monumental Black Up (2021) is one of HHGA’s favorite albums of the 2010s).


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Bandcamp description: “The Hunt for the Gingerbread Man 2: Get the Dough embraces the juxtaposition between a fantastical world made of candy and pastries and the dark and unforgiving lifestyle of the veteran emcee. Sonically immersive, and nostalgic of an era in Hip Hop that celebrates pain and hardship through whimsical storytelling, this album reaches deep into the life of the protagonist “Mr. Ginjy Breadman” aka “The Gingerbread Man” – and doesn’t let go until you’ve become fully invested in his tumultuous life journey in the “United Cakes of America”.

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Wu-Tang Clan’s tenth member Cappadonna went viral getting clowned for this horrible horrible album cover (one of the ugliest we’ve ever seen, it would fit right in on this list with terrible album covers) – was releasing an album with a cover like this one an ‘all publicity is good publicity’ marketing strategy? Whatever the thinking behind putting this windows 95 Microsoft Paint job on the cover of the album (we hope Cappadonna didn’t pay anyone for the work), Black Tarrzann is way better than its trash visual artwork would suggest – in fact, this is one of the better albums in Cappadonna’s, admittedly not very strong, catalog.


Memphis, Tenessee emcee Lukah’s When The Black Hand Touches You is a dope follow-up to its (slightly superior) predecessor Chickenwire (2021). Lukah comes with 16 tracks on When The Black Hand Touches You, musically strong with atmospheric sample-based production and with hard-hitting street raps in the vein of Griselda and Freddie Gibbs. A lot of albums like this one drop these days, and even if When The Black Hand Touches You has nothing to make it really stand out from the crowd, because of its consistency it will comfortably end up on the higher end of this subgenre’s spectrum in 2021. Fans of Freddie Gibbs’s music better not sleep on When The Black Hand Touches You.

Phoniks (from Portland, Maine) and Brooklyn-born Virginia-based rapper Awon have given us a series of superb Hip Hop projects in the 2010s, individually and collaboratively – their collaborative debut album Return To The Golden Era (2021) is a masterpiece, Knowledge Of Self (2021) and The Actual Proof (2021) are not far behind. With Nothing Less, Awon and Phoniks continue their streak of excellence.


Rick Fury is a veteran emcee from Newcastle, UK. Return Of The King is a solid album, offering over an hour of fun wordplay supported by smooth and soulful boom-bap beats. All aesthetics matter and the awesome cover art for Return Of The King adds to the album’s appeal. Favorite track: “How To Deal With A Liar”, with guest vocals from Abi Nyxx – a female vocalist to watch.

From Propo’88’s fresh beats, samples, and Preemo-like scratch hooks, to Wildelux’s smooth flow and outspoken rhymes – this is throwback Hip Hop done RIGHT. Certified Craftsmen: close to 45 minutes of top-quality funky boom-bap Hip Hop.


Words Of Phrase is a Maine-based artist, and his Humbly Worded is an enjoyable project. Words Of Phrase is not a natural emcee, but his pen game is solid, and his flow and delivery go well with Jay Humble’s 90s-centric beats.

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Like the first two albums of the Twin Cities-based emcee, Rituals of Resilience is an album with substance. In I Self Devine’s own words: “Rituals of Resilience is about the act of survival under intense pressure and heat. A place to hide when being in your body isn’t safe. A reimagining of new worlds and possibilities.

It’s hard to keep up with the releases from artists who have adopted the rap-noir sounds of Roc Marci and Griselda, all with the same kind of minimalistic atmospheric beats and the same kind of tough-guy coke & pimp rhymes. Bronx, New York-native The Musalini is one of the top-dogs in this subgenre of Hip Hop though, his work definitely is a cut or two above the music of most of the competition.


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Seattle-based alternative Hip Hop duo Dark Time Sunshine – rapper Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala – return after a 9-year hiatus with LORE, their third full-length studio album together. Their last collaborative album Anx ranks on our top 40 Hip Hop albums of 2021 list, and despite such a long time between DTS projects, there’s been no drop-off in the level of quality. Like Anx, LORE is an excellent album. Arguably slightly more accessible than Anx was, LORE still is left-field enough to stand apart from today’s crowd of generic rap and Hip Hop releases.

In fact, the whole Black Lung album feels similar in many ways to Marlowe 2 – the excellent album (#3 on our best of 2021 list) Solemn Brigham did last year with producer L’Orange – likening Black Lung to Marlowe 2 is a strong recommendation, of course. Other stand-outs on Black Lung include “Danger Bag” with Theory Hazit, “Uptown Eyes Wide” with Sareem Poems, “Not One Thing” with Tanya Morgan, “Riddle Me This” with JGivens, and “Trials & Tribs” with Heath McNease – but there isn’t a single bad song on Black Lung.


In November 2021, B’s Bees went into the studio to record their first album. The album, which is comprised of all original compositions by various members of the group, was released in the Spring of 2021. Their self-titled EP reached #1 on the several radio charts across Canada.

The Course of the Inevitable boasts appearances from well-respected artists like Freddie Gibbs, Roc Marciano, Benny the Butcher, Styles P, and Ransom (among others) – their features spread across 18 tracks. Props to Lloyd Banks for not catering to the needs of the short attention span generation and going for a 68-minute presentation, with the 18 full songs averaging 4 minutes in length. The dark and moody boom-bap beats do the job, and lyrically Lloyd Banks is on the top of his game. The Course Of The Inevitable is one the biggest – positive – surprises of the year.


Washington DC’s Rahiem Supreme isn’t the best rapper you’ve ever heard and his bars on The 9 Diagrams are not especially remarkable. Also, you’ve heard better beats than the ones on The 9 Diagrams – there are so many projects with this kind of dusty boom-bap beats out there right now, it’s not difficult to find better-produced projects. That said: there is a certain charm to Rahiem Supreme and The 9 Diagrams, enough to deserve a spot on this list. If that neo-boom-bap sound is your thing, you will find enough to enjoy here.

BRavenous kills it with his cypher-developed rhyme style, and a bunch of guest emcees – Brand Nubian’s Sadat X most prominent among them – add extra flavor. Production from Uncle Fester, DK, Makemdef, Nocknock, Loophole, and Eng is dope too – nothing but delicious throwback boom-bap beats laced with well-placed cuts & scratches. If traditional-sounding boom-bap is your thing, Flaunting Imperfections is your album.


Production duties are taken care of by a bunch of different producers, which surprisingly does not hurt the cohesiveness of the album at all. The instrumentals on Grand Rising are tight, but it’s Amari Mar’s content that makes this album shine – his flow is dope and his bars are intelligent and meaningful. For an indie release, Grand Rising sounds exceptionally polished and well-rounded – Amari Mar is an artist who deserves a bigger stage, support the artist and go cop this album, you will not regret it.

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Hearing the maturation of emcees in real-time brings us closer to their experience, and reminds us of ours. Apathy is no exception to this rule. After losing his father to cancer, becoming a father of two, and dealing with life’s ills, he proves to be a skilled navigator on the river of life. Apathy’s 7th studio album, Where The River Meets The Sea, is not only a geographical nod to his origins, but also a metaphor for the long winding journey through life that ultimately leads to the cosmic sea of eternity.


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It's also got Mike Batt's "Fading Yellow" that was the inspiration for the bootlegs that were the inspiration for the first Tea & Symphony. Just consider this Tea & Symphony a companion piece rather than a reissue. While ACE Records doesn't license their compilations for streaming, many of these songs are on Spotify and someone has put together a Team & Symphony playlist that will give you a good idea of what you're gonna get.

Approaching the new album from UK group Field Music can be a little daunting. It's a 19-track concept album about the repercussions of the first World War, but don't be a scared.


From their Bandcamp page: “Hip Hop is a universal language that millions have learned to speak in the nearly five decades since its birth, from New York to Berlin to Tokyo. That is why Budapest’s beatmaker Rawmatik (who previously worked with rap-heavyweights like Edo G, Termanology, and Rasco), New York’s underground veteran G Stats and lyricist Raf Almighty from Baltimore could understand each other immediately with the methods of the “golden era”. The trio of the two American linguists and the Hungarian beatsmith named themselves The Ruler Gods, and with months of joint, hard work across continents, they created a full record of material out of rhymes reflecting real life, all based on heavy boom-bap beats.

Even if both artists had better projects in the past individually, Tha YOD Fahim still is plenty good. Their January release Tha Wolf On Wall St was a great appetizer, on this full-length Droog and Fahim deliver on the promise made by that EP, once again showcasing undeniable chemistry. The Nottz-produced “Slam Dunk Contest” with a verse from the incomparable Pharoahe Monch is a highlight, as are tracks like “Charles Barkley”, “Reign Man”, “Lost Smile”, and “Questions”. Production on Tha YOD Fahim is kind of hit-or-miss, but the positives easily outweigh the negatives – at the very least there’s enough uniqueness to most beats to make this project stand out from the crowd.


Weeping Sores is pretty dang good at suffocating riffs and fathoms-deep growls, but death and doom metal can be pretty, too, you know. The New York trio best incorporates violin when it channels Codeine at a funeral march pace.

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The biggest problem with Exodus is the lazy and uninspired production from Swizz Beats, DMX’s longtime collaborator and friend who ended up finishing the album (with some input from others such as DJ Premier and Kanye West). Enough big names were involved on the production side, but none of them brought their A-game. Also, there are WAY too many features, and not all of them good.


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Culture Over Corporate Vol III – produced in its entirety by Oddisee – is the best of this three-part series. The album runs for 32 minutes and holds 9 tracks – on such a short project there’s no room for error. Fortunately, all 9 tracks are pretty good. Dope soulful beats, fine emceeing, and thought-provoking lyrics throughout – the biggest complaint is the album’s brevity, it could have done with a couple more tracks. That said, Culture Over Corporate Vol III offers a tight package of grown-man Hip Hop that deserves your attention.

March 2021 Round-Up: The 9 Best Hip Hop Albums Of The Month

The Good People’s last full-length Good For Nuthin’ was one of our favorite albums of 2021, The Greater Good is just as good. Where Good For Nuthin’ was a 100% throwback record, The Greater Good is more rounded musically even if the beats, cuts & scratches, and flows are still firmly 90s-centric. A bunch of features from the likes of Lords of the Underground, DJ C-Reality, DJ Ace, Mikey D, Tone Spliff, Craig G, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skanks the Rap Martyr, DJ Eclipse, John Jigg$, Mouf, Rockwelz, Nam Nitty, and Rasheed Chappell help round out what is another solid The Good People record. The wordplay is dope as is the jazzy boom-bap production – this LP is a must-listen for fans of that traditional Hip Hop sound.


All tracks of the album were written and recorded between November 21 and 27, 2021 in the Nacho’s home-studio. Semifinalist album at 2021 “Best Jazz Album” at the Independent Music Awards in Spain. All songs written & arranged by Nacho Valenciaga.

One of those, "Eenie Meany," was used in an Adidas ad that was played nonstop during the 2006 World Cup. You might know it and not realize who did it.


Delaware emcee Jay Nice has been on a roll the last couple of years, this collaboration with producer Machacha is another entry in what is a string of solid projects. Nothing wrong with A Stream of Consciousness either, but it has little to distinguish itself from all the other Griselda-esque releases out these days – outside mainstream trap, this arguably is the most oversaturated niche of all the subgenres in Hip Hop.

DMX’s untimely death on April 9th of 2021 happened just as he was completing work on his eighth album, Exodus – his first Def Jam release since 2003’s Grand Champ. Allegedly Exodus was nearly finished when DMX died, but it feels like a posthumous project very much regardless – an album cobbled together without the artist’s final say.


Typically, we don’t include mixtapes or re-releases on our ‘best albums of the year’ lists, but this one is too good to ignore so it deserves a special mention. God is Good is unmixed and unmastered, but this ‘old’ Blu project is dope as f anyway. Originally titled TheGodLeeBarnesLP, the project was slated for a 2021 release, intended to be Blu’s highly anticipated sophomore solo album – but unfortunately, it ended up being one of the biggest ‘what could have beens’ of the decade when Blu lost his master files due to a hard drive crash.

Blade Runner Basquiat is a great project that will pass way under most people’s radars, unfortunately. This is one of today’s many independently released projects that are suffering from a total lack of marketing and promotion – even the artists themselves sometimes don’t seem to be making much of an effort to get their music noticed. You will not find projects like this one if you’re not willing to dig deep. NYC-based rapper/producer Noyz82 almost doesn’t have much of an online presence, so it’s up to people to stumble upon his Bandcamp page. Often it’s not a bad thing music is hard to find, but in this case, it’s a shame – Blade Runner Basquiat is way too good to stay unnoticed.


Conway continues to show growth as an artist on If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed. This project is a great follow-up to the equally strong No One Mourns The Wicked – Conway and Big Ghost Ltd’s cooperative project released in 2021. Conway’s bars hit hard as always, but it’s Big Ghost Ltd’s instrumentals (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9346) that elevate If It Bleeds It Can Be Killed to a higher level.

Most of the best 90s-centric boom-bap production these days is done by non-US artists, Applied Precision is one of the many examples to prove that point. Zcience Division (DJ Zino and Roley Omega) is a duo from London England, and for Applied Precision they crafted 14 tracks composed of dope beats, creative sampling, and fresh cuts & scratches. For Applied Precision DJ Zino and Roley Omega joined forces with Bronx emcee Mike Titan, whose smooth flow adds to the throwback flavor this project exudes. Go listen to Applied Precision if that Golden Age sound is your thing.


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Longbeach, California rapper Roc$tedy’s Flying Colors has lots of mainstream appeal with its melodic 808s and its catchy hooks. Even if it has more trap-sensibilities we are normally able to tolerate, this is a surprisingly enjoyable project – mainly because Roc$tedy has skills.

For a 13-track, 35-minute project such a deep line-up is a bit much. Like all such tightly packed compilation-like projects Real Late is kind of a mixed bag – but the positives far outweigh the negatives. The beats are enjoyable for the most part, and most of the guests come through with solid bars and strong performances.


Jim Sullivan - U.F.O

British producer Configa knows what he is doing. He was responsible for the beats on two of 2021’s best Hip Hop albums – Arrested Development’s Don’t Fight Your Demons and his Forward Future collaboration with Jahi – and in 2021 he continues his winning streak with The Year After.

In recent years Recognize Ali has been one of the most prolific emcees in underground Hip Hop, with a series of dope solo and collaborative projects, and countless appearances on other people’s songs. Honorary affiliate of the Wu-Tang family Bronze Nazareth is a great producer, and this high-profile Mello Music Group release shows they have chemistry – Season Of The Seven is among the best work both have dropped in a while. Dirty boom-bap beats laced with dope samples provide a fitting background for Recognize Ali’s raw bars, and a little extra flavor is added by guest emcees such as Napoleon Da Legend, Verbal Kent, King Magnetic, Dom Pachino, Willie the Kid, and TriState.


Rudy is the sophomore solo studio album from veteran Detroit emcee Bang Belushi, who came up as one-fourth of the Fat Killahz crew. Rudy follows his strong full-length debut The Adventures of Bang Belushi, which was released in 2021. Bang Belushi’s content is as generic as it gets – a mix of money, weed, sex, and street stories – but Bang Belushi has enough personality and lyrical flair to keep things entertaining. Musically there’s some variety to be found on the 16 songs on the tracklist, going from straight boom-bap to more trap-flavored beats – all crafted by producer Foul Mouth. All in all, Rudy is a solid effort, definitely worth a listen.

The tracks by Yamashta were not composed for the film, and most were recorded around 1972, when Robinson was in the band. This means that J Peter Robinson holds the unique position of being the only person to play on the lost Bowie soundtrack and perform on the film’s final soundtrack.

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