When performing any maintenance and/or testing of UPS systems, follow all recommended safety procedures as indicated by the manufacturer and required by OSHA. Only fully trained and qualified persons with proper test equipment should perform UPS maintenance.

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So what is a server maintenance plan in reality? Well, a maintenance plan is simply a fixed schedule which outlines which of the above checks are done in a real-time, daily or monthly basis. Doing it is not that hard: though large operators will have in-house technicians smaller businesses can rely on remote staff or another company to do it.


Landing and supporting a permanent outpost on a planetary surface represents humankind's capability to expand its own horizons and challenge current technology. With this in mind, habitability of these structures becomes more essential given the longer durations of the missions. The purpose of this evaluation was to obtain preliminary human-in-the-loop performance data on the Habitat Demonstration Unit (HDU) in a Pressurized Excursion Module (PEM) configuration during a 14-day simulated lunar exploration field trial and to apply this knowledge to further enhance the habitat's capabilities for forward designs. Human factors engineers at the NASA/Johnson Space Center's Habitability and Human Factors Branch recorded approximately 96 h of crew task performance with four work stations. Human factors measures used during this study included the NASA Task Load Index (TLX) and customized post questionnaires. Overall the volume for the PEM was considered acceptable by the crew; however; the habitat's individual work station volume was constrained when setting up the vehicle for operation, medical operations, and suit maintenance while general maintenance, logistical resupply, and geo science was considered acceptable. Crew workload for each station indicated resupply as being the lowest rated, with medical operations, general maintenance, and geo science tasks as being light, while suit maintenance was considered moderate and general vehicle setup being rated the highest. Stowage was an issue around the habitat with the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) resupply stowage located in the center of the habitat as interfering with some work station volumes and activities. Ergonomics of the geo science station was considered a major issue, especially with the overhead touch screens.

There are 2 main objectives of this study being carried out; firstly to determine whether food wastes (canteen and cafeterias wastes) can produce methane gas (biogas) that can generate heat and electricity and secondly to establish how much methane gas (biogas) can be produced with the certain amount of the feedstock. It should be pointed out that this MBPP can generate 600kW electricity per day as this system can generate electricity about 25kW/h. The methane produced per day is approximately 180 cubic metres. The higher the wastes, the higher the amount of methane gas produced. The cow dung is used to increase the bacteria in the tank; the methane gas production will be higher if the bacteria breed.


ITIL in Practice from ITILnews.com

An industry accepted test to verify the integrity of the turn-to-turn insulation in an electric motor is a Surge or Impulse test. This test uses a charged capacitor to pulse a voltage into two windings of a motor simultaneously. The voltage is set low to begin and raised slowly while the operator watches the wave forms on an oscilloscope. The voltage pulse is eventually raised to twice the operating voltage, plus 1000 volts. Since the windings are supposed to be identical, the wave forms should be identical — a difference in wave forms indicates a problem.

Finally, in deciding how you want to set up your recovery plan and on how much you invest you should carefully think through your application’s requirements. Start by thinking about how much downtime you can tolerate: how quickly do you need to restore services before the damage becomes intolerable?


Although KPIs are necessary for your overall maintenance objectives, it is preferable to limit yourself to a few important ones and focus on them as top priorities. With too many KPIs, you run the risk of stretching available resources too far and losing focus.

The Work Order Creation Date is when it was entered into the EAM or CMMS. And the Work Order Completion Date is when it was technically closed and includes further data such as work done, hours worked, parts used, planner feedback, and more.


Examine all bolts and connecting devices for signs of deterioration, corrosion, or overheating. Ensure that bolts and connecting devices are tight, according to manufacturer’s specifications. Be careful not to over-torque bolts and connecting devices since insulators are easy to damage and difficult to replace. Where copper and aluminum conductors and/or connectors are used together, examine connections for signs of galvanic action. Ensure that the connectors are properly used and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Apply an antioxidant compound to all aluminum-to-copper connections.

ITILNews.com ITIL v3 Suggested Change Management KPIs: ITILNews.com

Percentage of changes scheduled outside pre-defined/pre-agreed maintenance window. A maintenance window is a prescheduled time when a system can be taken off-line for maintenance, if necessary.


Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

Transformer data (such as, voltage, current, and temperature readings) should be recorded on a regular basis in order to determine operating conditions of the transformer. Peak, or redline, indicators should be recorded and reset. Readings taken on a weekly basis can provide important information about the loading of the transformer that is needed before additional loads can be added to the transformer.

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Production MTBF (the time between unplanned Production stoppages needs to be increasing) To prevent production disruption during a forced outage many plants are designed with standby equipment, or large buffer stock between production steps. In such a situation when an asset is failed we trick ourselves into believing it does not need to be reliable because Production is not affected. What we easily miss seeing is the amount of maintenance resources and money needlessly lost fixing repetitive failures. In this case we want to record all production unplanned failures, regardless if they are early-life, random or end-of-life events.

Hermetically sealed, high efficiency, self contained system with zero maintenance skin condenser and cold wall evaporator for years of trouble free performance. Adjustable temperature control and built-in temperature indicator. DISPENSER VALVE: Spring loaded lift type valves assure positive dripless operation and optimum sanitation. MILK KRATE: Accommodates 3 or 5 gallon bags. Slanted bottom allows the milk bag to empty faster and more completely to maximize yield. Milk Krates provided one per valve. NOTE: THIS IS A NEW NEVER USED UNIT BUT I'M SELLING IT AS AN USED. BECAUSE OF SOME SMALLER SURFACE SCRATCHES AND DENTS.


Procurement key performance indicators pdf

Most KPIs are best tracked by using their associated maintenance metrics. As a central hub for all maintenance information, a modern CMMS is your best option to track and manage almost all required metrics.


Both the AC and DC “hipot” tests are considered destructive tests because marginal equipment can fail prematurely while undergoing this test. Because of its destructive nature, HSB does not recommend this test as a maintenance test.

Only you and your maintenance organization can determine which specific asset management KPIs fit your organization correctly and align with the organizational plan. But, let us look at five standard maintenance performance KPIs. We will look at five of them in detail with a couple of maintenance kpi formulas.


Conduct a dielectric screen test of the insulating fluid. Based on the results of this test, filter or replace oil as required. Heavy carbon content can indicate potential contact wear and should be investigated further.

These studies were to respond whether the UT social-aid management had been executed under CO-CD principles (Ife J. 1995) and what CO-CD base community service management model can be built. The goals of these evaluational studies were UT social-aid managerial performance profile (2021-2021) and CO-CD management model development. The methods used were Survey and FGD. For data collection were involving the UT officers, the counterparts, and the documents. The analysis used combination between the Performance Analysis (Irawan P, 2003) and the CIPP (Stuffelbeam, D, L, & Shinkfield, A, J, 1985). The findings showed that the quantitative targeting in program completion was credible in achievement (85%). However, the “qulitative targeting” of the management goals was indicating far from a good-stage (≤5/0_Interval-Force: 1-10 Scale). The “Gap” was due to the absent of socialization_needs-analysis_maintenance_release factors on the UT social-service grand-policy. The trial of CO-CD Base Management Model had been imposed to the community that turned out to be very effective to self-help, and the ensuing SOP had been successfully defined. Conclusion, ‘CO-CD Principles’ were not designed in UT community service programs management.


PRTG's database maintenance support can help. For example, if SQL performance is low at specific times, this might be a result of overly high numbers of simultaneous user connections. The WMI Microsoft SQL Server Sensors in PRTG can show you the number of user connections and the percentage of pages found in the buffer cache without having to read from disk. If PRTG indicates this number is too low, you can increase the amount of memory available to the SQL server. Or perhaps you send inefficient queries? PRTG measures the response time of queries and can check if the response value is the expected one.

Key Performance Indicators for Maintenance Management Effectiveness of Public Hospital Building

There are a bunch of things you need to check every day when you are responsible for a server maintenance plan. First, check updates including your virus scanner’s database and other critical software updates which can prevent zero-day attacks.


Documents on this compact disc serve as the grant{manual} on the qualified performance of works on maintenance service and car repairs BMW in serial execution{performance}. The necessary requirement for performance of above named works is passage of the full program of training of a trade of the mechanic and regular improvement of professional skill to our centers of training of the attendants. If documents contain the instruction{indication} on special adaptations without their use it is impossible to guarantee the qualified performance of repair work.

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It explicitly legalized the name of a annotation of final header openings for same vector and environment scale. The maintenance used for these performance traditions allows very, with darker strengths also indicating (reference) heavier name.

Fault isolation and repair activities will involve a combination of on-line maintenance and diagnostic sofware and built-in test equipment (BITE). The supervisor's access to the software depends on the function to be performed and on the frequency of use of each program. The programs reside in off-line memory storage on magnetic tape. They can be recalled to main memory (core) storage when needed. On-line maintenance involves detecting and isolating circuit switch fault conditions and repairing or restoring malfunctioning equipment. Again, the two basic parts of the process are the BITE and the diagnostic software. BITE is an integral part of the circuit switch used to monitor and detect equipment fault conditions. It consists both of specific equipment used for test purpose only and of general circuitry integral to other functional circuit switch elements. Software on-line diagnostic routines work in conjunction with the BITE to periodically assess the status of the system and to detect and isolate faults. The supervisor can augment the periodic tests by using the VDU/KB to request special or operator indicated testing.


Examine insulation for signs of deterioration, cracking, flaking, or overheating. Examine all connections for signs of overheating, cracked or broken connectors, and signs of tracking or arcing. Ensure that conductors are clean and dry. Examine and clean all connections, and torque to manufacturer’s recommendations.

According to city building officials, the property was annexed into the city in 1990. The original structure and the 3 additions were considered as 4 separate structures for code enforcement purposes. Separate permits were issued for the construction of the left and right side additions and the warehouse. City building officials indicated to NIOSH investigators that after the fire, the furniture store property was determined to be “non-code compliant” (not in compliance with applicable codes). Work had been performed on the loading dock area and the maintenance shop without permits between 1996 and 2005. Other code violations included the accumulation of trash outside the loading dock, large quantities of flammable liquids, solvents, and thinners in the loading dock area, and storage of furniture and flammable materials in non-permitted areas.


Download our Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Check raceways for proper mechanical support of raceway and cables as well as check insulation for abrasion or cracks at support points. Examine raceway joints for clean and tight connections.

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Completed similar to other IR (megger) test. Used to verify condition of insulation on a bearing.


Other suggested tests are 60-cycle spark over and hold tests, watts-loss and leakage current tests, insulation resistance tests, and grounding electrode circuit resistance tests. These should be conducted according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Actron PocketScan Code Reader CP

There are actually more than just these two states measured. On the daily reports of the performance of the monitored machines, the color red indicates (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6548) a planned interruption (such as inspection or scheduled maintenance), while black indicates periods in which a machine is scheduled offline. Green, meanwhile, is in-cycle time.


In general, Hartford Steam Boiler recommends a frequency of once every three years for conducting regular preventive maintenance on electrical equipment. Where applicable, this standard will note components that require a more frequent EPM program to help ensure reliability and operation.

Rebecca Toland, a non-destructive inspection specialist with the 140th Maintenance Squadron, who performed an extensive inspection of all accessible areas of the bulkhead. Further examination by the NDI team revealed additional cracks on two separate aircraft, indicating a possible fleet-wide issue.


Infrared surveys are done on energized equipment and should be conducted during peak demand periods if possible. This will reveal the most serious problems and those that would otherwise go undetected. At a minimum, the loading should be at least 40% of the rated load of the equipment being inspected.

Cluster efficiency is important, database clusters should sync efficiently if you want to prevent slow running queries and database errors. Again, early detection is key as it can prevent a costly database crash.


Less frequently you should verify that your backups are working. It’s not necessary to do this on a daily basis as it is not that likely backups will be required when at the same time your backups have suddenly stopped working. Nonetheless, a weekly check is essential.

To get the facts and start resolving this problem, you can try to track things like maintenance overtime, benchmarks, percentage of work order completed on time, and planned maintenance percentage. These are your maintenance metrics.


First, we’ll look at the action you need to take to respond when there is an emergency, call it an emergency response plan. These include steps such as getting alerts when there is an emergency, and the ability to rapidly restore service when something does go wrong.

Most of these factors are easy to check using a server monitoring tool, in fact, you could even get automated alerts. You can check, for example, CPU and overall server temperature, the health of your RAID volumes and load factors including the number of open network connections.


Inspect the enclosure for signs of oil leakage. Clean external bushings assemblies and examine for signs of deterioration, tracking, and loose or broken parts. Observe oil gauge to ensure device is operating properly and measuring the oil level accurately.

Your server is not built to manage unlimited demand: it has a capacity limit. Sometimes demand can rise unexpectedly, perhaps someone sent out a wildly popular email to a million people or something on social media triggers demand. This can cause memory overload, disks that can’t respond and a server which does not serve pages.


Some of the points we mentioned in the previous paragraph are expensive to implement, and outside the reach of many website operators. But one point is crucial to a sane server maintenance plan.

Clean interior and exterior of cabinets and enclosures, ensuring that any areas of corrosion and/or deterioration are repaired as necessary. Clean all vent and air circulation openings and ensure freedom from obstructions. If installed, clean cooling fan blades and motor housings. Ensure that motor bearings are properly lubricated and that fan blades are properly secured to drive shafts. Examine for signs of moisture contamination and correct if necessary.


Another check you should do weekly or even every two weeks is your disk usage. Again, disk usage rarely suddenly changes so it’s not something you need to check every day. However running out of disk space can mean that your server breaks down. Watch for problems like accounts that are stale and outdated temp files.

Timing tests should be performed corresponding to two (2) or more points on the relay’s timecurrent curves. One of the tests should be done at the specified time dial setting.


The purpose of this standard is to provide the insured with recommended practices and frequencies that would form the core of a regularly scheduled electrical preventive maintenance program. All work associated with electric power systems and equipment should be performed in accordance with accepted industry safety standards and work practices.

After de-energizing and grounding the transformer, clean all coils, connections, and insulators of loose dust or dirt deposits with a vacuum cleaner. Examine the transformer for signs of overheating, deterioration, arcing, loose or broken parts, or other abnormal conditions. Ensure all connections are tightened according to manufacturer’s specifications. Clean enclosure of any dust and dirt accumulations and ensure that vent openings are free from obstruction. If cooling fans are installed, examine for proper operations and lubricate as necessary.


An infrared, or thermographic, inspection should be performed at least once every three years on all switchgear, distribution panels, cable and bus connections, motor control centers and starters, and other critical equipment. Infrared inspections are extremely beneficial in reducing electrical failures by identifying potentially dangerous conditions, such as loose or dirty connections, overloaded or imbalanced circuits, or improperly installed equipment. By measuring the heat imbalance relative to the environment and to surrounding equipment, abnormal or adverse conditions can be uncovered that if left unattended would worsen to the point of failure.

Caution: This procedure can produce X-ray emissions, so personnel should maintain a safe distance from the breaker if this test is performed. It is important to closely follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures if conducting this test in order to ensure that proper results are obtained. The breaker vapor shield can accumulate an electrostatic charge during this test. Ensure that it is discharged immediately following the test.


Safety performance evaluation enables decision makers improve safety acts. In Sudan, accident records, statistics, and safety performance were not evaluated before maintenance of accident records became mandatory in 2005. This study aimed at evaluating and comparing safety performance by accident records among different cities and industrial sectors in Khartoum state, Sudan, during the period from 2005 to 2007. This was a retrospective study, the sample in which represented all industrial enterprises in Khartoum state employing 50 workers or more. All industrial accident records of the Ministry of Manpower and Health and those of different enterprises during the period from 2005 to 2007 were reviewed. The safety performance indicators used within this study were the frequency-severity index (FSI) and fatal and disabling accident frequency rates (DAFR). In Khartoum city, the FSI [0/10 (0/17)] was lower than that in Bahari [0/11 (0/21)] and Omdurman [0/84 (0/34)]. It was the maximum in the chemical sector [0/33 (0/64)] and minimum in the metallurgic sector [0/09 (0/19)]. The highest DAFR was observed in Omdurman [5/6 (3/5)] and in the chemical sector [2/5 (4/0)]. The fatal accident frequency rate in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry was the highest [0/0 (0/69)].

Let’s consider a situation that many organizations can relate to. You have set a KPI to reduce your company’s deferred maintenance backlog by 30% over the next quarter. Your findings show that among other issues, a major recurring problem is a high occurrence of reactive work, leaving little time for scheduled maintenance. Different factors can contribute to this situation like work orders are not closed quickly because your department is understaffed.


Timely: With a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target date. This will create a sense of urgency and motivation.

Which Maintenance KPIs are Best for Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Maintenance Performance

We’ve listed plenty of points you need to check every day, but some checks must be done in real time. In other words, throughout the day. These server health data points can signal when the load is spiking and noticing problems early can help prevent a complete server failure: downtime is costly.


Nevertheless, the reduced number of patients with active disease in the initial PET-CT limited the possibility of performing a comprehensive analysis on its correlation with MRD results, in accordance with the findings of the aforementioned studies. These results reinforce the idea that an improvement in survival outcomes can be achieved with the use of prolonged and well-tolerated treatment and the achievement of deeper responses. Moreover, our results indicated that HR cytogenetics continues to represent a prognosis factor. Even when the absence of differences in the rate of MRD conversion between the HR and SR subgroups must be regarded cautiously because of the reduced sample size, there is still more than 29% of patients with HR cytogenetics who may improve their response and achieve MRD negativity during maintenance. Yet, in our series, lenalidomide maintenance did not overcome the unfavorable prognosis conferred by HR cytogenetics.

Asset MTBF (the time between unplanned outages of an asset needs to be increasing) This identifies ‘bad actor’ assets with performance that needs to be addressed. Strictly, MTBF only applies to random failures and not early-life failures or end-of-life failures.


This week's review is on the game Legos Indiana Jones. Brendon gives you the lowdown on this games adaptation to the popular 'Indiana Jones' movie franchise. Is something that you just gotta RENT?

ITIL Change Management - The Missing Link >

Effective infrared surveys require specialized equipment and should be performed only by qualified technicians. Experience and training is required to accurately identify problem conditions and possible causes so that specific recommendations can be made to correct the situation. It is imperative that these recommendations be implemented in a timely manner to benefit from an infrared inspection. Knowing a problem exists does not help avoid an electrical failure unless corrective actions are employed.


All Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

There are additional tests which can be completed on motors at voltage levels 4160 volts and higher. These tests include power factor (or dissipation factor), capacitance and partial discharge test. These tests can be very beneficial but they are highly specialized. They should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine their suitability.

Inspect and clean insulators and conductors as with circuit breakers. Tighten connections in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Do not over-tighten as this may result in damage to connectors.


Draw-out contacts on the circuit breaker and the stationary contacts in the cubicle should be cleaned and inspected for overheating, alignment, and broken or weak springs. Coat contact surfaces with contact lubricant to ease mating (see manufacturer’s recommendations).

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Percentage of unplanned outage (unavailability) due to the implementation of changes into the infrastructure. Unplanned means that the outage (or part of the outage) was not planned before implementation of the change.


During the NIOSH investigation, fire fighters reported during interviews that Engine 11 (E-11) required specific procedures to engage the pump. When interviewed by NIOSH investigators, the maintenance supervisor reported that E-11 had a hydraulic transmission and a non-electric pump, and if the engine was not throttled to full throttle before the pump was engaged, the pump would not discharge at full capacity. The city reported that there were no records or reports of operational issues with E-11 prior to this event, and that daily equipment checks were performed. In December 2008, the city contracted with a nationally recognized company to conduct independent testing and evaluation of E-11. The city indicated that no changes had been made to Engine 11 since the fire. A copy of the December 16, 2008 inspection report was provided to NIOSH for review (Appendix II). The results of this testing and evaluation indicated that Engine 11 was generally in good acceptable working order with 3 maintenance findings that were corrected during the inspection, and 8 findings needing corrective action. In addition, the report highlighted findings of the Engine 11 pump inspection. The report reads, “When shifting the [pump] lever downward from top position, proper operation calls for a pause in center (neutral) position momentarily before bringing the lever to the complete downward position. Failure to pause at the center (neutral) position can cause a long excessive delay in engaging of pump.

According to Vanson Bourne, average industrial downtime costs are 250/000 USD per hour, according to field service and IT decision-makers. Furthermore, 70% of the companies lack awareness of which assets require maintenance. This leads to unexpected failures and expensive downtime. Having an optimized maintenance strategy in place can reduce downtime by more than 30%.


Inspection, maintenance and testing of protective relays should be done on an annual basis in order to ensure proper and reliable operation. All necessary precautions should be taken while working with protective devices to ensure personnel safety and to avoid any unplanned interruption of service. In particular, when working on control circuits, all current transformer (CT) secondaries should be shorted to ground and never left open-circuited in order to avoid serious injury to maintenance personnel.

The above analysis of the relevant provisions of the contract agreement between the parties indicate the clear dominion and control of ONGC over the crane during the entire period of operation of the contract once a crane is placed at the disposal of the ONGC under the contract. The crane is to be deployed at worksites as per the discretion of the ONGC and though the normal period of deployment is 10 hours in a day, such deployment at the discretion of the ONGC may be for any period beyond the normally contemplated 10 hours. The deployment of the crane in oil field operations as well as other hazardous situations is at the sole discretion of the ONGC. Though the cranes are operated by the crew provided by the contract such crew while operating a crane is under the effective control of the ONGC and its authorities. Therefore, under the contract though the normal operational time is 10 hours a day, the ONGC is entitled to deploy the cranes, if required, to the entire period of 24 hours to perform duties the kind of which and the locations whereof is to be decided by the ONGC. The mere fact that after the operation of the crane is over on any given day the crane may come back to the owner/operator will hardly be material to decide as to who has dominion over the crane inasmuch as the crane can be recalled for duty by the ONGC at any time. Under the contract the crane is to be operated for 26 days in a month and the remaining four days are to be treated as maintenance off days.


KPI for Maintenance Utilization

Measure the trueness of the shaft extension. A high value can cause vibration issues.

Page 193 Maintenance Quick Keys Parameter Range Keypad Text This parameter momentarily tests the keypad indicators and the system's external sounder(s). Battery Test This parameter tests the system’s standby batteries. Diagnostics This menu enables performing diagnostic tests for: BUS Zones Power Supply Siren GSM More.


Timely: Have a clearly defined timeline to create a sense of urgency. This is non-negotiable for success as goals with no due dates tend to be indefinitely postponed.

The work management process’s performance is a key area where operational and maintenance costs can be optimized and risk lowered. The work order cycle time KPI is the time from the initialization of a work order until it is technically closed in the EAM or CMMS. The objective is to understand how long it takes to complete work, from creation to completion. If your average trend is increasing, then you’ll have good reason to investigate the root causes. Maybe you have delays in spare parts ordering, resource issues, planning problems, or unexpected spare part lead times.


We recommend that you optimize your database every two months, database fragmentation occurs at a rate of up to 5% per month and over time the fragmentation will really hit performance. Tuning individual applications is also important because unoptimized apps can hurt performance.

In the reactive approach, failures occur unexpectedly, and technicians waste vital time in panic mode looking for manuals, spare parts, and special tools. The dollar cost keeps stacking up and up as operations management become more stressed. There are no winners in this situation.


The electrical preventive maintenance program should be well-documented as to scope and frequency of maintenance. Record all routine maintenance activities and the results of routine testing for trending purposes. Document all repair and/or replacement of electrical components. When changes are made to the electrical distribution system, update all applicable drawings and maintenance schedules to reflect the changes. Ensure that spare parts inventories are updated for any new equipment added based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For this reason we can’t suggest a single plan that tells you exactly what you need to monitor to make sure you respond quickly in an emergency. Instead, we’ll guide you in the right direction by outlining what you should consider instead. We will use a web server as a typical example.


Preventative maintenance: the key to avoiding problems

The free Plant and Equipment Wellness PDF book with templates explains the powerful Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology that delivers highly reliable operating assets needed for maximum operational success. Use its principles to get maximum life cycle profits from plant and equipment. Follow the six-step Plant Wellness Way process to build a system-of-reliability for utmost successful asset life-cycle management.

Servers are highly connected devices: both internally on a hardware and software basis and externally. Watch out for network problems, including broken connections to database backends or other apps that your server relies on.


Electrical equipment rooms or vaults should be examined for evidence of water seepage. The tops of electrical equipment enclosures should be examined for evidence of water since this is a common entryway that often goes undetected until a failure occurs. The source of the water should be immediately identified and corrective measures taken to permanently correct the condition.

Purpose: The goal of the evidence-based practice solutions initiative was to develop innovative interventions that were practical and meaningful to critical care and progressive care team members to reduce occurrences of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). In 2021, 32 CAUTIs occurred in the entire hospital. Fifty percent of those (16) occurred in the ICU and progressive care units. Beginning in 2021, health care systems are no longer reimbursed for hospital-acquired infections such as CAUTIs in the ICU setting. Description: A CAUTI work group was established in June 2021 to develop strategies to reduce the occurrence of CAUTIs. Members included nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists, nursing informatics, and infection preventionists. The work group met weekly to review best practice guidelines and prioritize areas of focus. The team developed practical interventions for CAUTI reduction including (1) a peer-to-peer competency tool to ensure aseptic insertion; (2) poster display with each unit’s CAUTI data and performance goals along with a catchy acronym “Dr. DUFF” for catheter maintenance tips; (3) bladder scan protocol order allowing nurses autonomy to order intermittent and indwelling catheterization according to bladder scan criteria. The protocol order was embedded into multiple order sets, and prechecked to facilitate use; (4) 1 standardized urinary catheter order that included protocol verbiage for nurse to remove catheter once criteria met and a hard stop for insertion indication based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Monitor database logs: Database logs are key to proactive monitoring, because they contain critical information. A log can display every query running in a database, and how long each of the queries is taking to complete. By collecting database logs—including system-generated logs, slow query logs, backup logs, and maintenance routine logs, among others—you have access to information unavailable in general performance metrics. For example, the average queries-per-second performance metric doesn’t indicate which specific queries are lagging on a consistent basis.

Download Your Free copy of this Basic KPI Report Template

Your ultimate goal is to improve across the board. However, progressing from your current position to the desired point requires well-defined steps specific to each KPI.


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Next figure out what plans, software and finally what hardware you need to get your disaster recovery plan in place. In doing so you can match the trade-offs you can accept, against those you cannot accept. But whatever you do always ensure your check and verify your backup strategy.

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Yamaha dealer perform the checks in the following chart. However, maintenance may need to be performed more frequently depending on your operating conditions. If you have any questions, consult a Yamaha dealer. This “√” mark indicates (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8547) items to be checked and serviced by a Yamaha dealer.

The importance of the facility maintenance management in the manufacturing environment has increased rapidly as many organisations aim to become world class. For many organisations it is important to respond to the global competitive pressure by seeking to increase their productivity, maximising the overall equipment effectiveness and pursing an effective and efficient maintenance programme. By creating a set of key ingredients for effective maintenance management and success, this paper analyses the current status of these components in the UK manufacturing organisations through a pilot survey of 18 UK manufacturing respondents. A radar diagram was generated showing the current status of maintenance management in the UK. The chart shows that only one-third of the organisations seriously consider good maintenance management practices and realise the full benefits. Any preparation of adequate reports on performance and cost is visibly lagging behind. The paper also explores the opportunities for improving maintenance management in UK manufacturing organisations. The crucial involvement of the management is fundamental to give the guidance and direction to the maintenance function.


While charging, batteries emit explosive gases. Allow no open flames or sparks permitted near charging batteries.

In today's complex health care environment, quality improvement must be at hospitals. In this paper, total productive maintenance (TPM), equipment reliability, failure probability and mean time between failures (MTBF) are used to evaluate the medical equipment performance and/or effectiveness. Measurement is an important requirement of continuous improvement process. It is necessary to establish appropriate metrics for measurement purpose then monitoring will indicate the occurrence of improvement in the system. The objective of quantifying is to be able to measure the quality of a system.


As with material technology, level four is a spectrum. At the low end, some civilizations prove incapable of repairing and maintaining their mechanisms of social organization, resulting in decline that leads to foreign conquest, a dark age, or both. In the middle range, this can be forestalled by the jugaad method discussed above, but this sort of ingenuity receives far more praise than it deserves. The presence of such improvisation indicates that the leaders of a civilization are incompetent or malicious, causing the brightest minds of that civilization to exert effort toward solving problems which would not exist under better governance, thus keeping them from other accomplishments. At the high end, repairs and maintenance are performed properly, which keeps a civilization stable and healthy.

Electrical equipment rooms or vaults should be kept cleaned of dirt and/or dust accumulations on a regular basis. Doors and windows should be maintained in proper working order and kept closed during routine operation. Access doors should be clearly marked to alert personnel that live electrical equipment is in use. Where ventilation and/or air conditioning is used, all fan motors should be cleaned and examined for signs of wear and deterioration. Fan blades should be cleaned of dirt and dust and bearings should be properly lubricated. Vent openings should be cleaned of all dust and dirt accumulations. Filters should be cleaned and/or changed as recommended by the manufacturer, or more often if conditions warrant. Electrical equipment rooms should never be used as storage areas.


Inspect for signs of corona, tracking, arcing, or thermal or physical damage. Ensure that insulation is left clean and dry.

A Ridiculously Simple Guide To Maintenance KPI

Remove and clean inter-phase barriers. Clean all insulating materials with vacuum and/or clean lint-free rags. If it is necessary to use cleaning solvents, use only solvents recommended by the manufacturer.


ITIL Change Management – whatever

This section provides general recommended maintenance guidelines for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Since there is a wide variety of systems and equipment available, the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations should be consulted for more complete and detailed maintenance requirements.

Individual locations may require more frequent maintenance due to the physical environment or operational nature of the equipment. For example, harsh environments where excessive moisture or dust may be present should have a more frequent EPM program. Similarly, equipment that is used intermittently or equipment critical to a key process should be considered for a more frequent program. Sound engineering judgment should be used in determining if more frequent maintenance is appropriate.


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Databases involve an enormous volume of read and write operations which need to be handled quickly, as a result a database can become fragmented. Delete queries in particular can lead to fragmentation which is why it is important to regularly optimize tables in your database to reduce the fragmentation that causes performance problems and which reduces free space.

InterMapper conducts real-time monitoring of any size network. Live network maps offer complete visibility of network operations and traffic flows through and between network elements and links. Maps also offer 1-click access to critical network data (traffic, errors, utilization and outage information) simplifying problem diagnosis and device maintenance. Threshold-based alerts indicate potential network problems that can be fixed before users suffer downtime or poor performance. Hundreds of built-in probes, SNMP and ping discover and query elements across distributed networks. Synthetic transactions test critical applications and alert you to email, web, or directory server problems. The fully integrated InterMapper Flows module analyzes network traffic and tells you who is generating network traffic during specific time periods and where they are located. You gain highly detailed network traffic analyses that reveal bandwidth hogs. InterMapper is simplifying day-to-day network management for companies around the world.


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the existing facilities maintenance management practices and processes in public hospitals, in accordance with the concession agreement (CA), in order to identify the current performance status. Design/methodology/approach – A case study is conducted in one district hospital in Malaysia to assess five key elements: leadership; policies, plans and procedures; training and orientation; monitoring and supervision; and service performance. Data are collected through questionnaires, guided interviews, documentation review and retrieval, archival records review, and direct observations. Findings – The status of facilities maintenance management in the hospital is categorised as “maturing”, which implies that there has been a good planning and management with all essential requirements and compliance with regulations. Nevertheless, analyses of findings indicate that the maintenance organisations in the hospital still do not realise the importance and benefits of effective facilities maintenance management. Research limitations/implications – Findings reveal that continuous involvement of all organisations is rudimentary to provide guidance and direction to the maintenance function. Practical implications – This research has gained an insight into the management practices and processes exhibited by a maintenance organisation in executing contractual and regulatory requirements of privatised facilities maintenance services in a public hospital. It has also gained an insight into the practice of a maintenance management audit, which was conducted with a view to identifying areas of weakness such that recommendations can be derived to improve the maintenance performance. Originality/value – This research has introduced a set of key ingredients and effectiveness measures for successful facilities maintenance management. It also explores opportunities for improving facilities maintenance management in public hospitals.

Senseye PdM uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to spot, in advance, assets that are likely to fail. Senseye automatically analyzes your machine performance and predicts when maintenance is needed. Maintenance teams are able to focus on those assets that need the most attention. Lower maintenance costs and improve downtime forecasting accuracy with an easy to implement solution. Senseye PdM is designed to scale and supports any number of connected machines, big or small. Automated condition monitoring insights only highlight the relevant information. Understand how long your machinery is likely to perform and when maintenance is needed. Seamlessly analyze the condition of tens of thousands of assets. Get a clear and continuous indication of assets that require your attention. Senseye guarantees machine downtime reductions for industrial companies.


Reactive maintenance - often referred to as breakdown maintenance - means that equipment repairs are performed after the equipment failure. It is a metric for maintenance work that interrupts the daily or weekly maintenance schedule and calculated as a percentage of the total maintenance labor hours.

Perform IR check between motor leads and ground. This determines condition of the ground insulation.


ITIL v3 Suggested Change Management KPIs

Infrared (IR) surveys are very helpful in planning the work scope of an upcoming scheduled outage. Prior to the planned maintenance, an IR survey should be conducted to help identify areas that need specific and immediate attention. Resources can then be allocated to address these specific problems during the de-energized period.

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If cleaning solvents are used, ensure that they are as recommended by the manufacturer. Where abnormal environmental conditions exist, more frequent inspection and cleaning may be required.

The effective functioning of the SOFTWARE in accordance with it user documentation is guaranteed 90 days starting from the delivery day. Unless a corrective maintenance operation is indicated on the purchase order, LIGHT & SHADOWS has no correction obligation after 90 days. LIGHT & SHADOWS guarantees that the SOFTWARE is original and does not infringe the rights of intellectual property of a third party acknowledged by applicable laws and regulation in France (FR). The SOFTWARE is provided with no other guarantee of any nature or form. LIGHT & SHADOWS does not guarantee that the SOFTWARE does not contains bugs, anomalies for its effective functioning. LIGHT & SHADOWS does not guarantee any qualitative nor quantitative results or performances other than the one indicated on the user documentation. LIGHT & SHADOWS does not guarantee the compatibility or the interoperability of the SOFTWARE with softwares or equipment other than indicated in the required configuration or on the purchase order. LIGHT & SHADOWS does not guarantee the ascending compatibility with new versions of softwares and equipment indicated in the required configuration.


Every CMMS designed with good user experience in mind is an easy-to-use tracking tool that presents an ongoing overview of every kind of maintenance cost in your facility. All you need to do is define your KPIs and enter all cost-related data into the system.

More extensive maintenance on the contacts might require draining the oil and dropping the tank, and is therefore performed less frequently. Follow manufacturer’s recommended schedule for examination of internal components such as contact inspections. Open breaker and examine contacts for wear and/or excessive deterioration. Examine linkages for loose, broken, or missing parts; repair or replace as necessary.


Slow queries are another point to watch out for. Aside from highlighting overall performance issues it also indicates which specific queries are causing performance problems, allowing you to tweak these to improve server performance.

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Consider those areas that need improvement the most in your team’s deliverables. For instance, you may struggle with equipment repeatedly breaking down or the fact that your team is spending too much time on reactive maintenance. Whichever of those problems is more likely to prevent you from reaching the defined business goals is the first one you should focus on.

In most organizations, defining and tracking KPIs for maintenance is part of a larger process that starts when the organization’s top management lays out the company’s overall business goals. Once these company-wide goals are established, department heads and managers can set goals and action plans for their individual units in line with the overall business strategies.


UPS systems are categorized in two basic ways: static and rotary. For the purposes of this standard, only static systems will be addressed.

Overall maintenance management performance ratings

In essence you need to monitor server statistics on all levels: network traffic, utilisation, loads and more so that you can notice when something is unusual. Only then can you investigate further. However it helps to have a plan that you can put into place when you notice an emergency situation developing.



If possible, the relays should be tested to ensure that operation of the relay will in fact cause a tripping action of the respective circuit breaker. Relays that do not test satisfactorily or are found to be defective should be replaced immediately to maintain the integrity of the protection systems.

Database integrity can be an issue, MySQL sometimes loses track of data sets as a result of database crashes and other app errors. Weekly checks of database integrity can prevent queries from failing as it provides MySQL with an opportunity to fix errors.


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