I have LOTR:BFME 2 version 1/1, and I'm using trainer +4 and it works fine. The problem is that in every mod of playing(skirmish, campagin, war of the ring)in real time after 3 minutes 30 seconds all of my buildings collapse, and all of my army's die and it says DEFEATED.

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One thing which guaranteed awe like reactions from the viewers of the movies was the epic battles. Although early in the game battles are naturally small in size, later on into the game you will experience some very impressive large battles. Combined with "hero" abilities, such as Gandalf's Wizard Blast, some serious devastation can be layed down onto opposing forces, but even with these abilities aside, just the normal swordsman, horse back and archery combat is also very well executed making for some truly immersive large scale gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems that even at moderate quality settings on a high end system larger battles will bring frame rate issues, which do have a slight negative affect on your ability to quickly command units. I guess we can't win them all, right?


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The good thing about Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth besides the well executed LoTR content, is the fact it is a rather simple and fun RTS to play, so fans of the movies that may not be familiar with RTS gaming will enjoy it, and yet, RTS gamers will too. At times this simplicity does give the game perhaps too much of a basic nature, but all in all, it makes for solid gameplay with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, some aspects such as the engine performance and camera view execution prevent it from becoming as good as it could have been, but for any RTS gamer, LoTR fan or not, this is a worthy title for your collection.

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Step by step guide to cheating using INI files and tweaks. Also includes several pre-modified cheat files. Using these cheats you can change population cap, armies, bases and more. THIS CHEAT METHOD IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

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AotR version 1/1 contains a long list of bug fixes, balance improvements, and optimized content. NOTE: This is NOT the Lothlórien release.