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  • An Overview of Line Survival Gear and Layered Preparedness for EDC and Other Emergency Situations
  • What is a 21 Gun Salute
  • Layering Your EDC Survival Gear
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  • He said the only problem with firing a six shooter pistol that fast was accuracy
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I find that I’ve become a bit selective about my reloading supplies these days. I’ve gotten to a point in life where I need to spend more time at the range and less time at home reloading. Being a freelance writer is fun and rewarding, but doing tasks like case prep eat into my profit and range time.


The primer pocket should be square. If it has an angle on it, the material of the primer, especially when using hot handloads, can flow into the gap areas and flatten out against the bolt face. This is also something than that can lead to pierced and detached primers, which are a great way to either jam or destroy your rifle. Luckily, the PPT’s angle won’t let that happen.

Purdey Gun Care Recommendations

For the rest of the barrels use a lightly oiled cloth to wipe the exterior of the barrels. This is essential as it helps to remove accumulated moisture and dirt. Finally, always check the barrels are free of any obstruction and or marks.


Tourniquets are one of those items that you’ll probably never have to use but, if you do, you want it 10 minutes ago. Our First Line med kit doesn’t include a hard tourniquet, so we mounted one on our Second Line. The Blue Force pouch holds one C-A-T or similar TQ in an easy-to-access, rip-open vertical caddy. Putting it almost dead center on the rack allows it to be accessed with either hand from almost any angle with minimal movement.

There are some key areas of wear that you can look for, on trade-in /used Glocks. This will help you identify if the firearm has been used excessively or minimally, depending on caliber.


A concealed, dedicated defensive fixed blade is typically faster and easier to bring to bear in a fight, versus having to pocket-draw and open a similar-sized folder. There are some excellent boutique knife makers specializing in sharp things for street fights. One of our favorites is the Ditch Pik from JB Knife & Tool in collaboration with our friend and colleague Ed Calderon. It’s available in a number of different configurations. This one has G10 scales and a full-length double-edged blade. We tested this knife thoroughly in Ed’s own Organic Medium Entry class — see “Sharp Edges and Dirty Tricks” in Issue 36 for more on that class — and found that it performed excellently, including stabbing through a standard-issue soft body armor vest without so much as slowing down. Depending on the circumstances, we carry our Ditch Pik instead of, or in conjunction with, our Glock 19.

First let’s talk about the advantages of buying a police trade-in or used Glock. When you understand what to look for in a used Gen2 or Gen3 Glock, you know you are buying the most reliable and longest serving generations of the Glock design. You are avoiding the sometimes problematic issues with the newer Gen3 and Gen4 designs and you are hopefully spending a lot less on the firearm. On average you can get the trade-in /used Gocks in the Low to Mid-300 dollar range. I recently helped a co-worker select an excellent condition LE trade-in G23. He spent $314/00 on the firearm, I put in $20/00 worth of parts and it was good to go. Another huge advantage and one of the main reasons to buy the older Glocks, is no MIM parts. The Gen2 and select Gen3 Glocks have investment cast /machine tool steel locking blocks, extractors and firing pins. You are getting a more robustly built Glock, with higher quality parts in those key areas, vs. the newer Glocks.


Are you happy with the Battlefield V update 6/6 patch notes or are you underwhelmed given this is supposed to be two patches in one? Let us know down in the comments.

The West Bridge’s Key can be found in Camden Park, in one of the roller coaster cars. The key should be hidden in one of the backpacks on a car.


This Glock has a whole slew of performance-enhancing features, from the ported barrel/windowed slide combo by Southwest Precision Arms to the Sonoran Defense laser-stippled frame, KE Arms magwell, and Johnny Custom Glocks trigger. It’s loaded with Hornady’s 135-grain Critical Duty ammunition and equipped with a SureFire X300 Ultra weapon light for things that go sideways after sundown.

Rainbow six siege Y5S3 New Holo optics

Some Police/LE trade-in Glocks might have New York (NY) NY1 or NY2 Trigger Springs in them. A NY1 spring will be OD green and a NY2 spring will be Orange. Bellow: The black frame on the left, has a NY1 OD green spring in it and the OD frame on the right, has a stock 5/5 lbs spring. If you have one of the NY Trigger Springs, your trigger pull will be heavier than the stock 5/5 lbs spring. You will probably want to removed the NY’s and replace it with the 5/5 lbs spring. If the Glock has a NY1 spring and the trigger pull is relatively smooth and easy to pull, it probably has an OEM (-) Connector. This is a popular combination with LE Glocks.


Rainbow Six Siege: All new sights/scopes introduced in Operation Shadow Legacy

The highest number I have seen was on 20 gauge Stevens Model 311 Series H serial number E957971. The Savage branded imported doubles, over and unders or side by sides, are numbered differently. Each model is numbered in the range created by its manufacturer. As you probably have heard, Savage/Stevens' production records on their older models were destroyed in a sprinkler accident about 35 years ago, according to officers of the company.

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Barrel chatter marks will be visible on the outside of the barrel. The top of the barrel chamber will also have wear marks where it makes contact with the top of the slide. The stronger / more pronounced the wear in these areas will indicate use.

Now, you wont be able to see if the Connector is a (-), standard or (+) Connector, without stripping the Trigger Mechanism down, and the store is not going to let you do this. If you see the Glock has a NY1 Trigger Spring and the trigger pull is excessively hard/heavy to pull, it probably has a standard or (+) Connector. You will have to decide if you want to spend the approximately 20/00 dollars to replace or experiment with there combination. Note: I prefer a NY1 with (-) Connector combination in my Glocks.



The cylinder has the markings M K 7 0 3 but I don't know if it's the original cylinder. When the cylinder is opened, I can see a V with 505 underneath it on what I believe they call the crane or yoke.

Gen2 guns have had several mandatory part changes and upgrades, depending on the approximate date of manufacturer. This will also help you understand how old the firearm is. All Gen2 guns will have the tool steel parts we have already talked about, unless someone changed them out. In the 2002 Glock armorers guide, replacement of the old slide lock spring to the upgraded slide lock spring is recommended. All Gen2 guns (article) will need this part upgraded. Some Gen2 guns (resource) that have a black trigger bar will need the Six-Part upgrade.


In the study, patients who were injured due to assaults were compared to those treated for other emergency reasons. A total of 599 individuals took a survey comprised of 115 questions on topics regarding violence involving partners and peers, alcohol and drug use, and exposure to community violence.

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After follow up assessments were conducted, a total of 483 youth (80/6 percent) were definitively classified as being involved with gun (discover more) violence during the follow up periods. Out of that 80/6 percent, 52/2 percent reported they had been involved with gun violence.

The PPT is very intuitive, compact, and fast. It takes seconds to change out tools and you save a great deal of hand fatigue.


Replacing the main recoil spring is also a good idea when round count is unknown. Since the main recoil spring and slide lock spring are in the kit, this is the best purchase as it will only cost you around $20/00 dollars. Most Glock parts are very inexpensive, if you identify any weird after market parts you are not sure about, replace them.

For the next step, attach the brass jag to the cleaning rod. Then attach a pre-cut patch, or tear a piece of 4x2 roll or soft clean rag, suitable for the size of the bore. Then use the same method to clean the dirty oil from the barrel.


The PPT is essentially a hand-operated prep station that onboards the tools (view publisher site) you need for case preparation. That may not sound terribly exciting, but it is. That’s because this one tool (extra resources) can take the place of as many as six.

Rainbow Six Siege new optics

In wet weather, make sure you clean your shotgun thoroughly as soon as possible after shooting has finished. Once cleaned and dry, if possible, store your shotgun with the barrels pointing down. This will help to drain off any water that may have entered the action.


Purdey craftsmen use our unique proprietary ‘Slacum’ oil when finishing the stock of a shotgun or rifle. The process itself takes between six and eight weeks.

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New Guns & Rifles

The Greyman Tactical Rigid Insert Panel has proven to be an excellent way to organize gear inside a pack. As an added bonus, if we want to use our 5/11 AMP 12 as carry-on luggage we simply remove the panel and store it while we're gone. Or pack it in our checked bag for use when we land.


If possible, include a store of emergency cash. This could be used for everything from paying for a tow truck or buying a couple gallons of gas, to tipping a stranger to hitch a ride or borrow their cell phone, to using it as “throwaway” money if confronted by opportunistic criminals.

Letter prefixes crept in on the serial numbers used on both hammer and hammerless doubles from 1913 to 1939. They always signified a change in mechanical design or manufacturing process which resulted in an interesting variant.


Gently use a cotton bud to remove any dirt and grime from the mechanism. Make sure the unit is clean and dry before applying any gun cleaner and/or oil.

All Gen2 guns will have the tool steel parts we have already talked about, unless someone changed them out

One of the best layering strategies we’ve come across is known as the “Line Gear” concept. We can’t verify for certain who coined the term or how exactly it started. We got it from an Army Special Forces veteran, and the anecdotal stories we’ve heard go something like this.


Removing the crimp from a primer pocket is something that many people shy away from. There are many good products out there that allow this crimp to be removed, but nothing in my experience is as fast and easy as the attachment for the PPT. It cuts a smooth angle without digging too far into the primer pocket.

PLEASE NOTE: This liquid is extremely flammable. Always read the instructions on the bottle before use.


It was added to provide our players with more options and we also see it as a quality of life change; the M4S is higher than the NATO Red Dot in-game, so we hope the Picatinny rail of the weapons receiving this new option won’t show up on screen as much when ADS. For now, we’ll only give it to some operators and weapons, but depending on its reception we might distribute it more broadly in the future,” stated the devs.

The above lists are by no means comprehensive — they’re generic examples of how to organize and classify your overall load by necessity. In the jungle war context, packing your equipment in this philosophy bears out that, if falling back under fire, the long-term-use gear in your rucksack could be dropped on the run to gain speed and reduce noise while still leaving you with the necessary equipment to fight the enemy and provide for basic survival needs. If, for some reason, you became separated from your weapon and fighting equipment, the items in your pockets and on your belt could still allow you to live long enough to return to friendly lines or be picked up under in-extremis circumstances.


Trying to identify a Taurus .357 Magnum

Our hiking setup falls a little more in line with the original Special Forces paradigm of Line Survival Gear. If we were on the run through the mountains from some hypothetical pursuing enemy and needed to drop the Eberlestock pack, we could remove the rifle, take the 30-round mag off the waist belt and load it into the “cell phone pouch” on our Redwire EMR, and get moving again with 90 rounds of 5/56mm, as well as some signaling and medical capability. If, for some reason, I had to shed the carbine and chest rig, I would still have a knife, light, fire-starting ability, mini IFAK, and some E&E tools (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=35).

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy: All New Changes Introduced

Using a very lightly oiled cloth, clean the chokes and the threaded area inside the muzzle of the barrel. When you replace the chokes, be sure to apply a small amount of Teague choke grease to the external walls of the chokes, including the thread and body, before refitting the chokes with the choke key.


On average you can get the trade-in /used Gocks in the Low to Mid-300 dollar range

The second safe in the Bravo Station is locked. You may need a key to unlock it. Fear not! The SN heroes have got you covered! The key can be found on one of the Responders: “Rocky”.

Having the ability to signal for help is vital. Patrick McCarthy discussed the importance of this capability in his visual signals Pocket Preps column in Issue 37. We like the Sport Smoke grenade by Superior Signals for its emergency-ready design. These models are wax-sealed and have an advertised shelf life of five years, so you can pack ’em and forget ’em for a while without worrying about the smoke-producing agent degrading over time. When needed, simply peel off the wax cap and pull the ring ignitor. At only $12/50 per unit, they’re a low-cost, long-lasting addition to any emergency kit.


Building in redundancy is always a good idea. For example: smoke signals, chemlights, and ammo are included in both our Second and Third lines. Even if you're required to ditch an entire line, you retain certain critical capabilities no matter what.

In the picture bellow; a G19, (SN# FKF 826), date from 2003, has a cracked dust cover. I purchased this pistol for 334/00 dollars out the door. I did not notice the crack at the time of purchase, but when I got home and did a detailed strip and inspection, I noticed the crack. I remembered there was another G19 at the store with an FKF serial number, so I returned the next day with the cracked frame Glock. Luckily for me, this store was a Glock LE distributor and traded the firearm, no questions asked. Make sure you check the frame areas very carefully, as some stores will not let you bring the firearm back.


Find a clean surface to work on and dismantle the shotgun or double rifle into the main components (stock/action, forend and barrels). It is important that you have clean hands, and be sure to wear an apron or similar protective clothing as the oil is extremely sticky.

Fallout 76 Keys Locations Guide – All Locked Door and Safe Keys

I’ve known many reloaders who remove the crimp with a case mouth tool, but the angle is often too extreme and the primer isn’t left with enough support in the case head. If you remove too much material from the primer pocket, you will have serious issues with both primer flow and setback.


The outside slide condition will indicate carry use. The inside of the slide will show wear in two particular areas. The inside top of the slide will indicate wear, where the top of the barrel makes contact with the slide as it reciprocates and on the slide rails on each side of the barrel chamber. Heavy peening wear on the slide rails slightly in front of the barrel chamber area indicates heavy use.

While your Editor spends his day-to-day lounging around caffeine and tobacco wells, tapping away at a keyboard and scrolling through social media, short and sometimes spontaneous excursions into the surrounding mountainous desert are a welcome reprieve that can typically be planned and executed in about 30 minutes. Hitting the trail poses a new set of challenges and restrictions that require some retooling of the gear lines outlined above.


Is this a likely scenario for any of us to encounter? No, but it illustrates the practical lessons of the Line Survival Gear philosophy. Note how it incorporates the guiding principles of redundancy and prioritization. Once you understand the purpose of each “line” in your total preparedness strategy, you can scale the system in any way necessary to meet your needs. So, if you have mountains of gear stored in the shed or stuffed into old laundry bags, maybe it’s time to get your gear in line.

The 4340 ejector was replaced with the 1882 ejector. Some confuse the 4340 ejector as a broken ejector, due to its short appearance. The 4340 ejector was replaced, as it puts unnecessary stress on the extractor and due to late ejection can cause case deformation and crimping. This can also cause stove pipe issues. Over time the use of the 4340 ejector can cause the extractor to break.


An on line search should find you several places that sell Le/Trade-In and used Glocks

The Jail Cell Key can be used to unlock the jail cell in the Horizon’s Rest Tower. The door this key is to be used on must be located on a shack on the cliff.

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One of the other things we like about the Redwire Demo pouch is that the front of it has a huge field of Velcro to accept patches or panels. We chose the MOD 1 Chem Light Panel from Explosive Ops Gear. EOG is a tiny gear company based on the East Coast and, like Redwire, composed of current and former Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists. The MOD 1 is designed to hold up to five full-size chemlights or 10 miniature ones. We set it up with the latter, allowing us to have both visible and IR lights on hand, depending on the situation and how “loud” we want our distress signal to be.