On the second floor of the Beauty Farm, Lula 3D wanders into the Operations Room for no particularly great reason to find a doctor hard at work. This turns out to be Lula 3D's cameraman, and the mastermind of the whole Triplet plot, mid-way through giving a plastic surgeon a taste of the knife for no apparent reason. After standing around waving his arms for a while because nobody bothered altering the length of the animation for the English version of his lines, he reveals that he actually let Chrissy escape in the hope that she'd find Lula 3D and friends, who'd find the loot for them.

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The soundtrack is one area that I think needs a bit of work. It is not bad, but it is just crying out for some Vice City tunes. Hopefully, custom soundtracks will be something that gets added in at some point.


To be fair, the series is a lot of potty humor and dark concepts. However, this game seems to bring that down, unbelievably.

I can’t help but thinking that Bulletproof was inspired by titles like Max Payne and other actiony gun titles like Dead to Rights. If they had just tweaked the gameplay to be halfway decent, it wouldn’t even see this list.


Very few games will recieve an AO rating solely due to violence, those being Hatred and Thrill Kill. Pretty much any time a game recieves an AO rating is from extremely graphic or repeated sexual content and nudity that is meant to arouse. AO rated games can only be released on PC, as Microsoft and Sony do not allow Adults Only rated games to be released on their consoles.

With one of the most mature stories in gaming history, The Witcher looks at sex as well as it handles its intertwining story of racial hate, sexism, evil and the toils of war. Sex isn’t a reward in The Witcher, it’s a progress. The story rolls on and Geralt does what he knows best. It’s shocking at first, but nothing worse than what you’ll see in the average episode of Game of Thrones.


This article is intended for mature readers. There are constant references to sex and because it’s me, I won’t be holding back and, as such, the article is most definitely NSFW.

To be more exact here, she's in a knife fight—he brought a gun. Pretty sure there's an old saying about that, but it's not important here, mostly because the bullets seem to bounce right off her chest instead of doing any real damage. Still, victorious, she wobbles off to see what's next.


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All of this while flying around one of the worst city environments ever created. It was empty, lifeless, and ugly.

You have to do five shooter levels in a row. They don't really get harder, just more and more annoying. Your gun often refuses to fire, you can't hit anyone unless they're officially in the position where they're allowed to be hit, you only get one shot per attempt, and you spend most of your time staring at the back of a crate until the point in the crossfire where you're allowed to pop out and fire back. As before, every hit you take makes your aim worse and your view pulsate, and every map throws in more cardboard cut-out obstacles. By the last one, where you just randomly run across the baddies on their ship in the middle of the bayou, the game's so sure that everyone's given up by this point that it doesn't even bother translating the final enemies' original German combat barks into English.


Also, three porn star triplets have been abducted from Lula 3D's mansion, and she decides to go find them

Yet another Philips CD-I release, Hotel Mario does what the CD-I Legend of Zelda titles did but made it somehow even worse. You need to solve puzzles in this game, however, they’re dreadfully boring, and the entire game tarnishes the legacy of Mario.

Something great about a game like The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon was that you could swim to the faraway island of Solstheim without any restrictions. Sure, you had to keep your analog stick pressed forward as your character swam for what seemed like miles, but you could go to higher level dungeons and areas without restriction.


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But then there are some seriously bad games out there. So bad that it’s sacrilegious to even utter their names. Games so painfully and disgustingly bad that they have become infamous for how terrible they are.

Sure, we’ve seen it all in games. Why can’t sex fit into the story without it being a reward? Beefy plots, outstanding gameplay and sex, minus the achievement points tied with them. Maybe we need to grow up as gamers. Sex in games reflects what we want as an audience. It’s time to choose, and I pick well-handled sex over over tits and ass.


This racing game is notorious in the gaming world. Any gameplay video could tell you why. Its graphics being poor are the least of its problems.

Yes, you the player gets to control the legendary wordsmith 50 Cent in this game. With lyrical swagger rivaling that of Shakespeare, 50 Cent partakes in something old Willy never did: extremely dull and formulaic gunplay.


It’s rendered basically unplayable by its countless bugs. Not only that, but its levels are unimpressive, and the game is laughably short. It was released for the PS2, Windows, and Wii.

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Nah, if you know how to trade its easy to get coins. The money farming is easy especially in fifa 18 where u have squad battles, and shit ton of easy sbc's. Probably every smart player can be a millionaire.


This is as close to GTA as we have gotten with a lewd game and it is very, very well done

With the success of Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding franchise, BMX fans were sorely underrepresented in gaming. Sure, you had a few miscellaneous items, but nothing matched what skateboarding was in terms of quality.

It can’t be distilled into a series of button presses and motion gestures. By making sex interactive, it turns an intimate act into a weird dance of achievement points. It gets even worse with Dragon Age 2.


However, with a concept that cool, this game just completely bombs. You certainly don’t feel like Daryl.

Sonic’s first foray into the seventh generation of gaming consoles was met with negative reviews. Mostly because of glitches, bland graphics, and terrible camera.


As a big Duke Nukem 3D fan, this one hurts. As a kid, I remember blasting aliens in the silly world of Duke Nukem, a great parody of an action movie star.

The corny FMV sequences, while a gimmick of its time, were very corny. The game garnered controversy and became a bargaining chip in United States Congress in the long battle against video games and violence.


Its gameplay is so inconsistent, throwing the player all over the game map, and is obviously unfinished in many respects. It was universally condemned by nearly everyone.

I think it would have been better if it were canceled. If I wanted to hear such lame, edgy one-liners, I can just wander into my nearest mall’s Hot Topic.


Who wouldn’t want a game with an attitude, one that evoked imagery from the 1969 motorcycle drama Easy Rider? Well, look again, because this game is a motorcycle wreck.

It is kind of like a lewd GTA game

This game gives a resounding: No! It puts you like a gritty version of your favorite bomb-wielding wacky character, except without any of likeability, and none of the good, addictive gameplay.


You quickly find out why you're here—sins committed in a previous life. Also, three porn star triplets have been abducted from Lula (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/lula-3d-crack-gta.zip) 3D's mansion, and she decides to go find them. Amusingly, there's an option to 'just leave it to the police' and skip playing the whole game.

This is a personal pet peeve over everything else. I hate when a crafting system forces players to look up recipes online or otherwise break immersion to find out what materials you need.


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I respect your opinion :) I don't agree though. I don't hear people hype AC anyway, so. + I've never played Fallout.

I think you mean AO which means Adults Only. There have only been a select few of games that have recieved an Adults Only rating.


Many story-based games will have two characters walk and talk with one another or have you follow them. This is a fine concept, but what if the character you’re following is much slower than you? It transforms a facet of the story into an awkward encounter of trying to either keep up or slow down to keep in time with other characters.

Shaq Fu has the player control Shaq as he travels to another world before the ‘big game’. He needs to get back, but he needs to beat these opponents using fighting styles that I’m assuming most basketball greats don’t have.


Which is what made GTA: San Andreas so popular. Not the incredible open-world gameplay. No, 30-seconds of hacked in sex known as Hot Coffee got Fox News enough “Video-games be murder” stories to last a lifetime. The scene itself is pretty horrid. It was originally planned as an added feature in GTA, but was obviously dropped. The PC version was hacked wide open and Hot Coffee slipped back in. It’s a clothing-only sex scene, makes no sense and was rightfully dropped. It’s also one of the worst and most over-hyped gaming sex scenes of all time.

The PC version was hacked wide open and Hot Coffee slipped back in

If you are a beginner, this Game might feel a little bit too complex, but after you enter the action and find out some tips about its rules, then you can manage to play without too much effort. You can use the forum of the Game in order to find out.


Most game developers still view their audience as children, not as adults who have grown up alongside their favourite consoles, progressing from Commodore 64 to Xbox 360 and beyond. But the gaming industry is aimed at kids. Look at how well the Nintendo’s Wii performed all those years ago. As sales for it began to tumble, signs pointed at gamers outgrowing a family-orientated system. That leaves us in a vacuum of sorts.

The gameplay is broken, the graphics are ugly, and it’s strange that The Walking Dead shares its name with this garbage. It was released for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC.


Real Life Sunbay PC Screenshot

Hopefully the new Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will deliver some great vampire action that this game failed in delivering. It was released for Xbox 360 and PS3.

I’m sorry to say, but it didn’t get better. Enter BMX XXX, the X-rated BMX video game.


Everyone knows in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in which a giant talking owl gives you a tutorial monologue. Players would often skip through this at lightning speed, and accidentally press ‘hear again’ when prompted, as the buttons were mapped out differently than most games.

More GTA 5 and GTA Online

If you’re anything like me, you’re a save maniac. I will save multiple times ‘just in case’ the impossible happens and multiple save files corrupt. That’s why for me, unclear save spots or save systems are a particularly grievous sin in bad video game design.


Avoid this one, Walking Dead fans. This is no storyline epic like the Telltale game series. You play as Daryl, the gruff badass from TV’s The Walking Dead.

The sex added nothing to the game, and cuts away before the action begins. This is how the big production companies handle it. Lead the players in, crank up the cheesy dialogue and cutaway before the tops come off. Dragon Age 2 is a mature game, but not an Adult-Only rated title so intercourse heads to the Recycle Bin. Plus the scene is as sexy as an episode of Days Of Our Lives. As embarrassing as these scenes are, they can’t hold a candle to a cup of hot coffee.


It’s so unbelievably buggy, and the gameplay proves to be repetitive and bland. Needless to say, I was surprised that the team at Eidos and IO Interactive could allow this to pass their quality control. It was released for Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Naturally, these cheats won’t do you any good for GTA 5 Online, but if you’re wondering how to make wads of cash in the game’s multiplayer component, we have an extremely detailed moneymaking guide for GTA Online, and a GTA Casino guide that explains how to win big in the Diamond Casino and Resort. You can also find the fastest cars in GTA Online here.

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What could be better than a return of Joanna Dark on a brand-new Xbox 360 console? Well, anything but this apparently. I booted up Perfect Dark Zero and I was really confused.


Sunbay City PC Screenshot

Sounds fine, but the game’s controls are broken, the script is lame and laced with unnecessary profanity, and it involves an extremely phoned-in performance by actor Mickey Rourke in the role of Marcinko. It was universally panned, with IGN giving it a 1/4/10.

Action of the fifth GTA takes place in San Andreas, a city modelled based on California

Released for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, Denied Ops is a first-person shooter pitting you against a Venezuelan despot. You play as CIA nobodies Lincoln Graves and Reggie Lang.


Due to the monetization of basic features, like microtransactions, many gamers found it to be frustrating and unplayable. Some games can get away with microtransactions if they aren’t vital and don’t throw them in the gamer’s face.

Crapshoot: Lula 3D, another unsexy sex game

But how do you know what’s worth selling? How do you know what is junk that you can immediately discard? Sometimes games don’t tell you, leaving you wondering if this item, that is probably junk, is really a key component in crafting powerful armor or weapons.


The only person hanging around is a girl who the interface opts to describe as 'Bitch', with the interaction options 'Talk to the bitch' and 'Look at the bitch'. Ah, Lula (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3007) 3D, Duke Nukem Forever wishes it had your class. The only other people around are a mobster, also on his way to Las Vegas, a sleazy motel owner, and a garage attendant heartbroken by his wife leaving him. Lula 3D orders a coffee and offers him a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, if by shoulder you mean giant naked silicone breasts, and by crying on you mean running away from. As he flees, he drops a knife, which she uses to slash the mobster's tires and prevent him chasing her. This doesn't go so well though, landing her in a knife fight to the death.

Come to think of it, the rest was trash too. I was stuck on the first level the entire time. It may sound embarrassing but hear me out.


Wouldn’t it be easy to get rid of Ulfric Stormcloak or General Tullius to save time and hassle? Nope, you have to go through the entire quest to face off against story characters. Morrowind was at least honest and told you that you could kill anyone, albeit with the cost that it may affect the story later on.

You play as Anne, who has to survive the onslaught on dinosaurs. Something interesting that I will give it credit for is the lack of HUD, having players keep track of bullets and health by other means.


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The third entry in the very controversial PC series, Postal III is the sequel to the popular second entry. However, since it was developed by a different studio, it’s readily apparent that they didn’t capture the essence of the series.

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But upon entering the arena the second time, you realize that you have to watch that 5 minute cutscene again. You are now more worried about dying to the boss so you don’t have to watch a lengthy cutscene again.


Nearly everything in the game is broken. The combat and AI are laughably bad, it’s riddled with bugs and glitches, the voice acting is bad by even the lowest standards, and it really seems like the developer just gave up halfway through.

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At the moment it very much feels like a proof-of-concept kind of deal. That actually is a bit harsh as there is plenty to do and have some fun with, but I really want to see what this is going to offer when it is done. Of course, meeting up with chicks and getting it on is a massive part of the game. The game is a bit buggy and I have had it lock up on me on more than one occasion. Also, I have heard that some people have struggled to get this up and running so that is something to consider.

These games have accumulated somewhat of a notorious reputation on the internet. At some time or another, I’m sure you’ve seen a terrible animation and heard the unbearable voice acting from these titles.


Instead, Lula 3D ends up in a crappy part of town, and while she soon tracks down Ms

British Advertising Standards Authority actually investigated and held EA’s feet to the fire. EA relented, basically half-heartedly apologizing for them not understanding the game market.

You make it for multiple platforms, of course! It was released in 2002 for Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube. BMX XXX is an insult to BMX fans and gamers alike.


This title looks innocent enough. However, upon closer inspection, the ‘cutesy’ visuals and somewhat interesting, but ultimately tired concept, are deceptive.

This one is a particularly apparent sin in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As opposed to earlier titles in the series, like Morrowind in which you could literally kill anyone, regardless of importance, Skyrim limits who you can kill.


The God of War series fits nicely into the kill-em-before-they-kill-you genre. You play an overpowered god who isn’t even allowed show off his manly moves in front of the camera. The mini-game sex scene starts off like a bad romance, and quickly pans off screen to rattling pots of over-sexed nymphs fondling each other as the player “presses X to fuck”.

Real Life Sunbay Download

The beloved Bomberman franchise received a gritty reboot for seventh-generation consoles in the form of Bomberman: Act Zero. Except, did we need a gritty reboot of the cartoonish, chaotic game?


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It’s a shame, but GTA 5 sadly has no money cheat for instant cash, and never has. You’ll have to earn cash from doing in-game activities instead, like playing the stock market, or from businesses or side missions on the map.

This is an open-world 3D game where you play as Mia and get to explore Sunbay City in pretty much any way that you like. I was surprised at the variety of the gameplay on offer here, sure it is not as deep or expansive as you get in a proper GTA game. However, for a lewd game, the amount of content here is pretty impressive. You have tons of missions that you can do, which more often than not lead to sex.


Okay, so the first game wasn’t exactly a slam dunk. What better way to prove the detractors and haters wrong then by coming back with a bang?