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  • If you have 99 of them you can even sell it for 40 gold
  • Godswar Online Gold Software
  • Constellation Gems There are two ways to unlock a gem: Using energy or gold
  • Search, E-Gold Shop and buy two War Materials in the Goods section
  • GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System Preview
  • Those pets can only captured with Gold Tools or Mysterious String Bags
  • GodsWar Online Patch v.2.42.008
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The only ones i would recommend selling are Rubys if you don’t need them and LvL2 Xstals. Players are constantly realizing that having perfect gear is an important role to becoming stronger.

  • Caribbean Gold Casino - CaribbeanGold.us v.2.0
  • If your planing on selling it in gold you can even earn about 5 gold for each bell
  • How to earn silver/Gold quickly
  • Gold n sliver needed to build
  • Gold Bug In en3babyran Online

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This item is used to send your pet with a pet dispatch talent to complete or aid you in a daily quest. Its an item found from elites mostly but can be picked up from even the most average of monsters if your lucky. But sometimes a person just wants to do those quest on there own. Or maybe your daily quests are already completed and you just want to get them off your hands. Well that’s good news for you becuz its an item that can be sold to those who really need it! Unlike the holy box II i mentioned before Magic bells can only be bought from the mall or the Bound gold (click over here) vendor NPC in the main city’s. One bell bought by either would cost 30 Gold/B-gold (recommended reading). To the cost savvy player as yourself that can be quite allot of money. Yet if your selling it in stall then it becomes a small amount of treasure in your hand. If your planning on selling it in stall on the main city’s you can sell one for about 15000 silver minimum to 25000 silver maximum.

I hope this guide will be of some aid to you out there! This is my first thread ever and is based on my personal experiences so if you have opinions or things i should add pleas tell me. YOSH!

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They can also rake in 15 Gold if that’s what your trying to earn

Those are the fields with the closest props NPC to monsters. Im not sure on how it is for Athens tho.

  • I got level 116 and then, I’ve quit Godswar on June 25th 2009
  • One bell bought by either would cost 30 Gold/B-gold
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  • I’ve quit my priest on October 14th, 2009 and totally gave up on Godswar
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You earn 25 000 EXP OO what’s just, I need more> You have e-gold

With the new boom of professions these once not so valuable items found from any monster are turned into something desired by many MANY players. Yet with you only having one profession you would really only need one type of material. Lets say your a mythcracker and you only want the Hard leather material. That’s when the other materials like copper ore or Herbs become nothing but a used space in your bag.


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