GiliSoft Exe Lock can lock any executableprograms on your local computer, a person can not run the lockedprograms without a password. With GiliSoft Exe Lock you can easilyprotect your EXE files from unwanted access.

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  • These are very useful features, as they enable you to manage your files faster
  • Hiding a file or folder will cause it to effectively disappear from view
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  • It supports protecting not only files, but folders and disks too
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Therefore, make sure that unauthorized users do not launch applications that you do not want them to use. Locked applications cannot be executed unless a password is provided, but you can always unlock any of these applications directly from the utility’s main window. In addition, you can use command line parameters to lock or unlock the application.


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To sum it up, GiliSoft File Lock comes packed with a handy set of options for password-protecting files, folders and drives, and it can be used by anyone. Those looking for additional features may resort to GiliSoft File Lock (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5145) Pro.


Open folders one by one untill you get the hidden folder. There may have many folders inside folders.

I used the program Folder Lock that’s is being made by New Software’s

To hide a file, folder, or drive, you can click on the appropriate entry under the Hide Data section, where you will be able to control which files, folders, etc to hide. A list is shown, where you can see what files or folders are being hidden, add or remove them from the list, and choose whether to hide them or show them (if they have already been hidden). Hiding a file or folder will cause it to effectively disappear from view. Though it will still show up in searches, attempts to enter or view it via standard means will fail, so the file or folder is essentially inaccessible.


Folder Guard also offers a hierarchical view of your computer’s files for easy browsing

You only have to use one master password to lock and unlock files, instead of having to use separate ones for different files (or groups of files). The operations you can perform on files/folders/disks are hide them from users, lock them from being accessed and also lock them from being modified. Subfolders and their contents also inherit the same protection. The items that you protect are added to a list which you can find when you open the program. In addition you can monitor folders for changes like renames, deletes and other modifications. Those logs can be viewed in the program too.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro crack is a very popular and easy to use file locking software product. It allows you to lock your files from view and access, define a set of passwords, and then lock them all away from view. It also has an intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface, making it very convenient for just about anyone. It's the best file locking product for those who want to safeguard their valuable information while still being able to look up files they need whenever they want.


GiliSoft File Lock's interface is pretty intuitive. Items can be added to the locked list using either the file browser, folder view or drag-and-drop support. You can deny reading or writing access, as well as hide items from Explorer.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a software tool which helps people hide data and protect their files, directories and partitions from reading or writing. During the installation process, you are required to create a master password and provide your e-mail address, so that you can make sure no one will be able to change your settings and receive notifications. However, you should know the passkey can be changed at any point and a mail message can be sent to you when this happens.


Gilisoft File Lock Pro crack is an easy to use, but reliable software program that allow you to secure your important files. More so, it also has a very user-friendly interface, and very intuitive controls, enabling it to be easily usable by even the most inexperienced users. So, if you are looking for a good software product and want to learn more about it, just read on.

This function does not hide objects as with Hide File tools, it simply blocks access to them in read mode. If it is a separate file, such as a picture or text document, you will most likely get a denial of access or an error when opening, but if it is a directory or a partition, then the program will ask you to enter a password. The same one you set at the beginning of the installation. You will not be able to delete, move or copy the locked object in the usual way. And even the famous Unlocker will not help you here.


GiliSoft EXE Lock offers the password protection for executable programs but it will not change the source binary file. So no chance to destroy the source file or cause incompatibility.

If you often use a shared computer and have sensitive files in it then you probably would not want others to have access to them. There are many file encryption software available, and one of them is Gilisoft File Lock. It’s a paid software that locks your files using password protection, but can also hide them. It supports protecting not only files, but folders and disks too.


For example, you want to restrict access to some serious program where incorrect actions can lead to problems with the operating system. There is nothing simpler than that.

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GiliSoft File Lock Pro - Protect or encrypt files (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9590), folders and drives in an easy and reliable way with this handy software. It ensures that nobody can access or destroy your private data without password.


Great encryption program for general purpose usage and the average user, although it could have more features. It has potential and hopefully its functionality will be enhanced in the future.

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A similar process goes for locking read and write functionality, through which you can control whether a file, folder, etc may be viewed or modified. When you attempt to open a file locked for reading, you are prompted for your File Lock Pro password; without the password, the file cannot be accessed. When attempting to save changes to a file locked for writing, you will get a message stating “access denied” or some similar alert.


THis way you can see your files because Winmend does not run in Linux OS

There are also a few different versions of this software. It includes a free version that will allow you to see the password and lock out access to files when the software is in use. A full version is available that includes more features and security measures.

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Those are some of the best folder lock for Windows 10 to take your pick from. Our top selections include comprehensive features with which to secure your folders and files. Of those selected IObit Protected Folder, Folder Lock, and Gilisoft File Lock Pro have the most comprehensive features sets. However, Lock-A-Folder and 7-ZIP are two freeware alternatives worth noting for users who don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that come with (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9046) our top three choices.

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The interface comprises of a navigation panel, which enables you to access all the options available in a more efficient manner, and a pane where you can view details. Files, folders and drives can be hidden from other users, by simply selecting the item and clicking the “Hide Files” button. Batch processing is integrated, as well as the “drag and drop” function. These are very useful features, as they enable you to manage your files faster. The process is similar when trying to deny reading or writing for certain documents.

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Make sure to remember your password or you would not be able to decrypt files to normal, readable state

Step 2: You will be asked to enter your password for Gilisoft File Lock when try to lock a folder. And then the folder will be protected and others can't access it without authority.


When you launch the installer you’ll be first prompted to enter a master password that you’ll be using to open the program. You’re also advised to enter an email address so that in case you forget your password then you can use that email address to retrieve it. Then you can proceed with the setup, which has no difficult steps and only very basic settings.

Along the side lies a more graphical representation of File Lock Pro’s features, divided into six main sections with several subsections each. The sections are demarcated by name as well as symbol. Occupying the center and right of the window are the panes which contain the actual controls for the operation of File Lock Pro’s functions.


When File Lock Pro launches, it prompts you for the password you entered upon setup. This gives you entry into the main system. If you are using the trial version and have not registered the software, a dialogue will display giving you options to buy the program, enter a registration code, or continue on into the software for as long as you are in the evaluation period.

Most of us use our computers in a shared environment with our family members, friends and etc. But sometimes we may want set some permissions so that we can actually restrict access to certain folders which do not lie in our My Documents, My Pictures etc. In this case when you can restrict access to a particular folder which could be any where on your hard drive.


Basically you will find your file there unlocked because Windows software does not work in Linux environment

Usually this desire is relevant in the case of access to a computer by many people: when the device can be freely used by all employees in the office or family members. In order to provide file protection, the application uses 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, any portable media is also protected. GiliSoft Exe Lock for Windows simply does not allow the EXE file of your selected applications to run until the correct password is entered.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro is one of the most comprehensive folder locker software packages you can utilize on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and even 2K. The Pro version is currently retailing at a discounted $39/95, but it’s usually available at $49/95. However, you can utilize a freeware unregistered version that comes with a nag screen.


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For these reasons, we would rather stop reading our private folders. This article provides a quick and easy way to disable access to folders in windows 10, 8, 7, vista, and XP. Software Gilisoft File Lock does exactly that, and it does it easily and well.

When user clicks on icon or shortcut on Desktop, he will be asked for a password to access that app. After user supplies password and app launches, or no password/wrong password, no app.