Every computer contains at least one processor, also known as a CPU or central processing unit. Your computer’s CPU is probably made by Intel or AMD. Here’s how to see what CPU you have and how fast it is.

  • However, there are steps you can take to keep your computer running smoothly and fast throughout its lifespan
  • It will give a new birth to your OS and will surely make it fast
  • But when we're using them, we expect them to work fast
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Name one partition Games, one Programs, and one Others. If you are a Gamer like me keep 600 GB drive partition for games and name it Games.


If your computer is connected to Internet running Windows XP or another previous Windows operating system, it's better to use Firewall with both inward and outward bound protection. Search online for more firewall options.

Right Click on “This PC” icon on Desktop. Click on “Properties” to view “System Settings” window.


Like QPI, HyperTransport is also faster and more efficient than FSB

Make sure your system can handle any upgrades before you install them. Most software and hardware manufacturers list the system requirements to use their products. Whenever you're planning to do a hardware or software upgrade, always make sure your system has the necessary resources and can handle the upgrade.

Enter your product key. This was given to you at the time of purchase

In your "Others" drive, create a folder called Downloads. Yes, you guessed it; you will be using this for only downloads from browsers and torrents.


Today, computers with an Intel processor use QPI (QuickPath Interconnect) instead of FSB. QPI is faster and more efficient than FSB. Computers with an AMD processor use HyperTransport instead of FSB. Like QPI, HyperTransport is also faster and more efficient than FSB. QPI and HyperTransport allow for faster communication between the processor, RAM, hard drive, and other hardware, meaning a faster computer.

Although today's computers can execute billions of instructions every second, the processor is usually waiting for those instructions from the slower types of memory in the computer. Because RAM and the hard drive are slower than the CPU, computer processors and motherboards use cache to transfer data between the processor, memory, and other components. The cache is the fastest type of memory, and a computer with more L2 cache or L3 cache can store more instructions and send them to the processor more efficiently.

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Press windows + r and open run command box. Now, enter %temp% in it and hit enter. Now, delete all temp files in the folder. You can also create a batch file and keep it on your desktop, so that whn you click it any time, it clears all temp files in your system.


Install the drivers for all your hardware. All the drivers you need are provided with your hardware in a CD or DVD, like for motherboard, graphics card, etc. Install all the drivers in your Windows main drive (normally C: drive).

Copy and paste any downloaded attachments and files, large or small, to the Others drive. Library items like Video, Music, Pictures, Documents, and Downloads are all part of C drive, so restrain from adding any items to those.


You can press Windows+i to open the Settings app quickly. You can also press the Windows key, type “About” to search your Start menu for this settings screen, and click the “About This PC” shortcut that appears.

YOU are the Master of Opera Mini! Customise your browser by choosing your favourite layout, theme, news categories and more.

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Save downloads from browsers, torrents, and so on to your "Others" drive. This will stop the main drive from getting cluttered. All programs with downloads allow users to choose their destination folder easily in the settings. Save videos, audio files, and similar downloads to your Others drive.

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Remove unused softwares and programs. Sometimes programs run in the background, unseen by the user, but added together, it can take up quite a bit of space. Navigate to the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs, and remove programs that you do not use or need.


How to Setup VPN for Windows

There are many components in a computer that help make it faster and more powerful overall. Below is a list of the main hardware components that contribute to the speed and computer's performance.

You don’t need a system information utility to find this information. Windows shows it in several different places.


Windows 10: Go to Settings > System > Apps and Features. From there, remove any unwanted apps.

Understand what "essential software" is. Essential software programs are those needed for the secure and smooth operation of system like antivirus and firewall programs, and those for cleaning and de-fragmentation. User software, on the other hand, is anything that you use personally, like browsers Firefox), gaming software (Steam, Uplay), or multimedia software (MPC-HC, VLC, Photoshop, etc).


The temporary files in windows 10 can be cleaned by creating a batch file. Execution of that file will result in cleaning all the cookies, cache and any other temporary data.

You can see what your CPU (stands for "central processing unit) is rated for by launching Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). Click the "Performance" tab at the top of the screen.


Software like Steam and Uplay can also be installed the same way, but they do need more setup after install. Uplay and Steam by default uses the same folder they're installed on for installing games. Change this in the Settings panel, to move games to the Games drive you created.

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools, and click Disk Defragmenter. Select which disk you wish to defragment and click Defragment.

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You can see this in action in our screenshot above. Although the "Base speed" is 4/20 GHz (in red), the current operating speed (orange) is shown as 4/37 GHz. At the moment this screenshot was taken, the CPU had a small turbo boost applied which enabled it to run faster than the base speed.


If you have Nvidia Ge Force, you may have to manually remove some old driver installation files. Information on this can be obtained on the net. Alternatively, you can also use Windows Administrative Tools.

Following the above steps does not guarantee you stay 100% free of clutter. Windows also saves a lot of unneeded information in its prefetch and temporary folder. This can be cleaned automatically with software like CCleaner.


How to See What CPU Is In Your PC

Viruses, malware, and many other malicious programs can install themselves automatically in your system. It is a serious threat not only to your security but also, since these programs run in background, to your processor power and RAM. This can slow down your computer considerably.

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Go to start and in Windows search. Type Turn Windows features on or off.

Catch up on both local and global trending news specially tailored for your interests. The rebooted news feed within the Opera Mini browser is powered by our powerful AI news engine. Follow your favourite channels to see topics personalised for you.


However, an SSD has no moving parts, which results in faster read and write times

Do not stop Defender if you are only using specific tools, like only an anti-virus program. Defender is a firewall and malware scanner, so don't stop it if your security program doesn't handle both of those tasks.

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Change your installation destinations. During installation software by default use C > Program Files > xyz as the destination, but almost all programs allow the user to change the destination folder. Use your new folders as your destination during installation.

An SSD won't make web sites load any faster, and it isn't really worth it if you only use a few applications

Adjust your power settings to cool your system. Cooling your system is tough and depends on lot of things. This small step will allow you to reduce processor temp up to 7 degrees without decreasing performance.


Some add-ons to browsers save files directly to library items. One must immediately remove and paste them to other folder. Doing this frequently will avoid fragmenting your C drive.