Donington Park has been simulated and can be driven in several racing simulations, such as Spirit of Speed 1937 (the 1937 version of the track is featured, as the name suggests). Another 1937 layout features in the popular rFactor simulation. This version is far more accurate than that of the Spirit of Speed version.

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Re: screensaver marine aquarium 3 and serial

The format for each is identical and the data can be copied between them. While we currently only allow you to edit the HUD in-game using the system documented above, you can freely copy the saved values to the entries for the front-end and in-game menus settings, and these will then also appear at the repositioned placement/rotation/scale settings.


Chatting of any kind during Qualifying and the Race is strictly prohibited. There is no need to say sorry/thanks/pitting/leaving pits/etc. Anything that needs to be said can wait until after the session.

I love racing the 1955 mod at Roosevelt Speedway (Pretending it's for the Vanderbilt Cup). I can't wait for the 1937 mod to be finished. I might be the only one who would also want a Pre-WW1 mod someday, but I am not going to complain with all the awesome mods we already have.


If you feel you were wronged in any way during an event and wish to report the incident, simply send the event organiser a private message. Please include a description of the incident along with a video. If you are unable to create a video, please include details such as who was involved and where the incident happened with a timestamp. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.

In what looks like another tactical move, the FOTA teams have agreed to push for KERS to be scrapped in 2021. They call the move a cost-saving initiative, which it undoubtedly is, but it’s also likely to rile Max Mosley, who demanded the systems be introduced this year at considerable cost to the teams.


I'll also just note at this point that each and every track seemingly can be changed to use drift physics, force lights on or even change time of day? I say seemingly, it doesn't work from what I've tested, which is sort of a bummer. Oh well, night racing on Milano with GT1 cars will have to stay a GTR2 thing.

On 18 November 2009, less than one month after it was confirmed that the Donington (browse around this web-site) had lost the right to host the British Grand Prix, circuit owner Donington Ventures Leisure Limited was placed into administration. Although Ecclestone gave the option of reviving the deal for new owners, in December 2009 Silverstone won the contract for the next 17 years.


You cannot have the same view open on both windows, although if you re using the client/server option this is possible. For an immediate view of the dash screen layout, so you can position it to your tastes then the Layout Now and Close Windows will allow you to play around with the dash placements. When the connection is made to the API the dashes will automatically be launched in the position you placed them. Please see Appendix A - Dash Views for a visual guide to the displays available. Logging Levels For normal operation I would leave the logging disabled as this will cause the log file to be written as the app is running. Certainly with full logging enabled this increase the both the CPU processing and the disk IO by a small amount. If you are experiencing issues with the app then you will likely be asked to enable this whilst we (well I really) help diagnose your problem. Module Status The enabled modules are visible here. There is no option for you to modify which modules are enabled.

Quote from anttt69 :That is a bit of a lump, i doubt very much they will leave the gradient like that. It will probably get smoothed out a bit otherwise the corner will be plain dangerous.


It’s one of those rare circuits where you can run side by side for half of the lap, switching positions corner by corner and constantly aiming for cutbacks. It also has one of the best sections of track anywhere in Europe from the run out of the first corner to the run back up the hill after Old Hairpin.

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Game Stock Car Extreme v1.21 Released

At present just the Core Analysis and Tyre Analysis tabs are available. As more chart groups are added they will be enabled here by default. One final noteworthy point on the charts is why the solid and dotted lines. When you have multiple laps selected the colouring can become cumbersome. So all charts have a single colour for the lap in question and two chart series. The first chart series has the solid line and is the first referenced on the vertical descriptor on the left of the chart. The second series has a dotted look. As you can clearly see from this graph I need to work on my braking as the tyre slip is far too high -) Analysis Layout You can move the various panes around, or change the sizing as you see fit. Any layout changes you make to the panes will be saved between sessions.

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Fixed an issue where, if Forced Default Setup is used, the pit crew would not change tyres until they’re completely worn. The tyres will now be changed when at least one tyre is worn down by 25% or more.

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Re: Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base - BMW GT2 Rim - Formula Rim

The problem is already arrive some day after purchase but it works again now. Is there a manufacturing defect of the base or transformer shook defective?


Gid plugin rfactor patch

As expected they contain info about the 4 new cars and the first version of the DX11 engine. I had a quick read and they mention being able to run at different times of the day and the ability to flash your head lights. Another new item was the tool that will allow you to capture video from within the sim which could be handy for speeding up creating new videos.


Re: TrackMap Plugin V0.95 32bit & 64bit by Fazerbox

I understand your reasoning to an point, but to evolve and remove from the converting tracks craze, to actually use the tools to build tracks! That in the end when people have learned the tools will be better than some if not all conversions.

There are also Alfa's and Maserati's. Like the Merc & Auto Union they all need editing. There are also other projects from that era. I would post jpegs but given the difficulty in bringing mods to life and falsely raising expectations I always hold back.


I ve listed a few of the features I m fairly certain I ll be investigating soon. The web site and the forums are the best place to look for the latest ideas and updates.

On 4 July 2008, Bernie Ecclestone announced that Donington Park (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5153) would hold the British Grand Prix from 2021 onwards in a 17-year deal, having been hosted exclusively by Silverstone since 1987. On 10 July 2008, the proposal was that the track would have a major upgrade designed by Hermann Tilke, to include an entirely new pit complex along Starkey's Straight and increasing the circuit length to 2/944 miles (4/738 km), by the addition of a new infield loop, to get it up to the standards required for modern day Formula One racing.


Nissan GT500 Released for rFactor

After five years at Brands Hatch, the WTCC moved to Donington Park (continue) in 2021. The event attracted thousands of people on race day, where the two races were both won by Yvan Muller for Chevrolet. The weekend also had two races for the Auto GP series as well as the Maserati Trofeo.

From quarters to $1m: the evolution of sim racing

Try 25 AI, Formula Vee, on Interlagos GP or Spielberg, start at the last position on the grid. Visible cars set to more than 26 (obviously) Still no stutters?


Fixed an issue where the Modified Cars Pack and Limited Edition DLC Invitationals and Accolades were visible for players who do not own these DLC packs. Entering these invitational events would cause the player and AI to be in non-matching vehicles.

2006 1000 km of Donington

I said the same thing to Victor when we met and he denied it, at last I am vindicated! Hills dont feel the same in sim racing!


Having to fire up the ignition, engage the clutch, raise the revs and select first gear every you start, while realistic gets boring. But it’s a clear and significant step forward from Pole Position.

The 'GapFix' at Coppice Corner is not included in your Fix2 files. The other two fixes look great, though!


Also, I've re-added the 3D marbles which were in one of the previous videos. These should only be visible if world detail is on the highest setting, although I didn't get chance to check whether this was actually the case.

AC Sim Racing System RSS GT1 Championship - Race

Also at the end of 2021, it was announced that Donington would become home to an annual historic motorsport event, the Donington Historic Festival (April 30-May 1, 2021). However, in 2021, the Fogarty Esses were modified for faster exit speeds. World Superbikes held the European Round in 2021 and 2021 at Donington (great post to read) but as from 2021 there will be no European round and the British round will move from Silverstone to Donington.

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F1 may finally be broadcast in true HD for the first time ever later this year. Discussions are under way about broadcasting the 2009 F1 season finale – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – in high definition.


Traxion WATCH: Donington Park Assetto Corsa Competizione track guide Comments Feed

Hello Everyone, This is my second scratch built track for Assetto Corsa. I wanted this one to be as accurate as I possibly could make it, but also by using some artistic licence to recreate the feeling of the place (and hopefully some of the magic i was hoping to capture). I spent hours researching all the information I could find from the internet, videos, pics, magazine articles etc, a lot of people here helped by sending me these so many thanks.

You need commitment, you need confidence and you need perfect timing to nail this section. It also has one of the best spots for spectating to go with it, a real dream for racing fans and drivers alike.


On 24 December 2009 it was announced that a buyer for Donington Ventures Leisure had not been found, which thus meant that the 150-year lease given by Wheatcroft & Son Ltd to Donington Ventures Leisure was terminated. The ownership immediately reverted to Wheatcroft & Son Ltd, now led by Kevin Wheatcroft in light of the death of his father in 2009. Wheatcroft vowed to re-open Donington Park as soon as possible. There were hopes to re-open the circuit in August 2021.

Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today. If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below. BMW deny Turkish GP boycott rumours “Wild rumours are circling in the paddock at Istanbul.


As @Denis Betty has said, try clearing your 'CBash' and 'Shaders' folders before reloading the game. Hopefully this will do the trick.

Donington Park lies south west of Nottingham, south east of Derby and is situated in Leicestershire. It is a matter of a few yards/metres east of the border with Derbyshire and indeed has a Derby postcode and telephone code. The western end of the runway at East Midlands Airport is just 400 yards from the eastern end of the racing track. It is also fairly close to the M1.


I haven't been aggressive at all, merely pointed out that there is no place for sim racers that steal cracked games here. Most of us buy the sims and support the devs with money that we have hard earn't by working. And no I haven't downloaded many RF2 workshop items, only the ISI ones actually if that;s OK with you?

The HUD controls are now all located on the numeric keypad. Toggling between position and rotation modes are done by pressing the NUM-0 key.


The configure screen is, hopefully, easier to follow than the disasters in the older versions of the app. As with the main tiles, some of these options will be either greyed out or unchangeable. Some of the features here are purely to aid in the development process and may never be fit for public consumption. Probably the most important new feature is the addition of the telemetry option, which is enabled by ensuring the option is enabled This will save the telemetry data for all your sessions when racing, be that online, local or just in a time trial. Note: Telemetry data is stored in the %ProgramData%\MikeyTT\vrHive\TelemetryData folder. Do not manually change or delete these files. This will very likely break parts of the app that look for this data. One other setting of note is the Reduce telemetry fidelity option. This will reduce the amount of data that is captured in the telemetry data file. For each 60 seconds of data read from the API this will create a 1MB data file on full fidelity and about KB when on reduced fidelity.

Donington Formula Two round

At present, Sim Racing Paddock has 579,145 views spread across 74 videos for Assetto Corsa, with His channel publishing over 3 days worth of content for the game. This is 13/10% of the total watchable video for Assetto Corsa on Sim Racing Paddock's YouTube channel.


Last for now, it would seem they wanted to bring the 550 back with the final DLC, much like they did with the F430. It's line in this particular database file is far more detailed than the others, but I doubt it actually works.

Donington Park (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1165) has a long history of holding rock festivals having played host to the Monsters of Rock festival from 1980 to the mid 90s, when groups such as AC/DC, Metallica and Iron Maiden performed there. With a few years off the park then played host to Stereophonics' A Day At The Races event and the Rock and Blues Festival in 2001, and the Ozzfest in 2002.


Donington GP bid looks to be over

With this release we are also launching a few brand new systems to further enhance your sim racing experience. We have added a DirectX 11 mode for the Sim to streamline the rendering process and reduce the CPU bottleneck inherent in our complex scenes. The Dynamic Tire Debris Accumulation system will actually show you in real-time what’s sticking to your tires based on our physics calculations and the Dynamic Track. We have also expanded our horizons, literally, and are proud to introduce the Time of Day feature including both Morning and Late Afternoon as options on all tracks and race modes. We have enhanced our Netcode with an option for greater bandwidth, allowing more information to pass between you and our servers. A new easy-to-use video capture tool has also been rolled directly into the Sim with this release. Also, our vehicle audio, including engine sounds, tires, gear shifting, and much more has been made even more realistic with this release. All of these systems help to enhance our realism and raise the bar on what you can expect from the quality of your favorite racing simulator.

Craig is gonna stand in as admin tonight. Craig, are there any changes you'd like to make to the schedule?


Le probleme est deja arriver quelque jour apres l'achat mais il a refonctionné tout de suite. Y a t'il un defaut de fabrication de la base ou le transformateur serrai défectueux?

Donington Park 1937 Beta

This is still work in progress but should be functional enough to race with. Any feedback very much appreciated.


Le Mans Series Donnington 1000 km

Over on the left hand side are the saved sessions. You must have Save telemetry data for analysis selected for any session data to be saved. I m still ironing out a few little bugs, like the map view, which doesn t seem to want to always stay within the available space, and the occasional loss of the session data groupings, which doesn t happen very often, but is very annoying when it does. Right Click (Lap) Menu Once a session is expanded the telemetry data is retrieved and made available for the charts. There is a right click menu on the laps, which provides more options. Add Compare The Add Compare menu will allow you to select 2 laps from any session to compare against. The Raw Data view in the right hand pane will show the additional comparison data. The data here is based on the telemetry point that is under the red vertical line on the charts.

Donington Park GP Circuit

Originally part of the Donington (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7984) Hall estate, it was created as a racing circuit during the pre-war period when the German Silver Arrows were battling for the European Championship. Used as a military vehicle storage depot during World War II, it fell into disrepair until bought by local construction entrepreneur Tom Wheatcroft. Revived under his ownership in the 1970s, it hosted a single Formula One race, but became the favoured home of the British round of the MotoGP motorcycling championship.


Reiza Studios ci aggiorna su Automobilista 2 con screens e video

NEW – Mandatory pit stop option. The Lobby admin can opt to force a single pitstop during any race.

I wanted to remark that I am running dual nVidia GTX460 (latest drivers) on a i7 970 chip and I am not having any of these issues. In reading the other posts, sounds like it may be an issue of some CPU getting too much load and even though my chip is now quite old, is still considered a very powerful chip and may be able to handle it better.


Greg nailed it, any sweepers in these cars are amazing. And to do it made me appreciate some fraction of what these guys were doing way back when. There is so much more power than grip that at a place like Bremgarten or Tripoli that once you wind the Merc or Auto Union up you have to - on every lap - get the limits and balance of the car to stay in your head and not ever get behind in your steering. The cars are unforgiving at fast places - even the understeering Merc - and challenging that limit has no reward. You're on a narrow ledge needing to stay calm, and as much as you want to do that, the car does not. But once the car settles into a pace you drive it like you own it; gently accelerate, hold the throttle steady, steer with the firm knowledge that either the front or the back of the car will break traction and learn to deliberately lift off the throttle; less for stopping and more for managing the weight transfer so the car will turn. Once that's done then all you have to do is race Rosemeyer or Rudi.

The original track was 2 mile 327 yd (3,518 m) in length, and based on normal width unsealed estate roads. The first motor cycle race took place on Whit Monday, 1931. For 1933 Craner obtained permission to build a permanent track, with the original layout widened and sealed at a cost of £12,000. The first car race was held on 25 March, followed by three car meetings further that year. The first Donington Park Trophy race was held on 7 October 1933, and the 20-lap invitation event was won by the Earl Howe in a Bugatti Type 51.