The suit: Tony wears a variety of increasingly bloodied suits throughout Scarface and even though his white suit is the most memorable, it's this look which we like the most. A crisp white pocket square and a pinstripe pattern, coupled with an ever-present gun, gives him iconic status in this shot.

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An astonishing fact is that the Ararakamra metal was an alloy of copper, zinc, lead and iron, the combination of which is impossible, according to modern metallurgy. Technically, the ”Young’s modulus” of this metal is said to be higher than that of steel, making it stronger. As the spacecraft had to be capable of resisting high temperature, on re-entering our atmosphere from the outer space, its body was made with a metal called ‘Raja Loha‘. Its special feature was that apart from resisting heat, it converted light from lightnings into energy. To crosscheck all these details, there were no furnaces available in Hyderabad to melt metals at a high temperature of 2500 degrees celcius, Mr. Prabhu lamented.

In a further article in The Herald, Joseph Gutheinz, Jr, a retired NASA Office of Inspector General Senior Special Agent, voiced his support for Gary McKinnon. Gutheinz, who is also an American criminal defence attorney and former Member of the Texas Criminal Justice Advisory Committee on Offenders with Medical and Mental Impairments, said that he feared Gary McKinnon would not find justice in the USA, because “the American judicial system turns a blind eye towards the needs of the mentally ill”.



Still, not all UFO activity can be accounted for by old Vimanas making trips to the Moon for some reason. Undoubtedly, some are from the Military Governments of the world, and possibly even from other planets.

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According to the Dronaparva, part of the Mahabarata, and the Ramayana, one Vimana described was shaped like a sphere and born along at great speed on a mighty wind generated by mercury. It moved like a UFO, going up, down, backwards and forwards as the pilot desired.

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In August 2009, Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour released an online single, “Chicago – Change the World”, on which he sang and played guitar, bass and keyboards, to promote awareness of McKinnon’s plight. A re-titled cover of the Graham Nash song “Chicago“, it featured Chrissie Hynde and Bob Geldof, plus McKinnon himself. It was produced by long-time Pink Floyd collaborator Chris Thomas and was made with Nash’s support.

With the capabilities inherent in the triangles, without a doubt, we control all near-earth space, off-planet exploration and any serious surface wars that would be directly against us. Not until a country announces a similar craft will we be forced to make our own admission and display our true dominance for the public to see. The longer it takes our enemies—and potential competitors–to build their versions of the mass less triangles, the better the odds against their ever gaining parity on that score alone. Despite what they suspect or know about our triangles, the smart potential adversaries would keep quiet as they do their own intense work.


She has received support from psychiatrist Professor Jeremy Turk of St George’s Hospital, London, who said that suicide was now an “almost certain inevitability”. On 10 November 2009, Janis Sharp gave evidence before the Select Committee for Home Affairs of the UK Parliament. The Committee backed calls for the extradition to be halted because of McKinnon’s “precarious state of mental health” and called for a comprehensive review of the extradition treaty.

It would seem that the Mahabharata is describing an atomic war! References like this one are not isolated; but battles, using a fantastic array of weapons and aerial vehicles are common in all the epic Indian books. One even describes a Vimana-Vailix battle on the Moon! The above section very accurately describes what an atomic explosion would look like and the effects of the radioactivity on the population. Jumping into water is the only respite.


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On 12 December 2007, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a 45-minute radio play about the case, The McKinnon Extradition by John Fletcher. It was re-broadcast on 2 September 2008. It was directed by Pete Atkin and produced by David Morley.

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The Indian Emperor Ashoka started a “Secret Society of the Nine Unknown Men”: great Indian scientists who were supposed to catalogue the many sciences. Ashoka kept their work secret because he was afraid that the advanced science catalogued by these men, culled from ancient Indian sources, would be used for the evil purpose of war, which Ashoka was strongly against, having been converted to Buddhism after defeating a rival army in a bloody battle.

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To further strengthen his claim, he said there were wall paintings in some forts in Rajasthan depicting the use of rockets in Mughal warfare and even by Tipu Sultan of Mysore. Another interesting fact he gave was that the spacecraft could become invisible on its own. The lead alloy (Thamogarbha loha) used in making the body of the spacecraft would absorb light around it in a photo chemical reaction that would make it disappear.

Vimanas took off vertically, and were capable of hovering in the sky, like a modern helicopter or dirigible. Bharadvajy the Wise refers to no less than 70 authorities and 10 experts of air travel in antiquity.


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This is but a small bit of recent evidence of anti-gravity and aerospace technology used by Indians. To really understand the technology, we must go much further back in time.


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Most of the world knows what the English letters of “UFO” represent and what they mean in some fashion. That understanding, that concept in itself, is a world-wide phenomenon of some note. Recognition and acceptance of the true meaning behind alien UFOs is a natural and required progressive step for humanity to travel because the triangles (one way or another) were derived from the bizarre physics of the UFOs and that foundation secret must be kept as long as possible even as the triangles become commonplace in our lives. So we have a rigged paradox surrounding the triangles/UFO relationship saga.

He quoted from the texts of a great scholar, Subbaraya Sastry, who, in a state of yogic trance, is said to have orally dictated the spacecraft technology in a period somewhere between 1875 and 1919, which was recorded by his disciples. The text, a copy of which is still in Nepal’s Royal Library, contained technical details on assembling, fabricating and erecting a spacecraft, the metals, semi-conductors, advanced alloys used and other minute aeronautical information. Though quite difficult to be believed on the face of it, the fact that this technology did not exist anywhere in the world – not even in America and Europe – in the mentioned period, makes it hard for one to disbelieve.


He even spoke on ‘Tripura Vimana‘ that was used to travel in space, water and on land, by using the metal ‘Trinetra loha‘. Mr. Prabhu said he had submitted the model and some more information on the ‘super metal’ to the Indian Metal Society Conference and further claimed that the advisor to the government on scientific affairs Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam too had asked him to bring the design of the plane.

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McKinnon has admitted in many public statements that he obtained unauthorised access to computer systems in the United States including those mentioned in the United States indictment. He claims his motivation, drawn from a statement made before the Washington Press Club on 9 May 2001 by “The Disclosure Project“, was to find evidence of UFOs, antigravity technology, and the suppression of “free energy”, all of which he claims to have proven through his actions.

On 23 January 2009, McKinnon won permission from the High Court to apply for a judicial review against his extradition. On 31 July 2009, the High Court announced that McKinnon had lost this appeal.


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McKinnon was first interviewed by police on 19 March 2002. After this interview, his computer was seized by the authorities. He was interviewed again on 8 August 2002, this time by the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU).

The following document is a continuation of the Blue Planet Project, and again, is believed to be the personal notes and scientific dairy of a scientist who was contracted by the government over several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor. He also wrote notes on or about any documents which he came in contact with, which in any way related directly or indirectly to the organization, structure or operation for the collection of such data.


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Another work called the Samaranganasutradhara describes how the vehicles were constructed. It is possible that mercury did have something to do with the propulsion, or more possibly, with the guidance system.

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If extradited to the US and charged, McKinnon would face up to 70 years in jail. He has expressed fears that he could be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

The second hand is the stopwatch, the left subdial shows the minutes. The small hand in the right subdial is a 24 hour display, the large hand runs with it, but has no apparent function.

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Writing on Easter Island, called Rongo-Rongo writing, is also undeciphered, and is uncannily similar to the Mohenjodaro script. Was Easter Island an air base for the Rama Empire’s Vimana route?


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The Vaimanika Sastra(or Vymaanika-Shaastra) has eight chapters with diagrams, describing three types of aircraft, including apparatuses that could neither catch on fire nor break. It also mentions 31 essential parts of these vehicles and 16 materials from which they are constructed, which absorb light and heat; for which reason they were considered suitable for the construction of Vimanas.


The U-2, SR-71 and the F-117A from the depths of Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works didn’t become known to the public until after years in practical use. Today the evidence is over whelming, secrets can be kept by aerospace industries and government. The so-called “black triangles” can be added to the list of secret black budget items. Funding would have come variously from “Star Wars” money, some of trillion that the Pentagon lost, programs that never were, and typically and easily done, “overruns,” tacked onto other projects built such as the very expensive B-2 bomber and the F-117A.

With the cataclysmic sinking of Atlantis and the wiping out of Rama with atomic weapons, the world collapsed into a “stone age” of sorts, and modern history picks up a few thousand years later. Yet, it would seem that not all the Vimanas and Vailixi of Rama and Atlantis were gone. Built to last for thousands of of years, many of them would still be in use, as evidenced by Ashoka’s “Nine Unknown Men” and the Lhasa manuscript.