The lead we will be making is the classic, detuned and gliding, dirty dutch lead. It has been used in countless productions including THIS remix by R3hab on the first drop. Furthermore, I will be remaking it in Massive, but you could do it in just about any analog or analog modeling synth.

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In this short article, we’ll explain to you how to disable right click using JavaScript. Sometimes you want to disable right-click to protect your own content or information from the user.


In order to get started, you need an Arduino UNO, a 74HC595 shift (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6488) register (NXP data sheet), and some LEDs. The figure below shows the wiring (click to enlarge). The LEDs may be connected to the eight shift (see page) register output pins (Q0 to Q7). Note that the shift register’s control wires (data, shift clock, and latch clock) are connected to the Arduino pins 2, 3, and 4. These pins can not be changed easily, because the library internally uses port manipulation to maximize performance. The Custom Wiring section of this post explains how these pins can be altered.

If Developer Tools aren't open then press F12 key on keyboard to show the Developer Tools. In Opera browser you have to use key combination Ctrl + Shift (browse around these guys) + i on keyboard to open it.


The Arduino Uno has six pins that support PWM output (namely 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11) which can be accessed using the function analogWrite. In some cases, however, more PWM pins might be required. This library makes the pins of a shift register PWM capable.

For calculating the compare-match-register values, I recommend using a timer interrupt calculator tool. The example sketch CustomTimerInterrupt demonstrates manual timer operation mode.


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Edit:Just to be perfectly clear, I'm not looking for/interested in workarounds for this problem. I'm hoping to find an actual solution that will remove the "Shift (browse around this website) key temporarily overrides Numlock" functionality on a Windows PC - even if it requires a BIOS or registry hack, modifying some Windows system file/s, or using additional software to accomplish it. This is the solution I'm interested in and would pay to have. I want to be able to actually send shift (additional hints)+numpad(0-9) shortcuts to apps on the PC the way I can using a Mac. Thank you for any help anyone can provide in figuring out how to accomplish this!

It is almost necessary for a blogger to protect his content from being copied in the field of blogging. Continue the blogging profession is more important than just starting a blog and leave it soon.


I want shift (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8622)-click to be replaced with a regular click. Meaning, when the user shift-clicks the link they will be taken to the "HREF" within the current browser window and NOT open up a new window.

Designed as a companion to the awesome Drupal Administration Menu module, Administration Menu Dropdown changes the way the Drupal Administration Menu is displayed. Once enabled the Administration Menu will be hidden.

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To show the settings just press F1 key on keyboard. The Developer Tools window must be focused when you are doing it. Or if you want to open the settings with the mouse then you have to click on ⋮ button in the top right corner of the Developer Tools, then click Settings in the menu.


Turn off strict checking -

WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site. It searches the basic text of the documents, as well as ALT text and any information contained in META "keywords" and "description" tags.

Javascript regex to disable shift, alt and ctrl keys

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Press Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Control+Shift (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=2041)+P (Windows, Linux) to open the Command Menu. Make sure that your cursor's focus is on the DevTools window, not your browser viewport.

Type there "Disable JavaScript" and then press Enter or click it with the mouse. If you want to turn back the enanled JS then open the Command Menu again and type there "Enable JavaScript (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/disable-shift-key-javascript.zip)" and then press Enter or click it with the mouse. You could also write just only "JavaScript" or "Java" there and then choose it with the mouse.


After setting up the hardware, download and install the library on your machine. Now you can run the example sketch Sine by uploading the following code. The sketch makes the LEDs of the shift register pulse like a sine wave (as shown in the introduction video).

JavaScript, HTML: How can I disable the Shift Key

An explanation for the resolution parameter can be found in the next section. It is important to keep the resolution as low as possible because the memory consumption grows linearly with it.


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The ShiftRegister PWM Library enables usage of shift (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9329) register pins as pulse-width modulated (PWM) pins. Instead of setting them to either high or low, the library lets the user set them to up to 256 PWM-levels. This post serves as a documentation page for the library and is to be extended over time.


While other libraries for different purposes offer to manually set the pins by passing them as parameters, the ShiftRegister PWM Library does not offer that for performance reasons. Nevertheless, there is an option to change the pins. For each of the three wires, two macros can be defined which contain (1) the port and (2) a bit selection mask. The following table lists the macros with descriptions and the default value.

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Occasionally something I did not anticipate ruins my scripts intended purpose. Since the mouse is going through the click actions with little to no hesitation (sleep), there is no way for me to pause or stop the script fast enough (via the task manager or task bar) since the mouse is unusable while the script is running.


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The PWM carrier frequency, denoted as $f_\text{carrier}$, is the frequency that at which PWM pulses are emitted. Its inverse value is the period. The Arduino’s carrier frequency is $490$ or $980$ Hz by default (reference).


If you have checkboxes in your table rows (items), you can simply set focus to the checkbox for the row once you've made the selection. Focusing on the checkbox should get rid of the browser selection.