The Homer Simpson doughnut holds a special place in the heart of any Simpsons fan. In the Simpsons universe, the doughnut originated from the Lard Lad Donut shop. Their mascot being a direct representation of Bob’s Big Boy. Along with Homer Simpson Chief Wiggum also goes nuts for these delectable D’oh Nuts.

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Put Off Their Food: Parodied in "Treehouse of Horror IX". In the "Starship Poopers" segment, Homer and Lisa lose their appetite after seeing Maggie's fang.


Moe: Okay, this concludes this year's Halloween show. We hope you had as much fun watching our show as the Koreans did animating it. But there's one group for whom every day is Halloween. I'm talking about adult illiterates. For them, trying to read the morning newspaper is more terrifying than any goblin, ghoul, spook or spirit.

Anal Probing: The short "Citizen Kang" from Treehouse of Horror V saw Homer abducted by Kang and Kodos. Homer's reaction to this is to say, "I suppose you want to probe me. Well, you might as well get it over with" and immediately drop his pants and moon his alien captors. Kang and Kodos respond to this in shock horror, begging, "Stop!

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The pink donut (view it now) is one of those classic images that is rooted in pop culture. While the exact origin of the iconic pink donut motif isn’t totally clear, the image itself is a go-to for pop art. From Dunkin’ Donuts to Odd Future to custom sneakers and custom handbags, it shows up everywhere; even Banksy took it on.


Smithers: Hahaha, priceless, sir. You made the word "ceremonies" frightening.

Another question, you say Willie disappears but his icon is still there. Are you referring to the "talk to" icon from M4? In M5, he shouldn't have an icon. I actually think it might have something to do with Willie being a gag in the school interior.


This is when using the launcher and just starting the normal exe. I'm running Windows XP in a virtual machine on a mac. I've updated to Net framework 4 and Direct X 9. Sorry If i've missed any info that would help diagnose this.

In the "Nightmare Cafeteria" part of Treehouse of Horror V, Springfield Elementary is suffering from both overcrowding in detention and food budget cuts. To solve both problems, the faculty starts eating the children one by one and sending the kids to "detention" for even minor infractions to process them as cattle.


An entire generation has already grown up on Bart’s hilarious jokes and the ingenuous wisdom of Lisa, on the kindness of Marge and the tricks of the cheerful Homer. For more than twenty years, this cartoon about the American family is in the spotlight and is gaining even more fans of this creation.

Severed Head Sports: Also happens on one of the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, again with Moe as the victim of a Mayan sacrifice. His head rolls down the stairs and is used by kids as a soccer ball.


Incriminating Indifference: Parodied in Treehouse of Horror X, after Marge accidentally runs Ned Flanders over, resulting in his death. At his funeral, Homer warns the family that appearing too sad might seem suspicious, so they enter the wake with bright smiles.

Burns: (as The Cryptkeeper) Hello, boils and ghouls! I am The Cryptkeeper, or should I say "master of scare-a-monies"!


Check out this post for the do’s and don’t’s of the Servers being down. You can also add your Caption to our latest Caption This! OR talk amogst yourselves as we make this post a special Wednesday Open Thread! Is this perhaps preparation for something big from EA in our games?

Tutorial: How to make Simpsons Hit and Run in cel-shading using Reshade

Thanks ed. What VM software are you using? Also, from the install location, I assume it's 32bit Windows XP?


The collection includes a selection of “dad hats”, t-shirts, a cycling cap, jersey, roll-top backpack, water bottle, bar tape, foot straps, and a saddle. The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition Accessories aim to spruce up your cycling experience, a mission which State Bicycle Co. has been faithfully adhering too since 2009. So, if you are up for striking look for cycling, this is it. Seriously, if I still have a bike, I would wrap the entire frame with the bar tape and top it off with the donut-themed saddle.

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Also, in The Teaser spoofing 127 Hours, he eats most of his limbs. He comments that he tastes good at one point.

Where to download- legally

I've released a new update, only took seven months. It's incomplete, as there's things I've wanted to do that I've lost the motivation to. There's still cool things I've done in this update that seemed a shame not to show off. I'm discontinuing Mystery Incorporated updates for the time being.


Discount applies to only one pin per purchase of a Simpsons snack bag

Outfit Hype Co. will replace your order if damaged and lost delivery time. In the rare event, the order shipped with a defect, we will offer a replacement if the defected reported within 30 days. If there is a fault and the customer does want a replacement a refund will be provided. We do not accept returns or replacements in the case where the customers need a smaller or larger size.

Simpsons Doughnut Maker - Ask a question now

Add 1-2 doughnuts to the oil without overcrowding the skillet, using a spatula or carefully with your hands. Fry for 30-45 seconds, or until bottom is a deep golden brown.


Lobotomy: In one alternate reality, Ned Flanders is an Overlord. Several people have a part of their brains removed and claim it feels good and they appear relaxed.

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Universal Remote Control: In the short "The Terror of Tiny Toon", Marge takes the batteries from the TV remote to stop Bart and Lisa watching an Itchy and Scratchy Halloween special, and Bart replaces them with a piece of plutonium he finds in Homer's toolbox. Afterwards, the remote starts displaying reality-warping properties including messing with Lisa's skin color with the Color buttons, sending Bart and Lisa into the cartoon when Enter is accidentally pushed, and reversing time with its Rewind button.

Jacksb7 Thanks Josh, I'll look at doing that then. Assuming it's just a simple copy across from the secondary machine?


The first five also contained a shot in the opening credits where the tombstones in the cemetery had amusing messages - such as the names of dead celebrities or cancelled TV shows. Treehouse of Horror V has one reading 'Amusing Tombstones', signalling that the tradition was going to be stopped.

After celebrating my new premium currency, I of course knew I had no need for a veritable armada of Bloodmobiles in Wookieetown so I sold them for $33000 each. The return was $2,376,000 which makes my total game dollars spent for the whole experiment $7,128,000. Did I mention I leveled up my XP bar 7 times and earned 21 FREE donuts? Basically 3 donuts at a million cash each but it might’ve been more if I were you.


Simpsons Donut Transparent Background

Return dough to a floured surface, and using a rolling pin roll it out to 1/2 – 1 inch thickness. Using a cookie cutter or floured plating ring, cut out circles from the dough (3-4 inches). Using a smaller cutter or shot glass, cut holes in the middle of the circles, reserving dough holes for later frying. Place cut dough and holes on a floured baking sheet and cover.

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A have corrected download link on my website. This one is without your mod launcher inside zip package.

These are The Simpsons (hop over to this site)' special annual Halloween Episodes. Earlier installments have the onscreen title of The Simpsons (additional info) Halloween Special. Every season but the first one has had one.


Treehouse of Horror XVII

Burns of course parodies the '92 version of him in Bart Simpson's Dracula. Drac also shows up at the beginning of Treehouse of Horror XX (dressed up as Iron Man at one point) with the wolfman, Frankenstein's monster and the mummy.

Lisa Download Free PNG

Well, I hope this comes as good news for some of you and something to look forward to for others. I know not everyone has a huge bankroll but I there certainly are quite a few who do. Happy tapa-tapa-tapping everybody. Keep on keeping on and stay classy.

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From time to time Tappers new and old can get caught up in the game and forget some of the basics, that can cause a delay in your game. While we have a full New Tappers Guide on Addicts, sometimes you just want the information at your fingertips right away so you can get back to tapping as quickly as possible. Keeping that in mind, we’ve started a new biweekly column for the “quick hit” information Tappers need to keep the game moving. Here’s where you can find all of our tips and tricks to help your game move along smoothly.


Army of the Ages: Bart uses a DeLorean time machine and changed history where Marge married Artie Ziff instead of Homer, and are rich. Homer tries to counter it with an army of Homers across history. They all get easily beaten up by Bart and Artie.

Continuity Nod: Ironically given the premise of the specials - but the Couch Gag for Treehouse of Horror X has the family dressed as forms they ended up taking in previous specials. Bart is the fly boy from VIII, Maggie is her half-alien form from IX, Homer is his jack-in-the-box form from II, and Marge is the witch from VIII. Lisa's costume is original (which is probably why she gets zapped with a ray gun).


One last little note before I go on this. While XP farming can be lucrative, just make sure you leave yourself some money in your bank. Nothing worse than spending it all before new stuff comes out. You know the next building in Level 42 is gonna cost a mint if previous levels are any indication. My suggestion is to always leave a mil or three for the future.

The Simpsons Halloween Special

The Teaser: The first two and the fifth had homages to Frankenstein (1931), with Marge addressing the audience. These Cold Openings were common place after the framing stories were dropped, though each varies in length and characters.


Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.26.1 is now available

Remove dough from mixing bowl and place on floured surface. Gently knead dough until smooth. Place dough in oiled bowl and cover.

The Salem Witch trial parody in another Halloween episode had Marge and her sisters, being witches for the act, take up the Flanders idea that they would eat children. They even ate a bunch of kids off-screen before they reached the Flanders.


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I know that Bug Fixes is meant for serious bugs but I was thinking if you could integrate some additional fixes such as some missing peds when using All Characters cheat, if it's possible to edit cheats at the moment. I don't want any game mechanics changed obviously, that's something that mods usually do. I thought that fixing the Cell Phone cars (the driver behavior and making all 4 variants appear on L2M7) wouldn't change the gameplay, that's why I suggested that.

Breaking and Bloodsucking: In the parody of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Bart and his friends are flying outside Lisa's window, telling her the silly perks of being a vampire.


Many of the tales feature Affectionate Parodies of contemporary Horror Films. Others are inspired by more traditional horror — there is even a Dramatic Reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" in the first "Treehouse" episode.

The Simpsons Hit & Run - Polish Translation

He doesn't make it to the top, and falls down in exhaustion. Cut to the planes flying around the top of the tower, with the pilots looking confused.


For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself: Subverted in XX when Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy and Frankenstein head out to do their usual scaring on a Halloween night and are made fun of by Jumbo, Dolph and Kearney for their "old fashioned" costumes. They rectify it by going into a nearby costume shop and come out dressed as Iron Man, Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow and Spongebob Squarepants respectively.

In a small saucepan, heat the milk until warm (90 degrees). Remove from heat and stir in yeast. Let mixture sit for 5 minutes or until foamy.


Demoted to Extra: Since it is an unwritten rule that Kang and Kodos have to appear in every Treehouse episode, as the years go by, their roles have been gradually diminishing to this. While the writers attempt to give them speaking lines, their most recent appearances have been mainly obligatory.

The simpsons farmer homer

Yank the Dog's Chain: The ending of XI's "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad". With one minute left to perform a good deed in order to get into Heaven, Homer saves a baby from a runaway carriage.


Simpsons Duff Beer Soft Touch Key Holder

Couch Gag: The first few specials(3-10) featured a darker spin, such as the family being zombies, the family shown dead and hanging from nooses (with Maggie being barely alive enough to suck on her pacifier), or dropping dead in front of the Grim Reaper who was waiting for them on the couch. One time they didn't make it to the couch at all (which was for the best since Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were waiting on the couch for them).

Use this key cover for the key that you need to find FIRST! I use key covers that are similar to this one for all the rest of my keys, but this one is the best. I was skeptical about how it would perform when I first slipped it over the key, because the hole at the top doesn't allow a keyring to also loop through the hole in the key itself. I had imagined that the key might slip out at some point, and that there'd be a missing key somewhere. This hasn't happened, not even a little slippage. The material that the key cover is made of grips the key and holds it in place. It's also about 15% larger than my other key covers, so it's the first one that my hand gravitates towards in my pocket when I reach for my keys. Another benefit to the design is that I didn't have to SQUEEZE the key into place. Some of my other key covers are already tearing from being stretched over the keys that they cover. My only complaint is that only one side shows the doughnut!


Your Brain Won't Be Much of a Meal: In "Treehouse of Horror III", a zombie horde clamoring for "Braaaains" inspects Homer's head, then abandon him in disgust. Most ridiculously, the zombie taps Homer on the head and a very hollow sound is heard before it moves along.

Instead of placing 13 stations, one mobile does the trick. Basically, it cuts down on the time it takes to earn the XP. Reader Vogst pointed this out recently and after I saw reader Alpine1M and others comment on it, I had to investigate. Jebus knows I was Burns rich in money anyways.


Principal Skinner: "I've got a gut feeling Uter's around here somewhere. In fact, isn't there a little Uter in all of us?

Homer offers himself to a zombie horde so that his family can escape. He's ultimately rejected, as he doesn't have a brain for the zombies to eat.


Media Gallery for Simpsons Doughnut Maker

Crying Wolf: "The Day the Earth Looked Stupid" has the residents of Springfield listening to Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938 and panicking. Then they learn it was only a hoax. Then Kang and Kodos launch a real invasion, reasoning correctly that the townspeople will dimiss it as another hoax.

Oddly enough, due to the Fox network's commitment to televising baseball's World Series, few of the "Treehouse" episodes since 2000 have aired anywhere near Halloween itself. For most of the 2000s they were scheduled after Halloween, in November; since 2021 they've typically aired earlier in October.


Beware the Nice Ones: Ned Flanders turning evil (or being secretly already evil) is a frequent plot. So far he's been Satan (especially ironic since Ned is a devout Christian); a global dictator in an alternate timeline; an undead werewolf; Satan again; and a Well-Intentioned Extremist serial killer, though the last one was Homer’s fault.

In Treehouse of Horror XXI, Homer lets the vampires suck on his blood (to save Lisa from becoming a vampire). His blood was filled with bad cholestrol, which poisons them.


Simpsons Hit And Run Harder Edition

In particular, Treehouse of Horror IV and V fell into this, a conscious choice by (then) showrunner David Mirkin, who claimed that Halloween specials should be both scary and funny. Beginning with VI, the first under Mirkin's successors Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, the specials, while still having gory moments, weren't quite as intense.

Make frosting / raspberry glaze. While doughnuts cool, press berries through a mesh sieve to collect juice.


Attach dough hook to stand mixer. In stand mixer bowl, beat together eggs, butter, sugar, salt and yeast mixture. Once consistent, add 1 cup of the flour and beat until combined. Slowly add the rest of the flour until dough pulls away from sides of bowl, adding more flour if necessary.

For the youngins, the pink donut (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3832) might take on a different meaning. Los Angeles' own Odd Future took the world by storm because they were rapping about wildness kids got up to. Apparently, this included eaten donuts because their logo also uses the pink donut (additional hints) motif.


In a small mixing bowl, beat together milk, powdered sugar and berry juice. Add red food coloring as preferred.