After I posted last night I found the developer keygen, so I generated a developer key and saved that in my startkey manager. Would I need to reinstall xentry to get it to accept the new key or should it just work?

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Find WIS/ASRA activation Startkey in Tools folder. Copy and paste ID and activation key to corresponding area.


I installed the xentry successfully but i do not have a das shortcut in the desktop. Could you please help me with this and is there any guide in how to activate das and xentry (find out this here) software?

Mercedes BENZ C6 software does not support DAS(Chassis model: 169/245/211/207/221/171/231/164) and HHT. When using xentry, as long as it jumps to DAS or HHT software, the diagnosis is not supported.


It's Internal Hard Disk to boot laptop, CANNOT use as external Hard Disk, otherwise will damage the software files. We will not provide after-sale service due to this problem.

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EPC, however, when launching the EWA Admin Tool (after installing it), requires administrator rights which are not available on the Star (default login) account. I've also tried logging into the Owner account to run it as well as going into safe mode to run it from the Administrator account and neither of them allow me to run the EWA Admin Tool with administrator rights.


Does device listed for COM2 have the word "SERIAL" in it? If no delete driver and reinstall.

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Hi have installed the system on a IBM T30 and i have this multiplexer. But xentry do not reorganize the multiplexer.

MB Star diagnosis Software List

I was able to program with Vcx-Nano. I programmed Ford Mustang PCM and some other things with no issues. Unless your definition of "programming" is something else.


To install Addons custom Internet connection and run the utility automatic updates “Online Update BG” (utility runs automatically about every 20 minutes). Download Addons in automatic mode can last for 2 – 3 hours. The downloaded Addons are installed in the system at the next reboot of the system. You can also install Addons in manual mode from the official website.

When I tried using it in early January of this year all of a sudden it wouldn't work and Ford IDS would give me errors about license being expired. So after some digging around I noticed that in the VX Manager under "Licenses" tab there were NO licenses - the page was blank! The VM did come with a little tool that supposedly extended the license but even that didn't work. I then tried clicking the "License" button in the VX Manager (see this website) but that gave me an error, something about unable to get license, BUT when I clicked it few more times eventually it worked and said licenses updated. I looked under the "Licenses" tab and viola, the licenses were back BUT it said they are all expired on 12-31-2021!


VCX Nano IDS Ford 119.01

I have an opportunity to order Xentry (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7524) Passthru legaly, but what about account? There is no information for this at their site.

Download Snappy Driver Installer from link in attachment. Its free and works better then DriverPackSolutuions by installing only the necessary drivers and not the entire driver pack like DPS tends to do.

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