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  • First look at the Soundbooth CS4 beta
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Print the speech, I pray youSpeaking of features that have a lot of potential but need additional attention, there’s Soundbooth (blog here)’s new Speech Transcription feature. Using a speech-to-text engine that Adobe declined to name, Soundbooth attempts to turn spoken words into text. You have the option to choose High (slower) or Medium (faster) transcription, and if you have multiple people speaking, the program will attempt to identify each speaker.


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All that said, much of the point of this feature is so that you can navigate quickly through a long spoken file by clicking on words in the transcript (when you do this, the word is selected in the waveform). Even if the transcription is only 50-percent accurate (and those are the kind of results I saw in initial testing), it’s likely that you’ll find enough of the text you’re after to easily navigate through the file.

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Score: 9.3/10 ProdID: 2070 - Adobe Creative Suite 4: Production PremiumDeveloped by: Adobe Systems Inc

To do much more than add fades, adjust volume, cut and paste entire audio tracks, and reposition tracks in the timeline, you must open the track in a separate edit panel. Once this panel is open you can then add markers and effects to the track, cut and paste portions of an audio track, and ask Soundbooth to transcribe audio to text.


The idea and execution are simple. Choose Match Volume from the Tasks menu and drag files into the Files to Match pane. Click Match Volume, and the program analyses the files, attempting to make them play at approximately the same volume. In the few tests I conducted in my time with the beta, it works remarkably well when you use separate tracks, with each speaker having sole possession of their track. When volume is radically different within a single track—you have two speakers sharing one microphone and one is loud and the other quiet—it’s not as effective. It’s better, but there’s still a perceivable difference in volume, and the waveform display reflects this. Fortunately, you can eyeball the waveform, select the quiet portions, and easily increase their volume with the track’s volume control. And, of course, this is just a beta. I hope Adobe continues to tweak this feature as it will be incredibly valuable to a lot of people.

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Each track bears the expected Mute, Solo, Volume, and Pan controls to the left side and a representation of the sound wave to the right. A master volume control is found at the top of the tracks.


Then I pull the main interview into a multitrack file (think: Photoshop Layers), pull in the advertisements, roll-in and roll-out tracks and adjust the volumes and export the finished podcast as an MP3 and import into our podcast hosting service and away we go! Before I starting using Soundbooth, there’s no way in the world I’d be able to do this all myself in just about three hours start to finish!

A screenshot of Autumn Leaves in Adobe Photoshop CS5

This format places all the project’s audio resources within a saved file and these files can be used by other compatible Adobe CS4 applications. With the file format comes non-destructive editing, meaning that all the original assets are left untouched. Should you wish to revert to the original asset—backtrack by issuing multiple Undo commands, for example, or go back in time after imposing snapshots on your project as you work on it—you can do so without altering your source files.


This format can be imported into Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4, and Flash CS4 Professional

Wierd, annoying, and utterly frustrating. Hopefully an update patch will fix this and set a limit on the amount of 'vertical' space an icon can move from it's parent before being forcably restrained.

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Interface similar to other CS4 interfaces

The unedited results are not the kind of thing you’ll want to post as a transcript of your audio, as mistakes abound. I tested the feature with a couple of files from a recent podcast in which all speakers enunciated reasonably, and some of the resulting text was laughable. It does a decent job of ignoring “ums” and “ahs,” but if a person speaks quickly and jams words too close together, the transcription goes off the rails. If you like, you’re welcome to double-click on mistakes in the transcription pane and type the correct words.

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Tuesday’s release of the Soundbooth (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/soundbooth-cs4-keygen-s.zip) CS4 beta demonstrates that Adobe has its ears open to the needs of those who demand more from an audio editor. Not only does Soundbooth CS4 include multitrack editing and allow you to place multiple AutoComposed scores into a single project, it also offers some compelling new features.

Many Soundbooth users will likely find the inability to perform these kinds of tasks while simultaneously viewing all other tracks confusing. For example, unless you move to this edit view you can’t modify effects you’ve added to a track. Why make users take an extra step to do this? Moreover, you can apply markers only when you’re editing an individual track, and once you’ve imposed markers, you see very little evidence of them in multitrack view. Although you can navigate through markers when viewing the entire multitrack project using the keyboard, it would be nice to be able to see the names of your markers in the timeline and Markers panel when you have the multitrack view open. Other audio editors work this way and Soundbooth should as well.


Adobe soundbooth cs5 is a popular, trial version software only available for windows, that belongs to the

This will trigger a little detector routine which will scan your files, detect the base rhythm and display cool orange fader-bars in the waveform panel indicating where the beats are, making for cleaner loops and splices. For those die hard sound-splicers, there is a tool you'll fairly worship after you give it a go. the "Automatic Sound Correction" feature. Available in two flavours: 'Volume Correction' for single files, and 'Match Volume' for equalising volume across a range of clips. Easy to use, effective and (relatively) quick, it's a feature that once used will always be used.

Just drag a few tracks into the Volume Correction panel and Soundbooth will attempt to match their volumes

Premiere will now import, with full clarity, projects put together in FinalCut. Import them, and treat them just like a movie clip! This will save you a lot of pointless rendering time, and allow you to tweak it to suit the final footage requirements.


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When you choose Save As or Export, you can choose how you’d like to export your file. For example, save your project as an AIFF file and you can choose a sample rate from 8- to 96Kbps and bitrate from 8- to 32 Bit Float.

Simply put, the Soundbooth task-based model means that you are doing most of your edits and adjustments right on the waveform or spectral frequency display. Honestly, it’s nowhere near as scary as it all sounds, and there are so many cool tools and tasks that will sweeten your audio, clean up stray sounds and more. With Soundbooth (navigate to these guys) you’re seeing sound, and after a little while, it just “clicked” for me. My visual editing skills and understanding of photography, Photoshop, and image information representations such as histograms translated over to working with sound waves and a familiar set of Adobe workflows and tools.


Adobe Creative Suite 4: Production Premium product reviews

So much of my work on the TechTock podcasts is accomplished visually thanks to Soundbooth. I can now instantly recognize the geometric “ladder” SFD of my phone’s mute beep, and Soundbooth (try this) has several ways of eliminating or seriously diminishing this intruding sound, should it overlap important sound. My voice and my guest’s voices have different SFD prints, so it is very easy to quickly identify voice switch points, and boost the signal and shave the noise.

Due to the sheer volume of text I would need to include, in order to make a comprehensive review of the applications in this, and CS4 suites, I will review the key applications in each suite based on their target market. For a fuller picture of the various applications, it is advised you read all three reviews.


Another great tool is the Searchable Speech. Run your clips through the speech recognition engine and it will convert any recognisable speech into text embedded in the metadata. You can search for key words, and by clicking on them be taken directly to the frame in which it is spoken.

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This was a lot of fun to play with during testing, when I had the opportunity to add new scenery into footage taken of a window as someone walked past it. Stunning stuff! It's a little complicated to describe, and your best bet is to watch a few tutorials on it before you get into it. but with some serious study and practice, it will become a favoured tool and strip significant $'s off your shooting budget. No more reshoots to fix background scenery!