Enjoy its magic, Chroma keying has never been so great! Your KEY36 account and extraction bundles can also be used with the CloudKO Lite web app.

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  • and other select key features
  • Test and run code in your own private workspace, then share to others for viewing
  • Key Correct takes keying further with multi-step features for managing edges, wire rigging and blending mattes
  • That shadow cast on the blue screen directly behind the foliage was a result of the bright key light
  • The three essential lights are the key light, the fill light, and the back light
  • The green background must be evenly lit, or shadowed areas will be harder to key out
  • Primatte works only on 24-bit color space files, which would be RGB or CMYK mode
  • With each release of Primatte Chromakey, the software becomes more automatic and easy to use

RGBmachine is a unique photo editor for fast manual processing of digital photos. The software lets you quickly crop and color correct jpeg images. Photographers may appreciate RGBmachine completely, facing significant amount of works.


Primatte chroma key 5.1 adobe

A Device-free Locator using Computer Vision Techniques ©

I checked out the DV Matte site a few days ago (DV Garage). The info on the site is old, they way it works with FCP 2 & 4 (not 3) and they have not updated it since.

  • Digital Anarchy only develops and sells the Photoshop version of Primatte
  • Go home to get some sleep while Primatte does the work
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  • Can't see Primatte in Photoshop, German or French language
  • How do I add a backdrop or overlay in Primatte
  • See how a pro is incorporating Primatte into his workflow
  • This error means that Primatte can't properly find all of its support files
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  • In fact, Primatte works faster with 16-bit files than with 8-bit files
  • Ensures top-quality results from popular keyers such as Primatte Keyer, Keylight, and Ultimatte
  • New tutorials for Primatte Event show information specific to working in Apple Aperture
  • Primatte keeps details that are often difficult, like wispy hair and sheer fabric
  • These checkboxes tell Primatte what you want the tool to work on
  • Steps to create an Alpha Channel or Layer Mask with Primatte Tutorial
  • How does Primatte get rid of the hot spots in my photo
Best affordable chroma-key plug-in
1 Greenscreen Tutorials for Primatte Event 99%
2 Advanced Green Screen Tutorial: How-To Only Chroma Key 2%
3 Quickstart Guide & Primatte manual 68%
4 Best way to chroma key a greenscreen without a plu 46%
5 Frequent questions about Primatte 45%
6 Virtual set chroma key photoshop 18%

Color Correct Webcam Software

I use DV Garage’s Conduit for DV and HD keying on an Intel Mac Pro and it’s terrific! DV Matte Pro, is good from what I hear, but Conduit can give you a lot more fine tuning capabilities.


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Primatte Event is a plugin that turns Aperture into a real time green screen photography solution. By using Aperture'sTtethering feature, photos can be captured live, processed in Primatte, and then printed or saved all in a couple of minutes. It's an incredibly powerful way of handling event, school, little league sports or any type of photography that requires a live shooting environment.

Veescope Signals 1/0.1 is such a professional program which revolutionizes color correcting in Final Cut Pro. It's innovative video scopes allow you to make color adjusts easier and more accurately than ever before.