Smilegate has great news for all Crossfire Europe fans! The Go4Crossfire January cup series held together with ESL will be the Qualifier to CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2021, taking place on March 3rd in Katowice, Poland.

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CFS HQ knows how much our CFers has been waiting for the CFS Invitational to return. Last time we announced CFS INVITATIONAL Brazil 2021, and now we are once again overjoyed to announce another CFS Invitational tournament that will be held this year!


User Manual for MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard

Even after settling on what I assumed were achievable design specs for SpaceMerc, I had to scale them way back in order to (a) keep the app itself small enough to fit in one of the Pebble’s eight allotted app slots and (b) prevent the app’s use of dynamic memory and persistent storage from crashing the game at runtime. Naturally, this was frustrating because it meant I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do and feared the gameplay experience might suffer as a result. On the other hand, it also felt liberating: by forcing me to lower my ambitions, it enabled me to reach a stopping point much sooner than I otherwise would have.

Free Open Source Multi-User Dungeons Software

The addition of NPCs is one of two crucial differences between this game and MazeCrawler (the other being the player’s ability to shoot). I knew I had to nail this aspect of the game if I wanted anyone to take SpaceMerc seriously, but I also knew I was working with very limited graphical capabilities, not to mention limited memory. I did the best I could and overall I’m fairly pleased with the results.


The map scale is about 250 yards per hex. Each combat represents unit a platoon (10 to 15 men), one leader, or one APC (Armored Personnel Carrier, M-113s).

Obviously, it would’ve been nice to provide a vast array of enemies, each with unique stats, behavior, and graphics, but that wasn’t feasible. In the end, I was satisfied to have seven different enemies, some of which share the same stats or graphical elements, and all of which exhibit the same simplistic behavior: pursue the player, then attack.


Download an official MSI user manual

Pebbles of Power that may be equipped to cast spells or infused into other items to imbue them with magical properties. Needless to say, I also hoped these would provide a fun connection to the name of the device on which the game runs!

I may continue tweaking and improving SpaceMerc from time to time, so please share any feedback you have about the game, especially any changes you’d like to see. Most of my time and attention, however, is now reserved for PebbleQuest: the action-RPG I’ve been working towards since the moment I bought a Pebble watch.


Readers of my SpaceMerc postmortem will recall repeated assertions of “I couldn’t do this” and “I had to drop that” due to memory concerns, but it turns out I should have been more optimistic. I have since discovered several more strategies for reducing app size without sacrificing much, if any, content and I’m sure many more would have been found if only I had more time to experiment or had greater expertise with the C language.

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Finally, I have a more general complaint. Why make each of the DotP titles so elaborate in terms of graphics and animations, yet so limited in terms of scope, deck-building options, and gameplay options? Of course, the main reason is probably money: the publisher may feel that by continuously producing different-and-slightly-improved-yet-still-highly-limited DotP games each year, they are increasing the odds that their hordes of adoring fans will buy the latest title every year. But listen, Wizards of the Coast: you’ll almost certainly get even more sales if you make each of these titles a little more versatile and expansive. For example, now that “Archenemy” and “Planechase” modes have been available in Magic 2021 and Magic 2021 respectively, why not include these modes in all subsequent DotP titles? And as for deck-building, at the very least I would like to see an option to repeatedly delete any decks I’ve built in “Sealed Play” mode in order to open new booster packs and build new decks. A high degree of freedom and variability is crucial to the long-term success of any game or series of games, in my opinion.


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As mentioned above, the small screen size and dearth of colors may be viewed as a pro or con depending on one’s taste and the task at hand. True, it makes some things simpler, but if you want certain kinds of visual effects—such as perspective, shading, and clear differentiation of surfaces in a 3D environment—don’t expect a walk in the park. Nonetheless, if you have the requisite patience and didn’t sleep too much during your math classes, you’ll find you can accomplish just about anything with the graphics functions, animations, bitmap layers, etc, provided by the SDK. Furthermore, I’m a firm believer that, so long as the overall experience is great, most people are willing to accept “retro” graphics and allow their imagination to fill in the details.

Now that it’s actually 2021, I’ve decided it’s time to write up a review of Magic 2021—Duels of the Planeswalkers: the fourth installment in the Duels of the Planeswalkers (DotP) video game series. Developed by Stainless Games and published by Wizards of the Coast, the DotP series has been bringing the beautifully-designed collectible card game Magic: The Gathering to Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 since 2021 (2009 on Xbox 360). As an avid Magic fan, I’ve enjoyed each of the DotP titles and was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to test Magic 2021 during my stint as a software test engineer in the Seattle area. Overall, each title has been an improvement on the one that went before, and Magic 2021 is no exception.


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Intel I219-V provides you with fast, optimized gaming-quality Gigabit LAN connectivity. Moreover, you can use the optional MSI GAMING LAN Manager to automatically classify and prioritize your gaming traffic.

But this will not give you all power over the world. Your goal is not to make a lot of money – but.


After that, my attention strayed somewhat to other projects, but by late September my spare time was once again dedicated almost entirely to PebbleQuest. Perusing my code with fresh eyes, I discovered several more ways to save memory, allowing gradual incorporation of, if not everything, then at least all the most essential elements from my original design. Overjoyed to see the game finally approaching my initial vision, I continued testing, fine-tuning, and polishing it until my self-imposed absolute deadline: Christmas morning.

I’m pleased to announce that MazeCrawler—a 3D, first-person, maze-navigation game for the Pebble smartwatch (SDK 2/0)—is now complete and available as a free download. Check out the official MazeCrawler page or MyPebbleFaces.com for additional information and to download the game.


It’s also nice that, for now at least, every Pebble on the planet is virtually identical. There’s no need to worry about variations in processing speed, RAM, screen resolution, etc. This makes testing very straightforward: if your app performs perfectly on one Pebble watch, it should do the same on all of them.

The 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment was composed mainly of conscript soldiers. The Viet Cong D445 Local Force Battalion had dominance in this area but the Australians were increasing their activity. Most contacts with the Viet Cong were small squads and so Australian doctrine was to carry light loads and attack aggressively. The local Viet Cong commander, Colonel Nguyen Than Hong, aimed to make a large attack on 6th Bn causing a politically unacceptable loss, hoping to cause its withdrawal. The Viet Cong 275 Regiment moved south intending to attack. The VC continually formed assault waves and moved forward but were decimated by artillery fire. The soldiers of D Company showed excellent discipline holding their line and repulsing any VC that got through the artillery barrage. D Company were supported by 24 105mm and 155mm guns from Australian, New Zealand artillery units and the US 2/35 Battalion, which fired deeper into VC positions. Over 3,000 rounds of artillery were fired. The Australian A Battery fired rounds every 15 seconds for three hours.


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I’m tempted to give this game a higher rating, especially since I’m thrilled to finally be dueling Planeswalkers on my Android tablet, but I just can’t justify it given all the drawbacks mentioned above. Still, Magic 2021 is a decent game, certainly deserving of a solid 6/10. Whether you’re new to Magic or have a Black Lotus framed on your wall, I recommend trying out this game along with each of the other titles in the DotP series. It’s available on Android tablets via Amazon and Google Play, on iPad via the iOS App Store, on PC via Steam, on Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE, and on PS3 via the Sony Entertainment Network.

Drawing a simple laser beam and animating it with help from an AppTimer actually wasn’t much of a challenge, nor was it difficult to handle dealing damage to the first enemy or wall hit by said laser, but there was, and still is, one small issue: the player’s attack speed is not constant. Sometimes the gun shoots more rapidly or sluggishly than intended. It seems to be related to the number of walls in the player’s field of view, but, unfortunately, I have yet to find a workable solution to this problem (more on this later).


Speaking of online resources, there are already several helpful websites for those interested specifically in Pebble app development. There is an official Develop for Pebble website complete with thorough API Documentation, Development Guides, and a Developer Blog. There’s also an official Pebble Forums site that includes a Developer Discussion area, and Pebble development is also discussed on other sites such as Stack Overflow and reddit. One particularly helpful member of the Pebble development community created CloudPebble: an online IDE that greatly simplifies the development process and is now officially sponsored by Pebble.

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Smartwatch games should be simple and intuitive, possibly nostalgic or familiar in some way, and perhaps capable of being left on to be played sporadically throughout the day. You’ll notice that none of the top Pebble games are of the first-person action variety since these will generally fail the “simple and intuitive” criterion. That’s not to say there isn’t a niche market for such games, but they’ll never be as popular as casual games, and that’s understandable given the tiny screen size, limited controls, etc. So, if your heart’s set on crafting an experience similar to your favorite first-person game, be sure to thoughtfully consider various ways the basic concepts behind that game could be adapted to the unique characteristics and typical use cases of your target platform.


Magic: The Gathering Arena is a 2D online collectible card game based on the widely-popular real-world CCG game, Magic: The Gathering. Select a deck type, collect cards, build your deck according to your play-style, and fight it out with other players in real-time card battles.

I’ve been following the news about smartwatches and other forms of wearable technology for some time now and find it very encouraging. Several impressive smartwatches are now available, including one that impressed me enough to buy it: the Pebble, which connects to iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth.


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You can also increase your attack power through upgrades, but one thing you cannot do, unfortunately, is switch between different weapons. I do plan on implementing multiple weapons (and spells) in PebbleQuest, however, so you can look forward to that!


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I’ve found working on MazeCrawler to be extremely rewarding. Naturally, there are frustrating moments now and then, as tends to be the case for any software development project, but on the whole I am enjoying the experience, learning a great deal, and gaining increased confidence in my software engineering skills as well as my problem-solving skills more generally. But enough about that: I’d like to offer a little more detail regarding what you can expect from my forthcoming Pebble games.

Another benefit of running into memory limitations was that it gave me an excuse to put on my “serious software engineer” hat and do something I suspected I ought to do anyway: comb through all my code again looking for each and every function, block of code, line of code, and code fragment that could be improved, trimmed down, or removed altogether. This meant cutting out superfluous error-checking, reducing my use of conditionals (“if” statements and the like), being careful about when I used integers versus floating point numbers, shortening string variables, eliminating unnecessary variables, and so forth. Sure, this may not be most people’s idea of a good time, but once you dive in, it’s surprising how much fun it can be. Well, maybe “fun” is the wrong word, but it feels good to have the power to solve problems and improve things.


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A sense of progress is crucial to any video game, whether it be through points, leveling, loot-gathering, increasing difficulty, the advancement of a narrative, the opening of new vistas, or whatever else. Having abandoned in-game items, and not wanting to simply tally up points, I provided an “Upgrade” system in SpaceMerc whereby money earned from missions can be spent to improve your stats, presumably by visiting a technician, cyberneticist, doctor, or other relevant expert in your current corner of the galaxy.

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While we’re on the topic of debugging, I suppose I should acknowledge more fully that, yes, there is one significant drawback to the Pebble’s reliance on the C programming language: even with modern compilers, it is a remarkably error-prone language. Knowing this from the outset, I swore I would never read or write past the end of an array or make any other memory-related mistakes, but it has happened a few times, causing my Pebble to temporarily freeze or immediately restart. One time, I even sent my Pebble into recovery mode!


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In a more complex RPG, I would have gone with a wider range of basic attributes, perhaps something like the six attributes of Dungeons & Dragons, the seven “SPECIAL” attributes of the Fallout series, or the eight attributes of the first four Elder Scrolls games. As it is, PebbleQuest‘s attributes and leveling system actually have a lot in common with the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls series: Skyrim.

Finally, because I currently reside in Taiwan, I feel compelled to mention my disappointment that the Pebble OS does not yet natively support Chinese characters or any other writing system not based on the Roman alphabet. There are a few apps out there that provide support for additional languages, but those apps are still a little bit buggy and the notifications they produce aren’t as “pretty” as standard Pebble notifications, so I would like to see better options in the near future, preferably provided by the official Pebble team.



More than ever before, developers are creating native Linux (and macOS) builds of their PC games. This is also true of more general applications, such as Discord and Spotify. Windows is still the primary market, so not everyone ports to other systems, but that’s starting to seem like the exception rather than the rule.

It’s also worth noting that they could put a little more effort into the storyline associated with the “Campaign” mode. I’m glad they at least have something, and yes, I’ve already claimed that the game ought to be smaller and simpler, but if you’re going to include any sort of story, whether through text or short video clips, at least give it some depth and make it interesting. Brief scenes of Chandra Nalaar leaping around and rambling about a fire-spell scroll and the enemies I’m about to face didn’t do much for me.


Pebtris: The Pebble version of Tetris, one of the greatest video games of all time. Classic remakes are fun, even when they don’t lend themselves perfectly well to a smartwatch’s limited controls. Other classics worth checking out include Pebloid, Asteroids, Snakey, Rogue, and Chess.

In general, eliminate any function that’s only called once throughout your program. In other words, directly incorporate that function’s code into the function that called it.


Tiny Bird: Based on the simple, surprisingly popular, somewhat controversial, and now unavailable mobile game Flappy Bird, this game does require constant attention, but it’s still well-suited to the Pebble platform owing to its one-button control scheme. Personally, I hate this game, but a lot of people clearly love it and it’s easy to build, so we should expect many more games of this sort in the years ahead.

Enlarge the picture of MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard

Linux has become my operating system of choice. Not only for general computing, web surfing, and pet projects, but also high-end gaming and game development, including my work as lead game designer and programmer at Golden Drake Studios. I mean, look, I’ll admit it: I still boot up Microsoft Windows now and then since there’s a (rapidly shrinking) number of games I enjoy that work better, or more conveniently, in that environment. Also, credit where credit’s due: I really like the overall look and feel of Windows 10 and it’s nice that Microsoft now directly supports a Linux subsystem. Nonetheless, customization is limited and certain “features,” such as forced updates, provide regular reminders that Windows doesn’t fully respect user freedom. Similarly, though I’m grateful to Apple for facilitating my childhood exposure to computers and cannot deny their products are appealing in some ways, they represent an even more draconian environment: far from full freedom despite macOS being built on an open-source, Unix-like foundation named Darwin.


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These are designed by some very well-known designers and are a low cost alternative to today's professionally produced games. On rare occasions, some of these games are reproduced by other companies with higher quality components including die-cut counters but most of them are not. If you believe this game to have a professionally produced version, please contact us with your inquiry and we will help you to locate it if it does indeed exist.

First of all, this game took an extraordinarily long time to download onto my tablet and is currently attempting an equally arduous update. Seriously, it never ends no matter how long I leave my tablet on and downloading: I’ve already stopped and restarted the update a few times because it ends up taking so long I can only assume it’s encountered an error! This issue probably depends greatly on the specifics of your device, the quality of your internet connection, etc, and on PC/consoles I’ve never felt bothered by the size of DotP games, but it is worth mentioning that, on mobile devices, size definitely matters, and smaller is always better.


Of course, there is an abundance of resources for general debugging of C code, but these are of limited use when dealing with issues peculiar to the Pebble environment. Perhaps CloudPebble will eventually expand to include more advanced debugging tools, including an online Pebble emulator?

In addition to sharing any feedback you have about SpaceMerc, please let me know what you’d like to see in PebbleQuest. In particular, would you have a strong preference between real-time and turn-based combat? If you generally prefer action-RPGs, but a turn-based RPG could offer more content, would that change your mind in this instance? Feel free to share all your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. And finally, thanks for taking an interest in SpaceMerc and all my indie Pebble games!


It may be quite a while before PebbleQuest is released because I’m combing through my code yet again looking for even more ways to save memory and squeeze in content. Once complete, my hope is that PebbleQuest will offer even more than SpaceMerc in terms of gameplay variety, character customization, and narrative.

Naturally, there are also a few cons to Pebble app development. Foremost among these, in my mind, is the current lack of a Pebble emulator and certain other more feature-rich, Pebble-specific tools to assist in testing and debugging apps.


Game Design & Development

Wherever the burgeoning field of smartwatch gaming takes us, I hope it can be said that PebbleQuest and its predecessors, MazeCrawler and SpaceMerc, have contributed to its early development and inspired some of today’s young tech enthusiasts to envision and implement their own app concepts. In other words, I hope I did indeed “make awesome happen” and that I encouraged others to do the same!

Keep conditional statements to a minimum, but where they can’t be avoided, if–else is often more memory-efficient than switch, in my experience. Experiment on your own, case-by-case, to be absolutely sure.

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If you’re curious, yes, I have settled on a personal Ubuntu-based favorite: Linux Mint, with Cinnamon as the desktop environment. In early 2021 I tried going back to default Ubuntu, but though I can definitely see why some people love the GNOME 3 environment, I’m not a huge fan. I turned instead to Xubuntu for several months because I kinda-sorta like XFCE, but that desktop environment really is lagging behind in terms of quick and easy integration with all the features of modern hardware as well as the overall “feel” and functionality most users now expect. I mean, sure, it offers an impressive array of customization options, but those only go so far.


The answer may be yes, just as it can be for Windows or macOS, so the next question is: Were they able to resolve those issues in a timely manner, or at all? If you see evidence that an insurmountable or excessively time-consuming issue is likely, you may want to see if another distro (or desktop environment) would serve you better. Alternatively, if you’re currently using Windows or macOS and know that the software in question works well under that OS, you may want to set up a dual-boot situation. In many cases, running that OS as a virtual machine within Linux is a great solution as it allows you to run both operating systems at the same time. Again, thorough research (and backing-up of data) is recommended before making any commitments. Speaking of which, you’ll also want to investigate whether your specific laptop or desktop hardware is likely to “play well” with the distro you’re considering.

At first, I designed the narration system to be animated, revealing letters one at a time, but for the sake of trimming things down I later removed that functionality. I also shortened narration texts as much as I could, freeing up memory at the cost of making mission descriptions rather terse.


The DDR4 RAM slots on this motherboard feature optimized traces and a fully isolated memory circuit for stable performance. It also supports a variety of RAM from different manufacturers, so be sure to check if yours is compatible. Moreover, you can easily toggle on XMP (Intel Extreme Memory Profile) with just a single click within BIOS.

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Not only is the game bulky, it’s also a bit slow and clumsy at times, like a lumbering Hill Giant. Loading screens already linger longer than they should on PC/consoles, but the experience is far worse on a tablet, even one as powerful as my Asus TF300. Once a match begins, gameplay is usually pretty smooth, but not when more than two players are involved, and the transitions between different screens and matches really should be faster. Take heed, oh ye developers of Stainless Games: this is just a card game, not a 3D first-person shooter! It’s okay to tone down the graphics and animations a bit, giving players a smoother experience as they enjoy the brilliant, simple mechanics that made this game a classic.