Ostensibly, the messages from Wright (of unknown provenance) are in response to claims—shared by Karpelès—that the coins which were stolen in a hack on Dr. Wright’s network last year originated from the Mt Gox hack in 2021 (the ‘1Feex address’). According to Dr. Wright, the 1Feex coins were purchased from an exchange some time prior to the Mt. Gox theft and that no one—either affiliated with Mt. Gox or otherwise—has ever approached him about ownership of the coins. This despite Dr. Wright putting himself on record as the owner of the coins (indirectly or directly) since 2021, which would have been the perfect time for Karpelès or anyone else to raise the issue.

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There’s another problem with Bitcoin – passwords. If you lose the password to your bitcoins, you’ve lost your bitcoins. And, there is no way to EVER get them back.

What if the Vatican Bank offered to referee Bitcoin and make sure buyers of Bitcoins were protected and that their transactions were 100% confidential? The Vatican Bank already is the ONLY banking system worldwide which is not required to report it depositors to the World Banking Commission, and thus expose tax dodgers and the drug cartel. The World Bank has wimped out on enforcing this with the Vatican Bank, saying, "We had to decide if the Vatican Bank is a bank or a national treasury.


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We may get slight glimpses of his glory, we may occasionally get a dim view of some of his beauty, we may feel a little warming of his love in our bosoms; but only when alone with him are we awed into wonder at the sight of his glory and great beauty. It is only then that we see him in his purity and feel the warm sunshine of his love. It is only then that our hearts can be deeply impressed with the knowledge that he is God, and in childlikeness we can look up to him and call him Father.

I did not totally invent that. It is true that the final book keeping bottom line of the Vatican Bank is known to no one but the Pope. Virtually no banking system in the world is as secret and well guarded as the Vatican Bank.


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All of this Satanic soap opera will be in the name of Jehovah God of the Bible, and THAT is the most powerful seduction. Long ago Satan said, "I will be like the Most High," and the Great Tribulation is the era in which he convinces the world he is God. An old friend, now with the Lord, said he believed the Antichrist would carry a King James Bible. The world will be so deluded that they will not have a clue what the Bible says about anything, but the King James Bible is the ancient standard, and the deception will be strong.

Thus, anyone who refuses the Mark of the Beast may well receive a visit from the Office of the Inquisitor, now known as The Holy Office. It may also be that local law enforcement will be put under dire threat from the Office of the Inquisitor if they do not arrest and deliver up descenters to the Roman Whore for torture. This was the technique used in the Middle (or Dark) Ages, and it was the technique used by the Reformers John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli to round up Anabaptists for torture and death.


Vast numbers of young people have learned little or nothing from their parents. They were dropped in front of a TV to be amused while Mom busied herself, or worse, they were raised in a day care center.

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It will be promised that criminal fraud will be virtually ended. Drug lords, who traffic in only cash to protect their identity, will not be able to hide their trade.

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Where is this place - Alone with God? It is in his Word, and in his creation. The heavens declare the Glory of God," said David. If you will not get alone with God, he will merely be a stranger to you when you meet him in heaven.



Based on other Bible texts, we know that a day's wage, when the above verses were given by God to John, was one penny. Thus, enough flour to make about three loaves of bread will cost a day's wage. Some have associated this with the weather disruption and famine God brings to the world during the Great Tribulation. This may well be part of this terrible time of famine, but it seems that the total lack of buying power will contribute immensely to this time of universal starvation.

Add Bitcoin, and the world will no longer need anyone's currency. Bitcoin could eventually be backed by oil reserves. There is some serious evidence that oil replenishes itself. This has happened in the San Juaquin Valley of California. So, as close as we are to the Rapture of the Lord's Church, it is very obvious that oil will be at the center of world commerce. This is why I dealt with oil last in this discussion.


Item name: Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing 

In the run up to the Great Tribulation, dear Bible believer, you are a freak, at least you better be. The world, especially the White Race nations, are now eliminating History and the study of Government from all school curricula. They are also using the mad policy that it is cruel to tell a student that he failed a class and must repeat it. All pupils must be passed on and told they are special and ready to conquer the world.

At the time of his passing on July 27, 1999, Martin was at work on what he said would be his most controversial and important book. Primacy: How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church became a Creature of The New World Order was to deal with power and the papacy.


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The whole health caare system of most White Race nations has devolved into pill pushing and the latest greatest vaccination. These are peddled by the pharmaceutical companies by bribing the US Government Health agencies, and by advertising to sucker potential patients until they beg their doctor for the latest drug. Ironically, all vaccinations are laced with mercury, allegedly as a preservative. Right, and embalming fluid is also a great preservative. The mercury seems to be directly related to autism in children, and Alzheimer's in older adults. But, the masses believe the lies, vaccinate their babies, and the kids have no immunity later in life because they never got sick.


I would suggest, pastor, that you take one Sunday, maybe four times a year, and sing acapella Let the people choose ALL the hymns. For Praise, ask people to speak in praise of God, not mentioning even what he did for them last week.

We are now down to these two groups - those who love the Truth and believe on the name of Jesus Christ, and those who love and make lies. If it were not for the total commitment of the ungodly to love lies, the Antichrist, the Pope, world national leaders, and criminal merchants would make no progress in their quest to rally the whole world to global and religious unity.



This interview explains how the Catholic Church has become a Democracy with a kind of Parliament. This system, while we Bible believers don't worry about it, morphs the Catholic Church into a world government competing with other world political forces. The only question is, is the Catholic Church winning? The Vatican will win, in my view, because religion has more cultural power that politics.

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I went to tune the piano of an older couple one day in Arizona. These people were quite wealthy, and their home decor was early Ikea. While talking about various things, I noted a small photo mounted and sitting on the mantel.


The Mark of the Beast is not government or military driven, it is market driven. People will be looking for a political tyranny, and while they are distracted, the Antichrist will offer them a hack proof buying and selling option - a mark. People will be delighted, take the mark, and go on looking for a political tyrant. People who refuse the Mark will not have a government agents knocking on the door - they will just starve because they cannot buy.

Osteen is terrified of being perceived as going against the mob's standards. So, he lets God keep the Bible and be the fall guy for the wicked to attack, while Osteen slaps God's face and loads the pews with filthy agents for Satan. And, the sodomites wave their arms in the air and scream for Jesus, though I don't know who this Jesus really is.

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Medical schools teach nothing about nutrition and prevention of disease - they teach doctors to do tests, run the numbers, and prescribe pills. The vast majority of doctors make no effort to help their patients get OFF of drugs or make life style and diet changes. This is because the doctors were taught NOTHING about that option, and if they do know alternatives, they are terrified to mention them because their peers will laugh at them.


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This is total destruction, including all data backups and records of investments. But, to the world at large, those put their wealth into the Whore Vatican Bank, everything they deposited there will be virtually gone. This will then result in a total collapse of commerce and monetary exchange worldwide.

But, in reality, people love to be found by some online store, or by the local super market, that is, if in being tracked they get a discount on some new toy. People who were raised in the manner of the above topic, Stupid Button Pushers, love to be nannied along to make life easier and convenient.


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What about all those creative posters on Facebook. Do-gooders love to make these and pop them on you as if you just heard from God himself. Signs should be for the highway to advertise the next hamburger joint.

If we combine the Bitcoin principles, though a new unit of money will likely replace Bitcoin, the principle of wealth floating in space anonymously could well be part of the Mark economy. All taxes would be collected at payday, and governments would be forced to live with only what they collect legally. The suggestion that big government would be restrained by the RFID would be highly seductive.


It is a war for monetary freedom, and ordinarily the masses would lose. History tells us that the elite and the royalty of the ages have prevailed over the people 90% of the time, especially in the area of monetary and banking endeavors. But, prophetically, the masses will win this time, indeed, ARE winning. We are in the Laodicean age, according to the Bible above, and we need to anticipate at least a sharing of economic and monetary power by the Laodiceans and the Nicolaitans.

Being ready means being born again and ready to be removed from this horror by Jesus Christ. But, the Rapture of the Church does not imply that we will not participate in the run up to the Great Tribulation. As I write, China and Asia are teetering over the abyss economically. Anything could happen over period of a couple of days which would crash the whole world economy and force massive change.


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Only this could explain the deferring of the scam. So, this tells us that the economy, especially the dollar, is about to crash, and the hidden hand up above are trying to save the life of the cow that produces the cream. But, the crash is historically imminent.

This is the way with the whole world at large today. The Laodiceans are hammering the Nicolaitans at the top, and the Nicolaitans adjust the rules and guidelines of the New World Order to placate the Laodiceans' lusts.


Smaller local churches are often ruled from the pew also. Men with deep pockets load the offering plate until the church and pastor are heavily beholding to these men for the church budget. Then, after the pastor preaches on divorce as Jesus and Paul taught on it, the rich man stops giving. He is divorced and needs to hear that his sin is OK with God. Once the preacher changes his position on divorce and invites the rich man onto the church board as treasurer, alas, the budget heals itself at once.

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But, do not think that Laodicea cannot enter your church or home. You will have to fight this off 24/7 if you wish to have Christ at the center of your home and church life.


So, while the merchants, or corporations, of the world dominate the Nicolaitan top, the Laodiceans will keep forcing the top to deliver what they crave. Basically, what I believe is presented in Bible prophecy for the immediate future is massive anarchy, but not with guns. The Laodiceans will fight the top with purchasing power, civil disobedience, state level rebellious legislation, and with a new monetary system which gives the masses anonymous monetary power.

If you watched the whole video, you must agree that no bank in world history is dirtier, and thus, just the sort of financial institution Satan would want for his Antichrist kingdom. The world is so charmed by Pope Francis that it will never occur to the demented and deluded rulers of the world that the Vatican Bank's history makes it the last place where a sane person should deposit his wealth.


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The "THEY" in verse 3 are people in the local church. Paul's letter is to Christians, and he is predicting that, one day down the road, people IN CHURCH will not endure sound doctrine.


Was having this issue, and figured out what was wrong. It was simple, and something I did not think of right away. Make sure you turn your VPN off before trying to make the purchase.

What would you do without if you knew it would please Jesus? Do you need to talk about this with your family?


Witness please the FACT that 90% of all Reformed heritage Christians have no eschatology, no zeal for the prophetic areas of Scripture. Some are Preterists and claim all the prophecies in the Old Testament have already been fulfilled. This helps Lutherans who tell us that Israel is gone forever, that is, God has no plans for a future Israel. This was the theme of Luther, then 400 years later for Kittel, and Adolph Hitler used Kittel as his proof that the Jews were hated by God and needed to be eliminated.

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For this reason, the early church called Sunday "The Lord's Day" in many places in the Bible, and they met on that day to worship and fellowship. And, the last revelation given, the book of The Revelation, the end and close of the Bible, was given on the Lord's day to the Apostle John. Read the book of The Revelation, Chapter One, verses 1-10 for yourself.


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The indictments relate to two schemes allegedly orchestrated by McAfee and Watson. The first involved McAfee using Twitter to promote multiple ICOs while publicly claiming that he was impartial: in reality, he was paid over US$23 million worth of digital assets for his endorsements. The second was the pump-and-dump scheme, where the two would buy digital assets right before promoting them to McAfee’s one million plus followers and then selling the assets once the endorsements led to a price increase. The indictments also accuse McAfee of laundering the proceeds of this scheme via an unnamed exchange operating in the Southern District of New York.

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For the record, I have a Facebook account. I like the idea of keeping contact with old friends and family who are far away. But, it makes me mad when someone who could drop by for coffee settles for "fellowship" in cyberspace. The whole world culture is becoming impersonal and crude as people opt to keep touch with friends via technology, rather than over coffee at a nearby restaurant. I have even heard of family members, in the same house, texting each other so they didn't have to walk across the house.


You need to provide your account. It's an account sharing service.

Now, according to the filings, Hayes and defendant Ben Delo are willing to surrender to authorities in April. In Hayes’ case, the plan is apparently to turn himself in in Hawaii.


To whatever degree your thinking is infected by these people, that is the degree to which you are inhaling the incense of Antichrist, even before he arrives. I would encourage you to sit down with your family and talk about this. What ways can you use the Bible to rearrange your priorities with regard to the world around you? Are you behaving like Jesus would if he walked every day in your steps? Even a third grader can think these thoughts, so why not you, Daddy?

Get this straight folks- The USA is nowhere in Bible prophecy. At any instant God will destroy the USA's place in the international community so that the US cannot duck about in the Middle East and get in the way of prophetic progress. Personally, I suspect the USA will be taken apart by rebellion along the various states, and, after Washington DC trues to bash heads for a while, the whole thing will break up into small states or regional unions. This will make very sure the Middle East, Russia, Israel, and Europe are not overshadowed by some big bully, as they are now.


Contrary to what John Calvin told his benighted followers, YOU HAVE A WILL. I do not know how Calvinists make up their mind when they are handed a menu in a restaurant, what with God deciding all of their choices in eternity past.

When Jesus had anything of great importance to say to his disciples, he always took them aside from the multitude. When he was transfigured, he took three of his disciples into a mountain apart from all the world. When he was one time alone praying with his disciples, he asked them who he was. Peter answered, "The Christ of God". It was only when he was alone with them and after prayer that he could bring them into such nearness to him that they might know in their hearts that he was the Son of God. When amid the active duties of life and when in contact with the world, we can scarcely come into that sacred nearness to God that will enable us to feel in our hearts all that God is.


You will get Reins of the Corrupted Dreadwing. 

You need to see how the Vatican has become the most powerful dictatorship on earth, and you need to realize that the Vatican Bank is potentially the most powerful bank on earth. This is because only one man knows exactly what happens in the Vatican Bank - the Pope. There is vast potential for intrigue and manipulation of virtually any world government based on the secret accounts in the Vatican Bank.

The hierarchy he set in place transitioned into what we now know as the Roman Catholic Church. As a side note, the ecclesiastical manifestation of Nicolaitanism is personified in Pope Francis and his bishops. Christ thus hates their system, and we need to understand that he is going to destroy the whole structure of the Roman Whore Church soon. Any of you who are charmed by Pope Francis are stupid fools. You are exalting this pimp of Satan who is presently courting all of Christendom with his sweet talk and his tolerance of sodomy.


Ask yourself this question: How much has the Beast system and the love of money taken hold of my soul and mind? Do you have a little Beast in your soul? Go for a walk now, and take inventory please.

Have you ever considered that there is not one graphic in the Bible, at least not one that is inspired of God. God paints pretty pictures all right. Just take a walk in the woods, or go watch the sun set over the ocean.


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Whenever the Nicolaitans get a leg up on the Laodiceans, the Laodiceans will dive into Bitcoin and other refuges we have not yet seen. Watch for large financial barter clubs to soon appear.

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Into this chaos the Antichrist will step, and he will convince the rulers of the world that he can bring the Laodiceans under control with his Mark. Can you see why the most seemingly rational and skeptical national rulers and bankers will be charmed by the Antichrist?


Crypto Crime Cartel: John McAfee, Arthur Hayes arrested and more Mt Gox deflection

I suspect that Obama, or more accurately his handlers, see down the road that China and Russia will be forced to join the trade agreement if they want the marketing advantage offered by this lawless maneuver. But, I am convinced, based on Bible prophecy, that if there is any such trade agreement in China, it will be with BRICS.

The song is too complicated to be sung, but the words flash on the monster screen, and the masses and asses try to sing along. No one cares, but that chick is sure cool. And, the drummer is hot this morning.


Alone with God - the Laodiceans of today are terrified of being alone. That is why portable music is an addiction in modern society, and background music is imperative, even in some elevators. So. It is no wonder that Christians who have been seriously affected by the modern mind set believe worship has to be done in a mob.

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Thus, I am adding a discussion of the world as we now know it socially, morally, intellectually, and spiritually. This is the world you Bible believers live in, and it will only get worse. I am adding this because the mental deformities of modern world populations are preparing them to, without a second thought, give the Satanic Antichrist hugs and kisses.


So, beware of the signs of Satan on the Internet and in modern life. They are devilish slop, parading under the guise of wisdom, for pin heads with too much time on their hands. By the way, what is the point of the above poster?

The platform of your local church is not a performance area. The ONLY reason for a platform is so that the people can see the Bible teacher better.


This has certainly been a fascinating study. I have never done anything quite like this one.

So, in the end, it seems that Dr. Wright and Mr. Karpelès are not as far apart as Karpelès might have you believe. Despite that, Karpelès demanded (via Twitter) a formal apology and a retraction concerning the claim that Karpelès is a ‘convicted embezzler’.


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CAUTION: We are not now factoring in the masses in rebellion, that is, the Laodiceans, in this sub-topic. We are only talking about the contest between the world's national leaders and the world's bankers. The men with the most money, bankers and merchants, will win. Or, more bluntly, the side with the biggest cash hoard will bribe and control the other side. Collectively, the world merchants and bankers have vastly more liquid cash than world government.

There is a monumental famine worldwide. Cereal grains become exceedingly scarce. We can now see the possibility of this just ahead. Monsanto is trying to take possession of all world agriculture with its hybrid and GMO seed options. This forces the farmers who opt into their seeds to stay with them, and they have to buy new seed every year. Heirloom seed, which can be saved from last year's crop for planting this year, is a thing of the past.


Thus, God attacks the root of all human wickedness - the world's economies, their investments, and the very money in their pockets or bank accounts by which they survive. It is hard to even imagine the extreme misery the world will experience when their Mark, which they took from the Antichrist, is zeroed out and they cannot buy a crust of bread.

I used to always get my coins as I subed now I never get them till the end of the month. Absolute bs. I sub because there is value to it. If it keeps up I'm removing the game tbh.


The lesson for a Bible believer is rather urgent. If you are born again, you will not be experiencing most of what you read about above.

And, this process is under way NOW, what with the Internet to connect every soul on earth with either the top or the bottom, the Nicolaitans or the Laodiceans. And, the frantic urge by the rulers to number and follow every soul in real time is clearly a harbinger of things to come during the Satanic kingdom, when the Mark of Antichrist is universally forced upon humanity.


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Some people do not even know their spouse's phone number. They punch it into their contacts, set up a hot button, and punch "2" and Send. These people NEED a nanny, and they welcome every short cut and hot key to ease the pain of thinking for themselves.


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Told me they took it on their last cruise to Greece. It turned out they went on cruises often, but the thing that startled me was that their home had no gongs and trinkets on the walls or flat surfaces. The lady eventually explained that they didn't even get off the ship when it was in port. The lady actually told me that she got her thrill out of dancing with the captain of the ship on the poop deck.

This is how the Vatican will dominate the world. And, Antichrist will love it as long as some way is arranged for him to get a cut of the cake. If the Pope happens to be the Antichrist, so much the better for the game plan.


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So, get off of the platform for one Sunday, walk the aisles, and ask the people of God to praise his Holy Name, AND NOTHING ELSE. If this terrifies you, preacher, you may not even be born again yourself. Are you the center of all activity in the local church, or is Jesus Christ exalted? If Christ is the Head of your local church, and if you are born again, why are you not spending whole Sundays exalting him? The end of such a Sunday might well be to have the Lord's Supper.

It will be very convenient. Already, RFIDs are in use in various areas of the world and the USA, and we see videos of people walking through check out lines, or into buildings, and they simply wave at a device on the wall and keep walking.


There is a lot of confusion about how the Antichrist will dominate the world. The Mark of the Beast is taught about, but even in the Mark, most prophecy teachers fail to see how it self-drives itself and is enforced.

The SDA doctrine claims that Sunday worship is the Mark of the Beast. They claim it was instituted by the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, they confound the whole biblical teaching of the mark being for buying and selling, which was made clear above in this study. The reason the SDAs cling to this heresy is because they hold Ellen G White in higher regard than they do the Bible. For this reason, they will all go to hell if they do not dump Ellen G White as a revelator. Revelation 22:18-19 makes is VERY clear that adding revelation is damning.


This is why the Republicans have backed Obama on this bill. As crazy as it is to watch the Republicans assist Obama, and the Democrats attack the trade bill, the Republicans have many reasons to want this bill.

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Are we on a leash to the New World Order and preparing ourselves for the Mark of the Beast? Will the day come when we do not need the cell phone because we can get an implant that will interface with our mind and let us talk to anyone on earth by an act of the will.

The evil in it is that Satan is the power behind it. The Mark of the Beast, if Satan were removed from it, would solve many of the monetary ills of the world and free people from the bondage of criminal government, crooked bankers, and from muggers. Well, at least until is was hacked. The key factor to the Mark of the Beast, which may include an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device), is that it leaves the world of technology and is empowered by Satan himself, and this can only happen during the Great Tribulation. This will be the last tango of Satan before the Kingdom rule of Jesus Christ.


As a side note, we consider whether or not the Pope could be the Antichrist or the false prophet. Many Catholics consider the Vatican today to be a virtual moral and spiritual sewer.

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