This book is a high-yield, targeted, rapid review for the American Board of Family Medicine Certification and Recertification Examination and the In-training Examination for Family Medicine Residents. Written in the most distilled, concise format, the book highlights certain crucial facts that are consistently used in the development of Board questions, and that candidates should study thoroughly in the last few weeks before the examination. Bratton's 1000 Facts will help candidates solidify their knowledge base and provide the confidence to perform well on the upcoming examination. It is an ideal companion to Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review.

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Mayor Lee, in his SFPD hiring plan, has accelerated the hiring of 250 new police officers over the next two years. The hiring plan will allow the City to meet its mandatory staffing requirement of 1,971 officers in June of 2021, a full year ahead of schedule. Through the budget process, he has increased civilian oversight, provided more training for officers and is deploying body cameras for every SFPD police officer on the street. The Mayor's hiring plan is complimented by the new Community Safety Initiative to recruit young people from within the City's diverse communities that are most impacted by violence. Recruitment of sworn police officers from the City's hardest-to-serve young people that have been exposed to long-term and repeated adversity and violence can play a critical role in interrupting and stopping the cycle of violence, provide healthy interaction with police officers and will improve community trust.


Fitness is great! Concerta Weight Reduction Comments Feed

Also detailed in the documents is a proposal for how to disperse the money. Garner's widow will received about $2/4 million. His children will receive sums that range from $195,000 to $996,000. His mother, Gwen Carr, will receive $124,000 for acting as administrator of his estate, and the law firm that represented the family will receive $2/3 million, or one-third, which is a common attorney fee. The family's first attorney, Sanford Rubenstein, fired amid an unrelated sex assault investigation where he was eventually cleared, also requested an undisclosed sum, which the family is disputing.

Postscript 12/26/2021 As we get ready for our 60th we remember the many classmates and spouses who are no longer with us. But we should not forget the eight members of the class who died in a plane crash on 30 December 1951. The eight: Francis Camilli, Karl Glassbrenner, Ward Keiler, Hilmar Manning, Bill Melancon, Bill Pedrick, Harry Roberts, and Bill Sharp. And two other members of the class -Joe Cabretta and Don Spears died earlier in 1951. My best for the holidays -see you at our 60th Reunion!


Joint ’79 Fires 12/26/2021 At the International Workshop on Global Security in Paris, June 11, we were treated to almost a full day of expert discussion on cyber security issues. Back in 2005 when the subject first came up, it was the last session of the last day during the three day event.

While there he slipped across to South Island of NZ and did a "Bucket List" hunt. After full recovery from Bob’s "neck replacement" surgery, the Henslers will split their year between homes in Colorado and Hawaii.


Charlie Burrow organized the first "Literary Society," a few years later. Sister and I were charter members.

Gosh Sally, WOW 1/4/2021 I received "The Flambeau," publication of The Fairfax, the military retirement community on the south end of Fort Belvoir. Sally Macklin made it in print as an Honorable Mention at the Fairfax Halloween party.


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Death of Wade Dickinson 12/26/2021 Ben Wade Oakes Dickinson was born 29 October 1926. Wade’s one sibling, Robert Wayne, was born eight years later. Wade and Wayne were inventing partners for fifty years, starting several companies together and being granted over 35 patents for a broad variety of technical inventions. Wade served in the Air Force to Captain before his civilian career. He married Eleanor Evelyn Vauhan Creekmoe in 1952, with whom he had three children. Wade died on 16 Nov 2021 at his home in San Francisco.

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Human beings often dispute over various issues in different dimensions of their lives. This situation arises as a result of lack of agreement or consensus regarding a particular matter or sometimes when one party intrudes on the private rights of another. Arts and popular culture scene provide a mechanism for peace building, social tolerance and cohesion. The world that we live in is not devoid of conflict. Arts and popular culture provides a creative avenue through which various conflicts can be resolved. These comprise of present collective preferences in portraits, dances, music, film, sports, and fashion, among many others. These preferences are influenced.


Mr. Reed and his wife were among the first members of the Methodist Church organized where they settled (Hopewell Settlement) and was also a member of the first Masonic Lodge in that community, Mt. Horeb Lodge, Williamson County. He was a zealous member of that order during the greater part of his life, becoming a Royal Arch Mason. He was also an Odd Fellow, joining the lodge at Georgetown. He was County Commissioner of Burnet County eight years and Postmaster at Hopewell about the same length of time. He had good educational advantages, being a graduate of Kenyon College, Ohio, and was among the foremost in his community in all educational matters. His sons, four in number, and a nephew and niece, who were also members of his household, were sent to the best schools in the State, and three of them afterwards became teachers.

Preview — Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review by Robert L. Bratton

The Hereford community began to develop in about 1890. Prior to that time, few families lived in the area, and there was only a small one-room general store, which served as a meeting place for the residents. Those living in the area by 1890 included Henderson Moore, Emmett Moore, L. W. Bratton (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=855), Jeff Hume, Mike Murray, William McCray, Weldon Tarr and Lon Dunn. Other families (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5779) were the McKamys, Bakers, Lindens, LaFons and Bookers. Three of the original homes in the area are still in existence: the McCray home (owned and occupied by John Burns), the Emmett Moore home (owned and occupied by Chuck Hughes) and the Tarr home (owned and occupied by Emmett McCowan).


The original land patent included a total of 138 acres costing $12/68 each. The Township 44N, Range 11W, Section 16 cost a total of $1760/28, paid by William B. Scott.

His father died when Frank was small and the mother, accompanied by her five sons and one daughter, came to Texas in 1855, settling in January of that year in Burnet County, where she subsequently lived and died, her death occurring in 1869 at the age of fifty-seven years. The eldest son of the family, James M, was in the Indian service when a young man, quitting it to enter the Confederate army at the opening of the late war, in which he died soon afterwards while stationed as a member of Wilkes' Battery at New Braunfels, in this State.


Dave and Ginny were there and about as proud as you could imagine. This award is HUGE in that no Army player has ever won it before. Congratulations Andrew, Dave and Ginny!

Royce and Jennifer's first child, Nathan, who will be turning 4 years old in January, is excited to finally have a sibling. If having a newborn was not enough, the family just relocated from New Jersey to the west coast, where Royce just began a new job as an associate with Point B Consulting. Point B is a Management Consulting firm primarily located in the western United States, and Royce will be joining the Portland, Oregon office.


He started by committing his full-time effort and a sizeable contribution to his campaign. A number of our classmates have contributed as well, from $250 to $10,000, and we must raise at least $1 million more to complete the task. He would like to personally ask you for your contribution to his effort. While there are no limits for individual donations, he would be honored if you could provide a contribution of $250 to help carry through his message. If this amount is a challenge, any contribution would be appreciated. Donations may be made online at WallaceForGovernor.com, or by sending a check to Wallace For Governor, 9801 Fall Creek Rd PMB 138, Indianapolis IN 46256. Donations are not deductible for tax purposes. Remembrance Dinner 2021 in Washington, DC 1/9/2021 9 December 2021. Steve Klynsma, Mike Olsen and Dave Sacha among many other classmates helped to plan the second annual Remembrance Dinner, held in the Windsor Room at the Embassy Suites hotel in Alexandria VA. It was nice event with a cocktail hour with appetizers, a buffet and cash bar and almost 100 classmates and guests in attendance. The evening prior, Jill Mauer was the POC for a woman’s get together.

Both are capable and energetic men, inheriting much of their father's natural aptitude for business and profiting by his training; and if the appearance of this work had been deferred for a few years it is safe to assume that their names would have figured more prominently in its pages. The future of such a man as Albert S. Reed, one can hardly venture to predict.


FALL Football Season 12/26/2021 I’m not sure if it was the weather, how well Clemson’s team was doing or the Maertens’ hospitality but several classmates visited South Carolina this fall. First to show up in September was Chach Morris whose team, Florida State, arrived in town ranked #11 and fell to the 21st ranked Tigers 35-30. Also in town in October for the North Carolina game were Paul Fardink and Buzz Shiely.

Two hours after the final shooting, police found their suspect: 45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton. He was arrested without incident in downtown Kalamazoo. Police also seized a weapon from his car.


Another fight occurred near Burnet, in 1860, between eight white men and fourteen Indians. The whites were S. E. Holland, Robert Flippin, John Moore, Albert Watts, Major Eubanks, and three others, in which two Indians were killed, and the whites captured three horses and outfits. In 1864, Captain Holland volunteered to go to Lampasas to repel an Indian invasion, with seven other men. Near the Twin Sister Mountains, they encountered the Indians, and after a running fight, captured fifty-five head of horses, and the outfit of the Indians.

American Board Of Family Medicine

Their theory further posits that the prevalence of disorder creates fear in the minds of citizens who are convinced that the area is unsafe. This withdrawal from the community weakens social controls that previously kept criminals in check. Once this process begins, it feeds itself. Disorder causes crime, and crime causes further disorder and crime.


While I ask for and am pleased to receive your comments regarding my efforts here, it is far more important that you share with me your stories and pictures. We all enjoy reminiscing with you or hearing your stories of recent adventures especially with pictures. This edition will be somewhat shorter than the first because I have not received as much input as I did last summer. Please remember to share the story (with photos) whenever you do something that would be of interest to the Class. Now that many more of us are retired, opportunities will abound. Just remember to bring your camera and share the story. Once again, I solicit your comments as I try something just a little different. It’s always sad to remind you that we have recently lost one or more of our dear friends. At the end of these notes you will see that I have included an excerpt from our ’65 Howitzer to help us remember Bob Gates as he was back in the day. Please let me know how you feel about my doing this in the future.

Family Practice Examination Board Review Second Edition

Census Bureau, 30% of Glendale residents live in homes where English is not the first language spoken. Natural cultural barriers exist between residents and police.


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The recent times have experienced an increase in adoption of agricultural practices largely centered in urban areas. Urban agriculture is characteristic of gardens close to community habitations which supply the larger community with the necessary supply of most food crops. Despite having common advantages like nutritional improvement, improvement of the existing soil areas and enhancing the way people look at their health and ecosystem, the use of urban soils have largely increased the rate at which elements concentrate in the soils. These concentrations can be traced to mining activities and related industrial activities that use heavy base.

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John Lowry was sent out by the American Missionary Society, and for three months held meetings regularly at the cabins of various settlers. These were the first regular religious services in the county -Andreas-Cutler, op. cit, p. 1531.


John Harris, pioneer from Tennessee, moved to the area in 1829. His descendants have lived in the area continuously since that time.

Over the previous thirty years, Asia has undergone rapid political, social and economic changes, which have had equally far-reaching implications on the demographic situation. Fast development and has brought with declining population growth to low or moderate levels, with Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan posting the lowest population declines even across the world. While government policy has largely driven the trends in the population, notable in China’s One Child Policy, such policies have as well been informed by equally strong convictions that low fertility helps boost human capital value, which boosts development (Dahlman, Zhihua Zeng and Wang 42).


Linda & Ken Johnson, Peggy & Jim Love, and Holly & I were in northern CA in Oct, and Nina & Rob Leslie hosted a dinner at their beautiful home in Oakland. Joining from the Left Coast were: Dan Balough, Pat & Howard Curtis, Alexsis & Mark Hoffman, Nell & John McBeth, Rose & Tom Ramos, Diane & Joe Schatz, Janet & Dick Simmons, and Jeanne & Cor Westerhoff.

Trivia About Bratton's Family

My great grandfather Ruben Simcoe owned the property that is presently in northeast Fulton. He owned slaves at this time, and when President Lincoln freed them, Simcoe gave each one a small tract of land in appreciation of their fine service. One of these slaves was a woman named Candice. I do not have a record of her last name. She was my grandmother LaRue's nursemaid while Mrs. LaRue was growing up. A small tract of land northeast of the radio station, now Little Kansas City, was given to Candice by my great grandfather, and a small house was built for her.


Steve Boylan Reports 12/15/2021 Steven and his wife Margaret were invited to a 2nd Cavalry Regiment Change of Responsibility for their Command Sergeant Majors on 13 October at Vilseck (south side of Grafenwoehr) in Bavaria. The Deputy Commander of Army in Europe took part in the ceremony. Steve found the Troopers to be a remarkable unit and was pleased to get this close to today's fighting men. While Steve enjoyed having the armored force being with him, he was pleased that there was an artillery salute that was part of the ceremony.

Mike just had his knee replaced and was commenting on the joys of physical therapy, but it won’t stop him from attending the A/N game. Photo: Mike Vopatek & Ruthie Maticic CLASSMATES VISIT ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY 12/26/2021 Duane Myers submitted the following article: “The attached picture was taken on Memorial Day by the grave site of our beloved Classmate, Alexander Whitaker, commonly known by some of us as Whit, by some of us (including me) as Alex. In recent years I've been going with '63 classmates who could make it to Arlington to visit gravesites of our classmates there. Our intent has been to simply pay our loving respects and let them know they are remembered and missed. This year we laid a rose by each grave, and Bob Farris brought a small stone for each of them also. The last site we visited this year was that of Alex. As we were encircling his gravestone and talking to him, who should show up but his widow, Claire.


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Rob arranged for an exit under the swords that he’s purportedly submitting to the Guinness book of records as the largest ever, something like 24 participants. Navy protocol calls for 6 to 8 swords but a two star can pretty much call the shots as he sees them. Weather was sunny and cool, the bride is beautiful and charming, her father wore Army blues from his service in WWII (he’s 87), there were no fights or arrests, everyone got home safe. I shaved my beard for the wedding since Rob wanted me to wear my uniform and I didn’t want to misrepresent Air Force standards in front of all the Navy brass. Rosie is making me grow it back.

Also in Oct, Holly & I went to Aus Yerks’ retirement roast and saw Bill Foster, Sharon & Michael Landrum, and Tom Reinhardt. In Nov, I saw Bill Barnett on a visit to Dallas. Also in TX is Chris Frandsen, who is running for the Texas House of Representatives in District 47. In Sep, Siobhan & Bill Burke, Beth & Bill Foster, Peggy & Jim Love, and Holly & I visited New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. While in Wellington, we met Ami & Norm Brown (son of Lynn & Norm Brown), who run the Artrium Art Gallery there.


Later he was county attorney and representative from Osage county in the state legislature. In 1868 he was suffering from "bronchitis and general debility," and planned a trip across the plains to New Mexico, hoping that the journey would improve his health. However, his illness had so weakened him that his doctors warned him against the expedition, and he and his wife left for a visit to New Castle early in May. In late May or early June he died there of consumption.

Arriving, with about thirty men, opposite the place in the night, they hid their horses in the thick woods of the bottom, and upon the wheels and axeltree of an old wagon they mounted a log painted like a ten-pound gun, and stationed it on the bank. Martin crossed, with about twenty men, half a mile above the town. Johnson got in a skiff, and with two men to row him, crossed in the open front of the town. He had been informed where a number of guns, and ammunition, was stored, and deliberately walking with these two men to the storehouse, he found it filled with guns and ammunition. Leaving his two men to guard it, he walked on up to the tavern and entered the bar-room, to find thirty men leveling thirty guns at him.


Embassy Rec Center at 0330 Sunday AM courtesy of Jimmy Cisek and Dean Chang '84 who are both posted here. Pat Schado sends from Charlotte: West Pont Society of Charlotte had a social gathering at a local sports bar and about 30 folks attended.

He was literally the swamp fox of Kentucky. His forces were daily increasing in numbers and efficiency, and he was daily enlarging the area of his operations, when unfortunately in a battle in Southern Kentucky, he received the serious wound that blinded, him for life and put an end to his usefulness as a Confederate partisan ranger. The ball was fired from a covert, to which he presented a side shot, and striking one eye passed under the bridge of the nose, destroying the other in its course.


Davis was a young shoemaker's apprentice in Poughkeepsie, N. Y, who claimed to have remarkable clairvoyant powers. In 1845, when he was 19, he dictated, while in a "magnetic sleep," The Principles of Nature, Her Divine Revelations, and a Voice of Mankind, which was published as a single bulky volume. It attracted considerable attention and Davis subsequently produced several other works, all supposedly written under the influence of spirits from the other world, including The Great Harmonia. National Cyclopedia of American Biography (New York, 1898), v. 8, p. 442.

Tom Bullock 1/5/2021 Charley Otstott sent this photo and wrote that it was taken by Scott LeyVa who is a professional photographer and one of Tom Bullock's good friends. It was a fine afternoon with somewhere around 200 people in attendance for a pot luck lunch. The center of attention was a very nice slide show celebrating Tom's life from cradle to his death. Many of the pictures after his service life were ones he had taken in many parts of the world. Both of his daughters and his son reminisced about their father. All in all, a very nice way to say goodbye. This took place on Sunday the 28th of August in Felton, California. Photo: Bill Drollinger, John Sherden, Bill McNamara, Jerry Witherspoon, Charley Otstott, and Bob Montgomery at Tom’s Memorial Service Alice Carey 1/5/2021 And we were just notified that Alice, Art Carey’s passed away the morning of December 14 in Jonesboro, Georgia. A viewing was scheduled for December 18 with the funeral on December 19 at St. Philip Benizi Church in Jonesboro. Dan Donahue on Paul Bucha and Jack Jacobs 1/5/2021 Dan Donahue sent a photo with Medal of Honor recipients Paul Bucha and Colonel Jack Jacobs.


Lively estimates there were once upwards of 90 block watch groups that held neighborhood parties during national “Night Out” events. Today he estimates there are about 50 organized block watch groups.

Last year, Erin's Law passed in South Carolina, mandating that all schools have safety talks with children about the dangers and what to do if they are victims. Students in Aiken County schools are addressed about the issue twice a year, and each time there is an increase in cases, Gaskins said.


Photo:Jim Kennedy, Bob Anderson ’60, Fred Malek and Chuck Millick in the middle of a memorable weekend More Hall of Fame Weekend Fun 12/13/2021 Here's another look at Jim and Chuck. As Fred said, these guys look ready to get back into the game.

Wilson and George Kelling in 1982 that used broken windows as a metaphor for disorder within neighbourhoods

Jack Doody Interment 12/15/2021 Dec 9, Jack Doody (D-1) went to his final resting place in Arlington Nation Cemetery. Some 17 members of the Class attended the service: Marianne Kiernan, WY Smith, Braswell, Hallahan, Packard, Cockerhams, Macklins, Whiteheads, Dingemans, Lorets, and Barondes. Of interest, the priest at the service had been a helicopter pilot in Sam Cockerham's outfit in Viet Nam. Checking on Ben 12/15/2021 Hank Stelling manages to keep in touch with Ben Eakins who is still with us. He suffers from a very debilitating disease, is in a wheel chair and has great difficult speaking. Ben is doing as well as he was a year ago when Hank first talked to him. The nurses in the continuing care unit love him. He would enjoy hearing from members of the ’48 family. You can send him an e-mail via his son Wynn at: [email protected] or I can provide you his snail mail address. Adams Daughter Wedding 12/8/2021 On Saturday, 24 September, a great wedding was held in Bluemont, Virginia on the terrace of a winery. The vista, extending for miles, was a perfect setting.


Fought musquitoes nearly all night last night and slept late this morning. Mr Mcdonald came up and we hauled the ballance of my rails out, after which we sat & talked on different subjects untill towards evening, when he left & I took a walk over to Wills house, found no one there, came home, fiddled built air castles bathed & went to bed.

If you have been delaying your response now is a good time to send it in and make your hotel reservations. As of 14 Dec we have a total of 172 registrations and as many as 176 hotel reservations on one night, 21 May. Join us by sending your reservations to Joan Emmer, The EMR Agency, Events, Meetings, Reunions, PO Box 620, Skaneateles, NY 13152.


Soon after the war he went to Randolph County, Ga, and settled at Spring Vale, where he has resided ever since, and carries on farming, milling and the mercantile business. He started in life a poor boy and every dollar he has he has made by hard work. He now has a very nice piece of property and is in good financial circumstances.

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Ski Mini Update 12/13/2021 Gary Beech reminds all that the mighty 1959 Ski Group will assemble at Vail, Colorado from 25 February to 3 March 2021 for the twelfth annual ski mini. Gary has made arrangements at the Lodge at Vail which is only a few steps from the ski storage and the lifts. In addition to Nadine & Gary, there are commitments from Bob & Karen Croteau, Len Einbinder, John & Karla Moellering, Tom & Liz Munz, Bob & Sandra Ryan and Paul Sper. Several others remain on the fence. Anyone interested in joining the group for this trip can contact Gary at [email protected] Four Couples in Sarasota 12/13/2021 While Bill & Norma Mullen were in the Sarasota area Jeri & Geri Hilmes invited them along with John & Elaine Guthrie and Bob & June Roth to cocktails at their place and then they dined in Sarasota.

A Civil War battle was fought where the Concord Cemetery now stands. All that remains in the village are the church and ten homes.


Jones Promoted to Colonel 12/26/2021 Omar & Tracey Jones sent news of Omar’s promotion on 09 DEC at the National War College. With proud sons Sam, Ben, and Will looking on, MG Robert B. Brown, CG of the MCOE, promoted Omar, the only member of the original YG 92 to be selected belowthe-zone three times. Trevor Bredenkamp narrated for the ceremony, also attended by Joe Berger, members of Omar’s family, Tracey’s family, and other classmates, friends, and fans of Omar. After their year at the NWC, Omar & Tracey will head to Fort Carson where Omar will command a BCT.

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The community center was composed of four buildings: the Hereford General Store, Rising Sun Baptist Church, the Hereford Blacksmith Shop and the Hereford School. These were located on what is now State Road DD 3 miles north of Interstate 70 in the Cleveland township. The store operated in a one-room building prior to 1890 and was owned and operated by Mike Murray. In 1914, this building was moved and a two-story structure built by Mike Murray and Emmett Moore. This new store was first leased to Carl Smith, who operated the store and housed his family on the second floor. In later years, the store was operated by Howard Murray, Cleve Fisher and many others. The ownership passed from Mike Murray to Floyd David and then to L. L. "Bud" Davis, who owned and operated the store until it closed in 1949. The structure was torn down in 1976.

Developing an aptitude for study and a desire for a higher education than the local schools could give, he was sent to the Bastrop Military Institute, where he remained two years. He went into the State service for the sole purpose of attending the school, and proved so apt in military tactics as well as the regular studies that he was made captain of one of the school companies and for a time was assigned to outside duty. Then came the civil war with all its attendant disorders, and among them the breaking up of the Bastrop Institute, forcing young Reed's return to his father's farm, where he remained until 1868, when, the school being reopened, he resumed attendance until his graduation in 1870. He then accepted a professorship in the Institute, a position which he held for a year. After the school was removed to Austin, he continued as instructor with the rank of captain. The year following he was appointed Principal of Schools for Parker and Tarrant Counties, and retained the office until the Republicans came into power, when, being a Democrat, he was asked to retire, which he did with good grace.


Military-Style "River Dance" 12/26/2021 Tim Cronin forwarded the link to this video of a military-style "River Dance" - with boots and rifles. He likes the precision - which is performed on ice. He says it's long but enjoyable.

Army-Fordham Game 1/9/2021 29 October 2021. Cheryl Zywicki Connors and I watched Army demolish Fordham with our sons Cam, Kevin ’14 and Sean (accepted into the class of ’16). The game featured a fairly intense and freak blizzard with most of the stadium leaving by halftime. We were prepared for a great tailgate with barbeque and cornbread and the fixings with Barb and Stu Harrison, Brad Elrod and three of his friends, Kevin, Chris and Ken, but most everyone else smartly decided not to come because of the forecast. Unfortunately, Stu’s daughter Amanda wasn’t able to come to the tailgate before the game because of the weather. John Gorske contacted me a few weeks before the game to let me know he was flying in with a friend from San Diego, and would stop by the tailgate. I got a call about noon that they had landed and were picking up their rental car. I learned the next day that they made it to Highland Falls about 11:30 that evening. We took over 6/5 hours to get to back to Boston, a drive which normally takes us 3 hours, and we were happy to make it. Many trees, which still had leaves, succumbed to the storm. Prior to the game, we saw Joanne Cavanaugh, who is currently living in MI. She said her son Pat Coe ’12 is looking at going infantry.


The Rising Sun Baptist Church was the second community facility in Hereford. It was organized and built in 1892 on land donated by Mike Murray. Some of the charter deacons of the church were L. W. Bratton, John Threlkeld, John Renfro and William Rodman. For many years, services were held one weekend per month with one service held on Saturday evening and two services on Sunday. The church is still in operation and has a membership of over 100 active members. Early pastors of the church include J. S. Denton, S. S. Keith and the Rev.

“It's a huge eye-opener to the officers to see what a person with mental illness is going through to navigate the system,” Adolf said. The training teaches officers “to see that there is something going on and get (that person) to the next level of care,” she said.


Family Practice Examination and Board Review Third Edition

Montalvo's widow, Annette Montalvo, said the money is bittersweet because she thought the officers should have been prosecuted. “I think the officers should pay a price,” she said.

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Father became well known in that county and beyond. His signature is on my old documents on file in Burnet County.


Paul was an airborne ranger infantry officer who enjoyed a variety of challenging assignments during his Army career to include two tours in Vietnam. After retiring from the Army, Paul worked at the University of Maryland for 22 years. Paul is survived by his wife, Fran, three children and seven grandchildren. The Class of 1959 extends heartfelt condolences to Fran and the Elias family.

Update from Joe Musiol 12/7/2021 Joe and Sharon Musiol attended son Mike’s change of command at Hunter AAF in Savannah, GA in Jan ’11. Mike returned from AF in Nov ’11. Mike’s current assignment if the AWC at Montgomery, AL. Bob and Bonnie Seigle also attended—Leigh Ann is their daughter. Joe had recently had rotator cuff surgery. Photo: (l to r) Sharon Musiol, Joey, Josh, and daughter, Jennifer, Leigh Ann, Mike, and Joe Musiol.


There are three stages of thunderstorm formation. The first stage is towering cumulus stage. This is also referred to as the growth stage. At this stage, there is the rise of warm moisture which then cools and condenses to form cumulus cloud. In the process of condensing, there is the warming of air. It is important to note that, during condensation, there is warming of air that surrounds the cloud. With this, there is the instability that gets formed and this makes the cloud to continue forming and rising vertically. When this is taking place, updrafts help ice and.

Army-Navy Tailgate 1/9/2021 10 December 2021. On Saturday 1100-1900 at Fed - EX Field, in the Platinum lot, the class took over 4 platinum parking spaces and welcomed over 100 classmates and guests. The home brewed Beat Navy lager was excellent as were the hot dogs, chili and kegs of beer.


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Some Just Keep Working 12/26/2021 Bill Shiel, now 86, retired about two years ago and is physically well. He had to go back to work to help support his six children; his retirement pay was insufficient. He has a grandson who is a first classman at West Point.

SUMMERS & GRIFFITHS AT THE GAME 12/26/2021 Both the Griffiths and the Boices stayed with the Summers, and even though they went to the game together, they sat in different parts of the stadium. Mike and Marcia went to see the march-on and found out they couldn’t get back out to attend the tailgate. Mike bought tickets months before the game from a Redskins season ticket holder and wound up sitting on the Navy side.


Pat said it looked like more than a hundred in attendance, including the august group pictured below. One highlight was a reading of the appointment to the Class of 2021 of Jacob Alesch Newell, son of Mike Newell and Donna Alesch White. Jake was at our reunion last fall, doing research, I imagine, on the old end of the Long Gray Line.

About Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

It is in part about giving residents a voice and respect. Police officers remain neutral, professional and explain why they are doing what they are doing so that there is a sense of fairness in the system. People should feel like they are being treated fairly and equally, Hoey said.


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There were four children; Emma, the eldest, married Chas. Coss, who passed away some years ago. Emma is in a retirement hotel in Santa Barbara, Calif. Walter, the second child, was a newspaperman most of his life. He was a volunteer (then under age) in the Spanish War and was sent to the Philippines with the 11th Cavalry. Before returning to the States, he was made a corporal. Maude, the third child, now lives in Jasper, Tenn. John Rudolph, the youngest, was named for a national figure whom my father admired. He was a sheep rancher in Burnet and Lampasas until his death.

For several months he had been working as a compositor in the office of the Herald of Freedom at Lawrence. An announcement in that paper on July 14, 1855, stated that he was planning to publish a weekly newspaper at Council City, to be called the Council City Banner, beginning September 1. So far as is known, this journal never materialized.


Army Vanderbilt Game 12/26/2021 Bill Hastie sends: John Draper organized an "H-3 '74" Reunion during the weekend of the Vanderbilt game. I joined them the day of the game and here is a picture of John, Steve Houseworth and myself at the tailgate party.

Why has violence comprised so much of human history? Why is violence so much a part of modern life? There are many thoughts and theories about the causes of human violence.


Company F-3 got together in Oct in Albuquerque for a mini-Reunion, organized by Demi & Tom Hendrickson. Joining them were Pat Jones, Mary Ellen & Barney King, Karen & Steve Lindell, Susan & Mike Maasberg, Pat & Doug Marshall, Diane & Joe McCarville, Claire & Hurley Mitchell, Mary K. Burnett & John Peters, Linda & Bill Pohlmann, and Rose & Tom Ramos.

Some of the most common side effects of iron supplements include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. Other less common side effects include heartburn, urine discoloration and dark stools. Taking capsules with food is an easy way to help prevent some of the most common iron supplements side effects.


How effective is intravenous iron? When you should start to feel better depends on your particular situation. Normally, it may take from a week to a month after you start your iron supplement before you start to feel better.

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Marty Eaton Is Home 12/26/2021 Marty Eaton just finished up his stint in Afghanistan and is happy to be home. During his redeployment he “got to spend two fun-filled days in Kuwait. The highlight of the trip was a 45 min visit with the ARCENT Commanding General, LTG Vincent Brooks.


In the late 1930s, Marriott and Reed Coal Company purchased mining rights to the west and north of Lindbergh and started the first open pit mining of coal in the county. They built a tipple, or coal processing plant, between the two stations on the north side of the highway.

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Great excitement prevailed at every village and hamlet in the State of Texas. Johnson resisted the natural impulses of his birth and education, and attempted to stay at home, at least until he could get his business in a condition to leave it, but the fever increased too rapidly.


Example Of Research Plan Research Proposal

Opening with the basic requirements of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Board certification process, this guide provides background information on all three AFBM exams and their formats, describes a typical exam day, and offers test-taking advice. It includes multiple-choice questions drawn from common clinical situations, presented in ABFM-exam format, and detailed explanations supporting each answer.

Classmates: NCEA 2021 Recap 12/5/2021 I received the following from Gil Pritchard. Photos courtesy of Pat Sculley and Phil Doleac. As you know, the NCEA was declared “mission essential” by the Superintendent this past year and included as part of the current AOG Capital Campaign. Thanks to all the classmates whose tireless efforts on behalf of the NCEA and the Class 70 have made this possible.


The opposition has not surprised top Texas Republicans who championed the law as a matter of constitutional rights and self-defense. But it reflects a widespread belief even among conservative university leaders that guns have no place in the classroom.

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That said, DO NOT TAKE IT UNLESS SUPERVISED BY A DOCTOR. It’s a dangerous medication that can cause serious side effects and has the potential for abuse (if taken outside the normal dose or by someone without ADHD).


From 1864 to 1882 he was engaged in farming and stock-raising in Burnet County. In June of the latter year he embarked in merchandising in the town of Burnet, to which he has since chiefly devoted his energies. He still retains, however, his farming and stock interests. He is a liberal, public-spirited citizen and a successful man of business, admired by a wide circle of friends. He married, in Burnet County, in 1866, Miss Elvira Rowntree, a native of Travis County, Texas, and daughter of James L. Rowntree, who came to this State at a comparatively early date and was for many years a resident of Burnet County. Seven children have been born of this union, six of whom are living, namely: Marshall, Alice, Robert, Kate, Frank, and Weesie.

His Howitzer entry recalls: Bob and his ever-present humor descended upon West Point from Seattle, Washington. It was his natural love for a joke or a few more hours in the bag that have forever endeared him to both the Academic and Tactical Departments.


Containing more than 400 progressive clinical cases that cover all specialty areas and topics covered on the exam, this popular guide features a building-block approach that ensures readers understand a subject before moving on to the next. Features expanded coverage of timely topics such as clinical ethics, women's health, and obstetrics increased number of full-color photographs showing conditions most easily diagnosed by appearance. Hundreds of Helpful Tip boxes provide valuable clinical pearls" -Provided by publisher.

One courtroom in Ingham County is also helping people with mental illness out of the system. Someone charged with a non-violent crime who has been diagnosed with a mental illness can seek help in Judge Jamo's court supervised treatment program.


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The four women killed at the Cracker Barrel parking lot were already in two vehicles when they were shot. Authorities identified them as Dorothy Brown, 74; Barbara Hawthorne, 68; Mary Lou Nye, 62; and Mary Jo Nye, 60.

Moscow is the largest non Asian city in the world and it is jammed with cars, mostly Mercedes. There we saw Red Square, portions of the Kremlin, and the Moscow subways. There was little to see of the Ghetto in Warsaw. In Berlin, we visited the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and remaining portions of the Berlin Wall. The scars of war have completely disappeared in all of these cities, but it boggled our minds to be reminded how many millions of people died in these cities and countries during World War II. We are planning to go to the Army - Air Force game. We have a grandson firstie at each academy so we can't lose. It would be nice to win one for a change though. Bob Geasland ([email protected]) Reports 12/7/2021 My wife Gloria and I left NC to spend Thanksgiving with my three daughters and their families just north of Princeton, NJ in Skillman. We took my daughter and her husband to the Point for the day. Bill Ballinger, my son in law had never been.


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Schoolmaster, editor, stockman, banker and financier; such have been the various stages in the life of Albert S. Reed, and, be it said to his credit, he has put forth his best efforts in each capacity and met with uniform success in all. The story of his life shows what ability and energy can accomplish under circumstances not at all times favorable to success, and his name certainly deserves place, not only in the history of the Cattle Industry of Texas, but in that of its financial and educational development as well.

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It's my duty to stand at the front of the line, That separates you from the darkest of times. No one had to ask or beg or implore me, I'm proud to stand here like my father’s before me. My Gramps died at ' Pearl on a day in December,” Then he sighed, “That's a Christmas 'Gram always remembers. My dad stood his watch in the jungles of ' Nam ', And now it is my turn and so, here I am. I've not seen my own son in more than a while, But my wife sends me pictures.


Bob Weekley reported on the 11 - 11 - 11 ceremony at the memorial honoring Rocky Versace. The guest speaker was retired BG Nicholson who was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2005 to be secretary of the American Battle Monuments Commission. Nicholson, who knew Rocky, spoke of his strong religious beliefs and his brave defiance while in captivity. Also in attendance and giving a stirring patriotic talk was Nick Rowe’s wife Jane who also is a veteran of the Vietnam War. Nick, USMA '60, was captured with Rocky and spent five years as a POW. Nick later was assassinated in the Philippines while serving as an advisor there. In addition to Bob, classmates attending were Tom Boyle, Al Phillips and Dick Welch. Photo: Saluting in honor of Rocky are Tom Boyle, Rocky’s brother, Steve, Al Phillips and Bob Weekley. Jane Rowe is in uniform behind them. Versace Golf Tournament a Success 12/13/2021 The fifth annual Versace Golf Tournament was held at the Pinecrest Golf Club in Annandale, VA last September.

Additionally, every October for the past ten years, he has been mentoring college delegates and faculty at the National Conference in Ethics in America (NCEA), also at West Point. Len described the efforts of the Class of 1970 and his involvement as follows: “the West Point Class of 1970, under the motto of “Serve With Integrity,” has sponsored the National Conference on Ethics in America for the last 26 years and they have encouraged me to be a part of it for about half of those conferences. I always encourage the rising seniors at the SLS each June and the college delegates each October to visit the Class of 1957 Honor Plaza. I do that with pride in our class just as I proudly connect the ’57 label with every keynote speech I give at various venues and ethics seminars throughout the country. Forgive me if this communication sounds a bit immodest, but I am feeling genuine pride to know that our message to never underestimate the power of character and the power of example is resonating with many of the young high school and college students that I am privileged to mentor. Sometimes I wondered if anyone was paying attention.


Slept late in the morning Read Great Harmonia short time, eat breakfast, went down to Hoovers, paid Mrs. Hoover for baking my bread, went thence to Titus'. Saw & got acquainted with Mr. Earl, thence to Freels, got acquainted with the Basingger family. Went thence to Hunt our Oxen, crossed Dragoon Creek, stopped at Henry Smiths, got acquainted with Mrs.

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Dutch & Megan Hostler took a break from their western states tour to attend an AOG/WPS gathering at a country/golf club operated by Dan Winter and to provide football tickets to begging company mates. Whenever you are in Colorado Springs and want a great meal with excellent wine parings, call Dan.


C. W. Samuels and Sallie Miller, in the fall of 1817; Joshua, John S. and William Ferguson, Dennis Askrew, Thumas Duley, William B. Scott, father of Mrs. Colonel John Boyd, and also of Mrs. William M. Ramsey, now living; General Jonathan Ramsey, a member in the first convention that formed the first constitution of Missouri; Josiah Ramsey, the great hunter; Lampkins, Rounsaville, Joe and James Gordon, William Lenox and three sons and probably others. My father, John S. Ferguson, being a millwright by trade, built the first horse mill in the county, early in the spring of 1818, which did the grinding for a distance of twenty miles up and down the river, the materials for which he brought with him from Kentucky on a small batteau (or keel boat). The most of our meat we had the first year was obtained from the woods. Beer, turkeys (and occasionally a bear) were plenty and good. Cattle and horses wintered on rushes and wild pea vines. The first school taught in our neighborhood was in the winter of 1818-19, by Joseph James, four miles above Cote Sans Dessein. In the fall of 1818 John Scrips, a Methodist preacher, made his first visit to the county and preached the first night at William Nash's, and the next night at my fathers, John S. Ferguson, and continued to preach at my fathers house one year. For more than twenty years afterwards my fathers house was the preaching place for the neighborhood.

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For some years the city and surrounding country were the scenes of operation of this unsavory character, who from all accounts was the most lawless and desperate character that ever infested the state of Texas. He possessed none of the bravery or manliness that sometimes formed a romantic background in the case of some desperadoes, but on the other hand he was sneaking, underhanded, shooting in the dark and from behind, and in most cases his murdering was done for money or for some financial advantage. It is said that for a consideration he would undertake to kill or have killed any man that any one might want to have put out of the way, and in connection with his trials for his numerous murders it is also said that he always had the case against him beaten before the crime was committed. He would do this by premeditating the circumstances of the crime and by hiring witnesses in his favor. In the Miller-Frazer feud, which terrorized the Pecos country for some time, Miller finally killed Bud Frazer, a former sheriff and son of Judge Frazer, a prominent pioneer of the Pecos country.


“The reason I do it is to protect kids,” Gaston said. “I don't care about the parents or the suspects.

Chez Blakeslee is the newly crowned 5 Star restaurant in the WP/Highland Falls area. Rumor has it Don is seriously considering enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) upon retirement. Based on the quality of the dinner he served us, he should be recruited by the CIA as an instructor.


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The time has come that the technical problems facing the old design of Airship with Helical Vertical Axis for Wind Turbine (Eagle 14) at High Altitude shall be replaced with a new one that meets engineering standards in order to work more efficiently. A team will handle the proposed project based on a research plan made by the members. The project is expected to produce good results because the team will assign a principal investigator or PI who has a wide experience and record of achievements in the fields of experimental and quantitative design of Airborne Wind Turbine at high altitude.

To lead the charge were US DEPSECDEF Bill Lynn and US Cyberczar Howard Schmidt. More importantly, we had a joint 1979 gathering including Clennie Brundidge’s ’79 cousin, Brig Gen Greg Brundidge, J6, USEUCOM.


Isaac D. Earll is not listed in the census, but was one of the signers of a protest against the election of March 30 (see Footnote 15) and served as a clerk at the election of May 22 -Territorial election returns, Archives division, Kansas Historical Society. P. Baysinger, a farmer, had come from Iowa with his wife, one grown son, and seven minor children. Henry Smith, who may have been a son of Lotan, was a tinner.

Called over to see Daltons in the morning who were both sick, cut them some wood, returned home, carried up some corn. This is election day for delegate to Congress, went to the polls & voted for A H Reeder, went to Prentiss' got some butter, came home and read & wrote.


Here is an excerpt about Bob published by the Army Athletic Department: Novogratz is a 1959 graduate who starred during two seasons for the football team. An All-American selection as a guard, he was a member of Army's last undefeated squad in 1958. Winner of the Knute Rockne Award as the "Outstanding Lineman in the Nation," he was also tabbed for a similar honor by the Los Angeles Times.

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Schleiden, Drago and McWherter in Seattle 1/9/2021 6 November 2021. Jim Drago wrote that Russ Schleiden has moved out to the Seattle area and is working for a beverage company in the local area as the VP of Marketing. Jim sent a photo with Len McWherter and Russ when they linked up for the UW-Oregon game in Seattle.


A Note from Joe Tedeschi and Your Scribe 12/26/2021 Joe provided an interesting follow up to the revelation from Cosmo Barone in the last column. In the "small world" category, Cosmo’s daughter, Millie Linnet, is a member of Joe’s parish in Medford, NJ. They have known each other a number of years, but it was only recently that they discovered in chatting one day that her father had been a plebe at West Point in 1953. Joe wrote, “When she said his name, I said I knew who he was, but did not know him at the time at West Point as a fellow classmate plebe.

Folks who just seem to show up at games include Tom Beierschmitt (Army’s #1 fan) and Olie Johnson (retired and free to follow Army football because it never comes to South Carolina). Tom was the first person to advise me about the problems going on at PennState – unfortunately, he chose to tell me while we were in a restroom at the game.


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The photo was taken April 1968 at Vung Tau showing my father Charles F. Jr, my brother Tom and me for the Pacific Stars and Stripes. Tom had just arrived by ship with an Ohio National Guard artillery 155mm towed battalion. At that time my father was assistant G-4, USARV, Tom was an FDC chief with one of the artillery batteries and I was Service battery commander and S-4 for the 5/22 FA at Ahn Khe. After the photo was taken, my Dad took over the 593d General Support Command located in Qui Nhon. He had over 5,000 troops to move materials and troops throughout central Vietnam. I took over command of C Battery, 5/22 FA (a 175mm gun and 8 inch howitzer battery) in Polei Kleng west of Kontum with a general support-reinforcing mission with the 4th Division. My Mom insisted on the three of us going to RVN close to each other’s tour. She did not want to worry for three long years for her guys.

Early settlers arrived in Cedar City with their families, personal belongings and farm equipment by steamboat. At that time, the Missouri River was located about a 1/2 mile north of its present location.


Must be adept at manipulating digital images submitted by classmates. Only compensation will be gratitude of members and friends of ’62. Call Dave Phillips at 770-631-9314 any time before 11 pm EST.

His parents were Thomas and Rebecca Reed, who moved from Tennessee to Missouri early in the present century, whence, after a residence of some years, they moved to Arkansas and settled in Hempstead County. There David C. was principally reared and in 1847, married Miss Elizabeth Howard Russell. After his marriage Mr. Reed settled on a farm in Hempstead County and resided there until March, 1854, when he came to Texas. For a short time after coming to this State he remained at Austin, and then settled permanently in the eastern part of Burnet County, where he made his home for about thirty years and with the history of which locality he was identified more or less prominently during that time. Mr. Reed was one of the first settlers of Burnet County and experienced many of the hardships incident to the settling of a new country.


Other faces in the crowd seen recently include Rhett Hernandez and Dave Rodriguez at the snowstorm football game against Fordham. Dave and Ginny come to as many games as they can because Andrew ’12 is such a mainstay of the team.

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One way officers engage in community policing is through public relations contacts. In January, officers made 27 such contacts. The Chief herself made some of those; she considers it her duty to make monthly public relations contacts. During them, she asks businesses if there is anything the department needs to be aware of -any unusual incidents or nuisances they've not reported. She also urges them to call the department with their concerns so that officers can respond by stepping up their presence to prevent problems, if at all possible.


In December 1892, the last extension of the Katy Railroad reached Texas (Smithville) and then went on to Houston. The name was changed to MKT for Missouri, Kansas and Texas. The Missouri-Kansas Eastern that had been in operation from Franklin, Missouri, was extended to St. Louis. The MK&E Railroad had been financed by a group of St. Louis capitalists, some whose names appear in towns along way: McKittrick, Case, Gore, Wainwright and Steedman.

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About a month later, as one of the most significant Commandants in USMAPS history, Jim visited the new Poopschool digs atWest Point (next to ski slope, golf course, and across from the hospital). As you can see, he eased up on the uniform issue.


This group consisted of George H. Stebbins and Lotan Smith of New York state and Joseph W. Kerr and George W. Barnes of New York City, representing the American Settlement Company, and Dr. William F. Owen of Pennsylvania, representing the Western Pennsylvania Kansas Company. They had traveled from St. Louis to Kansas City on the steamer Polar Star. Other passengers on this trip were Andrew H. Reeder, newly appointed governor of Kansas territory, and James M. Winchell of New York, who settled in Osage county and later was president of the Wyandotte constitutional convention. Winchell accepted an invitation to accompany the exploratory party in their search for a location for the new colony.

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They had the minimum amount of snow for skiing, but they all had a great time. Sue was taking the picture so she was not in the photo. Grandson Bear, 21, had just deployed with the Navy Seabees to Afghanistan. Bill is front center, ’63, son Bill on right is ’88, daughter in law Gillian, back center is ’89, and Bill and Sue’s granddaughter Bethany, back left is ’15. Grandson Trevor, back right is a ’19 wannabe. He will attend triple-option quarterback camp this coming summer. At 14 he can throw the football 65 yards.


Holland said to them, "hold on," and in such tones that they knew he meant it, and the Beard party subsided. Beard himself said he would kill the man who swore against him. Captain Holland put a nephew of his just behind Beard, with a five-pound Bowie knife, and ordered him to cut Beard's shoulder down if he drew a weapon. But he did not draw, and the trial went on peaceably.

As she was recovering from a 2021 torn rotator cuff, cancer of both breasts was discovered by Aug 2021. Surgery was postponed as Claudette fell and broke her right shoulder. By Oct operations had gone well, and all cancer is gone. By Nov there was more surgical treatment to be on the safe side. And then there is chemotherapy, physical therapy, and more. Through all this her daughters and daughter in law came all the time, as friends, neighbors, and ’51 classmates are beyond belief helpful. As Claudette writes, this is “wild,” but all is going well, counting a trip to West Point for the reunion, and a sojourn in Ocean City, MD in August. Still living in her Annandale, VA home of 45 years, Claudette’s team is made up of four children and five grandchildren. She has fallen in love with the physicians, too. George Meighen Balloons in Las Vegas 12/26/2021 Before heading for Las Vegas, NV, George Meighen drove to Florence, AL in Oct to have lunch with Pat Pattillo.


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Came home from Freels early in the morning, got breakfast, read a short time, Lay down & slept till about 11 OClock, dressed and went down to attend the funeral, heard the Rev. Lowry preach a funeral sermon, came home past Hoovers & got a Loaf of bread, Youngs funeral was the first I ever attended in Kansas.

Carrington City, laid out by William Carrington on June 5, 1872, was for many years a thriving village and community with a railroad, several grocery and dry goods stores, a smithy, a drug store, a millinery store, a barbershop, a telephone service, a church and a school. Early grocery merchants, such as William Bowen, J. T. Woods and M. E. Gilbert, developed prosperous businesses there but later retired to their farms. In 1891, Thomas W. Kemp of Pitcher, near Hams Prairie, purchased the grocery store and moved his family to Carrington. He further developed his business by sending his two sons, Joe and Omer, in their huckster wagons into the community as far west as Cedar Creek, buying dairy and poultry products. After many years, in about 1910, he sold his business to O. Duley Scott and his daughter Lula Nevins, who was also the postmistress at the store. Roy Anthony and Omer Kemp were also partners in the store for a few years.


Using the All Writs Act of 1789, the authorities are pressuring Apple to comply with their demands, which involves creating a backdoor to bypass the iPhone's security measures and putting all other owners of a similar device at risk. Apple CEO Tim Cook says it would set a "dangerous precedent" should the company give in.

The Diary of James R. Stewart

The next reunion letter will bring you all up to date. BTW, for those who will be coming by air, Newark Airport in NJ is probably the closest and most convenient big airport. Votes on Constitution Changes and Gym Hallway Modification 12/26/2021 The Class Executive Board at its October meeting noted that the Class vote ending 1 October 2021 gave strong approval of the proposed changes to the Class constitution, and directed that the text of the document be so revised and placed on the Class website. Paul Schwehm and Tom Kehoe will do so. The Board also noted that the Class vote ending 1 October 2021 gave strong approval of the proposed alterations to the gym hallway gift of 1987 and that the AOG has been directed to proceed with the task. Recent Class Losses 12/26/2021 It is with sadness that I report the deaths of Eric “Chris” Christensen, Carolann Longo, Carman “Speed” Negaard, Charles Quinn, and Charles Scudder. The listing below is in chronological order. Eric M. Christensen - Wes Kidd discovered the obituary for Chris in legacy.com in Oct. The reference was the Fayetteville Observer July 19, 2021. Chris has been one of our “lost” classmates (no contact in the last five years) and this was the first we learned of his whereabouts and his death. According to the obituary, he died in Reaford, NC on 17 July.


Brian Birdwell, whose district includes Baylor, said he had to protect the public's “God-given” right of self-defense on public property, but also private property rights. He notes private businesses can ban guns.

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CLASS COMMITTEE MEETS 12/26/2021 Bob Farris, Noel Brown, Bill Boice, Tom Griffith (Front), Mike Vopatek & Joe Blackgrove (Standing) met on 9 Dec at ANCC to discuss matters centered mostly around our 50th. Absent from the meeting were Tom Carney, Dewey LaFond and Dick James. Reunion dates are 19-22 May 2021. Those participating in the golfing event will arrive on the 18th.


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Development of strategic water reserve for the Holy City of Makkah. Water Science & Technology: Water Supply, Volume v. 9, n. 5, pp. 533-540.

The agricultural sector of Florida, right now, is not looking good. After much spending on the recent citrus greening, and budget cuts due to water usage, the farming industry was forced to take extreme measures (Jordan 199). The cost of crop and natural resources has soared in the recent months. This has caused a bump in the market, where consumers are not purchasing as much local commodities because of the prices. The recent problems in terms of agriculture are on the rise, while the House matches citrus greening while still on the topic of the expenditures.


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We will hold another reunion August 25 next. L. L. Everett, Burnet, TX, Rt. 1 [Source: Branches and Acorns SWTGS Quarterly Vol.

Gathright also remembers the wholesale dealer, or drummer as he was called in those days, coming to sell his wares. Fur trappers were also frequent visitors, coming to barter their furs for whatever they needed.


Death of Tita Kramer 12/26/2021 Milton Kramer reported the death of his wife Tita on 8 December after more than 61 years of marriage. Milt and Tita moved to The Mirador, a senior lifecare resort in Corpus Christi, TX, in August 2021. A graveside service was held in Houston at the Forrest Park Cemetery on 12 December. Bob Hope Entertained the Troops 12/26/2021 Meg Jones, Kelly's widow, sent the web-address for this 10-minute video review of Bob Hope entertaining the troops from 1941, before the US was involved in WWII, and forward in time. A Day of Training 12/26/2021 Chuck Heiden reports "a bit of trivia". Where was the Class of '49 on 25/26 August 1947? Answer: aboard the USS Noble, APA 0218, off the coast of Virginia with a USMC unit preparing to conduct a (training) amphibious assault.

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Babs is ready for anything on the cruises as shown in the accompanying photo of her in her life jacket, with Nancy Joseph, their sister-in-law, widow of Bob Joseph, USA '55, on left, on last year's late fall cruise. This year's late fall cruise saw no snow from Stuttgart to Basel and on the Rhine cruise to Amsterdam. They are now back in Richmond charging their batteries for a 26 Jan- 6 Feb Caribbean cruise on Regent Seven Seas. Mort vouches for Regent as a cruise that will really spoil you.


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Army-Navy in the Northwest 1/9/2021 10 December 2021. James Drago sent an email and picture after getting together with a number of classmates for the Army Navy game. Tough loss, but they had fun in the great NW. Photo: From L to R top row; Hugo Fischer, Jim North, Jim Drago. Bottom row: Dallas Homas, Ed Arrington, Len McWherter, and Russ Schleiden.

Farewell to John Bellinger 1/4/2021 The funeral service for John Bellinger (C-2, originally B-2) was well attended by approximately 200+ people. The service started with a reading by Bill Smith and included a remembrance by Arnold Braswell. Attendees included Marie Smith, Ione Braswell, Jim & Sally Macklin, Ennis & Novella Whitehead, Jim & Sylvia Dingeman, Mort Mumma, Don & Jo Packard, George Rutter, Tom Cormack, Marianne Kiernan, Lee Ware, Kay Brill, and Ann Griffith. Also attending were Brent Scowcroft ('47) and Sec Def Panetta. John's son, John III, hosted the after service reception. Peggy in Florida 1/4/2021 I had a good after Christmas conversation with Peggy Van Arsdall. She is still living in her home on the barrier island off of Melbourne, Fl, just down the road a couple of miles from Patrick AFB where Bob worked for the space program before he retired to boat up and down the Banana and Indian Rivers. It was grand talking with Peggy as she sounded wonderful and, fortunately, is recovering from a bout with pneumonia. She had a daughter with her on Christmas and sees the others when they come through from Northern VA or Jacksonville, or her son when he shows up from Nevada. Services for Mary Horn 1/4/2021 Services for Mary Horn were carried out with respect and love on 27 December 2021 by the children of Mary & Charlie Horn.


Whitey’s Fifteenth Annual Stag Lunch 12/26/2021 Aided by Paul Suplizio, Whitey Miller, for the fifteenth time in as many years, hosted a stag lunch at his home in Arlington, VA. Ed Andrews reports the usual great time was had by all. Twenty classmates and one guest feasted on burgers, gigantic onion rings, suds and fattening Klondike Bars. The photo shows some of the classmates who attended.

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Photo: Classmates and wives at the ceremony More About Mike from Company Mate Chip Haight 12/13/2021 Mike was one of the nicest guys you would want to meet. We were in the same cadet company and our first assignment in the 25th ID. He was very earnest, organized, and easy going. He had an artistic flair as shown by his contribution to our Class rings and logo. He always took his share of kidding in good humor, sometimes not apparently knowing he was being kidded. He seemed like a classic Tom Sawyer-type with the same sense of mischief and outlook. He and Mary Jane were really in love, devotedly so and I think some of the other wives were jealous of his obvious devotion to her, and she to him.


They are the attractive couple gracing AOG’s 2021-2021 Gift Shop Catalogue. Luddy & Carol also appear on page 34 of the catalog. This is the first time AOG has used its employees, other grads, and their family members to “model the items in the catalog and their family.

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Army Corps of Engineers, whose missions include military construction and environmental engineering for the Army and Air Force and the Army's civil water resources program. After eight years in the private sector, he continues his active life as a volunteer in a number of professional organizations.


However such heroes’ efforts rarely gets recognized and most of the time, their hard work goes unappreciated. This behavior has greatly not improved the life of the girl child. Therefore, such trend should completely be abolished so that the society learns how to improve the standard of life of a teenage girl.

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Some better to-day, went down town in the waggon, got some quinine, and some bread, came home, took a chill. Felt angry, cursed Mr Mcdonald and went to bed, mad.


Clear & rather pleasant through the day. Went down town in the morning to get Mcdonalds oxen and plough.

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The public school gun mandate frustrates University of Texas President Greg Fenves. On Wednesday, Fenves begrudgingly approved rules allowing guns in his classrooms, saying the law gave him no alternative.


Private universities are “no different than Starbucks selling coffee. What they are selling is different,” Birdwell said.

He also got commissioned as a 1LT in the Medical Service Corps as an Environmental Science Officer/Engineer. Only 10 years later, but who is counting! He will be in the reserves and when he graduates he am hopes to go Active Duty. His wife CPT Lara Brennecke '02 pinned on his rank, and his father-in-law COL(R) Luke Brennecke '70 administered the Oath. The ceremony was held at Virginia Tech's War Memorial Court, which overlooks the drill field at Virginia Tech. Photo: Jose Jimenez, with his wife CPT Lara Brenecke ’02, and father-in-law COL(R) Luke Brennecke ’70. Emily (Eagan) McMahan Has Baby 12/26/2021 Emily (Eagan) McMahan and her husband, Caleb had their first baby on September 26, 2021.


Also of interest both Blyth and Miley list five relatives as graduates. Note that above numbers do not include members of the class of 2021 nor brothers which, of course, are not included in the Register's Genealogical List. Armor Reunion 12/26/2021 Our Armor classmates are still getting together. In October they met in Nashville and Guy Troy, the always faithful Armor reporter, sent out the word. Aside from normal activities, Phyliss Streiff had arranged for the group to cut a CD at the recording studio used by Elvis of some of the songs we sang at Ft. Knox in 1946.

On 12 NOV 11, a number of classmates celebrated the life of Jeff Stonerock, LTC (USAR, Ret), who passed away after fighting leukemia for an extended period. It was a wonderful celebration for a wonderful man. Thanks to Chuck Shaw for his help to Janine Stonerock in putting together the wake that followed the memorial mass. A Giant (Jeff) has left a huge legacy. Jeff was the consummate lawyer, preferred a good Lowland Single Malt Scotch and a game of golf, and was interested in helping inner-city youth. While serving in the Army, he also graduated from Duke University law school in 1984, and received a master’s degree in law from the University of Virginia law school in 1989. His military career included service in the Judge Advocate General’s office, and as an Army ranger and paratrooper. He had lived in the Washington area since 1989. On leaving active duty with the Army in 1992, he began practicing law in Washington. He retired from Baker Botts in 2009.


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Review of Good Practices in Preventing Juvenile Crime in the European Union. Study was carried out on the initiative of the European Crime Prevention Network. Views expressed in this report are those of the authors and not of the European Commission.

We send again our love, sincerest condolences, and prayers to Dottie ([email protected] ), daughters Kimberly, Allison, and Amy, and the Rountree sons-in-law and six grandchildren. Photo: John Rountree watches Army beat VMI at West Point in 2021 On 6 Dec, our honorary classmate, friend, and mentor Bob Berry died in Denver, CO. Many of us met Bob when he taught in Social Sciences as a reservist. Our connection continued as he served later as General Counsel of the Army and then Head of the USMA Law Department. I was honored to present Bob with honorary Class membership at our Five-Year Reunion in Oct '74 at WP. Army-Navy 1/9/2021 On 9-10 December, we came within seven points of a perfect ArmyNavy game weekend.


The proposal research aims at determining whether plants grow well in water or soil, when carried out practical through setting up an experiment. The information obtained from this experiment will help gardeners have knowledge on how to grow their plants healthier, taller and faster.

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He has built a number of houses in the town of Burnet, and opened up a number of farms in that and adjacent counties. He is a man of fine intelligence and indomitable will and energy, and it is impossible to measure the extent of his usefulness to his county and State. He is six feet in height, and weighs now about 145 pounds. Before the war he weighed 160 pounds. He is, perhaps, to-day, the most active and thorough business man of a community of good business men, and although totally blind, both eyes having been shot out in battle, he is at his office regularly, and its vast volume of business flows on with as much ease as if he was fully endowed with his lost sense. His memory and ear are very remarkable for tenacity and distinction of sound. He will address a casual acquaintance he meets on the street, when he hears his or her voice, as readily as if he saw. There is a long, uncarpeted hall leading to his office. He knows the footfall of every citizen of the town and county, as it sounds through this hall.


The burial included an appropriate 17-gun salute. The post-service reception was very well done at the Fort Myer Officers’ Club. My thanks to Art for the report and picture, which Art takes and never appears in. Photo: Dingeman, Whitehead, Sylvia Dingeman, Novella Whitehead, Jo Joffman, Macklin and Marge Barondes Knee Replacement 1/12/2021 Ann Schoenberg underwent surgery to have her left knee replaced at Atlanta's St. Josephs Hospital on Wednesday, 21 December. The operation went well, she spent two nights in the hospital and then went home on Friday, 23 December. She’s getting regular visits from the physical therapist, and other than the usual accompanying pain she seems to be making good progress toward full recovery and resuming driving in a few weeks. Friends have been ultra helpful with in all kinds of ways. A get well card would be appropriate. Word from Ohio 1/12/2021 Our frequent publication of class notes is paying off in keeping in touch with 48-ers. The publication of Dingeman's visit with Forrester led to receipt of an e-mail from Ruth McGraw seeking Forrester's address. Ruth updated us on her activities.

“We wanted to engage the citizens and make them aware that public safety would be greatly improved,” said Lawver. “But equally, if not more importantly, we wanted to get the word out to offenders and potential offenders that this new system was going to change the game in our favor.


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Photos: (l) Cadet John Michel Nash, Company E-1, (r) The Nash family members at the ceremony honoring Mike Our friend and classmate, Mike Nash, an Army Aviator, was reported missing in action on 15 March 1966. He was officially declared dead one year later. At that time there was a memorial ceremony at West Point. In late 2021 the remains of Mike and his co-pilot, LTC Glenn D. McElroy, were found in Laos. On 30 November 2021 these two soldiers were buried together in Arlington. Pictures of the Nash family and classmates and wives who attended accompany this article. You probably read the outstanding report on all of this written by Jim Walsh. It is posted on the class web site.

CLASS NOTES 12/15/2021 We lunched with Helen Rhett in our favorite Atlanta French restaurant [Violette’s] during our Thanksgiving travel. Helen is resident in an elegant retirement center on Peachtree Street Her daughter Libby and family are close by. She was recently in New Mexico where she and Jack had met when he was a Special Weapons junior officer, Still on her “bucket list” is a return trip to Paris. We were so pleased to catch up on Helen’s news from contacts with many in the Class. We also had an opportunity to visit with Harriet Hartline in the lovely Presbyterian Village Center in Austell, Georgia. Harriet looks great and is well cared for. Their son Doug (USMA 73) is close by in Atlanta and watches over his mother. I introduced Dick to Harriet in Boston sixty-two years ago so our visit was very special. OUR SAD LOSSES: BE THEY AT PEACE 12/15/2021 Since our last notes were compiled we must with heavy heart note the passing of seven classmates, our friends and compatriots, with whom we shared joys, aches, and experiences these sixty-nine years and longer: Dick Conniff (G-2), died in Palm Beach Gardens on August 25th. He will be interned at West Point this coming spring. Known as an all around athlete as a cadet, basketball his strongest, he also was big at the boodlers.


In 1872, the Chicago and Alton Railroad built a line that ran south of Mexico, Missouri, terminating at Cedar City. Here, the engine was run onto a turntable, and the children and adults grabbed the handles and pushed to turn the engine around. The train remained over night, so the train crew and passengers often stayed at one of the hotels. Generous meals were served in the large dining rooms. The next day, the train was backed down to the South Cedar station to pick up passengers, mail and freight before heading north again.

Also touring with the Vittys were Joe & Connie Franklin, Dick & Sandy Wargowsky, and Ted & Marie Livesay. Many friends and neighbors of the Vittys and Franklins accompanied the group.


We were pleasantly surprised to see Jocko & Melana Merriam at the après loss gathering. They explained that their son lives in Colorado, the grandchildren called, and they can never pass up a chance to be with classmates.

With our '48 seniority, our seats on Saturday were just about on the 50-yard line, with Obama/TheVeep/SECDEF/Odierno/Dempsey/ Rodriguez within ten yards of 48's assigned seat area. A big thrill - but a disappointing final score. Roger looked all over and did not see another 48-er. Could it be age and a preference for the couch with beer in hand and TV than the crowd hassle?


Roommate Found 1/17/2021 Chris Wangsgard said that during the holidays he ran into Terry M. Winters, his plebe roommate who lives just outside Zion National Park in Hurricane, Utah. He said Terry lives near a first rate sporting clays course where they spent time together breaking clays. After getting “found” in French, Terry returned to Idaho and got an EE degree from University of Idaho. He took ROTC, went Artillery, stayed in the reserves until retirement as an 0-6. Chris went on to say “He managed San Diego Light and Power’s power operation until he become CEO of California Independent System Operators, a company formed to integrate all power systems I the grid after unregulated open market operations began in 1998. He was also CEO of two other companies operating in the deregulated part of electric power industry.

Previous generations have reported feeling similarly. If our technology permitted time travel, it would be interesting to see how the current state-of-the-world evolves (if at all) over the next century.


Took a shake early in the morning and Lay up ballance the day. Cousin Will rode around some alone, too sick to go with him, dam this ague.

Against a backdrop of civil rights unrest across the nation, a Department of Justice diagnostic report in September took an unflinching look at Rockford's struggles with youth violence, a stubbornly high violent crime rate, and gun crime and homicide solve rates that lag the national average. Police are adopting research-based strategies promoted by the DOJ that have proven effective in other areas of the country to improve trust and combat crime, Interim Police Chief Patrick Hoey said.


Old Warrior Fades Away 12/26/2021 Condolences to classmate Clair Conzelman, who lost his father Pete Conzelman ’53, after an illness in New Bern, NC. It was the morning of Clair’s 55th birthday, leaving Clair the eldest man in the family. Clair reported “they had a wonderful memorial for Dad at his community of retired officers and friends in New Bern” and Pete will be buried at West Point near his father.

Her mother, Jessie Black, when a young girl, came with her parents from the Isle of Mull, Scotland, and located near the city of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario. They were not here long when a young Scotchman by the name of John Sinclair also arrived with his parents from Oban, on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland, and located near them. As the days passed by, the friendship of this young couple grew into a courtship-a courtship with all the romance of which Scottish poets have sung. About the year 1848, this sturdy Highland laddie pledged his truth to the bonnie Highland lassie. From this union, two sons and four daughters were born: Jessie Neil, Annabella, Malcolm, Flora Jane (the subject of this sketch), and Euphemia.


Photos: (l) How many people named “Novogratz” attended? Check out the name tags for those and others, (r) Chuck Millick and Art Bair were two of many classmates enjoying the festivities Dedication of a Room at the Thayer 12/13/2021 Classmate Fred Malek and some other partners recently purchased the Hotel Thayer. As part of their objective to link the hotel more closely with USMA, they initiated a Memorial Room program whereby individual rooms could be established to honor selected USMA graduates. Fred suggested that a Memorial Room be established to honor the undefeated 1958 Army football team. Fred generously matched donations from many other members of the Class of 1959 to successfully generate the necessary funds. Because the Army Sports Hall of Fame weekend was scheduled for 16 - 17 September it was decided that this would be a perfect time for this event.

“We hope students, faculty and staff in attendance will leave knowing what to expect in an active shooter situation. The more we see, the more we talk and the more we practice, the more prepared we are for emergencies,” said Schwartz.


Denver Gathering 12/13/2021 While visiting their daughter, Dawn, in Denver, Sandy & Carol Beach joined up with other classmates at the home of Roger & Ginny Ware followed by dinner at the Venice Restaurant. The group included Bob & Diane Beale, Gary & Nadine Beech, Lou Schroeder and Rich & Mickey Skowronek. This is the third annual gathering of the Denver contingent. They invite anyone in the area to join them for their fourth and beyond.

In his attempt to link serious crime with disorder, criminal justice scholar Ralph Taylor found that no distinct pattern of relationships between crime and disorder emerged. Rather, some specific disorderly acts were linked to some specific crimes. He concluded that attention to disorder in general might be an error and that, while loosely connected, specific acts may not reflect a general state of disorder. He suggested that specific problems would require specific solutions. This seemed to provide more support for problem-oriented policing strategies than it did for the broken windows theory.


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That is a clear indication that the 3 drugs I'm taking are working. The symptoms are flu-like, with the worst being the 2 days following my weekly injection of Interferon which I take on Saturdays. In 3 more weeks I will have a critical blood test. If I am free of the Hep-C virus at that point, the 3 drug regimen will continue for an additional 8 weeks.

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Schandler Publishes Book 12/26/2021 Herb Schandler reports that a paperback version of his book, “America in Vietnam, The War That Couldn’t be Won,” was published in September 2021. The hardback version was published in September 2021. Congratulations Herb on another impressive contribution to our understanding of the Vietnam War. Update from Nevada 12/26/2021 Jim Rodrigues reports that he and Ellen enjoyed lunch with George & Mary Grayeb in Nevada City on 20 November. Jim also advises that Jerry & Barbara Ann Gibbs’s house survived the intense wild fires that plagued Reno, NV, on 18-19 November. Book About Westmoreland 12/26/2021 A good many in the Class of 1952 served with the late General William C. Westmoreland, some at West Point in the early 1960s, when Westy was the Supe; others knew him during his four year’s as COMUSMACV and during his later stint as Army Chief of Staff. But all will find a new book, Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam of great interest. The author is also well known to many in our class: Lewis (Bob) Sorley, III -is a member of the Class of 1956 and the author of several books centered on Vietnam and a first-rate biography of the late Creighton Abrams. The Westmoreland book is carefully researched and relies heavily on interviews with senior colleagues who worked with Westmoreland. An interesting and provocative study of leadership and command -highly recommended for admirers or detractors -or for those who knew little of Westmoreland.


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At the election of March 30, 1855, he was chosen to represent the 3d, 7th and 8th districts in the council. Mobillon W. McGee was elected to the house of representatives from the 7th district, which included Council City. Several residents of Council City, including Stewart, on March 31 sent a written protest to Governor Reeder, stating that Strickler and McGee were elected by nonresident Missourians in opposition to the wishes of the legal voters of the district. Reeder ordered a new election, which was held on May 22. Jesse D. Wood was elected to the council -Territorial election returns, Archives division, Kansas Historical Society. It was Wood who located, surveyed and platted the townsite of Brownville in 1856. The name of the town was changed to Auburn by vote of the citizens in 1857 and by act of the legislature in 1859 -D. W. Wilder, The Annals of Kansas (Topeka, 1886), pp. 60-62; A. T. Andress, and W. G. Cutler, History of the State of Kansas (Chicago, 1883), pp. 595, 1530. Andrews states that Hollam Rice received all 28 votes for representative from the 7th district on May 22 but that when the legislature met it excluded him and admitted McGee.

Marie & Bob Yaap also sent word about three get-togethers. They had seen Susan & Mike Nardotti in Paris in Sep and Peggy Isenhower in WA in Oct. And, for the 15th year running, they attended the Annual Woodie Car Show in Encinitas, CA, joined this year by Karen & Gary Cantrell, Barb & Sam Granett, Dutch & Linda Harmeling, and Alice & Gary Marshall. The Cantrells and Granetts came from TX for the show.


Army Navy Game Day 12/26/2021 Army Navy GameDay There were many get togethers at the game and photos to boot. B-2 had the most company mates together at one time since graduation! Steve Hughes sends: My 90 year old dad wanted to go to one more A-N game since it was within an hour of where we live in MD, and my son, David Hughes ‘01 was in attendance as well with his wife and some friends. My dad is not a grad but he did serve 26 years starting with WWII and retired as a Colonel (O-6). Photos (clockwise from top left): A-2 Rally: Jeff Ginther, Rick Goodhand, Cadet Jay Ginther, Ben Withers, Eric Paternoster; B-2 Rally: Rick Oertel,Jon Dutcher, Joe Miller, Rick Preece, Tom McGinnis, Mitch Craigmile, Steve Wells and Doug Shaw; Steve Hughes with his Dad and son David; Frank Janoski with the Message!

There are over 1/1 million record sources listed in the directory which are organized by state, county, city, and record type. The site also features dozens of in-depth articles to help you learn to do genealogy research more effectively.


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Among economists and demographers such as Wolfers and Friedberg, the steady rise of divorce rates from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s has been the debate. Between this years it was discovered that women who are in their 20s contributed to averagely 60% of the rise. Researchers have keenly focused on demonstrating the increasing divorce rates by testing the changes in the economic empowerment of women (Nunley, 2021) and changes in the divorce laws in the early 1970s (Wolfers 2006; Friedberg 1998).

Dan is the Chairman of Fieldpoint Private Bank & Trust. His firm had a reception for the Medal of Honor Foundation at the Greenwich Country Club in Greenwich, Connecticut on May 12th, 2021. The reception celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the Medal of Honor. About 150 guests were in attendance for an inspirational evening. Paul and Jack spoke about selfless service, Duty, Honor and Country. Everyone in attendance left feeling better about our Country and the wonderful people serving in our Armed Forces. Paul Bucha (West Point Class of ’65) was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism in March of 1968. He was a Captain leading Company D, 187th Infantry, Third Brigade, 101st Airborne Division in combat operations southwest of Phuoc Vinh. Colonel Jack Jacobs (Rutgers ’66, ROTC) was awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism while serving as an Advisor to a South Vietnamese Battalion in the Mekong Delta during March, 1968. Photo: Paul Bucha, Judy Donahue, Colonel Jack Jacobs, and Dan Donahue Mini-Reunions 1/5/2021 Co A-2 had a mini-reunion in Colorado Springs over the weekend of Army-Air Force football game (Nov 3-6) with 11 of their 15 remaining company mates attending.


Cedar City, a small town in southern Callaway County on the banks of the Missouri River, was laid out in 1866 by David Kenney, owner of the Cedar City Land Company, who petitioned the state for articles of incorporation in 1870. Kenney named the town Cedar City because of the many cedar trees dotting the bluffs overlooking the town.

Death of Charles K. "Bob" Nulsen Jr. 12/26/2021 Bob Nulsen had Parkinson's disease and died on 13 December 2021 In New London, NH, at age 88. He was married Alice M. Diggs of Washington, DC. He retired from military service on 1 May 1975. He then joined the Nuclear Regulatory Commission where he worked on requirements for physical security and international safeguards. He did much international travel until retiring again in May 1988. He and Alice then moved to their summer home in West Springfield, NH, where he served the community in several positions. A memorial service is planned for May 2021 in New Hampshire.


This mill was located about 3 1/2 miles southwest of Boydsville. It was built on Cedar Creek, and flour, meal, and other commodities could also be purchased there. This building was later bought by the Claude Mountjoy family. The mill was closed down, and later, the building was razed by Fred Harris in around 1930. The material was moved to about 3 miles west of Fulton on the Columbia and Fulton gravel road, and a dance hall was built out of the material.

Mr. Lacy comes of Revolutionary stock on both sides, both grandfathers, Moses Lacy and John Myers, having served in the Continental army. They subsequently settled in Kentucky, where they helped to beat back the Indian, fell the forests and lay the foundation of that great commonwealth.


Halloween Shenanigans at Carolina Trace 12/15/2021 Exciting new contest! Identify the two jamokes shown below dressed as Father Mulcahy and Corporal Klinger of the old M*A*S*H TV show. The occasion was a party at the Carolina Trace Country Club in Sanford, NC. Submit your guesses as follows: write a check for $1000 to the Class of 1962 50th Reunion Fund and use the check’s memo field to record your entry in the contest.

SOME OF THE GANG AT A/N TAILGATE 12/26/2021 Here you see Noel Brown, Blackgrove, Boyle and McGarrity seated, and Vopatek & Hall standing. Our class was spread out over the stadium, so we don’t know how many classmates attended. The game started at 2:30 and the tailgate at 11:30, but the cadets marched on at 11:30, so if you wanted to see them you had to be in the stadium. Once in the stadium, you could not leave, so you couldn’t attend the tailgate. Except for great camaraderie, there wasn’t much to cheer about this day.


Alhamid, A. A. S. a. H. M, 2007. A sustainable water resources management plan for Wadi Hanifa in Saudi Arabia. Journal King Saud University, Volume v.

The Ninth Annual Holiday Dinner Dance 12/15/2021 The Dance was held December 15th at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Approximately 100 classmates and their wives were there to enjoy the evening. Until next time, may the armored force be with you.


Iron plays a key role in the making of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. You can get iron from food and from supplements.

Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review Powered by PrepU is much more than just an online version of the popular Bratton textbook of practice questions. It utilizes PrepU technology to help bridge the gap between what a user knows and does not know. As questions are answered online, the program automatically evaluates a user's comprehension of a subject area and then ramps up the difficulty level when multiple questions are answered correctly. This adaptive approach helps concentrate the user's energy on areas that require the most attention.


The settlement with Richmond University Medical Center is confidential and wasn't part of the $5/9 million agreement announced by the city in July. But the figure was disclosed in court documents filed in Surrogate's Court on Staten Island that outline how the money will be dispersed to his family.

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In other words, these are great times. Bill Richardson Checks out Spectacular California 12/26/2021 In mid-October 2021, Bill Richardson, joined by his oldest son, Bill Jr, and his son Jack, journeyed to California and spent a week at Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks. All three found the views and vistas to be spectacular. They hiked daily in all three parks, with the most demanding to be Yosemite. Bill reports that this trip whetted his appetite for visiting other National Parks to see some of our Nation’s Beauties.


In Aug Charlotte, Frank the boys took a pictured motorboat ride on the Kentucky River. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. Being in the area provides assistance to daughter Tricia, as when husband Marcos was in Iraq. He deployed last May with the 82d Airborne to train the Iraqi army to take care of itself. It was to be six-months followed by six months in Kuwait in a standby mode in case the unit was needed back in Iraq. Apparently they did a good job, because the unit returned to Fort Bragg the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Tricia and the boys drove to Fayetteville, NC to meet Marcos for Thanksgiving. Charlotte and Frank had a quiet Thanksgiving at Golden Corral Buffet & Grill in Lexington! Frank reports the usual aches and pains that come with our ages, so does not elaborate. Frank and Charlotte invite you if ever in the area, to please give a call; and wish everyone happy holidays and a New Year.

When George W. Brown, the company's president, arrived in Kansas City a few days later, he found that the members were already scattered. Some had gone to the new towns of Lawrence and Topeka, some had stayed at Kansas City, Westport, Parkville and other points in Missouri, and some had returned to Pennsylvania.


Brian is headed to Afghanistan as the surgeon for US Forces there. The picture shows Brian in an office call with my Dean, COL Dave Diner.

Long Handwritten Letter 12/26/2021 Lee Surut reported he had received a five-page handwritten letter from Ernie Roberts. Lee says in spite of his recent surgery and other health problems, Ernie still writes eloquently.


Pitcher Store lies south of Fulton on Route NN. The first owners were the Barriers who cleared the land and built a two-room log house. The property was then purchased by Sam Woods. During his ownership, it served as a post office from July 27, 1897, until March 31, 1904. After the post office closed, people in the area picked up their mail at the post office in Fulton. Later they were served by a rural route.

If someone is trying to get in your house, hit the key-fob panic button. The car alarm will sound until you turn it off or the battery fails. This action is also a useful deterrent in a parking lot; carry your keys. The noise can attract attention in case of a medical problem or a fall.


Took place on 2 Dec 11 in Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN. A memorial service celebrating Rod’s life was held at University Lutheran Church of Hope in Minneapolis. Rod is survived by his wife Sally; daughter Edie; son Arthur and several grandchildren.

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Dident feel very well this morning, Lay down after breakfast & slept an hour or two, got up and started out to hunt my Pony, could not find it, came back to the house, went to the garden, gathered some tomatoes and took them down to Mrs. Hoover, found the Pony down there, went over to Freels, thence to the Post-office, recieved five letters & 9 papers, came home & read my letters & papers.


Joe and Jean Rogers are Ever Cruising and Skiing 12/26/2021 In September, Joe and Jean Rogers went to West Point for the Army-North Western game, and then in October they took their annual cruise to New England and Canada. In November, Jean and daughter, Ellen drove to Middleburg, VA; and while there had dinner with Anne Lackman. Joe and Jean plan to spend Christmas skiing at Bryce Resort in the Shenandoah Valley, at Basye, VA. Daughter Ellen and her two boys will be there. Their dad, Col Mike Brown, USMC, is in Afghanistan. Ed and Herma Matney Seed More Theatre 12/26/2021 Ed Matney and Herma Matney continue to commute between Southern Pines, NC and Wilmington, NC. They are spending more time in Wilmington, as Herma’s travel is limited. Pain in the legs is unrelieved despite the efforts of numerous physicians. At any rate the Matneys are using Wilmington as their permanent address. This is where son Marc Matney wrote and produced two plays in the family tradition. Ed Matney, Marc Matney, Rachel Matney, and Paul Matney at Wilmington’s very cool Browncoat Pub and Theatre recently celebrated the world premier of Marc’s “Dreamgirl and Backstage Pass”.

The Hood-Severson team had some trouble off the tee initially but their skill at the short game proved to be just enough to offset the clever and dominating play of Hale-Nickerson. Hood's recovery shots brought out the usual "ooohs and awwws" from the local fans. Give and take, no quarter given, no let ups in effort, and the game moved on to the back nine with Hood-Severson holding a slim lead. The teams were dead even with three holes to go as the scorekeepers coordinated their scores. The crowd sensed the tension of the moment and stood in absolute silence as the four warriors marched off to the final tee. Severson and Nickerson found the sand on their drives with Hood and Hale off in the woods. Recovery shots from deep trouble by all brought the crowd back to a fever pitch as they moved with the golfers toward the final and deciding green. The match got down to a putting contest, quite fitting given the closeness of play throughout the day. As the final ball clicked into the cup, the outcome was a tie. Since Tournament rules do not provide for a playoff, Hood and Severson retained their championship status having won the Tournament in 2021.


Retirement in California 12/26/2021 Teri Reed works at finding and sending information on the Internet about published obituaries of classmates and wives. At the Paradise Valley Estates where she lives, she instigated having an Army/Navy tailgate party on 10 Dec. There was a group of eight at her table, some Army and some Navy. The center-piece was a ball-shaped topiary which she won at the '49 fiftieth reunion. She brought it with her when she moved to California a year or so ago. She adds that she is near both Napa and Sonoma wine country with beautiful vineyards.

Scholars generally define two different types of disorder. The first is physical disorder, typified by vacant buildings, broken windows, abandoned vehicles, and vacant lots filled with trash. The second type is social disorder, which is typified by aggressive panhandlers, noisy neighbours, and groups of youths congregating on street corners. The line between crime and disorder is often blurred, with some experts considering such acts as prostitution and drug dealing as disorder while many others classify them as crimes. While different, these two types of disorder are both thought to increase fear among citizens.


Was glad to see them being the first living thing, I saw, from New Castle since I left. They brought me some letters & papers.

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KARL & BARBARA CHECK INTO THE NET 12/26/2021 Karl & Barbara Beach have been in Lago, TX (greater Austin area) for the past 17 years living the good life. Both of them play a fair amount of golf. They also spend their summers in Montana. They built a house there in 2003 near Glacier National Park, 200 miles due east of Spokane. Karl is involved with “Meals on Wheels” which he says has been a real eye opener. He also volunteers his time doing taxes for low-income citizens. Barbara is into Yoga, golf and volunteering at the animal shelter in Montana. They occasionally see Pat & Fred Schaum and John & Barbara Counts. I have included a photo of the Beaches and Schaums from their last visit.


Going Native 12/26/2021 Jeff Thompson reported he relocated to Belgium two years ago with his DA Civilian job. He recently returned from six months in Afghanistan and was glad to be back to Europe, where he will probably stay for another couple of years. Jeff is currently assigned to the 650th MI Group who provides CI support to NATO in Europe and Afghanistan.

Fall Brawl in Hilton Head 11/8/2021 Four days of great autumn golf with ranger golf (rain) the first day and then ever improving conditions. We had 23 classmates and one guest playing with Tom Curran just puttering around after recent surgery. The Hartleys, now a local Hilton Head couple were present and accounted for at the social events, a gray hog icebreaker on the first evening and a diner cruise on the last. The latter which saw 45 participants was the non-golfing highlight of the week. The winners were Jerry Werner, George, Cromartie, Jim Brown and Robert Dotson (father of a member of the Class of ‘91 and to my mind a good candidate for a ‘64 honorary class membership). Jerry Werner and Mike Conway were the class of the group with rounds in the 70’s. Dan Evans took most net points scored earning the title of most improved golfer. Howie Bachman did a great job organizing things. Next years Fall Brawl will be in Williamsburg September or October. As usual we hope to get a few more “Westerners” to participate.


Went at making some more rails for my calf pen. Dave Condit came in a short time, so I quit work and set in the house & talked to him & Mr Mcdonald untill towards evening. Went down to Hoovers, thence to Titus' after some butter, got none, thence to Brattons, got none there, thence back to Hoovers got some milk, then home, had mush & milk for supper.

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This means we can have visitors and actually put them in a bedroom. Everyone is welcome, just not at the same time. It's a highly wooded area, but we are less than a mile from the beach. Lot's of spanish moss hanging from the trees.


Police typically are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. These functions are known as policing. Police are often also entrusted with various licensing and regulatory activities.

No issue affecting economic and environmental policy has generated so much controversy in recent decades as climate change. Few people deny that climate change has been happening across the globe for eons. However, over the last hundred years, climate change has been occurring at an accelerated rate due to anthropogenic, or man-made, activity. Within the scientific community and among climate scientists, there is no doubt that climate change is happening faster than ever before and that its causes are entirely human in origin (Lashof & Ahuja, 1990; McKibben, 2021). In addition to disrupting both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, climate change.


Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult, 2002 is a quick reference for current medical diagnosis and treatment. The text covers more than 1000 medical / surgical conditions in a two-page format that includes basics, diagnosis, treatment, medications, follow-up, and miscellaneous considerations. Topics are arranged alphabetically and cross-indexed to synonyms. Written by over 330 experienced clinicians, this edition has been updated to reflect contemporary practice norms.

U.S. genealogy records directory

CAMDENTON, Mo - In the year just ended, citizens saw news headlines that called into question police motives, police judgment, and police departments. Camdenton's Chief of Police, Laura Wright, understands the impact such national stories have on the public and officers doing their best to become better at their jobs every day. In an effort to communicate how much good local police contribute to their community, Chief Wright prepared a report about Camdenton's community policing programs for the Board of Alderman and police department staff.


John was a sports enthusiast following Army football, UConn basketball and the New York Football Giants. He also was a fan of of the local Cheshire teams and supported his kids in all of their activities. John definitely took the time to smell the roses. He also spent much time helping in the Cheshire community and school system being president or an officer in all endeavors. No wonder pictures of him show the face of a very happy man.

Suhr and Police Commission President Suzy Loftus said officers will be equipped with helmets, 36-inch batons, gloves and a greater number of less-lethal bean bag rounds — gear that could help subdue a suspect with an edged weapon. However, officers struck Woods with at least four bean bags, which only bruised and staggered him.


Journal of the American Board of Family Practice September-October: 327-330

“A lot of us are parents of kids with special needs. And so we get it. We have the same fears for our children,” Matt Fraize said.

Carrington has always been an agricultural community and was well known during World War I and in the 1920s for its livestock production of horses and mules, cattle and some sheep. It was not unusual for a farmer to send three or more carloads of cattle to market by rail. Stock pens built north of the railroad almost always contained livestock ready to be marketed. Best known of the livestock farmers at that time were O. Duley Scott, O. M. Wilkerson, J. Scott McGhee and Elgin Forsee. Other well-known livestock and grain farmers then were Carl Divers and his sons, Percy and Ray; Carson Humphreys; Cecil Howison; Joe Griffin; A. D. Brooks; John McCarty; Luther Herring; Hugh Morris; and Vernon Forsee.

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At this time, S. C. was well-known throughout the county as a soil conservation advocate. He was the first man in the Dixie Community to build terraces on his farm; he built 12 miles of terraces with a tractor and an old motor grader. The farm was chiefly in pasture, with cattle and sheep the main projects.


It is a solid, readable, and usable copy, but might include extensive wear or damage. Please note extended handling time.

They are busy with work, school, and sports, but the Miller’ stay in touch and visit whenever possible. Wayne sends greetings from Huntsville, also home to John and Tony Hill, and The Rocket City Rednecks (National Geographic Channel on Wednesday evenings), five “backwoods” guys who have fun applying redneck ingenuity with advanced engineering and physics to solve real-world problems. Pat Brian Wins the Gold at Pickleball 12/26/2021 Pat Brian and Marty Brian are back to a beautiful, balmy Georgetown, TX, after a too-hot Texas summer. All is well with them and offspring, clear down through two great granddaughters. Time was spent with all of them, mainly in the mid-west. Pat and Marty are also still performing in the Actors Guild in Sun City. Pat’s legs are holding up, so he continues to play Pickleball. This is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It is played on a court the size of doubles badminton court. The net is like a tennis net, but two inches lower.


The Big Rock, from which the granite was quarried for the material for building the Texas Capitol, is within two miles of the city, and quite near are numerous other granite quarries of equal extent. Iron ore yielding a large percent, and also coal, has been developed near. It is connected with the world by the Northwestern railroad, connecting with the trunk lines of Texas roads at Austin.

A Picture with No Caption 12/13/2021 Carl Weaver sent this picture of Bill Zierdt and his friend. However, Carl forgot to send along a caption.


Star Emerging 12/26/2021 The US Military Academy Prep School beat their previously undefeated NAVY counterparts 34-28 on 12 NOV 11 and Christopher Williams USMAPS ‘12, son of our TW Williams, played an important role in the win. The 6'2", 215 lb. wide receiver started every game this year and also played on special teams. USMAPS was 7-2 at the time of this report. We look forward to Chris helping the Black Knights BEAT NAVY in the future.

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Class Daughter 1/5/2021 Yes, that is right. The class of 2021 includes Cadet Catherine Ball, the daughter of George & Penne Ball. Unfortunately George died in April 2009, so he missed seeing Catherine graduate. She is going Military Intelligence. She also is a recipient of a Rotary Scholarship and will be going to Sydney, Australia in January of 2021 to receive a masters in Health Communications. Prentiss Family News 1/5/2021 Lou Prentiss caught me up on his family. He and Shirley now have 6 great grandchildren.


They and their small children moved here, and another child was born while they were at Eastville. While there, they tore down the old restaurant and built a new house. Mr. Kroll worked as a computer operator in Columbia. Linus and Dorothy sold the property to Howard Gravatt, Incorporated in 1975. Howard Gravatt and his wife are living there now, and he runs an equipment shop, sells tires and more.

This past week we had a visit from Andrea's oldest sister, Maiya. She comes every November and together we take in the annual Arizona Classic Jazz Festival in Chandler, a suburban town SE of Phoenix. This year was a good one - top notch lineup. We are now looking forward to the Christmas holidays featuring visits by all kids, spouses, and grandkids. That will add eight to the roster for a week. We will need to rent some overflow space at a nearby hotel. When the holiday dust clears, we will start off the New Year with another Caribbean cruise, this time to the western end including Grand Cayman, Belize, and Honduras. It will be a round trip out of Ft. Lauderdale aboard Regent's Seven Seas Navigator. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we look forward to our next class gathering. Pete Johnson ([email protected]) Reports 12/7/2021 The Deer Won!


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His father was William Cole, and his mother before marriage was a Miss Joplin, the father being a native of Virginia and the mother a native of Tennessee. William Cole was in the War of 1812; settled in Tennessee in 1818; moved thence to Mississippi and thence to Texas, settling in Fayette County, where he died in 1860, at the age of 65 years. His wife, mother of the subject of this notice, had previously died in Mississippi. The father was accompanied to Texas by his two sons, William and James, the former returning to Mississippi soon after coming to this State, and dying there.

Lawmakers likely also would have faced legal action from private schools over any attempt to force them to accept guns. Many of the state's private schools are religious-based and likely would have resisted having such a major policy decision thrust on them.


“The face of law enforcement is changing with the times. But we have to. We have to show people that we are human. That we are dads and moms,” Angie Fraize said over coffee last week. She grew up with an uncle who had Down syndrome, and one of her two daughters has the condition.

They left Seattle 12 August and caught many of the highlights of such a cruise: Ketchikan, Alaska; Tracy Arm Fjord,Alaska; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway, Alaska; and the Alaska Inside Passage; Victoria, British Columbia, returning to Seattle 19 August. Having made the same cruise years earlier, Lucille & Hank stayed on board (this article) during port calls. The weather was very good for this time of the year which made the activities at the port calls enjoyable for the family (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8910). Big ships cannot approach the Tracy Arm Fjord glacier as close as do the smaller ships. On this cruise the Captain took them closer than on other cruises. Ship entertainment was excellent and the food good. Drinks were reasonable and plentiful if drink packages were bought.


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Consegna entro 9-14 giorni lavorativi con la posta tradizionale. Spedito prontamente e imballato attentamente.

He is prominently identified with the "Bankers' Association of Texas," and is now its President. While connected with this organization he has frequently been called upon to prepare papers to be read at their annual meetings, and they have invariably attracted favorable comment, not only among his associates, but in the leading financial journals of the country. One in particular which we take time and space to here mention, entitled, "The Banker in Politics," was widely circulated, and met with such a favorable reception that it was directed to be printed in pamphlet form and distributed to all the leading financial and mercantile institutions of the country. Mr. Reed is a prominent secret society man. He first joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows at Weatherford in 1873, and holding all the offices, became a member of the Grand Lodge, and, as such, has served on several important committees. He also belongs to the Grand Lodge of the Knights of Honor, and is a member of the Knights of Pythias.


If a heater’s insulation wears out, then touching the metal of the heater gives a shock unless the heater has been grounded. The metal heater housing is where the conductor is installed. The conductor is then connected to a ground. The ground may be in the building or far away from the location of the heater.

Sullivan Family off to Haiti 1/9/2021 26 December 2021. Mark Sullivan and family flew to Haiti today. Wayne Richardson convinced them to come down for the week to do some work with his charity, Operation Blessing International. Chris Martin Update from Mark Johnstone 1/9/2021 27 December 2021. Mark Johnstone sent an update that COL Chris Martin is in Afghanistan commanding one of our Corps of Engineer Districts. From Mark’s experience in Afghanistan, the engineers have a dangerous job but are achieving much needed developmental effects, without which we would be losing a lot more soldiers, and without which success in COIN would be impossible. Chris's youngest son, Nolan ‘11, graduated from USMA last May and is currently at home on a "see food" diet while convalescing between mountain and Florida phases of Ranger School. He is also slotted to attend the mortar leaders course and recon leaders course before heading to his unit (which will be deploying soon), one of the new Stryker Bdes, at Ft Lewis. Congratulations to Chris and Nolan -stay safe. Mark also reported that his son, Joshua, recently accepted an appointment to the Class of 2021.


A companion website includes four practice exams. The website also offers an iPod downloadable audio companion with 120 facts from Bratton's 1000 Facts to Help You Pass the Family Medicine Boards book, with an option to buy more.

In USAF, he was a night fighter pilot and served as an attaché in Yugoslavia when the relations were most strained. In 1957 he and his Ruth left the regular Air Force with six children, started a long career in computer software systems and business management. With his two brothers he owned and operated one of the largest golf cart companies in Florida [EZGO- we have one charging in the garage as we write] Their next of kin is their son, Colonel retired Dick Junior ’75. Bill Ochs (F-1), died November 14 in Annapolis MD. It was Bill who in September 1947 with a handful of his men, stopped dead a column of Yugoslav troops under Tito’s orders to occupy the Free Territory of Trieste. His long career of service included Korea and Vietnam, and in the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs, and on retirement, the Federal Energy Agency. Bill was known as a man of humility and humour, everybody’s friend, a man of solid views on the issues of the day. He and his lovely, talented, artistic Betty moved to Annapolis where Bill served as bailiff in the court system until two months before he died. Betty predeceased him in 2021 after 62 years together. Jack Truby (G-2),Infantry Officer, Doctor of International Relations, teacher, coach, and World Champion Master Swimmer died of heart failure on October 25, 2021 in Denver. He is survived by his wife of 62 years Amy Rees Truby, two sons, Tim and John, and his daughter Beth and their families John Warren (G-2) passed away on November 2 in Sumter, South Carolina As a cadet, John was known as “Junior” the youngest man in the Class.


Beth and Mark Mills and their son Daniel ’12 formally joined the tailgate. Sarah and Pete Martin made the trip from Fl. Danny ’15 and BG Tim Trainor stopped by after the game for a few minutes. Jim Ecklund has his own tailgate nearby, and stopped by for a few minutes. Jeanette Regan McMahon is enjoying life with Paul Angresano ‘84. Kim and Tyge Rugenstein spoke about the status of the prep school. The prepsters were moving into classrooms, but there was a need to bus many of them because not all buildings were open yet. Beverly and Chris Kerski, with their son Ryan and daughter Krista made the trip from OH – Chris was recently named the GM of Cardinal health's Laboratory business. He and his family relocated to Columbus Ohio. He also mentioned that he's entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Brian MacDonald's new company, Microphage. It was nice to see Bob Wood & wife and their daughter Lauren ’14.

Death of Audrey English 12/26/2021 Allan English called on 7 December to report that Audrey had died at home shortly after midnight. She did not want her illness to be a long drawn-out process. Al stated, "She so much enjoyed being part of our '49er group and taking part in its activities.


Suzanne and he continue their activity to our Wounded Warriors to include recently gaining significant anonymous grants for building special housing to accommodate some of these Service women and men. Looking ahead to 25-30 Jan 2021, the Hydes are perpetuating their mega sponsorship of the Orlando mini reunion. Plans include lots of golf time plus taking in local sights and sounds. You have time to touch base with Button & Gary to “come on down” for this special greeting to the new year. Ellie & John Skillman returned to Tampa from their summer home near Roanoke, VA. The purpose was for John to take part in the meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution. He was preparing to assume the presidency of the Tampa chapter later in Jan 2021.

The Factors That Contribute To Length Of Stay In The Emergency Department Funding of the project considers the given issue at hand, and how critical it is to the sustenance of health institutions. These include the costs incurred in line with the provision of services to the affected people, especially those who are in critical conditions. The table below clearly illustrates the costs that would affect the success of the project at hand. However, there are other miscellaneous costs that have to be considered, on a greater scale. They base on the fact that there are issues that always arise.


Ho was born of well-to-do parents, November 9, 1852, in Cedar county, Missouri. His ancestry could be traced in a direct line to Robert Bruce and the historical Allan family. He was left an orphan at an early age, and came with relatives and a few old slaves to Texas during the Civil War. After the hostilities ended, he returned to Missouri, sold his property, and went to college, spending three years in Caine Hill College in Arkansas. Lacking only five months of taking his bachelor's degree, he was forced ti: leave school on account of no funds. He taught school in the northern part of Missouri; then began to study medicine (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3188) in the office of an old physician, who gave him the use of his library. He continued his medical studies in this way for three years, and went to Keokuk, Iowa, to school, but owing to ill health left there and returned to Texas. He taught school for three years in Hill county, and then resumed his medical studies in Missouri. He received a certificate to practice medicine in this State about 1878, and located at Burnet. In 1882 he married Miss Libbie McDonald, of Burnet.

Interfaced with family members and prepared detailed records for review by staff nurses or physicians

At the time Chief Lawver took the reins of the 150 person department, the idea of using gunfire detection technology was already being explored as a more effective way to improve public safety. After considering their options, ShotSpotter –- already used successfully by dozens of law enforcement agencies across the country - was the system that he and his team felt could be most beneficial for the department and the community.


He is survived by his wife, Luanne. Services were held in Newcastle. John's obituary may be viewed at. Reported by Bill McKinney.

Retirement Home Living 1/4/2021 Until I got a recent report on his Army-Navy Game group in his retirement home, I did not realize that Bill Buckner had moved from his beautiful Kansas City home to an Episcopal sponsored retirement home called Bishop Spencer Place. Charlie Shook said Bishop Spencer confirmed him years ago. The campus is located a few blocks north of the famous Country Club Plaza. Deena & Bill reserved a place there before she was diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer seemed to be stabilized so they did not change their plans. But she died in 2005, and Bill moved into a slightly smaller apartment in 2006.


I did not go out to work as I intended, but sat down and read a while, mended my boots, melted some tallow and made some candles, went to the garden and weeded a while, set out cabbage tomatoes &c. Considering all things did not do bad to-day.

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Michlik and Jacunski Participate in IAH 2021 11/8/2021 Marty Michlik and your scribe were united once again in pursuit our mutual interest in drinking and running. This time it was in Savannah for the 2021 InterAmerica gathering of the Hash House Harriers which took place the three days prior to the Fall Brawl. Fortunately for me the two events were only about 30 minutes apart and I was able to participate in both without missing a beat.


It is called "The Inevitable Empire" based on factors such as geography, cropland, navigable rivers, land acquisition, national policies, and other factors. The article contains several maps showing, for example, cropland in North America, navigable rivers, and land acquisition by the nation.

The city's police force, having shot seven black men in a span of eight months, was accused of overzealously engaging in shootings, haphazardly investigating those incidents, and employing poor tactics that endangered officers and the public. Justice said Miami's problems were systemic and left unresolved by a previous and similar federal investigation, leading to the expectation that the city would be pushed to enact sweeping reforms overseen by a federal judge.


Bud Miller’s Grandson 12/26/2021 Bud Miller wrote on 5 Dec with the news that “My grandson, Chris Canty, reports to West Point on July 2, 2021 to join the class of 2021. Chris will be the 4th generation of my family to attend West Point.

In industrial processes, the generation of waste waters is unavoidable sometimes. It is therefore important to develop process for decontaminating this water. The treatment of toxic effluent that contains pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals cannot be satisfactorily attained through the use of conventional processes. Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) have been very vital and successful in their application to degrade these toxic compounds found in water. The high generation of extremely powerful oxidizing agent like the hydroxyl radical forms the back bone of the AOPs. This method is capable of destroying organic compounds until.


Army Special Forces, it’s more about chopstick humor—and random acts of hilarity. From his days at West Point through his time serving as a Green Beret combat commander on the frontlines of Iraq and the Philippines, Wong tells how he scaled the ranks despite being more adept at cutting corners than taking orders.

Connie Leinbach, 12 Nov 2021, Nashville, TN, after a courageous battle with a brain tumor. Connie, a native of Pennsylvania, spent Plebe Year in Company I-2 and was among a group of Yearlings who were transferred to B-2 at the end of our summer at Buckner. Surviving are his wife, Sharon; sons Marc, Chris, and Dane; and daughters Grace and Kira. Connie's funeral will be at Arlington National Cemetery at 12:30 PM, 2 Mar 2021. Please email me at link above for Sharon's address. Betsy Alexander [Terry’s widow] remembers Connie as one of five cadets from Berks Co, PA to enter with '61. Later they were together at Ft Hood and “our first sons were born in WW II wooden barracks. We kept in contact thru the years and finally were able to meet again in Nashville, TN several years ago.


Envoi rapide et soigné depuis l'étranger, livraison sous 15 jours ouvrables, service à la clientèle réactif et professionnel. Acheter en toute sécurité: satisfait ou remboursé.

SCUSA 12/26/2021 This year, SCUSA 63 was a tremendous event highlighted by the opportunity to be with friends and to interact with cadets and their civilian academic counterparts as they discussed major issues and formulated possible solutions. The activities started on Wednesday evening at an opening panel session with several distinguished panelists including our own Amb. Dell Dailey (we got to see Mary too). Thursday and Friday, Tom & Anne Mannle, George Gilmore and I attended the roundtable discussions covering a myriad of issues. Tom, Anne & I sat in on the session dealing with the American Society and its Military. It was very interesting and intellectually stimulating. The young men and women are very appreciative of what our class has done to ensure SCUSA will live in perpetuity.


One of the first and most prominent things people see when they open the web page for the Canton, Ohio Police Department is a bold, capitalized link to click for information on a gunfire alert and analysis system used by the department to help combat crime. Chief Bruce Lawver, now in his fourth year, wants to make sure the community and potential offenders are well aware that in Canton, violent crime and gun violence will not be tolerated. With the technology in place for more than two years, gunfire incidents have decreased by nearly one-third per year, citizen engagement is up while there are fewer calls for service, and evidence collection has increased by nearly four times.

Moreland is a devoted member of the Christian Church. She carries her religion into her daily work-a work that brings her in contact with the unfortunate men and women of the world -human being whose burdens are heavy and whose hearts are sad. To these people she is an inspiration.


Army officer he served in the 3rd, 4th, and 11th Armored Cavalry Regiments. He went on as a civilian to pursue highly successful technical ventures founded on computer and information science; but continued to serve in the New York National Guard. Tom held a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. His passions were Austria, the people and the country; music, beginning with German martial bands; and our West Point ’51, class which he supported deeply until the very day he died, still on duty as a Regional Representative for the Class. He loved the West Point Cemetery, everything about West Point, and was devoted and loyal to all his Classmates. Myles Grant Memorial 12/26/2021 Myles Standish Grant died on 30 Sep 11 at Seaside, OR. He is survived by his older sister, Michelle Grant; his ex-wife, Ruth Grant; their sons Myles “Mike” Grant, and George “Geo” Grant; and grandson, Brian Grant. Memorial services were at Seaside, OR on 22 Oct 11, at the Elks Lodge. There were over ten testimonials springing from about 60 friends primarily from the Seaside area where Myles had lived an active life since 1984. John Hemphill and Peggy Hemphill were the West Point connection at the ceremonies. Myles’ sons, Mike and Geo were there along with grandson, Brian.

Il peut présenter des signes d'usure. Il comprendra une jaquette si cette-ci était incluse à l'origine.


Well, maybe not thousands, but a good crowd showed up for the annual rubber chicken festival. This year it was especially poignant as the DC crowd used the dinner to pay tribute to our departed brother Ray Winkel. Here’s a note I received from George Newman: “Forty seven classmates and their spouses met on September 17th at the Army- Navy Country Club for the annual Washington, DC class gathering. Sally Winkel attended and got a round of hugs from everyone. The featured event was a presentation by Rich Adams about his book ‘The Parting’. Rich gave a highly entertaining audio visual presentation centering on the main characters of his book. With filled glasses in our hands, everyone joined in singing several verses of ‘Benny Havens, Oh’.

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DC Class Luncheon 12/7/2021 The next class lunch in the DC area will be January 19, 2021. Out-of towners definitely welcome. Same place (Portofino’s), same time (1130 social; 1200 lunch), same price ($20). I’ll get a menu and reminder out in January. Just wanted to get it on calendars-Al Nason. Coach K's 904th Coaching Victory 12/7/2021 Bobby Seigle sent an inspiring report of his visit to Duke for Coach K’s 904th basketball victory. Dan Schrage ‘67; Bill Helkie, ’66, Dick Murray, ’66 and Seigle, ‘66 as well as later year graduates had seats at center court in the “bench section.


The state of Missouri decided to build a direct concrete highway between St. Louis and Kansas City in the early 1920s, so property owners were asked to donate 60 feet of land. Most of them were willing to do so to have good roads. Some of the property owners near Eastville who donated land were Robert and Lila Crowson, James H. and Ula Harris, William B. and Jailey Y. Harris, John E. and Mary Wilkinson, J. L. and Kate C. Wise, and J. T. and Bessie Wise. These deeds were executed in late July and August and recorded March 1, 1926.

Tom is survived by his wife Martha “Jody”, daughters Kelli Mayeux of Langley AFB, VA and Martha Thompson of Colorado Springs, CO, son Todd of Flower Mound, TX and 10 grandchildren. Donald F. Davis Be Thou At Peace 12/26/2021 Donald F. Davis, M-2, died at his home in Culpeper, VA on 23 Sep 11. A mass of Christian burial was celebrated for Don on 28 Sep 11 at Precious Blood Catholic Church in Culpeper. Burial followed in Fairview Cemetery, Culpeper. Don is survived by his wife Claire; three daughters, Lisa Williams of Fairfax, VA, Michele Novak of Lawrenceville, NJ, and Sharon Akers of Culpeper, VA; son William of Reston, VA; 13 grandchildren and one great grandson. Irvin G. Kinnie Be Thou At Peace 12/26/2021 Irvin Gray Kinnie, A-2, died at home in Hilton Head, SC on 29 Oct 11 of cardiac arrest.


Historic Sites Board of Review

Pierce said a co-worker who looked in a hallway to investigate was shot in the leg. The 15 to 20 people who were in his department escaped through a side door, he said.

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Many of us then had lunch at the West Point Club. Jeanne Berner Kenady introduced the 20th Reunion gifting project. If we have anyone interested in helping to organize the 20th Reunion Class Gift, Jeanne is looking for volunteers. The agenda continued, thereafter, with an update from the Superintendent in Eisenhower Hall. Some classmates split off on their own self-guided tours to see the new Jefferson Library, the old 1st Division Barracks in Central Area, lunch in Grant Hall, etc. Some of us even checked out Arvin Gym.


Lydia Lemnitzer sends a great photo of Bill Lemnitzer and herself, with two sons and a daughter in law. This gathering of smiles speaks for itself.

But I am up and running now, and can update this page more frequently than in the past. So, while I do scour Facebook and other sources for news, it is best if you send me the details direct on e-mail! Additionally, we can post pictures here more securely than on those more public sites, so please keep the news coming! Consider Supporting the Cathy Klingaman Scholarship 1/17/2021 Jim Klingaman lost his beautiful wife, Kathy, to Lou Gherig's disease this past November, despite a valiant year-long fight. Kathy was a critical care nurse, and Jim has honored her by setting up a scholarship at the University of Montana to support students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in the critical work of nursing. Please consider honoring Jim & Kathy by sending a donation to: “Cathy Klingaman Memorial Scholarship Fund” at the MSU Foundation, 1501 South 11th Avenue, PO Box 172750, Bozeman, MT 59717-2750 This scholarship will help others continue the critical care work to which Kathy devoted her life.


Frequently, Rodgers said, she sees children who were victimized grow up to “act out,” getting into trouble with law enforcement or using drugs when they get older. Many of them were involved in cases where there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.

First responders are able to arrive more quickly, while also being better prepared to act with improved situational intelligence such as precise location for aiding victims, number of shots fired, number of shooters, type of weapon, etc. Previously, law enforcement would have to rely on citizens to call in reports of gunfire and then they would respond to a general area with little knowledge of what they would find at the scene, or if they were even dealing with gunshots.


There were only two houses with trees, as I remember it - the Oldham house and the O'Keefe home. The Lester home had just been built, hence bare of shrubbery.

The same year, Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies fired 61 rounds into the back of Alfredo Montalvo's car following a brief pursuit. Prosecutors declined to press charges because they said the driver had used his car as a weapon, repeatedly ramming it into one of 11 police vehicles that had him surrounded in Lynwood.


Went over to Dragoon in the morning and worked at making preperations for fourth of July celebrations. Came home past Hoovers & got some bread, the first drawing for Council City Lots occured to-day, did not draw mine.

“She's a good outlet,” he said of his wife. “I do go see a counselor once a month.


A Review of Good Practice in Preventing Juvenile Ccrime in The EU

Although prosecutions remain extremely rare, officers can face departmental discipline, ranging from reprimand to dismissal, if a shooting is found to have violated policy. Internal disciplinary proceedings are confidential under California law, however, so such actions are difficult to track and do little to assure the public that officers face consequences when they use excessive force.

The festivities began 12 October and were wrapping up by the 17th, after many fast paced days. The Cerasoli’s opened their home, bunking almost everyone; however the Kopcsaks, Gibsons and John & Kay made the sacrifice and “camped out” in the fabulous guest cottage near the Sporting Club Lodge. There was competition on the PGA-level golf courses along with a special tour of the Greenbrier Hotel to include the long secreted underground “doomsday” bunker intended for national level leadership survival during the Cold War. What seemed to top off this elegantly memorable reunion are the gastronomic encounters. For example the Cerasoli’s hosted fine dining at the Summit Lodge, Snead’s Hotel Golf Club, the Sporting Club Golf Lodge and in the Greenbrier dining room. Then LewAnne & Roger turned their own kitchen and dining room into the “Company Mess” for breakfast each morning plus a BBQ, a steak night, and an Italian night! George expressed it all: “We will be talking about this reunion for years to come!