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I mentioned the combination having a lot of power but to put things in perspective. With my old setup I would run the windows volume all the way up and day to day would have the corsairs at about 1/3 volume turning them up to at least half way when jamming. With the X7/XM7 combination you only use the windows volume setting, but at most day to day I could run it at 16, turning it up to 20 (out of 100) when kicking it up. This was a huge change initially, I felt like I could hardly turn them down in fact but I quickly adjusted. On the fly volume changes were easy with the large metal volume knob on the front of the X7. Pushing the volume button in to mute on the other hand was difficult, the X7 would just slide across my desk every time.

Like most of you PC and along with it my office is almost like a living being, slowly evolving. Every year or two I’m changing out my video cards, my motherboard, even keyboards and mice. It’s weird though, looking back there are only a few things that seem to be very consistent, my desk and for the most part my speakers. Well when I was replacing my desk last fall I decided that I wanted to move from the Corsair SP2500’s to something new. Now keep in mind, the Corsairs sounded good as did the Klipsch’s that I have before that. So to continue to evolve I wanted to go a new direction. Well the timing was good as Creative Labs had just recently introduced their X7 and more recently their E-MU XM7 bookshelf speakers. I loved the X5 when I covered it and for a long time I even used it over the onboard on my PC but the X7 looked to be a much more fitting permanent option. Well I’ve been testing both the X7 and the XM7 speakers for a while now and we can finally sit down and go over what they are and how well they performed.


When you open up the box right at the top they have the wire headphone stand. Then beyond that the X7 sits in a thick casing of foam. Down at the bottom of the box was also a thick box packed full of all of the cables and adapters that you might need to get the X7 hooked up to the wide variety of devices it works with. I will break down everything that was inside in our next section.

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They are also wrapped up in plastic to keep them clean and they include a small manual. Inside they show how to hook up the speaker in case you don’t understand how that works and they have a page to show how to setup the XM7’s with the X7. That second part is a nice touch. In addition to that they also include two 8-foot speaker wires so you hopefully won’t have to pick any up when hooking everything up.

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The packaging for the E-MU XM7’s was a lot simpler than the X7 of course. They shipped in a brown box with the E-MU XM7 branding on it but once I dug in I found that the real packaging was inside and bright white. It has the Creative branding up in the top left corner, the E-MU up in the top right and then line drawings of the speakers on the front. Next to the drawing they do highlight a few key features, namely the 5-inch woofer size and the 1-inch silk dome tweeter. All of the important information is actually over on the side of the box where they have a short specification listing, here you can get the speaker size, ohms, and wattage.

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The back of the speaker has a vent up top in the center. Below that is a black sticker that shows the model name, that the speakers are made in China, and the wattage and impedance of the speakers (60 watts and 8 Ohms). Just below that are two screw down wire crimps with gold plating on the main studs and a transparent plastic on the screw down portion. This helps to make sure you have a good connection.

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E-MU XM7 bookshelf speakers

To put the X7 and the XM7’s to the test I have been using the setup at my desk for a few months. This means I tested it while working as well as gaming. The reason testing while working is important is because day to day I work while listening to music or with a movie or TV show on in the background. A lot of my testing was done using Pandora but Creative did send over a trial of Tidal, a lossless music streaming provider. On top of all of that testing I did test with my own lossless files as well. So how did the combination perform? Did it out perform the Corsair desktop speakers that it replaced?

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I mentioned earlier that I typically prefer to run a mostly pure audio experience. That said I couldn’t exactly test the X7 without trying out some of the options on the SBX Pro Studio. While I prefer a raw sound I will admit toying with the crystallizer and bass settings I was able to improve a little on the lack of bass of the XM7’s. The bass setting is actually a great feature, here we can set the exact crossover frequency that our speakers start to have issues with the bass preventing the X7 from pushing bass to the speakers that could cause damage or more importantly cause distortion. The crystallizer option is a little cheaper cleaning things up and just adding a little more to the highs and the bass from what I can tell. The smart volume option could also be useful, it helps prevent sudden volume changes, especially when set to night mode.

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One of the most interesting features about the X7 to me is the optional integrated headphone stand. This is a great way to be able to keep your headphones safe and out of the way without taking up any additional space on your desktop. The mount slides into the back and is very solid. The wire hanger does not have any padding up top though and the wire design will most likely push into your headphones padding more than some other hangers.


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The E-MU XM7’s individually are a good pair of speakers. In testing they had especially clean mids and highs. Being a bookshelf speaker they are very versatile and can be used as office speakers as I used them or to fill out sound anywhere around your house. Multiple times in my coverage today I have mentioned that they lacked a little on the low end but let me be clear, this is only in comparison to 2/1 setups that have a powered subwoofer. Individually they still sound great and they do have enough bass to rattle things around when pushed, but there is only so much that can be done in a bookshelf form factor with five inch woofers. The other issue I had with them was in their price point, there are a few good budget bookshelf speakers that could fill the same role as the XM7’s. For example, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR’s or bookshelf speakers from Dayton Audio. That said what helps the E-MU XM7’s in this situation is the work they put in making sure the X7 and the XM7’s work perfectly together. In fact if you are looking to pick up the pair you can save $140 right off the top by buying the X7 and XM7’s together, that’s enough to change the price discussion completely.

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Next I needed to get the audio from the X7 out to the XM7’s, thankfully the XM7’s actually come with their own speaker wire. Obviously I didn’t need to much reach given that both speakers are on my desk so I measured out what I needed and cut the two cables to length. From there I had to decide if I wanted the silver or gold side of the cable to be the positive cable. From there I just had to strip the ends of the cables with a wire striper and hook everything up. Both the speakers and the X7 have the screw down locknuts to make sure the cable isn’t going to be loose, so all I needed to do was unscrew the locknut, slide the cable in the hole, then tighten the locknut down. I love that moving to this from something like the Corsair SP-2500 allows me to run cables to the length that I need rather than being locked into proprietary cables and having to layout your desk around the speakers.

Starting at the front of the X7 there is a lot going on. The biggest and most obvious feature is the large aluminum volume control up top. They trimmed it out in gold and if you press it in it also mutes everything. Just below the volume knob is a wide vent, they is actually for the built in array microphone. The E5 had a few small microphones built in but the X7 really steps things up with two beamforming microphones. They added this along with their CrystalVoice technology to allow for VOIP calls and teleconferencing without having to dig out a headset. There are also a few connections up front. On the left is a microphone connection and then the other two plugs are both for headphones. One is a normal 3/5mm connection like you would find on a laptop or mobile device and the other is a larger ¼ inch plug that you sometimes find on higher end audio equipment and headphones. Just above the headphone jacks are also a few buttons as well. The button on the left will turn the X7 on and off and also is used during bluetooth setup and the right turns SBX on and off.


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I'm trying to install 8/0, not 8/1 but will give 8/1 a try Tuesday. If that works all is well, otherwise I'll have to try and locate a 8/0 Core download somewhere and go with that.


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The XM7’s performed well but really it was the X7 that stood out to me during all of my testing. For the most part I think I could replace the XM7’s with a lot of different speaker setups, some that cost a lot less even, but I don’t think there is anything else like the X7 on the market. There are DACs and amps that will get you a similar audio experience but the X7 stands out because of its connection options. Not only can you hook it up to a PC via USB like I did for testing, but it has everything needed to integrate other audio components, to use it in a home theatre, or even hooking up your game consoles. I would love to see a future model have HDMI pass-through to pick up audio easier in those setups but beyond that you can’t ask for much more. Add to all of that the mobile connection options though and the X7 is on its own. You can use NFC and connect via bluetooth or if you prefer a hard wired approach you can use your device as a USB host for the best possible audio quality.

Well the easy answer to that is a huge yes, going from the SP-2500’s that performed well to the X7/XM7 combination was night and day. For starters going with the X7 and XM7 combination took up a lot more space on my desk, this could have been avoided a little if I wasn’t running a low sitting monitor stand that forced me to turn the speakers on their sides. Of course this wasn’t exactly space I was using every day as the speakers do sit behind my monitors. The audio performance was an even bigger change. The SP-2500’s sounded good but listening to the X7/XM7 combination was crisp, clear, and had a much better range on the high end. On top of that even with the lower powered X7 I never really needed more power or could push the XM7’s to their limit. Really the only noticeable change that was a downside was that while the XM7’s had good bass, they lacked the chest pounding lows that a dedicated sub provides. It’s a good thing that the X7 supports adding a sub, I will be looking at adding one soon to add a little to the experience.


The X7 works well at my desktop audio solution but I think for people using a laptop who like to come home and have the best possible audio experience the X7 is really going to work for you. If you are lazy you can just have your laptop sync via bluetooth but you will lose audio quality, but with both Mac and PC support hooking up via USB is going to give you a proper audio upgrade on a laptop, something that you can’t exactly just pop a new sound card into.

So it’s important to remember that today we are taking a look at two different products even though both were tested together. When I started my testing I set out to find out if moving to the X7 with a pair of bookshelf speakers would be a major improvement over some of the high end PC audio solutions. The short answer to that is a resounding yes, the X7 and XM7’s performed great and the difference between them and past PC speaker setups was night and day. I did find that the pair was lacking a little on the low end when compared to the two 2/1 setups that I had used previously but adding a powered sub would help in that department. Beyond we proved that the PC speaker setups on the market are lacking and that to go high end like our PCs going with an X7 and something designed for studio use is a much better option.


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The right side of the box is used to show photos of both the front and back of the X7. They use these photos to number and list off each of the connection options as well as things like the microphone array on the front and the volume control on the front. Down along the bottom edge they also have a few photos from inside of the X7 to show that they went with audiophile grade components like Nichicon caps, Burr-Brown ADC and DAC, and even swappable Op-Amps.

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The laptop came with Windows 8/0 Core so it's a OEM 8/0. I wonder if it's SL (Single Language) and if so, would that cause problems as well.

Well just like the mobile DAC the X7 also has its own mobile app, this is especially great if you aren’t using the X7 for PC audio like I am. With a mobile app you can dig into settings for the X7 while listing to mobile audio as well as audio for a home theatre or console gaming setup. To get it up and running on Android (it also works with iOS) you need to install the Sound Blaster X7 Control app as well as a background app called Sound Blaster Services. You can find both on google play.


When I dug into the packaging the box of all of the cables that come with the X7 can be a little overwhelming but when you split it up it all makes more sense. A large portion of the cables are all adapter cables for the power adapter, giving you hookups for just about any international location. They did include a few other cables as well though. For starters we get a five-foot-long USB to micro USB cable. They also slipped in an RCA to 2/5mm jack adapter cable and also a 2/5mm male to RCA cable that is perfect for hooking up sub to the X7. That cable was of especially good quality with the metal ends on the RCA side.

Pavilion xl700 - Desktop PC

The next page is the CrystalVoice page. This page combines the settings for the microphone array on the front of the X7 along with their CrystalVoice tuning that is the microphone equivalent of the SBX Pro Studio that spoke about in the last paragraph. Specifically, you can get into echo reduction and tune out background noise as well as tune the microphone arrays focus to cover the whole room or what is directly in front of it. I was especially impressed though that you have an EQ option for the microphone, you rarely have the option to tune that at all.


Creative Pavilion xl700 - Desktop PC Manual

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While I mostly used the X7 with my PC. I really came to appreciate the flexibility that it offers. Especially when wanting to play audio from my phone or tablet. Syncing via bluetooth was quick and easy by using NFC and once synced the audio quality was better than expected although still limited by the bluetooth platform. Playing via the host USB option was much better, basically turning my tablet into a music controller and keeping it charged at the same time.

Creative didn’t waste any part of their packaging, they made sure that even the last side has information that might help you decide if the X7 is for you. Here they have a short specification listing, well at least short compared to what we went with on the first page. They also talk about the mobile app and control panel software that you use to control the X7.