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In this mode you can type new code or change existing code. You can also enter other Vim modes: for example, press r for the Replace mode.


While Binding of Isaac is a good contender for the Indie Game of 2021 title, it surely is the best roguelike game of our generation. Edmund McMillen unravels and dedicates his creative genius in bringing a remake of a game full of meaningful additions and improvements on gameplay. BoIR provides a golden standard on how games should be remade and/or improved. Whether you are a gamer who seeks small half-an-hour shots of gaming or a crazed achievement completionist, you'll have a hell of time (and it will be a lot) playing Rebirth.

Edit your files with VIM as per usual. Also keep them open in your GUI IDE of choice. Most IDEs detect file changes and will either ask you to reload the files or you can sometimes set options to automatically reload. Now you have the best of both worlds on top of the same source code files - you have all the features of each solution. Also set up your GUI IDE to launch VIM on a source file using a keystroke.


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You don't have to extend VIM yourself. What's wrong with using plugins? There are many interfaces for debuggers and other things on the VIM website. Extending with plugins might just be easier.

There are, of course, many cons with IntelliJ. But I truly believe the Pros outweigh the Cons.

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Af - visual mode command which selects increasingly large blocks of text. For example, if you had "blah (foo [bar 'ba|z'])" then it would select 'baz' first. If you pressed af again, it'd then select [bar 'baz'], and if you did it a third time it would select "(foo [bar 'baz'])".


Another option is to use Vintageous in Sublime Text (version 3). This gives you Vim mode inside Sublime. I suggest this (or a similar setup with the Atom editor) if you aren’t a Vim master. Check out Advanced Vim if you are.

Vim emulation for Visual Studio Code

An ncurses file manager written in C with vim like keybindings. It aims to provide an interface like ranger while being lightweight, fast and minimal.


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Now we need to “push” our changes to a central server to back them up. Git is a distributed version control system. This means it tracks and saves changes locally, but does not “upload” them somewhere else unless you tell it to. This was originally designed to allow lots of people to work independently (even when disconnected) and make it easy to upload and share code when network connectivity was restored.

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However, when I upload these to multiple stacks, they complain about port 80 already being in use. So I figured, I'm broadcasting these stacks to the wrong network, and the internal loadbalancer of Docker Swarm should be routing traffic to all services within a stack under the same name and ports, but I can't seem to get this right.


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File watchers are powerful: There is a thing in IntelliJ called file watchers. You can set arbitrary tasks to run after you edit/save/type in a file. This can be super powerful when you have more advanced tasks you need to run in your codebase like: sorting imports, running specific eslint rules, or running rubocop after saving a file.


Some commands make use of or require asynchronous execution, and so must haveclient-specific code. This is facilitated through the use of @Inject'd interfaces,with implementations annotated with @ClientSpecific. For an example, see RunCommand,its AsyncRunner interface, and and the VimAsyncRunner implementation.

Is it easy to toggle the vim plugin if you want to disable it

The Binding of Isaac (you could try here): Rebirth was updated to version 4/0.2 on PC through Steam today. The full patch notes for this update can be seen below.


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Switch your input method to English, and run the following in your terminal: /<path-to-im-select-installation>/im-select to output your default input method. The table below lists the common English key layouts for MacOS.


Re:Why not extend vim

As you can see, authors of this kind of software like to do very similarapplications too. Unfortunately those that are more original and usefulget abandoned faster.

Eventually, I was running tmux and Vim together in the terminal. With sufficient plugins and dotfiles, I was CRUISING through codebases. I could write tests, run them, refactor code, and run commands with absolute ease.


All of a sudden, I had everything at my fingertips. Auto completion, Auto formatting, snippets, and documentation lookup was all set By Default. I actually understood the Flutter framework much better because Android Studio made deep framework code easy to debug, inspect, and explore. Not to mention, the Vim integration was fantastic. This was the best of both worlds. I had amazing editing, minimal configuration, and Vim keybindings!

Caveats: This solution restores the default VS Code behavior for the j and k keys, so motions like 10j will not work. If you need these motions to work, other, less performant options exist.


Raspberry Pi) to be homogeneous and easily replaceable (like cattle). You don’t want your server to be hand-built and hand-maintained (like pets).

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Once sneak is active, initiate motions using the following commands. For operators sneak uses z instead of s because s is already taken by the surround plugin.

A Great Vim Cheat Sheet

If you’ve made it this far, congrats, you’re really amazing. I wonder; though, are you feeling the same way I was? I am not sure I’m alone in this thinking or not. I’m sure in 6 months you can find a post about how I switched back to Vim. But for now, I’m really enjoying this experience.


It's for neckbearded, suspender wearing, curmudgeonly *nix grognards who still think that X is a fad and that it will never take off. They use screen to play nethack over telnet with vi keybindings for movement, run compiles, chat on IRC using irssi, IM using finch with jabber protocol only, twitter using ttytter, and browse the net with lynx.

Thanks to @xconverge for making over 100 commits to the repo. If you're wondering why your least favorite bug packed up and left, it was probably him.


If you're doing web work, primarily python, Wing IDE [wingide.com] has great VIM support. It supports custom vim configurations and all of the good stuff. It has a free version, but I threw down some cash (d to get a sweet integrated debugger and test-running capabilities. I found it superior to both Netbeans and pydev on Eclipse, but both of those also support VIM text editing (with plugins). Basically, pretty much every decent python editor I've tried has supported vim either natively or via plugins.

Do not check the “Initialize this repository with a README” checkbox. Since we will already have a repo set up on our local machine, we want to upload it to a clean Github repo.


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The 30 newest keyboard-shortcuts questions

I’ve compiled a list of essential Vim commands that I use every day. I have then given a few instructions on how to make Vim as great as it should be, because it’s painful without configuration.


Finding out available actions

Git allows you to store configuration files locally, inside the repo itself. This is especially useful for our Docker container since we don’t want these changes to be lost when the container restarts.

Any third-party program can be used to switch input methods. The following will walkthrough the configuration using im-select.


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Gb, a new shortcut we added which is equivalent to cmd-d (OSX) or ctrl-d (Windows). It adds another cursor at the next word that matches the word the cursor is currently on.

Lots of environments · Vim's · C

Port of IntelliJ IDEA key bindings for VS Code. Includes keymaps for popular JetBrains products like IntelliJ Ultimate, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHP Storm, etc.


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This is not informative to anyone who wants to use a recent version of Visual Studio (ie, anything since VS2003) because it does not work. There is a lame workaround to open the file externally in vim and save it back. You need to use ViEmu [viemu.com] if you want a vi mode in VS. It is commercial software, but worth it. If you are stuck on VS5 or 6, god help you; a vi mode is not going to save you.

A lot of people use stuff like MiniBufExplorer or Taglist or Vim 7's built in OmniComplete. Everything an IDE can do, Vim itself can do a lot better.


I had a brief stint with VSCode but, to me, it appeared to have the same flaws I disliked with Vim at the time. It was slow with large files, and it felt sluggish with complicated programs and complicated programming languages (like typescript and tsserver).

Di( deletes everything between the parenthesis. That says “change everything inside the nearest parenthesis”. Without text objects, you would need to do T(dt).


A free update for the original Binding of Isaac has been released today for anyone who has the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. The new Eternal Edition will let you relive all of the glory of the original game’s choppy flash based engine with a new hard mode, fresh (and frustrating) bosses, and a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks. The full (news) list of hard mode changes can be found on this Reddit thread, and they look nasty. This is definitely an update for seasoned Isaac pros looking for a challenge (looking at you Corduroy Turtle).

The big list of Vim-like software

Normally, I'm a vim+make guy, but I occasionally have to use Visual Studio. The ViEmu [viemu.com] plugin was the best $99 I've ever spent on windows software.


As with Vanilla Vim, by default, yanked text will not be put in to systemclipboard. However, it is quite handy to have consistent behaviour when itcomes to copying as if you didn’t use IdeaVim in the first place. Withclipboard+=unnamed setting, text you copy within IDEA will also be copied tothe system clipboard.

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Problems are marked with visual signs and added to the buffer's location list. Sometimesthey can be fixed with :FixProblem.


Not sure how Vim-like it is

I have installed IntelliJIdea 14/0.2 just now. I do not know its default editor but it is opening my source files in vi option now. So, not letting me do default action like Ctrl + v, Ctrl + d which was present before and I used to like it.

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First, we need to set up a Github account so we can store our configuration files. Navigate to the Github signup page and create an account.


How to change IdeaVim motion key in a specific mode

Within the last few years, I tried my hand at programming mobile applications. Flutter and Dart — although supported by an LSP — was not running very well on my Vim setup. After giving Android Studio a shot with Flutter, it felt like a whole new world.

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The integration with gdb, gcc, etc is where Emacs really shines. Yes, the Control-Meta-cokebottle commands are a bit annoying, but there's worthwhile tradeoffs there.

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The best way, in my humble opinion, is to use Git & Github to back up your configuration files. Git is the de-facto standard for source control management and Github is a free, online repository for backing up, contributing and sharing out source code with the world.


Adjust the extension's logging level to 'debug', restart VS Code. As each remapped configuration is loaded, it is outputted to console. In the Developer Tools console, do you see any errors?

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There is an insane number of plugins for any task you may have. And not all plugins play together. This has become slightly better with the emergence of LSPs; however, I constantly find myself playing with plugins to make things work better, only to dislike the setup and go for another mix of plugins later.


If you want to make it easier to share your configuration with others, you can make it Public. If you don’t want to do this, you can make it Private.

In general, Emacs has all of the capabilities that new users might wish tohave (and more), but those capabilities can be difficult to discover and use. So anumber of the proposed changes had to do with easing discovery. This cameas an apparent surprise to some Emacs developers, who have long thought ofthe menu bar at the top of each window as being an easy way for users todiscover features. But evidently it is common to disable the menu bar forEmacs; as Gregory Heytings putit, "menus are not 'modern'". To be "modern", anapplication must either attach its menus to the right mouse button or, atmost, provide a "hamburger menu" from a single button.


I still think Vim is a great editor and I love to break it out every once in a while. But I believe the pros of IntelliJ outweigh the cons of Vim at this point in my career. Here is an overview of my thought process.

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  • But I believe the pros of IntelliJ outweigh the cons of Vim at this point in my career
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  • This is a simple usability improvement to reuse existing Vim instance for multiple files opened via IntelliJ

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Everything plays nicely with your OS: I can’t tell you how many times I set up Vim and tmux on a new OS, like linux. I’ll run all my dot files, configure anything crazy I missed. Compile the plugins that need compilation. Fix any small issues that happen between Vim/tmux/linux (or Mac, whatever).

Processing of key sequences

It does however suck at integrating a full development environment. Something Visual Studio and eclipse shines at (and even Emacs is know to handle better). Still when I have a lot of typing/editing to do and less debugging I'll use vim.


One other suggestion that was raised frequently is to enable various modesthat are not turned on by default in Emacs; indeed, several of them are notshipped with Emacs at all. For example, Ibuffer is generallyseen as superior to the standard Emacs buffer list, so many think it shouldreplace the standard list.

Please note that the IntelliJ IDEA Keybindings vsix file v1/4.5 on VsixHub is archived from the Visual Studio Marketplace without any modification. You could choose a server to download the offline vsix extension file and install it.


A lot of the listed software share the same set of issues with regard toemulation of Vi[m]-like features. The most important ones that causeinconvenience for seasoned Vim users are below.

Key mapping in vim but vim-emulation

I am using CodeBlocks for C++ development, and I would like to use more productive keybindings. Emacs or Vi style keybindings would be great, but I cannot figure out how to enable this. I tried installing the codeblocks-contrib package, went to settings > editor > keybindings, but the options are very limited. For example, I could not find a line up/line down keybinding, forward/backward word, etc.


A step beyond the guided tour would be some sort of "configurationassistant" that would run on the first invocation of Emacs. It could offertours, but it would also give the user the opportunity to configure theeditor in ways that might better match their expectations. Features likeCua mode could be enabled, for example, mouse bindings adjusted, and adepressing dark theme selected without the need to type a singleparenthesis. That might be enough to overcome the initial shock ofexposure to Emacs for many new users.

Is it possible to configure IdeaVim that way? I tried to switch the vim plugin on and off, but then I have to additionally leave insert mode all the time and also things like cw etc don't automatically leave drop me into Insert-Mode.


There was some discussion of adopting the Solarized color palettein particular. As Dmitry Gutov pointedout, though, Solarized makes for a rather low-contrast experience; alook at thisscreenshot of Emacs with Solarized colors makes that clear enough.