In this tutorial, we will discuss rooting an Android device via SuperSU and its associated advantages. The Google-owned OS allows for a plenitude of customizations. These include trying out different types of custom launchers, icon packs, fonts, and even a wide variety of themes. But this is mostly limited to the UI aspect of the device. There are a plethora of other tweaks that you could try out that will end up giving your device a completely new outlook.

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This is where SuperSU comes into the scene. It is an Android App that will help you root your device and provide the aforementioned Superuser access. It also brings loads of other features.


How To Root with SuperSU Zip Using Custom Recovery on Any Android Phone

It also helps to configure notifications for each app on the device post rooting. Another great feature is the provision of temporarily unrooting the device. A user can permanently unroot the device, too, using SuperSU.

Well, SuperSU is a free utility that allows keeping track of all the root-granted apps on your device that needs root. Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device.

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Follow our guide on How to Switch from SuperSU to Magisk. This guide will teach you how to flash Magisk by removing the SuperSU script.


Time and again, we have said that rooting always opens the door to the deeper world of Android OS. When you have root access to your device, you get access as a superuser. You will get lots of possibilities. This will include the ability to flash custom ROM or custom kernel of your choice. You can even increase the efficiency of your smartphone. The battery that depletes quickly can survive for a long time on a rooted device.

Your instructions says “move the SuperSu zip file to the root of your internal memory”

Rooting means getting access to the system-level partitions on your Android device. In other words, it grants you access to all the device’s sub-systems. You could then access the entire operating system and tweak the settings as per your need. From a normal user, it elevates your position to that of a Super User. This is similar to launching Command Prompt as an admin in Windows or using the sudo command in Linux.

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