PIN - This is your personal identification number, something like a serial number for your Blackberry. If you know someone else’s PIN you are able to “PIN-to-PIN” message which sorta works like an instant messanging program like MSN or AIM. Many programs also use the PIN number to based registrations codes on because it is unique to your personal device.

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  • You will need to setup your Blackberry for full TCP/IP transmission, I will explain this in a later article
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No one enjoys being caught off guard by a sudden downpour, or step outside without a coat into the freezing weather, do they? We know that life gets busy, and it is not always convenient to stop and watch the news to see what the weather is, but there are many simple solutions to keep you informed while on the go, right from your favorite BlackBerry device. For me I always left it to chance, hoping that I would get lucky and have cooperative weather, but one to many sudden downpours and getting caught in a few too many snow storms, I figured it was time to keep myself informed, and when I began my hunt I realized there was quite a number of options for me to use. Last year we took a look at some of our favorite weather applications available then, so let's take another look at what is available for everyone this year.


BerryWeather - Helping you Weather the Storm

Law enforcement leaders said Chauvin’s conviction was a step toward restoring trust in the criminal justice system and repairing relations between police and the communities they serve. It was a major departure from years past, when even the highest levels would close rank around an officer following an on-duty killing.

Who said you need an Android device to be able to enjoy the current weather conditions as a widget on your homescreen? QuickWeather, a nice BlackBerry application allows users to do just this, and with some great style. Whether you wish to have just the current condition, or a five day forcast, users can customize the placement of the widget on their home screen, and keep informed of weather conditions in style. Included are options to change the text and background color, along with the window style, transparency, and much more. If your looking to replace a cup of coffee with a great application, be sure to grab this for only $1/99.


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BerryWeather (my explanation) is perhaps the best weather application for BlackBerry. It has an insane amount of features, and its totally customizable. It features a homescreen icon with temperature and conditions, weather alerts, multiple locations, forecasts, radar and more. The $9/95 tag may be a bit high for some users, but you can grab it today as the Deal of the Day for only $4/97. This is a excellent price for an app like this, so if you haven't picked it up yet now it your chance. Head over to the CrackBerry App Store to download.

Activist Isaac Wallner said Chauvin’s conviction suggested the country may be starting to take Black communities’ cries of police abuse seriously. But he said a single verdict won’t make him feel safe in his hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, where no officers have been charged in last year’s shooting of Jacob Blake.

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Despite her easy-going vibe on social media, Berry has made it very clear that she puts a significant of work into looking so good. Just last month, she told People about how her dedication to her health.


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The "cards" for the locations can be shuffled and reordered to suit your needs. You are also given the ability to decide which location will be considered your main, "home" location. For each location, an ample amount of information is presented, including a visual representation of sky conditions, temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), dew point, wind and what it "Feels like". The application also displays when the weather was last observed and last updated. BerryWeather also helps you personalize your viewing enjoyment, with different themes and the option to change the background image and font.


Tattered relations between police and communities have been driven by centuries of poverty, poor schooling and a lack of economic opportunity in “inner cities and very diverse communities,” said Malik Aziz, former executive director of the National Black Police Association and incoming chief in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Officers alone can’t address those issues, he said.

Looking for a simple, straight forward way to view your weather on the go? Not a person for all the bells and whistles, and instead would rather the information you need, when you need it? Look no further then iHazWeather, a great weather application with a really small footprint on the device, taking up very little memory and resources. The application gives you a three day forcast in addition to your current conditions, and users can define the update intervals. If you travel throughout the day you can have it set to use GPS location for each update so you can stay current with weather where you are, or if you remain in the same areas you can search by zip code. For less then a dollar the application is extremely easy to use, and provides all the information you need to keep informed of weather conditions while on the go.


Berry Weather Radar on WunderMap

BerryWeather was made possible by the folks at Bellshare GmbH. You may recognize them as being the brains behind the popular BerryBuzz. BerryWeather (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6598) is available for any Berry running on OS 4/2.1 or higher (including the Storm). The application will take up 674/2KB of space and, when first opened, will automatically test the best connection to the internet.

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Looking for an application that when you launch it all the information you could ever want about the weather is right there at your fingertips? Weatherbug for BlackBerry gives you just that, and even more all presented in a very quick and easy to view format. With live weather cameras in over 8,000 areas, weather warnings, radars and a 7 day forcast you can't really ask for much more from the application, or can you? In addition you can view forcast by the hour, and the ability to share current conditions with your friends and family there isn't much more the application could do for you, except possibly change the conditions if they aren't favorable. With a feature set like this you are probably awaiting a crazy price tag to follow, but you will be happy to find out that it is available for free!

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MDS (Mobile Data Service) - Allows for internet data transmission like surfing and instant messaging. With OS 4/0 you may not require MDS because it has the feature of full tcp/ip. You will need to setup your Blackberry for full TCP/IP transmission, I will explain this in a later article.


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Some Blackberry users have difficulty understanding some of the more complex Blackberry terms. So this post will try to explain the basics.