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While the objects in Hardline (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=425) are presented as “evidence” they really are the standard Collectible for this genre. While some of these items do require you to look for them, for the most part they are acquired as you play through each level as long as you stay aware of them.



As said before, Visceral Games has listened to the community and its forums Battlelog.net, it is with great joy that the players have seen this week the release of patch 1/02 to the game Battlefield Hardline. Since the game’s release, the studio Visceral Games had put a point to listen to the community to avoid making the same mistakes like the previous game. Although Battlefield Hardline (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6357) is currently the least played online Battlefield game, the first patch notes reveals the correction to many worries that the community had put together.

In the trailer near the under-fence entrance of the trailer park. You will need to clear away most of the thugs in order to Scan this one.


John Starnes: Take the elevator to floor 20, and turn to your right. Then, tag the people standing on the floor below. Take out all his companions before sneaking in to arrest him.

Increased Suppression: Increases the effect of suppression on opponents. Reduced Suppression: Reduces the effects of suppression on you.


Gym Bag of Money (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Enter the office on the first floor of the warehouse. Scan the Gym Bag of Money on a table.

Thomas Bell: Go near the central area of the gator farm. He can be found with other criminals. Use non-lethal methods to reach him.


Fast Reload: Reload your weapons much faster. Delayed Trigger: Laser tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.

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Marvin Thomas: Go to the tennis court to find him in that area. Move in quietly, and use non-lethal methods to arrest him.

Leonard Miller: He walks around the area in front of the mall with other criminals. Scan for him from the parking garage, then neutralize him with a non-lethal method before arresting him.


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Regional Zoning Map (Internal Affairs): After boarding the airboat, travel north, then go to the right when a dock appears. Use the grappling hook to climb the tower, then use the zipline to reach a lower platform with the Regional Zoning Map.


Craig Foster: He is roaming near the northeast edge of the utility complex. Tag him from behind the fenced area, then lure him out of the compound before neutralizing him with a non-lethal method.

Photo of Lily Kang and Roark (Power Play): Go to the rear of the chop shop, and pass through the door next to the tracks. Scan the Photo of Lily Kang and Roark that is on the left desk in an office.

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Toxic Barrel (Internal Affairs): The Toxic Barrel Evidence can be found on the way to the boathouse. It is located in the water at the corner of the dock.


James Mun: Go behind the salvage yard garage. He can be tagged from any side and neutralize with a non-lethal method.

Extra 40mm Grenades: Increases the amount of carried 40mm grenade launcher ammunition. Fast Repair: Increases the effectiveness of the Repair Tool.


Fast Throw: Keeps your grenade accessible. Reduced Fall: Allows you to survive falling longer distances.

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ATF Agent's Grave (The Boomer Connection): From the gas station, cross the street toward a burned out house. Scan the ATF Agent's Grave that is on the left side.


Letter from Kang's Wife (Power Play): Enter the back office to find a desk with an unconnected computer. Scan the Letter from Kang's Wife on the opposite side.

Fax from Neil Roark (Preferred Outcomes): From the roadblock, move to the building at the back where the alarm is found. Enter it to find a Fax from Neil Roark on the fax machine.


Hold Breath: Hold your breath for longer, giving you a longer window of time to steady your scope. Low Profile: Undetected by cameras and security cameras, except when sprinting.

Xavier Gonzalez: Go to the mall's food court. Tag him from the balcony, then quickly neutralize him with the T62-CEW.


Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife (Preferred Outcomes): While in the office on the penthouse level, use the stairs to reach a bedroom. At the foot of the bed, look to the right to find a nightstand with the Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife.

Fast Reload: Practice makes perfect—you can reload your weapons much faster. Fast Swap: Rapidly swap between weapons and gadgets.


Surveillance Log (Preferred Outcomes): Go to the north side of the mansion, and use the grappling hook to reach the rooftop. Enter the glass doors and the room ahead to find the Surveillance Log on the coffee table.

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Lyle Feldman: He is one of the criminals in the central area of the cabanas. Start by neutralizing the men in the outskirts, then move to the ones standing in the middle with Feldman.


Letter from Neltz's Business Manager (Internal Affairs): Below where you entered the Domo Roboto warehouse is a large office. Enter it and search the desk at the rear of the room.

Vial of Hot Shot (The Elmore Hotel Investigation): In the hotel lobby, scan the thug named Javier Rosado who is guarding its entrance. Neutralize him with a non-lethal method, then search his body for a Vial of Hot Shot.

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Ricin Bomb (The Boomer Connection): Enter the hanger at the airfield, and turn left. Locate the workbench with the Ricin Bomb in the corner.


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Luis Minguez: Travel towards the Everglades Nature Preserve, and use the grappling hook to reach the other side of the fenced area. Then, use the scanner to identify the group of three men that include Luis Minguez. Use non-lethal methods to arrest them.

Extra Grenade: You can carry an additional grenade. Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage, allowing the wearer to survive an otherwise lethal blast.


It is the final Battlefield game to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms

In the office in the shack in the first compound area after the beach. You'll need to clear away the thugs to get to it.

The signature epic scope of the Battlefield franchise returns in Battlefield Hardline, letting you throw yourself into 64-player action where cops and criminals clash on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Join the boys in blue and take down perps using speedy cop cars and hi-tech gadgets, or raid vaults, steal cars, and pull off the perfect heist.


Bank Website (Preferred Outcomes): Go to the penthouse level, and enter the office to the left of the vault. Inside a laptop is the Bank Website.

Philip Evans: Locate the alarm box opposite of the Domo Roboto Warehouse. Philip Evans patrols near that box. Tag him, then neutralize him with a non-lethal method before arresting him.


Hot Shot Lab (Hot Shot Supply Chain): Enter a trailer left of where you disable the alarm. Search the stove and cabinet to find the Hot Shot Lab.

Revenue Sketch (Preferred Outcomes): On floor 20, find the meeting room with some fruit on the table and a whiteboard in the corner. Use the scanner to analyze the Revenue Sketch on the whiteboard.