Formed as a CyberAgent group company in May, 2021, Cygames always strives to provide the best in entertainment. Cygames' first title, Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut), revolutionized mobile card games when it was released in September 2021. The company's next ground-breaking adventure, Granblue Fantasy, expanded the possibilities of mobile gaming with an epic story featuring dozens of voice actors. In order to create the best content, Cygames puts fun first.

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In the end it would be fine if they could just land a hit, so the damage to the Drag-Ride and the injury to the Drag-Knight could be suppressed. It made it easier whether for beginners or for experts.


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The fact that Lux heard from the consuls──that the Rebel Army’s main force should still be standing by at a far away base. It was a trap from the enemy that they were caught in.

One portion of her limbs broke, blood was flowing from her closed left eye, and her whole body was soaked with blood due to all the cuts. Like that half of Yoruka’s body sunk under the water along with Yato no Kami’s wreckage, a smile on her lips.


A communication using Dragon Voice came from Saniya. Lux held his breath for only a moment.

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Even though you might not be aware of it, but you are holding the key for that. The next time we call on you, I want you to comply with us. Until then, it’s fine for you to not do anything.


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Suddenly a refreshing wind blew. Philuffy softly caressed Lux’s head.

I also understand about the confusion of everyone. I’m also prepared to be criticized. Currently the people of the palace are objecting this decision of mine desperately.


In actuality, after removing the Abyss, they would bury the treasure box in the ground inside the Ruin, but Lisha declared the start of the mission without informing the others of that. Then suddenly a voice came from behind.

Furthermore the conquering of the first Ruin Babel in the port city Triport located at the western territory of the New Kingdom. After those events had the curtain closed on them, Lux returned to his life in Academy after so long.


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Lisha and others who pushed down their fatigue and rushed here had also reached their limit since a long time ago. Because of that they along with Lux were ordered to rest.

But Hayes, do you understand about your own situation? With that body, you will only be able to fight once or twice with full strength.


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Theron: This award goes to a series or movie which defies expectations the most, either for the better or for the worse. Cross Ange was tempting here, as it has started to come together surprisingly well in its second quarter, but I was far more completely caught off-guard by Genesis. Anime adaptations of games other than ero games generally do not have a good track record, so I was expecting little from this one, but I was absolutely floored by its ambitious visual presentation, sharp characters, and cinematic style. Rebecca's choice indicates to me that I do eventually need to go back and watch that one, as I had been somewhat interested in it but just didn't have enough time during the Spring season to keep up with it.

There was no more other soldiers wearing Drag-Rides inside the fortress. There was only one life sign inside.


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With both sides having one win each, the third match would begin. But before it could start, the state of high alert was invoked in the royal capital and it was discussed to temporarily suspend the All-Dragon Battle.

Because he was still recovering, it was better to not force himself to participate. Or rather, that was the cover reason that Airi told to everyone, but in actuality it wasn’t the true reason.


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The Lords and Soffice were actually not connected. Turkimes Confederation also didn’t know that Soffice was actually a Xfer.

Tillfur raised a delighted voice. The surrounding female students raised shouts of joy.


Lux and others didn’t understand what happened at all. Beside them, Singlen made an arrogant smile.

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Until the middle, so that they didn’t stand out, they walked and talked while focusing on sightseeing the events, but when they got used to it they also went to places like the auction market or the divination stall in the public place. They also participated in a wine tasting convention (Celis mistook it for a normal drink) that was done outdoors, and became infatuated with the enthusiasm that was unique to festivals.


This world is infested by not good things. The fools who don’t deserve salvation are reigning on the top and getting warped.

The evil side is stronger right? Sin Phantom──the special armament that I have can produce illusions including my own body double.


How would you rate episode 20 ofRage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Every joint part of Gorynych that Rosa wore were instantly disassembled midair. The restraints of Pile Anchor that wrapped everywhere was disconnected.

That village he was overlooking from above was desolated as a matter of course. There was no signs of people, in exchange there was a small light in just one spot.


Theron: This was a Winter 2021 series about a teenage boy who encounters a little girl who claims to be on a quest to conquer the world. He soon discovers that hers aren't childish fantasies; she really is the charismatic leader of a super-secret, super-powered organization bent on world conquest and there really is an opposing organization as well. The whole series is more an exercise in absurdity than outright humor, with story elements that include an ancient civilization centered on the power of udon and how smoking literally turns one to the Dark Side. Watching it is a fun but very strange ride.

Those Drag-Knights of ability were the trump card of all the countries, but they were helpless before the combined attack from seven Ragnarok. Their lives were stolen one after another.


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That facility which was mainly used for the party of nobles was divided into three floors. It had a bar that also offered meals, and a lounge with a chic atmosphere.

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Sacred Eclipse was bisected in that young boy appearance. It vanished along with a faint smile.


In one day she could only wake up for a few hours. She would lightly eat things like soup, go to toilet, and then she would sleep like a log again.

Magialca added with a tone that was containing implication. Rosa tilted her head with a doubtful face hearing that.


As expected, even Airi too didn’t seem to be that knowledgeable about the capital’s layout. In the end they had fun in the capital’s street following Krulcifer’s escort.

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After dozens of consecutive slashes, that defensive state was finally broken and multiple slashes struck. Singlen was pushed into a hollow on the wall that looked like a coffin which was there for putting a Drag-Ride in place.


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Three battles in the first half, and three battles in the later half. A total of six battles would be carried out by each country.

Humikane Shimada and Projekt Kagonish are credited with the original work. Shinya Murakami (Strike Witches 2, Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow, High School Fleet) is returning to handle series literature. Seikou Nagaoka is also returning to compose the music, with Nippon Columbia credited for music production. Other returning staff members include sound director Tomohiro Yoshida at Glovision and producer Takashi Tachizaki.


There was two kind of matches, a one-on-one individual battle, and a two-on-two pair battle. The side that settled two wins first would win at that time.

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A large-scale battle is happening outside! It might be the work of Dragon Marauder! We shouldn’t waste strength here!


I cannot even control a single emotion of mine. I’m just a poor excuse of a human.

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The young man greeted with a refined voice and gesture. Lux and the others faltered for a moment.


Even Coral who usually showed a good appearance on the outside now looked dead tired. Seeing him like that, Lux smiled wryly while realizing once more that his situation was abnormal.

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Yoruka said that while making a carefree smile on her face. Indeed, she was wearing a purple water dress and a small dark blue waistcloth.


The choker of Wedge on Lux’s neck. How he was standing beside Aeril. The trace of battle by Celis and Philuffy.

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The aide exchange that would be implemented for two weeks originally should be done with a country the aide wasn’t connected with, but Krulcifer would go back to Ymir Theocracy as an exception. She would also be accompanied by guards.


When Lux came to save Yoruka, Sacred Eclipse appeared and then they escaped. But then a swarm of Abyss in a number that was incomparable to before appeared around the Sacred Eclipse.

I was able to reach here thanks to you. Thanks to you buying me time, I could activate the revived Ragnarok.


In the world of anime in America, the biggest developments were unquestionably on the Sailor Moon front. I had the privilege to be present live for Viz Media's announcement at Anime Central that they had all of the original series as well as the stream for the new series; in fact, I still have a video recording of it on my phone to remind me of how electric that moment was. Also on the physical front were the releases of numerous prominent titles on Blu-Ray for the first time and the willingness of companies like Discotek to take fliers on nearly forgotten older titles like Dallos and Ringing Bell or overlooked relatively recent ones like the infamous School Days. On American TV, Doraemon finally made its American debut, while Attack on Titan's featured run on Toonami signaled the possible establishment of a new gateway title and an era ended when Bleach finally wrapped after eight nearly continuous years of Adult Swim/Toonami broadcasts. For new titles simulcast streaming from Japan, the most significant trend seemed to be a distinct increase in fujoshi-oriented series. I also thought it was a particularly strong year for comedies and (especially in the last quarter) fantasy series.

A huge magic circle emerged before her eye. A force field whirled like a storm which became a torrent of energy that was liberated at the next moment.


The ruler who brainwashed her and created this mask. Now she would use this mask not for that person’s sake, but for herself.

A Drag Knight of the New Kingdom attacked the inn of the Vanheim Principality. Airi said that she knew the true identity of the attacker.


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At the All-Dragon Battle, it would be a round-robin event against each country. This time a total of six battles would be carried out.

Right now is a waiting period that all the countries have agreed upon. An action that might stimulate the Ruin is forbidden by the agreement.


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Lux didn’t know since when Alterize was watching them, but the objective of the request this time was 『pretending that his association with Krulcifer is continuing』. He believed that they certainly had done it well.

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The owner of that voice was one of the Four Great Nobles, Zagha Schultzed. Lux reacted to the words he said.


The franchise's story centers on an alien invasion by beings known as the Neuroi. The only way to damage and ultimately defeat them lies in Witches, girls who possess magical powers and are capable of wielding Striker Units that enhances their abilities and allow them to maneuver in the air. The characters in the franchise are often based on real-life aerial aces from various nationalities.

But, Lux’s judgement couldn’t be overturned this late, so it became a draw. But here the originator of the match Lisha threw her vote to Yoruka, so the first point went to her.


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Noct murmured that while simultaneously using EX Drake’s Step. She began giving cover fire using her Cannon.

When they noticed, Yoruka was standing on the nearby outer wall smilingly. Diabolos’s head fell from the arm of Yato no Kami and rolled on the ground.


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Perhaps because this time she came here with the pretext of inspecting the Academy, Queen Raffi was wearing a dress that wasn’t too showy. She first faced Lisha and smiled at her.

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After all I cannot drink back home see─. I’m told today is a rare festival in the capital yea─?


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Soffice was taken aback and gulped. At that instant, a whirlwind was approaching like a surge.

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If not then there is no proof at all. As long as the culprit isn’t caught and interrogated, this is nothing but false accusations and violence from our side.


Seeing the captivating face of Aeril who was averting her gaze with blushing cheeks, he unconsciously gulped. In that moment──footsteps were approaching from behind.

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Below is an extensive list of the biggest and not-quite-biggest shows of the year, in (largely) alphabetical order. The list is limited to anime TV series that started new seasons in 2021, so films, OVAs and long-running series like One Piece are not eligible. Pick your 5 favorite shows, and this will help us compile a top 5 list of the most popular shows of the year, to be used in our larger feature. We'll also make the complete poll results available when the big feature goes live, for the curious.


His androgynous handsome look looked like a girl. Lux felt his heart throb slightly.

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Lisha who was chasing Dragon Marauder lost sight of the enemy, so she returned. She reported her return to Lux before using Dragon Voice.


You ain’t thinking, that you are going to get excused or anything riight? It will be troubling if the bait died from training. I’ll still make you torture the others later.

Category:Rage of Bahamut Franchise AnimeVice Wiki Fandom

Surely you want to ask that first. After this, we the Lords will capture the surface level floor of Avalon that is located underground the old castle. We have to step into there and open the gate, and then open the path to the deep level floor.


Drakkhen muttered fearlessly wearing her Asp. She lifted the sharp claws on her armored arms.

At the same time, he summoned a new additional armament. The broken armor pieces were reconstructed along with a force field, forming up an armor that was covering his body once more.


His personality and ideology were dyed the same color as the Old Empire. He schemed to put a false accusation on Philuffy who was still a child at that time. To Lux, he was an opponent that he had a tie with.

He held banquets in his ridiculously large stately mansion almost everyday. His several estates that were located in distance were being managed by his sons, but even they had fallen into depravity as a matter of course.

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The execution day of the Imperial Capital Recapture Plan will be the day after the end of the All-Dragon Battle. It’s necessary for us to be a step ahead of the rebel army and exterminate the Abyss before they can be used to attack here.


Theron: Didn't even occur to me to do a “For the Gentlemen” side to this. Next year it will be a regular feature!

Regardless of that, she showed so strong wariness like this. Fugil’s true strength could be surmised from that.


Sharis turned a somersault with a short scream. Looking down at the three who were left behind, the masked girl left wordlessly.

Celis was naturally tilting her head in puzzlement. But Krulcifer continued the talk with a cool expression.


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The same as when he met her for the first time in the Academy previously, a bewitching smile that stirred up emotion and uneasiness at the same time was tugged on her lips. She was merely staring at Lux with that smile.

In the All-Dragon Battle’s schedule, today was the second day, which was a resting day. The participants were basically free, whether to rest or to look around the festival.


Just as the name implied, it was a facility for practicing hand-to-hand combat without using a Drag-Ride. The place was spacious with wooden floor and red carpet spread out.

VRAINS 192 out of 19024 (1/0%) Tales of Zestiria the X season 2 189 out of 19024 (1/0%) Hitorijime My Hero 181 out of 19024 (1/0%) Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu 171 out of 19024 (0/9%) Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


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Celis wasn’t present in the fight against Balzeride. She had only heard of the story from Lux and the others.

Lisha was wearing a white robe similar like when she was at the Academy’s atelier. It seemed that she was completely feeling like a developer.


Her flushed skin that was dyed red and her disordered breathing looked strangely captivating. Lux felt his heart spontaneously skip a beat just from looking.

Yoruka’s cheeks were dyed red in a blush. Lux faced her and yelled with a similarly red face.


But, in this situation there is nothing that can be done dearimasu. I who haven’t gone to the control room is still not connected with the Ruin’s system. I cannot control the Abyss dearimasu.

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When Lux fell silent, Philuffy said that and lightly tapped on her thighs. Her eyes turned on him as though urging him to do something.


But Coral also didn’t concede at all. He retorted back with a cool tone.

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 5 Prologue

Fifty elites of Sanctuary Knight Order, Lux, Krulcifer, and Mel, they served as the pope’s guard just like before. It seemed that it was decided that line up was fundamentally enough.


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The Grand Force that was left behind in the New Kingdom. They completely thought that it was the Grand Force of the Garden, but it seemed that it was actually the Moon’s Grand Force.

Listelka let out grief to show on her face seen from the side. Mishis couldn’t say anything to that.


The man was shocked with the phenomenon that occurred to his body and he lost his cool. Mel told the man with extreme indifference.

Lux also stood up and faced Krulcifer. Then, a refreshing wind flowed from between the gaps of the abundantly growing trees, gently shaking the greenery in the surrounding.


The seating was placed to left and right in stair shape. A red carpet was laid down on the pathway.

Lux tilted his head with a puzzled look. Lisha puffed out her chest and declared.


Drakkhen felt that she was being exposed to verge of death. Even so when she tried to carry out the plan that was the finishing blow, she already acted.

Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends Shingeki no Bahamut

The situation changed every second. If even a single gear went out of place, destruction would wait right away.


There, they saw the figure of Pope Nias and others. They were already surrounded by ten-odd Abysses once more.

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Yoruka delivered a surprise attack after making Singlen conscious of Spell Code. Without stopping she twirled around and her next hidden technique burst.


Therefore the comprehensive strength of the team was stressed here. It was a system where it would be hard to be victorious by depending on the great effort of a single powerful member.

It will be fine if two people other than that childhood friend quarreled over Lux-kun. If Lux-kun’s surrounding is constantly turbulent, it will become a countermeasure for the time being. Besides, the truth is that there is danger around Lux-kun for real right now correct?


Lux and Airi walked side by side. From the main road they entered into a narrow street where there weren’t any signs of people.

Greifer sighed ‘fuu’ and let those words slipped out. Right after that, angry yells rose from the fortress behind.


After that──Celis who was worried about Lux’s body gave him a massage that she learned from Philuffy. He enjoyed the massage while passing a peaceful time with her too.

Lux forgot himself and rattled on in panic. Airi gently put her finger on his lips and quietly put her arms around his shoulders.


Rebecca: I considered “ideal white” as well, along with Yona of the Dawn' s instrumental opener, but ultimately went with this. Apart from the fact that it gets stuck in my head, it really captures the nature of the show as well. Hanayamata is a sweet, light story about dance and the friendships formed because of it, and “Hanaha Odori Reya Iroha ni Ho” manages to portray all of that. The rhythm is upbeat and steady, the dancing is beautiful and makes you want to join in, and the voices are soft and sweet without straying into squeaky or shrill. You could take it out of context and choreograph to it yourself, which is another sign of a good song in a show about dance. While there may be other, catchier songs this year, this one stands out to me simply because of how well it suits its story.

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That it was preceded by one of the silliest snow scenes I've witnessed in some ways made it more striking. For a show with such high melodrama content, “Snow Halation” really pulled everything that makes the series work together in one performance that assures us that the girls will triumph in the end.


The eyeballs were enlarged as though it was going to pop out from the eye sockets. Those eyes captured Soffice’s movement quickly.

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It had two legs that could be mistaken as a mountain of steel. On top of those legs was a large waist two sizes bigger than the royal castle and an inverted triangle of a chest, at the left and right were protruding shoulders where each looked like a large type battleship. On the surface of those shoulders, countless cannon muzzles could be seen.


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The Triad unintentionally relaxed their tension after throwing all their strength. In that moment, Airi felt unease in her body.

Below is an extensive list of every new or returning TV series in 2021, including shorts, in alphabetical order. The list is limited to anime TV series that started new seasons in 2021, so films, OVAs, and long-running series like One Piece are not eligible. Pick your 5 favorite shows, and this will help us compile a top 5 list of the most popular shows of the year, to be used in our larger feature. We'll also make the poll results available when the big feature goes live, for those curious. If there's a show you wanted to vote for that we overlooked, please email [email protected] and let us know. We'll add it to the list if it aired in 2021 and meets our other requirements.


Furthermore the screams of the soldiers was mixed with the roars of the Abyss. Lux who only just woke up instantly recognized the graveness of the situation.

Zweigbergk found something to look forward to for the first time as this house’s private tutor. After that he gave every kind of special education to Singlen outside of the public’s eyes.


I will wait for you to wake up from having Baptism applied to your whole body. In order to change this world that is covered with dispute, this time for sure.

The Daggers were thrown from the right side, which was a diversion action from an enemy. From the left side another person with a flying type Drag-Ride ran off with the treasure box.


There is no doubt that this is the entrance to go there. On the surface I pretended to concede my authority to that snob──Singlen, while I’m advancing my investigation of this area. When those Lords bunch also pretended to not know anything, they cannot complain of anything about me coming and going to this place as I please.

Funimation Acquires U.K. Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment

The armor of Bahamut (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=485) was dispelled and Lux collapsed backwards. His body lied above Yoruka who was similarly lying down face up.


Most likely she explained the situation to Relie and asked her to dispatch the army’s guard to reinforce Lux. After that she was waiting for Lux’s return here.

It seemed to be a tool that somehow mixed milk, egg yolk, sugar, and so on, then ice was jammed around them and they were mixed with each other to make the ice cream thing. The sweets lover Philuffy seemed to show her interest in it.


Shingeki no Bahamut: Manaria Friends Trailer

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whatever means you use. Be sure to conquer(subdue) her and by using her power – I want you to wrench the doors of the ruins open.

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It will take some effort to not question about the incident we mentioned just now. There is also no way we can just not question the incident of using the Ruin investigation right without the authorization itself. Don’t worry, I heard that all of you the selection members of Syvalles are a gathering of powerful people. It will be easy to raise four wins in the All-Dragon Battle, I’m sure.


Right after that, the black pattern of devil transformation receded from his body. He returned to his usual form that was no different from a human.

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Saniya who laid the trap saw that and her lips loosened up into a grin──but, right after that. The neck of the Chimera who should have taken Lux by surprise was snapped cleanly and the Abyss fell.


The girl in the front who seemed to be the leader asked her surroundings. She received agreement from them and settled the talk.

If there was a building at Lux’s right side, Greifer would deal out a slash from the left. He limited the escape path, and on top of that he also threw a Dagger as an extra attack.

1 2 14%
2 3 4%
3 4 14%
4 5 4%
5 6 38%
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8 9 86%
9 10 51%

Sacred Eclipse flew towards them as though running on the air. In response Greifer wearing Cuelebre intercepted it and unleashed a slash in spiraling trajectory with his Tail Blade.


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Coral stepped forward to take the role of attracting the enemy. Greifer scratched his head with a disagreeable expression at Coral’s question.

Then I’ll teach you something good. About right now a bigger calamity is approaching the New Kingdom.


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut:Volume 2 Episode

Pope Nias was muttering with admiring expression. Bishop Orphel also showed a smile hearing that.

At least this episode starts out with a pretty cool fight. The mercenary that Mr. Onyx Knight Guy hired to take out Nina turns out to be another Dragonkin, so they get into a cool dragon fight with really good animation and it's awesome. Nina gets schooled, but then Azazel and Sophiel show up to wreck Mr. Dragon's face so bad that he dies. I'm actually kind of sad about that last bit – this could have been a neat conflict for Nina if it were introduced earlier in the show. Mr. Dragon disparages Nina for being a half-breed, and it appears that some dragonfolk don't care for her village's assimilation of humans. But it's too late to explore that angle, because now he's dead.


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The boy looked like he was around ten years old. Zweigbergk offered his hand to the young boy, but his words were a lie.

Instantly, a prickling pain as though behind his eyes was burning ran through Lux’s head. A scene that felt like it wasn’t his own memory entered inside his mind.


Singlen only said that and rode the wave that Leviathan’s Divine Raiment created. He withdrew from the underground Drag-Ride hangar.

Wasn’t it actually something like consolation reward for Gizalut house after dying in the line of duty and also because of all their contribution in the past as member of Sanctuary Knight Order that was directly subordinate to the pope? At first she was doubting it like that.


The Triad who were devoting themselves to the role of messengers this time had intended to arrive in time to join the battle outside, but midway they noticed Heiburg’s soldiers waiting in ambush and took a roundabout way. Because of that they were late to link up with Lux and Philuffy.

On the other hand, Coral reacted calmly. He quickly brushed off the Dagger with his Wire Tail, but another Dagger that was hiding on the shadow of the first one was approaching.


Rage of Bahamut Hack No Survey

Mel took off the holster of short sword attached on her waist. She then muttered that while staring at the blade.

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At the same time Legions sprang at the flying around Gargoyles and Chimeras, while Suppressor was stopping the enemies’ movements. The Triad would then attack those enemies with their Cannons.


I was told that they were tricked by their business rival and made to obtain fake treasure. It seemed they abandoned me as a child in order to distance me from their debt. Well, later I would locate the culprit and purge them.

This is supposed to jet start her involvement in the larger plot, but it feels like an afterthought in its own episode. Other issues include that ugly brown tinge that covers half the episode and some half-assed backgrounds. That CG gear dimension they shoved Bacchus into looks like a wallpaper option that comes with your computer.


Listelka said that with a teasing smile. Her cheeks were faintly dyed red.

Hack rage of bahamut with cydia

After that, Zweigbergk led away the White Ridge knight order and retreated. In this situation, Lux and the others similarly had to escape from here.


First there are several tailors that are famous even in the capital nearby from here. There are many other shops too, so just looking around is also not bad. Besides, it will be a bit far but if we go to the national park, there will be a small stream there, it feels like it will be refreshing there.

The truth of the incident was completely shrouded in mystery, but the point Greifer mentioned was indeed correct. It was obvious that Greifer had no intention of backing away.


Since the start that Ruin was already there. They were only unable to see it.

It’s an unclear question coming from the wise you. I won’t be angry even if you stop acting so reserved you know?


Marcafal is facing the sea and its territory is also vast, its natural resources are abundant and it’s also a neutral country. But, although the Abyss appear here, it’s not a place where a Ruin’s treasure can be obtained, no one has any interest in this country.

Kadokawa also published two volumes of the Strike Witches Gekijōban 501 Butai Hasshinshimasu

It was the special armament loaded inside Bahamut. It formed a force field in the surroundings with a power to generate some amount of attraction or repulsion force.


Her underwear was a lacey panty that was the same pure white color like her skin. The small stitched ribbon on it was lovely.

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Saniya saw that and she seemed to understand. She turned towards Lux once more.


MEGA POLL: Your Top 5 TV Anime of

Rosa was showing her face since the first day, but she was only walking around in the front line base without even participating in conquering Babel. There was also no sign of her commanding.

Aeril took a stance with her whip type special armament Dragon Edge Light WhipBreath Whip. Immediately after that a thunderous sound struck from above like thunder.


The armor of the left arm that immediately blocked couldn’t fully absorb the impact. The armor frame’s distorted and creaked.

Fujibayashi published the manga in Kadokawa's 4-Koma Nano Ace magazine starting in 2021. Kadokawa published the manga's second and final compiled volume in October 2021.


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But, along with the flow of time, the descendants of the enemy, the royalties of the Arcadia Empire sniffed out that location. They invaded and were about to kill everyone, it was then that Fugil saved them. That was the reason for her trust.

Theron: The final episode of Sword Art Online II streamed in the afternoon of Saturday December 20th, telling the story of a prominent VR player saying her last farewells online before dying, with an audience that eventually ran into the hundreds holding vigil, doubtless including many who didn't know her except possibly by reputation. I know that I was far from alone in initially finding that part of an otherwise-great scene to be overkill, but one of those immense ironies of real life quickly proved that it actually wasn't a fanciful exaggeration after all. On the same day, a 29-year-old player who had been prominent on the Final Fantasy XI and XIV MMOs, known in the latter as Codex Vahlda, was discovered unconscious and suffering from renal failure.


Queen Raffi’s monologue wasn’t heard by anyone other than Prime Minister Nulph who was standing at her side. That voice was swallowed into the tumult of the audience hall that was starting to be noisy and vanished.

Captured by his past and duty, Lux was unable to notice the good will from other people. But even that shackle that was like a curse was gradually getting unbound from his interactions with the girls.


Rage of Bahamut Hack Tool

That jarring sound originally wasn’t necessary in the activation of the Divine Raiment. It was a bluff in order to make Orphel suspect that Drakkhen wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop using her Divine Raiment without that jarring sound coming first.

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Within the two weeks schedule, Yoruka would be in charge of guarding Lux whether in the morning or the afternoon each day. Today’s morning was Coral’s turn, so he met Lux as soon as the talk was over.


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He opened the door from inside with strong vigilance. When he tried to climb to the first floor from the stone room underground, he caught sight of a wounded person who seemed to roll down from the stairs.

Theron: This award, new this year, goes to an episode which we felt stood out as something special, even beyond (or especially compared to) other content in its series. A couple of episodes of Space Dandy (especially the ones about the planet of the dead and the alternate-dimensional beings) are worthy of serious consideration here, but my favorite for this has long been Nobunagun's second episode, which I have probably rewatched ten or more times since it aired.


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Everyone was fatigued from the decisive battle against Dragon Marauder. Still, not much time had passed since they were injured.

The barrier was scraped off and the impact pierced through the armor and ran through the body. Perhaps because of the Full Connect, she could feel the damage to the armor more strongly.


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The name of this Divine Drag-Ride is Basilisk, but this ability itself isn’t that amazing. The effect will cut off before long if the target isn’t bathed in this miasma continuously after all.

At first Lux could perfectly dodge Greifer’s attacks, but the number and power of the attacks were gradually increasing. The barrier of the Wyvern was gradually pierced and the surface of its armor was starting to get scratched.


Right after their blades clashed at the beginning, Lux amassed energy in advance to use Howling Howl for holding back the opponent. He immediately released it just now and barely blocked a direct hit on himself.

Her hair was blue like Krulcifer. Right now she was wearing a pilot suit instead of a maid uniform.


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I’m the prime minister who serves as the aide of her majesty the queen, Nulph. The reason we expressly summoned the two of you here like this is just as you suspected, because we wish for you to listen to an important matter that still cannot be disclosed to the people of this country.

Furthermore Lux was constantly fighting at high altitude. If he didn’t limit his opponents to only flying types like that, there was no doubt that he would be done in already.


This was because Krulcifer was a Xfer. This exception for her was to avoid Dragon Marauder kidnapping or attacking her.

Using Bahamut (you could look here)’s Reload on Fire, the speed of the attack reflection was decelerated. At that timing, the great sword Lux thrust out pierced Metatron.


When she was a sickly child, she was living side by side with death everyday. Even when her grandfather roused the anger of the Old Empire, also the time her mother died in an accident, and also after the coup d’etat, she was made to stand at the crossroad of life and death every time.


I checked a little with my authority about a matter which Lux had asked before. That man called Barzeride – he is quite suspicious.


Countless gazes were directed towards them from the shadows of the castle wall and bushes. The sounds of stifled breathing came from those directions.

But, instead of attacking, the Abyss swarm turned around and flew high into the sky. They were wrapped by faint light before long and their figures vanished.


One wrong step and they would crash. In such a situation, the two skillfully weaved through the buildings and flew at high speed.

Theron: On the opposite end of the spectrum from Rebecca's pick is mine, a title that didn't create the firestorm of controversy over its content that some other titles did but is still among the sketchiest releases of 2021. For all of the fan service-laden fare out there, true sex comedies are actually quite rare in anime, but this two-episode 2021 OVA is one of them. Despite walking a very fine line between being funny and just plain wrong, it (mostly) stays on the funny and good-natured side throughout and so is a delight for adult audiences.


Of Rebecca's picks that I haven't already commented on, Chaika was a series that I enjoyed very much (I am also a huge fan of Scrapped Princess) and thought had many interesting twists, but for me it always fell just a little short of greatness and its final episode certainly didn't help on that. Yona of the Dawn was one of the Fall season titles that I was interested in, but I did not make it past episode 2 because I already had a whopping 10 other titles I was following (a personal record, and I'm still amazed that I kept up with them all) and had to cut something. And after watching the final episode of Yuki Yuna, I think I would have to have a long debate with myself about whether it or Nozaki-kun deserves the top place more, so I will leave that ordering as is for now.

It was an unusual reaction from him who usually smiled naturally. For some reason even Lux almost got a throbbing heart.


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She was taken in and raised inside other people’s family. She was an outsider that was shunned by that family.

They would use this chance to ascertain whether Lux was an existence that was easy to control for the New Kingdom or not, and whether he was a beneficial personnel or not. If possible they would want to put a collar on him.


Rebecca: I was going to go with something that was meaningful, the death of a character who really made an emotional impact on both me and the story. And then I remembered this one, and how ultimately satisfying it was. This was a woman who had her husband murdered in front of her daughter, then spurned that child in favor of the other because she was traumatized, disinheriting her and basically pretending that she didn't exist. Then she took out a hit on that same poor kid. This is the kind of evil that we see in the old fairy tales, so I thought it was appropriate when Yuuji came in and just shot her in one of the more understated deaths in anime. He didn't let her monologue about her reasons, didn't allow for any explanations that might have excused her. There were no fancy camera angles or speeches: it was a simple hit carried out with no apparent emotion, which suited the moment and the monster. It may not have been the most meaningful death of the year, but it damn sure was the most satisfying.

You can only fight two more times, that’s your limit. I will grant you the chance to use one of that here.


It was a girl that Lux once saw when he took the Class promotion exam in the Vanheim Principality, Greifer’s master, princess Milmiette. Sacred Eclipse transformed into her appearance.

On the other hand, Yoruka was wearing a dress like a high class lady. Although the dress had black base color, it was decorated with white laces and ribbons.


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It was a Divine Raiment that combined defense and offense into one, where those waters themselves could become a shield or spear. It began to show its characteristics.

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Looking from the reaction of the Lords, it was likely that this incident was half unexpected for them. Magialca told Lux that after the world summit that was held once more.


Cygames Launches New CCG - Shadowverse

Calensia reacted to his voice and moved towards the corner of the passage. In that moment, Rosa’s Gorynych was entangled by countless wires.

Five years ago he escaped from the New Kingdom to Heiburg and colluded with the military division there. The supreme commander of the Rebel Army.


But, Airi didn’t move her gaze from the book she opened. Seeing her behaving like it wasn’t any concern of hers, Lux too didn’t pursue any further.

Yoruka would serve as the rear guard while monitoring whether Singlen would make any suspicious movement at the fortress in the back. Like that Lux’s group would be able to concentrate on the swarm of the Abyss in the front.


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Usually he used it when the enemy was within the range in order to cut the opponent down instantly using Quick Shot. Now Lux purposefully activated it early in order to save the hostage.

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The claw tips of the Gargoyle who slipped through the barrage attacked. The moment Lux tried to match the timing with his Scale Blade──one more Abyss, a Chimera, assaulted from behind his Wyvern.


The second floor of the cathedral was opened to the public until the end of the anniversary. Lux and Philuffy were sitting side by side at the jutting out balcony of that second floor.

Lux was also surprised by this situation. He was staring at it while smiling wryly.


As expected I also had lingering attachment. Besides, if my parents were still alive in the world of commerce, perhaps I will be able to meet them again on that stage.

The young man took out a wallet from his trouser’s pocket. The moment he put it on the table, a middle-aged man drinking alcohol behind him stood up and moved suddenly.


Theron: I was sorely tempted to go with The Major from Hellsing Ultimate, even if only on the strength of the last two episodes, because I so thoroughly hated him as a character. Makoto Ito from School Days was also a consideration here; he isn't one of the most reviled protagonists in anime history for nothing. However, Honest's behavior more accurately represents the actions of a supreme bastard. Maybe it's something about the way he's always seen gorging himself despite complaints about the populace being ill-served, or the way he essentially goes, “oh, well” when his son gets slain. Any way you look at it, he is easily one of the year's most self-serving asses.

Kumo no Ito──it was a special armament that laid out unseen steel strings in the surroundings, a trap that was laid around in order to be a conductor for Spell Code. All of them were instantly cut apart.


The broken wall and stone pillars were washed away by the water torrent. That sight looked exactly like a disaster from heavy floods.

Now that she mentioned it──Sania who came to the academy as a spy from Heiburg was looking for something in the academy. He heard about it from Airi, but was this about that?


The attack wasn’t in the shape of energy torrent, it was a warhead of Ground Buster that possessed physical substance. It had to be formed anew every time, so the attack couldn’t be fired consecutively.

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So they won’t let us get away easily huh. And so miss aide, we will be doing a bit of work now.


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Itazura na Kiss was one Discotek brought us that I never thought I'd get to own, and the re-release of Cat's Eye by Nozomi made for another nice surprise. I personally have been very happy with the increase in female-oriented shows, and there seems to have been a magical girl resurgence as well, with titles like Sailor Moon Crystal, Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Ilya, among others. Of course, I feel like we have also seen an increase in stories that just sort of fizzle out as well, although that may be due to the fact that we simply get more series now. In any event, it's made picking awards fun!

Somehow, thanks to the pilot suit that had a small surface area covered with fabric, her appearance emitted a mysterious sex appeal. Lux paid attention to not stare too hard towards her.


The Sanctuary Knight Order including Mel was already going ahead. If the old sanctuary site had to be described with few words, it was a mysterious place.

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Instantly that half-sphere was tinged with a faint light. Lines of light were circulating along the floor and wall like a spider web that was spreading from the center.


Each of her limbs was fixed with splint and she used a cane to walk. Her left eye was hidden by bandage but── even so she was showing her usual carefree smile.

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Aeril quickly took distance along with Lux. A bead of sweat trickled down from her forehead.


As expected she couldn’t hide her exhaustion from showing on her face. Like that she unintentionally slipped out a self-depreciating chuckle.

Celis and Philuffy were each fighting hard with their Divine Drag-Ride and lured away the enemy for them, but it was already impossible for them to fight properly in their state. They were only barely avoiding falling to enemy’s hand.


Lisha was folding her arm looking as though it was only a trivial happening, and Krulcifer was also smiling with composure. Philuffy was falling in a doze sleepily, while Tillfur looked like she was having fun.

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He can classify a girl's personality by what kind of twin-tails she wears, obsesses over them, and loves them beyond reason. So when aliens come and plan to steal all of the twin-tails, forcing girls into other, personality-changing hairstyles, Soji can't take it lying down! Lucky for him, he can transform into a battle maiden with twin-tails! Let's save the youthful hairstyle! In all honesty, this show really isn't meant to be taken seriously and can be very entertaining.


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It seemed that Yoruka herself had no awareness of that. She tilted her head in puzzlement.

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First they had a light meal from a food cart. After that they visited a barn that was managed by an acquaintance of Lux.


Well, this is just a hunch though. I thought of it while observing you.

Lux felt that this older girl who was serious and awkward like usual was charming. After that their date continued.


This time Yoruka seemed to exhaust all her strength for real. Her eyes closed slowly and tension left her body.

Even in the worst case that she attempted to take off the collar of Lux and the other Seven Dragon Paladins, Aeril herself would also die instantly. She would be executed right on the spot.


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That gesture was cuter than expected. Lux controlled himself when he felt like he was going to feel strange.

Lux made Celis sit down on a curb in a public park because she was staggering from drunkenness. He said that with a gentle smile.


However, these three Drag-Rides here were disassembled from normal Drag-Rides, and then they were recombined into a different shape. They gave the image that they couldn’t function by themselves.

If there's a show you wanted to vote for that we overlooked, please email [email protected] and let us know. We'll add it to the list if it aired in 2021.


I dispelled Zahhak’s Divine Raiment wasn’t because I had no more strength to spare to cover for Lux-kun. It was because I changed what memory I stole from you.

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I’ll do the matter you asked without fail so leave it to me! By the way, today there was a dummy arm for a Drag-Ride sold at the capital’s commerce and industry district.


Abyss were going out one after another from the cave. Lux who saw that took even more distance.

Just what are you doing you prisoneeerrrr! There is no way it’s fine to go that far!


I will be able to wield the authority of this country publicly as the emperor under the banner of Heiburg. I’ll be able to toy with this country’s fortune and foolish masses, and act as tyrannical as I please. After all, I’m a modest and clever person. The qualifications as an emperor or the recognition of others──I don’t have any interest in anything like that from the start.

In the previous battle, our greatest pawn that was necessary for the 『Imperial Capital Recapture Plan』──the Yggdrasil, was defeated. Of course, if we invest our whole war potential, it’ll be possible to defeat them even then.


There were no other people other than Lux and Aeril who were mutually wearing pilot suits. A peaceful atmosphere was flowing.

We too are grown women of that age. It is in our instinct to search for the person who will become our pair. Even the imperial princess of the beginning who once reigned in the past──Arshalia was also said to welcome a young man who was called as the White Hero to be her close aide.


Always earning, profiting, and increasing my fortune, that is my purpose in life. Such humans also exist in this world.


When that arms dealer put on these collars, she tore off our clothes. Well, it was under the pretense of taking away hidden weapons and so on, but even after that she didn’t return our clothes.


House of Shelbrit was a noted family that descended from the royal family and had produced knights for many generations. From that description it sounded nice, but if his memory served him right, that family’s behavior wasn’t decent.

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Her evil deeds and crimes were mostly fabrications of the King of Vices, Calensia, where she was made to shoulder Calensia’s infamy. Right now she continued to be a member of the Seven Dragon Paladins under the surveillance of the captain Magialca.


The arm of Lux’s Wyvern was carrying Airi. Beside him Lisha was flying wearing Tiamat.

Furthermore the electric attack was impossible to block even by a barrier. On top of that, against Mishis who was in Full Connect with her Drag-Ride, the damage would be amplified instead.


The top of the Lords, Listelka Rei Arshalia. Her existence wasn’t known by the people, but the chief vassals of each country were told of her.

It’s pointless even if I stay here. I’ll lose my remaining pieces if I don’t quickly assist them. I’ve broken that nasty lethal weapon too.


Before long the watch tower itself was covered with flame. The moment Magialca dispelled her armor to escape, Phoenix swoop down and reaped her neck in one attack.

It covered the whole frame without stopping. At the same time the dark colored armor groaned and changed shape.


Lux was unable to tell the truth with words. In response to that, Krulcifer challenged Lux to a battle with all her strength in order to probe the facts.

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Rebecca: I'll be honest – I've hated this guy since he killed the dog back in season 1. He is ruthless and generally evil, willing to stoop to pretty much any level in order to achieve his ultimate goal. His unscrupulous actions and burning hatred of the Joestar line have caused him to forsake his own humanity, and there isn't anyone else I can think of who is as full of hatred and vitriol as him. The colloquial meaning of the word “bastard” was pretty much invented to describe this guy, and I'm seriously considering gluing his picture in the dictionary to prove it.


If it was an average Drag-Knight who used a technique like that, they would lose their balance and tumble down. Because of that it was an unusable kicking technique.

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Lux entered inside the fortress and finished his decoy role for the moment. He reported to the commander of the mixed army, after that he followed someone who guided him and collapsed onto a bed in an underground room.


Celis was watching that smilingly while muttering. Right after that, a voice roared from behind.

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They might be serious about this reorganization of ruling structure too. But, even if that isn’t the case, if they continue the incitement of the people for too long, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the worsening of impressions towards them.


The appearance location was right behind Philuffy. At that instant when Mishis used her Halberd to mow down, Philuffy’s back spinning kick exploded into action.

Although the majority of Heiburg’s military was in the New Kingdom in order to conquer Babel, as expected there would still be Drag-Knights remaining to guard the capital. If they reported this to the world alliance, it would be Lux who would be considered as a traitor.


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Rebecca: This award goes to titles that we didn't necessarily find to be great but nonetheless found enormously entertaining. My pick probably says more about what I like than I should be sharing: a series of shorts based on a toy line from Mattel!

Singlen was standing between walls where Drag-Rides were placed on them. Yoruka aimed towards him, and unleashed a flash of sword draw strike that went towards his neck.


As expected that thing is calling the Abyss here! No matter how many we defeat, the Abyss keep appearing one after another.

Just in case I went to the castle in the afternoon and asked about the details regarding the decoy role mission. There was nothing strange whether about the information sent to us from our spy in Heiburg or about the content of the confirmation sent by the scout.


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In just an instant, seven elite Drag-Knights met violent death. Without moving Fugil kept hovering in the air, blocking the path forward.

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Like that I will be able make her brain dead. At the very least I will be able to retrieve her ovum and make use of her as a flesh puppet.


Manaria friends -Shingeki no Bahamut

There is no plan for it to be used today, and we got permission from the Principal. Well then, I’ll go prepare, so wait.

Eternal Summer, for your lithe-bodied fan service. Thanks, The Fruit of Grisaia, for your from-the-back nude scenes of Yuuji. Kamigami no Asobi, you were kind of silly, but thanks for the lovely and occasionally underclothed males, and thank you, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, for Archer in his tight, ab-defining outfit. And who could forget naked Livius in the ending theme of The World Is Still Beautiful for those who prefer their men younger?


One day, Favaro stopped by the dragonfolk village for some drinks and barmaid flirting. A young Nina spotted him and immediately wanted to become a bounty hunter, for some reason. She badgered him into training her, so he did, and then he left. I'm honestly a little disappointed by this account of her training – it was cute, but it's the most basic version of the Nina/Favaro relationship imaginable, and I would've preferred that it come alongside some sort of revelation. While it was charming, it was also a lot of screentime spent on a version of their relationship I could have extrapolated from much less. This flashback also tells us that Nina doesn't see Favaro's luscious locks of love as a turn on, which, c'mon girl. Maybe she'll grow some taste for afros as she gets older?

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Lux was bewildered while his cheeks were reddening. Yoruka slightly averted her eyes from him and muttered with a somewhat embarrassed look.


The Divine Raiment of my Gorynych, Tartaros Frame can rearrange and modify its own armor. It will need some time but, it can switch to any of the three types you know? Now, the service from me is only until here.

She was a girl who wore an outfit that possessed functional beauty and the flashiness that was like a merchant, or perhaps, like an alchemist. The style of her hair that was tied up to form loops was her distinctive trait.


神撃のバハムート Shingeki no Bahamut Rage of Bahamut

Lisha’s eyes opened wide in puzzlement. In response, Krulcifer let out a short sigh and brushed up her hair coolly.

But, recently Lisha’s control skill, physical ability, and her mental strength were increasing. Because of that something like rampage indication couldn’t be seen at all from her.


Originally she used her trajectory control to block the sound wave and light ray of mental pollution. Because of that she had to move to dodge other attacks, but──.

After completely predicting the opponent’s preliminary motion, the time was compressed and a strengthened consecutive slash was unleashed. The move contained strength that could instantly make the opponent unable to fight, but──.


And yet, although the Abyss here are few in number, but they are mighty without equal. Of course without cooperation from the other countries, this country won’t even be able to defend against the disaster to the surroundings that rarely happens, but no country exists that would poke their nose into such a troublesome thing.

It was just for a moment, but the lance thrust that was unleashed from midair was stopped. In that interval the Halberd that had a capsule skewered on it was swung down vertically from behind.


He was different from the other heirs. He studied diligently and grew strong in the blink of an eye, even so he didn’t strike back at his incompetent elder brothers.

In addition, the eldest brother Zain was cooperating with several Drag-Knights to fight. When they finally finished off an Abyss, there were only around two Abysses remaining.


In the end they separated after exchanging a kiss for a few seconds. Krulcifer whose eyes were opened lightly licked the corner of her lips.

Soffice only told that and the hologram vanished. The two Ragnarok were absorbed inside the Moon.


Standing opposite both is possibly the year's most beautifully peaceful death, as the AIDS-ravaged Yuuki (yes, for those of you that weren't following it, an anime series really went there) passes on her literal and figurative legacies and says her final farewells with hundreds of other virtual avatars in attendance. I will have more to say about this one later on.

Airi said that with a loud voice that was unusual for her. But after that she suddenly returned to her senses and shut her mouth.


They purged their own armor, while shooting it out like buckshot at the same time. It was a skill that combined offense and defense.

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Even so, enough damage should have been inflicted after Rosa’s barrier was pierced and her armor smashed like that. Here a strange situation occurred.


The ability of Cuelebre’s Divine Raiment is 『invicibility』. In a state where I am enveloped by this light, all kind of attacks would get deflected, what’s more I’m the only one who can attack one-sidedly.

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He thought that in a sense it was an attachment that was just like her. Lux leaked out a wry smile unconsciously.


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The Abyss were subjugation targets by law. That law applied not just to the New Kingdom, but anywhere in the world.

Even if they kept at it with willpower, it wouldn’t continue for long. Their armor would be dispelled soon.


The mysterious sound wave of mental pollution. In order to prevent it from influencing Rosa, she used trajectory control to divert that oscillation, but in exchange Soffice was entangled by Poseidon’s tentacles and then she received Iblis’s ferocious blow from above.

Lux who was captured as a survivor of the imperial family was given amnesty and released. He was given permission to travel around the New Kingdom as the Chore Prince while chasing after Fugil with the status of a criminal just as Lux wished.


His body deeply leaned on the armrest. In a glance his posture looked slovenly, while a deep smile was carved on his expression.

The elder sister Soffice was taciturn and wouldn’t say anything. She would show agreement or refusal using her expression or head movement, then Uruk would interpret it and spoke for her in the meeting.


The collar of Wedge would generate electricity if the wearer went against orders, harbored rebellious thoughts, tried to take it off, or if the collar simply got hit by a strong impact. But Mishis was apprehensive to a certain situation.

After that, he entered the double room that he shared with Airi in order to sleep. But the first words he heard right after entering inside caused Lux to raise his voice unconsciously.


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For a moment Lux tilted his head in incomprehension at the meaning of those words. Lisha continued speaking further.

Anime in America: Theron and Rebecca's Best, Worst, and Most Notable of

Unfortunately, when the elevator opens, who should pop out but King Murder and his murder squad. He's come to make a deal with Jeanne – Gabriel has convinced Mugaro to cooperate in re-subjugating humanity by restoring his angelic status. If Jeanne can convince her son to back down, Charioce will let him and the rest of the gods live (probably as slaves). However, the situation takes a turn when Nina and Charioce catch sight of each other. He walks up to address her, and Nina finally realizes that hunky Chris is actually Charioce. Those Clark Kent glasses really do work! For his part, Charioce seems to have recognized her earlier (because Nina was never wearing glasses you see) and – apparently not taking her quasi-involvement in the demon rebellion personally – takes this unexpected meeting as an opportunity to try out his smooth moves.


Now that I think about it, this prison seriously needs a better chain of command. There's an intruder on the upper floors, a jailbreak on the lower floors, and neither group seems to know about the other's crisis. On top of that, the king is visiting that day. Despite all this, there's no high alert mode for Rita to confront as she waltzes around the cell area. Honestly, Rage of Bahamut (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6010): Virgin Soul is filled with these sorts of unrealistic plot conveniences. Azazel works the most conspicuous possible job (demon undertaker before an audience of thousands) when he's supposed to be undercover, the brutal king Charioce doesn't just execute people who are troublesome to him despite showing absolute callousness elsewhere, and all the female prison guards seem to be the same lady.

The swarm of Abyss was transformed into powerful enemies that even Bahamut would struggle against. When Lisha yelled so in front of such enemy, Lux obeyed her words and suppressed his strength.


You cannot even stand on the same stage where I fight for eternity. Therefore, there was no victory or defeat right from the start. I will take the burden of your karma.

This place is already in danger! Please escape until the underground control room and activate the defense system.


The leaders of each country were waiting in the fortress. Nulph was entrusted with the right of command as representative.

But, only Greifer, who was the Vanheim Principality’s participant for the third match, was firmly maintaining his attitude that wished for the match to continue. He stayed rooted on the arena ring.


The reason is because I won’t make any such promise like that which I don’t even intend to keep. What I will grant to you all is only a little bit of privilege to live freely.

That to go to the deepest part of Avalon, the blood of an Arcadia is needed for the confirmation. The confirmation will go through even with that girl if she comes to here.


The female students including the Triad ran about gathering costumes. Then the two began to change clothes inside the tents for one person that were prepared.

Even while saying that, he averted his eyes from Lux for some reason while taking off his clothes in a way that attempted to hide his body. Because of that he looked strangely bewitching.


Far from using Divine Raiment, she was already unable to even use special armament. Maintaining her armor was just something she was barely being able to do.

Its back wings were smashed and the Drag-Knight fell toward the ground in a straight line. Red flame blast bloomed on the snow field.


The special mode that was only usable for Key’s Supervisors like Krulcifer or Soffice, with their Drag-Ride aptitude that was of the highest class. But it should also put a lot of burden on the body, and yet Mishis used it right from the start.

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Theron: Sorry, but it's part of a set. And lastly, a disclaimer: Neither Rebecca nor I had anywhere near enough time to watch out more than a fraction of the titles which came out in 2021, hence it is entirely possible that there are worthy picks in these categories that we missed. If you have justifiable alternate opinions on any of these, I encourage you to bring them up in the response thread.


The seven Ragnarok are revived and surrounded the alliance army. If we don’t at least buy time, the alliance army will also be annihilated.

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The state of affairs of the New Kingdom including the Ruins. The situation regarding the Lords including other countries. The tentative settlement regarding the case of Heiburg.


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Yoruka’s sword draw that was literally a sure kill attack was parried. She pitched forward and passed beside the enemy, exposing an opening towards Singlen who was turning around behind her──was how it should be, but right after that the wrist of Singlen’s armored wrist broke, and the Blade that hand was holding flew to the air.

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Right after Yoruka slashed, Coral’s whip slipped through her Drake’s barrier and entangled around the handle of her Sword Device. That technique also surprised Lux.


Finally, the female performance I found myself praising the most this past year is Naoko Takano's role as the magical wand/artifact/guardian Magical Ruby in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya. Forget Luna, Jamapi, or even Kyubey – Ruby is the absolute creepiest magical guardian out there. She talks like a pervy old guy, she harasses Ilya and gets her into awkward situations without providing much help, and she's just generally nuts. Takano's performance gave a flying ornament personality and expression, making her a memorable character. Never has a transformation object been so alive, and since there's only so much animation can do on that front, the credit has to go to Takano.

She maintained a distance that wasn’t too close or too far, luring the enemy’s focus into herself and dodged the attacks. And then──she was gradually retreating towards the fortress.


Lux and Airi were the ones summoned. The government had an important talk with them.

Like that, Yoruka took distance in order to gather strength for a sure-kill attack. At that moment, her devilish eye that received Baptism read a disquieting wavelength.


You are nothing more than a puppet dancing above my lord’s palm. I have no need to chase after those guys.

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It seemed Lisha had some kind of scheme going on, that she ran her mouth in anguish like that. In response, the two contenders spoke to her.


My remaining family is an elder sister and a younger sister. And then, there is also a mission that was written on the letter.

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However he made both characters really come alive, no small feat when one is literally dead and the other emotionally so. An honorable mention goes to DAIGO from Love Stage, who voiced the character based on him, Shogo. He started off weak and got audibly better with each episode, more than holding his own by the end. It was impressive and helped to make Shogo even more of a standout character.


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In the end, the match between Yoruka and Coral ended in a draw. They guarded him alternately depending on the situation, but unexpectedly this situation started to function well.

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I won’t do something so reckless that will bring me death. More importantly Noct-san, can I ask you to repair my Yato no Kami?


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The trick to deceive someone isn’t to make yourself not seem suspicious as much as possible. It’s to ascertain what your opponent is believing.

Putting aside Sacred Eclipse itself that was a Ragnarok, normal Abyss wouldn’t hold out for long. Their body was ruined from being unable to endure the strengthening.


She acted recklessly in the intense battle against Dragon Marauder, and after that she went on a harsh march to rush here. Because of that Lisha’s stamina was near the limit.

Until you recover your memory──look forward to it in anticipation. In exchange I’ll teach you something good. That Sacred Eclipse which revived you, it will inverse to 『reverse side』 soon.


Rebecca: Whether you see them as a romantic couple or just a great pair of friends until that age gap is a little less creepy, Nike and Livius are hard to dispute as two people who can get things done. Of course they have to get over their differences first, but watching them go head-to-head in order to achieve heart-to-heart is a bit like watching a fantasy version of Pride and Prejudice. They need to become friends before they can become spouses, and that they keep making the effort throughout the story is a nice change of pace from many romances out there. There's no love at first sight here, and their relationship is the stronger for it.

The Arcadia Empire reached out its hand not only within its vast territory, but also to the surrounding territorial waters and islands. At the time various skirmishes happened repeatedly with many countries in the surrounding.


No one’s going to decrease the protection of their own country just for that. It must be that Magialca or Singlen’s instigation right?

He didn’t receive lethal wounds, but an impact ran through the flying device on his Wyvern’s back wings. Letters of light floated in front of his eyes, displaying the decreasing output.


Airi faltered to say any further from working out her thoughts to think of various things. Then more voices came from the parliamentary seats.

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Mishis almost never moves because she is shouldering the mission of being Listelka-neesama’s guard constantly. And then, it’s also because she is a trump card. However, right now the requirements where it’s fine to use her are in place.


Was she heading alone to old sanctuary site to protect Lux, or was she going to defeat the commander of the enemy, Drakkhen? It was unclear what she was doing, but at present they could expect nothing from her.

Seeing that Krulcifer showed a slightly surprised expression. And then she gently put her hand on Lux’s head before averting her face.


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Lux was walking in the corridor of the Academy after school while leaking out a sigh. Beside him Coral’s eyes opened wide in puzzlement.

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Also, because the situation would greatly vary depending on the number and variety of the Abyss, he would have to deal with many kinds of diverse offense. Dealing with that would surely fray his nerves.


Suddenly Philuffy’s feet stopped walking. Lux turned around and he titled his head in puzzlement.

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You will be enrolled here for around two weeks only anyway. Perhaps it will be easier like that.


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It was scheduled for three days. In order to limit the Drag-Knights’ fatigue to the minimum, there would be one day of rest in between. The tournament was divided into the first half on the first day and the later half on the second day and it was carried out under special rules.

He felt like his chest was struck. He was at a loss for words for a while.


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She herself risked her life for the sake of her little sister──for Philuffy-san, that she would even betray the New Kingdom to try and save her. There is no way someone who understands the importance of family by that much won’t be able to understand my feelings.

In the end, it became noisy even when he went outside the Academy. Lux smiled wryly at that while responding to them, but there was just one thing that was decisively different from the past.