Atlantica Online is one of the first MMO games aspiring to be a true hybrid between the real-time strategy genre and role playing. It’s a lofty goal that in many ways is accomplished. There are, however some niggling frustrations that will hopefully be cleared up during the next ten days’ beta testing.

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You again missed the point with the jump event. The jump events started you at 130 and slowly pushed you towards 144 (usually within a day or two of casual play) while giving you gear and expensive mercenaries, merc rooms and inventory. And even if you had all that stuff you could transfer some of the gear AND the mercenaries to your main character (in the same account). You also doidn't have to do the upgrade quests which was another plus.

Once all foes are down, players can loot the corpses. Items and gold are plentiful and fun to see. Books to ‘train’ characters and mercenaries can be found and right clicking them will raise skills in the chosen attack (for instance, Freezing Axe for axe users and Wild Shot for gunners). Item Boxes will also yield weapons and armor. Players can equip their mercenaries with armor, weapons, jewelry, and more to keep them tough and battle ready. In fact, mercenaries can equip as much as the player.


I saw the discord reply so I will not be playing. Good luck to all those who wish to invest here. I hope it does not turn out to be another mtrue/glorious.

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Should be the same or better to be honest. Here is what you get over there.

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But the most important aspect of any MMO is combat and one of the first things characters are assigned is to enter a battle sequence to learn the basics of combat. After receiving the quest, one looks around and sees enemies quite literally littering the local landscape. Simply left clicking on an enemy opens an alternate ‘battle’ screen. Players can also right click on the enemy and receive information about the number of foes and the battle’s relative difficulty for a character of your level.


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They set you up to start buying licenses which made atlas and licenses themselves shoot up in price (ingame). It hyper inflated so much that even regular players had problems keeping up with the new atlas prices. Which is why it's the most hated event by atlantica vets in global.

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Logging into Atlantica Online has been an experience I could do without ever again. Reaching the log in screen is quick and efficient and packed with great looking images. Every time I hoped it would be better and I excitedly plucked out my name and password. But hopes were dashed every time and I found I could watch a 100 yard dash in the local snail Olympics, come back and the game would still be sitting there ‘trying to connect to the server’.

Once in, however, things improve quickly. Players can choose from several generic-sounding archetypes: Sword, Spear, Axe, Gun, Bow, Cannon and Staff. Character classes are non-gender specific and there are several different customizations available for the toon’s look and, of course, names are totally up to the character. Equipping items changes a character’s look which leads to hundreds, if not thousands, of different appearances.


Also deleting the message from the discord and pretending it never happened is quite scummy. Just owe up to your mistakes and move on instead of trying to fool.

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Dude global gets most of the updates eventually. In fact it's all handled by the same company. Global even had the multibox open until people abused it and since they are too lazy to fix the bugs and dupes it caused they disabled it.

You seem to be super defensive of the server. The previous post points out specific problems/issue that he/she thinks make the server unpolished.


The server doesn't allow speeder to play. So the battles will take forever to finish (due to atacking/looting).

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I actually want the newer version of the game to succeed, unlike you sucking up to get a gm position. But I guess if it doesn't work out you'll just go back to valofe?

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NDoors and Atlantica Online have generously donated 1,000 beta keys for members of the WarCry community. In case you didn’t notice the banner on the front page, you can grab yours here:. If you’re not a community member, be sure to sign up for a site membership and the WarCry newsletter to get your beta key.

As for the summoning orbs the point is the global ones are better. Why bother training placeholder mercs if you can just work on your core team from the get go from marbles?


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It's not about being lazy is that the game was designed to be as inconvenient as possible without these licenses. You still make hand over first money by selling IM boxes and IM merc packages to skip the grind. But you guys went full cash grab.

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If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can initiate ‘auto attack’ and allow the mercenary AI to take over. However, this isn’t something that can be done constantly. Players have to engage in enough manual (discover this info here) attacks to gain auto attack points.