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WebMAP provides a complete modernization solution that includes automated software analysis and transformation tools, professional engineering services and 24/7 developer support. Benefits include a dramatic (up to 80%) savings in total project cost, as well as radical improvements in time to market with 75% reduction in overall project schedule compared with manual rewrites. Mobilize.Net is led by CEO Tom Button, the former long-time corporate vice president of Microsoft Developer Division, who led the ascent of Microsoft’s developer tools business to its height of influence in the industry and which now accounts for $2 billion in revenue for Microsoft.


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Fact is, the older the technology, the higher the risk of system failure, IT crashes, security violations, and prolonged downtimes. Companies with critical finance applications that are exposed to such potentially devastating threats cannot hope to achieve full SOX certification in the coming years and will be bogged down inescapably by the compliance process.

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Visual Basic Upgrade Companion download for PC

First, our conversion software does support all VB6 graphic properties and methods – with the only exception of DrawMode and ClipControls. We even support the AutoRedraw property and user-defined ScaleMode coordinates, therefore the migration of a CAD-like program to VB.NET is quite in the reach of our software.

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=2826) features a user-customizable mapping engine. This means the user can specify particular transformations for element occurrences in the original VB6 code, so that they can be converted (mapped) into specific library elements, intrinsic or 3rd party.


A good example of the multi project migration benefits is a simple system (12K LOC) composed of 10 equally sized projects. The time/cost estimates for each individual project must be added to ballpark the entire process size, but the manual efforts and time required to achieve functional equivalence are by far larger. All the atomic projects must pass the manual changes stage, and then the entire system must be debugged and have the respective manual adjustments to work as a unit.

Mobilize.Net and Microsoft Bring New Life to Old Apps

Long time ago, Mobilize realized the market required a tool capable of handling larger, more complex migration tasks, with all the implications this carries. Therefore, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion was conceived, incorporating the vast experience acquired by ArtinSoft (more helpful hints) during years of successful migration projects.


The Syslist Companion Agent is a small program that runs on Mac OS X computers and Windows PCs (versions 98 SE and higher). It can be automatically distributed to every Windows PC on your network via Remote.

It’s worth noticing that, seven years after VBUC inception, this documentation hasn’t been completed yet and many EWIs are still not documented. You can find the result of our analysis in this table.


Ultra Hal Assistant is an artificial intelligence conversation simulator. It is capable of being your digital secretary and Companion. Talk to Hal in natural English language and Hal will speak back to you.

ArtinSoft Offers Visual Basic Upgrade Companion Modernization Tool for Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express is a very good programming tool. It uses the dot net framework, which is the new programming interface used in Windows operating system. The interface is really good and.


Juan Antonio Pastor worked as a Technical Writer at ArtinSoft, where he was responsible for the company’s corporate communications and public relations; he also wrote copy for different marketing campaigns and revised and edited technical publications. Juan has previously published various articles online and constantly writes about technology and business-related issues.

The software and systems that a company depends on for its daily business can spell the difference when it comes to keeping executives out of murky water. What this means—as has been noted repeatedly in the press—is that high management and board directors are now interested in and care more than ever about the IT infrastructure that the company is built upon.


Drop the control on a Visual Basic Form and it automaticaly begins working

HIS is a highly respected software house operating on behalf of the German government to develop the applications necessary for the productive and efficient operation of University services systems. HIS provides applications for tasks such as managing student enrollment and services, organization of tests and exams, personnel and finances for universities throughout Germany. Furthermore, HIS installs, maintains and updates the systems. Part of HIS’s mission is to ensure that universities have access to and are provided with the best technologies and solutions to meet the increasing needs of a highly dynamic education sector in Germany.

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We recommend re-loading ArtinSoft® Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to test for the issue

Then there’s also other savings with this approach that must be considered. Take for example the training of end users. Since the application that results from an automatic migration is 100% functionally equivalent to the original one, it is not necessary to retrain them. With a rewrite, chances are that the output is not going to be so familiar, unless you manage to follow an algorithmic approach like the one employed by sophisticated automatic migration technologies. In some cases, these retraining costs can be enormous. For example, another of our customers estimated that its system would have required a 6 weeks training time, for 3000 users.

As Fowler explains, an unsupported environment can easily generate an operating deficiency—in SOX terms, this occurs when a control is not operating at it should—or there might be a technical fault present in the system. If any one of these is directly involved with the administration of a company’s finances and official support is no longer available, then the company is at risk of a serious SOX violation and C-level management must bear the legal consequences by default.


Basic programming for windows

One of our published case studies, featuring Banamex, one of the largest Mexican financial institutions and part of Citigroup, shows how they opted for an automatic migration with the VBUC because of the shorter migration lifecycle it offered, which in turn helped protect their market position. After an extensive analysis it came out as the most cost-effective solution, when compared to the other options they were evaluating in order to reduce the effort and investment.

The migration project requires some pre-migration analysis of the VB6 code before performing the actual migration. The project team should do a round of code cleanup/refactoring of the code by removing commented code, unused methods, and variables, etc, before baselining code for migration.

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No hand coding is neccessary. Drop the control on a Visual Basic Form and it automaticaly begins working

If you used Variants at all those all have to be rewritten. If you used a lot of API calls, they tend to need rewritting.

Visual Basic Activex Controls
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The decision to do so is perceived not as a strategic and rational investment but as a costly, complicated overhaul that should be put off for as long as possible. The move to postpone such a decision, however, can come at a price much higher than most executives and corporations can afford to pay.

The project had a set cost and set schedule and that made it a great value. I was especially impressed by their thorough approach – they asked questions until they understood everything about our project – which isn’t a typical skill of technical developers.


Market research by leading agencies suggests that over 70% of enterprise data resides in legacy software systems. Enterprises spend valuable resources and incur heavy costs in maintaining these legacy systems. These systems were developed more than a decade ago and have been updated over the years.

Free Visual Basic Upgrade Companion license

So it is a proven fact: using automated migration tools as part of an overall software renewal initiative is the most viable way to leverage the current investment in legacy applications and move them to the latest platforms. The technology available today in that field can produce outstanding results in terms of cost and time savings, risk avoidance and generated code quality.


All unused labels are removed from the resulting code. Plus the most commonly used “On Error ” patterns are currently recognized and replaced by the tool.

As Ryan Grady puts it, “that 3rd party chart control was almost a decade old, and we were worried it wouldn’t be migrated and that would be one of the things we would have to completely rewrite. Thankfully, it was easily upgraded by the Visual basic Upgrade (page) Companion”.


Artinsoft (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6238) includes various types of warnings in the code whenever it encounters any issues during the migration process. These warnings are based on the criticality of the migration issues. The developers need to analyze all the warnings, and, if required, they need to fix the issues manually.

DF_Resize offers to Visual (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3148) Basic developers the opportunity to create applications that are screen size/resolution independent. Requiring absolutely NO CODING, the control is simply placed on the relevant.


When execution a migration project, you will have a package of support hours available, according to the license you have purchased. We will also share with you our Partner Execution Kit, where you will find specialized documentation such as technical references, guidelines and white papers.

It allows you to render interactive and animated charts in your Visual Basic applications

SiS selected 25,000 lines of code and tried to migrate them with various tools. VB Migration Partner was the best, the chunk of code being migrated, compiled and ready to run in 2/5 hours. They also reported that VB Migration Partner required the least amount of manual intervention to make the UI look like the original one.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apr 3, 2021 – Businesses with legacy applications trapped on outdated platforms now have an efficient, low risk way to move their apps to popular mobile devices connected to the cloud. Today, Mobilize.Net announced WebMAP2. Microsoft executives demonstrated WebMAP2 for the first time in public this morning at their premier developer event, BUILD 2021, in front of thousands of software developers.

Planning A Successful VB6 To NET Migration 8 Proven Tips

Organizations are beginning to realize that a modern, robust, and scalable IT system is the most ideal mechanism to enable the effective and timely compliance to SOX legislation regulations. Today, saying goodbye to the restraints of old IT systems by migrating to a modern software platform is both a real possibility and an urgent business obligation.


Vb6 to vb 2021 converter

To start with, the VBUC is able to generate C# source code as well as VB.NET. In the end, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=4060)’s architecture, scope, and target audience are very different from the Upgrade Wizard’s.

Case Studies and Testimonials

SOX has meshed finance and IT in a way that seems only to strengthen as this new regulatory framework matures and evolves. The tenets of SOX indicate that effective corporate IT governance must provide integrity, transparency, and accountability over a company’s financial data.


Without a doubt, the adequate functioning, control, and support of an organization’s IT infrastructure is key when it comes to SOX compliance. To make the SOX compliance process more efficient, many companies have turned to specialized software designed specifically to help organizations meet the necessary regulations and controls by automating much of the required implementation.

Dr Hartung expresses excitement about the new opportunities that will be open to HIS in the future through this Informix 4GL to Java conversion: "Now that we are in the Java environment, the cost of deployment can be kept to a minimum, particularly as any ‘entry level’ desktop hardware can be used. We can also reduce the number of languages we had to support to run the old system. Now that it is in Java, our application can be re-architectured much more readily, including the more efficient distribution of middleware and driving Java into the engine to optimize transaction performance. ArtinSoft (pop over to this web-site) has acted as a very valuable bridge from the legacy system to the latest technologies, including the database, in a single, simple step".


The Visual Basic 6 IDE can also be installed on Windows 7 and 8

The process was conducted by SiS, an Austrian IT company, using VB Migration Partner from Code Architects over a period of 9 months. The project was an ERP system built over 10 years and consisting of 33 applications. The best solution for this application was to migrate it rather than use a customized ERP application or rewrite it. Customizing a commercial ERP was not accepted because it would have cost 3-5 million Euros, it would take 2 years and no vendor guaranteed the implementation of all original features.

Finally, it is a well-known truth that, by nature, human activities are prone to mistakes. Add the fact that legacy applications and all the changes made to them during the years are not always well documented, and that the original developers sometimes are no longer available, and you have a very high risk of business knowledge loss when performing a manual rewrite. Plus there is always some level of uncertainty involved, which makes costs and project timelines difficult to keep under control.


IIF expressions: if the two expressions returned by the IIF have equivalent types, only one coercion is generated for the whole IIF invocation. Otherwise each expression is handled in the most appropriate way to make it match the expected type.

An automatic migration process leverages capital investment made in business applications. That is, all customizations and business rules will be preserved in the migrated system. Plus, as explained before, this approach provides a much faster renewal lifecycle, and with minimal organizational disruption, which helps ensuring time to market that can provide organizations with a valuable competitive advantage.


XPTuneup has been designed to Tuneup and customize Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Increase Network Performance and download speeds, make your system work faster and protected and more stable as well do.

This document helps users deal with most issues they will face when transitioning VB6 applications to VB.NET. Many examples of solutions are featured.


When dealing with projects related to business applications, in the end it is all about money. So one cannot justify automatic migration based solely on technology itself, but on cost savings, and when we look at this variable there are several dimensions. The most obvious is the cost of the actual upgrade process, where it can be said based on experience that an automatic migration can be done at 20% of the cost of a manual rewrite. And most of that expenditure is due to testing and fine tuning of the application on the new platform. The graph below reflects the feedback from one of ArtinSoft (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8124)’s customers, who concluded that an automatic migration using the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (why not check here) yielded 80% savings when compared to a rewrite (and 60% savings when compared to a migration using another tool).

Countless enterprise IT departments are grappling with 15-20 year-old source code that has become outdated, obsolete, unsupported, and doesn’t address the requirements of newer platforms, such as the web, cloud, or mobile devices. In addition, 59% of IT leaders place modernization as their top software issue . In response to enterprise’s need to move to the web, Mobilize.Net created WebMAP.


Convert vb6 project to .net using VS2010 Express

While SOX does not provide for a private right of action in case individual clients are directly affected, companies can be fined for dragging their feet with their IT systems. Moreover, they can be held liable with respect to other parties if there is a perceived violation of a business-to-business contract regarding failure to meet established security practices or failure to achieve SOX compliance.

ActiveX component to call VBScript functions directly from your source code without invoking WSH, CSCRIPT or WSCRIPT. Use the function result directly. Set function timeout and catch exception errors.


Quite honestly, for applications with 25-50K LOCs we usually recommend a manual rewrite. In fact, our focus is on the enterprise market segment, where you often finds VB6 apps with several hundred thousand LOCs, if not millions.

By migrating from VB6 to C#, we didn’t just moved to a new platform, but also changed language; an enormous leap that allows us to bring a completely new and superior product to market. There were many features we wanted in the software, but it was such a hassle to write them in the legacy language that it was pointless. Now we get to fix and enhance the application in a much shorter timeframe, saving a huge amount of time and money”, concluded Grady.