Founded by Dr. David Nott and his wife Elly, The David Nott Foundation’s main focus is to improve the standards and practice of humanitarian surgery in conflict and catastrophe areas around the world. Both are passionate about helping those less fortunate than themselves and their efforts in treating victims in areas of catastrophe goes from strength to strength.

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If you ran into deeper trouble or need help with something else, don’t hesitate to ask. When you contact UpCloud Support, try to explain the problem to the best of your ability. Include any steps you’ve already taken together with their results when you troubleshooted the issue. It will help our support team to solve your problem.


As we're all aware Cisco MediaSense reached its EOL in 2021 with no replacement available from Cisco. All the call recording solutions on the market are developed by 3rd party Cisco Solution Partners. But take a look at CCIE Collab exam topics for 2021 -.

WebEx (specifically, WebEx Meetings) can also be integrated with some Microsoft products. When you are planning a conference or a meeting via Outlook, you can simply enter “@WebEx” in the “Location” field. Cisco calendar connector, integrated with the corporate environment, will send this request to WebEx, and all participants will get a corresponding link. Essentially, WebEx can be integrated with Skype for business. WebEx Meetings and Microsoft Teams integration is also possible.


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One of them is the caller’s number. Instead of the caller’s phone number, a call center phone gets the number of the CTI port that accepted the call. Actually, this behavior is correct: a call in a queue is placed on hold. As soon as an operator connects, the call is forwarded from the CTI port to the operator’s phone. When the operator picks it up, the caller’s phone number is already displayed. It often confuses contact center employees.

The @domain part of the full URI is constructed based on this rule. In fact, if you were to log into Web Bridge at this point, you would see the Space URI has no domain.


Added core WordPress image classes to the Photo module. This allows WordPress to handle srcsets instead of us, fixing a number of issues and adding support for the WP Retina plugin.

On this figure you can see that Mobile Connect creates a shared line between an office phone and a Remote Destination Profile (RDP). RDP reflects remote numbers in CUCM configuration. You can bind several Remote Destination numbers to a single DN using RDP. Note that Remote Destination Profile and Remote Destination are essential parts of Mobile Connect. Apart from them we'll also use the following entities: User, IP phone, Softkeys, Access list.


Synchronization with an NTP server is mandatory for all the devices in your network. Timestamps help with malfunction diagnostics, especially in complicated cases. Informix DB replication won’t be stable without NTP synchronization. This command can also be used to indicate the date and time when the commands in a saved text file were executed.

Each service needs a certificate, but creating a separate certificate for each service may lead to confusion and excessive complexity. Fortunately, we can generate a public and private certificate key pair and then use it for several services. In our case, one and the same certificate will be used for Call Bridge, XMPP server, Web Bridge and Web Admin. So, we only have to create a public/private key pair for each server in a cluster.


Outline Panel: You can now re-arrange items in the panel. Only limitation is sub-columns are not draggable.

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Indeed, as practice shows, 2 cluster nodes are not enough. The master selection snaps into action at the Master reset, and a Slave server becomes Master only after a rebooted server launches. However, if a Master server goes down in a cluster of two servers, then the Slave won’t become a Master. And if the Slave goes down, then the remaining Master will become a Slave, too.


You can see the current recovery status here: Disaster Recovery System → Restore → Status. After the system is restored, you’ll have to reboot the server.

In version 12, Cisco has improved the interfaces of its contact center products. Finesse agent desktop interface has also been modified. Please look at the previous screenshot once again.


The Local From Domain field contains different domain names to be used to call domain.com and other domains. Calls from CMS will be transferred to the domains federated with yours in Skype (look at these guys) for Business. However, it can be possibly configured differently. The last step is to configure encryption in General\Call Settings section.

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So, the phone starts ringing, the user picks it up, and the next step is setting up a media or RTP stream. Now we're moving one layer lower and pass the call to the Media Layer.


This article presents a small set of commands for Cisco Voice Operation System (VOS) based servers. These commands help to reveal most problems caused by the platform. Each command comes with a brief description. The most important output data is marked with bold.

In Call Bridge identity: enter callbridge[01,02,03] (corresponding to the server name) as a Unique name. You can use any names that are unique for this cluster. They are descriptive, because they indicate the server identifiers (01,02,03).


Now a user can make a call from a phone to your CTI Route Point. The IVR will take up the call and prompt the user to enter the Self Service User ID and PIN. Then the phone will restart automatically and after the launch it will be configured for this user.

There are nodes in current production cluster but NOT present in the backup. These nodes will be removed if you restore the Publisher. If you want to keep these nodes, you will need to manually re-add them after the restore.


Load balancer: provides a unified connection point for Cisco Meeting Applications in Single Split mode. It listens on an external interface and port for incoming connections. The load balancer also accepts incoming TLS connections from an XMPP server and transfers incoming TCP connections from external clients. It won’t be used in our scenario.

This is another guest post that we find quite useful for our readers. The author discusses briefly the CUCM architecture in order to understand better the CUCM traces.


When you receive an incoming call on an extension number in a cluster, the Single Number Reach (SNR) enables rerouting the call not only to a DN, but also to a remote number. For example, that can be an employee's cell phone. If needed, you can configure rerouting to a group of remote numbers that belong to an employee.

Check the ports used by programs. Enter the command below on Command Prompt.


This is the most functional and flexible solution. UCCX, as well as CUC, should be deployed on a separate virtual machine. Two VMs can be integrated to create a fault tolerant cluster. You only need to configure IP IVR features to set up an auto attendant. You can create an IVR script in Cisco Unified CCX Editor. UCCX should be integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The number of simultaneous sessions is limited by the virtual server capacity (VM template) and the number of acquired licenses.

This list of examples can go on endlessly. Actually, the direct access to the database is a tool of almost unlimited flexibility, suitable for obtaining information and making massive data changes.


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So at minimum, you want calls to that domain to target the Spaces. You will also need to set up rules for anything destined to the fully qualified domain name (and potentially even the IP address) of each of the CMS servers. Our external call control, Unified CM, will be configured with SIP trunks targeting each of the CMS servers individually. Depending on whether or not the destination of those SIP trunks is an IP address or the FQDN of the server will determine whether or not the CMS needs to be configured to accept calls destined to its IP address or FQDN.

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Now create a user with appadmin role. You need this user to configure your cluster with settings being applied to each server automatically instead of configuring each server separately.

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When something like this happens, it's only logical for someone to assume they messed up with the installation process. As a result, they try uninstalling and re-installing it a couple of times before they ultimately give up.


So, we have configured database, Call Bridge and XMPP clusters, as well as Web Admin service. We have also connected Call Bridge to XMPP and performed the Web Bridge configuration.

What Is Compliance Recording

DebConf6 was the first DebConf with live streaming using dvswitch (written by Ben Hutchings and removed from unstable in 2021 as the world had moved to voctomix, which is yet another story to be told eventually). The first years (so DebConf6 and some) the videoteam focussed on getting the post processing done and the videos released, and streaming was optional, even though it was an exciting new feature and we still managed to stream mostly all we recorded and sometimes more.


Blu-ray, by comparison, is supported by Pioneer, Samsung and Sony, the latter of which is going to be building Blu-ray compatibility directly into the Playstation 3 game system. Blu-ray players are shipping from LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips and Sharp, in addition to the three main backers of this format.

But something has changed – now you argue, disagree, and bicker on a regular basis. Often it’s the same issue over and over again.


Target attribute bug fixet in privacy policy field of DFD Contact form shortcode3. New "Photographer" layout added.

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Make sure to specify the port number. You can leave Peer link SIP domain field empty.


Most of my friends are from high school. People who I met at work or from clubs have less in common with me, whereas at Uni we shared common interests.

Cisco Unity Express solution helps you to reduce (comparing to the TCL/VXML-based solution) the call processing load on the router. It takes the middle position between IOS scripting solutions and standalone server solutions. It is quite simple and handy, suitable for creating an auto attendant by the company's IT department, as it has a simple built-in web-editor for scripts with basic actions.


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Mapping tables can be mentioned as a sub-type. They are necessary for associating lines with phones and users with phones, and in some other cases as well.

LDAP Manager Distinguished Name – an Active Directory user's name. It's recommended to create a separate user account for CUCM. The user account must have read access.


Please save the RDP information. After that you'll be able to create lines. Specify the number used on the office phone that should have the calls redirected via Mobile Connect as one of the lines.

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Normally, I’m more of a loner and generally spend more time in solitude than with friends. But when I’m in a bad mood, loneliness makes me feel isolated from the whole world. On those days, I will hang out with my friends so that sad and unhappy thoughts don’t come into my mind.


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In a recent article we have shown you how to create a backup for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) using Disaster Recovery System (DRS). Today we'll discuss backup and recovery in command line interface (CLI) that can be used when it’s impossible to use graphical interface.

Apply mask to synced telephone numbers to create a new line for inserted users – a mask for automated DN creation for imported users. The information will be obtained from the Phone Number field.

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17 comments on “Blu-ray versus HD DVD: what format is better?”

If you were connected through Remote Desktop while updating the network drivers, you’ll probably get disconnected for a moment. The client should be able to restore the connection automatically after the drivers have been installed successfully.


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When you learn the practice of active listening, you will both feel like you’re being heard, understood, and respected by each other. This mutual respect allows both of you to express yourselves and reconnect in a loving way.

SPAN-based recording (“passive recording”) – is one of the oldest methods of CUCM voice recording. This type of recording software connects to the SPAN (Switched Port Analyzer) port to monitor all network (or VLAN only) traffic and pick out the VoIP packets to store them as audio files.


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You'll have to sort the phones by model manually. You should run the script once for each model with the proper image file specified.

To do this, proceed to Device → Phone and click Add. Select Third-party SIP Device in the Phone Type field. Basic option only supports a single line, Advanced supports up to 8 lines.


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If a call profile is explicitly assigned to some Space or Spaces, then this call profile will only be applied to these specific Spaces. However, if it is not assigned to any spaces, it will be applied to the spaces that do not have any call profiles assigned.

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Cisco IOS Voice XML Browser licensing limits the number of simultaneous calls (the price* for one session FL-VXML-1 = $150, for 12 sessions FL-VXML-12 = $1440). FL-VXML license type is Right to Use, which means that you only get a document on usage rights, without any serial numbers and activation codes ("honor based";).


I’m thinking about buying a high-def DVD player to enjoy the capabilities of my new TV, but I’m pretty baffled about whether I should purchase a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player. What’s the difference between them and which do you think is going to emerge as the predominant player?

The Application User configuration is over. Now let’s configure a SIP trunk.


In this article we study the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) failure recovery system that is called Disaster Recovery System (DRS). You can use it to create system backups stored on SFTP server to be used for system recovery, if needed.

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LDAP Server Information – a server to synchronize with. It's recommended to add several servers, because when LDAP Authentication is on, all users’ authorization requests are redirected to AD. So if the server is down, the users won't be able to authorize.


Have you already seen the 2021 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report Summary by Dimension Data? Almost a third of contact centers plan to deploy the "Video Chat" channel within 1 year.

If you are going to use it with Partitions, specify the required time period in Time Schedule and link it to a partition. This partition will only be active during the specified time period. For the rest of the time it will stay invisible.


This article is about routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Today’s topic is Time of the Day routing. This feature helps you to distribute calls depending on the time of day and day of the week. For example, you can forbid international calls during nonworking hours and on weekends, and reroute intercity calls to a different trunk for this time period.

Use BIB recording for all endpoints with built-In bridge on board. Without doubts this is the most reliable approach which also provides the more detailed info about a call.


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It’s very important to create a reasonable initial script design and to take the server load into account. Big and heavy scripts with many database handles increase the load greatly. If the DB is on a remote server and there is a net lag, it may influence your business and the calling client's loyalty.

On the General tab, enter the trunk name. Then proceed to the pjsip Settings tab.


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But still, till now Cisco IP phones and CUBE only forked media to one destination. This is finally changed in Cisco CSR 12/5!

The inner world patch

Proceed to Cisco Unified CM Administration menu → Device → Device Settings → Softkey Template. Then click Add New, select the Standard User template and click Copy. Enter the name and description for the new template. Then select Configure Softkey Layout in a dropdown menu in the upper right corner and click Go. In the field that appears, move Call Back from Unselected Softkeys to Selected Softkeys using the right arrow button. Repeat for On Hook, Connected Transfer and Ring Out states (select a call state to configure in the corresponding field).


Fixed a security issue that could allow a logged in user that doesn't have permission to edit a page to make calls to the builder's editing functions by spoofing an AJAX request. While this issue mainly affects sites that allow anyone to register, it is still recommended that everyone update immediately.

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The User entity defines an end user registered in CUCM with Mobile Connect features enabled. Generally, the most important thing in CUCM is a user, not a device, because the services are provided to people, not to devices. That's why in the system a user is associated with an office phone and RDP.


Images that will be uploaded to the phones. Here you can find the image file parameters (file format and resolution, depending on the IP phone model).

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The contents of «type» tables are being created during the system installation and cannot be altered by the administrator or users. These tables contain data formatted as key-value and can be referred by the tables of other types.


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Proceed to Cisco Desktop Administrator\Services Configuration\Enterprise Data\Layout List and create a new Layout with the name specified in Set Enterprise Call Info. Add Call Variable 1 and Call Variable 10 to the Selected field.

Write the SQL request you want to execute. For example: SELECT fld1, fld2 from tbl where fld1 = $variable – select two fields from the table, where the first field’s value is equal to a variable that we have initialized earlier in our script.


Stunning header title typography & vertical alignment options added5. Contact form 7 two styles added6. Social accounts added: Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat 7. Advanced carousel hover optimized8. Menu current element bug fixed9.

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When the "codec mismatch" happens the MediaManager and MediaExchage processes define the transcoder to be used. Then the separate MediaExchange (MX) process is created to ensure the connection between the first phone and the transcoder and between the transcoder and the second phone.


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Suppose you are configuring a complicated dial plan on your server. There are CSS, Partitions, Route Groups, Route Lists, Route Patterns, etc. How should you test it to find mistakes? Here comes the Dialed Number Analyzer. It helps you to analyze a dial plan and gives the full call flow information for the dialed digits.

Price of the solution: minimal promo set of 5 contact center agents and 100 voice ports: $1044.75

Sometimes a conflict starts with the possibility of a major change. You state your case and your partner gives you a hostile response – they’re yelling, talking over you, or tuning out completely. And every time the subject comes up again, so do the walls.


The last type of tables is for storing the current system configuration. It can only be altered by the system administrator.

As stated above Fedora has a software freedom commitment similar in spirit to that of Debian. This means that you should be able to give Fedora to anyone, anywhere without violating intellectual property laws. Any software which is either not licensed in a way that Fedora finds acceptable or that bares US patent encumbrances can be found in the rpmfusion.org repository.


CUBE recording – the same as BIB-recording, but the media is forked by Cisco CUBE (the software that runs on Cisco ISR router). If Cisco MediaSense can receive and store forked audio streams, why 3rd party recorders cannot?

Fixed help text for filters in the Loop Settings. Using a comma in the list breaks the functionality.


When you are certain that the Windows Firewall allows Remote Desktop connections, also check the server specific firewall settings at your UpCloud control panel. If you have set the default incoming rule to reject, remember to add a rule to permit traffic to the port Remoter Desktop server is listening to, 3389 by default. Find out more about the UpCloud firewall at the tutorials.

WW2 Weapons Unit table WW2 Total Comments Feed

Post revisions are now supported. NOTE: Old revisions will not contain builder data. Only revisions saved after updating to 1/2.8 or later will contain builder data.


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This is a very useful feature that allows you to perform online monitoring without any commands and reports. You can monitor the calls and connections through SNMP and view this information in PRTG.

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Now you can configure the entities that are essential for Mobile Connect. At first, you should create a Remote Destination Profile. To do this, proceed to Device -> Device Settings -> Remote Destination Profile.


In the beginning stages of conflict (you can try these out) resolution, the process you use is more important than what you say. This is because the key to disagreeing in a healthy way is to develop good listening skills. You have to be able to hear before you can be heard.

Database: helps to combine some configurations, such as subscriber groups, user spaces and users. Supports high availability clustering only (one master).


Milestone shortcode image ALT attribute bug fixed3. Google+ removed from share list4. Modal box and Side by side page template conflict (visit this site) solved5. Archive/Categories widget bug fixed6.

Now the script is running in the background. You'll get a message when the process is over. The results will be available in a log file.


You should set the correct Calling Search Space, so calls will be successful. Otherwise, CMS won’t be able to find the required phone number. Both the device and the phone number have to be added to the Calling Search Space.

In this example the hardware was 2vCPU, 4096Mb vRAM, one 80Gb virtual disk. The following Guest VM Settings changes were required in order to upgrade to CUCM 11/5 (with 1000 users):.


If you are using Corporate Directory, then everything is ready for use. However, you should keep in mind that CUCM gets the data from your directory server. If it doesn’t contain all the data on the company’s phones or the data is cluttered for some reason, then your only option is to create an XML phone directory using the data downloaded from the CUCM database. You may also want to use a “directory or your own” if you have a database with your external clients’ numbers and other data that can be used to display specific information about the calling party in CAD.

Here you can also define a limit for the quantity of remote phone numbers associated with this user. After that you should associate the user with the office phone number that he or she uses. For that purpose you can use Owner User ID in the phone parameters.


Besides that, there is a native Cisco utility Cisco Phone Designer that can be downloaded from the official site. It makes the process easier, but you still have to choose the phone and the picture manually, push the button and so on.

Notice that there’s another protocol with the same abbreviation: Signaling Connection and Control Protocol (SCCP). However, this protocol belongs to Signaling System №7 (CCSS7), while SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol) works in TCP/IP stack.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) graphic interface has a Disaster Recovery System (DRS) for backup creation and system restore. But sometimes GUI is unavailable, for example, because of network problems. In this case, backup and restore can be performed via CLI. In this article, we’ll tell you how to do that.

Device Manager (DM) – contains the tables with all the devices connected to a CUCM cluster (phones, trunks, gateways, route lists). DM makes it possible to define where the call should be physically routed.


Fixed a conflict with Fancybox3

Google map shortcode icon picker bug fixed3. Contact form shortcode custom class field bug fixed4.

Removed transparent button style. That is now done with alpha backgrounds and border settings.


You’ll be able to share your presence status to your network. LinkedIn messaging will be substituted by Skype chat, which can be escalated to video call, and then to conference call.

Checking memory dumps of the processes is a part of the initial diagnostics. An example of Call Manager process memory dump is given below. Analyzing memory dumps is Cisco TAC engineers’ work, as it requires the knowledge of the product’s software architecture.


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Here’s an example of an association based on keys. Note the device id (fkdevice) and the number if (fknumplan) and compare with the output of the commands above.

Thoughts on “Wamp port 80 coflict”

If you see differences in the ipconfig output and your server network details page, check that all network interfaces are set to obtain the IP addresses automatically. To do this, search for Network Connections in the start menu and press enter to open it. Open the Properties for one of the Ethernet adapters, select Internet Protocol Version 6 or 4 and click on Properties button underneath. Make sure both radial buttons are set to automatic and press OK to save. Check through all of the network adapters on the server the same way.


This article will show you how to gather traces in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). This information can be useful for trouble shooting. It is also needed in a request for Cisco TAC engineers.

Open the operating system administration panel. Proceed to Software Upgrades > Install / Upgrade.


Community members are welcome to ask the candidates questions about their views on the project and to comment on some of the pertinent matters within the community. Richard Brown, former Chairman of openSUSE, put a few questions to Stasiek Michalski about his views on conflict (check this site out) resolution, the board structure and the project’s key sponsor SUSE.

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Integrating Asterisk and CUCM via SIP makes it possible to combine several phone pools or, for instance, to use Asterisk as an IVR (interactive voice response system). This article gives instructions on connecting Asterisk and Cisco Unified Communications Manager through a SIP trunk.


A connection via SCCP can’t be discussed without a server (usually CUCM). SCCP has a great number of messages to be sent to server for every single reason in order to get a guide to action.

Contact form shortcode decoration option added6. Background image options added for inner row7. New "Secret models agency" layout added.


Well, I guess the thing I like most about this job is the salary. I make what I’d consider is a lucrative income, which means not only is it enough to cover my bills, but there’s also some extra to spend on whatever I want. So on payday, I often treat myself to a meal at a high-end restaurant or splurge on a nice shirt.

Everything hangs for minutes - Next page

In the last update we added higher z-indexes to the builder interface to deal with theme compatibility issues. That broke the media uploader and has been fixed.


Button shortcode HTML validation issues solved3. Delimeter shortcode HTML validation issues solved4. Slider Revolution updated v 5/4.7/25. Slide parallax shortcode empty divider image bug fixed6. Single post tag section responsive bug fixed7.

Now, with Call Bridges configured, we can set up Call Bridge clustering. It is different from database or XMPP clustering. Call Bridge Cluster may support from 2 to 8 nodes without any restrictions. It provides redundancy as well as load balancing, so conferences can be actively distributed between Call Bridge servers. CMS has additional features, Call Bridge groups and associated features that can be useful for further management.


Actually, this function meets the requirements of a call center working with external clients. However, what shall we do if a contact center works with the company’s internal users and the operators want to see the names the numbers are resolved into?

In our case, the certificate is needed for Call Bridge, XMPP, Web Bridge and Web Admin services. Certificates can be self-signed or signed by internal or external CA.


Our hope is that we leave you with a better understanding of how and why it works the way it does. Knowledge is key to the decision-making process, and we feel that ZFS is something worth considering for most organizations.

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Since CMS produces real-time traffic that is sensitive to delays and packet loss, in most cases it’s recommended to set up quality of service (QoS). CMS supports marking packets with DSCP (differentiated services code points). DSCP-based traffic prioritizing depends on the way the traffic is processed by the network components in your infrastructure. We are going to configure our CMS with typical DSCP prioritizing that is based on best QoS practices.


RichCall established an interactive video-enabled session. The agent uses RichCall Agent UI embedded in Cisco Finesse for video and web-collaboration with the client.

WebEx is not just a remote meeting tool. It also includes WebEx Meetings, WebEx Training Center, WebEx Event Center and WebEx Support Center. All these products are optimized for specific functions. Such specialization has appeared more than 10 years old, in order to meet the requirements of Cisco clients.


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I'll put my comments on this figure in the next post, but in this one I want to talk about the terminology. The thought I want to share today is this – the "Video Chat" is the completely wrong and obsolete name for the channel we're talking about.

After the handset is picked up (the Device Layer process this), the call info is being passed to the Call Control Layer where the Digit Analysis is located. Here all the translations are being performed and the corresponding CSS and Partitions applied to identify the destination the call. At the same time a request to the Feature Layer will be sent to transfer the call to user B.


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Single Split extends the previous deployment type with a separate server for external access. In outdated deployments this meant having CMS server deployed in DMZ (demilitarized zone) where external clients can access it, and another CMS server in core layer for the local clients. This specific deployment model is being replaced with so-called Single Edge type with Cisco Expressway servers that have (or will have) most firewall bypassing techniques, so clients won’t have to add a separate CMS edge server.

Let me share the experience of moving from Unrestricted to Restricted CUCM version. The reasons for migrating were: a possibility to use Cisco Jabber to transfer files through MRA (Mobile and Remote Access), encryption and other security features, and also a solution for the double ringing signal problem during Cisco Jabber calls through MRA to PSTN. According to the compatibility matrix, this problem has arisen because Cisco Expressway were too new (12/6.1) for CUCM (11/0). By the way, CUCM was running in full-fledged production mode, so the migration was risky for business in terms of subsequent normal functioning. This was not an easy process, so having an experienced colleague nearby happened to be helpful.


After the install your next concern is undoubtedly configuring things and installing new packages. Fedora’s command-line package manager is dnf.

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Integrating CUCM and Active Directory can make administration much easier. Correct configuration may help you to automate new phone registration in the future.


To analyze any problem, a Cisco TAC engineer has to know the number of users in your system. It helps to understand its size and estimate the business impact of this service.

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Proceed to Call Routing → Class of Control → Time Schedule and click Add New. Fill out the Name field, click Save. Then the Time Period Information field will appear. Select the required time periods.


Nfs world offline patch

This blog is about the varlink implementation in nmstate and my experience in this during this period. As a computer science enthusiast I’m interested in researching new topics. This project is my first experience in open source development has been a challenging experience. The project aims to enable libnmstate to be used by other programming languages, systems which don’t support python and via remote connections. I have also included some links which I referred to. I hope it will be helpful for students like me.

The CallID can be any number that is not used yet. In this example we use the same value as for Secondary URI.


When you first got together, everything seemed rosy. You fell in love together, you felt connected, and you were excited to spend time together. Everything seemed easy and you agreed on many things.

The growth of the Internet and wide adoption of the IP (Internet Protocol) changed the telecom landscape. Cisco acted promptly to use the new opportunity and quickly became the leading provider of routers and switches.


Yes, CUCM can collect CDR (Call Detail Record). This article will show you how to enable this feature (disabled by default).

Timeout (in sec) – request execution timeout. This timeout protects your system from database disconnection.


Control Processes exist in several instances. For example, for each registered SCCP phone a separate StationD process will be created that controls this phone.

This command is necessary if you need to check the state of all services running on a certain server in a cluster. This is also the simplest way to find the Publisher server in a cluster: it will have the directive “primary node=true”.


The Cisco logo comes in red and blue. The red color symbolizes responsibility, passion, and readiness to work hard for further success; the blue color represents tranquility, optimism, fame, and prosperity.

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This configuration determines the way of incoming SIP calls handling on CMS. Any call routed to CMS will have a verified alias. The rules in call matching table determine where CMS will look for potential matches. Each rule can be set to match any combination of users, IVR or MicrosoftSkype / Lync. To handle incoming calls, Cisco Meeting Server tries to match the value after "@" sign with the values in “domain name” column.

Introduce fl_builder_ace_options filter. Allows aces editor options to be filtered.


Fill External Access field if you want to add Cisco Expressway web proxy. This address will be used in invites for external users.

STOA Annex Mass Surveillance

Allow users to select/deselect all modules. Show a warning if all modules are disabled.


CMS database role has several specific requirements. Unlike other roles, it requires client and server certificates, with client certificate having the CN field specified to be presented to the server.

Then apply the softkey template to a phone. Proceed to the Phone tab and select the phone to apply the template to. Select your template in the Softkey Template field, then click Save and Apply Config.


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Settings panel tabs no longer become a drop-down menu when slim. Tabs that cannot fit into the available space are pushed into a menu.


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He has served as an ad hoc Associate Editor for MIS Quarterly and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Decision Sciences, the European Journal of Information Systems, Information & Management, Electronic Commerce Research, and the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research. His-research interests center around information assurance, innovative technologies for strategic decision-making, and global IT management. He is the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management.

Phone B is picked up and the Media set up begins. To define the codec the Connection Manager and the Media Coordinator create Media Manager and Media Exchange processes that will interact with the phones through Interfaces.


There are SDL (Signal Distribution Layer) processes within the application interacting with each other. Some of these objects exist permanently while some of them are being created and destroyed as needed.

In order for reservation to work properly, a database cluster should consist of three servers at least and five at most, with maximum signal transmission time of 200 ms between any two nodes. This limit is more restrictive than Call Bridge limits, so it usually becomes the limiting factor in geographically distributed deployments.


Proceed to Call Routing → Class of Control → Class of Control and move your partitions to a CSS. A partition’s priority depends on its position on the list.

You have uploaded all certificates to your CMS servers. Now you can set up and turn the database clustering on for 3 nodes. The first step is to choose one server as a master database node and set it up.


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Now you should select the time range in the Collection Time field. Select the directory for the log files in the Download File Options section.

These problems can be solved with Call Bridge Group feature. This feature was introduced in Cisco Meeting Server 2/1 and extended to support load balancing for incoming and outgoing calls, Cisco Meeting App (CMA), including WebRTC participants.


The phone transmits a message to CUCM, and then the following events occur: StationInit transmits a message to the phone StationD process. StationD creates StationCdpc process. StationCdpc process is responsible for a single call from a certain phone (CallDependent) and will be destroyed after the call is over.

Actually I like to talk with cyber friends more than having real-world conversations. I think others observe me a lot, they judge me and hence I become very self-conscious and shy away from speaking face to face.


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Now open the CUCM configuration page. Select Disaster Recovery System in a dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

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But besides the server component Acano provides the client app with contacts (no buddy list though), presence, very good persistent group chats, workflow and some other useful things. And that makes it another threat for Cisco Jabber.


Without a scalable and sound compliance solution, that can record, archive and manage all modalities of unified communications, organizations in regulated industries will not be able to reach the full potential of their Skype for Business collaboration platforms. With this certification, you can be confident that Verint not only helps in reaching the full potential of your Skype (browse around this web-site) for Business deployment but also saves money and precious man-hours while reaching that potential.

Since self-isolation is important for all organizations, the question of interdepartmental contacts raises. You can’t visit your colleagues, and simple phone calls are not as efficient as personal interactions. Cisco can build unified interdepartmental communications, and a regular DNS on the Internet may serve as a central node. The connection is encrypted, of course.


Major improvements to how translations are handled. A huge thanks to Oliver Juhas of WebMan Design for making that happen. Please Note: Older translations are not compatible with this update need to be redone. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in helping with that.

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Recently I needed to collect the detailed information on Cisco IP phones, extension numbers, CSS and other parameters. The communication network was really huge but no inventory had been performed for years.


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If IP phone built-in bridges and CUBE can fork everything you need to record, then Cisco MediaSense looks like quite a tempting choice. But from the users’ perspective it only provides a very simple “Search and Play” web-interface - a password-protected web page with call recordings list and basic search capabilities. It is enough for small installations, but most of deployments need a 3rd party call recording solution that integrates with Cisco MediaSense and provides the more convenient user interface with additional features like access rights management, advanced search capabilities and so on.

If the calls won’t be encrypted, select the values specified below. Enter Call Bridge certificate CN (your CMS server FQDN).


Parent Processes live in the system permanently. They are being created at the Call Manager application launch. These processes are: Transfer Manager, Forward Manager, Conference Manager, Recording Manager. They are responsible for ALL conferences and transfers in the system.

As for me, the main killer feature of the new version is the integration of its Paging module with our Outbound solution. Finally, we can offer a paging solution that reaches employees wherever they are.


The dot means forwarding all requests to the specified server. Use dns command to view the DNS settings.

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Just imagine that each LinkedIn account is matched to a Skype user. Its gonna be the whole new collaboration universe for professional with LinkedIn as a global directory for Skype and Skype (hop over to here) as a collaboration tool for LinkedIn members.

Select the server to enable auto-registration. Uncheck "Auto-registration Disabled on this Cisco Unified Communications Manager" and select the templates you have configured.


Here’s an example of the same association that’s more convenient for the administrator. There’s a phone with MAC A45630BB07AF. The phone’s 1st line is associated with the line 1411 in partition NULL.

Now launch RTMT and connect to your server. Proceed to the System menu -> Tools -> Trace & Log Central -> Collect Files. In the window that appears, check Cisco CallManager for the required servers.


How to resolve common problems with Windows Remote Desktop

Users’ own contact lists are stored on CUPS. They should be exported/imported separately, since users’ jabbers are being moved.

To change the port number, you’ll first need to choose a free port not used by anything else on your server. Check the ports currently in use with netstat -a -o as described previously. The new port number can be anything from 1024 through 49151.


Notice the date and time format in dateTimeOrigination field. This is the number of seconds beginning from the midnight (00:00:00) of January 1, 1970. To make this readable, you can insert a column, format it as Date and use the following formula: =((E2 + 14400) / 86400) + 25569.

So which format should you buy at the end of the day? A lot of pundits believe that the lower-cost and first mover advantage of HD DVD will make it unbeatable, but I believe that the wider support and additional capabilities of Blu-ray will cause it to emerge as the winner. It just might take a few years, and when the “losing” format is clear, there are going to be a lot of unhappy consumers, sorry to say.


Blu-ray versus HD DVD: what format is better

Apart from the first impression, I strongly believe that last impressions are important as well. Often we are not accepted immediately in the interview. The recruiting team will have to take into account all candidates’ performances during the interview to choose the most suitable ones for the position. Therefore first impressions alone are not enough, we have to build a strong relationship with recruiters by making a good last impression too. By doing so, we show our respect to the recruiters and the job we apply for.

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Change option 150 (or 66, depending on your configuration) on DHCP server to the new CUCM cluster IP address, then Reset and Restart all phones from old cluster. They must register with the new CUCM cluster.


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In 2021 Cisco introduced the virtual offer "Telepresence Servers + Conductor" which was replaced by CMS offer after the acquisition of Acano. So Cisco Meeting Server is a completely different platform that has nothing to do with the obsolete TMS.

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Row background color settings are now always available for adding a fallback for other background types such as videos and slideshows. Thanks Justin Proffitt for the contribution!


If you need to analyse any problem, this is the first command to begin with. It displays the server’s name, its version and uptime. Since Cisco VOS servers are built on the basis of Linux Red Hat (RH), it may be handy to know your RH version, which in this case is 6/0. Average processor load above 60-70%, IOWAI above 1-2% and disk usage above 95% for any partition may indicate potential problems with this server.

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CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag * — True. Enabling this parameter makes the server save the unsuccessful calls and calls that were shorter than 1 second (helpful for troubleshooting).


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This parameter indicates whether Forced Authorization Code (FAC) should be displayed in CDR. Generally, this parameter depends on your security policies.

If there are 20 SIP phones, then one SipHandler process, an intermediate SipStationInit process and 20 SipStationD processes will be created on the node. SIPD processes are used for SIP Trunks (one for each trunk).


CoSpaceUriMapping defines the user’s part of URI, associated with user’s personal Space. Some domains can be configured for dialing into a space. If the user’s part matches this field for one of those domains, the call will be routed into this user’s Space.

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Wamp (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), is used as local server so you can test your website before you go public. As the name suggests for itself, it uses Apache server software, which is the "thing" responsible for serving your webpage over the http protocol.


We recommend you to map Directory URI to mail attribute. It will help you to avoid some problems while configuring XMPP Federation through Expressway later.

Cisco Unity Connection solution undeservedly often gets ignored. Usually Cisco Unity Connection comes with acquired licenses on Cisco unified communication products (for example, it comes with UWL licenses, as well as with Cisco Business Edition family). In this case, auto attendant implementation won't require any additional purchases.


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Pay attention to the green marked parameters. You should gain an understanding of Calling Search Spaces to fill them correctly.


Then proceed to Backup → Backup Device and click Add New. In the form that appears, enter the backup name in Backup device name field. Select Network Directory in Select Destination section and enter the SFTP server IP address in Host name/IP address field. Enter the user credentials in User name and Password fields. Enter the path to store the data in Path name field (type ’’\’’ if the data should be stored in the root directory).

Beaver Builder 2.0 is here

Fixed a bug with scripts in shortcodes and widgets being rendered more than once when a CDN is used. Primarily fixes issues with the Gravity Forms widget, but should help others as well.


Problem with a Remote Desktop license

The answer will be: comparing to passive recording. Passive recording is performed by the means of traffic mirroring (using SPAN/RSPAN/ERSPAN).

Call Bridge: audio and video conferencing service that implements full control and processing of calls and multimedia processes. Supports high availability and scalable clustering.