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In 1991 a rescue archaeological survey was conducted during reconstruction work in the courtyard. Additional surveys followed in 2003 and 2005. Due to expanding cracks (additional hints) in the town hall buildings several structural surveys have been carried out on the sight since 1998 and some partial repairs were done. According to expert opinions structural disruptions are caused by complex and long-term construction development overloading of the footing bottom change in the nature of the subsoil and inadequate characteristics of load-bearing structures. Based on established facts it became increasingly apparent that reconstruction of the Town City Hall was necessary. Although times are not economically favorable the city s leaders managed to find the necessary funds in an amount of 19 919 737 crowns for the rescue of this major heritage sight. Since January this year the Old Town Hall has been under renovation using a selected group of maximally careful technologies for the recovery of damaged building structures of a similar nature as the Town Hall. Construction works that exiled even the famous Brno dragon into Dietrichstein Palace pushed are roughly in their half progressing to schedule and the construction company Komfort which is doing them promised an advance completion by as early as December 2021. Fresco Hall and facades of buildings will get a brighter look The foundations of the sight were stabilized by underground capture through steel micropiles using reinforced with steel tubes with cuffs which transferred the load into deeper layers of the foundation soils. Currently restoration of disturbed spatial rigidity is being performed with steel frames made of Historical Fresco Hall will also be adapted rolled steel that follow the perimeter of load-bearing walls and are continuously anchored to the surrounding load-bearing walls.

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I group these two cities together because of a contradiction. While things to do in Hoi An are more numerous and interesting (including, unfortunately, waking up before the crack (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=4857) of dawn to avoid throngs of fellow tourists), Da Nang is the larger and more important city to everyday Vietnamese, which alone makes it worth visiting. Of course, watching fireworks from Da Nang’s Dragon (site here) Bridge might be more enjoyable than photographing the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, if only due to said crowds.


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Peter­bor­ough High­way Ser­vices, a part­ner­ship with Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil and Skanska, is using new tech­no­logy from Sweden to provide a safe, fast and envir­on­ment­ally sus­tain­able solu­tion. The ‘Dragon (site web) Patch­er’ – nick­named due to its fire emit­ting nozzle — is oper­ated by one per­son in a cab. The area which needs repair­ing is cleaned with com­pressed air and then sealed with a com­bin­a­tion of stone chip­pings and hot bitu­men emul­sion. The sur­face is then ready to take traf­fic. In colder weather con­di­tions a flame is applied to warm the sur­face. The patch­er also treats minor cracks and craz­ing that could oth­er­wise develop into potholes, thereby treat­ing a poten­tial defect before it occurs.

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