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If your first turn is able to 35-45% the fire dragon’s health you are in a good position. DO NOT DEAL MORE THAN 45% DAMAGE or face a risky aoe wipe.


It's mostly just a number that goes up as you do stuff. It's a rough estimate of how advanced your city is.

These games really are two sides of the same coin, but Game of War is everything wrong with mobile monetization, while Clash of Clans may use some of the same systems, but makes a valiant effort to be somewhat subtle and get it right. For that reason alone, they have my vote, but as an added bonus, the game runs, looks, feels and plays better as well. Don’t support Game of War, no matter how many supermodels tell you to.


Search only Why they can't make a bot of simulator

Adventure Package I gives you a total of 600 gems, RGB gleems, L/D egg and a high egg for $8/99. So about $1/49 per 100 gems but you get 3 additional gleems. These gleems will save you 3 weeks worth of time in evoing your nat 4s or nat 5s. Not to mention, you can get yourself a 10+1 pull and a L/D egg.

A normal team consist of a regular setup that is used throughout all golems. This includes a tank, defender, or tanky attacker to be the leader with two dps and one healer. Your tanky attacker should be built HP HP ATT on conviction. You must have at least one defense break astromon to increase dps output, so if possible, try to grab a leader that has def break so that leaves one dps room to be pure dps. Your healer can either be att buff or cleanse.


It is because you the lowest amount of loot you can get on this level is 25%. Imagine you upgrade your Town Hall level to level 6 and you battle your enemy with Town Hall level 1, you only get 5% loot, even your enemy have Town Hall level 2, you still get 5% of the total loot.

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Pro-tip: when first starting try very hard to NOT spend any gems, even during the beginner tutorial (if possible). You'll be able to buy your first additional Builder's Hut this way, which is by far the best thing to spend gems on, as you can then be building/upgrading three things instead of two. I've heard that if you continue to save gems you will have enough after completing all the Achievements to buy a 4th Builder's Hut.

Whole team Resist increaseUtility DPS capable of applying defense breakMona3* DefenderSummon only. Farm evo in Pagos CoastConviction/ Protection/ LifeHP/HP/DEFATT increase for Wood monsSelf Sustain Tank capable of soloing B7 GolemsMushi2* AttackerSeabed Caves.


Once the first phase download is complete, the emulator will install the Gameloop Turbo AOW Engine. You can check it at the bottom of the emulator screen. Make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection if you don’t want any error.

As a new player, you will want to understand which high tier astromons to work on specifically 4* – 5* astromons. I will provide you a basic understanding of which element is viable for which specific purposes.


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Or the easiest way is to download on your Android device and send it to the PC through USB cable. You can use the APK Extractor to get PUBG Mobile APK.


Gold may be a large problem for new players. Whenever you are farming a scenario for exp for your astromons, focus on gold stages. Do not forget the daily gold dungeons. Make sure to sell the gems that you do not plan on using for added income. Working on story quests and regular quests can provide large amounts of gold as well.

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Download Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy Updated Version for Windows

Flat stat gems will give you the most help early in the game. Further down, you can find a chart for when to switch an astromon from flat runes to percent runes.

Fill up your friends list with 50 Level 50-60 astromons (Refer to “Using Friend’s Representatives”). You would want all types of elements in order to push through easy, hard, and onto extreme up until Pagos Coast where you want to use water reps if you do not have a water team. If you’re leveling up astromons, make sure to use one astromon at a time so that all the exp gained from the scenario will go onto that one astromon. Later on, you can replace the friend’s representative astromon with your own maxed level astromons.


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Once you have obtain 330k gold, you will need sixteen of the same astromons, which can be different elements. The 330k gold will only apply to 1* and 2* astromons, any higher will increase the cost in gold.


This post is intended to show all responsible Clashers how to make a successful Clan without having to kick and check all members all the time. With the right recruiting methods you can get worthy members for your Clans.

Start off and sacrifice three of the same astromons into one base and evolve the base. Close the astromon inventory, select quest and collect the 10 gems. You will have to repeat the evo 2 method four times which will result with a total of 40 gems. Next, place three evo 2 astromons into a base evo 2 astromon and evolve. The quest will grant 60 gems this time and you can do whatever you want with the astromon that you have just finished evolving. If this is the first time you evo 3 that specific astromon, you can check the astroguide and collect even more gems.


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After those 2 packets above then you can buy the legendary egg then the L/D 3*-5* egg or you can start saving for the next reset. You may also save up for the 4*+ L/D egg of disappointments but I can’t really stop you.

I think my game center name is either sendu or senduran. I only started playing a few days ago so I'm only lvl 26. I don't even know what level means, how it is determined, or what effect it has?


Clash of Clans Castle

Your Clan Castle has a very long range, when enemy units enter the Clan Castle’s range, the units will pour out of the Clan Castle and attack the enemy’s attacking units. Note that your Clan Castle troops are capable of hopping over your own walls.

If you would like to build another slow but extremely tanky team, you will be having 2-3 sappers with 1 Healer. You’re entire team will probably be built HP, HP/ATT, HP/ATT | Conviction besides healer which one of the HP will be REC. An extremely good leader that is farmable in Mirage Ruins, will be the Wood Seedler. Funny thing is, you might as well have 3 of the Wood Seedler/Shellies if you don’t have a Fire Perse, Loki, etc. For a healer, you would want either shield or cleanse. If you want to use an attack buff, use the fire cotteen since it can 3* skill sap as well. This run is pretty slow due to the fact that the wood golem has high resist as well, so any sap that didn’t land will lessen the dps.


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When in arenas, set a level one astromon as your defense to stabilize your points for easy farming. Focus on players that have level one astromons or teams that seem weaker than your own. Beware however, most players tend to hide level 60 astromons.

Or simply search the MobileGamePCShared folder in your PC. Find Temp folder -> find and open TxGameDownload folder -> open MobileGamePCShared folder. Paste or place both the files(APK, obb folder) in this folder.


City-builders are one of the most dominant games on the mobile market right now. You can't kick a can without pegging one in the face. Clash of Clans doesn't look like anything special if you give it a cursory glance; it still has the same base-building mechanics we all know and may be getting royally sick of.

Clash of Clans: Town Hall 14 is here

On to how this game punishes you for not playing. Your village/base moves in and out of two states; shield active, and shield in-active. You can only be attacked when you're shield isn't active. This is where the most glaring design flaw eclipses the rest of the game. There is no restrictions on who can attack you, unless you're logged in and constantly playing the game, in which case only people around your level can attack you. Since we all have live outside this ****ty game, this leads to you essentially climbing an insurmountable wall to gain resources for upgrades with the game's Dev's and other players simultaneously **** on you.


Clues Answers Levels 1-13

Make sure to add friends that have powerful reps. You may want at least level 50 astromon reps or above, at best level 60 reps.

For example – Upcoming Call of Duty Mobile – you will be able to play it in Gameloop/Tencent Gaming Buddy

Make sure you have the clearance in your storage containers for the amount of resources you steal or it's wasted. Also, only deploy the number of units you need to pass the level, all deployed units are spent and gone regardless of whether they survive.


We don’t want you to waste time. That’s why we recommend you to enjoy this game without paying any money for a long time by choosing our free Clash of Clans accounts options instead of using one-time trial accounts. In this way, you will get a completely premium service, but you will still not pay anything.

If you use a wood miho as a variant lead, make sure that she is built HP HP DEF | Conviction to keep her survivability rate high. Getting her to level 60 may be must if she does die. If possible, definitely get 6* gems on her and at least +9 or better.


This is more of which astromons are extremely useless and should be just thrown into the rebirth. Well first of all only limit to NAT 3’s. Your NAT 4’s are better off released for better gold, astrogem, or egg rewards.

Go to the home screen of Gameloop Android Emulator -> PUBG -> give storage permission(tap the OK button if it pops out). After that, download the update(145 MB in size).


Liam Neeson-starring Clash of Clans commercial

For sure not in global or any other space like that. Also don’t write below these tweets from CoC Offical.

Pay attention to your astromons gem shape. There are three gem shapes: Diamond, Square, and Triangle.


And yet, if given the choice to waste your free minutes of the day playing Clash of Clans or Game of War, one is tolerable and sometimes fun, while the other is just kind of gross. Though both are in the same genre, one makes subtle use of its monetization strategy, while the other constantly assaults your eyeballs at every turn, trying to extract money from your pockets in a half dozen different ways from the moment you log in.

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You can clear most Missions just with using gems to revive, etc. I will feature Chapter 29 & 30. Before even attempting these Missions, you need to be aware of the need of good gems and rather decent Astromons. The team setup should be able to survive but at the same time deal damage. You will need evo3 nat4’s or good evo3 nat3’s like Shellie. The Problem with these Missions is that there are no deaths allowed at specific parts of the Missions. Another problem is that you need to capture an s-rare Mon at extreme. Do not try it at normal or hard, it won’t work. I would advise to search a stage fitting for your team and auto it with a counter team. There are stages with only one element on Monsters so you can build a complete counter team to clear faster and make the runs save. Sky Falls Boss at stage 6 could get you into problems as you are trying to beat a boss that is not only regenerating hp but also is able to stun you, you should bring something to sustain against him.


The Share1 folder is the MobileGamePCShared folder in ES File Explorer. There you will find the obb folder and the APK file.

However, if you’re not an RTS veteran, this might be a new concept to you, and it’s another way that the best Clash of Clans players differentiates themselves from the rest of the pack. When you unlock a favorite unit or find yourself fond of a particular strategy, it can be mighty tempting to dump all of your resources into developing that particular character or strategy. However, all that this will do is poke holes in your overall effectiveness, without actually allowing you to bring anything new to a battle. Work on upgrading your entire tribe, slowly and consistently.


B8 is now much easier than the old light golem. Your Pago’s coast team should be able to clear B8 Golems at ez but with 4* gem and at least +12.

Assuming you are able to farm B7, B8, and B9. B10 is basically a gem quality, astromon quality, and team combo quality check. Having a strong variant lead will also make a difference for this floor. The main threat of this floor is both the waves and the boss itself. The main threats of the waves would be the dark mandragora (which everyone wants) that has 50% crit damage on both skill that if the little dark piece of shits focuses on one astromon; that astromon may or may not get decimated depending on build. The boss itself silences at full gauge so having your healers (except passive healers) on high resist will keep your team alive. Below half health, his aoe slam will implement defense break on your team which is also threatening if you bring light astromons. The boss itself will have extremely high resist so have fun trying to get defense break on this little cuntfuck.


People always acquire wonderful help and tips to play clash of clans without (read full report) spending money. Usually possess no ought pay for playing this worldwide and greatly well-known video game that is utterly about a battle safeguard a area or community. When you take part in the game, so next in different levels you’ll gemstones to keep. So, every participant needs reliable free clash of clans hack. This particular mixture of latest tool brings countless gems without having anything (see here) for cheats and gems. Some and game promoters provide free resources and package for regular players regarding clash of clans (check my blog).

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Arena is not required but should not be ignored. You will earn tokens through both winning and losing a match. These tokens should be used in the arena shop for weekly eggs and gleems. The gleems are the main priority from the arena shop as they are used to evolve astromons. Gleems will be further explained later.


It would be an APK file, which you have to install it in Tencent Gaming Buddy

PC end android simulator based bots are the safest ones in Clash of Clans. They survived every single official *****down on bots. Not a single PC bots were detected. Because its impossible to detect PC based bots that dont read memory. On the other hand, nearly all Iphone/mobile phone based bots got detected and many of them got permanently banned.

You have the option to remove 5 friends per day. When you are done using all of your friends rep, you would want to delete any friends with under level 50 astromon reps. Then you would want to delete your friends with level 50 astromon rep and try to fill up your friends list with only level 60 astromon reps.


Hacked clash of clans without

Once installed, open the folder where you downloaded it. Double click on the package and give Windows the permissions to install in your Windows PC/Laptop. After that, the package will install the Gameloop Emulator on your PC.

It's a fun and challenging app game that will keep you occupied for hours. See if you can get through the first 13 levels with no help. Otherwise below is a list of answer suggestions for your convenience. Download 22 Clues for free on the app store.


Clash of clans hack suite

Blind after buff, will definitely be viable in titans. You may replace a defense break astromon with blinder.

Keep in mind that if you want a continuous gem farming expedition, a successful steady farming of golems b7+ (definitely B8 golems now) is required to make up in terms of gold/stamina. Only then would you be able to make up the gems lost in refilling for stamina.


If you are on Windows 10, you have to go to the settings -> apps -> Gameloop/Tencent gaming buddy -> uninstall

Can you specify what structure your troops will attack? I've had trouble with all my grunts attacking a random hut while ignoring the cannon right next to them as it mows them down.

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So a large amount of players have been asking. What is the best way to farm exotic astromons? Well first of all, there are no Spawn Rate boosts between the difficulties of the scenarios. For examples, an extreme stage will still have the same spawn rate of exotic as normal and hard. The main strategy that most people use to farm exotics is to clear the stages as fast as possible.

Gleems are extremely valuable evolution materials for high tier astromons. There are two types of gleems currently: Holy and Elemental. Holy gleem can be used for any elemental astromons, while elemental gleems are limited to its respective element.


Reminder: This is just for when a gem is considered Perfect for specific type of classes. You can not have the same type of sub-stat as the main stat. For example, you have a def % main stat you cannot have a def % sub-stat.

To do that, you have to go to the directory where you have installed the Gameloop Emulator. It’s better to install in the main drive(if you have SSD) – the game might lag if you have HDD.


Level-Up Package – Another progressive milestone that just involves leveling your character. At level 50 you will obtain a total of 3000 gems which is 4 times the amount you paid for this pack. Oh yea, leveling from 40 – 50 takes a pretty damn long time.

Debuffing and CC are hard to land. This is when you need strong bruiser DPS type teams over Debuff and CC.


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Strongbox Package – 2000 + 400 gems = 2400 gems. You also get a 4*-5* elemental egg, a 3*-5* light or dark egg, 200k gold, and 100 energy.


As a new player who just got into arena, if you are about to level up, make sure to spend all of your arena tickets to grab as much medals as possible. It is absolutely fine to lose if you do not want to wait for arena refresh. You do not want to waste any tickets whatsoever, especially because even if you lose, you will still get 1 medal.