Yea I missed Anachronox myself, though I followed it's development quite a lot. I think after the disaster of Daikatana I gave up on everything from that company lol.

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Like I did with Half-Life, I played a good amount of mods on Max Payne. There were obviously a lot of Matrix mods, as well as the Kung Fu mod that looks great on the trailer, but does take quite a bit to get used to.


Capital City Guards in World of Warcraft actually manage to be useful, as they can be asked for directions. They all share the same (rather extensive) Dialogue Tree per city, but still. As with Warcraft, the NPC spoken dialogue will go into "pissed" when you pester the same NPC long enough, but with only about two sets per race/gender, the variation isn't quite as much. A few NPCs use lines directly from Warcraft III, though.

Anachronox - Anachronox Sounds and Fixes

I got the buttons and listings below cleaned up (finally). It's worth noting that every one of the department pages is undergoing an overhaul, so those should be popping up in tweaked form soon. More on the subject of the buttons below, you may notice the missing World Charts Foundation button. The button went when Blue's News dropped from #56 to #69 on the chart this week after receiving 114 votes, falling behind a site that moved up from #66 to #61 behind zero votes, while another site receiving five votes moved from #48 to #10. My support for such projects is by no means predicated on this site's ranking, but that just doesn't seem fair, and I just can't see supporting them further at this point. But as for support, thanks to all who have been voting (futilely, it would seem), and the amazing support for such frivolity that had us atop that chart for so long.


Anyway, BioWare trying to recreate the BG2 experience doesn't come as a surprise considering the success and acclaim BG2 gained them. It was, after all, the start of their unstoppable crusade to turn RPGs into emotionally engaging dating sims. BG2 pretty much defines the BioWare RPG experience. There's romance, annoying NPCs, more romance, more annoying NPCs, combat.

Feed - Topic - Anachronox will not start any more

PLUS: Whole bunches of User Friendly [DAILY], Penny Arcade does pr0n [Wednesday], a look at Battlecruiser 3000 AD [Tuesday], new installments of Code on the Cob and Graphic Content [Wednesday] plus lots more! And then some more, because we're older than you are, dammit.


Third, regardless of my limited experience with RPGs, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is indeed a terrific game. Good and evil alignments, impressive NPCs, rich Star Wars atmosphere, HK-47's jokes (that never fail to make me laugh), great graphics, excellent combat systems, what more can you ask?

Zig Zagged Trope in Legend of Mana. Some NPCs are more expressive than others, and if you are patient enough you can cycle through all of the dialogue so that they repeat themselves.


Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3

This probably wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to race her on a vehicle powered by repeatedly mashing the A button. To make things worse, the race against her in the last major level is excruciatingly long for that control method, and she has Rubber Band AI. And to get 100% Completion, you have to do each race twice.

Unofficial hearthfire patch change log

The lightning bolts were comparatively easy compared to the chocobo racing task (had 0/7s) for a long, long time. The logical conclusion is that whoever programmed that one had a grudge against the guy who designed Caladbolg.


A genuine achievement after suffering frustration. Heck, there are whole sites dedicated to single combat encounters in BG2.

First, there's the Bomber's Ring. It requires you to score perfectly (8 rounds out of 8, flawlessly) on Platinum, the highest difficulty level. It's a game where you have to enter the button sequence EXACTLY as it's given - in the right order and with the exactly same rhythm and timing. And on Platinum, some of those sequences are more than 10 buttons long. You have to do that perfectly 8 times in a row, and even at that level, it's still randomized.


Blueside's hated task forces are not hard so much as insanely long. Dr. Quaterfield's task force, in particular, is twenty-four missions long and mostly in the Shadow Shard.

The old Ultima Underworld games were like this as well. All non-named NPCs fell in groups like "outcast", "guard", "goblin" or whatever, and you could have the same dialog with all NPCs in the same group.


I only got to follow the Korean Brood War scene at around 2008, but it was quite an eye-opener when I finally saw it for myself. I then tried out the basics of what they were doing, but it was only in StarCraft II when I got everything together in my head. All I need to do is put more effort to it, which I haven’t been able to so far because of work.

This will install the patch (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9943), then launch this readme file when completed. You may now continue playing the game.


Getting a Piece of Heart requires going really fast, which isn't too much of a problem. The problems is that the motion controls don't work to well and interpret "lean left" as "lean right" from time to time, making it a Luck-Based Mission.

It was the first ever bought game and I cannot count my visits anymore. Of course, the first game (Blade of Destiny) was a good one too and the third and last Dark Eye game (Shadows over Riva) was way better than many reviews stated. In Startail there's so much humour, it remembers me of games like Monkey Island in some ways.


To make it worse: it's harder the second time around. And there's ANOTHER arcade game that you have to unlock, though the target here is to get a specific score.

As of Cataclysm, it's been completely replaced with a new quest "An Ocean Not So Deep," which does quite a bit to lampshade it's predecessor's reputation. You now have to get to the ships, but use a weapon to wipe out the army of Murlocs blocking the way. The gnome involved mentions that maybe this will reduce the number of casualties.


Diablo 1 patch 1 09bcg2

Much of their commentary is based on your skill levels without regard for anything else. So if you have high Light Armor skill they will complement you on your choice to wear it even if you're lumbering around in Heavy Armor.

Danjuro, the ultimate dagger, is dropped by a single Rare Game, which has as its requirement 256 enemies to be slain in the Great Crystal, and then at least another 32 each subsequent time. All of the enemies are at a particularly high level, and can even take out Level 99 characters if given half a chance. While there are an unlimited number of enemies to kill, each one can take at least ten seconds to kill. If a player killed one every ten seconds, the first spawn would take 42 minutes to appear. Add onto that the obviously low drop rate for the Danjuro, and you've got a quest that is begging to be evaded via cheating or skillful moving around.


Several of the food-based challenges require eating massive quantities just to get a trophy. The "Bouquet of Hippies" achievement requires eating 8 herb brownies, every day, for just over two months straight (at the cost of a significant chunk of Mysticality points).

It has realtime dynamic 3d character models over isometric 2d prerendered backgrounds (much like Sacred). Graphics are acceptable for isometric standarts, but don’t expect much. But, the color palette they used is impressive. Also, magic effects are good and beautiful. Revenant has a pretty awkward interface. Using inventory, map or chr screen can be quite painful and one of the worst parts of the game. Combat is satisfying and greatest strength of the game though. It uses a control scheme like Nox, but you have lots of attack types, combos in the game. And gaining new levels means new styles and combos. It’s so well implemented that fist fighting in the game feels to me like playing Street Fighter.


Fallout 1 patch guide

More often than not, this'll work, and you'll have one tough opponent to deal with as opposed to two. Same map, you can use the tactic against groups of goblins you'll have to fight - even just dropping one out of four is a huge, huge help early on.

You should definitely check out Planescape: Torment and System Shock 2, both solid, interesting games. I've not played SS1, but I hear it's excellent as well.


Ultima IV-the first time I lost an eighth I was devastated. I couldn't believe a game could be complex enough to track my actions and that I had to actually pay the consequences for those actions.

Unofficial fallout 3 patch 1.8 firefox

I might check that out one day when they really stop making any other good games :) but right now I still got sooo many unfinished games lying around here, it's disgusting :biggrin. What's making the situation worse is that I can't get myself to play any games at the moment. It's gotten pretty hot around here this past week and I run 8-12 miles about four or five times a week in the evenings and I'm generally feeling very lazy when I'm done with that. I (obviously) have no problem to type crap into my keyboard but game?


Two hidden gems: Soulbringer and Evil Islands

Version 1/0 of the BraZenmod for Quake II is now available. The new release features the return of single playerplay, as well as bug fixes and some new models.

F-Zero GX's Story Mode has three particularly bad ones: chapters 1, 5, and 7 on Very Hard. The former two are timed courses during which you are required to go out of your way to collect certain items and have razor-thin margins of error. Chapter 7 is a multi-lap race on a fairly technical course against a lineup of boosted AI vehicles which thwarts even people who have completed everything else in the game; it's bad enough to be a frustrating roadblock on normal difficulty even within the context of the Nintendo Hardness of the rest of the game.


DirectSound is a deprecated software component of the Microsoft DirectX library for the Windows operating system, superseded by XAudio2. It provides a low-latency interface to sound card drivers written for Windows 95 through Windows XP and can handle the mixing and recording of multiple audio streams. DirectSound was originally written for Microsoft by John Miles.

At least Diskun is pretty much just a Guide Dang It set. The Mew Trophy is a Luck-Based Mission.


The Gigolo title for Zelos is easy to get in game, so long as you know it exists. And even if you don't, the mofo gets items from every girl he talks to. And money. And if you put luck items on him (which are pretty easy to get) you'll get rare items like Rune Bottles from the girls you talk to. And if your luck stat is still low, just rest at the inn. Why would you ever not have Zelos as your onscreen character, and why wouldn't you talk to every girl you see? It just takes a little exploring. The truly difficult titles are the Colosseum titles, specifically for Raine and Genis. Even with the best equips you can get for them, they take forever to kill anything if you don't have the right EX Combination. Not to mention Raine's Sole Survivor title. Or the low level play through (in which all your characters combined levels needs to be UNDER level 46) at the Remote Island Human Ranch, near the end of the first disk. There's also defeating Seles at the end of the Colosseum to get Last Fencer for item completion.

Shadowmaster diablo 2 lod patch

Bradley, maker of Wizardry 5-7 of which are certainly the best Wizardry games to hit worldwide shores here, 8 being a relatively weak sequel to good previous good installements of Wizardry franchise. Its fresh because of its very many different features of which a minimal amount of titles possess in these years, as most games are led by large marketers that do not allow innovation in today's games anymore.


I really think that music added a lot of magic to this game. I really wish game developers would spend a little more time making sure the music does its best to uplift the emotion and feeling that a player would expect in a given situation. I have tried playing U7, but the old school graphics and interface make it hard. I will continue to try, cause I know U7 is one of the cornerstones of rpg. I really do wanna play it through. I just need to put a little effort to get the momentum going.

Vtmb unofficial patch plus

On entirely different level, fishing achievements. Half of them require you to catch absurdly rare fishes or similar stuff. Mr. Pinchy probably being the worst. There are only about a dozen or so spots where you can fish for him (pools that need to respawn after 5-6 catches), and once you have it, the pet needed for the achievement is only one of four possible outcomes. You may use him three times over 6 days, and if you are unlucky enough, you never get the pet and need to fish for him AGAIN. And back when achievements were introduced, you had to be at the highest possible fishing skill and top fishing equipment to reliably fish in these pools, and they were highly contested for the normal catches. On the bright side, this makes the already boring task of leveling fishing all the way seem comparably tame (unlike other gathering skills, the difficulty doesn't influence the rate at which it increases - you simply need like 30 sucessful catches at higher levels to advance a single point).


The true That One Sidequest are Briskbreeze Tower and the Warehouse. Both are ten floors tall and contain cheating bosses. Oh, and for those people that use the "flee, use potion, port to friend" technique, people cannot port into these towers. These are so tough the first floor is there just to warn people how tough they are.

In this game, you don't seek out monsters for easy xp on your messenger trip to a friendly neighbouring castle — the monsters seek YOU out, and you will want to avoid them if your life means anything to you. That's how I experienced it, anyway.


Here's a youtube of some of the gameplay at the beginning, jump around it a little, it's not the same as playing it yourself, but you can see it's got a very nice style. All the spells and items have custom animations, and there's a lot of dialog for a game from it's time. It's all voiced over too, and the king is done by Patrick Stewart, who I think actually has more lines in this than he did in Oblivion. What makes this game such a classic is the gameplay is so damned fun, and it does have a fun story that you play through. And it had a catchy tune or two to boot.

Back in 1999, when I started going to the gaming cafe near my school, there were two games being played — Quake II and Half-Life. Between the two, Half-Life looked to be the newer and more interesting game. Quake II was still our main game until early 2000’s, but Half-Life soon started to come in and dominate a bit before the great era of Counter-Strike.


Combat: The combat actually deserved the adjective "action" because it did not just consist of clicking fast or worse clicking fast and being able to pause and issue orders as in Diablo, Dungeon Siege, et al. Combat required skill and timing. The only drawback being that you could never hit multiple enemies simultaneously. The way skills affected combat style is also the best I've seen yet. From holding your weapon clumsily to becoming a weapons master. And the difference wasn't just graphical and damage wise it also changed speed and the timing required for combos.



You're only allowed to save on the third and sixth floors. Did I mention that each floor is so repetitive, you'll be begging for a way out? To advance, you have to get to each of the four corners on the grid. But wait, there's the treasure on each of the floors, each of which grant you special abilities. These treasures are put in random squares.

When my Genesis still worked, which was from 1994 to 1998, I would play this game a ton, along with Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Live 1997, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and so on. Despite how much I played it though, it wasn’t until the last few months of my Genesis AC Adaptor’s lifespan when I finished the game. Before that, I could only get to the sixth level and be perplexed at how to jump from one falling rock to another.


Since you include 2000, Deus Ex has to be high on my list. It's one of the rare games that I have installed on newer and newer machines and played through all over again every few years. I generally dislike shooters, but Deus Ex and the first Mass Effect have been such good RPGs that I've loved them anyway - and Deus Ex included so much cool stuff based on consipiracy theories - not too mention the eerie way in which Warren Spector's tale echoes the real-world events of the next year.

I just don't wanna write a whole book, cause I would. But simply put, this game is nonstop gaming goodness. This game also emphasizes what I think the gaming industry needs to know. This single line that hold true. It's about gameplay, not graphics. This game also makes every experience an adventure and that, my friends, is what rpg's are all about.


While we're on Final Fantasies, let's not forget the Sunken Gelkina in Final Fantasy VII. Completely optional, but a prime source for some rare Materia and stat-boosting Sources. Of course, to get them you have to fight unique creatures that can take three or four 9,999 HP Demis before normal attacks can take them down. And wipe out the party without breathing hard (if you've been progressing normally up to that point and not Level Grinding).

Diablo II Expansion pack

At $249/99 (suggested US retail price), the 183MHz Voodoo3 3500 AGP board is expected to deliver up to 8 million triangles and 366 Megatexels per second at resolutions of up to 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. Designed to support the latest digital flat panel displays, the Voodoo3 3500 will include 3Dfx's proprietary flat-panel support, LCDfx.


I got Soulbringer in the combo pack when I re-purchased PS:T; haven't played it. I loaded it up one time and the graphics put me off, but you make it sound very interesting. May have to give it another try.

Well then, perhaps we should mention the Depth Deception-inducing camera angles, the dark blue lighting that makes identifying the colors ridiculously difficult, and the fact that each time you fail, you have to fight a battle (the penalty for hitting a red butterfly) before backtracking all the way back to the start. The time between attempts is always longer than the attempts themselves.


The sequels were complete failures. Betrayal at Krondor was a lot better than the QFGs I thought, the world and combat were much more in depth and detailed. So much more strategy in Betrayal at Krondor. But it lacked the prettiness of the 2D QFG games for sure, and some of the charm. But the immersiveness and details made up for that and more.

Note that, despite the name, this isn't necessarily a sidequest in the RPG vein. This commonly shows up in other genres, including First Person Shooters and Sports Games, as That One Challenge.


From the Manual of Transcendent Olfaction, which costs 200 filthy lucre. The maximum rate a player can earn filthy lucre is 1 a day. So if you want Transcendent Olfaction, you have to remember to do the side quest for it, every day, for six and a half months. This side quest was designed and implemented after the game's New Game+ feature was implemented (which allows for multiple lucres in a day), but there's increasing requests from the player base to increase the rate players can obtain lucre.

Among all the Forgotten Realms titles, this was the one I had spent the most time with. I’ve finished the original campaign, Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark with multiple characters in various configurations. It’s the adapted D&D Ruleset that gives this game that combination of depth and breadth uncommon in most other games.


For Morrowind, That One Sidequest is definitely the one about finding all Sanguine items. All 21 of them, tucked into the most remote corners of Vvardenfell.

Diablo 2 median xl patch

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Even though unfinished thanks to the retarded publisher and technically way below the average, it remains one of the best and most ambitious RPGs I've ever played.


I have to buy the QFG anthology and revisit them, I regret losing all the games from that series. I remember bits and pieces vaguely, but it did have quite a bit of sadness to it, which is unusual for RPGs from it's time.

It's worth noting that this particular blockhead has eight weak points. The average human being can retain seven items in short-term memory at a time.


Or you could just make sure to get a female one and then you can breed for the right nature. And have extras for your friends.

Love them all for different reasons. If I had to pick one it would be Baldur's Gate 2 with Arcanum close behind.


Gazpacho has posted a new version 1/06 beta of the Crusher utility which is a 3D model viewer that can save files in the Unreal file format, which will allow for the conversion of Quake II models for Unreal. The release also includes the source code, and there is also a step-by-step instructions on using the crusher.

The principal activities of the company and its subsidiaries consist of the design, manufacture and distribution of digitized sound and video boards, computers and related multimedia and personal digital entertainment products. It also partners with mainboard manufacturers and laptop brands to embed its Sound Blaster technology on their products.


Oblivion and Morrowind have more stock lines for its NPCs than most games, but if you talk to them a lot (or just listen to them talking with each other, in the case of Oblivion) eventually the lines start to repeat. Unlike many other games, the dialogue does update to acknowledge the player's accomplishments.

Can i increase Combat Speed

For single player games, the policy around here is to not post Easter eggsin the news in case it spoils the experience of the egg hunting for anyone. However, tAngfrom PlanetStarSiege sends word of a TRIBESEaster egg that I'll risk posting here, because I imagine most didn't even think to lookfor them (and I also can't imagine how this got found.


It may very well be because I never really got into Arcanum, or because I never played whatever game 'X' you feel is best, but MotB is the best RPG i played this decade. I like the character creation, Love the story, setting and NPC's. Oh, and I think I'm one of the few that don't mind the engine or camera. On top of that, the quests were usually interesting and the incredibleness of the evil path was good enough to actually DEMAND a second playthrough, and not just a flip-flop at the end like in most other RPG's with this system.

STALKER takes this to new irritating levels, especially in the bar area where people repeat the same dialogue over and over again. Plus they stop you using your gun to vent your frustration. It's really no surprise whatsoever that nearly every mod for the game in existence either stops them from repeating the lines or simply makes them all stop talking altogether.


Planescape: Torment Now Available on Good Old Games

The Rocket Arena website has a new version 2/22 of Rocket Arena 2 for Quake II. The new release fixes some problems left over from the Quake II 3/20 update, and adds a few new features, including a competition mode (for clan matches), updated HUD counters, a fix for a logging bug, and improved votespam protection. The update is only required on the server-side.

Anachronox - game update Unofficial Patch - Build 45 - Download

The front page of scatterblak.com has posted impressions of TeamFortress Classic by Rotnhed and SisteR after a hands-on weekend at Valve getting to play the game. The article covers models, classes, gameplay, and more.


Diablo 1 patch 1 09bus

Averted substantially in the past of Dragon Quest VII. The townspeople will change dialogue after every major event occurs in their island. They will also change one more time when you go back to visit after finishing the next island. Mostly played straight in the present.

Multiheaded patches / thingies

I have Summoner 2 as well, but it didn't work. In fact, I have entirely too many non-working games.


There are many other games I should mention, of course, such as KotOR, but in general linear games never make it into my list, as I love decisions decisions decisions. Also, games like Ultima and FF should be mentioned, but I'm not a great fan of Japanese style RPGs, unlike our good friend Corwin here. It's a matter of taste, of course, but I am capable of seeing what makes Ultima and FF great, despite not placing them in my top 10.

I and several other webmaster-types will be making a sojourn to Dallas next week to visit the offices of 3Dfx/STB for some first-hand exposure to one of the varieties of the upcoming Voodoo3 accelerator. In addition to getting to benchmark the V3 there, I'll also end up with one to batter around in the brutal Blue Laboratories for benchmarks and other impressions. All the websites involved will be asked to hold off on comments about the card until February 22, so you can expect a flurry of articles that day. Also, on February 24 there will be random drawings at each of the sites offering the chance to win one of the first Voodoo3s off the production lines, with V3 pullovers and t-shirts as second and third place prizes. I'll post more details as these events approach, but word on this has already appeared in a couple of places, so I thought I'd make sure I covered that.


Special mention to the linked game Hero's Caves, each of which contains an exclusive ring as its final prize. Each of them is itself that one sidequest.

The first decade unofficial patch 1.03 skype

Gives your character the possibility to lean towards dark or light side according to your choices and actions (changes the appearance of it as well). Interactions with characters is in top form.


The first decade unofficial patch 1.03 firefox

The setting (a quasi-viking land with orcs, elves, and dwarves) is cool, and the skill and magic system is very detailed as it seems to be a faithful adaptation of a German PnP game. There are a lot of realism features (you have to eat and drink, and your weapons break) that can get annoying or add to the experience depending on your taste. You can do cool things like poison weapons, make poisons of your own, etc.

Other games that I thought did especially stand out, for different reasons, are (in chronological order): Baldur's Gate II, Gothic, Morrowind, Bloodlines. Arcanum, while merely good, was a blueprint for a terrific game and is admirable for its ambition alone.


Is it clear how to ditch your allies? I've not played again  can I talk to him and tell him to go hang out with Tomi and Sharwyn?

There's also the Auction House, which you must visit in order to obtain the Zona Seeker and Golem magicite. It isn't very challenging because it only involves sitting through the auction, but the chances of either one appearing are incredibly small. Even worse, in the GBA remake you are required to get a sword from there if you want the Gilgamesh esper, and that has an even worse chance of showing up, and when it does it costs 500,000 gil. If you buy a bare minimum of gear, you may have 300,000 gil by that point.


In the sequel, most NPCs have about 3 lines of dialogue that reset every time you enter the area. They also tend to change dialogue depending on the events of the story. Even so, it follows this trope fairly faithfully.

Unofficial Patch for Tiberian Sun

It was originally determined by the seasons. There are supposed to bethree full moons every season, but on some rare occasions there is a fourth. There arespecific names for the three moons in a season. The first one is the Harvest moon, thelast one is the Lintel moon, and I forget what the middle one is but it has a name. So,when there was a fourth moon in the season they didn't know what to call it so it's theBlue moon. I don't know if you know this either, but by modern folklore there will beanother Blue moon in March. It's a big deal in the astronomy community.


The PingTool site has a new version 2/5beta 5 of the PingTool server browser. The new release offers TRIBES support in additionto fixing a few bugs, in particular a bug for Win95 OSR2 users that caused the program tocrash. Here's acopy (1/8 MB) once again thanks to the fine folks at WalnutCreek CDROM. Here are the Version2/5 Beta 5 Release Notes.

The sidequest on the caveman level where you have to protect eggs from the raptors by running around and roasting them. The first time isn't that bad, because the all the raptors appear all in a row. The second time, however, they attack in a more or less random order, forcing you to run back and forth across the area to kill them all. If you miss a single jump or take a wrong turn, you're screwed.


Oblivion unofficial patch shivering isles

You have to be completely prepared, as he uses all elements and counters all attacks. Then you have to fight him a second time right after you beat him. The prize for your day-long endeavor? A gear for a single party member that can only be equipped at the highest level.

Vampire bloodlines unofficial patch 8.8

The elemental totems, which involves finding 50 of an item that has a mid to low chance of randomly dropping from a specific and rather uncommon enemy, which shoots elemental magic at you (which you aren't likely to have a resistance to). Then once you're done, you have to do the quest three more times. And then you have to do the other three elemental totem quests four times before you're done with them for good.


VoD: Would I pick BG2 over Arcanum? Yes, or one of the other games I mentioned because I'd have a hard time to decide which one I liked most.

Vtmb unofficial patch 9.4 games

Also in EOTN is the Great Norn Alemoot quest. The first task, moving ale barrels from a stack to a pole not ten feet away (after taking your first swig of booze) is easy enough. After running back to the start for your second helping of booze, comes the slalom: rather than simply running between posts, the mechanics of this part of the quest requires you to run to a certain point away from the posts after running between them. Running too close to either post, or running through the next part of the slalom without correctly running through the previous pair of posts will completely fail the quest and you have to start over. THEN if you manage to complete the slalom, is the incredibly tricky pig-herding (after taking a third swig of ale). Rather than pushing the pigs into their pen, they have to be body-blocked so they MIGHT move in the right direction! All this within a time limit of a couple of minutes, all while your screen is fuzzing around because of the effects of the alcohol (though the screen effects can be disabled in the options menu). At least the Feel No Pain skill reward is worth it.


According to the guide, there are 134 in total. That's 268 times you have to play the song of passing.

Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 games

Also, Paw Dandy takes FOREVER to get to pop up, and will only pop up if you've gotten the equally hard to get skit with Presea and Corrine. And it's one of Regal's titles, so if you want that 100% completion you're going to spend a long while waiting for it to show up.


Anachronox unofficial patch s world

I should start with the beginning, with Akalabeth, Ultima I, and Wizardry I, but I really didn't play '80s PC RPGs, so I don't have much of any personal experience with them, going from Akalabeth to the SSI Gold Box RPG series (the Pools of Radiance trilogy being the most important of those). The same goes for the entire Ultima series - I know its importance, but have never played much of any Ultima games. The only ones I have are Ultima I and Ultima Underworld, and I got them in the late '90s (via PC Gamer's Classic Game Collection disc) and never played much of them. Even so, SSI's Pools of Radiance deserves mention for sure. I do have part II of that series, Curse of the Azure Bonds. The Ultima and Wizardry serieses were the first major PC RPGs and were hugely influential, with Pools of Radiance being probably the next big revolution in the genre. Those three serieses Wizardry (Sir-Tech), Ultima (Origin), and the SSI games - clearly were the most influential early on. Interplay was around then as well, with major RPGs including Dragon Wars, Wasteland, and a few others, but their greatest days came in the 1997-2002 period. I only have Dragon Wars of Interplay's stuff from the period, thanks to Interplay's 15th Anniversary Collection (which also included Fallout 1). EA's The Bard's Tale trilogy should probably also be mentioned; it was pretty well known. Never played them (though I do have a book set in the Bard's Tale universe).

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Enjoyed Evil Islands but never finished it (can't remember why), loved Summoner and loved Nox. I was always disappointed that Summoner 2 was only on console.

There is a new single player mode in one 48 MB demo,and an updated multiplayer demo that's a 19 MB download. Word is the new multiplayerportion now supports eight players, but is not compatible wit the earlier version of thedemo.


I remember you Corwin, you got me to check out Grimoire's website, back in the day. Of course, for some reason my registration at that forum messed up, and I never could get it working right again. I've seen you at two or three other forums as well that I lurk at.

In the comic's RPG Mechanics Verse, it's apparently in the NPCs' job descriptions to walk back and forth shouting one line to passersby. Repeating one line over and over again may be boring, but at least one NPC doesn't take kindly to being questioned about it. The line "There are many guards in the castle" became a Running Gag, especially as seen here.


Tdu 2 unofficial patch v0.3

Guide Dang It meets Luck-Based Mission with a side of Squick. And if you sold your Chocobo Lure materia, forget it.

Daggerfall-I love sandbox games, allright :) Daggerfall had the most fun character creation of any crpg to date. It was great fun balancing all the advantages and disadvantages to make a totally unique character.


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Any mention of That One Sidequest in DK64 would be incomplete without mention of one particular mini-game: Beaver frickin' Bother. Herding giraffes is nothing compared to herding beavers, into a pit that seems scientifically designed to keep beavers out, in a truly absurd time limit.

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Really, to gain all 64 rings across both Oracle games has to be the most extraordinary feat in the Zelda series. You have to play both games at least twice (four playthroughs in all) in order to account for unlinked and linked versions of both. And there are some (like the Rang Ring L-2) that are so laughably rare that you can go through all four playthroughs and never see them.


Many would think from the impression given by its technical imperfection and commercial failure as the mark of a bad game, but I beg to differ. If there was something this game has that most other games don’t have is a soul. This game, despite being in a fantasy setting, is undeniably human. Also, Raven is my favorite character in it.

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The official Star Wars X-Wing Alliance page is now online. Killjoy, who sent this along, points out that word there is the game only supports four player play over the Internet.


Encountering one for the first time is actually easier than most think. They can appear anywhere (well, at least anywhere outside). Best solution is to go to an area with weak Pokemon (like the route right outside your hometown) and use a Repel. Repels keep wild Pokemon that are at a lower level than the first Pokemon in your party from bothering you, so if your that Pokemon is at a high enough level that weak Pokemon will avoid them, but low enough that the Pokemon you're chasing is still at a higher level, you're guaranteed to see the running Pokemon. Chasing and capturing theem is still a bitch, though, even if you are using methods to trap them.

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The Selki quests, which involves completing three separate quests multiple times against a mini-boss level opponent in a game where every time you first meet a boss, it will be That One Boss. All that, for a rather unimpressive exp reward.


This new demo features a brand new stand-alone mission that even owners of the Half-Life game will want to download (it's 100% new levels). To grab it you can either jump over to PC gamer Online, or download it right here.

These series have some great games so I wanted to choose them. Sorry I didn't pick older games, but I started gaming around the time of these releases and pretty much haven't looked back. I know someday I should check out some of the older games, but that'll have to wait I guess.


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On a related note, the way that QFGIV mixes humor and serious, sad elements together is pretty amazing. On the one hand the game is a Transylvanian-style vampire horror game, but on the other it is consistently funny and humorous, and yet the two styles do not contradict one another! Even in the most serious of the QFG games, the light tone still shines through, and unlike in some games, it doesn't feel at all out of place.

Glad to hear it wasn't just me that was getting clobbered in that game. I caught up in the beginning, but the middle kicked my butt and, like you, got tired of losing all the time.


Personally, I like playing either Toreador (for the being able to convince anyone of anything) or the Tremere (for the blood magic gloriousness). Also, if you do enjoy it, you must play as a Malkavian a second time through.

So do the Ironforge and Stormwind guards. The former sometimes complain that they may have to keep a close watch on the player, the latter just wish that they are allowed to drag you to jail.


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I also liked the sequel, and I was okay with the third game for the most part. As for the movie, it doesn’t exist.

Unlike you I did not finish it though, but I did spend a lot of hours with it. When I got really far I just got so tired and bored I quit though. I tried to replay it making different choices only to realise it didn't make that big of a diffarance!


Golden Sun has an interesting variation on this. While most NPCs follow the trope to the letter, you can also cast the Mind Read Psynergy on just about anyone, revealing their thoughts in the form of a second static line of dialog. What makes these lines interesting is that they often reveal info the NPC doesn't want to give, or reveals them to be big hypocrites.

And there was an underwater part in fusion that had two ways to get back up to the main station. One was to get the ice missile and blast your way past those balloon enemies. The other method involves shinesparking over extremely rough terrain in sector 4, past several enemies that may or may not simply be in the wrong place at the right time, and then break through a wall of blocks with said shinespark effect still intact.


Nice combat system, bonus points for the extremely limited resources early on, creating a need to struggle to conserve resources, not much wasted time. Sadly limited resources do not last.

I'm playing RPGs since 2000 or bit earlier so my list may include only games from that period. Also I will put here only the top three, I don't like long lists.


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Wizard 101 has Sunken City, a dungeon with the hardest enemies you can find in Wizard City. Towers that the girl you're doing it for commands you to enter to defeat some more of the hard enemies, unavoidable battles with the hard enemies, only to find that you need to enter a tower with multiple floors to get a key for Grubb's place, and have to fight a boss with one thousand health. And after the battle, you STILL have to go defeat Grub and collect the amulet.

I bought Evil Islands from Gamers Gate in order to play coop with my girlfriend. The MP campaign is a bit of a disappointment. MP is similar to a MMO than to the SP campaign. There is no story, you just start in the main village of the island and accept one (repeatable) quest at a time which open up the relevant game zone. As the game is bleeding difficult a fair deal of grinding, lawnmowing the same map over and over again. There is no indication of the difficulty of the quests beforehand so choosing one is a matter of trial and error (but at least you can go back and get a new quest if the one at hand turns out to be too difficult). Annoyingly only one or two of the quests is doable for starting character and one will have to repeat those a few times before moving on.


I've had Siege of Avalon anthology ("6 complete chapters" says the case) sitting here on my desk for months, got it at Circuit City for literally like 99 cents, looks like a damaged cover and cracked case helped the price. Couldnt pass that up. Just reading the case, I could tell that it was some kind of old school RPG that has a huge following.

Sound Blaster Audigy is a product line of sound cards from Creative Technology. The flagship model of the Audigy family used the EMU10K2 audio DSP, an improved version of the SB-Live's EMU10K1, while the value/SE editions were built with a less-expensive audio controller.


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And don't forget the Cave of Ordeals. FIFTY FREAKING ROOMS WITH EVERY KIND OF ENEMY IN THE GAME. The final room even has three Darknuts (see Boss in Mook Clothing). Oh yeah, and there is next to nothing in terms of healing items, and the rooms are small.

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Other Ultima games have the player falling into this role, since the three phrases you can say to any NPC are "name" "job" "bye". Ultima VII lampshades this by having an actor who portrays the Avatar describe his dialogue as very repetitive.


Suikoden has one in the form of a Betting Minigame, which you must win to get some of the characters and thus achieve the 100% Completion and Secret Ending. The fact that such game relies so much on luck (or is blatantly rigged, depending who you ask) and also can suck your money dry has earned it a Troper Fan Nickname: 'The Game that Shall not Be Named'. That and the original name is kind of stupid-sounding.

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BG2+exp is huge, outstanding, and eliminates a lot of the flaws in BG1. I'd actually tend to avoid any RPG released prior to BG1 (aside from Fallout), since there was a big dead-zone prior to it (BG1 was considered to be a massive revitalization of PC RPGs) and the good (for the time) RPGs prior to BG1 are going to be pretty archaic and difficult to run (DOS).


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This deprecates the old, broken view-cinematics menu and changes the load game screen. The old save game (Timeminder) menu has not changed.

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Wait until you play "Wages of Sin", especially in Deathmatch. The 2021 development team have done an amazing job and I think a lot of people are going to dig it.


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Morrowind came out just before the Codex was founded and we've had a love / hate relationship with it ever since. We've hated it openly in our forums for its shitty combat, lack of decent dialogue system (NPCs were more information vending machines, who would drop wikipedia style inter-linked text-bites at every click of the mouse), linearity and lack of real choices and consequences.

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The Cat ring sidequest rewards the player with a powerful artifact ring if they refrain from killing cats for the entire game. As most cats are hostile, this is quite a feat.


This is the first real FPS experience I ever had. I remember playing this game for a period of time with keyboard only. It was when I started going to gaming cafes when I then transitioned to the usual keyboard and mouse, but I did somehow get kind of good using just the keyboard. But then again, I did that because I was a dumb kid.

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My second choice would be Morrowind, for the huge amount of background lore and the joy that is exploring the countryside and dungeons. With its unique and consistent setting, the many details and hidden places and the beautiful art design, it was a game that I loved to play despite the admittedly mediocre gameplay.


VoD: Yes I like BG2 more than ARC. And I have the balls to admit it on the Codex.

BioWare is kind of strange about this. Random civilians throughout their games will consistently have 3-5 distinct lines of dialogue.


Humorously, during the Boss Rush against all the dragon's forms, the Darksteel Dragon is the easiest if you have Dragon Soul, since all forms have their HP halved, and Darksteel's gimmick is very low HP and very, VERY high defenses, and Dragon Soul ignores defense. All other forms require 2 or 3 shots of Dragon Soul from a fully-tensioned hero.

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Final Fantasy X is a prime offender. Obtaining each character's Infinity+1 Sword is an extremely simple effort, but acquiring the sigils, key items that are required to power up each weapon to its full potential, is invariably a highly arduous task. Infamously, getting two sigils requires achieving a perfect score in a highly luck-based chocobo racing Mini Game, which is every bit as annoying as it sounds, and by dodging two hundred lightning bolts in a row in another Mini Game that demands, well, lightning-quick reflexes. Wakka's sigil and overdrives, while not difficult to acquire by any means, require at least ten hours of blitzball, the game's love-it-or-hate-it Unexpected Gameplay Change mini-game.


Now click on the “Install” button. This will install the patch, then launch the readme file when completed. You may now continue playing the game.

There are hidden coins scattered throughout every level in the game. And every level means every level including most of the "secrets". The blue coins vary in where they're found from obvious spots that require an unlockable power-up to doing out of the way things like spraying the moon in a specific spot to controlling a boat toward one to just spraying anything you can find. Oh, yeah, and you need 10 to get a Shine Sprite and the game doesn't tell you where to find them or even provide you with a checklist. Because looking everywhere in the world for something that seems insignificant is so much fun!


II I gave up on because of how much I don't like the parser, and III was good but not as great as I, but IV. simply amazing game! Awesome voice acting work, great story and characters, huge script, classic QFG humor, maybe the series' best battle system (side-scrolling combat), awesome setting, some truly great quests (Toby.

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I've played it daily for about a year and must have racked well over 1000 hours in total, and it was just for the mod free xbox version (I didn't have and could not afford a half ass decent PC at the time so I bought an xbox to play it). I don't give a shit about choices and consequences as long as the story is good and I get to explore with as few restrictions as possible and Morrowind delivers on both fronts. Not to say that it doesn't have its problems (in particular, ES enchanters beat the living shit out of any other type of character, something that held true for Oblivion too and Oblivion doesn't even have an enchanting skill).


Getting back on is completely unnecessary - the player can't die after Meta Ridley does - and it's possible (technically) to kill him at just the right moment that his trophy falls on the Blue Falcon anyway. But the latter requires you to wait for him to do just the right move when his health is low (and it's still timed, after all) so most players will have to make the plunge anyway.

Plus there were towns to travel in, not just dungeon to explore. BT1 was a great transition game that was fully realized with Might and Magic 1.


Somehow, this game was released for the PC. When I got a copy, it became my go-to fighting game. I did have King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown IV on emulator, and I did play them quite a lot, but it was Guilty Gear XX that I ended up spending the most time with. Even if I have Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on my PS3, I still play this version for kicks.

I think I messed around with revenant for a while, being too innocent to realise that the genre had diverged into action rpgs and the kind of stuff I actually enjoyed. Utterly forgettable and unfulfilling.


Many of the achievements are luck-based, which makes for getting 100% completion nigh impossible. The most notable one is Search Engine, where you have to kill 3 invisible spies with your wrangled sentry. The only possible way to get this achievement consciously is to have a Pyro set an invisible spy on fire and land a killing blow. Otherwise, just have your sentry permanently wrangled and shoot everywhere, praying you hit a nitwit of a spy.

The version 1/2 patch for Starsiege TRIBES is now available from Sierra(thanks PlanetStarSiege and Datumplane :Starsiege). The patch comes in twoversions, one to updateversion 1/0 (633 KB), the original distribution, and a patch to update version 1/1(617 KB) which was the joystick patch. File downloads thanks to the fine folks at Walnut Creek CDROM.


La-Mulana has the life jewel in the Dimensional Corridor. If you don't know what you're doing, it'll be easily Lost Forever. If you know what you're doing but have trouble getting it right, you'll hate waiting to recharge a certain item that needs to be used at an exact moment to make a tricky jumping puzzle possible.

While the premise was novel, story was intriguing, and visuals were nice for its time, Thief’s true strength was its use of lighting and sound. Making good use of stereo sound while blending into the shadows, players could track guards while staying hidden. The sound design is crucial for first-person games to incorporate stealth.


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Do I even need to motivate why I would pick Arcanum? Ignoring the sub-par combat mechanics it was a great game. With well written dialogue, with good quests, a well-defined world and people that reacted to you in a realistic way. And creating a character in it was just awesome.

Played straight elsewhere in the game, however. For instance, most human NPCs you the player meets have a single line to say; if prompted again, they will just say it again.


For months on end when I first played this back in high school, I couldn’t get this game out of my head. I finished multiple playthroughs for countless hours and got very much into the really weird parts of the story. I didn’t like the trippy parts except for the ones with answering the phone in the burning office. I also liked Frankie “The Bat” Niagara, and I somehow memorized Vinnie Gognitti’s lines when he gets caught by Max Payne for the first time.

A deliver the orb from A to B quest becomes magically awesome just because you can decide at the end whether insignificant NPC A or insignificant NPC B dies? That's pretty cool I presume, that you can decide, but it stays a deliver the orb from A to B quest. If skillchecks, C&C (regardless how minor) and different quest solutions are enough to determine what game achieved most, then I'd like to remind you that ToEE had all that too.


Might and Magic 6 - this is quite possibly the biggest game I've ever played. I have no idea how many days or weeks it took me to get through it, but we're talking at least twice as long as any other game. The only drawback is the rather weird ending, but otherwise this is a winner.

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What about the late-game mission that requires you to collect an Alexandrite? The only place it's found is as a 1/5 drop chance at the end of a fairly difficult bonus dungeon, and if you get one of the other 4 drops instead, you have to to the whole dungeon over again.


This Ultima Online Lawsuit Interview gives the post-mortem on the recent settlement of the UO lawsuit that caused such a stir. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

Unlike the acorn and cabbage that are also part of the sidequest, the beehive is so jittery that it will slide backwards at even the slightest incline, even if you try to brace it by a rock. It also seems to be magnetically drawn to the cliff that takes up the last half of the challenge, and if it falls off, you have to start all over again.


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It bears mentioning that one of the easiest skills to pick up is "Death Force" (requires Manipulate, but that's one of the most useful tools against that particular enemy's autocounter attacks anyway). Death Force makes a character immune to instant death attacks and is super useful (to the point of being necessary) to pick up a skill like "Roulette" (which randomly kills a single target, make sure to use Death Force on the manipulated enemy itself too, just in case).

The Crystal Space Beta Release page has a new version 0/11 of the Crystal Space 3D Engine. This beta release (please remember this is an engine, rather than a game) is said to be "MUCH better than the current official version," and is described as being "really close to the next official release," though its beta status is stressed. Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) 3D engine that supports curved surfaces, colored lights, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflecting surfaces, 3D sprites, scripting, and more, and offers portability to Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.


Even more insane is the infamous rose level in We Love Katamari, where the player is tasked with collecting one million roses into a katamari, while never growing in size and only being able to pick up the roses one by one or in bunches of ten at a time. Thankfully, you don't have to do it all in one go, and most sane players just rubber-banded their game controllers into a set position and left the game running overnight to get it.

The 3d overworlds look very outdated, but that doesn't matter much. But it is a game that requires a substantial time commitment and focus to get into, because it's a deep game with a lot to do. I guess I just never quite gave it that time.


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EAX mode (encrypt-then-authenticate-then-translate) is a mode of operation for cryptographic block ciphers. It is an Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) algorithm designed to simultaneously provide both authentication and privacy of the message with a two-pass scheme, one pass for achieving privacy and one for authenticity for each block.

It really is not as bad as it could be if you realize the following. First, in both games a chao can easily get all the emblems before their first reincarnation, meaning you only have to raise it once. Two, animals are significantly better than chaos drives, it takes about 3 animals(2 if flying) on average to level up that stat, but it takes about 5-7 chaos drives to level up. Third, you cannot level down due to animals, so if you had just leveled up with power, and start feeding the chao bunnies, you very little/no power. Fourth, the amount it takes to level is constant no matter how high your level is, so the amount it takes to get from level 97-98 is the same as it takes to go from 1-2. Lastly, you can transfer your chao between SA 1 and SA 2 via GBA link cable, so you only need 1 strong chao for some 10+ emblems? That's nothing compared to the amount of time it takes to get the all A rank emblems.


It's a mix of a turnbased tactical game with RPG elements. Imagine something like Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, just with less RPG elements but with more freedom and a really good indepth combat engine.

C# Open Source Managed Operating System (Cosmos) is a toolkit for building operating systems, written mostly in the programming language C# and small amounts of a high level assembly language named X#. Cosmos is a backronym, in that the acronym was chosen before the meaning. It is open-source software released under a BSD license.


U5 wasn't nearly as innovative as any of the other Ultimas. U6 and U7, not to mention the Underworlds, weren't capable of being run on anyone normal person's PC at the time. You had to have some expensive hardware and in some cases something called a "hard drive". The same thing could be said about U9 but it was such a complete mess its not worth mentioning. U8 I think most people consider it an aberration from the Ultimas and it was such a brilliant marketing strategy!

Obtaining all the Perfects in any game the Rhythm Heaven series. In order to get a Perfect rank in a minigame, you naturally have to complete it without making a single mistake, which is hard enough as it is (keep in mind, the games are very finicky about what counts as a mistake. You have to be completely precise; getting a "half-hit" won't count). But, oh wait, you can't just choose any minigame and try to get a Perfect on it, you have to wait until one is picked at random, and then you're given three tries to get a Perfect on it before you lose the opportunity. After that, you'll just have to wait until the next time it's picked. You can't even ignore it and try to complete it later when you feel it, because playing a different minigame instead still takes up one of your chances. Even if you're generally good at the games, the added pressure of knowing you only get a limited number of chances really doesn't help for your concentration, and it just plain sucks when you complete a minigame perfectly when it hasn't been called up, it won't count.


Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped allows the player to reach 105% completion by earning at least golden relics from every stage of the game. This is made very difficult by the fact that the game features several different types of levels and simply rushing through won't work in all of them.

Graphics in dungeon lords are perhaps lacking for console generation, but they are good for time period they came out (~2005). Gameplay and story, however, are through roofs. Dungeon lords features very unique never-before-seen caster system that is more than just right click of today's generation, and you had to combine various things to create new spells - very unique. Many races and classes were available for the get-go, and combat was available against many seperate enemies of very interesting natures.


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Pool of Radiance- The first gold box game. This was the first time you had the official D&D rules in a big commercial game. I loved following along in my journal as I played through the game. It really mixed reading and computer-gaming together very well.

I am making a bundle of all of these patches as some of them, notably Build 45 are getting very hard to find, and will post the download link shortly. I will dig for the forum and the posts i mentioned.


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While I can't stand generic High Fantasy settings like AD&D's Forgotten Realms, Planescape always was a favorite setting of mine. Plus, good story, and you could get through the game with little combat (great plus IMO).

Neil Manke's page has afollow-up on the follow-up (story) to hisfast vis article. Also, I mentioned a special low price for Eagle Watch on the Zone (story), but incorrectly called it a special price onplaying, but it's actually a special price on the Rainbow Six add-on itself. Playing EagleWatch on the Zone will, in fact, be free. Also, in the first version of the write-up aboutthe Random Quake Map Generator yesterday (story), I mistakenly attributed a quote to the program's author sayingthe program generated maps better than some pro maps, which he did not even remotely say(just shows you how badly I can screw something up if I put my mind to it). Sorry aboutthat (or in the Teflon®-coated world of journalism, it would be "Blue's News regretsthe error"). Finally, I mentioned an update by 3D Realms' Scott Miller about the PraxWar cancellation, but I want to mention Scott's subsequent update as well, since it clarifies and expands uponwhat he originally said.


This patch will update both 1/0 and 1/1 versions to 1/1.1. There is no reason to update to 1/1 first. If you do experience problems with updating your 1/0 or 1/1 version to 1/1.1 please report all relevant system and error information to [email protected]

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Anyone who's played Illusion of Gaia remembers gathering Red Gems. They range from easy to Guide Dang It, but that one. The third red gem occurs only in your home town, so once you leave it's Lost Forever, but that's not the annoying part. To get it, you have to wait for the fisherman on the docks to have caught a bucket, which you examine to get the gem. You can only change how he is by running inside and then back outside to check on him. And, on top of all that, there's a one-in-God only knows chance of him actually having got the bucket.


There are several "epic" badges in both games that have ridiculous levels of achievement as the developers expected them to be earned only by players playing that same character for years (in a game that encourages making lots of alternative characters, go figure). Players who actually care about these badges have simply found ways to "farm" for the achievements in much less time.

Pokémon clone Magi-Nation had a monster that could only be caught by completing a sidequest that spanned the entire freakin' game. A definite Guide Dang It, as many of the steps weren't even remotely hinted at in the game, could only be done at very specific points, and were completely random. The most annoying part was paying a ferry boat loads of money each time to reach a location, then paying more to make them wait for you. If you failed to pay them one time, they'd disappear and never return. One small misstep and this entire quest was moot.


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This is played straight near endgame for a creepy effect. Everyone's thoughts are the same because they are being brainwashed.

Finding Omega Mk. XII is an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. The most satisfying part isn't beating him, but actually tracking the mofo down.


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I don’t have certain games here that others would see as “indispensable” in such lists. There’s no Nintendo, no Final Fantasy, no Metal Gear, no Mega Man, and so on. It’s not that I have disdain for these games, it’s either I never played them more than once or never played them at all. I do have two JRPGs among the Honorable Mentions, but they are the only two that I’ve played extensively. As for having no Nintendo, I never owned a Nintendo console until I bought a DS some years ago.

Deus ex, since it has the most engaging atmosphere, great action mechanics, story, character advancement and writing. All of these elements combined turned out the best gaming experience ever, and if you classify as an rpg, by default, its the best experience ever.


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Lampshaded in Jays Journey multiple times. One instance has an NPC repeatedly say his line, despite Jay's protests, when he's blocking a shortcut.

Final Fantasy XII is another bad one. To get the game's most powerful Infinity+1 Sword, you practically need a strategy guide, because it requires you to leave four treasure chests alone without giving you the slightest indication of where those chests are. There's another way to get the weapon, but it's a 1/1000 random treasure chest drop. Another nasty sidequest involves a trek into Phase 2 of the Henne Mines, the game's most difficult Bonus Dungeon. It's an hour-long journey through a narrow and confusing dungeon infested with Goddamned Bats. There are no saves, and at the end of the Mines is Zodiark, one of the game's three most difficult optional bosses. The reward for beating Zodiark is the ability to use him as a summon, but because he requires the character to be under a certain dangerous status to use his ultimate attack, Zodiark is Awesome but Impractical.


I've never played older and newer games than that. I cannot play newer games, because my PCs already too old, and I don't have the money for a new one.

The ION Storm news page hasbeen updated with details on entering the Mplayer Daikatana Deathmatch Tournament,as well as the entire press release on this promotion detailing what's involved inparticipation, what can be won, etc. Also, I saw on Voodoo Extreme that CGO/OGRhas posted an article on ION talking about the games in production, as well as therecent talk of turmoil over there.


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TOEE - It's like KOTC with awful encounter design, the most boring town in any RPG, and an extremely poor difficulty curve. Tried it twice, got bored twice. What a waste, they make that awesome engine then have like one fun battle in the first 5 hours (the main moat house room).

Exploration: True open world exploration that is only limited by the player/character's skill and inventiveness. My fondest memory of any exploration danger vs reward scenario is my acquiring of the Drachenschneide, one of the best two-handed weapons in the game. I came across a cave in a none too dangerous area with two skeletons in it at a rather low character level. I managed to lure them out, one by one, and after some fiddling, dying and reloading I managed to put them to rest. With that feeling of success I explored some more, turned a corner and stood in front of 3 undead paladins who quickly made mincemeat out of me. After a lot more fiddling, dying and reloading I had to accept that I couldn't kill even a single one of those bastards. So I made an inventory of my possibilities and found 3 scrolls of smite evil in my inventory. Well, since I only had enough mana to use one at a time, the ensueing fight still put me on my toes but I persevered and found the Drachenschneide as a reward. It took another 3-5 level-ups before I had the strength to actually use it, but my, was that a sweet experience.


The best RPG of the decade is BG2 for me. Sure, there are rpgs with better combat, more c&c, better world exploration and better story. But there is no rpg that combines all this things together as flawless as BG2.

They really need to make an Age of Empires II HD Edition-like remake of the KotOR games. With all the updated content, shiny new graphics/resolution and modern compatibility.


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Very much averted in EarthBound and Mother 3. You won't get nearly as much from this series if you don't Talk to Everyone, because the game developers love adding in plenty of extra NPC lines for towns you'll never visit ever again. A particularly big example being Happy Happy Village, which is slowly turning back from the strange cult town it was into a normal town as you progress through the game. People slowly turn back to normal, many other people will apologize, and the red house will open revealing a Mr. Saturn. Also, as a sort of hidden line near the end of MOTHER 3, in the basement of the Empire Porky Building, if you talk to Flint six times he'll comment about his baldness. If you talk to him again he'll comment about the metaphor he used for his baldness.

Add to this one of the most atmospheric, varied and original game soundtracks that has ever been made, and you get a game that's like no other. It turned me into a Larian fanboy for life.


Darklands: Probably one of the most large and complex games in existence, even if it is a bit dated. There is really nothing you can't do in this game. You can be an alchemist and actually be useful beyond making potions. You can rob castles, sack cities, all sorts of fantastic stuff.

Also consider the Meta achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been - You need to complete all of the holiday event Meta achievements, and each one of those usually has a few that are extremely annoying. Also, good luck if you're out of town during the 1 week some of these events run.


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Collecting every single Figment in Psychonauts is a task best left to the masochistic—especially in the Milla's Raceway sub-level. Due to the slope of the level, and the fact that it more or less forces you to be on your unwieldy Levitation Ball most of the way, it's very easy to fly too far or move too fast—and if you accidentally take the wrong pathway, too bad! To make matters worse, unlike most video game Plot Coupons, Figments are transparent and can phase in and out of visibility—and some of them move, meaning you have to chase them down.

Problem ing diablo 3 patch

Simply put, Arcanum is a role-playing game that allows you to at least reasonably play the role you choose in some way. You can use Magic (with its over-reliance on the "Harm" spell) or Technology as your primary combat approach or go for a bit of both (if you can work around the consequences).


Diablo 2 mods s patch

Geneforge 1. The game has unique atmosphere, gameplay and themes, reminiscent to the original Fallout. Setting is, while not exactly original, a unique blend between sci-fi and fantasy. I particularly like the departure from the more cliche good/bad choises in favor of the more moral based ones with corresponding consequences. The lacking luster visual bring extremely detailed descriptions to the unique enviroments and monsters, or leave the more intricate stuff to one's imagination. And what is more fitting for an RPG?

Diablo2 scam and music

Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishfull thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.


Diablo 2 eastern sun patch

Some ridiculously high number of hours of B - C+ level D&D combat and adventuring, plus nice character development. Sure, the combat system isn't exceedingly tactical, but I can name 50 RPGs with worse combat, this combat was also a far cry from say KOTR, you still had to use tactics for some encounters and I imagine most people died a bit first time through. They say quantity has a quality of it's own, I'm not sure that's always true, as 100 hours of D level content sounds like hell to me. But this game had both decent quality and ridiculous quantity, so it was great back then although my patience for it would be lower today I'm sure.

All of these pale in comparison to that bloody arcade game. In order to get a golden banana for 100% completion, you must beat an (insanely difficult) version of the original Donkey Kong Arcade Game.


For an on-topic post, I'm going to nominate Deus Ex. Not because it was the game I replayed the most out of all on this list, though it takes that title (admittedly, BG2 was ahead until I lost one of my disks). Not because it was the game I had most fun playing, though it takes that one as well. And not because it was the game that I 'appreciated' the most, or thought was the most intelligent or creative, or displayed the most developer brilliance: I'm not even sure Deus Ex would take those. And not because it was part of the short burst of games who briefly elevated gaming's scriptwriting, giving many of us hope that gaming could develop into an interactive artistic and narrative medium, as well as a series of fun mechanics. For those few games that carried it, the ability to convey an intelligent interactive narrative and themes, while still combining them with the humour and action needed to make them work in a game,was and still remains mindblowing. But their legacy hasn't been pretty. The intelligent writing has deserted us, but they left a generation of gamers for whom 'crpg' meant 'interactive story' and little else as core requirements of the genre. The interactive story took over from the game mechanics, just as those like myself had hoped, but instead of the artistic pieces we had naively hoped for, we received the 'Michael Bay of Gaming' storywriting as games like Mass Effect turned the western crpg into glorified third person shooters with dialogue and a dating sim.

Unofficial high resolution patch

The figurine quest in The Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap is a pain. There's 136 different figurines, which are gradually unlocked throughout the game. To get them, you have to pay special Mysterious Shells. The more figurines you own, the less likely it is you'll get a unique one—unless you pay more shells. Eventually, you'll probably run out of shells, which means you have to buy them, at the low, low price of 200 Rupees for 30. To cap that, you have to beat the game once to get access to the last 6 figurines. Once you've collected the first 130, you gain access to the sound test and the final Heart Piece.


To sum it up, it's you versus an army of five Handymen in the Nightclub, so your best option is to grab a pair of Tommy Guns and hide out in the foyer so you can mow down any Handyman unlucky to be in your line of fire. Have fun dying repeatedly when you're trying to grab a gun while trying not to get wasted by a Handyman or two.

Crosshair bitmaps can actually be any size or dimensions. They don't have to be symmetrical, and they will automatically be centered on the screen.


Mac Diablo II Patch 1.03c Now Available

Anyway, both Tony and Nick made clear that Voodoo 3 is not the big thing that the hard core gamers are waiting for. If you have a SLI config, don't get Voodoo 3 is the advice. When asked if there's gonna be a product for the hardcore gamers we didn't get any direct answers, but it's clear that 3Dfx will come with a new chipset before the end of the years which is "supposed to satisfy the hardcore gamers". I couldn't get more info, but Tony said that at E3 they would probably give more info.

Elemental Workshop III, where you have to manipulate a bunch of blocks on a grid to operate a machine. Takes a frustratingly long time, but if you have any desire to use the machine to make more equipment after the quest is over, it's possible to "break" the machine so that you have unlimited turns, and possible to make it so that you can use the machine in ten moves or less.


Floating point really comes into play in two key areas: OpenGL driver throughput and client/server game code. Right now, BY FAR, the OpenGL driver is consuming the most time, sometimes up to 75% of the overall execution of the program. This means that whatever SIMD optimizations we do pursue will not have NEAR the impact of SIMD optimizations within the OpenGL driver.

NOTE: The games listed here are those I played during my formative years, so there are none listed of what I played at 18 years old and over. There are more that could have added here, but these are the ones that profoundly influenced me. I was primarily a PC gamer and the only console I ever had was the Sega Genesis. Honorable mentions on the bottom are 25 titles total.


It's Capture the Bag at the Ice Station with you and Sgt. Cortez against an army of 'Splitters.

My 10 Most Memorable Games

SharkyExtreme's Kingpin preview is up offering perspective on Xatrix' upcoming QuakeII-engine game based on the behind-the-scenes showing during the LA event last week. Thepreview also offers 13 exclusive new screenshots.


The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword has a harp minigame to finish up the Lumpy Pumpkin quest line. It gets particular rage because you don't get direct feedback on whether you're doing it right until the song ends (although the harmony sounds incomplete if you're doing badly).

Any gamer that has played FO3 could easily play Deus Ex. The same could probably be said for players with experience of Mass Effect. Both of those games did less with much greater complexity.


Casual players of the game do not even bother with this. Most serious players of the game attempt to do this, fail miserably, give up and move on. Only the truly dedicated Hundred Percent Completionists remain, but even many of them fail and inevitably accept defeat. In the end, many players wind up hopelessly stuck at 99%, and give up before ever reaching the coveted 100% Completion.

In my case, it’s The Super Shinobi II since I got the Asian version. The only pure console title on the list, this was the most played game on my old Sega Genesis, which was the only console I ever owned until this year (2021) when I finally got a PS3.


At least with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, you have to manually change the phrase yourself to trigger a tile change. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum are even worse; they change every day. Thankfully, Feebas appear very often on their designated tiles, so once you lock on, you can just keep fishing on that tile.

Also, if you've managed to level any of your skills above 70, get ready to hear about it from every single NPC you meet. There are even mods that remove NPCs' ability to comment on your skills, as there's only about one or two lines per skill and their likelihood of spouting them is pretty damn high.


Civilization v unofficial patch

You could play this game like most veterans would with Icewind Dale, which is through a lot of min-maxing. However, fully experiencing the story meant that you would want to put points on your Charisma stat and Persuade skill to interact with the NPCs and get the extra dialogue choices. If you’re a Dragon Age or Mass Effect fan, then you should play this to see where BioWare started to really figure things out on interactions with other characters.

Lazarus suffers from this too imho. Both games where well written but the staggering amounts of dialogue actually begin to ironically take away from the immersion. There needed to be a better balance between gameplay and conversing withs npcs.


The beginning of the third dungeon in CIMA: The Enemy parodies this by starting off in a village. The main characters attempt to start conversations with the villagers until they quickly give up. Ironically, the game itself is guilty of it as well.

If you use him as a Rage, he just casts Pep Up (suicide attack that takes all your MP and HP and gives it to an ally, and ejects you from the battle so you can't be revived). But if you want to have 100% completion, you have to fight him.


Due to spectacularly bad testing the Game Cube version of the game contains a glitch where 99% of the barrels are invisible to the player. Barrels that result in instant death if touched. Oh, and did we mention you're on a time limit? Getting the coins from this level requires truly psychic guesswork and timing, and the reward? Short clips from The Wrong Trousers and one preview from the 'Cracking Contraptions' series.

The Gilded Sword's increased power and reach makes it worth getting, but it can be tricky to do so. Basically you have to go swordless for a night, beat the boss of Snowhead Temple, win at the Goron Race Track before the second day is out, and go swordless for another night. The Race Track is the hard part, as the high speed steering can take some getting used to, you have to watch your magic, especially if you didn't get the meter upgrade, and if another goron bumps into you on an incline, you lose your spikey rolling. For extra fun, try doing this all on your first visit to the zone. The temple is doable without a sword, though getting all of the stray fairies takes some finesse.


To pick a game to nominate as the RPG of the decade, though, I'd have to say Arcanum. Why that instead of my favorite? Because game developers should have that as their biggest influence, rather than Fallout 3 (shit), Oblivion (shittier), or Halo (shittiest). Awesome setting, good writing, characters that are actually people you'd want to interact with, the kickass soundtrask just about everything was something developers should aspire to. Except for the ridiculous bugginess and clusterfuck of a real-time combat system.

Dragon Quest VII is the game where you find God. And then find out he's really the devil. But after you beat him, you have a sidequest where you can find God again. But you have to get all the shards, some of which can be Lost Forever, to go to one dungeon, where you find shards for the other dungeon, and then you can fight God.


Super Mario Advance gave us the Yoshi eggs. Did we mention that you don't get any extra hit points now? And there's no way to know where the Yoshi eggs are?

Vtmb unofficial patch 9.0

To complete a challenge, you have to make a perfect run through it - hit all the Beats, dodge any Avoid Beats, etc. In RUNNER, this also extends to hitting everything that gives points - but not all of them, or else you jump into a pit or another enemy.


Diablo iii beta patch 18

Dragon Quest: The guards by the front gate of Tantegel Castle in the first three games apparently have nothing to say that's more important than welcoming the hero(es) to the castle where they're standing guard. Seeing how the first three games take place years apart from each other, this tendency seems to have been passed down from generation to generation.

The later games were action/adventure games but the first one is clearly an action/RPG. One chock full of story, atmosphere, wit and originality. But it was Isometric/2D and they JUST had to 3Dify it and add the Lara Croft element.


Your time is better served lobbying your video card driver manufacturers for 3DNow and KNI support. This will net, by far, the most gains in overall performance for the majority of users with PIII and K6 systems.

Vtmb unofficial patch 8.8 skype

For one, getting from hated to honored with the Bloodsails means killing Booty Bay guards, which kills your Booty Bay (and thus Steamwheedle Cartel) reputation. Even then, it is far from easy getting to exalted with the Shan'dralar (turn in Unique librams, along with other items, over and over and over) or the Darkmoon Faire (ditto, but with the hard-to-assemble Darkmoon decks), and getting to exalted with Ravenholdt is next to impossible if you're not a rogue (again, but with pickpocketed lockboxes). Oh, did I mention that you have to hold those reputations simultaneously?


The corresponding achievement was meant to encourage both sides to try and attempt to earn it. In theory it made the cooperation better. In practice, most people tend to earn one achievement off of someone more experienced (since they can actually accomplish the feat), who more than likely already gained the corresponding achievement a long time ago, and couldn't care less if you got it or not.

Ever tried to take a decent picture of something when it's trying to kill you? And did I mention you have to wait a full day for every single figurine to be made?


I just can't choose which one is better. They are both too great for me to pick one.

I disagree with the devs promising to release the source, and then not doing so (breaking not only their word but a licensing agreement with some OS stuff they used in development). As it was the first game I had a hand (however brief) in, I'll mention it. It taught me what not to do when selling a game, and what to do; so I owe it that much.


After Morrowind the greatest timesink on the list. Although much of it's content was generic, it overwhelmed with the sheer scale of content, landmass, opportunity and excellent RPG mechanics. It's my favorite character creation system.

Phantasy Star IV has the dog quest, where you have to find a dog, which randomly pops up in one of five cities. If you don't have a specific item in your inventory, it runs away, and you have to search the other four cities. The only way to get said item is to find the hidden shop that has virtually no hints to where it is.


Probably the one RPG I've done most playthroughs of, just to try new options, new methods, new characters. Playing as a technologist is a hugely rewarding experience, and the game seems to always trick you into playing just a little more, like needing to play the next round in Civilization. Might have spent more time with Fallout 2, but Arcanum is just as massive, engaging, well-written and immersive. On top of that you get your C&C, original character system, an extremely interesting world to explore and and a true feeling of being in a living place that goes on for miles and miles. Bugs and combat are the obvious minus, but nothing that bothers me too much.

For the longest time, especially during Holy Week when local TV stations would be off-air, I could play this game for most of the day, but also stop at the sixth level. When I finally beat it, I was a bit disappointed with the final boss fight being so wimpy. The rest of the game is challenging though, so it’s alright for the most part.


Drakan - Order of the Flame: AiO Unofficial Patch 2nd Edition

Improvements to performance and flexibility. Any part of the os filesystem, a dat file, or a zip file can be mounted anywhere in the anox virtual file tree.

Top 10 CRPGs of all time

Hi guys, here is a copy of the Xtreme Map pack. I finally got it complete last night, got some really good feedback from them. My favorite is the new Desert of Death 2 map. Finally makes the stage VERY playable and fun. Anyhow I hope you can post this zip file for the community!


Subsequent versions of the game added even more subquest items with this property. If you try to get them during the regular course of the game, expect to be obscenely overlevelled by the time you get to the end!

Looks like we had a few problems with the 1/2 patch. The 1/2 patch had a number of changes, some of them we considered pretty critical. We were pushing to get the patch (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9902) out, but as with anything that is rushed, problems creep in and are not caught. We'll correct those over the next few days and get a revised 1/2 patch out, which will actually bump the number to 1/3.


The second place is Gothic for me. Yeah right, Gothic not Gothic 2. The atmosphere and scope of Gothic 1 was perfect for a 3D game. It was more an action-adventure with some rpg-stats and less a rpg for me but the rpg-elements were well done (exploration, getting better, c&c).

If you managed to beat those, the third Challenge asks you to kill a number of enemies while your life bar automatically drains. Problem is, it might as well have required a No Damage Run as your life will be cutting it close enough without taking any hits. The fourth Challenge gives you a tight time limit to destroy several items, one tight enough that you practically need to choreograph a routine to make it.


As far as I know all the Doom movie rumors are just those, rumors. Thathaving been said, the following report has appeared on Coming Attractions about theoft-discussed, but never made, Doom movie.

The first one was much more original and had a great new style of game design, pioneering most of the standards of the series. The fourth game is the one most like the first one in game design and theme - for instance that in these two games you have a small forest to wander around and map, while in the others world design is somewhat different.


It's incredibly hard to get the 1500 points required, and for extra fun, it's entirely possible to end up with 1,490 points. When something like that happens, it feels like the game is taunting you.

Anachronox unofficial patch s company

ToS did as well, but it made up for it with a fun (IMO) combat system and amusing storyline. Most J-RPGs seem to me to be about as much RPG as Sonic the Hedgehog without any gameplay.


Unofficial morrowind patch 1.6.6

Getting all the Enemy Skills is pretty difficult. One of them won't get all of them because only bosses use Trine and you get it after you kill the last boss that uses it (unless you wait to complete the Pagoda sidequest until after you get the last Enemy Skill Materia). You can only get Pandora's Box once. Chocobuckle is even worse, because if you're too strong, or you think I've got KOR now so why don't I just sell Chocobo Lure, you won't get it. And a spell actually has to hit and you survive it; Manipulate is pretty much the only way this will happen with some spells, and some have instant death.

The only time when you go underwater is the serpent trench in the World of Balance. If you get to the World of Ruin and then see his empty slot when you're going for One Hundred Percent Completion then you're too late. And even when you pick up Mog in the Wo B, the serpent trench is probably the furthest thing from your mind at that point, right when the story is really picking up speed. The saving grace was in the Advance remake where you get to have one last underwater battle versus Leviathan. And even then, you had to have Mog in your party while fighting him.


There is an NPC that does mention the Tonberry King (where he was though, I forget). As for the deep sea underwater center, the puzzle performed early on will determine whether or not you have the necessary pressure needed to open the doors and raise the cage. The scripted battles only occur if Zell breaks the pressure machine. If the puzzle is solved correctly, then Encounter-None can be used in the deep sea center.

The updating isn't entirely consistent, either: a NPC may praise you as a hero when seeing you, then suddenly turn gruff and unfriendly when you initiate actual dialogue. Sometimes, the dialogue will be surprisingly detailed, but have no purpose: the shaggy dog story of NPC dialog, a classic example of which can be had from any of the Atius and Sintav family members in the Imperial City. Other times the NPCs won't switch to their new dialog when they're supposed to, due to a bug.


The unofficial oblivion patch supplemental skype

Onimusha 3 has an optional training mode that you unlock along the way. The training sessions are in no way easy, but they are completely doable, at least until you reach Critical training. It requires either almost superhuman reflexes or huge amounts of dumb luck to get through, especially in the PC port. Passing it gets you a neat item and unlocks the good ending.

Calis: Many have lauded this game's accomplishments, and deservedly so. Its predecessor, Daggerfall, was a mixed bag. It offered a similar kind of freedom, but was plagued by bugs and a general feeling of pointlessness. Morrowind offers a huge, breathing game world with gorgeous graphics and a whole lot to do. On top of it all, the game is very, very mod-able which adds to the fun. Of course the game isn't perfect: interface flaws, steep system requirements and a less than perfect dialogue system all detract from the fun. The fact still remains, however, that Morrowind is without a doubt one of the most amazing accomplishments of the year.


Plugy diablo 2 lod patch

Just like Gothic it was intended as an action adventure, but nevertheless it blew most of the aRPG competition out of the water when it came to RPG elements. It was one of rather few sequels that actually managed to improve upon the prequel while retaining consistency and feel. It has great dialogue, NPCs and story (yes, I manage to completely ignore the Dragons *shannowmindtrick*). But the best parts are definately the melee combat and exploration.

You have to start collecting them all over again! The entire level is pretty scrappy, but both of its "collect X of object Y" missions drove her to rage.


The unofficial oblivion patch supplemental music

While we're on the topic of Zelda, what about the Big Poes in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? You have to use your horse and start in a specific location in Hyrule field and head in a specific direction to make the Poe even appear, and you have to chase - at high speed - said Poe and shoot it twice before it disappears. And you have to find all ten in order to have access to the final empty bottle.

Both Melee and Brawl feature the Cruel Melee/Brawl modes, in which the power and skill of the computer is ramped up considerably. The best way to actually succeed at these (which also must be completed for One Hundred Percent Completion) is to jump off the level.

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In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, many NPCs say different things depending on the day and time, whether you've done certain things, and what mask or form you present. Even if you aren't going for One Hundred Percent Completion, getting to know them all really enhances the game's emotional depth—such as if you talk to people awaiting death on the night of the third day.


Ultima Underworld was among the first first person RPGs to have truly 3-dimensional terrain with jumping and such as opposed to a flat world. I only recall Midwinter doing it before Ultima, and Midwinter wasnt an RPG.

Anachronox - Anachronox Widescreen Fix

A Tim Sweeney interview on The Beauty of Madness, Andrew Smith's re-revived website. The conversation is centered around the future commercial release of the Unreal editor.


The accomplishments for battlegen-ing the colored gems (Numbers 126-133). Battlegen, for the uninitiated, is the Dissidia system wherein performing a specific action to the opponent, such as landing an Exburst or slamming them into the wall has a chance to generate a pre-determined item. So, you can see from the get-go that it's a Luck-Based Mission. Making it worse are the many elements of Guide Dang It inherent to the process. First off, the game never tells you that Battlegen-ing these items is what will fulfill the conditions of the accomplishments. Second, the game never even tells you that these gems exist. Thirdly, the game never mentions that the only way to get at opponents from whom you can battlegen the gems is via either friend cards (in other words, online multiplayer elements) or the Stiltzkin cards. And finally, the game will never tell you how to get the Stiltzkin cards, you need either trial and error or a guide to figure out how to get all eight. That you will then have to fight. Until the game decides to have mercy on you and randomly generate the gem.

Unique game world and characters. Anyone ridden their Twon-Ha lately?


This took a while to think about. The article was great, the posts here were good (up until Drog started up his diva/prima donna bullshit) and now I guess I'll add my own entry to the list.

You can get Planescape via GameTap if you don't mind going that way. Same for the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games.


Diablo 1 patch link

But the Flyer quest is an even better example, once you hit all the towns you have to wander the fields and hope that the medical team would even show up, and then it's very likely you got them on the list already. Unlike the lucky animals, there's no known method for making the Medical squad appear.

If you can look beyond the dated graphics and UI you'll notice that the gameplay and writing feels surprisingly modern. It has really great music as well.


If you manage to do that, then wait the two in-game weeks required for the statue to be built, you can finally claim Goldbrand. To upgrade it into Eltonbrand, you need to become a vampire (something most players of the game may not even realize is in the game for many, many hours) and perform a specific quest with a specific amount of gold in your inventory.

If that's a barometer of "classic" then you could probably include every PC RPG prior to Stonekeep. And a hefty lol at Ultima Underworld 2, which while being an excellent game at the time, would likely be a pain to run now and fairly incomprehensible due to the whole "hasn't played any Ultima games" bit.


I just want to give a shot-out to some other excellent games. Nintendo’s Dragon Quest 1 and Final Fantasy 3. Segas Phantasy Star 3, Stonekeep, Anvil of Dawn, Dragon Wars, Pillars of Garendal and Sacred.

At least the reward is useful—more so than other Zelda examples, at least. If you kill all 60 poes, he'll give you 200 rupees every time you talk to him, essentially making him a free power source for your magic armor.


I have completed it four times yes. Takes me roughly 3-4 days to get through it once, but I'm a powergamer and never spend any "wasted"(depends on POV, obviously) time in games. It took me half the time to complete Oblivions main quest and all guilds.

Those that can be killed doesn't usually get in your way anyways. The poison river can at least be cleared even if you miss a coin or two, by slowly working your way back to the start while balancing on the stage's edge. Did I mention that the river is suspended high in the air and has an edge the width of your foot?


I dusted off the overdue edition of the Mailbag, here it is for your perusal. Picking up abunch of dangling threads, such as auto-updating, Thief and TRIBES, the Q3A AVI, the PVGS,that damn shift key, some science for the literal minded, plus more on cookies, more onblank spaces, and one rant from theAntiELVIS, and another about him.

The problem with the really old games was that they felt more like strategic combat games than roleplaying games. The character statistics, monsterkilling, new weapons etc was there, but the adventure/story/choices was often missing.


Baldur's Gate 1, with TotSC & Tutu. Someone else mentioned that they cannot stand to play any 640x480 games like BG1. But I didn't think anyone was still playing it in such an old-fashioned way. Everyone I know uses Tutu, which copies the BG1 materials over to the BG2 engine. Playing BG1 at 1280x1024 is great!

If you want to play a great single player RPG and can accept the graphics for how they are, get The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind + expansions. The gameplay is great and very fun, you will really enjoy yourself. The combat can get tedious, but if you look at the overall product its one of the greatest RPG's ever made IMO.


Unofficial fallout 3 patch 1.7 skype

Well everyone complains that the second disk ruins the game, I would say that the fact t h a t t h e y t a l k s o s l o w l y and no matter how fast you mash the X button they won't talk any faster ruined more of the game for me than anything. BUT the storyline outweighs it all. Gears kick ass, deathblows rule. I also heard at some point that the reason that the second disk is so awful is because Square decided to make FF8 and they had to finish it quickly. Another reason for me to hate FF8. In all honesty, I would grit my teeth, go through the game all the way to the end, forget about it for a year or two, then pick it up and play it again. It's mindblowing on the second time through.

IAS Q2 Reckoning Patch

It can be played in both XP and Vista. And also completely netbook compatible (if you have the isos or the nocd crack of course).


Vampire the masquerade bloodlines unofficial patch steam

I haven't played in a long while, since I switched to Linux. But it was incredibly fun and addicting, though I never got much into the community aspect.

From the story to the characters, this game is both memorable and fun to play. The graphic novel cutscenes gives the narrative its comic book noir flavor, and Max Payne’s deadpan monotone delivery adds to the character. The whole vengeful cop angle is a bit cliche, but it really works in this game as it pays homage to many other action movie archetypes as well.


Actually, if you use the d-pad instead of the analog stick, it tightens up the controls a great deal, making the game slightly easier. Unfortunately, nothing in the game mentions this.

Vampire the masquerade unofficial patch

There's no time limit on the quest and Nirnroots can be picked up while doing pretty much everything else. To fully complete the quest 100 are required but there are over three times that many scattered throughout the game.


Oblivion unofficial patch supplemental

Not to mention the fact that the third mission of said Level 45-50 Strike Force awards a badge needed for an accolade power whose Hero equivalent can theoretically be achieved at Level 7 (Level 1, if you're lucky enough). And all it does is bump your Endurance up by five points.

Vampire the masquerade bloodlines unofficial patch 9.0

The demo sucked so it was a really hard sell. But enough folks convinced me that the opening dungeon was the worst part of the game and they were right. As a whole, this game probably had the best overall score of any RPG. And I’m a big fan of Rob King, of Might & Magic fame.


Both me and my uncle spent many hours playing this. I got stuck in the teleport maze. I remember it more fondly for my uncle, who died due to complications from his diabetes, than for the game, but it is still a solid game, one that has a few elements I like well enough to use in my own dream game. The game Veil of Darkness uses the same engine, in a gothic/horror setting. It's pretty good, but much harder.

The new Unreal version 220 is 90% as good as Quake 2 from what I've seen and getting better. I think Unreal has finally achieved the performance they should have had when they shipped, and most people agree. I'd wager that with Unreal Tournament you will see a vast increase in Unreal's market share of online play.


Oblivion unofficial patch deutsch

Arcanum, good for what it is, was just the old stuff extended over a larger area, like Fallout that received nerve damage and grew unnaturally big. And NWN was a MMORPG that occasionally larped a single-player game. I would not call that innovative either. The last decade was indeed incredibly bland and dull, if your standard is what-could-have-been instead of what came before, although it was a pretty feeble period however you look at it.

Unofficial dawnguard patch german

When this game was first released, it had impact. I’m a big fan of John Woo and Hong Kong action movies, so playing a game where I can pull off moves like Chow Yun-fat is quite a treat. It’s even better when the game acknowledges its influence and lives up to that hype.


Planescape: Torment Ranked #4 PC Game

STB has investigated the rumors that we have had systems blow up while testing the Detonator driver. The alleged incident never occurred. We can not find anyone who claims to have made those statements. The card's BIOS controls the core and memory clocks. It is not a function of the driver. A driver could not change either clock speed. Unfortunately, STB was not contacted by the site that originally posted the information. If we had been, we could have corrected these misconceptions.

A lot of the more recent stealth games make use of the third-person perspective to circumvent most of the difficulties in stealth since players get to see at wider angles. That removes a lot of the suspense in stealth games that is present in a fully first-person title like Thief and makes it much easier to sneak past enemies.


Vtmb unofficial patch 9.4 music

The goddamn Rabid Bear in Guild Wars: Eye of the North. To score points with the Norn, you need to fight this bear with just a wooden club that does pathetic amounts of damage. Not a single player was expecting said bear to be a Level 24 tank with naturally regenerating-health, an ability that boosts his health AND grants him damage resistance, and another skill that lets him regenerate 8 points of health per second. By the way, that last skill casts and recharges in half the time even though he isn't technically a boss. The bear ALSO can make himself immune to knockdowns at times, and not all classes have fast enough interrupts to stop him. Some of the game's best builds have failed against this thing, and nowadays most players simply switch to a Ritualist or Necromancer secondary, then take him down with ghosts or curses.

Unofficial fallout 3 patch by quarn

The cards are Lost Forever now, due to being out of print for several years. On top of that, only Japan had all the cards while other places got a fraction of what Japan had.


Katamari Damacy's Ursa Major and Taurus stages. The stages are easy to beat since the King of All Cosmos accepts any bear or cow. However, getting the biggest bear and cow is an exercise in madness because the King of All Cosmos is an idiot who accepts any bear or cow, including bear carvings, men in bear suits, men in cow suits, and milk cartons. One wonders how many completionists have thrown their controllers in frustration after the king prematurely yanked them out of the stage because he believes that the black and white patterned beach umbrella you accidentally rolled up is a cow.

Addition of ngLog/ngWorldStats logging support. Start racking up all your frags online!


Unofficial fallout 3 patch 1.7 adobe

That is quite intentional: Neverwinter Nights 1 and its expansions just aren't any good at all. It's not even good enough to slip in with reservations, like KotOR does.

The Toy Time Galaxy has Luigi's Purple Coins. The time limit imposed may as well not exist, as the Green Slime of Death will see to it that you die long before your time runs out.


The Dark Mod is a free and open-source software first-person stealth video game, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. The game provides the basic framework and tools for more than 100 fan-made missions, including several multi-mission campaigns. The Dark Mod was first released in 2009 as a total conversion mod for Doom 3. Version 2/0 was released in October 2021 as a standalone game using the open-source id Tech 4 game engine.

The Gigolo title can actually be gotten far easier by this method: Get the three golden items, a spider figurine, a shard of glass, and some other sort of something, from the various inner self battles towards the end of the game in the now empty Half-Elf village. Before moving on to defeat the Big Bad, go back to Meltokio and talk with Zelos's butler. You'll get the title automatically.


The first decade unofficial patch 1.03 adobe

Wizardry 6: Band of the Cosmic Forge. This was my favorite of the wizardry series. I need to replay 8 because I got bored with the tedious half hour battles.

Diablo 2 expansion update patch

While in itself relatively light on role-playing elements, it set an example for how the FPS and RPG genres could be blended successfully. It demonstrated that character skill and player skill can co-exist and make for compelling gameplay. Deus Ex had its share of flaws, but not such as would ruin the overall experience. It might have been a bit too long, but unlike too many other titles, it didn't feel unfinished, unbalanced or rushed out of the door. The only game to follow a similar model while adding more role-playing elements (rather than eliminating them) to the mix was Bloodlines. Unfortunately, only the first half or so actually lived up to the older game's legacy.


Diablo 1 patch 1 09b00

The RPG Episode of Warehouse 13 overlaps this with But Thou Must. Pete and Claudia encounter an NPC based on Artie in Fargo's virtual reality game. Pete tries to grill him for information, but he keeps repeating the introductory dialogue until they say yes.

Requires a whole lot of switching, and if one party dies, both parties are dead. Not to mention actually finding the dungeon can be quite difficult to begin with. To make matters worse, it's required for two of the best weapons, the best shield, one of the best healing spells, AND the best attack spell.


The Ski Slope snowboarding mission in the mission mode in Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut, where you have to pass a line of rings with three high jumps on the last three ski slopes and go flying over the capsule to get them by hitting the red and white lines on the edge of the ramp, and your timing has to be pixel-perfect. The slightest mistake forces you to repeat the mission, and every time you repeat the mission, you have to play through the entire snowboarding section over again. As if this wasn't bad enough, if you decide to save this mission for last (which is, needless to say, entirely understandable), you risk running into a bug which corrupts your save file and forces you to do everything over again, this mission included.

Fighting games are a bit special to me for two reasons. First off, I suffered from self-esteem issues growing up, and it was video games that eventually convinced my subconscious mind that I’m actually a capable person after all.


Descent 3 Demo Patch

JDR - you can always speed up time, it helps, especially if the targets are mostly staying still. Bottom right corner of the screen.

The Deep Sea Research Facility deserves a mention too. The first challenge, defeating two Ruby Dragons and then Bahamut in a sequence is not particularly challenging to a player who knows what they're doing and is Genre Savvy enough to solve the puzzle quickly.


We actually shipped this huge game in a pretty dang good state. However, some issues were found that needed addressing, and we've addressed those few issues in this patch.

Every bit as good as the Eye of the Beholder games and then some (a whole lot, to be precise). The engine is a bit more evolved, and the added animations and voice-overs add a bit of flair to the game. That and the graphic style was pleasing too.


Moving from ISA to PCI allowed the card to dispense with onboard memory, storing digital samples in the computer's main memory and then accessing them in real time over the bus. This allowed for a much wider selection of, and longer playing, samples. It also included higher quality sound output at all levels, quadrophonic output, and a new MIDI synthesizer with 64 sampled voices.

Cargo pilot patch s diablo

In our last article, we took a look at the last decade of RPG's, covered some of the high-lights and most of the low-lights and got the opinions of a few developers on which RPG was most memorable for them. In this article, we're going to pick the 5 most notable RPGs of the decade that we think you should play (if you haven't already that is).


Persona 4 is gaming excellence and several cuts above the typical angsty cardboard cut-out teenie drama typical of JRPGs thanks to the wonderful localization by Atlus, excellent writing and solid voice acting. This game has some of the most NATURAL and mature dialogue of ANY RPG.

Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 skype

Final Fantasy IV the Pink Tail, needed to get the best armor in the game. It is randomly dropped by the Pink Puffs/Flan Princesses, which only appear in a single room in the final dungeon and have a 1 in 64 chance of appearing in a given battle. Even if you did find the Pink Puffs, each one has only a 1 in 64 chance of actually dropping said ore (and that's when it dropped an item at all, which only has a 1 in 20 chance of happening). Some players have literally fought hundreds of battles against the Pink Puffs and not received a single Pink Tail - very annoying to say the least.


Oblivion unofficial official mods patch

An example in the prequel series, Mega Man Battle Network: In 3, it's the Time Trials. To get the fifth star (which allows the unlocking of the Omega Navis), you have to clear every named Navi in the game (their beta versions, if available, excluding Bass) within a time limit. Not too bad, right, especially since a great folder can three-turn almost any boss?

Dragon Age (a game we mentioned little in our last article) was supposed to be the "spiritual successor" to BioWare's masterpiece, Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. Some say it achieved even more, being the best RPG since Arcanum. Everyone else Others thought it failed miserably at that.


Hmm that might get me in trouble. I'll disqualify JA2 and SS by labeling them as "tactics" games. I'll also disqualify roguelikes as their own genre.

Skyrim dawnguard unofficial patch

Welcome to the April edition of the Silven Trumpeter. A shocking bit of information — RPGs cure illness! Towards the end of last month, I was miserably sick with a cold.


Neither System Shocks are RPGs, really. Fucking great games, just not RPGs.

Unofficial fallout 3 patch 1.7 music

You don't even understand the concept of leveling up until you've played this game. It's funny as hell, fun as hell, and I really want to play the 2nd one.


The unofficial oblivion patch supplemental adobe

Many of the medic achievements, at least, require counterintuitive or downright counterproductive play. Ubercharging a scout is the most obvious example, but First Do No Harm requires you to get the highest score on your team without scoring any kills. The easiest way of obtaining it is to heal people who are about to score a kill instead of people who are injured.

Working Designs loved to parody/lampshade this trope. Indeed, very few NPCs in their games didn't result in a decently complex dialogue between them and the main characters. The same sort of thing (minus the parody) could be found in the Grandia series, made by Game Arts, the same company responsible the Lunar series that Working Designs is best known for.


Killaps unofficial fallout 2 patch

Recruiting Kecleon in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. In the Rescue Team games, you need to raise a Pokemon to level 100, equip a Friend Bow, and defeat Kecleon until one joins you. It's a 1/1000 chance and they're insanely strong and at double Speed, but persistence is key. The Explorers games complicate this a bit. In order to make it even possible for a Kecleon to join you, you need to raise a Pokemon that can learn the Fast Friend IQ skill to level 100 and feed it enough gummis that it can learn said IQ skill.

Every town also has a street preacher reciting the exact same speech about standing up to King Richard's forces. Sure it makes sense that it repeats, as he reciting it to whatever crowds gather, but why is he the same in every city?


Kotor 2 unofficial patch 1.1 exe

Another vote for BG2 + TOB expansion. Heinous amount of replayability.

You can turn this into a Curb Stomp Battle is you just use the Cain. Just fire it at the middle, everything dies, except for the crates.


Forget the Minish Cap, what about the Nintendo Gallery in The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker! That requires you to get a deluxe picto box (Only accessible past a certain part of the game), which can only carry three pictures at a time, and get a full-bodied, front shot picture of every single character in the game.

When you look at the list of the games released in the last decade, it's difficult to choose the best one. Some of them are great titles; all of them have glaring flaws. Since I guess Arcanum will be the most popular choice, I decided to swim against the tide and put my vote for Gothic 2 + Night of the Raven. The main reason is that it's filled with choices & consequences on a local scale, which greatly increase replayability and the feeling that the game world is "alive". There are numerous occasions on which a problem may be dealt with in a few exclusive ways, which lead to quests and changes in the game world unobtainable otherwise.


Anachronox unofficial patch s for civ

It’s like the sci-fi version of Game of Thrones or The Yakuza Papers in how alliances are formed and betrayed left and right, and the characters were very memorable and well-written (I still miss Praetor Fenix). Also, the dichotomy between Protoss and Zerg was very interesting.

It's so hard to pick my 10 favorite RPGs. I took the challenge and listed the games in chronological order. I tried not to pick any games from the last few years, but ones that stood the test of time, at least in my mind.


Anachronox unofficial patch s for skyrim

Thief 2: The Metal Age was just as good, if not better with all of its additions. How I remember the first two games is perhaps why I’m rather skeptical about the new Thief, judging from the trailers so far. I could be wrong, but I’m not keeping my hopes up right now. Watch it and judge for yourselves.

Fleshed out world, even if generic, and decent combat. Did not care for the storyline that much.


Don't expect much from this page - I just threw together some screen shots a couple of months ago before the game came out, and added some lame attempts at funny captions. The link for the zip file should be near the top of the page, above the screen shots. Unfortunately, there isn't any way of keeping track of the number of downloads, so if you grab it and find it useful (or have suggestions for new, useful crosshairs), drop me an e-mail if you would be so kind.

Huh, I'd never really thought of Lands of Lore aside from reading a bit about it in computer gaming magazines back when the third one came out or something. Finding old PC games is hard, but I'll look into it.


Excellent AI, excellent encounter design, classic D&D character development, extremely focused with little wasted time, kept even the incredibly bitter and cynical adult version of myself which hates everything mesmerized throughout. Had some dungeons where I was really struggling to use/conserve all my resources to survive, which is sorely needed in CRPGs to make the dungeons have at least a little bit of tension.

Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 music

A bit of Fridge Brilliance here—in the first game, the gambler character obviously wanted to join your team and was using the Triple Storm game as a formality. In the second game, it was run by a con artist who really didn't care that much about your army, just making money.


Unlocking the invincibility cheat in Golden Eye 1997 007, often referred to as the "infamous invincibility cheat" by the game's fans, requires beating the Facility level on 00 Agent mode in under two minutes, five seconds. Exacerbated by the fact that accomplishing this task is highly dependent on the location at which Dr. Doak, an NPC with whom you must interact, randomly spawns.

Unofficial morrowind patch project

The Diskun trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which requires achieving every end-of-level bonus, including playing through the entire single-player mode without sustaining any damage whatsoever. This was so bad that Super Smash Bros. Brawl removed the end-of-level bonuses entirely, perhaps to eliminate the temptation to give a reward for getting them all.


Unofficial skyrim patch steam workshop not ing

Are people deliberately avoiding MMOs? This is still the most gratifying one for me, anyway. An excess of PKs made life for even the most developed player demanding - and very interesting.

Mostly averted in Dragon Quest VIII, where dialogue will sometimes change not only after major events, but in response to the day/night cycles (assuming they're not asleep). Considering how big the game is, the writers likely raked in overtime on this. Heck, it can depend on who your character up front is. If you go to Jessica's hometown, for example, with Jessica up front, the dialogue will be different from the dialogue you see as Hero.


But we've loved it almost equally as well. Enough so that in our very first year in review in 2002, 3 out of 4 Codex Staff picked it as one of their Games of the Year.

Rememberingââ ¬Â¦ Planescape: Torment

Magic Memories is a guest editorial on The Adrenaline Vault by Randy "DuvalMagic" Pitchford giving the inside view of the final days at Rebel Boat Rocker. The piece includes insights gained into the workings of the computer game industry, and offers a list of the Top Ten Things Not to Do in Your New Game Development Studio Start-Up," and an image of the Rebel Boat after being sunk (apparently from too much rocking).


QED3 Homepage has a new beta version of Matt Tagliaferri's qED3 level editor which offers Half-Life support. According to Mike, who sent this along, "It's a little rough, and getting lights to work is tricky, but I made it work.