Sometimes, you may not have enough credit to subscribe for an Airtel data plan and no means of recharging. You may borrow Airtel data and pay back later.

  • We have shared a detailed guide on how to get netflix for free forever without credit card
  • Airtel 350 MB 1 Week Plan
  • Now once you get the card
  • Airtel 6.5 GB Data Bundle
  • Netflix without a credit card
  • The subscription code for the 80 GB Airtel data plan is *141*19999#
  • The offline file sharing feature works with the popular download manager in Opera Mini
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First, you need to create disposable email IDs from any popular services. These email IDs will help you to set up your new Netflix accounts.

Security; this came first as this is what everyone who browse the internet needs. With google chrome, your securities are sure because one of the browsers main aim is to secure the users.


If you are not willing to share your bank account personal information then you can use Paypal for payment at Netflix. Paypal is one of the best and safe method to make a payment if you are lack of credit card. I m also using PayPal for most of my online transactions.

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Like other networks, Airtel has 4G LTE coverage in a lot of big cities which supports high-speed internet access. Consequently, there are Airtel data plans for 4G routers.

TECNO D3, a smartphone specially designed for all people who are pursuing a fashionable and smart life. Equipped with 1Ghz processor, this Android-driven smartphone enables you to enjoy all the benefits provided by the Android platform, including abundant great apps, WIFI connectivity, faster downloads, etc.


Windscribe VPN is an above average VPN app. It boasts a decent free version with a 10GB data cap per month. That should be more than enough for the occasional public WiFi or airport connection. The pro version obviously removes the cap. Some other features include a strict no logging policy, servers in 11 countries, and the usual VPN encryption goodness. The premium version has no data caps, unlimited connections, and servers in 50 countries. It worked perfectly fine during our testing and most Google Play reviews are positive as well.

That includes unlimited bandwidth for free, no logging or user tracking, and it boasts servers all over the world. It seems almost too good to be true, right? During our testing, we didn’t run into any real issues. The UI is easy enough and it does connect. Speeds are about average, but for the price, we didn’t really think about it much. This appears to be a really decent, free VPN.


Method 3: Dialing a USSD Number

This is by far the most recommended method from the experts. If you have a friend or family member with Netflix’s subscription plan, you can ask them to create a new password for you from their own Netflix account. This way, you would be able to use the Netflix service for free from the same plan as your friend or family member. You don’t need to pay anything for this account and you will be able to explore all the contents available on Netflix’s platform for free.

People Tired With Rogue Android Apps

First off, Glo is one Africa’s leading telecom network and one thing they are known for is their affordable data plans. In this post I’ll be sharing 4 basic ways you can easily know your Glo number.


You choose the server and country you want, connect, and then go about your business. It boasts servers in 60 locations worldwide, encryption, and cross-platform support. The biggest tick against this one is that it doesn’t have a no log policy, so those who want to remain completely anonymous may need to look elsewhere.

You can watch Netflix Shows of any country by using this trick. So without wasting any time just check this trick and learn how you can watch Netflix USA in Canada.


Just like the 200MB weekend plan, it is valid for 14 hours from Saturday to Sunday night. Airtel 500MB weekend data costs 500 Naira. Dial *473# to activate the bundle.

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  • Netnaija is loaded with Nollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies
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  • Left ctrl key opens browser
  • Airtel gprs hacked browser

At the end of the day, there are several methods one can make use of to know their Glo phone number. Use of any of the above laid out methods you feel most comfortable trying out to check your Glo phone number.

So, folks, these are the ways to get Netflix Account for free. These are the most genuine and legal ways to get Netflix’s subscription without paying anything.


In 2021 it replaced the stock browser on all Galaxy devices and tablets. Considering Samsung is a popular brand in the smartphone market their standardized browser (check that) is the 8th most popular internet browser (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1795) in Africa making up 2/51% of the market value. This indicates that the majority of users are still downloading alternative browsers.

It is one of the best note taking app for Windows Phone. It allows you to quickly and easily create, edit and have quick access to all your notes.


Airtel ₦3500 17 GB

Another category of apps you should not be using, those that claim to clean up your device and “increase your performance”. This particular app, Clean Master is riddled with intrusive ads all over and does nothing to clean up your device. The “junk files” it purports to delete, will only be created again as they are deemed useful by the apps you have installed. Most importantly, cache files that this app deletes, are used by your phone to ensure that it runs faster and smoother.

Brainier—1/5GHz Quad-core processor. Brighter—the unparalleled heroic-duo: 8/0MP AF front camera with BSI sensor and 13/0MP AF back camera with BSI sensor.


Africa's most popular web browsers

The website keeps its site updated with the latest movies from Nollywood every day. You can even download movies that were released this week on the site. It has a simple user interface and also easy to navigate.

If you face any issues while doing this then please check your IP Address before and after changing it. Just go on google and search what is my IP? Before changing it via Express VPN and after changing also so you will get to know that your IP is getting changed. If you face any other difficulties please let us know by commenting below.


There are different ways to use a free Netflix account without a credit card. Must try the below method before using your credit card to pay for your Netflix premium account.

As the newly-launched octa-core flagship handset, Phantom Z has an outstanding performance on both appearance and hardware. The 5/2-inch screen with 1920×1080 resolution makes use of the latest AMOLED screen technology to ensure high pixel density and high contrast ratio, vivid color gamut. Powered by octa-core processor, Phantom Z perfectly fuses high performance and low power consumption. Sleek and compact design reflect exquisite craft. Phantom Z is ready to reshape your smartphone experience.


Getting Netflix for is a very tedious task if you don’t have the proper method or resource. There are various websites available on the Google SERP, which claims for free Netflix account without credit card.

With the large options of Airtel internet bundles out there, it is difficult to keep track of their subscription codes, validity period or costs. Choosing the right one for you may also be challenging due to a lack of information about Airtel bundle plans.


Tecno N7 Specifications and Price

Hammer VPN which also comes from the TunnelGuru family, is like every other VPN but one of its features which is the anti-DPI capability distinguishes it from others. DPI which stands for Deep Packet Inspection is an advanced form of packet filtering which your IS or hackers can use to monitor your internet activities.

Full List and Prices of all Tecno Android Phones in Nigeria

Mozilla VPN is by the same developers of Firefox (for those who didn’t already know). This one started out with some huge issues but has turned out to be a pretty good VPN. The app includes WireGuard encryption, a strict no logging and no tracking policy, a quick one-tap activation button, and more. The $4/99 price tag gives you support for up to five devices, no bandwidth restrictions, and unlimited data. Mozilla is one of the most trustworthy companies on the Internet and we assume they put that passion into Mozilla VPN as well. There are still some bugs the developers need to hammer out, but it’s a very reasonable option with a lower than average price tag.


Innovative thinking brings brilliant ideas together which contribute to making A2 possible. Life will be much more interesting, simpler, and more colorful with A2. Faster and smarter ways to get connected with the world outside and the people you beloved. A2 is leading the road of next-generation smartphone devices.

Android users are a disadvantaged lot, as much as it pains me to admit it. Unlike iOS, Android’s open source nature has allowed smartphone manufacturers to taint its beauty all in the name of “differentiating themselves from the pack”. Developers, not all, have also contributed to this ferocious act of making Android look bad.


Price List of Tecno Phones That Supports BBM for Android

With the dynamic Android world, web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change your entire experience. Finding the right one can be difficult because there are so many options and the face of the web is changing all the time. To test the efficiency of my browsers, I prefer to run the html5test as shown later in the specific browsers. Here, let us have a look at the best browsers in 2021.

NMD VPN is free a PC tool that helps users in navigating the internet safely. This app uses proxies and dodge censorship and access the wide internet for free internet even when the user has no data.


Advice: IAdvise people who are concerned that their ISP might block their trick to gofor Hammer VPN. Anti-DPI is a good feature but left to me, i think i have “biggerfishes to fry”.

OpenVPN for Android is a branch off of OpenVPN Connect. It has a lot of the same features. The interface is a bit more friendly than the official app. You’ll still need to learn how to set it up yourself, though. This app just makes it look less confusing and more modular to help you make your way around. At its very core, OpenVPN for Android and OpenVPN Connect accomplish the same goals in very similar ways and they’re both free so you can’t go wrong with either one. Do note that you’ll need to create and set up an OpenVPN server yourself in order to use this application. OpenVPN Connect is another decent app that works with OpenVPN stuff.


Airtel 750 MB 14 days

But you don’t need a Google account to take advantage of Chrome’s tabbed browsing, which lets you switch between web pages with a few taps. Same as above for Data Saver, which compresses images, fonts, and other web objects to speed up browsing and reduce your data usage.

Have you subscribed to any of these Airtel data plans recently? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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It also features a simple, one-touch interface. It’s one of the better VPN apps. However, we would like to see a more coherent range of prices for various features. This one can get really expensive.


Plugins; The Google chrome plugins also work like extensions. You can do more than just browsing on your google chrome browser. You may want to install a video player into your system but, when you have google chrome you only need to install some plugin like adobe flash player.

The TECNO M3, powered with 1/0GHz dual-core CPU and the latest Android version Jelly Bean, will definitely perform rather well. It will surprise you with its high performance at a pocket-friendly price.


But this time you are landed at the right place. Here in this post, you will get more than 10+ methods using which you can get Netflix for free. Yes, you heard it right after reading this post; you can enjoy all your favorite Netflix shows for free.

Airtel is one of the biggest mobile networks in Nigeria with 25% of subscriber market share according to the NCC. Due to its wide network coverage, subscribers can enjoy a stable and affordable Airtel data plan.


This tunneler is the boss to most tunneler out there. Freeinternet tricks that are created using http injector last long because http injectorencrypts your connection better than most tunnelers. You can click here to read the tutorial on how to configure the http injector for free internet access.

Netflix teams are going to be smart enough these days to capture such activities. Make sure that you are Using a Good VPN Service. That’s all when you have connected to an American server then you are able to watch Netflix for free forever.


Kenyans who use Opera on average use 160MB of data every month. This makes them some of the highest data users in Africa along with Ghanaians, Seychellois and Mauritians.

Opera Mini has been designed with an original Opera look and made easier use. With less clutter, less hassle and a sneak peek at our upcoming features, Opera Mini gives you a superior browsing experience, keeping in mind that this is a beta app.


Advice: Ifyou love SSH then eproxy would be your buddy. Http injector always havedifficulty choosing between eproxy and http injector, though eproxy is still analternative to http injector.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are among the best security tools a web surfer can have, especially in these trying times. You can use them to surf otherwise seedy public WiFi with more security and privacy. They can even get around firewalls, and the list of potential uses goes on and on. Whatever the reason, VPNs are powerful and popular tools. Here are the best Android VPN apps and free VPN apps! We also linked a video just above that explains what a VPN is in case you want to know.


SurfEasy VPN is one of the more flashy VPN apps. It’s also the same developer that serves Opera its free VPN servers. It has a lot of the desirable features. The app has a strict no logging policy. Additionally, it’s one of the few VPNs that actually has extra features for those who download torrents. Add 500 servers in 28 countries and this is actually a feature packed VPN. The prices are fairly reasonable. The free version gets you 500MB of data. The $3/99 option bumps that up to unlimited data. You’ll have to get the $6/49 to get stuff like the torrenting features.

Airtel and MTN trick

Once upon a time, ES File Explorer was one of the best file managers on the Play Store until they got greedy and joined the intrusive ads pack. Anyone who has used this app recently will let you that things aren’t what they used to be.


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WapBaze has been around for ages and the site is an entertainment blog that is loaded with Nigerian music and movies. You can download American movies as well. The good news is that you don’t need any kind of registration before you can download any movies on the site.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you newly purchased a SIM, most likely misplaced the SIM certificate and you quickly need to check your number without having to place a call? Here are the quickest ways to check your Glo phone number using a simple USSD code, call number and more on your Glo line.


How to watch Netflix USA in the UK– Any Netflix Lover must be wondering how He/She can watch all Netflix shows from a single country Netflix Account. So here is the trick on how you can watch the USA or any other country Netflix from your Netflix UK account. The trick is not complicated at all very easy to use and the best part about that is free.

Browse Unlimitedly With N0.00

You can stay up to date with happenings within your circle of friends with the various Airtel (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7265) social media plans. Even if you don’t have a Airtel data subscription or your standard data plan expires, you can still enjoy your favorite social media apps or websites with Airtel social media plans.


Reach out for the TECNO N3 and start your new smart life! Enjoy all the benefits of an Android-driven smartphone, including great abundant apps, faster downloads, WIFI connectivity and a more attractive user interface. Equipped with the 1GHz CPU and supporting both 2G and 3G networks, N3 can run steadily with high processing speed.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above methods plz let us know in the comment section. We are glad to hear from our readers. We will reply to you soon within 24 hours.


A regular internet user will find the few megabytes data rather limited in function and wants more. The Airtel monthly plans range from the modest to very large data allocation all for your broadband services enjoyment.

If you want to keep on using their services, there are many subscription plans available for you. You can subscribe by paying the monthly charges. If you are looking for a way to get a premium subscription service of Netflix for free, then here we have a detailed tutorial about how to get free Netflix account without credit card.


Opera Software, makers of browsers for PCs and mobile have released their latest report, the State of the Mobile Web: Africa 2021. The report covers usage of their Opera mobile browsers, Opera Mini and Max, on the continent.

One Netflix account can be used on up to 4 devices. Get In Touch With 3 of your friends and make a contribution of Rs 200 every month.


Report shows Opera data compression tech has saved Kenyans Ksh. 1B in

Chrome has been an open source code and also a project of the Chromium open source; because of this many popular browsers are also using the chrome source code to develop their own browser. Browsers like UC browser and Opera are developed with the Chromium open source and that is why you see them looks alike or use the same plugin and extension.

In this post I’ll be sharing 4 basic ways you can easily know your Glo number

You guys are thinking is this possible to sign-up for a Netflix account without a credit card! Yes, there are many methods using which you can get a free Netflix account without credit card. Here in this article, we have shared a few methods using which you are able to get a free Netflix account username and password. You have to just follow those methods properly.


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With its fashionable design, unexpected self-portrait feature, its slim body release endless charm. Decorate your life with R7, and you’ll find your own way of life.

Firefox is a free and open-source web browser which is available for download on Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems and Android. Firefox for iOS, was released in late 2021, but this version does not use Gecko (unlike other platforms) due to Apple’s restrictions limiting third-party web browsers to the WebKit-based layout engine built into iOS. Firefox is Africa’s 3rd most popular web browser making up 8/8% of the market share.


Simple, concise, tinged with chic concept, M5 is glowing with charm. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest android 4/2 Jelly Bean, 1/2GHz Dual-core, 8/0MP back camera, which contribute to ensure an easier and entertainment-oriented life. Beauty thus comes out of self-confidence with multi-access for you to touch the world outside.

Keep up with friends, upload photos and videos and surf the internet with this Airtel data plan. The plan is divided into two parts; 2/5 GB can be used at any time of the day but the 1 GB bonus part only works at night from 1 am to 7 am.


Ans - You can use a different email address method to sign-up for Netflix without adding your credit card details. I personally use this method to sign-up for the Netflix account.

Activate this 19 GB YouTube plan by dialing *323*35#. Again, the data is divided into 10 GB YouTube night data and standard 9GB data for any broadband services. This bundle costs ₦4000 and is valid for 30 days.


Firefox has a Do Not Track feature that lets you tell every website you visit, their advertisers, and content providers that you don’t want your browsing behavior tracked. Websites that do honor this setting should automatically stop tracking your behavior without any further action from you. Turning on this feature will not affect your ability to log in to websites nor cause Firefox to forget your private information, such as the contents of shopping carts, location information or login information.

On the contrary for some users, Chrome really performs well if you have a Google account. Once you sign in, it syncs your bookmarks, tabs, and history across devices remembers your usernames and passwords and autocompletes your web searches.


P9 is your perfect workmate and life companion as it not only embraces functions endowed by tablet but also works well as a giant and unique smartphone. It is an indicator that life has never been easier. Let it boost your passion for fun and productivity.

The Psiphon handler is a very popular tunneling tool used byso many people. It has different configuration options to help the user accessfree internet. As of recent, some people began to adulterate different versionsfrom the original due to its popularity. Psiphon has different handlers bearing the Psiphon name such as Psiphonhandler Pro, Psiphon A+, Psiphon Black, etc.


Accessing the internet requires a number of elements to come together. Firstly you will need a device that is able to connect to the internet, this could be a mobile smart phone, a laptop, tablet and so on. Secondly you will need an internet connection, this could either come from a mobile service provider or an internet service provider. Thirdly you will need to select which web browser you would like to use. There are many options and different people have different preferences when it comes to selecting a preferred internet browser.

This smartphone will be your best choice for your smart life with its simple and stylish design and advanced hardware. H7 is to bring so much convenience for your smart life that will be definitely beyond your expectation.


Airtel 9.5 GB Airtel Bundle

I Hope This Post Will Help You to Get Premium Netflix Account for free in 2021. If you face any problem while logging in or if any of these accounts not working for you then let us know in the comment section, I will try to update this post.

Yes, there are many methods using which you can get a free Netflix account without credit card

Powered by latest Android 4/2 OS, the TECNO S3 is packed with great smartphone features. With 1/0 GHz processor, you can enjoy movies and games smoothly; with 3G network, you can quickly surf the facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and Holy Bible with ease; what’s more, 4GB storage for you to download as many APPs ,videos, music and games as you like. TECNO S3 can be customized any way you want. It’s as if it was made for you——- because it was.


S9 will definitely become your best companion to keep pace with the world trend. Empowered with advanced hardware, S9 is to bring so much convinience and all others that will be definitely beyond your expectation.

Signal Secure VPN (formerly VPN Robot) is one of the newer VPN apps. It can do all of the things you’d expect. There are over half a dozen countries to choose from. You can also just choose the fastest server if needed. It doesn’t require a username, login, or account. However, we couldn’t get a bead on their logging practices. It’s not available in China for what that’s worth. There is a free version with ads or you can sign up for the premium version and remove ads. It takes a bite out of their forever free sentence in the Google Play description, but the free version is still decent. If you plan on paying for this, we strongly recommend springing for the year subscription price because it’s over $100 per year cheaper that way.


Interestingly, the app claims that it can “speed up your charging”, lol! By a show of shame, how many of you believed that?

H5, a combination of high performance and portability, is preloaded with Android 4/2 OS, which means over 900,000 Apps is available for you to download. Plus, the 4” touch screen allows bigger view and more. Surfing on H5 becomes easy and entertaining.


Wasconet Full List and Prices of all Tecno Android Phones in Nigeria Comments Feed

WTF stands for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. The valid for 5 days and lets you stay connected in that period. If you use below 14 MB per day, the social data will last up to 5 days. But sharing a lot of pictures may exhaust the data before the expiry date.

On the other hand, free internet tweak requires“modification” for it to work. Free internet tweaks are in two forms; paid andfree. One requires a subscription to work while the other doesn’t. An exampleof a free internet tweak that has to do with subscription is the blackberrysubscription. This sub is meant for BlackBerry devices alone but instead, youtweak (modify) it to work on Android device, PC or iOS device to give you free(unlimited) internet access.


Keep reading this post for more information. We have shared a detailed guide on how to get netflix for free forever without credit card.