Why does Kol apply the "war paint" to L'Rell's face as a sign that he accepts her to his house, only to accuse her of treason the very next moment? Does he want to have a traitor in his house so badly? Well, he insinuates that his house has special ways to deal with liars, but wouldn't this apply to non-members likewise?

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The more I get to know him, the more I like him, and the more I want him to remain just the person he appears to be. At this point of the series, I have a soft spot for him and for his relationship with Burnham, perhaps because nothing else in this universe is harmonious. However, we also learn that the apparently so confident and composed lieutenant holds a deep-seated grudge against the Klingons. It makes me wonder what his next confrontation with them will be like, or if we are up for a somehow expected surprise. Anyway, the series currently portrays Tyler to be both as human as possible and as likable as possible. And if there is something wrong with him, it becomes harder every week to make this potential revelation plausible.


Once again, I’m not arguing in favour of this theory necessarily. I think it could be made to work in a way that felt right, and it would mix up the captaincy of the ship again, potentially keeping things fresh going into Season 5. But at the same time, I’ve grown to like Burnham. Her departure would be a bittersweet moment for the series, and in a way it would be a risk unlike any the show has taken so far.

Transcript of tape-recording of bawdy college songs supplied to G. Legman for his bawdy songs work. A tape was given to Oscar Brand who apparently forwarded it on to Legman.


Expurgated semi-erotica for the gifte-booke trade. The treatment of "The Blue Velvet Band" is an object-lesson in folklore faking.

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're discussing knowing when you're ready for a committed relationship. We've seen time and time again where people say and even swear that they're ready for a committed relationship, only to second guess the very existence of the partner they end up with and sometimes even lie, cheat, use, abuse and mistreat their partners. But why do people want relationships only to display this type of behavior? Why go into a relationship with trust issues? Why kick your partner down when they've only been trying to uplift you?


The Verubin Nebula’s radiation was said to be fatal, but in horror and sci-fi radiation is often seen to cause mutations. Given the monster’s vaguely Kelpien appearance and dishevelled, decrepit, morbid look, I wondered if it was actually the real Su’Kal – or Dr Issa – having mutated and decayed after decades in the hostile nebula. The final piece of evidence I added to this little pile was the strange way that the monster interacted with Burnham in the episode Su’Kal – it seemed curious about her, perceiving her in a way I thought was almost human.

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Tonight is episode 2 of Real Talk Tuesday. Real Talk Tuesday is a new monthly show that we do on the last Tuesday of every month where we pick multiple trending topics and give our assessment on each one. Once the buzzer sounds, we move on to the next topic and we follow that process until every topic has been covered. We tried it last month as an experiment and once we saw how much fun it was, we decided to make it a monthly tradition.


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I’ve written previously about the transformative experience of meeting and hearing directly from the victims of the abuses by your own government. That human interaction converts an injustice from an abstraction into a deeply felt rage and disgust.

So the best way to keep the Klingons from destroying the whole Federation and killing billions is to attack Qo'noS? While Earth and every other Federation planet is without starships to defend them? Are the people on the Discovery out of their minds? Realistically, the Klingon warriors out there that were not able to protect their homeworld would be even more determined to retaliate and destroy the Federation. They would unite in a coordinated devastating attack on Earth. The idea that the Klingons might cease their attacks and return home to mourn the dead once their homeworld has been targeted is just as flawed as that of the "Vulcan hello".


Roll Me In Your Arms, and Blow the Candle Out: The "Unprintable" Ozark Folksongs (and Folklore). Collected by Vance RANDOLPH.

There are people who contact me from all over, in rural Quetta even. I dont think we should think about the cities as defining the people too much.


Tonight is Episode 6 of Keep It 100% Radio Show and 4 guests are scheduled to be in the building. Those guests are as follows:Chef Milas WilliamsSlimmioskiTate EdwardGunzPointOf course as usual, Keep It 100% Radio Show will be airing live from Tha Chill Spot, 6020 Eastland Street, Houston; TX, from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Central Time. Hosts Bossman, Ms. Jazzy.com and Meemee will be locking in live (this is no prerecorded show) and will be on Facebook Live as well.

Excellent, no-nonsense article but damn few songs and less sex, despite the titles. Compare: FIFE; THORP; and especially LOGSDON-NEAL.


The "scientific" explanation for the differences between our universe and the Mirror Universe is that the quantum signatures are different. While this was neither confirmed nor denied in previous Mirror Universe episodes, the concept of quantum signatures rather belongs to the quantum universes of TNG: "Parallels".

Tonight is Episode 10 of Keep It 100% Radio Show live on It's Real Talk Radio. Filling you in with the latest in the underground scene for up & coming rappers and singers in H-Town. With Bossman, Ms. Jazzy.com and Meemee on the scene, reporting live and direct, there is never a dull moment.


Xcellent text and musical transcriptions, with the best version recovered of the erotic toast-recitation "Jody" (Joe the Grinder), pp. 167-170; others erotized as here sung, though originally nonerotic, like "Stewball," pp. 102-107, and 161. This work and the following are notable examples of the New Freedom for American university press publication. Compare: FAUSET; Louis CHAPPELL; and ROCHESTER.

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What percentage of Whites Americans do you think actually value Black lives enough to fight for equal justice, equal rights, equal quality of life and police brutality targeted at Black Americans? For those who choose to stay neutral and avoid these conversations, is that okay or are they a part of the problem? If you're Black with a White friend who is a Trump supporter, is that a problem and would this potentially compromise your friendship? Speaking of Trump, what do you think of his recent actions, statements and Tweets?


Rosenberg, Bruce A. The Folksongs of Virginia: A Checklist of the WPA Holdings, Alderman Library, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia: University of Virginia Press, 1969.

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Though we can debate some of the story points across Season 3 – and I still haven’t written my big piece about the Burn yet – overall I think Season 3 did a good job of establishing the show in its new setting. The Burn presented a tantalising mystery to solve, and for the first time in the series, it felt as though more members of the crew had significant roles to play in the season’s main storylines.


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Saru and Pike have no such excuse, in my opinion. Both commanders clearly and demonstrably knew that Control and/or its fleet were incapacitated, and I believe that should have led to one or both of them bringing an immediate halt to events to take stock. If Control was disabled, there was no immediate need to head to the future. With Leland dead, the Sphere data was safe, at least temporarily. With the battle won, everyone could have taken a moment to breathe and assess the situation, perhaps planning to go to Section 31 HQ and permanently destroy whatever remained of Control. Instead, everyone simply sat back as Burnham and Discovery raced into an unknown future – a future, I would argue, they did not need to travel to.

The first publicly issued folklore collection in 20th century in English including erotic songs and tales without expurgation, for first time in America. Compare: Louis W. CHAPPELL; GETZ; LOGSDON; MASTERSON; and MacCOLL and SEEGER, Travellers' Songs.


The apostle Paul, especially, was diligent to observe the principle which we are here advocating. He made an argument pertaining to the identity of Christ himself to turn upon the number of a single noun.

If you plan on living a life of entrepreneurship, you may wanna start your 5 Year Plan asap. Well tonight the crew will be breaking it all down from their perspective on this 14th installment of Keep It 100% Radio Show on It's Real Talk Radio.


Overall, Discovery has a promising start. The two first episodes give us a good blend of exciting and thoughtful moments, although they are a bit uneven as the directing is concerned. I don't know whether I can ever put up with the new Klingons. I don't know whether Discovery can prove to me that it is more than a generic Star Trek series with loose continuity. I don't know whether the series can still manage to show a positive vision of the future. In any case I look forward to finally seeing the USS Discovery (not at all my favorite design but still better than the anachronistic Shenzhou). And I look forward to the further adventures of Michael Burnham, who has the potential to become one of my favorite Star Trek characters.

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In alternate history novels, popular points of divergence include the American Civil War, with a Confederate victory being a common one, as well as World War II, with an Axis victory being similarly used. In Star Trek, a point of divergence between the Prime Timeline – the one which runs from Enterprise to Picard and beyond – could be World War III. What would the timeline look like if it didn’t happen, or happened in a different way?


Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be having an open discussion. Most of our discussions will be thought up on the spot with no preparation. We will however be discussing Super Bowl 55 and NBA Basketball as well, along with what's been going in in our lives. Oh and we will let you know why we're having a podcast on Thursday instead of our normal day and time of Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM ET. We'll also be discussing parenting and relationships and basically whatever comes to mind.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing the 2021 NFL Playoffs

Burnham mentions "Constitution-class ships like the Enterprise". There is nothing wrong with it, but a twofold irony in the reference to the "Constitution class". In TOS, this designation was never used, and the ship's dedication plaque read "Starship Class". In the Discovery universe, on the other hand, there may not be a tradition to name classes for the first launched ship but rather for US test pilots. At this point of the series, I was still convinced that the producers would have enough respect not to "reimagine" the original Enterprise, but the season finale will prove me wrong.


The Klingons have cloaking technology in 2256, although cloaking is a previously unknown and probably new feature on their ships in "Star Trek III". Perhaps we have to apply the same (lame) explanation that, just as the Romulan cloaking in ENT: "Minefield", a "scattering field" is something less advanced?

Something that bothers me in all Discovery episodes so far is that space in general, and particularly ships in space, are always colorfully illuminated is some fashion. This may be realistic in the vicinity of a star with an according spectrum (we already saw "red" and "yellow" ships with that rationale). But in Discovery there is always a colorful nebula or something like that, or the ships illuminate themselves in color (which in the case of the tractor beam of the "D7" makes sense but fits the cliché). Self-lighting is a concept that Andrew Probert devised for TMP, but it should remain "neutral" so the ships feel real, and not like some sort of color change lamps in space.


When Between Us Girls meets Real Talk, Real Talk is gonna happen Between us

When an author writes, everyexperience of that author necessarily, if not intentionally,informs every word that is written. Thus Bakhtin asserts that"True understanding in literature and in literary studies isalways historical and personal" (23).

Although Burnham had already used the Red Angel suit to open the time-wormhole, I would absolutely argue that, based on what we saw on screen, the battle against Control had taken a decisive turn before either she or the USS Discovery actually crossed the threshold, and that there was time for Saru, Pike, Spock, or someone to point that out. They were preoccupied with the jobs that they had to do, but when it became obvious that Control was at least incapacitated – if not outright defeated – I think that warrants pause from everyone concerned. They were in the process of making a life-changing decision for Burnham and the crew of Discovery, yet for some reason no one seemed to realise that it may have ultimately been unnecessary.


Parallels the German "Frau Wirtin" verses, quoting examples, with English-language limericks. See: BARRICK; BLÃœMML; KRAUSS; and Wirtshaus an der Lahn.

Erotic art-poetry with some folk-verse. Compare: Cole, and Bold's similar anthologies; also Laycock, and T. R. Smith.


This has a long historical Introduction, pp. vii-lxxiii, revised from The Limerick: A History in Brief, in The Horn Book. Reprinted 1974, New York: Bell Publishing Co. and London 1974: Jupiter Books.

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Various piracies and reprints. That of Random House, New York, 1934, was used as basis of a word-index published in mimeographed form. Erotic and other song-scraps passim; compare also the imitative works by Conrad Aiken, Blue Voyage (1927), and Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer (Paris, 1934), similarly furbished. Joyce's later Finnegans Wake (1939) contains a few songs: all eccentrica.


Moore, Ethel, and Chauncey O. Moore. Ballads and Folksongs of the Southwest. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1964.

He foresaw that his conquests and kingdom would be yet further enlarged, 2 Samuel 22:45; 2 Samuel 22:46. Even the sons of the stranger, that would hear the report of his victories and the tokens of God's presence with him, would be possessed with a fear of him, would be forced to submit to him, though feignedly, and would be obedient to him. The successes which he had had he looked upon as earnests of more and means of more. Who durst oppose him by whom so many had been overcome? Thus the Son of David goes on conquering and to conquer,Revelation 6:2. His gospel, which has been victorious, shall be so more and more.


From Hot 97 Funk Flex Freestyles to Breakfast Club Interviews to Drake and Rick Ross' new albums to Smack and other battle rap league battles, no relevant topic in Hip Hop will be spared! It's going to be a fun and interesting show so if you're a fan of Hip Hop & Battle Rap, don't miss "Championship Battle Rap" tonight.

Forty-Five Folk Songs, Collected from Searcy County, Arkansas. M. A. Thesis, University of Arkansas, 1944.


The dilithium shortage the galaxy is experiencing, made a hundred times worse by the Burn, seemed to offer an opportunity to expand the role of the Spore Drive. And at first, Starfleet did seem to be keen on making use of it. However, despite Discovery’s extensive retrofit, the Spore Drive remained aboard the ship and Starfleet seems to have made no attempt to copy it or roll it out to any of their other vessels. The huge planet-sized cache of dilithium in the Verubin Nebula has also solved – at least in the short-term – the galaxy’s fuel problem, so there’s less of a need from Starfleet’s perspective to invest in recreating the Spore Drive, despite its seemingly unlimited potential.

C.B.R. Tay Real & Mark2 Talk The Latest In Hip Hop & Battle Rap

Emperor Georgiou agrees to Michael Burnham's plan to take down the shielding of her ship's engine core without asking any questions. Well, Lorca is taking over the ship, getting rid of him is her main concern, and she has already run out of options. And once again, besides resignation, the reason may be that she is attached to Michael Burnham and would do anything she suggests.


I like to caveat these kinds of articles by saying that no fan theory, no matter how plausible or rational it may seem to be, is worth getting too attached to or upset about. The internet has been great for fan communities, allowing us to come together to discuss our favourite franchises and engage in a lot of theory-crafting. But there is a darker side to all of this, and some fans find themselves getting too attached to a particular theory to the point where their enjoyment of the actual narrative is diminished if that theory doesn’t pan out. Please try to keep in mind that I don’t have any “insider information,” and I’ve never tried to claim that a particular theory is somehow guaranteed to come true. I like writing, I like Star Trek, and writing about Star Trek is a fun activity for me – that’s why I do this, and if I ever felt that theorising about Discovery or other shows was harming my enjoyment, I would stop. And I encourage you to take a step back if you find yourself falling into that particular trap.

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At 51:54, Saru gives Detmer the order to follow Burnham’s lead. The USS Discovery moves through a field of debris (presumably caused by the battle) and then we get our first look at the time-wormhole a few seconds later at around 52:06. At this point, neither Burnham nor the ship are anywhere close to crossing the event horizon and entering the time-wormhole.


In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he said to the Black community, if you don't vote for him, you're not Black. This was extremely offensive to Black America and they made sure they made their voices heard. Even Black Democrats criticized Joe Biden for his controversial statement.

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Contains much American erotic folklore, song scraps, etc. Chapter on Anaïs Nin to be published in Libido.


With a sociological introduction. Reprinted as: More Limericks, New York: Bell Pub.

Star Trek Discovery Season

Paul Stamets met Hugh Culber in a café on Alpha Centauri. Culber was humming a Kasseelian opera. The annoyed Stamets told Culber to get lost, but Culber took the seat next to him and kept it ever since.


I first posited this theory after the season premiere, and it seemed plausible for practically all of Far From Home too. One thing that could’ve happened, had this theory been correct, would be that Burnham would’ve been out of her element for a lot longer than just one episode. In That Hope Is You, we saw her completely awed by everything she saw, experiencing a completely new world for the first time. And that premise meant that we were seeing Burnham in a whole new way, not in control of the situation and having to rely on others instead of trying to shoulder all of the burden all of the time. Had the USS Discovery found her after the ship and crew had spent a year in the future instead of the other way around, Burnham could’ve been our point-of-view character for learning what was new and different, instead of reverting to type.

Should we be told that this person was David, it will be very difficult to show how this description can possibly agree with that character: but if it did in fact agree, yet would it contradict St. Paul, who quotes part of it as predicting the conversion of the Gentiles under Christ the Messiah. Romans 15:9; Hebrews 2:13; and see Peirce's Commentary, p. 50. Now if the person represented as speaking through this Divine ode be David only, the Messiah is excluded. In consequence of the difficulties resulting from each of these suppositions, the general idea has been that it relates both to David and to the Messiah as a prophecy of a double sense; first, as spoken by David of himself, and yet to be understood in a secondary sense, of the Messiah. But it must be remarked here, that if spoken only of David, it is not a prediction of any thing future, but a thanksgiving for favours past, and therefore is no prophecy at all. And farther, it could not be a prophecy descriptive of David unless the particulars agreed to David, which they evidently do not.


One of my hopes going into Season 3 was that Discovery would finally spend some time with other members of the crew, and I was pleased that it happened. After two full seasons I felt that we hadn’t really got to know anything about people like Owosekun, Rhys, and Detmer, despite their being permanent fixtures on the bridge. Though not all of the less-prominent officers got big storylines this season, one who did was Detmer.

The Short Treks episode The Brightest Star was broadcast in between Seasons 1 and 2, and introduced us to Saru’s sister Siranna. She returned in Season 2, in the episodes The Sound of Thunder and Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2. In Season 3, the same actress who played Siranna also appeared as Dr Issa – the commander of the crashed Kelpien ship in the Verubin Nebula and the mother of Su’Kal.


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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're getting back to our roots with another dating topic and for those of you who have been rocking with us since 2021, you know dating is our specialty! Yup, tonight's we're asking if you would date someone who was loaded with $ if you weren't into them but they were ready and willing to spend the big bucks and show you a life of luxury? But the chemistry just isn't there. You find yourself unexcited and pretty bored with their presence.

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Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we're asking one simple yet complicated question. Can taking a break help your relationship? We hear about the infamous 'BREAK' all the time and most of us have experiened at least 1 or 2 alleged 'BREAKS' within our years of dating. Some say they need a break to reflect while others say they need a break to see if there's anything else out there that may suit them better. YES, SOME PEOPLE LITERALLY SAY THIS TO THEIR PARTNER!


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In a show that has been all about Burnham, depicting her at her lowest moments and showing her greatest achievements, there would be something poetic about going out in a “blaze of glory” – but at the same time, her death might seem like the series finale. If there are no plans for a fifth season (or film) to continue Discovery’s story, perhaps the series will conclude with Burnham’s death.

Later printing issued with black ink only with one extra illustration. Spiral bound brown leatherette. Later printing spiral bound dark blue leatherette.


Notes: Anglo-American folk-songs. Accompanied by brief notes on the performer and song origins.

Tonight's is Episode 3 of Real Talk Tuesday here on It's Real Talk Radio and as with every Real Talk Tuesday we are bringing some fresh, hot topics. There's no better way to close out the month than with a new episode of Real Talk Tuesday. Our topics for Episode 3 are as follows: Does The Cost Of What The First Lady Wears Matter? Does Trump Represent Real America Or A Stereotype? The Manchester Bombing Who Is Better, LeBron James Or Michael Jordan? Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland Review Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI 6 topics, 15 minutes per topic, no holding back; we're giving it to you raw!


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About 400 songs collected by Gordon in Berkeley, Calif 1922-23. Similar groups, of 555 songs collected by him in Darien, Georgia, 1926-28; also 374 (plus 125 from T. B. Boyd) collected in North Carolina, 1925-27. Also a MS group of 33 songs from R. M. DAVIDS, Cross-X Ranch, Woodmere, Florida, 1924.

This is a combined annotated bibliography of erotic folklore in the English language. This will include books and manuscripts of drinking songs, bawdy songs, military songs, college songs, drinking toasts, recitations, chants and graffiti. It builds on the work of LEGMAN (1990 & 1992), with additional items found in GETZ, LOGSDON, CRAY (1992 & 1998) and FISH (1999).


Star Trek 2021: what could it be

It seems unlikely that she will simply be killed, although Kol appears to have no reason to spare her life. Is Admiral Cornwell really dead? This is unlikely because otherwise it wouldn't have been shown how L'Rell takes the effort of dragging her away, with an eventual close-up on Cornwell. So although "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" is a substandard episode by itself, it is successful as an appetizer.

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North Hollywood, Calif: Brandon House, 1966. Earlier issued as by "Roger Blake," 1964.


Tonight we have the displeasure of discussing the shooting death of unarmed Ahmaud Arbery. On February 23rd, 2021, Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old young black man, was pursed and gunned down by 64 year old Gregory McMichael who is a former cop and investigator with the local district attorney's office and his son, 34 year old Travis McMichael. Reading the article is tough to imagine but seeing the killing on video is heart wrenching. On the video of Ahmaud's murder, you can see his tussle with Gregory McMichael while his son Travis McMichael is standing on the back of a pickup truck with his gun aimed at Ahmaud.

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Tonight is Episode 4 of Keep It 100% Radio Show and brace yourself because we have more talented artists coming through and dope music to introduce you to. Of course Keep It 100% Radio Show consists of 3 hosts: Bossman, Ms. Jazzy.com and Meemee. Ever since Episode 1, the chemistry and hunger has been manifesting itself amongst the crew and with a scheduled 7 guests, Week 4 will be the craziest show yet! Tonight's Guest List is as follows:MS. JAZZYEDWARD TATELA/SILVER FOXDJ LIL BNYGT LYFE LEXXTRAPPRICE SOLJAHThat's right, Ms. Jazzy.com, one third of the Keep It 100% Radio Show will actually be getting interviewed tonight as well!


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Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing how to keep your man satisfied. You know the saying: "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus", well that's how we simplify making sense of the differences in behavior between men and women. Well tonight is one of those types of convos.

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The extensive materials of both these volumes earlier collected (1954—57), and repositoried in manuscript and in microfilm copies in the Library of Congress, Music Division, Kinsey-ISR and various university libraries, under the title "Unprintable" Songs (Lore) from the Ozarks. This is the erotic supplement to Randolph's Ozark Folksongs, above. See: G. Legman, "Unprintable" Folklore? Journal of American Folklore (1990) 103:259-300.


Songs Compleat, Pleasant and Divertive. See: Pills to Purge Melancholy.

The second path would be for Burnham to follow Lorca, Pike, and Saru, with her captaincy of the ship lasting a single season. Discovery’s unique selling point as a series would thus change from being all about Burnham to being a show which had a rotating captaincy. Those first three seasons – and probably Season 4 as well – would still have that Burnham focus.


Booker turned out to be a Kwejian native – though what exactly that means is unclear. Given Book’s human appearance, it’s possible that the people of Kwejian are descendants or offshoots of humanity, or perhaps, given their telepathic nature, they’re somehow related to the Betazoids. In the season finale, Book promised Burnham he’d tell her more about his background, and how he came to use the name Cleveland Booker, so perhaps we’ll learn more about Book’s people in Season 4. He was a wonderful addition to the season, even if I was way off base with my theory about his possible origin!

We see a ship that is identified as a Klingon "D7-class battlecruiser" but that has absolutely nothing in common with the iconic ship design by Matt Jefferies. This is not only a total disregard of the existing continuity but also blatant disrespect of the man who shaped much of the look of the old Star Trek. The "dragonfly" raiders are just as unconvincing and un-Klingon. Other than the ships, the Klingon design of this episode in terms of uniforms and interiors is a little bit more reminiscent of what we know and what we should expect. But although L'Rell (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=342) temporarily gains the upper hand and still pursues a plan, the Klingons appear as one-dimensional and dumb.


Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing "Cancel Culture" with a direct look into the recent controversy with Nick Cannon and his alleged "anti-Semitic" comments. Nick Cannon has since been let go of by ViacomCBS where some of his most notable work was done.

They would go out Friday nights to a bar to drink, sing and tell dirty jokes. He received the mimeographed some time during that date.


Analytical Survey of Anglo-American Traditional Erotica. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press.

In the mindset of Lt. Stamets, love seems to be the key to the mutual trust that is needed to master a critical situation. At least, that is what I read into his efforts to pair off Burnham with Tyler, after learning that Burnham has never been in love with someone. It is curious because Stamets just asks for a secret that would make it easier for him to convince Burnham of his findings in the next loop, more like a password. But then he more or less understands it as an obligation to change something about this deficiency, perhaps also because she reminds him of how he was like when he first met Hugh Culber. Stamets wants to accomplish too much as a character, and the whole story eventually overextends the idea of bringing Burnham and Tyler together. Instead of his playing Chinese whispers (he talks to Burnham so she can talk with Tyler), why doesn't Stamets simply approach the two, saying "I need to talk with you.


NYPL, *K. Limited to 100 copies, with eroto-symbolic typographical ornaments. Satirical art-poem glorifying the magnificent "udder" of the society woman Mrs. Julie B. Rice (b. 1860), head of the Society for the Suppression of Unnecessary Noise, and For a Safe & Sane Fourth of July.

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Archive file of about 100 items, and "xeroxlore," 4to, with contents-index prepared by Frank A. Hoffmann. These archives — now heavily robbed as to the "xeroxlore" — also repository separately the student song collections of Roger ABRAHAMS, the Buchan Bawdry MS of Kenneth GOLDSTEIN, and other relevant MS materials by Vance RANDOLPH, G. LEGMAN, Kenneth LARSON, and others.


Deems, Deborah, and William Nowlan. Supplementary Listing of Recorded Songs in the English Language in the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Song through Recording No.

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Compiled during the "Phoney War" period of 1939 or 1940, and not by a cavalry regiment but in the air force, as evidenced in the text. Compare: GETZ; HENDERSON; HOPKINS; PAGE; and STARR; also North Atlantic Squadron.


Just like Culber never appeared in engineering in the beginning, there is no medical personnel overseeing Tilly's experimental therapy, until Stamets is about to die. Even if Saru and Tilly "kidnapped" Stamets, wouldn't the CMO notice that his patient is missing? Wouldn't he or she insist on being present wherever Stamets was taken and whatever Tilly is going to do with him?

Because of this production-side coincidence, as well as Saru’s incredibly strong reaction to seeing Dr Issa in holographic form, I speculated that Dr Issa could be a descendant of Siranna, and thus a great-great-niece to Saru. That familial tie could have explained why Saru found himself so emotionally compromised during the final few episodes of the season, and why he risked everything to help Su’Kal.


Crazy Uncle Dennis Feed

Just like in "The War Without, The War Within", the story suffers from cringeworthy actions and decisions of the characters, the two most obvious being to put Mirror Georgiou of all people in charge of a mission to save the Federation and to trust in L'Rell of all people to use her power to end the war. The second important purpose of this season finale is to dispose of its used up characters, or give them a new perspective.

It wouldn’t be impossible for the show to go on without her, though, despite her prominent role. And while her death might feel like Discovery’s conclusive end, that wouldn’t necessarily have to be the case. As I’ve argued in the past, Star Trek shows are typically about more than just one character, and as we’ve spent more time with other members of the crew, I think there’s more than enough interest and potential for the series to stand on its own two feet if Burnham leaves or is killed off.


Dregs of Drollery, or Old Poetry in its ragges (London: 1660). Legman, Biblio, p. 441, states a copy is in the Huntington Library, San Marino.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be discussing "Interracial Dating" and its cultural/political impact. This is the third installment of our interracial dating discussion, which you can expect more of in the near future! With a focus on Prince Harry and Megan Markle along with Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, things are gonna get interesting to say the least. There are so many variables when it comes to Interracial Dating. Here are some of the key questions we'll be dissecting. Will Megan Markle catch havoc for being half Black and marrying into The Royal Family? How will Megan Markle's life be affected with all of the restrictions that come with being a Duchess? Will The Royal Family love and embrace Megan Markle the same as if she were completely White? Is Serena Williams a trader for marrying and having a baby with a White man? Is it racist to only stick to your race when it comes to dating?


Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we'll be discussing Father's Day and if it gets the recognition it deserves. We know Mother's Day is a big deal and is pretty much embraced on a grand scale, but can we say the same about Father's Day? Are fathers worthy of being acknowledged to the same degree that mothers are? Do superdads get the credit they deserve or are villian dads getting too much of the focus?

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Tonight, on Episode 4 of Real Talk Tuesday, we'll be discussing the leatest gossip and controversy in the media and sharing our thoughts. These topics include:All Eyez On Me BiopicThe Bill Cosby MistrialOfficer Yanez Acquitted For The Killing Of Philando CastileThe Passing Of Hip Hop Legend ProdigyNicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Getting Jumped By Meek Mill's CrewThe 2021 BET AwardsThese are 6 of the most controversial topics that occured in June 2021, so of course we have to tackle them. There's no better place to be tuned in that "It's Real Talk Radio" tonight.


Edited and abridged by Norm Cohen. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1982.

They’re booking random DJs—DJs who I don’t know about that have like 400 friends on facebook. The people who are putting on these parties don’t appreciate local talent. They’ll call a DJ from London; they’ll pay their fee and give them the treatment. And usually they find ladies who DJ—specifically goris (white girls). Edward Maya was brought out to Islamabad, and it was the worst choice. That guy came in, he performed two songs, then DJ'd for six songs and left. There was a huge crowd of people for Maya and 4 packed police vans were provided for his own personal security. They paid him three million rupees (roughly $49,000) for 30 minutes. You could you spend three million rupees to put on an entire electronic festival.


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Perhaps this will be picked up in Season 4, especially with Book’s ability to use the Spore Drive getting around the last hurdle in the way of a broader rollout. There was potential, I felt, for the dilithium shortage and Burn storylines to parallel real world climate change and how we’re slowly running out of oil, but the Verubin Nebula’s dilithium planet kind of squashed any real-world analogy! Again, though, this is something that could potentially return in Season 4.

Happy New Year from It's Real Talk Radio! We hope you've all had a pleasant 2021 and have an even better 2021! Tonight's show is a reflection on 2021 and an embracement of 2021.


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Music-halls to buskers and pop, pp. 172-235. Compare, on the music-halls: SPEAIGHT; and SHEPARD.

If you are an aspiring music artist yourself then this is definitely the show for you. If you're someone who enjoys slow jams then this is the show for you also because slow jams are Trice's specialties.


So I’m not suggesting that Picard would deliberately seek to prevent World War III – even if he found himself able to do so, somehow. But the second trailer showed off some pretty significant changes to the timeline, and combined with a poster that appears to be teasing a contemporary setting, the possibility of a World War III storyline has come up.

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With that said, it's time to get freaky! Introducing Part 3 to IRTR's Sex Chronicles.


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A Pioneer Songster: Texts from the Stevens-Douglass Manuscript of Western New York, 1841-1856. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1958.

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Discovery feels like it’s in a place where it could go down one of two paths, and which one the producers ultimately choose will depend on all sorts of factors, including future plans for the wider Star Trek franchise. One path is outlined above, keeping the Burnham focus as a key aspect of the series, and allowing Seasons 1-3 to depict her growth and rise.

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Edinburgh: M. Macdonald (Auk Society). Reprinted 1959, New York: Gramercy; 1964, Putnam; 1965 London: W. H. Allen; pocket-reprint 1966, London: Panther.


Unexpurgated Scottish folksongs. This is the first of the unexpurgated Scottish scholarly collections after The Merry Muses of Caledonia. Compare: BUCHAN; KINLOCH; and especially MAIDMENT.

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Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", we're here to discuss how we feel about the Trump Administration and where it has us headed as a nation. Do you think Donald Trump has lived up to his expectations so far or is he performed better or worse than expected? One thing's for sure, Donald Trump is changing the game of politics but is this okay and moreover, is it acceptable? Is Trump's behavior and demeanor acceptable?


We don't know at this time what happens to the Discovery when Stamets's last jump goes awry. But there are a few cues in the episode. The first is when Stamets mentions the possibility to enter parallel universes. The second is that the Discovery isn't seen jumping in just one direction as usual, but also in the opposite one. This is reminiscent of the visualization of the Mirror Universe in TOS: "Mirror, Mirror". On another note, we can see in the jump log that jump #133 was overridden by Lorca, leading to a jump to an "unknown" position. Lorca says, "Let's go home", which seems to support another popular fan theory, that he is from a parallel universe. Jump #133, however, is not the upcoming one but was the last of the 133 jumps that Stamets performed to locate the cloaked ship and that already appeared as successful on Tilly's display earlier in the episode. Would Lorca have any reason to sabotage the very jump that would lead to the destruction of the "Ship of the Dead"?

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Sutton-Smith's earlier book on The Games of New Zealand Schoolchildren was regrettably totally expurgated by the publisher. Compare: BORNEMAN; GAIGNEBET; KER; LOWENSTEIN; McCOSH; and TURNER.


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Anecdota Americana: Five Hundred Stories. Expurgated and revised by Samuel Roth. New York: "William Faro" (Samuel Roth), 1933. Repr, New York: Nesor (Rosen and Wartels), 1934; and further revised by Roth as: The New Anecdota Americana, New York: Grayson, 1944.

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Tonight is Episode 3 of Keep It 100% Radio Show with your hosts: Bossman, Ms. Jazzy.com & Meemee. If you've enjoyed Episode's 1 & 2, then you'll definitely enjoy Episode 3 and if you haven't heard Episodes 1 & 2, we strongly recommend you check them out, because you're missing out!


An autograph album collection, group-written, of mock and parodied folksongs and antigallant exercises, as the title indicates, to mock or punish the purported editor for having expurgated a sadistic mimeographed manuscript, The Devil's Advocate [by Robert SEWALL], one of the contributors. Includes "Violate Me In Violet Time" [by William SOSKIN], which entered authentic folk-circulation during World War II, being sung by soldiers in the character of a passion-swept girl. Compare: CROWLEY; Cythera's Hymnal; Dirt: An Exegesis; Painful Poems; and [A. C. SWINBURNE], The Whippingham Papers.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're asking what would you do if you found out your partner that you have been intimately dating is Transgendered? Would you curse them out, storm out and cut them off? Would you try to make out they've never existed from then on? Would it turn into a physical altercation? Do you think you'd be able to maintain your composure? If you are a straight man fooled by a Transgender Woman, would you feel like less of a man? Do you think you'd ever be able to recover?


Most Starfleet ships have round saucer hulls at latest since the launch of the NX class in 2151, a design feature that is largely unrelated to the ship's engines. The spore drive, on the other hand, seems to require usually inhabited parts of the saucer to spin to absorb excess energy, for which the traditional saucer hull is conveniently and quite coincidentally the perfect basic design.

These women are typically referred to as alpha females and if we're gonna be real about it, we all know alpha females don't respect men, especially men who allow themselves to be dominated. To those of you who challenge the previous statement, understand that the mere thought of a dominate female is hypocritical to the role of a man.


Real of It's Real Talk Radio will be having a rant tonight, so tune in, because it's about to get real

The fourth episode of Discovery is the first one that doesn't have to establish a new setting and to introduce several new characters. The story is told in a more traditional fashion, from more different perspectives than only Burnham's, which helps to warm up a bit with the other characters, at least with those on the Discovery.

Reissued spiral-bound photocopy (). Based in part on a similar collection, Stovepipe Serenade, by a woman, Logan BENTLY; and Death Rattlers, 1951. Compare: Aloha Jigpoha; North Atlantic Squadron; GETZ; HOPKINS; PAGE; and WALLRICH.


It's time like never before to have a conversation, and that's what KI1 is here to do! Tonight is about saving lives and making peace. All are welcome to chime in on this one, as we all can relate to this topic.

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Reprinted 1977, New York: Bell Pub. Co; also 1980 London: Hart-Davis, and see at date 1982 below.


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The Burn’s origin was not definitively revealed and confirmed until the season finale, so for practically the entire season I was talking about some form of this theory! There seemed to be a few possible clues that Discovery gave us – which ultimately turned out to be red herrings as the Burn was unconnected to any of them – about the ultimate answer to the Burn, and several of them could have been interpreted to mean that Burnham was, in some way, connected to the event that shares part of her name.

MS 27,879) The Percy MS. dates from about 1643. On Percy and the editing of his Folio Manuscript, see further: G. Legman, The Horn Book (1964), pp. 343-346.


Tonight, on Keep It 100% Radio Show, we will be having a discussion on domestic violence and its societal impact. We see way too many victims of this horrific crime as the resistance to DV has been an ongoing battle for many years and will continue to be because we as a people have to stand against abusers and anyone who commits evil acts against the people! Most of us have either experienced domestic violence directly in our own personal lives, or know someone who has.

The crew will be airing live from Tha Chill Spot, located at 6020 Eastland Street, Houston, Texas. H-Town is in the building tonight and every Wednesday night, so get used to it!


Colcord, Joanna C. Songs of American Sailormen. New York: Oak Publications, 1964.

Note: Disguised as a drollery collection of art-songs "Ã la Mode," but in fact an important early anthology of folksongs, pp. 85-270. Compare: Pills to Purge Melancholy.


We ought to be speedy in our thankful returns to God: In the day that God delivered him he sang this song. While the mercy is fresh, and our devout affections are most excited by it, let the thank-offering be brought, that it may be kindled with the fire of those affections.

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That Hope Is You saw Burnham arrive in the future immediately following the events of Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 – the Season 2 finale. She took off her Red Angel suit and set it to self-destruct, but as we never saw the self-destruction for ourselves on screen, it was a bit of a mystery as to what became of the suit. In a future where time travel technology had been prohibited, the Red Angel suit may have been one of the last extant ways to travel through time, and would be incredibly valuable to factions like the Emerald Chain, so I reasoned that perhaps someone had intercepted the suit, and either intentionally or unintentionally caused the Burn.


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You have people who've had their children taken, lost loved ones, had their hearts torn to shreds, been brutally attacked, lost limbs, lost their vision, developed speech impairments, the list is endless. How do we motivate these people who are feeling down, to not give up? One way is by sharing our own deepest, darkest experiences and how we've maneuvered through them and continued to live our lives.

Given the complicated nature of the Control AI storyline in Season 2, anyone from Discovery having been aware of meeting someone from the Picard era could open up a plot hole, so it would have to be handled carefully. Perhaps Picard or someone from La Sirena is able to blend in and disguise themselves as a member of Starfleet in the 23rd Century, for example, allowing them to interact with the likes of Saru or Michael Burnham without the latter being aware of their true origins. That kind of crossover would be a lot of fun, and I think everyone involved would enjoy it!


The best and wisest book on ballad-style and meaning. The chapters on "Singing and Listening to Oral Poetry" and "Magic: Tam Lin" are an education in sensitivity in listening to the hidden voices of folksong.

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio", we celebrate our 4 year anniversary. That's right, 4 YEARS OF BEING ON AIR! May of 2021 marks the beginning of what has turned out to be a weekly tradition for 4 consecutive years and we couldn't be prouder! Of course all our dedicated listeners and callers out there have made it all worthwhile.


Tonight is the debut of the Keep It 100 Radio Show right here on It's Real Talk Radio. What is Keep It 100% Radio Show?

Assembled 1949-65, by Mary Celestia Parler Randolph and others. Over 3,500 tape-recorded songs and other genres; also typed transcriptions in 65 document cases and 10 bound volumes.


Listen in as we give you that Real Talk one last time for 2021

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is not only the lead character of the series. The whole narrative of "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars" is built around her. We learn many things about Burnham's childhood and youth, how Sarek took care of her, how Captain Georgiou became her mentor and how she and Saru use to disagree on many things. All pilot episodes since TNG explored the past histories of one or two of their principal characters to some extent, but never in such a depth.

This is not a translation from the French. Mostly tales-in-verse from Swift, etc.


Location: WISCONSIN VET MUS RES CTR (Library Code: [email protected] ) Description: 0/1 linear ft. (1 folder) Abstract: An anthology of bawdy song lyrics and limericks entitled "The Marine Corps Hymnal," collected prior to and during World War II. The lyrics mainly deal with drinking, women, sex, and prostitution. Document Type: Archival Material Note(s): Mss 17, F18 (6-1-2)/ Previously known as RGW2, SC94-31, A94/121, and TR0187.

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Especially regarding its characters and their relationships, Discovery runs in circles instead of trying to move on. Only Lorca is missing, but somehow I have the impression that he too will come back, contrary to my conviction that he had been killed by the writers even before he actually died. Anyway, after the return to the "good" universe, the series apparently scrapes together everyone left in terms of possibly likable characters. Sarek and Cornwell reappear to that end, Voq-Tyler is all Tyler again, and Emperor Georgiou even fills in for her Prime Universe counterpart! No one is gone for good in the Discovery universe, they can all be revived any time, in some universe, with some reasoning. Somehow we can pretend that everything is fine with everyone. Maybe this is not the fault of Discovery in the first place. Star Trek has many precedences of characters returning from the dead or returning to duty as normal after extreme transformations. Discovery, however, is serialized television. The makers of the series pride themselves for being consequential, for not pushing a built-in reset button. But Discovery handles this self-imposed restriction rather more than less casually than previous Star Trek incarnations.

Songs of the 8th Fighter Wing, attributed to three persons (probably three different editions); Capt. George S. Thomas, Lt. "Rosie" Rosencrans and Capt. William F. "Romeo" McCrystal, 1952.


So let’s break it down even more, for the sake of clarity, and follow events step-by-step. I don’t usually do time-stamps, but I think this is important so we’re all on exactly the same page. If we begin at exactly 51 minutes, 30 seconds into Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 – at least on the Netflix version (I assume it will be roughly the same on Paramount+ and Blu-ray too) – we see Burnham getting ready to open the time-wormhole. In the shot of her flying through space near the raging battle, we see the Section 31 ships beginning to slow their rate of fire with a consequent drop in the number of explosions. This is the first indication that something was changing.

The Third World War is a part of Star Trek’s internal timeline that was first introduced in The Next Generation’s premiere episode, Encounter at Farpoint. Episodes of The Original Series had talked about the Eugenics Wars and other conflicts on Earth, but Gene Roddenberry had been keen to avoid mention of World War III during the show’s run in the 1960s. Some episodes, such as Season 2’s The Doomsday Machine, actively went out of their way to say that such a conflict had never happened on Earth – an apparent contradiction to what would come later.


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Fletcher, Curley W. Songs of the Sage. Los Angeles: Frontier Publishing, 1931.

Tonight on "It's Real Talk Radio" we are airing the third installment of our Conspiracy Theories tradition. Conspiracy Theories has been one of our highest viewed and most respected shows so it was only right to get back to our roots.


OE. léofman, ME. lemman, leman) continued in use until the 15th century. By c 1200 the rounding of wi- to wu- is clearly established, and is at that time characteristic of western ME. texts. The form womman appears in the late 13th century (first in western texts), and the corresponding pl. wommen in the late 14th. The simplification of mm in womman -en and wimman -en, and the consequent conversion of the first syllable into an open syllable gave rise to forms with ō and ē, which, continuing to the early modern period, provided the occasion for punning analyses of wōman and wēmen (see 1k below).

Stamets tells Burnham of the secret she revealed to him, that she has never been in love. Instead of trying to stop Mudd, he asks her to dance with him. In the following loop, Burnham is at the party again, and Stamets arranges for her to dance with Tyler. Burnham and Tyler talk about Mudd and find out what kind technology he is using. They rush to the bridge, where Mudd has already taken over the ship and only waits for someone to reveal the secret about its drive. He kills Tyler with a capsule of weaponized dark matter. Stamets finally tells Mudd that he himself is the secret component of the spore drive. Mudd now has everything he wanted. He contacts the Klingons to hand over the ship. But Burnham has an even more tempting offer for him - herself.


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Sherwin, Sterling, and Harry A. Powell. Bad Man Songs of the Wild and Woolly West. New York: Sam Fox Publishing, 1933.

Tonight is Episode 2 of Keep It 100% Radio Show live on It's Real Talk Radio. Last week was the feel it out show and though there were some kinks to iron out, it still translated pretty well with the people. Now having 1 episode under the belt, we're looking to take it to another level and this week we'll be doing just that as we'll be joined by not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 yes FOUR GUESTS! That's an It's Real Talk Radio record ladies and gents! List of guests are as follows:Dem BoyzMs.


Saru seeks the help of L'Rell, and she finally agrees to treat him after the suffering Voq-Tyler has been beamed into her cell for her to see. In the spore network, Stamets glimpses his deceased friend Culber and follows him, against the advice of his parallel universe counterpart. Culber tells him that the other Stamets was going to destroy the network, and that he simply has to open his eyes to wake up. The two versions of Stamets wake up on their respective ships, the Discovery and the Charon. The Stamets on the Discovery notices that the sickness of the spore network has already spread to the Discovery's spore supply. On the Charon, Burnham proposes to give Emperor Georgiou the spore drive technology, in exchange for the information that will allow the Discovery to return to its own universe. Lorca is still in the agony booth, interrogated by Captain Maddox, who blames him for killing his sister Ava. Georgiou opens Burnham's eyes regarding Lorca's true identity. The Lorca she knows is the one from the parallel universe, the one who gathered followers to overthrow Georgiou, the one who was chased by the parallel Burnham. The only way for him to get on the palace ship was as Burnham's prisoner, and so he went to the Prime Universe and took command of the USS Discovery, to enlist her for the job. As the two are talking, Lorca breaks out of his agony booth and attacks Maddox.

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest. Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, 1952.


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This is why you haven't seen a show posted in weeks. When I say this is one of the worst Black History Months in recent times, I really mean it from the core of my stomach! Well tonight it's time to let off some steam and put it out into the atmosphere. Y'all know how we do on IRTR, there will be no punches held.

It could have been interesting to see Saru coming face-to-face with a distant relative, and it could’ve added to the Su’Kal storyline. However, in the time allotted to Saru’s exploits in the Verubin Nebula, it would have been difficult to add this additional emotional element and have it properly developed, so perhaps it’s for the best!


Reprinted 1970, New York, with 66-page historical Introduction. Many further reprints and piracies. Note: Not included in the present collection strictly as folksongs, but are considered recitations or even non-orally transmitted folklore. See, for all the classic examples, the above work, The Limerick; and its second series, The New Limerick (More Limericks), edited by G. LEGMAN, New York: Crown Publishers, Inc, 1977, and the extensive bibliographies in these two collections.

You know we here at It's Real Talk Radio are gonna keep it real, but Ebony is the relationship guru

Stamets asks Burnham for a secret in her life that he could use in the next time loop to earn her trust. She whispers in his ear that she has never been in love. I think that's rather unsuited because it's indefinite evidence. It would have been better and more logical for her to mention a fact or a person from her childhood that is not on record.


Title page is surrounded with fleurs-de-lis. Erotic storiette in verse, possibly written by the publisher, McCLURG; actually a folk-manual of sex technique, told in the character of a girl (who is not French except in the title). Circulates in United States in typewritten and mimeographed versions since c. 1920, with various other titles as The Adventures of a Young Stenographer, etc. Many copies of this at Kinsey-ISR Library. Also see recording: The Stenographer. Compare: The Bride's Confession; Adam and Eve; and A Private Interview.

It takes barely ten minutes from the sending of the pulse to the simultaneous arrival of all 24 ships of the Klingon house leaders. This is only possible if all ships were expecting T'Kuvma's call, in some place near the binary stars (no matter if the leaders were personally aboard their ships or not). But there is no indication that they had received an advance notice. On the contrary, when T'Kuvma first contacts the other leaders after the arrival of the ships, they are surprised to see T'Kuvma and more than skeptical about his plan.


There was also the possibility that the Burn was caused by the interference of time travellers. The resolution to that storyline could have been for Burnham and Discovery to go back in time and prevent the Burn from ever happening – restoring the “true” timeline and undoing the Burn. Both of these theories seemed plausible for much of the season.

Familiar Fields to Foreign Soil: Three Rural Townships and the Great War

The telescope is obviously meant to be the very same that Georgiou kept aboard the Shenzhou, judging from the battle damage. There may have been enough time for someone to grab it during to the evacuation of the ship. Still, it seems unlikely that Georgiou ordered someone to save the telescope in case she is dead and the ship is going down.


The episode consequentially fleshes out the Discovery-specific Mirror Universe setting and the Voq-Tyler story. But the fun aspect that so far was one of the saving graces of the Mirror Universe setting is missing this time. The characters are chased through a plot full of clichés. Everything that happens is either foreseeable (Burnham listens to her conscience, Voq-Tyler's true nature is exposed, Georgiou is the emperor), or it remains meaningless like the appearance of Mirror Voq. The perhaps worst thing about this episode is that Discovery is still not back in its own universe and that we have to endure at least one more Mirror episode with probably the same uninspired writing.

With both Red Angel suits gone, I doubt we’ll see the time-wormholes they could generate ever return either. But it would be interesting to get to know a little more about how that technology worked – would it even have been possible for the USS Discovery to arrive earlier than Burnham? Burnham arrived on the planet Hima, and Discovery arrived near a planet called the Colony, so considering the wormhole had two different exit points it seems possible to me anyway!


All the Supplements listed contain erotic songs or song-scraps from recollection of materials learned in the 1890s. The Library of Congress MS Division has a large collection of McAtee's professional correspondence, etc, including one envelope of personal erotic elucubrations in verse of no great interest.

It's time to be honest and real. Your Parenting Style represents who you are as a person! So if you can't keep it real about your parenting Style, then you are phony in general! We are here to bring realness by having a real conversation, as it pertains to parenting.


Outstandingly expurgated; in "Our LIL," p. 140, one stanza consists entirely of asterisks! Compare: IRWIN; and GORDON, "Inferno" MS.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be joined by one of our best guests, Katherine Waddell. In our previous discussion with Katherine, we discussed what it is she does, her prominent role in the podcasting industry and how she has dedicated her career to helping others. It was a very intriguing conversation indeed and for those of you who have never heard it, we encourage you to take a listen, so you can get familiar with Katherine. We can assure you that after hearing our previous discussion, you will feel like you know Katherine personally. We've included the link to our last discussion with Katherine below. Tonight is the follow up to that discussion. So much has happened in 3 years, including our current global pandemic that has altered all 300 million + of our lives. Topics we'll be discussing tonight are as follows: Affordable Housing Homelessness COVID-19 Public Schools 2021 Election Black Lives Matter These are some of the issues that plague our communities, which is why they have to be addressed. Make no mistake, It's Real Talk Radio is unapologetic when it comes to keeping it real and calling it how we see it and Katherine is the same way. We aren't scared to ask the hard questions and she isn't afraid of giving the controversial answers, that's why she makes for a great guest and we welcome her back with open arms.


Bobby G is now the second longest running co-host in It's Real Talk Radio history, and that's saying something

Overall, things fall apart in this episode, as several characters drop out. Tyler is a murderous Klingon spy, Stamets is unresponsive, Culber is dead, Saru is clueless, Lorca is a shady person with an uncertain agenda. Tilly at least provides comic relief. Burnham remains as the only crew member we can still count on. She is also the only character I still perceive as authentic and that I feel emotionally attached to, similar as already in her first two episodes on this ship. I only don't get it why she has to get intimate with Tyler on the ISS Shenzhou. There couldn't be a worse universe and time for it.

Later English translation, ca. 1980, adds the omitted final homosexual section. Arabic sex-technique manual which contains many erotic folktales interspersed. Compare: Crowley; and Motta.


Revised and in part de-expurgated, as: Songs of American Sailormen, 1938, New York: Norton. Reprinted 1964, New York: Oak Pubs.

Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be joined by special guests Danielle & Michel of Between Us Girls The Podcast. Danielle & Michel represent 1 half of Between Us Girls The Podcast and tonight they'll be joining us to discuss their Podcast, what they bring to the table and how their Podcast differentiates from other Podcasts. With their personalities and our personalities collaborating, things are gonna get interesting.


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Collection of erotic poetry by the Earl of Rochester (see preceding item) and others. Essentially a drollery that never got printed. Note: Other valuable Rochester MSS, including his famous bawdy play, Sodom, or The Quintessence of Debauchery, in Princeton University Library, waiting for the definitive editor.

The Klingons are just as little interesting as they were in the prologue, cumbersome in the way they move, talk and maybe even think. Voq is a prisoner of his own fanaticism and lacks practically everything that a leader needs. It remains a mystery why L'Rell remains loyal to him, although that may be the interesting part of the story. Kol is smarter and a bit more like the Klingons we know but still not a formidable enemy by a long shot.


Good basic college-students' repertory of 95 current songs, but texts are ruthlessly "edited," revised, and heavily conflated, and the tunes given are often weird approximations (compare: LEACH) with mock-musicological commentary. Compiler's name does not appear on the title page, but only in the copyright notice, page iv. Compare: "LINTON," The Dirty Song Book, preceding.

Tonight, we have the pleasure of being joined by special guest, Kendra Grissom. At just 22 years old, Kendra is highly accomplished and has a very bright future ahead. Maintaining a GPA of 4/0 as student of the HBCU "Spelman College", and Valedictorian of her graduating class, Kendra is climbing up the ladder of "Black Excellence" and so many other young black men and women are as well but it doesn't get talked about or celebrated nearly as much as the drama and controversy within black culture.


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In 1940-41, Charles Todd and Robert Sonkin recorded songs and other verbal lore in migrant camps in California. The sound recordings are listed among recordings. There are a "Catalogue of Recordings", "Field Notes" and "Song Texts" available as reference tools in using the collection. The above information from LOGSDON. It is unknown if there is bawdry in this collection.

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Belden, H. M, ed. Ballads and Songs Collected by the Missouri Folk-Lore Society. Columbia: University of Missouri, 1940.


It is because at times he really was a different person, after switching places with his own Mirror Universe counterpart, who would recognize Tilly as his "captain". So it was obvious that the episode would take Discovery to some parallel universe, and I would have been disappointed if after all the foreshadowing there had been a different explanation for the strange occurrences in the past few episodes. And considering Jonathan Frakes's big spoiler, it was no surprise either that his episode would be set in the already familiar Mirror Universe established in TOS: "Mirror, Mirror".

The Starfleet ships don't fit into the established design lineage. Unfortunately the most prominent vessel, the Shenzhou, is also the biggest disappointment. The Shenzhou has tapered angular nacelles, additional spikes, odd-angled hull plates and an overall streamlined shape, totally like other official and non-official 24th century designs by John Eaves. The Shenzhou is explicitly said to be an old ship but it is among the sleekest designs of the series. The USS Europa is similarly unfitting for the era. Some other Starfleet ships are more simplistic in shape, including extremely boxy nacelles, which *could* insinuate that they are not the most recent designs if it were not for the Shenzhou.


One more thing on the visual side that I dislike about Discovery (or at least about the two first episodes) is the dim lighting. It may be appropriate in some situations, but the whole two episodes were overall too dark. And I'm not even talking about the courtroom scene in which the faces of the judges were not recognizable. Yes, this may have some symbolic meaning, but I just want to see more for my money.

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Star Trek’s internal timeline gets a little inconsistent when it comes to the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. If we take a “canon purist” approach, we have to say that the Star Trek timeline diverged from our own around the 1960s, with events like Khan ruling a large portion of the world taking place in the ’80s or early ’90s, before the Eugenics Wars saw him defeated. Obviously that doesn’t line up with stories like Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the Voyager two-part episode Future’s End, or even Enterprise’s Carpenter Street, all of which depicted the modern world unchanged by those events.


The main reason I considered this theory plausible, though, was because Discovery has always been a series that put Burnham front-and-centre in all of its main storylines. Having a connection to the biggest story of the season thus seemed possible. When the event’s name was revealed, the fact that it shared part of her name seemed to lend credence to that idea – at least it did considering I’d already started down that rabbit hole!

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Collection of over 25,000 printed broadside ballads, mostly 18th century, collected by Sir Frederic MADDEN, d. 1873, Keeper of Manuscripts in the British Museum, which also has enormous holdings of English broadside ballads. Now repositoried at Cambridge University Library, and published only in very minor part. See: HOLLOWAY and BLACK; Bagford Ballads; Pepys Ballads; Roxburghe Ballads.


First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that we've got that out the way, tonight on It's Real Talk Radio, we're kicking off the new year with one of the more controversial topics going on right now. Yup, that's right, we're discussing Season 1 of She's Gotta Have It, the Spike Lee Directed Netflix Original Series, which is a remake of the original 1986 film "She's Gotta Have It" also directed by Spike Lee.

In the episode Far From Home, Detmer was thrown from her seat following the ship’s crash-landing. Concussed, she was sent to sickbay where, after a once-over, she was patched up and returned to work. However, there were hints – at least, what I considered to be hints – that all was not well with Discovery’s helm officer, and I wondered if her first significant storyline might in fact be the setup to her death. There just seemed to be so much foreshadowing!


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Do you think the media and The Powers That Be are out to get R. Kelly and if so, why? Do you think that was R. Kelly on that sex tape peeing on that young 14 year old girl? Do you think R. Kelly is guilty but should get a pass? Do you believe the women who have come forward? Or do you think R. Kelly is a monster and should be thrown under the jail?

Whether any of that will come to pass, or whether both shows will proceed ignoring this issue is anyone’s guess right now. I would think that, if Discovery wanted to acknowledge this criticism, Season 3 would’ve been the time to do so, and the fact that it didn’t happen may mean that the writers and producers are keen to move on and put Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 behind them. But I’m not 100% convinced of that. I think there’s scope to incorporate what feels like a plot hole into the storylines of either upcoming show in a way that would make sense.


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This seems to be just a re-typing of the 1st edition. Possibly done by Donald Laycock.

Mostly reprints of 17th-and 18th-century materials, edited by the publisher Peter BEILENSON. This is a reissue of the 1933 book An Immoral Anthology.


Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we are celebrating Black History Month! It has been a long road for Black people in America and we still have a long way to go, but there has been tremendous progress made from the early 1900's to the 2021's. The very foundation of the United States was built off the back of Black slaves who provided free labor, by force! We can open up the history books and visit way too many horror stories of Black men, women and children being mistreated, abused, assaulted and murdered. The history of this country is a very dark one indeed.

Clark, Kenneth S, ed. The Happy Cowboy Sings and Plays Songs of Pioneer Days. New York: Paull-Pioneer Music, 1934.


Does Ayanna seem credible based on her comments? Why do you think Ayanna finally decided to come out 25 years later? Do you think she's trying to capitalize?

Strong men are leaders and won't be dominated by their woman! The modern woman needs to understand that regardless of success or sex appeal, men don't like to be controlled or belittled. Men love and appreciate a feminine woman who knows her place as a woman!


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The third fight would turn out to have the most controversy and stole the show. Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul ended with some unexpected fireworks as Nate Robinson was knocked down 3 times, with the third knockdown putting him to sleep. Nobody saw this comin as the 3 time NBA Slam Dunk Champion and 1 time NBA Finals appearance NBA veteran was knocked unconscious by YouTube star Jake Paul!

Remarkable scene: Michelle Yeoh's fight as Emperor Georgiou against Lorca. It is her leg that kicks his head when he is standing right in front of her!


A Singer and her Songs: Almeda Riddle's Book of Ballads. Edited by Roger D. Abrahams. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1970.

Tonight is the 5 year anniversary celebration of It's Real Talk Radio! It has been a pleasure to share these airwaves with our listeners for these past 5 years and we're looking forward to continuing to bring you great content. At well over 300 shows, we have touched on so many different topics over these past 5 years. From dating to sports to politics to current events, we have something in the vault for just about anyone!


Charley Fox's Ethiopian Songster. New York: Frederic A. Brady, 1858.

FIFE, Austin E. "The Strawberry Roan and His Progeny," in: JEMF Quarterly (1972) VIII: 149-65. Note: for Fife collection index, see Walker, Barbara.


Kroetsch' sobservation of Ondaatje's work is relevant to Findley: "HisrefusaI of form releases the experieuce of violence into thereader 1 s experience of reading" (114). In this manner, theviolence that somehow coerced Timothy Findley into writingthis novel is translated into words, and the violent form thatFindley employs to arrange the words violates the complacencyof the l"eader.

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Most people don't even realize they're homebodies or busybodies because they get caught up in the label and not so much the definition. People tend to identify labels as a bad asset and that just simply isn't always true. We are who we are and there's no shame in that.


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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 is available to stream now on Paramount+ in the United States and on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1-3 are available to stream now on Paramount+ in the United States and on Netflix in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is currently targeting a 2021 broadcast, and Discovery Season 4 is scheduled to premiere before the end of 2021. The Star Trek franchise – including Picard, Discovery, and all other properties mentioned above – is the copyright of ViacomCBS. This article contains the thoughts and opinions of one person only and is not intended to cause any offence.

Issued by the Reno "Wrecks," a sporting club who from their name seem to be resting up after taking the cure: a main subject of the poems is impotence. Volume is dated by reference, p. 117, to the Depression, and a mocking closing reference to a "Hoover button," referring to the presidential election of 1932. Largely derived from Immortalia, and may have been edited for the club by Thomas R. SMITH, using his rejectamenta from that work in addition to the club's own repertory. Note: Another edition apparently an earlier, shorter collection, entitled in "pig Latin," The X-Ray.


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The nano-bots spill out of his corpse, and though it’s not clear exactly what will happen to the human Leland, or whether he could be saved, this is a major blow for Control. Less than ten seconds later, at 53:48, the USS Discovery and Burnham can both be seen, still outside the time-wormhole, and Control’s fleet suddenly stops pursuing them.

The single greatest collection of Air Force songbooks most of which are rare squadron songbooks. This collection is to be donated to the Library of Congress Folklife Archive.


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From unpublished collections made in England, 1905-09, by Henry and Robert Hammond and George Gardiner, with the music. A valuable series of texts and tunes, without expurgation. Compare: REEVES; SHARP; BARING-GOULD; GRAINGER; WILLIAMS; and the Parker Folio Manuscript. Also derivative work by Tony MCCARTHY, Bawdy British Folk Songs, 1972.

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Cox, John Harrington, ed. Folk-Songs of the South. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1925.


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McDowell, John H. Children's Riddling. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1979.

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I hope you’ll swing by later in the year, as I plan to review every Discovery Season 4 episode when they’re broadcast. If Season 4 lends itself to theory-crafting, I daresay my weekly theories posts will be back as well! Between now and then we have Season 2 of Lower Decks to look forward to, which is coming up in less than four months now! So there’ll be a lot to talk about there as well. I hope you enjoyed this theory, but as always, please remember not to get too attached to any one individual fan theory. No theories are worth getting upset or disappointed over.


Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Includes: Paul BOUISSAC and Ivan KARP, "A Semiotic Approach to Nonsense: Clowns and Limericks," and "Smart Fishermen Take Care of Their Rods, " pp. 244-263, reprinting a series of 28 erotic limericks [by Charles C. Walcutt], "The Misfortunes of Fyfe," pp. 260-263, with elaborate anti-Freudian demonstration or reversal, by both authors.

Real Talk Tuesday: Episode

Moreover, why would Emperor Georgiou execute her Burnham, although she loves her, but spare the parallel Burnham, although she is a definite enemy? There is nothing she can gain from Burnham, until Burnham tells her about the spore drive.


Allows L'Rell to proceed

In chapter twenty-two we have David's song of deliverance. Here is a psalm that is not in the Psalms, but it is here in second Samuel, and it is like the Psalms. It is one of David's psalms of God's deliverance.

This may explain but does not excuse that the story lacks cohesion and lacks a climax. In many ways, it feels like a setback to "Context is for Kings", like a second pilot episode. It certainly has the long exposition in common with a pilot, in which Cornwell seems to tell us the complete history of the war with the Klingons. Furthermore, last week Captain Saru announced that the ship would go on a second maiden voyage, and the crew worked together with one mind for the first time in the series. But after another change of command a good deal of the new spirit is lost again. Cornwell is unwelcome as the ship's new commander, and there is just too much much unfinished business everywhere.


Milner, Joe E, and Earle R. Forrest. California Joe, Noted Scout and Indian Fighter.

With many reproductions of old street ballads, including two erotic examples: "The Maiden's Bantam Cock," p. 172; and "I Shall Be Married on Monday Morning" ("Seventeen Come Sunday"), p. 175. Compare: PLACE; ASHTON; HINDLEY; HENDERSON; NETTEL; and WEHSE.


Military Customs and Traditions. Westport CN: Greenwood Press, 1976.

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Did you reach some of your goals? Are you content with how your 2021 ended? Do you have even bigger goals for 2021?


The Vance Randolph Collection" in Journal of American Folklore (Summer 1990) 103:259-300. Abridged version of Introduction to RANDOLPH 1990, "Roll Me In Your Arms," with added list of References Cited.

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Since the recent controversy with Nick Cannon, there has been a lot of criticism from White America and Black America. The Jewish community is outraged at some of the statements Nick Cannon made and they have made their presence felt by bringing pressure where hit hurts, his pockets!


Real Talk with BossChick Raine

In many ways, Tyler is the outcast among the crew that Burnham was in "Context is for Kings", which is another clear parallel to the pilot episode. The scene when he walks through the mess hall, and everyone tries to ignore him, is very reminiscent of the according one when Burnham first came aboard. Also, in both cases it is Tilly who takes the first step and talks to the outsider. Although I am not fond of the doubling of events that has become a pattern in Discovery as of late, this works for me. It feels right. If my reservations about Tyler's true character and loyalty are unwarranted and, for once, everything really is as it seems, he deserves the chance that Tilly is willing to give him. If I were on the Discovery, and if Tyler had not hurt me personally, I might eventually come to terms with him, albeit not as quickly as Tilly.

Smith was the literary editor of the publishing firm of Horace Liveright. His anonymous Immortalia (1927), and possibly The (Reno) "Wrecks," are the erotic folk supplements to this work. Compare: COLE; also Parnasse Satyrique.


One-line gags revamped into bawdy riddles and verse by a professional nightclub comedian. Sequel: More Raunchy Riddles (1985) 154 pp. Compare: McCOSH.

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How amazing would it be to see Captain Archer from Enterprise working alongside Riker and Janeway? Saru and Michael Burnham could team up with Geordi La Forge and Miles O’Brien. Soji and Picard meeting Kelvin Kirk. Pike and Spock fighting alongside Worf and Malcolm Reed. The potential for such a story is almost limitless.


Discussions like this are the epitome of what It's Real Talk Radio is all about

I notice more things going on in India. They have big festivals there for electronic music like NH7 [India’s largest electronic, rap and rock festival that takes place in Bangalore]. They’re even bringing dubstep into their Bollywood stuff.

Some of the theories I had were pure speculation based on nothing more than guesswork and intuition, and others seemed truly reasonable and plausible. While the season was ongoing I tended to just write up any theories I had, no matter how wild or out of left-field they seemed to be!


The shuttle is rescued by the USS Discovery where the prisoners are given a cold welcome. Saru is also aboard the Discovery, as the ship's first officer. Burnham is called to the ready room where Captain Lorca enlists her help for his ship's mysterious mission, at least until the transport can continue its journey. She shares quarters with young Cadet Sylvia Tilly and witnesses strange occurrences during a so-called "black alert" that Tilly is not authorized to talk about. In engineering, Burnham gets tasked by Lieutenant Stamets with some number crunching, still without learning anything about the project. She decides to break into Stamets's top secret lab where she discovers a huge room full of plants and spores. Captain Lorca informs the engineering team that the whole crew of the Discovery's sister ship, the Glenn, including Stamets's colleague Straal, were lost. Burnham is ordered to join the team to explore the Glenn, which is now adrift in space. They discover that not only the crew but also a Klingon boarding party has been killed in a gruesome fashion by some creature. Thanks to Burnham distracting the creature, the survivors of the Discovery boarding party can escape.

This is the moment where I feel there’s an issue. The entire reason for sending Burnham and the USS Discovery on a one-way mission to the far future was to keep the Sphere data safe from Control, but when Georgiou defeated Captain Leland, Control appeared to also be defeated – or at least sufficiently incapacitated as to be unable to continue the battle. This all happened before the USS Discovery entered the time-wormhole.


Government itself as innocent, not even the family members of the ones they tortured to death. Whether by design (most likely) or effect, this inexcusable omission radically distorts coverage.

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Having had two teasers already, with the latest dropping only a couple of weeks ago, it may be some time before we hear anything more out of Star Trek: Picard Season 2. So all we have to go on right now is the poster and the first couple of teaser trailers! It’s not a lot, and there are certainly many different ways to interpret things. In this theory I’ve focused on how the poster could be depicting the 21st Century, but that may not be the case. Changes to the timeline could have caused the 24th Century to become less technological, and the poster could instead depict Los Angeles in the year 2399!


Tonight, on It's Real Tallk Radio, we will be discussing the controversy involving rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez. Recently, Megan Thee Stallion, on an Instagram Live video, has publicly admitted that rapper Tory Lanez did indeed shoot her in the foot. Since Megan's confession, Hip Hop has been in a frenzy, with more members of the community denouncing Tory. As of yet, we have still yet to publicly hear from Tory Lanez.

And then the credits start to roll up. So the chances of it working are great, in films. But are they good odds in real life? Some would argue yea well others would say nay. We have to also make note that just because you consider your partner to be your BFF, doesn't mean you entered the relationship that way.


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He magnifies the great salvations God had wrought for him. God sometimes brings his people into very great difficulties and dangers, that he may have the honour of saving them and they the comfort of being saved by him. He owns, Thou hast saved me from violence (2 Samuel 22:3; 2 Samuel 22:3), from my enemies (2 Samuel 22:4; 2 Samuel 22:4), from my strong enemy, meaning Saul, who, if God had not succoured him, would have been too hard for him, 2 Samuel 22:18; 2 Samuel 22:18. Thou hast given me the shield of thy salvation,2 Samuel 22:36; 2 Samuel 22:36.

I am fond of the sounds on the bridge of the Shenzhou, which are a mix of familiar TOS beeps and occasional more elaborate sounds from the 24th century. And contrary to common belief, I won't make it a continuity issue that sounds appear before their time.


The narrator warns the reader, "As the past moves ullderyour fingertips, part of it crumbles" (11). The more weinvestigate the past, the more we bring ta i tour own terms oflanguage, which results in our reinterpreting that paat,challenging it. The past is recreated for us by the author sathat we may violate it. By uncovering new concepts, we doviolence to old concepts. This idea of destroying for thepurpose of creation mirrors Kroetsch's assertion that we kiJ]every time we write (111).

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we have our 7th episode of Real Talk Tuesday. Get ready for 6 of the most controversial topics of September! Tonight's topics are: Donald Trump Threatens North Korea & Insults Professional AtheletesR. Kelly Cons A Woman Into Giving Him Oral SexKevin Hart Caught CheatingAnthony Weiner Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison For Sexting With A 15 Year Old Teenaged Girl19 Year Old Kenneka Jenkins of Chicago Found Dead In the The Freezer Of The Crowne Plaza HotelDo You Think Climate Change Is Real And Do You Care?


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I wouldn’t want to see Burnham storm off, throwing down her combadge and just walking away. After three seasons of being with her and seeing her grow, that would feel wrong. That’s why I was so critical of Discovery at one point in Season 3 when I felt this antagonistic attitude and selfishness, putting her own wants ahead of Starfleet’s orders, seemed to be a character regression, dragging Burnham back to where she was in Season 1. Luckily it didn’t pan out that way, and I hope it won’t here.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll be discussing the accusations of 2Pac's rape accuser, Ayanna Jackson. Ayanna Jackson has decided to go public and openly discuss her accusations of the night she says Tupac Shakur and his friends sexually assaulted her back in 1993. There is a lot to assess in this interview and tonight, we will be doing just that.


Bawdy songs, toasts and other recitations mostly traditional. Compiled in digital format from various sources.

Would you allow her to drop out of school and become a fulltime mom, or would you take on the added responsibility of watching and providing for the child, all while still working and whatever else you have going on in your social life, for the greater good of your daughter's education and for her to maintain a social life. Some think that a teen mom maintaining a social life with her peers is crucial in helping prevent depression and a serious meltdown. Do you agree and are you willing to make that ultimate sacrifice for your child?


Is there anything that Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe could know better about the Klingons of the Prime Universe than anyone else aboard the ship? Is there any reason to believe that the Prime Klingons have so much in common with the ones from the Mirror Universe? Is there any reason for Burnham, and once again for Sarek, to ask her for help in the first place? Is there any reason to trust her in any way? And yes - I did consider the possible symbolic significance that Captain Georgiou did survive. Only that it wouldn't impress the Klingons at all. T'Kuvma didn't consider her a worthy enemy, so why does anyone assume that Captain Georgiou's return is any good? And why is it that the crew apparently isn't apprised of Georgiou's true identity? Several people have seen her, word must have got around.

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Cowboy Poetry Gathering, January 31, 1984, Elko, Nev. This is the tabloid program published each year for the annual Gathering.

Morris, Charles, A Complete Collection of Songs, 9th ed. (London, 1788). Legman, "Biblio," p. 469, says a copy is in the British Museum with other editions at PC. 1289-1291.


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Since Weyer was a 16th century man, it is likely that he genuinely believed that the devil participated, to some extent and in some special n^ay, in human be- havior. His determination to “make clinical situations as clear as daylight,” and to proceed to a careful psjmhological examination of mental patients is all the more remarkable in the light of his personal con- victions. Weyer had acquired extensive clinical ex- perience which enabled him to describe a wide range of diagnostic entities, and associated symptomatology, including toxic psychoses, epilepsy, senile psjmhoses, nightmares, hysteria, and delusions, as well as para- noia, folie a deux, and depression. However, it is in the realm of psychotherapy that Weyer’s contribution to psychiatry is truly outstand- ing and unique. Thus, for example, he recommended that nuns in convents, who manifested psychological symptoms, frequently of an erotic nature, be isolated first and then permitted to return to their own fami- lies. But, above all, he insisted that the needs of the individual, rather than the rules of the institution, must be given primary consideration. Section 1-1 attitude was further exemplified in an account of his treatment of Barbara Kremers, a 10-year-old < ,irl who, supposedly, had existed for over a year without food 01 diink. IVejer moved the patient and ]ier older sister to his own home, where they lived among his family. After a period of observation, he concluded that the patient s behavior represented an unconscious desire to malinger. The important point if that here, and elsewhere, he tried to initiate a new approach to treatment which was to provide the framework for modern psychotherapy, klore specifi- call}’, on the one hand, IVeyer recognized the impor- tance of the therapeutic relationship, and of the kindness and understanding the therapist must extend toward his patient.

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Government that still holds itself out as the Leader of the Free World. Part of him is still back in the torture chamber in Syria, and likely always will be.


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We’d also miss out on finding out more about the state of the galaxy as the 25th Century dawns. We spent some time with the Romulans in Season 1, but we know next to nothing of the Klingon Empire, the Cardassians, the Bajorans, and so many others. In my opinion, if Star Trek is going to pick one era to be the main focus for upcoming projects, I’d rather it was the 25th Century than the 32nd. Jumping forward in time by a generation instead of centuries is what the Star Wars sequel trilogy tried to do, allowing for the return of classic characters alongside new ones. That’s one reason why I wondered if Discovery was going to end up in this time period too!

Humorous and often bawdy modern xeroxlore, with section of pictorial forms and final section of "Verse & Worse," pp. 161-175. See larger American collections by DUNDES and PAGTER, and ORR and PRESTON, plus similar German collections, and Smith's second volume, Reproduction Is Fun (London, 1986).


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Shakespeare's Bawdy: A Literary and Psychological Essay, and a Comprehensive Glossary. London: Routledge, 1947, and reprints.

As you can see, Tiffany Macon is an influential woman, which is why we invited her onto It's Real Talk Radio

The Beast Coast movement keeps on rolling forward, taking huge steps every time a track is released. One of the most prominent figures in the movement, New York’s Joey Bada$$, is set to release his Summer Knights EP tomorrow on iTunes, and in the build up to it dropping on.


Erotic art-poetry in imitation of Baudelaire and Swinburne. The entire edition of another of Crowley's erotic poems, Alexandra [1906, Paris: Ph. Renouard] "is supposed to have been destroyed by the British Customs for Obscenity and lèse-majesté' in 1910," presumably as concerning the then Queen of England or Alexandra, Empress of Russia.

On the British 19th-century music halls. Compare: LEGMAN, The Horn Book; NETTEL; SPEAIGHT; also The Cuckold's Nest; and Rambler's Flash Songster.


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Pike is aware that their reason for heading into the future no longer exists. They have already won the battle. By Georgiou’s own admission, the threat Control had posed is unequivocally over.

Whenever America is forced to confront its heinous acts, the central strategy is to disappear the victims, render them invisible. That’s what robs them of their humanity: it’s the process of dehumanization. That, in turns, is what enables American elites first to support atrocities, and then, when forced to reckon with them, tell themselves that – despite some isolated and well-intentioned bad acts – they are still really good, elevated, noble, admirable people.


Here’s where things get confusing. Season 3 saw some moves toward Calypso, including the apparent creation of Zora from a merger of the Sphere data with Discovery’s computer. The voice actress from Calypso even reprised her role, although the name “Zora” wasn’t mentioned. We also heard the villainous Zareh use the term “V’draysh” to refer to the rump Federation – seemingly confirming that Calypso must be set in roughly this same era.

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This would be bittersweet, in my opinion. While it would be great for Star Trek to replicate its ’90s heyday by picking an era and sticking with it, taking Picard out of the 25th Century would make future character returns significantly more difficult. It was great fun to see the likes of Data, Riker, Troi, and Seven of Nine again, and I think one thing a lot of Trekkies are hoping for is that Season 2 of Picard will reintroduce more characters from The Next Generation era. Shooting the show forward by more than eight centuries would make that much more difficult.


The appearance of Captain Pike's USS Enterprise was quite obviously meant as a beacon, to assure us that everything will be better and more traditional in the second season. But aside from my criticism of the overdone reimagination of the ship, I can't see anything but cheap fan service in it. In my view, it is a crossover of the kind that already ruined ENT: "These Are The Voyages" (the notorious "Valentine to the fans"). My apprehension may be premature. But I just don't want to see the original Enterprise, reimagined or not, in a series that otherwise acts like TOS had never existed. In this regard, it may be even unusually honest of Discovery that the Enterprise was redesigned from TOS- to DIS-style. But this only deepens the rift that Discovery has opened between itself and the rest of the franchise, and also between the fans. I dread the insistence of DIS fans that the "real" Enterprise in TOS should look like the DIS ship and the demands to retcon it accordingly, and I don't think my reaction will be friendly.

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Cowboy Songs, and Other Frontier Ballads. Revised and enlarged by Alan Lomax.


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S, ed. Harry Jackson: The Cowboy, His Songs, Ballads & Brag Talk. Liner notes for Folkways Records FH 5723.

Despite all of that, however, the monster turned out to be exactly what the crew believed it to be: just another part of the holo-programme. This theory was quite “out there,” as it would’ve been a big twist on what we as the audience were expecting. There were hints that I felt could have built up the monster to be something more, but ultimately these turned out to be red herrings!


Are you attracted to any other race other than your own? Are you pro or anti Jungle Fever? Do you have interracial children? If not, would you be open to having interracial children? To black men and women, how do you think your family and friends would take you bringing home a white man or white woman and I mean WHITE with not one ounce of soul, not even a tan!

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be having a discussion on what we're thankful for. Thanksgiving, 2021, is on this Thursday, so you know we have to share some of our most memorable Thanksgiving moments. Aside from all the grubbing most of you plan on doing, what are you actually thankful for? We will be sharing what we're thankful for and how much food we plan on stuffing our faces with! We will be also discussing things that have been going on lately in media and in life in what we like to call a round table discussion.

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New York: Grove Press, 1968. Second series: No Laughing Matter. Wharton, N. J: Breaking Point, 1975. Both volumes were reprinted under the title Rationale of the Dirty Joke: An Analysis of Sexual Humor by the Indiana University Press in 1982.


Tonight, on “It's Real Talk Radio”, we will be paying tribute to the late-great brother, Earl Simmons, better known by his stage name, DMX! This was a fiery brother who gave Hip Hop his all! From street anthems to story-telling to club bangers, to prayers, there was no limit to what DMX brought to the mic! In 1998, DMX's breakout year, he set a tone that we've yet to see be matched, having dropped to commercial hit albums, in the same year.

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be taking a look inside the current market for single men and discussing what it's like for single men right now. It's pretty standard to discuss what the dating market is for women but very rarely do we focus the microscope on the men's side of the fence. So what is it like for a single man in 2021? We are here to tell you from a man's perspective!


The USS Discovery NCC-1031 with its extremely angular shapes may not be the greatest ship design but at least it looks fitting for the era, quite unlike the anachronistic Shenzhou. I also like the interior sets for the most part. However, my apprehension is that, as already with the Abrams Enterprise, the VFX people and the art department didn't get the scales right and designed much too spacious sets for the ship. The way it looks to me, the Discovery has to be well over 600 meters long. The missing sense of scale further shatters the credibility of the series but seems of no interest at all to its makers that apparently just don't want their artistic freedom (to create arbitrarily large sets, in this case) to be limited.

For all good people, 2 Samuel 22:26-28; 2 Samuel 22:26-28. As God had dealt with him according to his uprightness, so he will with all others.


I hate the very idea of the Mirror Universe as it is used in Discovery. DS9 too had its share of episodes in that universe. The difference is that DS9 was never defined by its own Mirror Universe the way Discovery is by now. No one ever complained that DS9 sucked because of its Mirror Universe episodes, even as they became increasingly silly. The simple reason is that they amount to merely 5 episodes out of 173. It has to end, or what's left of Discovery's assets will be lost. But it will take at least one more episode for me to endure, perhaps the whole rest of this desolate first season.

Texts heavily revised into extra "dirtiness," to live up to the title. Compare the similar: Babad; Cray; Hart; and Logue.


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Stamets says that Starbase 1 is "100 AUs from Earth, and 1 light-year from our current position". There are two problems resulting from this statement. The first is that the Discovery, whose warp drive is still down at the time, conveniently ended up in the direct vicinity of Earth (100 AU is only a small fraction of a light-year).

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Historical and Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry and the Cattlemen of Texas and Adjacent Territory. St. Louis: Woodward and Tiernan Printing, 1895.


Thoroughly expurgated by preselection of materials. See further Introduction by G. Legman in McCOSH, Children's Humour; compare: LOWENSTEIN; SUTTON-SMITH; TURNER and McCosh.

You can find Karens in their 20's, wreaking the same havoc as their older counterparts. Typical Karen behavior would be a neighbor knocking on your door and threatening to call the police because you're having a barbeque on a nice summer day and have guests and music in the backyard. She lives about 5 doors down and all of your other neighbors are fine, but Karen has to make her presence felt and rain down on your parade. After you don't comply to her demands, in typical Karen fashion, she calls the police and when the police arrive and realize how petty the call was, they go have a talk with Karen, ask her to not watste their time, and leave without further incident.


Adventures of a Young Stenographer. See: Diary of a French Stenographer.

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Pammelia (1609); Deuteromelia (1609); and Melismata (1611). Facsimile reprint, edited by MacEdward Leach.


I already complained about Sarek being a schemer and a warmonger on Discovery. We can now add "proponent of genocide" to the list. Discovery has ultimately ruined a once revered character.

A second volume and third (unexpurgated) promised. Xeroxlore; only a fraction of the erotic and scatological obscœna available in folk-transmission being included. Compare: Cathy ORR and M. J. PRESTON; and Paul SMITH.


This nationwide/global pandemic has affected just about everyone in some way, shape or form. We all have associates, friends and family that we care for and like it or not, we're all in this together, so having this discussion considering the times was a no brainer! The Coronavirus doesn't care about race, gender, sexual orientation, or your personal feelings.

The first regular episode of Discovery after the prologue doesn't feel like a pilot although it is effectively one. As we see everything through Michael Burnham's eyes, there is nothing such as "unnatural" exposition.


We met the Coppelius synths in Star Trek: Picard Season 1, and I was hopeful as Discovery’s third season got underway that there’d be a serious attempt to connect the two shows – as this was something Picard wholly failed to do in its debut season. I’ve said numerous times that Star Trek needs to do more to bind different parts of the franchise together, and after Picard basically ignored Discovery, I was hoping for some kind of connection to manifest in Season 3. Booker being a synth could have been one way to do that.

There are many good cops out there serving and protecting to make our neighborhoods safe. This discussion is in no way criticism to those brave men and women who do it the right way. In fact, we have a tremendous amount of respect for those officers and we appreciate them.


Do you think he handled COVID well? Do you support his accusations of voter fraud without significant evidence? Do you condone his role in the Capitol Riot? How about spraying tear gas on peaceful protestors, all for a photo op? For the Christians and other faith groups, do you condone the sex scandals?

Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing how to identify when a woman wants you to holla! What are the signs that a woman is giving you the green light to shoot your shot? Fellas, how many times have you been out and about and noticed a woman who caught your attention and though you wanted to shoot your shot, you were hesitant because you weren't sure if she wanted to be bothered?


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As I said at the beginning, this is something that’s been on my mind since I first saw the episode a couple of years ago! Even on first viewing, it seemed patently obvious to me that someone should have realised what was happening before Burnham and Discovery left, speaking up to put the brakes on. It really does feel that, based on the sequence of events and how they unfolded on screen, Burnham and Discovery could have remained in the 23rd Century.

Songs My Mother Never Taught Me, 18th Pursuit Group, Pre-World War II. Not seen. Listed in Bill GETZ checklist of air force squadron songbooks.


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However, it’s a plot hole that could be plugged by incorporating it into future stories. Captain Pike could be affected by it, as previously mentioned. As could Spock or Number One on the Enterprise, as they saw the battle end before Burnham and Discovery entered the time-wormhole. It could also become an issue for anyone aboard the USS Discovery – perhaps with their mood and mental health suffering, they replay the events of the battle in their mind and come to the conclusion that they were forced to travel to the future unnecessarily.

Log The Royal Canadian Naval College

Discovery already has a replicator ("matter synthesizer") that can produce not just food but also other materials such as for uniforms. As usual with such anachronisms, we are expected to assume the device is less advanced than it will be at the time of TNG.


Something of note, however, is that the way the characters deal with the temporal loop dilemma is very different than it would have been shown in a TNG episode, for instance. The crew members of the Discovery have not yet developed the same level of mutual trust. On the Enterprise-D, the whole crew would work together and did work together in "Cause and Effect", as soon as someone suspected something was wrong. On the Discovery, Lorca simply brushes aside Burnham's and Tyler's objections to beaming aboard the creature. They may have tried again in later loops, and Stamets too may have attempted to prevent Lorca from enabling Mudd to board the ship, but they were obviously unsuccessful. So it takes quite a while on the Discovery until the single crew members' actions finally lead to a coordinated effort to defeat Mudd. Well, TNG: "Cause and Effect" may not be a fair yardstick, considering that the whole crew had premonitions, rather than just one person. Still, on the Enterprise-D the crew very often worked together with one mind, for example when Picard signaled to Riker to confine the aliens in TNG: "Allegiance", without saying a word. The Discovery crew is still a far cry from such a spirit of collaboration. That's not necessarily meant as criticism of the series but as an appraisal of the state of the crew.

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The unique copy, at Dunfermline, is fitted with a brass lock, in operating condition, set into the front edge of the binding. Erroneously dated "c. 1875" in G. Legman, The Horn Book, pp. 205-206; but a reference in the volume to the Parnell O'Shea scandal of 1890 shows the true date.


Each captain brought something new and different to the ship, and thus to the series as well. And Michael Burnham, having assumed command at the end of Season 3, will undoubtedly put her own stamp on things as we enter Season 4. That’s great, and it keeps one of Discovery’s unexpected themes going. But as we look ahead to Discovery’s future, with a fifth season rumoured to be all but confirmed and even the possibility of some kind of feature film involvement, I can’t help but wonder whether she will remain in the captain’s chair.

American all-girl rock band Warpaint have announced details of their new, self-titled album. Recorded and mixed with Flood (with the exception of two songs mixed by Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich), ‘Warpaint‘ will be released January 21 and is the follow up to their first album ‘The Fool’, which came out in 2021. Hear a track from the LP, “Love Is to Die”, below.


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So where do you stand in your perspective? Is it possible to bring back the syptoms of the Honeymoon Stage?

The same can be said about the memory of Starfleet's desperate fight against the Klingons and the bomb under the surface of Qo'noS. Let's just not talk about it, and everything is fine.


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A classic of unconscious humor. Far from being a bawdy ballad with occasional food metaphors, as it appears, this ballad is instead secretly a "coded" celebration of food symbolism, in the line of Lévi-Strauss's "Raw and Cooked" formulations, but hidden beneath its presumably sexual scenario!

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The Klingons are not the only continuity buster of Discovery. They are just the most obvious and most annoying one. Considering how the producers still insist on Discovery being set in the Prime Universe (the same as TOS) and adhering to canon, the logical conclusion is that canon, in their view, only consists of facts in the form of screenplay contents but not of visual facts, or only facultatively of visuals. This is not only a totally inappropriate principle in a visual medium by its very nature, it is also very short-sighted. In traditional Star Trek the looks of characters, props and sets had a meaning not only in the very episode but also on a larger comparative scale. Such as the Klingons, whose different make-ups were an issue in DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations" and ENT: "Divergence". Such as Starfleet's ship design lineage that shows an evolution from the simple shapes of the original Enterprise to the streamlined and more edgy designs of the 24th century. The lineage was retroactively extended to the NX-01, albeit not completely satisfactorily. The USS Shenzhou is a still bigger offender than the NX-01. The idea is absurd to place the 24th century design of the Shenzhou next to the original Enterprise and claim that the former is a couple of years older.


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Important mass-observation approach to moral standards, giving song titles and discussion. Should be enlarged to cover television "clips," which are probably the real future of cinema. Compare: Scodel's earlier study.

Fraser, Edward and Gibbons, John. Soldier and Sailor Words and Phrases. Soldier and sailor words and phrases; including slang of the trenches and the air force; British and American war-words and service terms and expressions in everyday use; nicknames, sobriquets, and titles of regiments, with their origins; the battle-honours of the Great War awarded to the British Army. London: Routledge and Sons, 1925. Reprinted, Detroit: Gale Research Co, 1968.


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Like many of Galen’s contributions, these concepts exerted a strong influence on medical thought and on Western thought in general, up until the time of the scientific revolution of the 17th cen- tuiy. With specific reference to psychology, Galen at- tempted to disprove the Stoic dogma that psychologi- cal deviations (pate or perturbations) were due to de- fects of reason, which Cicero had ascribed to. Instead, he maintained that the health of the soul depended upon the proper harmony' of the rational, irrational, and lustful parts of the soul. When errors in judgment were made unconsciously, they' might be corrected by proper education. However, when such erroneous acts of judgment were reached consciously, for personal gain, they' might prove more difficult, if not impossible, to correct. For obvious reasons, this distinction helped to remove much of the stigma attached to mental ill- ness. From his treatise, On Passions, it would appear that the insight Galen acquired later in life into his own personal difficulties helped him to master his own passions. This accomplishment was due in no small measure to his relationship with a loved and respected mentor. Thus, it was his personal experience, in com- bination with his clinical experience, w'hich fostered his understanding of the human mind. Contribution to forensic psychiatry. It is in rela- tion to the legal aspects of mental illness that the Romans made their most important contribution to psy'chiatry.

Welcome back for this week’s edition of Straight No Chase, your one-stop shop source for all things hip-hop here on EARMILK. This comprehensive weekly feature aims to share hip-hop based content we may have missed during the past week, while also highlighting memorable content we did cover.


Texts revised heavy-footedly into extra "dirtiness," to live up to the title. Mock-scholarly foreword, p. vii, hits rock bottom in nonfolk humor. Two French bawdy students' songs are also included, "La Pierreuse," p. 102, and "O mon berger fidèle," p. 127; and one in Mexican-Spanish, "San Marqueña," pp. 145-147. Compare: MORGAN; BABAD; BOLD; BRAND; CRAY; LAYCOCK; and LOGUE, a worthy crew.

Why would the Discovery leave Corvan II immediately anyway? Just for a demonstration of power that no Klingon may survive to report of it? Wouldn't it have been a better idea and even the duty of the Discovery to stay and tend to the wounded on the planet?


Courageous openly published work, giving for the first time in America in this way unexpurgated materials in prose and verse, particularly in the notes, pp. 182-185, 352-358, and 390-393. Compare: CHAPPELL, Louis; and FAUSET.

It was obvious to me that Tyler would not stay aboard the ship, although I would rather have expected him to betray Burnham. Actually, I was only waiting for him to become all Klingon again when he played and laughed together with members of his species, and we could see the worries grow in Burnham's face. Perhaps it was a successful red herring that he didn't fulfill my expectations and didn't switch sides yet again, or I may only have become too apprehensive about the writing of Discovery. Anyway, when Tyler tells Burnham he would leave with L'Rell, it doesn't come as a surprise. Although last week's episode initiated his resocialization, he may not want to be among humans any longer, among the people he hurt so much.


After the destruction of the Glenn, the Discovery is the only ship of the Crossfield class left. What happened to the USS Crossfield? Considering that the Discovery and the Glenn were built with the specific purpose of being testbeds for the spore drive, we wouldn't expect the Crossfield, if the ship still exists, to be any different. Unless, of course, in the Discovery universe, the class name does not refer to the lead ship. Considering that John Eaves names all ship classes after US test pilots independently of the stories, that seems to be an option.

The dunes and the North Sea, which is only a couple of miles away; the old city centre of Leiden, which is much alike Amsterdam but smaller; the yearly festivities on October 3 which celebrate the end of the Spanish siege of Leiden in 1574 (yes, it’s a little while ago, we know). It’s such an important local event that even international DJ megastar Armin van Buuren (also a Leiden native) drops by every year to play.


Compare: Ethelyn G. ORSO 1979, Modern Greek Humor (Bloomington: Indiana University Press), principally of erotic prose tales and jokes; also LELEGOS and SANDERS. The Introduction by G. Legman, and a brief part of Mme. Koukoulès's text in their joint translation, first appeared in Maledicta (1983) as In the Time of Masturbation.

So the Star Trek franchise has a history of main character crossovers going all the way back to Encounter at Farpoint, the moment at which Star Trek debuted its second entry and replaced its original set of characters. In all of these crossovers, though, even the substantial ones that were more than mere cameos, we’ve only ever seen characters from two shows interact. What if Star Trek 2021 plans to offer more than that?


Collection of current American erotic folksongs, obviously made by a professional folklorist, with (noncollegiate) provenances and dates of performance marked; sent anonymously for the present research. Compare: Parker Folio Manuscript.

Cadet Tilly is open-minded about her new roommate. She talks a lot; it seems she needs to talk in order to overcome her uncertainty, and she is glad to eventually have someone to listen. But even Tilly is not ready to accept Burnham at first. She tells Burnham to stay away from the neighboring console in engineering and wait until she is assigned one, although there is nothing like fix console assignments. She just doesn't want to be seen together with the mutineer, in order to make a good impression. Tilly later apologizes for her conduct, which is actually the first kind thing that anyone of the crew says to Michael Burnham. As much as Sylvia Tilly may be a pain as a roommate, she has the potential to become an interesting character - if she is given the chance to be more than what she is now, the only nice person on the ship.


The Daily Playlist for October 27

A breath scan (probably based on DNA match) is hardly a sufficient security measure for Stamets's top secret lab. Just when I wondered how soon Burnham would trick the breath scan, she was already at it, collecting saliva from the snoring Cadet Tilly. We later learn that Lorca knew she broke in and quite possibly intended to make it easy for her. Still, it doesn't make sense for a security system to let anyone enter, who is just holding someone else's DNA into the scanner.

Though we didn’t see much of this in Discovery Season 3, with Season 4 on the horizon there’s a chance for the circumstances of Discovery’s jump into the future to be revisited. Even if nobody aboard realised it at the time, it’s possible that someone will have subsequently had the revelation that their one-way trip to the future, sacrificing so much and leaving their loved ones behind, may not have been necessary. Perhaps this will become an issue for Captain Burnham or Saru, with a disgruntled crew member taking out their anger on them for forcing them into a post-Burn future that they didn’t have to inhabit.


In short, here’s my theory – and if it doesn’t come to pass in 2021 we can consider it a proposal or pitch for the future! As a celebration of all things Star Trek, perhaps the new film will be the ultimate crossover, featuring a cast of characters from across the entire Star Trek franchise.

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To catch the live show online, simply click the link above or the pic below. To listen by phone, dial 563-999-3434. Of course you can always dial 1 if you have a question or comment and if we have time, we'll get to you. If you wanna listen by phone but don't wanna be brought on air, that's fine. Just don't dial 1 and you can just listen in. See you tonight!


Discovery is a series of red herrings and other forms of deception and obfuscation that are kept up for longer than only one episode. Regarding the true identity of Ash Tyler, we may be mistaken if we think he really is the capable and empathic Starfleet officer that he appears to be in this episode.

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Cornwell enlisted Sarek's support to find out who's aboard the Discovery. But who did they expect to find there? The Federation knows nothing about the existence of a parallel universe. Temporal phenomena, on the other hand, are not unheard of. So why the suspicion that the Discovery is a ship full of evil clones? Cornwell mentions the danger of Klingon infiltrators. But did she really expect to find a replica of a destroyed Starfleet ship, full of Klingon impostors?


A rather disjointed and vague theory, I grant you, but a theory nevertheless. Somehow, the time travel storyline in Picard Season 2 will lead to a crossover with Discovery. Regardless of whether it happens or not, I’m really looking forward to Picard Season 2. It’s been over a year since Season 1 wrapped up, and despite the ending of the first season not quite hitting the highs of its premiere episode, I cannot wait to find out what will come next for Picard and the crew of La Sirena.

Government they pretend to cover. And they do that because including those victims would be too informative, would provide too much information, would be too enlightening. It would, for many people, shatter the myths of American Goodness and the conceit that even when Americans do heinous things, they do it with Goodness and Freedom in their hearts, with a guaranteed and permanent status as superior. At the very least, it would make it impossible for many people to deny to themselves the utter savagery and sadism carried out in their names.


Binding of the beginning of the 20th century in black half-morocco, net gilded with the bits, dishes of grained black fabric, gilded label struck the first dish representing an intertwined couple, back with nerves, boxes with gilded net, title and head gilded. Collection of the end of the 18th century primarily made up of small parts obscenes and comic, in worms, aiming sometimes certain famous characters of the time: Lady Sandwich, verse on the mistress of King Charles. Beautiful specimen decorated with a superb humorous folding free engraving. Extremely rare clandestine work, unknown with all the bibliographies, not mentioned by Ashbee and Legman (The Horn Book).

Incorrectly sited as Shitty Songs of Sigma Nu in Logsdon's Whore House Bells Were Ringing. This is an important collection collection of songs sung by a college fraternity.


However, it seems that this was little more than casting coincidence! Perhaps it was easier for the producers to work with someone who was already familiar with the Kelpiens – and Kelpien prosthetic makeup – instead of casting a new actress for the role. Or perhaps it was deliberate – presenting Saru with someone superficially similar to Siranna to push him emotionally. Regardless, this theory didn’t pan out.

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Excellent discussion and texts of Negro pimp and drug-addict bawdy "toast" recitations, collected in prison; with a particularly valuable annotated bibliography. Slashingly "pre-reviewed" by Wepman's principal competitor in the field, Bruce Jackson, in Journal of American Folklore (1975) 88:178-182, with rejoinder by Wepman, 88:182-187. Compare: ABRAHAMS; DANCE; EDDINGTON; FIDDLE; JACKSON; and YANKAH.


It evokes the spirit of the old Star Trek, with a crew that is of one mind and works towards a common goal. There are some characters that don't work so well and we don't learn why the Pahvans sent out the signal, but that doesn't detract from the story. However, I have misgivings about the continued secret-mongering about L'Rell (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=4822) and Tyler, especially as the story gives rise to new mysteries about Lorca and Stamets. I just hate that every second character is under suspicion to have a hidden agenda or even to be a completely different person. It may be a stylistic device of modern serialized television and it may be deemed useful to keep the fans talking (and possibly to distract from other issues of Discovery). But I think that the mystery factor about characters is neither realistic nor desirable, considering that the viewer needs to be able to relate to their motivations, thoughts and actions to some extent. Discovery carelessly plays around with its assets. The series will have a very hard time to resolve the mess it creates, regarding Star Trek's continuity but also regarding its very own storylines and characters.

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This bibliography is limited to folklore of the American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand armed services in the twentieth century, excluding the Vietnam War. Notes by Les Cleveland [LC] and Lydia Fish [LF].


Concomitantly, the Coper- mean revolution, by demoting earth from a central lole in the universe, had paved the way for a more ciitical and objective view of the world, and, subse- quently, of man himself. Obviously, the old beliefs in astrologj' and alchemy could not be expected to dis- appear oi’ernight. However, these tenets now con- tributed to the foundation of the new sciences of astronomy and chemistry, which were further imple- mented by the manj’^ technological advances during this period. This new d 3 mamic concept of the world was soon expanded to include man, and Harvej^’s description of the circulation of the blood in 1628 fos- tered this view. Subsequentljq Santorio did pioneer work on metabolism; Malpighi, on capillary circula- tion; Redi, on the generation of life; and Bonet, on pathological anatomj^; later, in the 18th century, Galvani developed his theories in phy^siology. What- ever their specific area of investigation, all these men shared certain interests in common: the forces which generate life, the nature of death, the studj’’ of micro- organisms and of cells and chemical compounds as basic constituents of the human body. After the Greek word, jatros, for physician, these scientists were called jatro-physicists, jatro-chemists, or jatro-niechanics, depending on their particular focus. New anatomical and physiological concepts of the mind. In psychology, a word coined in 1590 by the German ])hilosopher Gockel (1547-1628), the em- phasis was placed on those organs which mediated between passions and body humours, namelj’^, on the body-mind relationship. The sensommi eomnnine which was considered central to this relationship was variously located in the pineal gland (Descartes), in the corpora striata (Vieussens), in the centrum ovale (Boerhaave), in the corpus callosum (Lancisi), and, finally, in the medulla oblongata (IMalpighi, Willis).

We now know what brought Lorca to our universe in the first place. It was a simple ion storm that interfered with the transporter. This is exactly what happened in TOS: "Mirror, Mirror". It is the original method to cross over, and a nice nod to the TOS episode.


Cannon, Hal, ed. Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering. Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith Books, 1985.

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But it isn't so bad in hindsight that the writing doesn't quite follow the seemingly predetermined path. I like the surprisingly many calm moments. I especially enjoy the scenes with the landing party on Qo'noS. It may not have been the right time in the series but it is a welcome change how our crew explores a strange new world, also because it features more natural and believable Klingons than the ones we were shown so far in the series.


Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we will be celebrating a birthday with a special someone. Lil Tay Real (the son of host Tay Real) will be hanging out with us, on his birthday, to talk about his birthday, school, what he wants to be when he grows up and the Coronavirus pandemic. This quote is directly from Tay Real: "It is a huge honor to interview my son, live on air, on his 6th birthday. He is smart beyond his years and an amazing young child.

Why does Saru assume that Stamets killed Culber? He appears to be a suspect only in a very superficial investigation. Are there no surveillance records of sickbay? And even if Tyler deleted them, his fingerprints and DNA must be on Culber's neck.


Dutchess of Portland's Garland (Edinburgh, 1837). Edited by James Maidment from a manuscript in the Advocates Library, Edinburgh.

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White, John I. Git Along, Little Dogies: Songs and Songmakers of the American West. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1975.


Though we did see the return of the Guardian of Forever, which had originally appeared in The Original Series, no major characters from any other Star Trek show made an appearance. Perhaps the producers and writers felt that, with Seven of Nine carrying the torch for Voyager with her appearances in Season 1 of Picard, including a second main character from Voyager in a new show would’ve been too much, or at least that the timing was wrong. Regardless, I think it would’ve been amazing to see, and despite this theory failing to pan out in Season 3, it’s one I may very well bring back in time for Season 4!

Are they looked down upon as opposed to the Gay community? Do you think a Trans Man or Trans Woman has the right to work at any department store, restaurant, school or anywhere else? Would you have an issue if your child's teacher was Trans or if the school's principal was Trans? Could you be friends or even best friends with a Trans Man or Trans Woman? Do you have a boundary set on how much interaction you have with Trans People and if you do, where is the line drawn?


There's no better place to be tuned in that It's Real Talk Radio tonight

Like most of South Asia and the Middle East, because of stringent censor boards, music is exposed and shared exclusively over social networks. And access to YouTube has been blocked across the country for over a year now, so unless you know your way around proxy servers, you better find another channel.

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Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we'll be joined by special guest Tisha Baker. Tisha is a Maryland native who has experienced domestic violence and went back to her abuser 3 times before finally leaving for good. Vowing to never allow herself to be mistreated and abused again, Tisha worked on strengthening herself both mentally and physically, which has grown her into the strong woman she is today. Trust and believe this is 1 momma you don't want to mess with!


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Journal of American Folklore 103:68-71. The first AIDS folksong (California, ca. 1987), with the music, "Packington's Pound," dated 1560.

Lorca motivates the crew, and especially Stamets, who is reluctant to perform so many jumps in rapid succession. We could argue that Lorca only exploits Stamets' driving force of being a scientist, that he entices Stamets to risk his life with the prospect of making a revolutionary discovery. But realistically, what could Stamets achieve if the ship has to stay in a safe harbor, or if the Klingons win the war? I think Lorca does the right thing when he assures Stamets of his support for the scientific mission ("Captain, I didn't know you cared"), after the war, for which a further sacrifice may be necessary. Regarding Burnham, on the other hand, the captain is very cautious, if not to say overprotective. He does not want her to go on the dangerous mission aboard the Klingon ship. He thinks of her as a very valuable crew member, so in his view it would be better to send Ensign Expendable. Burnham reminds him that he released her from prison to help end the war in the first place, that she has no other purpose on the Discovery and that she would be the most qualified person because she has been on that ship before. Lorca listens to her, unlike he did on previous occasions, and ultimately has to agree with her logic.


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Excellent selection of not-mostly Australian modern songs and poems, with interesting Introduction. Essentially the best of the popular "bawdy" volumes but the folk originals are heavily conflated and editorially revised.

Even just a short cameo from someone like that would be an amazing way to tie the shows together. Ash Tyler could have risen through the ranks to become a senior officer in Starfleet Intelligence by this era, and he could be someone Picard speaks with upon assuming command of the Stargazer, just as one idea off the top of my head. The introduction of Q and time travel into Picard Season 2 has opened up the possibility of such crossovers in a way that I hadn’t previously considered possible.


Unauthorized paperback reprint. See original at date 1953 above.

Tonight we switch the tone a little and discuss Deadbeat MOMS! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? Typically when you hear the term 'Deadbeat', it's referred to a father who doesn't handle his parental responsibilities. Well there's a flipside to that and that's what we're here to discuss.

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Others feel like had he hesitated any longer, the other female in the confrontation could have been killed. This police shooting is different from the other nationally covered shootings due to a number of factors.


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A native of the mean streets of east Baltimore, at age 17, Tr'e Blair decided to give rapping a try. In the beginning it was for recreational purposes but by the time he turned 23, he started taking rapping serious.

With Burnham having ascended to the captain’s chair, and a new threat seemingly having reared its head, Season 4 is going to take Discovery to different places yet again. And if there are theories to be crafted – and I daresay there will be – I’ll be writing them up! Even though a lot of the theories I came up with in Season 3 didn’t pan out, I had a blast thinking them up and writing them down. At the end of the day, it’s an excuse to spend more time thinking and talking about Star Trek.


Fletcher, Curley W. Rhymes of the Round-Up. San Francisco: Privately printed, 1917.

He teacheth my hands to war

The story leaves the Mirror Universe in disarray. However, I never cared for any Mirror Universe story since the early DS9 outings, and it is no different with DIS. It appears the writers didn't care either. Despite all the efforts to give it more seriousness than before in Star Trek, their new iteration of the Mirror Universe lacks depth, it lacks diversity, it lacks logic or any sort of bigger plan. So Discovery finally leaves this throwaway version of itself behind, but not without having suffered damage. There is damage to the overall coherence and credibility of the series, which had just reached a point where the setting and the characters were reasonably well introduced. Moreover, "Into the Forest I Go" was the first episode where the Starfleet spirit seemed to be present in more than just phrases.


Because Trump advised his supporters to not trust the mail-in ballot process and to specifically show up during Election Day. This led to a comfortable lead for Trump during Election Day, as nightmares of 2021 began to haunt the Democrats.

Key give em hell instrumental

Listed in Bill GETZ checklist of air force squadron songbooks. See More Kunsongs by the Sea below.


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Some people feel like marriage is the most efficient way to save their dying relationship. History however has shown otherwise. But that doesn't stop most people from still jumping the broom. Some do it for spiritual/religious purposes. Well tonight, we'll be sharing our views and you know it's gonna get real, so don't miss out!