In Ice Crystal Adventure, you are tasked to help Amelia and her cat home by solving challenging match 3 jewel puzzles. Their livelihood in this harsh winter condition depends highly on your logic.

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The most difficult challenge was enforcing the complete lack of literacy. Lovecraftian horror is full of old tomes, ancient manuscripts, and letters of correspondence. Avoiding these cliches was really hard, but I managed to replace written artifacts with messengers, primitive paintings, and visions.


Ice Age Trail Alliance

Whilst not the best-looking platformer on any console, it’s clear that some downgrades were made in bringing it over to the Switch. Lighting effects are poor, textures are bland and muddy, and rock formations look like lumps of Play-Doh. Despite all this, the game still struggles to run adequately enough, with the frame rate chugging along at unacceptably low levels. Additionally, bugs will cause unnecessary deaths at various points in the game; we found ourselves clipping through platforms and getting stuck in walls whilst wall jumping.

The world may be encased in a perpetual sheet of ice, but things could not have been better for the animals of the ice age. Everyone has a home, everyone is happy, and everyone has ample opportunity to sloth around, even the ones that aren’t sloths. Unfortunately, that is all about to end; there have been an increasing number of tremors, avalanches and cracks appearing in the ice, all of which have been destroying everyone’s homes.


Anyone who’s a fan of the Ice Age series of films will likely find a lot to like in Ice Age Village. It brings back all of the franchise’s humor and charm. It provides a good outlet to exercise your creativity anytime and anywhere. Most of all, it adds a few new twists to the city-building formula by implementing many zoo manager aspects as well.

Find out the hotspots by hovering around with your mouse. Look out for objects which could be hidden. Warning: you may die in this game! Play Stoneage Sam 2 The Ice Age and other flash games at CafeCafeGames.com - We have the best free online games for you.


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One of only 11 National Scenic Trails in the country, the Ice Age Trail is a 1,000-mile footpath contained entirely within the state of Wisconsin. Ancient glaciers carved the path through rocky terrain, open prairies, and peaceful forests. Now, day hikers, backpackers, and outdoor lovers of all ages rely on the Ice Age Trail for a place to unplug, relax, and enjoy nature.


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Because my adventure is a one-shot, I made sure all the pregenerated characters have a history with each other. Many are related, some were foes in the distant past. Similarly, most of the NPCs are related in some way.

Canyon of the Snow Cairns

For the ice age to really work as a desperate and alien setting, you need to fully embrace the setting’s quirks. If the ice age just feels like a fur-clad variant of medieval times, it’s not going to play right. For this month’s adventure, Canyon of the Snow Cairns, I decided I’d fully embrace all prehistory’s quirks and challenges.


Golden Acorns are few and far between, so hoard them. Using hard currency to restart a mini game is wasteful and you should try and exercise patience instead. Keep your acorns for opening up exclusive areas.

In an ice age settlement, PCs probably know everyone. Every victim is someone personal to the PCs, every betrayal is more horrific. It’s brutal to find out that your uncle was the one sneaking into the forest to worship a fallen meteor versus a random professor from the university.


Every element of the setting makes for sheer desperation. In the ice age, civilization is viscerally surrounded by the dangerous unknown. Night IS dark and full of terrors. This is a world where actual predators are every bit as deadly as a Deep One. There are no shops to go buy bigger weapons, and even the best ones are unreliable and break easily.

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Extract, drop it in %installdir%\IceAge_Data\Managed and overwrite. DON'T FORGET to backup original dll, just in case.


Once again, the lovable Scrat is on a needlessly dangerous quest to recover his precious acorn after dropping it into the mystical Scratazon Temple. The temple mistakes the acorn as an offering, and activates the four Crystal Nuts. And so, to retrieve his acorn, Scrat heads out to four distinct locations to find the Crystal Nuts and return them to the temple. The plot is about as deep as you’d expect from a licensed title, but we have to admit that bringing Scrat back as the main protagonist was probably the best decision the developers could have made; he’s everyone’s favourite character for a reason. On the flip side, the distinct lack of any other characters makes this a very lonely game – and not in a good way, like Metroid. There’s no one to talk to throughout the experience, and the plot never deviates from the ‘go here, retrieve this, and come back’ task that’s been handed to you.

During Scrat-Alanche, distance and not the number of berries you collect measures your degree of success. The berries are a lure to make greedy players lose, so avoid them if they cross over an obstacle. Also collecting the Aardvark or Rhino power up will keep you running longer, and should be picked up if possible.


The ice age is probably the most ignored RPG setting. It’s also one of the best historical settings for Lovecraftian horror.

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Simple controls and a bunch of hints and tools make the game more comfortable. The game is accessible both to new players and true professionals in the puzzle game genre. An exciting immersion into winter world. Luxury decoration, beautiful landscapes, waterfall and magnificent castles of all time.

Controlling Scrat is very similar to how he played in 2006’s Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (which gives you an idea of how unambitious this title is) – he can jump, roll around, throw objects, and unleash a few nifty kung-fu moves against his enemies. As you defeat the region bosses and gather the Crystal Nuts, new abilities such as a double jump will be granted to you, with subsequent regions altering their layout accordingly to allow adequate use of these abilities. Naturally, Scrat doesn’t talk, and is limited to manic fits of giggling and screams of fear as he traverses the land (and the squeal of relief he emits when collecting a health pickup is, er. troubling).


Play Scrat-Alanche as often as you have tokens. These blue tokens are used exclusively for this mini game and can yield some big rewards if you’re good and lucky enough.

See if you can find Scrat tuckered away somewhere. Dig him up to earn a nice bonus in coins!