I'm glad Firefox has kept up so far. I don't like Google - it keeps trying to connect all my various email addresses. If I WANTED those things mixed together, I wouldn't have separate addresses!

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Formic acid 96 ACS

Administrative preventions: It is one of the simplest methods of cleaner production and it is not costly because there is no investment and it can be put into practice immediately after determining the possibilities. Examples are the prevention of water, energy and other source losses such as keeping the water vents closed, optimizing chemical dosing, wasting equipment, etc. Moreover, focusing on the management and training of employees can also be done under this heading.


Despite all of her shortcomings, ThiMs was a very good mother while the boys were young. It wasn't until they got old enough to verbalize their wishes/desires for/against something she had planned for them or wanted them to do that she displayed her natural personality to them.


Diabetes self-care requires substantial effort on the part of the patient, which can present a major challenge to those affected. People who develop diabetes are asked to make and maintain major lifestyle changes. These include regularly checking and interpreting blood glucose, planning and engaging in a regular physical activity regimen, and managing complex medication and nutritional regimens. The changes that cause the greatest difficulty tend to be lifestyle modifications, such as eating and physical activity habits, perhaps because they reflect embedded psychologic, social, and cultural influences.


I've been working from home since 2008, and for reasons beyond my control, entirely alone for that past almost year and a half. I've got this social distancing thing down to an art form. Put some classical music on low and keep the coffee at the ready. I always enjoyed collaborative efforts in programming projects -kept everyone on my team considering the bigger picture -but working on my own, I don't even notice the phone ringing.

The pathophysiology of hyperglycemic emergencies is similar in the two major types of diabetes, although important differences exist. Type 1 diabetes is associated with a life-threatening hyperglycemic complication called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). In type 2 diabetes, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic syndrome (HHS) (formerly referred to as hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome [HHNS]) refers to extremely high blood glucose requiring emergency treatment. While the pathophysiology of these two conditions is somewhat different, either may result in altered mental status, loss of consciousness, or death.


I want the problem, Derek Sivers is unusual. I don’t want the solution, because I don’t want the problem either.

Journalists report facts, not conjecture. Perhaps this "investigative editor" should start a site called WikiOpinion.


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Die Stauffenberg Light Show: Ketzerisches zum 20. Juli von Tom Appleton. Kommt ein bisschen spät, ist aber lesenswert.

The Z axis is leadscrew driven with an M4 threaded rod. It’s weird, and the Z axis is tremendously slow. This, however, is a selling point Monoprice failed to mention.


The different methods of both DNA and fingerprint recovery from arson scenes are analysed within this literature. Arson is often used as a mode of concealment due to the wide misconception that fire destroys fundamental evidence. Advances in recent research and technologies have meant that techniques have been developed to further aid and enhance the recovery of evidence that has been exposed to the extreme conditions of a fire. In the forefront of all fire investigations where evidence recovery is paramount, the stages of the fire should be taken into consideration and pre-eminent soot removal techniques carried out in order to expose and visualise any evidence present. Although evaluation of current literature demonstrates that exceptional results from both fingerprints and DNA exposed to fire can be obtained, through different enhancement techniques, further research and developments are required in order to ensure these essential developments are standardised and mandatory to all arson scenes.

Time Cube is Now a Cult by Coryoth. Fun what people’s minds can make up.


The "small jars" are the key bit of information that eliminates the dirty bomb theory. The FBI source exaggerates liberally throughout the report, and in this instance, they never mention exactly how small these jars are. They're about the size of a fat finger tip, and contain at most a few miniscule grams of uranium and thorium - just enough to be clearly visible without a magnifying glass. They're sold to schools, museums, and collectors. That's right, they're so dangerous, they're put on display for children in museums and schools. The online suppliers usually supply them in the small jars mentioned in the source, but sometimes they're embedded in a clear plastic block, such as lucite or acrylic, for use as a paperweight or desk ornament.

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Wait, do cards count as letters? If yes, a few weeks ago, late birthday cards. If no, I think the most recent *letter* was around September of last year. Fun fact: It was sent from Canada (to Arizona) and took almost *three months* to get here according to the postage date.


The dilution factor for all minerals except Mg is 100. For determination of Mg, further dilution of the original solution was done by using 0/5ml original solution and enough distilled water is added to it to make the volume up to 100ml.

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Our prices depend on the urgency of your assignment, your academic level, the course subject, and the length of the assignment. More complex assignments will cost more than simpler ones.


It’s important to remember that water isn’t always the best vinyl floor cleaner. Water from an overly wet mop will work its way into the cracks, seams, and edges. Once there, it can destroy the glue bond that holds down the vinyl, causing it to come loose or corners to curl.

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My life is pretty much as it has always been, except mostly working half days (which is a plus). I do miss getting together with my family though.


Patients should be instructed in how to perform a daily foot exam. A return demonstration should be requested to ensure that the patient is able to reach and see the bottoms of the feet. The self-foot exam includes inspection of the tops, bottoms, and sides of each foot and between the toes. A mirror can be used to see less accessible areas of the foot if necessary. Family members or caregivers may need to be involved. Patients should seek prompt professional advice for any foot problems including corns, calluses, open areas, nail deformities, or cracks and fissures in the skin.

To answer >130 ulmannc: as well. I'd like to share some of my library.


Sec. 573.480 Formic acid

The quality of water is reduced by these reactions. Some of the organic pollutants are biodegradable, while others are not. As biodegradable ones consume oxygen during their degradation, they decrease the water quality and influence the survival of marine organisms (Table 2). The organic constituents which are resistant to biodegradation part of the system for a long time and enter the food chain.

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They went from Milwaukee to North Dakota, where they worked on a wheat farm for a season. Then they went on to California, to the Los Angeles area, and took pictures on the beach. They stayed long enough for Joe to work as a tram conductor on the Redondo Beach line. This is work he continued later in the Milwaukee area.


I wish I had, but when I looked I found that I have written 122 reviews of more than 4000 works - pathetic! I list opera programmes and for a lot of those I have written a note about the performance I saw and entered it in the Comments field but that won't add up to more than 100 more.

This is not a diet program or a diet supplement that can be purchased. Therefore there are not any actual “reviews” published.


It should be obvious that the distinction between the patient who is intoxicated and the patient experiencing a diabetic emergency can be blurred. When the conditions are ripe, it can become very easy to mistake one for the other.

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Look carefully for medical alert jewelry, especially around the wrist and neck. If personal identification is available, such as a wallet or purse, check for any information that might point to a medical condition, such as prescriptions, a medical card or, especially, for the insulin-dependent diabetic, small tuberculin syringes.

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They don't sit on the fence posts; they're not designed that way - the fence or the deer. It's been raining here a lot, so I don't put corn in feed buckets as I usually would. My patio is shaped like a grand piano due to where the oak trees are, with the hinge side being my house. I've been pouring out a line of corn along what would be the keyboard side and around its corner, and another much smaller line at the opposite end. Must have put out a good 30 lbs of corn last night. They didn't leave a single kernel for the squirrels or doves. And even though they could lick grass and leaves to get water, they drank the 2 gallons of fresh water out of the bucket I use for that purpose. I'm expecting to see a record number of fawns this year. MrsHouseLibrary used to assign names to them all. I still address them by their names when I see them.


O’Hagan A, Banham RB. A review of fingerprint recovery within an arson crime scene. Forensic Res Criminol Int J. 2021;6(5):315–325.

Client-side ADO using Javascript by curien. Perverse, why not use a local webserver and a real language?


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Pieter Hugo’s photos: Hyena people of Nigeria at Joi Ito’s. Have a deep look into their eyes.

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And, I'm going to have to switch to having my groceries delivered for now. I'm already missing going to the grocery store.


I don't have big plans any more. I'm a bit pushed to find little ones. The big event this week has been a cystoscopy. Tomorrow we will have a family Zoom to mark my daughter's birthday (she's in California) and the abbess and I will split a bottle of English fizz.

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You could prefer marmalade over jelly or jam but that would just make you a monster. It's always about jelly and jam. Fats Waller never wrote no rag about no marmalade. And he could have if he had wanted to. Considered the joy that he bought to his public with the song Sweet pickle rag. Fats was not above up any condiments and often included them in his work.


Not me. I've become inured to stacks of unrelated papers that need to be sorted and either filed away or put into the recycling bin. Lots of stacks in several rooms.

Syndicating content by Bruno Pedro. And I tell you to please use Atom.


Behind me it's genre then author surname - poetry at the top, then all the editions of Slightly Foxed, humour, lots of P G Wodehouse, medical, book collecting, more Wodehouse and then fiction. In front, old Penguins at the top, then military history held up by a boxed set of Proust and below that Greek culture and mythology, opera and other music, medical history and memoirs, finally family history / genealogy.

Yep, we are considered essential services, so it's business as usual for now. I don't have kids to homeschool, and am not very social normally, so little has changed so far.


For patients with diabetes, vegetables provide a moderate source of carbohydrate with the benefit of being rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They offer the added benefit of being naturally devoid of fat and very low in calories. Although canned and frozen vegetables may be an acceptable source, fresh produce is desirable.

This is an individualized and structured diet that provides specific meal plans. Foods are weighed, and meals should be consumed in their entirety for best results.


Cultural competence means being sensitive to differences in the values and beliefs that are shared by the members of an ethnic, cultural, racial, religious, or lifestyle preference of a group. Components of effective transcultural nursing include communication style, use of personal space, eye contact, and understanding of biologic variations. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there can be great variation among individuals within cultures. Therefore, stereotyping and making assumptions about an individual patient's beliefs based solely upon ethnic identification should be avoided.

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Yes, I've used it several times for several different interests. Early LT pages are particularly fun to look at.


Look, I still want to hear from people who drink black coffee. Because, frankly, I think that's just weird. And I want to know why people do it. Black coffee drinkers explain yourself.

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Iodine's main role in animal biology is as constituents of the thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These are made from addition condensation products of the amino acid tyrosine, and are stored prior to release in an iodine-containing protein called thyroglobulin. T4 and T3 contain four and three atoms of iodine per molecule, respectively. The thyroid gland actively absorbs iodide from the blood to make and release these hormones into the blood, actions which are regulated by a second hormone TSH from the pituitary. Thyroid hormones are phylogenetically very old molecules which are synthesized by most multicellular organisms, and which even have some effect on unicellular organisms; Iodine is an essential trace element. Chemically, iodine is the least reactive of the halogens, and the most electropositive halogen after astatine. However, iodine does not occur in the free state in nature. As with all other halogens, when freed from its compounds iodine forms diatomic molecules (I2); Iodine and its compounds are primarily used in medicine, photography, and dyes. Iodine is required for the production of thyroid hormones, which are essential for normal brain development, and the fetus, newborn, and young child are particularly vulnerable to iodine deficiency. Physiologically, iodine exists as an ion in the body.


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And no, Ruby is even worse a name than Vista. Can’t they just call it Windows “SuckyAsAlways” 2005?

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Over the December/ January holidays we visited the west coast of America (Seattle) and then went on to Hawai’i - although, since we live in Singapore, we actually flew eastwards. If we had been visiting the east coast, we would have flipped a coin.


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I can't reach anyone in the management office but that's par for the course. The place is under construction so I'm hoping it's just a few hours gap. I brushed my teeth about an hour ago, but talked myself out of a shower, which I'm now regretting quite a lot. If the property managers have had to shut the water off to work on the building or the pipes, the earliest I can reasonably expect take a shower is midnight. It's also unscheduled, which always bothers me.

When you lose weight, your triglycerides (which are otherwise known as fat molecules) go way down. Your body creates more triglycerides when processing sugar and carbohydrates. Keeping your triglyceride levels down keeps your heart, and you’re as a whole much healthier. Lastly, one of the most significant fears when doing a diet like the Keto Diet is the amount of cholesterol you will be taking in from the proteins and fats. On the contrary, though, your body will be producing healthy levels of HDL, otherwise known as High-Density Lipoprotein. HDL carries bad cholesterol away from the body and to the liver to excrete.


I’m reading John Le Carrė’s most recent book, Agent Running in the Field. I am not far into it but first impression is that it is an exercise in self-parody. I enjoy the author’s writing so I will press on regardless but it isn’t the old Leamas and Smiley.

Absolutely no plans nor interest to travel. MrsHouseLibrary had the travel bug, not me.


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On the homefront, my primary concern is downsizing. My next move will likely be into a larger place, but the move after that will most likely be into a much smaller place. So right now I'm winnowing the wheat from the chaff.

England to lie around in a hammock. I am moderately active in the garden, weeding, tidying up and preparing for the first time in many years to grow some food crops - tomatoes, spuds, lettuce, courgettes, runner beans, spring onions, strawberries and chillies. I fear a war of attrition with pigeons and slugs.


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In general, the insulin-sensitizing agents are well tolerated by patients. Occasional minor side effects may include headache, dizziness, and edema. A much more serious, but still uncommon, adverse effect of these medications is the elevation of liver enzymes leading to severe hepatocellular injury. Although hepatic injury may be reversible, cases resulting in liver transplantation and/or death have occurred in patients who used troglitazone, a thiazolidinedione medication that has been taken off the market. Pioglitazone and rosiglitazone are associated with a higher level of safety in this regard. Chances of drug-related liver complications can be reduced with proper monitoring. TZDs should not be used in those patients with alanine transaminase values of more than 2/5 times the upper limit . Liver function tests are periodically monitored throughout therapy and should be obtained for all patients at the first symptoms suggestive of liver dysfunction, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, anorexia, or dark urine .

Also known as "regular" insulin, this is a clear insulin that is generally used to cover increases in blood glucose associated with the main meals. Onset of action is from 30 minutes to one hour after injection, with peak levels occurring in two to three hours. Persons using regular insulin are instructed to administer a dose between 30 to 45 minutes prior to the meal.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline. Chicago, IL: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; 2021. Available at Last accessed October 16, 2021.

One minute older = sir or ma'am. In my whole life I've raised my voice to one senior and not called het ma'am and that was when I was living on Capitol Hill in the district.


Persons with all types of diabetes are at risk for developing retinopathy. Persons with type 1 diabetes are more likely to develop proliferative retinopathy, the most devastating type of eye disease affecting people with diabetes. In this disorder, the small vessels of the retina become increasingly permeable and eventually rupture. The ruptured vessels are then replaced by new, very fragile blood vessels that rupture and bleed easily, causing leakage into the vitreous. This is further complicated by the abnormal attachment of these new vessels to the retina. Their presence greatly increases the risk for retinal detachment, furthering the progression to blindness.

Not as much as I could if I wanted too. It does sound like an idea though. My sister (a continent away) and I did do a FaceTime cocktail night the other week. My husband’s idea of mixing a cocktail is to add juice or something fizzy to rum or gin. I’ve bought him loads of cocktail recipe books but he hasn’t taken the hint and since he’s in charge of pouring drinks (it’s safer that way - I’d add far too much alcohol) that’s what I usually get.


Not cancelled yet, and not a vacation, but I've still got reservations at a hotel in New Jersey where I'm supposed to be attending my high school class's 50th-year reunion. That's as far as I got with the planning. I planned for arriving a day early and leaving two days after it was over, and that's what my reservation covers. I couldn't book the actual weekend of the reunion because the contract for discounted block of rooms hadn't been signed yet.

Have patient simulate procedure prior to actually pricking finger. May use control solution to do this.


My father took thousands of pictures - black and white, color, Polaroids, slides. When they sold the house in New Jersey to retire in Florida in late 1983, they gave several mementos to each of the siblings. I ended up with (among other things) a large cardboard box full of the pictures, slides, and negatives that my father had taken. And they also gave me two framed paintings done by Aunt Annie, one of which was Perrine's Bridge from the same perspective which my father had photographed my mother. Not sure why they chose to give those paintings to me. My younger brother and a sister were the artists among my siblings.

Ulutaş F, Alkaya E, Böğürcü M, et al. İzmir’de Eko-verimlilik Uygulamalarının Yaygınlaştırılması’na Yönelik Strateji Çalışması Raporu. İzmir Kalkınma Ajansı (İZKA), Türkiye Teknoloji Geliştirme Vakfı (TTGV), İzmir; 2021.


I've never gone for postal voting despite being warned that I might drop dead before polling day. If hat happened they would just have to get on without me. I do appreciate the personal statement of getting down to vote in person.

Patients with type 2 diabetes and their families should be educated in the prevention and recognition of HHS, especially if the patient is at high risk. Preventive measures include maintenance of adequate hydration and adherence to medications and a meal plan. Proper sick day management and avoidance of medications that can exacerbate hyperglycemia are other effective preventive measures (Table 2).


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I can, I have an Adobe creative suite subscription. There has to be a way that I can clean up that outline of a squirrel to make it more squirrel-like.

But the fact is the current trajectory of a growing proportion of the population being over the age of retirement is fiscally unsustainable without policy changes. As the years go on, a declining percentage of the population will be of working age.


A Case for Formal Specification by Coryoth. IMO, Unit testing is enough for all but the most serious applications.

Signs of dehydration related to DKA include orthostatic hypotension and poor skin turgor. Acute abdominal pain, tenderness, and diminished or absent bowel sounds are commonly associated with DKA and frequently cause the patient to seek emergent treatment. Changes in mental status occur as the ketosis progresses.


Patients with peripheral neuropathy should avoid weight-bearing exercise that can cause orthopedic stress to the foot. They should also avoid activities that may cause mechanical trauma to the skin of the lower extremities. Such activities include prolonged walking, jogging, or step exercises. Recommended exercises for those with peripheral neuropathy may include swimming, bicycling, and chair exercises .

This source is so dishonest, it's hard to tell anything about what really happened, other than that the report about it is dishonest. Maybe he had the thermite because he wanted to burn down a hospital? I'd be more likely to believe that if something else in the report weren't a play on words or a twisting of facts.


The KETOGENIC Diet Ingredients

Patient Y is an African American woman, 62 years of age, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 years ago. Her history includes hypertension, which is currently well controlled on medication, body weight 30 lbs above ideal, clinical signs of early renal failure, cardiovascular disease, and early-stage retinopathy.

I am, but it's because I keep having to put on and take off my tyvek level 4 biohazard suit. Today is one week of working from home for me. I had cabin fever after 17 hours. I'm claustrophobic, put out with myself for having to do laundry and not wanting to do laundry, and the cat's looking at me all weird.


A patient with hyperglycemia may be dehydrated, as evidenced by tachycardia, tachypnea and possible hypotension. You may need to provide IV hydration in such circumstances.

Your presentation sucks, your presentation rocks! Very good points by Gianugo Rabellino.


Because macrovascular disease associated with diabetes accounts for such high morbidity, mortality, and economic burden, preventive care efforts are of utmost importance. Preventive approaches include healthy diet, regular exercise, aggressive treatment of hypertension, smoking cessation, treatment of dyslipidemia, and maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Nutritional properties of food depending upon its composition and physical properties. Separate methods are required to describe quantity, composition, and quality of nutrients in foods. Our work has to present also nutrient compositional in common beans and analysis method.


After reviewing Patient C's 24-hour dietary recall, you are able to identify areas where you can most appropriately focus teaching about nutrition. You do this by comparing the overall composition of her diet to the general nutritional recommendations. You can see by Patient C's 24-hour dietary recall that she tends to select foods that are high in both fat and sugar. She will need to know that these types of foods add unnecessary calories to her diet and contribute to her obesity. While you can calculate six servings of added fat in her diet (margarine), you also see that her intake contains several sources of "hidden fat," which greatly increase her overall fat intake. Examples of the high-fat foods she consumed are cheese, higher-fat hamburger, french fries, and chocolate-covered cookies. You should inform Patient C that for weight and cardiac-risk reduction, these foods should be consumed less frequently. You can suggest substituting lower-fat versions of these foods. These may include lean hamburger, low-fat or nonfat cheese, and a baked potato instead of fries. She can also reduce her saturated fat intake by choosing nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt.

In addition to the general stressors that most people face, people with diabetes experience specific feelings, frustrations, and emotional struggles that can be directly related to having the disease. This so-called "diabetes-burnout" is believed to be very common. Feelings frequently reported by subjects with diabetes have included guilt or anxiety for not always following the treatment plan and worry about the possibility of serious long-term complications. Other feelings related to having diabetes include helplessness, depression, anger, and being overwhelmed. These difficult feelings about diabetes along with poor coping skills are believed to be among the greatest obstacles to satisfactory self-care .


Resist the temptation to blast away dirt with heavy-duty cleaners. Instead, learn how to clean vinyl floors using the mildest possible method. Sweep or vacuum it every evening, and wipe up spills right away. To clean dirt that the broom or vacuum can’t get, use a mop dampened with warm—not hot—water. If all else fails, use soap, but make sure the soap is designed for your flooring.

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Therapeutic interventions for a hypoglycemic patient include oxygen if the patient is hypoxic and intravenous dextrose (D10). If the patient is noncooperative, it may be difficult to initiate intravenous access. Glucagon administered intramuscularly may be easier to deliver in such circumstances, although it may take time for the medication to take effect.


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ETA: I read some more of the Danish information. There are two vaccines on the Danish market. One protects against 23 pneumonia bacteria and the other against 13. The plan is to get 75% of the population over 65 years vaccinated against pneumonia and against flu. People under 65 years can buy the vaccine shots if they want. I think they are about $60 each. And I should add that the pneumonia vaccines are aimed at the more dangerous variants of pneumonia bacteria, so they'll prevent 3 out of four of the dangerous cases.

Eliciting "change talk" involves looking for statements that signify the patient is no longer happy with the status quo. Mirroring these statements back to the patient reinforces the perceived benefits of behavior change. In order to elicit change talk, listen for "I wish" or "I want" statements and explore them further.


Mild symptoms, nothing that screamed of a pending calamity, but nagging nonetheless. Yesterday, I went to a standalone urgent care facility that offered tests for COVID-19. I'll get those results back Monday or Tuesday.

In a word, no. And that applies to any vegetative matter. It's the issue I have with my right hand; can't grip well enough to be anything other than extremely cautious while doing it. And, I have no reason to use an onion in anything I cook.


Monoprice’s MP Select Mini doesn’t require special filament, and it can use the standard Open Source 3D printing software. This is in stark contrast to the XYZPrinting da Vinci from 2021. The da Vinci uses chipped, DRMed filament, and a proprietary interface instead of standard G-code. The MP Select Mini doesn’t pull any of these tricks, and is a minor miracle for a $200 printer.

After MrsHouseLibrary died, my dishwasher has become a big drying rack. Once every six months or so, I'll stop washing things by hand, let the dishwasher accumulate maybe half a load or more, and fire it up. just to maintain it in working order.



Adults tend to learn better when teaching incorporates prior knowledge and past experiences. When teaching a problem-solving process, for example, ask the patient how he or she has dealt with a similar situation in the past. Build upon this experience to teach new material.

Had another glass of boxed wine. Took my ropinirole so I don't get restless legs.


One of those studies took a more in-depth look into healthy women and the potential risk of cardiovascular health when going through a low carb diet. There were 53 women who participated in the study for a 6 month time period. The results showed that there was no significant difference in cardiovascular risk for healthy women when completing this study.

Generally, I've got two outdoor projects going on (beside mowing the lawn). One is to get all the lawnmower-blade -attacking rocks up and out of the way, and fill the holes from dirt in the raised garden.


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When all sides are telling us productivity needs to improve, the stifling effect of these policy settings acts as a handbrake on growth. These policies don’t just put fiscal pressure on the budget, with the pressure building as the nation’s ageing demographic increases. They also act as a disincentive for younger generations to continue to work in Australia.

This activity was planned by and for the healthcare team, and learners will receive 15 Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) credit(s) for learning and change. NetCE designates this continuing education activity for 15 ANCC contact hour(s). NetCE designates this continuing education activity for 3 pharmacotherapeutic/pharmacology contact hour(s). NetCE designates this continuing education activity for 18 hours for Alabama nurses. Social workers participating in this intermediate to advanced course will receive 15 Clinical continuing education clock hours. This home study course is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators for 15 credit hour(s). This course is approved by the California Nursing Home Administrator Program for 10 hour(s) of continuing education credit - NHAP#1622005-7651/P. California NHAs may only obtain a maximum of 10 hours per course. AACN Synergy CERP Category A. NetCE is authorized by IACET to offer 1/5 CEU(s) for this program.


Tomorrow pressure remains high but the air is coming down from the Arctic. Should still be good in the garden.

Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre. Mini-guide to Cleaner Production.


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Before I moved to Texas, I owned a house in New Jersey that ThiMs and I decided to renovate. Had to hire a contractor to do most of it, but I also did a lot of the work myself.

While this article centers on the diabetic patient, there are other causes of altered mental status, including seizure, brain injury, stroke, drug overdose and psychological conditions. In other words, if your initial impression is that the patient is intoxicated, pause for a few minutes and completely assess for other possible conditions. If you can't be absolutely certain about the underlying cause, don't make a risky decision – transport to an appropriate medical facility.


Sura didn’t do much but did give Trajan a bath and a shave (in the absence of his bodyguard). The emperor reckoned that proved his loyalty given that Sura refrained from cutting his throat.

KETOGENIC Diet and The Brain

Readiness to change can be assessed by asking the patient questions about each specific behavior. Stages of change can be identified with reference to the time period in which the patient is operating with regard to a given behavior.


As my moniker suggests, it would be difficult for me to not share my library area with anyone. That being said, I live alone now and it is highly unlikely that I'll have anyone sharing this place with me again. I'm not closed to the possibility, but I'm not looking either. It would have to be an extraordinary person, and no one gets that lucky twice.

The Ketogenic Diet offers a different solution to weight loss, but that does not mean it is the only way to lose weight or the right direction. For some, it might not be the best fit for their bodies, health, and lifestyle overall. With a low carbohydrate diet, you are also taking in less fiber and proper nutrients from fruits and some veggies. Fats and oils such as avocados, coconut oil, butter, and beef fat are recommended for the Ketogenic Diet. Proteins of all kinds are allowed, but be mindful of your processed meats because those are just plain bad for you.


In 2021, the ADA issued a position statement advocating for the individualization of eating plans for persons with diabetes . The ADA contends that there is no "one-size-fits-all" diet for patients with diabetes and nutritional recommendations should be based on personal and cultural preferences, health literacy, food access, and willingness to make behavioral changes .

I keep a scribbled list of items lost posted on the bathroom mirror. Requests to my long deceased uncle will often enough surface the item. It’s his specialty in my family.


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I have just had a pulse oximeter delivered. A pessimistic purchase but it may be useful if I have the misfortune to catch the bloody virus. Its only other use is in monitoring the effects of exercise at altitude.

Mop wood floor clean vinyl

Maintenance is the stage in which patients have maintained desired behaviors for more than six months. During this time, the healthcare provider's role is to support continued commitment on the part of the patient and to continue to support self-efficacy.


I tried one over 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, so I made changes to my diet, among other things. I didn't recall why I never bought a second one, so about six weeks ago, I bought another.

TPBM lives in a religious or philosophical community. I mean the kind of community that prepares bread or pot brownies for the public, and not an academic enclave.


Can You Trust Windows AntiSpyware, Preston Gralla asks. Why even use an OS that even remotely needs something like that?

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TPBM can tell me where to find the rules for said game. So far, I've only found references to some cheesy TV show.


The Ketogenic Diet has been shown in small studies (case reports and case series) to be particularly helpful for some epilepsy conditions. These include infantile spasms, Rett syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex, Dravet syndrome, Doose syndrome, and GLUT-1 deficiency. Using a formula-only Ketogenic Diet for infants and gastrostomy-tube fed children may lead to better compliance and possibly even improved efficacy.

I can only come up with a locked cupboard. Maybe there are apps called something like HomeJammer or Confiscator - who knows?


I know from experience you can do both at the same time. Wooden spoons make great microphones if you care to throw in a little singing too.

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My first few prints were of Benchy, the tugboat 3D benchmarking tool. While not perfect, out of the box and with the recommended Cura settings, this printer produced a Benchy that is at least equal in quality from any other uncalibrated printer. With a little work in getting the right settings, I can see this printer producing Benchys that are at least equal to those produced by any other mid-range printer.

My big difficulty with a match like this is deciding who to support. I was born in WW2 and brought up to regard the Boche as the enemy but on the other hand the French are, as everyone knows, cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


In order to produce steam; fuel, LPG, coal and city gas are commonly utilized. Except for little quantity of energy required to operate the machinery of textile, mostly needed energy for chemical processes is thermal and it is generally provided by steam. The greenhouse gasses which are come out after incineration of fossil fuels is used to generate steam (Table 5). This situation makes a contribution to carbon footprints of textiles, primarily.

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Syndey, the New People’s Choice Ruby, RedHanded has a nice overview. I hope they can merge soon, though.


Microsoft To Become a Big-Time Spyware Vendor, asks Preston Gralla. Spyware seems to be an innovation not possible with free software.

MP Select Mini 3D printer for

Macrovascular disease refers to changes in the moderate to large-sized arteries and veins that supply the heart, brain, and peripheral tissue. Ultimately, it is manifested by coronary heart disease (myocardial infarction), cerebral vascular disease (stroke), and peripheral artery disease, leading to vascular foot ulcers. Cardiovascular disease is the foremost cause of diabetes-related deaths and the largest contributor to the economic costs of diabetes [6,38]. Moreover, people with diabetes are prone to developing both coronary and cerebral vascular disease at an earlier age than people who do not have diabetes.


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That's only 86 degrees Fahrenheit. That's considered Arctic temperatures here in central Texas at this time of year. It's so hot and dry here, a dropped ice cube evaporates before it hits the ground.

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I'm missing al of spring and the outdoor work on my Kentucky ridgetop. But am tied to this d**n internet connection till my retirement gets processed. Who knew it was so complicated and tedious?


I think what >385 Heather19: is referring to is the cheesy TV show, which I believe is based on a series of books. I didn't watch it or read the books so not sure, but kind of sure.

Hello no I'm not leaving my apartment. I want to stay well, and more than that I want to not create a fuss.


Rosiglitazone has been associated with increased risk for angina, myocardial infarction, fluid retention, and worsening of heart failure. The risk for heart attack appears to be higher for those who took rosiglitazone with insulin or nitrates . Therefore, most people who take insulin or nitrates should not take this medication. Furthermore, rosiglitazone is contraindicated in people with heart failure [82,83]. In 2007, the FDA concluded that the boxed warning on both rosiglitazone and pioglitazone should be strengthened. In addition to choosing alternative medications for patients with heart failure, patients who use a TZD should be closely monitored for signs and symptoms of heart failure.

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Despite these obvious realities, thousands of people have been working on 8-bit controller boards for the better part of a decade. There’s a lot of technical debt to pay off in the Open Source 3D printing world. This technical debt was just paid off by a random embedded dev in China. If you want to see the future of 3D printer controller boards, all you need to do is buy a $200 printer from China.


Yeah, i looked there when I wanted to make a charcuterie for a dinner party. I can make stuff that tastes good, but it's much harder to make stuff that looks good.

Have you ever been up on a ladder, spraying a hornet's nest with 50 food Raid, and getting some in your mouth because you are screaming? Whisky tastes like that, like hornet spray and fear.


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Individuals may not want to check their blood glucose on a regular basis because they perceive it to be an inconvenience that encroaches on their lifestyle. Healthcare providers might be able to help such patients overcome this barrier by providing information about how improved blood glucose control can result in feeling better on a day-to-day basis. Further information may be provided regarding how glycemic control reduces the risk for long-term complications, making patients more able to lead productive lives. The perception that SMBG is inconvenient may also be offset if patients are shown how this procedure can allow for greater flexibility in meal planning. By monitoring the effects of various foods and the timing of meals on blood glucose, patients can have more choices with regard to eating . Patients who find regular blood glucose monitoring bothersome may be interested in meters that are smaller, faster, and require fewer steps during testing. Some meters allow for "alternate site" testing, in which the patient can collect a blood sample from the forearm or the thenar aspect of the palm, where fewer nerve endings make the procedure less painful. Additionally, the IDF/SMBG Working Group has suggested possible regimens that may be individualized to address the specific needs of each person with diabetes .

Nutritional properties and nutrients chemical analysis of common beans seed

Although statistics related to the chronic complications are grim, patients who keep their blood glucose as close to normal as possible can significantly reduce their risk for diabetes complications. Two landmark studies have clearly demonstrated these findings in individuals with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), conducted from 1983 to 1993, found that good glycemic control slows the onset and progression of eye, kidney, and nerve disease in people with type 1 diabetes .


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When you choose to consume fruits, try the lower sugar options first. This includes strawberries, cranberries, mulberries, cherries, raspberries, and blueberries. There are an abundance of guides out there that will point you in the right direction of what to eat on the program. From PDF’s to blog posts to websites, you will not run out of options. The Keto Diet program offers several variations depending on your situation and health condition. A good site to reference is PerfectKeto.

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I did see one silly kid try to hit a baseball with one and it appeared to explode in many pieces! I'm sure if one tried to use a large one to hit a cricket ball, a similar "event would occur! A local name for a monster zucchini.


After the procedures have been reviewed, it is important to ensure that Patient J has a thorough understanding of how to interpret his blood glucose results. The patient should have an understanding of how to compare his food intake, activity pattern, medications, and daily stress level to blood glucose results using a diary. When he learns how these factors influence blood glucose, he will be better able to achieve and maintain glycemic control while avoiding problems associated with diabetes.

Since the Covid lockdown I have been finding it increasingly difficult to relate to the passage of time. One day is so much like another. But now you come to mention it SGIV has been absent since the end of June so his return is very welcome. There are too many bad reasons for people to disappear from view So let’s rejoice with loud fal-la!


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The key to keeping any floor in good shape is to keep it clean, and sheet vinyl is no exception. Get the dirt off before it gets ground in, and your vinyl will last longer. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of quickly running a soft broom across the kitchen floor every evening after you put the dishes in the dishwasher.

This can be done by employing reflective listening and empathy. In order to make the transition to the next stage, patients in the precontemplation stage must choose to accept ownership of the problem. At this stage, objective information should be provided based on caring and concern, rather than to prove the patient wrong about his or her feelings.


Calculating the True Price of Software by Robert Lefkowitz. Free Software saves licensing costs, who would have guessed?

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In the top, I can open the left door and still reach items on the right. In the bottom, only the equal space is open for access.


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Homeless Nerd, es gibt in New York einen 21jährigen der im Starbucks 40th Avenue New York lebt. Der Junge heisst Corvey und verbringt den ganzen Tag dort an seinem Ungetüm von PC, Röhrenmonitor und altem Dell Laptop.

Kasper S. Lifting Materials. In: Brown E Latent Print Processing Guide.


KEY - Hell Yeah

The Monoprice MP Select Mini is, by any account, a My First 3D Printer™, so let’s compare apples to apples. The class of printers that can be called a My First 3D Printer™ aren’t the Lulzbots, Ultimakers, or other machines that cost $1500 and up. ‘Beginner’ 3D printers are better defined by the SeeMeCNC Eris, the Printrbot Play and Metal Simple, the Deezmaker Bukito, the Maker’s Toolworks MiniMax, the da Vinci printer, and [Prusa]’s i3 Mk2.

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But our main crop seemed to be slugs. No idea where they came from, but I'd only see them at night, and each night I'd fill half of a 5-gallon plastic bucket with these slimy things and deposit them in a dumpster behind some stores in a strip mall a mile from the house. And the next night, I'd do it again - for weeks!


I have blisters on my fingers from washing clothes in a large plastic tub. I wash my hands all the time, and it really, really stings. Blisters on your fingertips are very painful.

RSS 2/0 and Atom 1/0, Compared, notice the 1/0! A diff between 0/3 and 1/0 would be very useful too.


Patient C is a moderately obese white female, 67 years of age, who has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her physician has recommended dietary modification and a walking program to manage her diabetes and promote weight loss. No diabetes medications have been prescribed at this time. As the nurse working in her physician's office, you are asked to provide Patient C with education on the dietary management of her diabetes. As part of your needs assessment, you ask the patient to provide a 24-hour dietary recall. The results and analysis of the dietary content are reported in Table 8.

Silent angina is more common in people with diabetes than the general population. Risk factors include age older than 35 years and diabetes of greater than 10 to 15 years duration. The physician may order a graded exercise test to detect the presence of heart disease before prescribing an exercise program to diabetic patients.


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Not me. I trust his judgement. Whatever it was, I'm not going to lose any sleep in needless speculation.

When the water went out this afternoon I was more anxious than angry or frustrated, which would have been my usual reaction. Things can sometimes seem terrible and when the taps ran dry it just seemed like part of a much larger, terrible inevitability. That being said, please remember that I catastrophize things.


BETA of FreeBSD’s new installer by Dru Lavigne. Sounds good and simple, it uses ncurses, yay.

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And somehow, my second-born ate one, I'm told. He as still in diapers so at most not much older than 2 years old (my son, not the slug,) and my wife (ThiMs) had the two boys in the back yard. Thing 2 reached over the edge of the corner of the retaining wall corner, grabbed one of those slimy things, sat back and put it in his mouth. To this day, he remains the boldest of my kids. The other two will think for a while about how to approach an issue, but he just jumps right in and figures his way out. He says slugs taste a lot not like chicken.


If the patient is awake, cooperative and following your commands, oral administration of glucose may be effective. It may take longer to take effect, so be patient.

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Oh yes, I can't imagine feeling good about going into a restaurant any time soon. I miss eating out but not that much.



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Tomorrow, we've got a 20% chance of rain in the morning. After that, sunny and in the high 70s.


This is the first year the heat has been any issue, and I don't have air conditioning. The roof fan motor died and I failed to get it replaced soon enough. Have I mentioned this up thread?

105641 isoValeric Acid NAT

When the da Vinci printer was released two years ago, an immense amount of effort went into reverse engineering the chipped filament and reprogramming the control board to speak normal G-code. Now the same work must be done on this printer.

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And, I've no need, want, nor desire to buy any more books. There's over a thousand I've yet to read already in my house. They call to me, but I do not respond.

Sorry, I'm having Chinese food withdrawal. It's ugly, but it's not like coming off heroin.


GBD 2021 Risk Factors Collaborators. Global, regional, and national comparative risk assessment of 84 behavioural, environmental and occupational, and metabolic risks or clusters of risks, 1990-2021: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021.

More recently, the important role that incretin hormones play in glucose regulation has become more clearly understood. Incretins are digestive hormones that are released from the small intestine within minutes of eating in response to the post-meal rise in blood glucose. The incretins help lower blood sugar by stimulating insulin release, slowing gastric emptying, and decreasing glucagon production from the pancreas . Two incretin hormones mediate these actions: glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP).


Ruby on Rails and J2EE: Is there room for both, Aaron Rustad compared the two Web application frameworks. Of course there is, and for loads of other frameworks too.

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Besides it gives her a chance to pick up annuals for a song! TPBM gets something local that the big stores don't have!


Blood glucose target ranges should be individualized for the patient. While the overwhelming benefits of tight glycemic control have been demonstrated, this is not necessarily the optimal goal for every patient. For example, an elderly patient living alone may have a higher target range in order to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. In this case, the risk for an episode of undetected and unassisted hypoglycemia outweighs the benefits of warding off long-term complications.

Patients should be instructed to take their pills daily, at the same time each day. The standard dose of glipizide is taken three times per day to obtain optimal effect; extended-release glipizide and other sulfonylurea agents are taken only once per day.


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Patients taking this agent should be instructed to take their pills 15 to 30 minutes prior to each meal. The number of doses taken is determined by the number of meals eaten. For example, if a meal is missed, the corresponding dose of medication is skipped. Conversely, a dose is added when an extra meal or large snack is taken.

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I'm completely wired enter the Matrix, I know, but it was nice to be 16 and just disappear into the night. I suppose the question is do I miss privacy enough to give up Alexa, and Google pay, and my smart TV?


The sneaky foreigners are counting different from us! FFS it's a problem for the whole human race. Even countries like New Zealand that had the luck or judgement to lockdown early will have their lives changed and will be watching their backs for a long time hence. Ex-prime minister Teresa May didn't get much right but her recent comments about an international approach are spot on. On May 8th we are having a Bank Holiday, shifted from the usual celebration of Spring and/or International Workers Day to give us the opportunity to celebrate VE Day - our victory over the GERMANS!

Patients who use insulin or sulfonylureas are at risk for hypoglycemia during or after exercise if proper adjustments are not made. This is due to the effect that exercise has on lowering blood glucose. People who use meal planning alone to control their diabetes are not generally at risk for experiencing exercise-induced hypoglycemia.


The OECD has achieved many successes in cleaner production over 20 years. In 1990, it started the Technology and Environment Program which lasted 3 years.

Although most people with diabetes can derive some benefit from exercise, several risk factors may modify their activity plan. The nurse should consult with the physician before discussing an activity plan with patients having any of the identified comorbidities.


New process technology: Because this method involves the use of more modern and efficient technologies, it requires a higher initial investment cost than other methods. However, with the developments of quality and savings the investment can be repaid in a very short-dated and with this application the company can more easily switch to more up-to-date and modern production processes.

WWIDD: MMD everywhere in Parrot. MMD on the assignment operator sounds nasty (IMO, assigment only copies a pointer, always). I could understand you want something like CL’s setf, though.


I've been working on my baking skills again. Not necessarily a good use of my time considering I'm diabetic, but I used to bake all the time since I was very young. Currently (over the past two months) am trying to perfect my hard roll skills. Still coming out way to hard -need to adjust the humidity down inside the oven -but the bigger issues I have involve poppy seeds. Specifically, the even distribution thereof and their adhesion to the bread itself.

Preview Goodness, PragDave found some nifty features. Oh, if I didn’t have TeXShop, I’d probably update to Tiger just because of the “Revert” button.


Diabetes places a substantial burden on the individual, society, and the economy. In the United States, 12 million (25/2%) people older than 65 years of age have diabetes, and the numbers are growing . It is projected that one in three Americans born in 2000 will have diabetes over the course of their lives . National statistics indicate that with 30/3 million cases in the United States, 9/4% of the total population has this disease . Approximately 7/2 million individuals with diabetes have not been diagnosed [1,10]. Another 84/1 million people are estimated to have prediabetes, a condition that significantly increases the risk for developing diabetes . Diabetes accounts for substantial loss in overall worker productivity, costing approximately $90 billion in lost productivity in 2021 . Reductions in productivity were associated with absenteeism, decreased efficiency at work, disability, and early death . In addition to economic loss, chronic complications of diabetes can significantly diminish quality of life for the individual, accounting for more new cases of blindness, end-stage renal disease, and lower extremity amputation than any other medical diagnosis .

Tina Tahir is a great London photographer. Too bad her portfolio is buried in Flash.


The textile and apparel sectors play a significant act a part in the economy of developing countries. This sector is the first sector of the industrialization process and it is one of the leading sectors of Turkey' s economy and constitutes 22% of export revenues.

Maybe not scream while spraying? Wait until there's a slight wind in a favorable direction before hitting the nest with Raid?


I guess so. I have a strong preference to hiking in the mountains/foothills rather than swimming at the shore, or a lake, or a pool, even. Not afraid of bodies of water; it just doesn't appeal to me.

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I do not have bird feeders, but there is a tree right outside our front window that almost always has birds fluttering around. Unfortunately I believe bird feeders are one of the many many things we aren't allowed to hang outside (live in an apartment).


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Lisp-On-Lines is a very useful module that works on top of the UnCommon Web framework to do rapid developing of complex data-driven web appilcations (on Common Lisp, of course). Incompatible with PHP mindshare, and therefore doomed to fail.

What is James Cummings doing with such bizarre items? Of those, the first 6 are commonly sold in exactly the same way as the uranium and thorium - in small jars for display in a collection of elements. A crafty FBI report writer can make it sound like he's talking about a nuclear catastrophe, when, once again, it's just stuff for an educational display of the elements. I'm sure the report writer conveniently left out the boring jars of carbon, calcium, and selenium, just to name a few.


Guidelines for the use of sugar by people with diabetes have been discussed. Patient C will need education and support in curtailing her high intake of sugar. She should be advised that although sugar is not absolutely forbidden to her now that she has been diagnosed with diabetes, she would need to learn how to make choices about sugar as part of an overall plan for healthy eating. As part of her meal plan for diabetes, Patient C can occasionally substitute a serving of sugar for a serving of fruit, starch, or milk. An example of an appropriate sugar substitution would be to have a 3-inch cookie in place of an orange. It should be recognized that the nutritional value of the cookie is inferior to that of the orange and therefore should only be an occasional substitution.

The exception to that is that is I truly miss my Saturday morning habit of getting breakfast and journaling in the coffee shop downtown, and Open Mic Night on Monday evenings. Have to admit that my yard is looking better over time now.


Diabetes is a serious disease that affects nearly 29 million people in the United States . Advances in diabetic care have resulted in an improvement in morbidity and mortality rates, and many persons with diabetes live full, productive lives.

Gestational diabetes refers to the disease that develops during pregnancy and complicates approximately 10% of all pregnancies [18,23]. It occurs more frequently among non-Hispanic black Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and Native Americans . Other risk factors for gestational diabetes include obesity, personal history of gestational diabetes, or family history of diabetes . Testing for gestational diabetes should take place at the first prenatal visit if these risk factors are present. Otherwise, testing should be done at between 24 and 28 weeks' gestation, usually with a glucose tolerance test [1,18].


I started drinking it straight when, where I worked, they started using non-dairy creamer. It was awful stuff; the gypsum in the sheetrock was a better substitute (and still is). And just sugar in the coffee is an abomination, so I just started drinking it black.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space? No I didn’t, but it’s interesting to see anyway.


An aliquot of this solution is injected on to column the mobile phase is hexane/isopropanol (99/1v/v) at a flow rate of 1ml/min. The tocopherol is identified by comparison of retention times with authentic standard.

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Beyond that, there are still various smaller birds that apparently nest nearby - wrens, titmice, others that I have no idea what species they are, plus an occasional woodpecker. If I want to see a heron, I can walk to the loop at the far end of the hike and bile trail that runs next to my house. There's a loop there because of a creek down a steep embankment cutting off any extension of the trail.


This printer is an exercise in how inexpensively you can produce a printer, and these efforts clearly show in the electronics board. There are only six chips on this board: four HH4988 motor drivers (I assume off-brand clones of the popular A4988 stepper motor drivers), a buck converter (most likely for the LCD), and the microcontroller, an STM32F103 microcontroller. Yes, 32-bit printing is finally here.

I have a Real ID drivers license. I'll be testing it in October, maybe, if I fly north to attend a high school 50th reunion. I'm considering driving it, though. Maybe pick up a few classmates along the way.


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MonetDB: Query Processing at Light-Speed, sounds very interesting. Joel Reymont wants to make a Common Lisp interface to it. Avalilable under a MPLish license.

Repeat the process of 30minute incinerating, cooling and weighing until the difference between two successive weighings in less than 1mg. Note the lowest weight which shall be considered as the weight of crucible and ash after incinerating. The difference between the two weightings is the weight of crude fiber.


More tracks like KEY - Acetone 2.0 #ScreamingDreams

Degradation of the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in a textile plant poses challenges for sources because of its significant COD contribution to wastewater and non-compostable structure. There is no effective way to treat wastewater containing PVA. Although ultrafiltration (UF) reverse osmosis (RO) technology has been used 35 years for recovery and recycling of PVA size, it can not be used extensively due to its lots of disadvantages. This shows that PVA needs a new technology that can reduce energy and water consumption for recycling and recovering.

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Around 10 decided I had to have something like a shower so used personal wipes, then hosed myself off with a gallon jug of water. If the water is on tomorrow, I'm going to fill the jug back up.


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When she felt she she was going to be finishing one soon, she'd plan another trip somewhere. Our 2021 family reunion trip to Ireland fills 4 very large photo albums. There might be 10 pictures with one or both of us in it. I took maybe 200 pictures, one of which is the wallpaper on my computer. It's mostly black, but centered in it is a wrought iron spiral staircase with a diffused sunlight filling the window behind it. To either side are tall shelves of large leather-bound books, in the Trinity College library in Dublin.

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An officer tells you that she was weaving in and out of traffic at highway speed, and it took several minutes to pull her over. She was noncooperative and it took several officers to subdue her. She sustained a laceration to her head, which the officers want you to evaluate.


I've seen the TV shows; she was definitely not that. She took after her mother in a lot of respects, and one of them was to abhor empty square footage. Counter tops, table tops, shelves, floors, walls, protrusions of rocks that make up the chimney, even ceilings required some sort of adornment. And by some, I mean: by seeing all of the nick-nacks, one can surmise that there is a surface somewhere beneath them.

We already ARE a Fascist society. Fascism is also called "Corporatism" - and the current looting of the country (which is a continuation of the previous administration's policies, should be obvious to even the densest of observers) - but I guess not.


Diabetes Control and Complications Trial Research Group. The effect of intensive treatment of diabetes on the development and progression of long-term complications in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Myriad self-interested commentators line up on a daily basis to argue against change: don’t touch superannuation, don’t change the ­assets test for the pension. Of course the family home must be tax exempt; death duties are the stuff of a socialist state.


Pharmacotherapy for diabetes should be started early to prevent or slow progressive beta cell failure. Due to the various physiologic defects that underlie the pathology of diabetes, multiple drugs used in combination may be required to achieve therapeutic goals. Pharmacologic agents may be used alone as monotherapy or in combination with other medications, which may or may not include insulin. In addition to meeting glycemic targets, addressing cardiovascular risk factors is another major focus of therapy .

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Secure RSS Syndication by Joe Gregorio. IMO, just using SSL would be easier than implementing Blowfish in JavaScript.


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Thinlet is a GUI toolkit, a single Java class, parses the hierarchy and properties of the GUI, handles user interaction, and calls business logic. Couldn’t someone do that in JavaScript?

Yes, because the number was zero. Frankly, if I found anything unexpected in the apartment I would be more likely to think that I'd beaten broken into, rather than I've been visited by a magical entity. Don't get me wrong, I love magical entities. But I'm in lockdown and I hope I know every damn thing that's in the apartment.


Certain techniques and behaviors can be encouraged to help the patient cope with stress. Keeping a stress diary may help some patients identify events that can trigger the stress response. Patients can use their blood glucose logs to keep track of stressful events and feelings. Correlating these events and feelings with blood glucose results may help the patient monitor the effect of stress on blood glucose control.

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It’s not as if death duties represent radical policy. In 2021 that noted left-leaning publication, The Economist, examined death taxes, pointing out just how fair they really were. Not only do they lower the amount of tax the living have to pay, death duties also help reduce inequality, which according to respected economists such as Oxford University’s Tony ­Atkinson is an inhibitor to economic growth.


When my kids were young, their favorite TV shows were Sesame Street and Yan Can Cook. They didn't quite "get" Graham Kerr, but they wanted to try lots of things they saw other chefs make on these shows. Their frustration was only the timeline. They'd see the TV chef put something in the oven that was supposed to cook for a few hours and didn't understand how, just a few minutes later, the host could go the the same oven and pull out a fully-cooked meal; and that they weren't able to do the same. So, I explained it to them so they'd understand: We didn't have a Magic Chef oven.

The Coming Boom or: “Hacking the female orgasm”, as kottke.org puts it. Big Pharma has made billions pumping up the male population. Now neuroscientists are reverse engineering the female orgasm.


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The ADA, along with other authorities, recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week [111,112]. Because reduction in insulin resistance from a single bout of exercise lasts for 24 to 72 hours afterward, there should be no more than two consecutive days without aerobic activity . Research also supports resistance training as an effective exercise for people with diabetes, leading to better glucose control and less insulin resistance among adults with type 2 diabetes [111,113].

The possibility of user error can be another disadvantage of SMBG. Patients with functional limitations may not be able to get accurate results because they do not have the physical ability to perform the test correctly. Other patients may be careless with their technique due to psychologic indifference, a lack of appreciation for the significance of results, or other behavioral factors. User error may be mitigated by observing the patient's technique at the start of care and following up with periodic checks thereafter. By observing the patient's technique on a regular basis, the message is sent that accurate SMBG results are important and worthy of the time it takes. Similarly, the technique demonstrated by caregivers and family members who assist with monitoring should be observed and evaluated as well.


This article is an opinion-piece more than anything else. There is little or no attempt to report the information in an objective manner. As with the first commenter, I noted the reference to the alleged perpetrator as being a nazi, part of the "conservative sphere". Tying "Nazi" to conservatives and conservatism is typically a tactic of the political left. In reality, the term Nazi is a german acronym for "National Socialist" or "National Socialism".

KEY - 50 Round Drum ft. 21 Savage by KEY

The lifelong ecological impacts of textile products are affected by the raw materials, their origin and the durability of the product, in addition to the production methods. The picture that emerges when the use of textile products from raw materials and their subsequent environmental effects are very striking because of their chemical, energy, water usage, packaging and solid waste production, the formation of unpleasant odors and noise pollution. Increased textile consumption due to improvements in the world population and improvements in living standards along with the environmental effects of the textile, require the improvement of the environmental performance of this industry. In this sense, the concept of sustainability has become a matter of concern in the textile sector.


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It's gotten to me not being able to small anything in the spring. Just over the past two years, I've developed allergies to certain tree pollen. Ironic, in that I have a degree in Forestry. But yeah, haven't been able to smell darn near anything since mid-December.

Polonsky WH. Diabetes Burnout: What to Do When You Can't Take It Anymore. Alexandria, VA: American Diabetes Association; 1999.


Foot pathology is a common complication of diabetes, and related outcomes frequently include hospitalization, disability, and death. Lower extremity amputation, the most dreaded consequence of diabetic foot disease, will occur in about 15% of individuals with diabetes in their lifetimes. Of those who require below the knee amputation, an estimated 36% will die within two years . In spite of these grim statistics, preventive foot care can significantly reduce the morbidity of diabetic foot disease. Approaches such as patient education, provision of proper footwear, and medical follow up are significant factors in the prevention of foot-related morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes [115,116].

But Parker thinks that pigeons and black birds are great fun! Parker thinks everything is great fun!


Activity programs can be designed to meet the needs of elderly people who have varying degrees of physical limitation. For example, for a person who is chair-bound, chair exercises may be appropriate. These may include "marching" in place or repetitively reaching toward the ceiling with the arms. Resistance can be added by holding 6-ounce soup cans or paper plates during the exercises. There are several commercially available videotapes for senior chair exercises that include music and demonstrations.

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List of films ordered by uses of the word fuck on Wikipedia. This page lists films that use the word fuck more than 100 times.


The woman continues to swear at you as you open the car door. You note that she is diaphoretic and breathing heavily. You can smell what appears to be the sour, boozy smell of alcohol, even though you are not close to her. You can see that the small laceration near the hairline on her right forehead has already stopped bleeding. Her speech is slurred and she appears to be in no mood to be evaluated. The police officers are ready to take her down to the station to be processed for driving under the influence.

I've had all sorts of issues with MS and Google browsers, I've sworn off (and at) them. With their default access permissions, there are still several common, general access sites I can't get to. And Google is just crap, although I quite like Google Earth.


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One of the main similarities between some of these diseases and health conditions above is the brain. When you consume a higher fat and protein-rich diet, your brain is getting food. Regarding epilepsy, because it is one of the most studied diseases in conjunction with the Ketogenic Diet plan, science is rather intriguing. The Epilepsy Foundation has a section for just learning about the Ketogenic Diet and how it can help your condition.

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Like insulin, amylin is a hormone produced from the beta cells of the pancreas and works with insulin to regulate glucose control. Beta cell destruction can result in deficiencies of both of these hormones. As a synthetic version of amylin, pramlintide acetate functions similarly to the native hormone, working in partnership with insulin to control blood glucose. Amylin also slows gastric emptying, decreasing appetite and promoting weight loss. Additionally, amylin suppresses glucagon secretion, leading to decreased post-prandial concentration in the blood.

WCB: Full bytecode metadata by Dan Sugalski. One of the things that was on the list ‘o things to be put into parrot was fully annotatable bytecode.


Mercurial is a fast, lightweight source control management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects. This is extremely interesting, I think.

Frazzitta M. Gestational Diabetes: Diagnosis to Delivery. San Diego, CA: PESI Healthcare; 2021.


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When faced with a situation like the one described in the opening scenario, take a minute to think. The patient's combativeness may be the result of hypo- or hyperglycemia, so restrain the patient as necessary and perform a thorough assessment.

Not really, except with one friend who is not working because of virus. He has time to read more now and he emails me his lengthy critiques and reviews of books, which I don't have time to respond to as I'd like, because I am still working.


UAV Confusion: “Within 10 years, one-third of US. deep strike aircraft will be unmanned,” said Congress’ 2001 defense bill. This claim, while shocking at the time, seems much less so in retrospect.

Porting Test :Builder to Perl 6 by chromatic. It sounds easier than I thought.


There are problems with this printer. It is a closed source design, and replacement parts are impossible to find. The firmware doesn’t have handy features like Marlin’s autotuned PID values. The fan design for the hotend needs work. This printer uses a Bowden setup, so flexible filaments – Ninjaflex and Semiflex – are unusable.

I do not regularly look at rare books that have been digitized and published online. And I usually upbraid myself because of it. I mean, the Vatican is digitizing it's collection of books from the Index. If the pope is going to publish online the original notes from Fanny Hill, the least I can do is look at them.


When you are going through a Ketogenic Diet, your primary source of energy comes from the fact you are supposed to be burning. This program is not just for weight loss, however many people have pegged it that way. As you will see in the review below, this diet can be used for people with mild to severe health conditions, as well as people who are looking to get healthier and lower their body mass index. In the below sections, I will break down the information behind what makes the Ketogenic Diet popular amongst many people in different health situations.

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How people coped at night, what they did during the day, and how it all eventually ended. That picture of Londoners looking over the shelves of a bombed-out bookstore is everywhere in the States now. I've never been to London although my dad spent a lot of time there and loved the city. He also said if you want to get any decent food in London you're going to have to go to a curry place.


I am working from home for the foreseeable future. I've come to the discovery that I'm not the kind of person who does well working from home. I like having lots of people around.

My super power is to cause failures especially in computer systems. Curiosity killed the cat, so maybe it's a cat power?


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Yeah, mostly of geocaches in situ and supporting location-related. The only ones I don't take pictures of are the ones called LPCs or skirt caches.

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I don’t understand this Patronus thing - the Harry Potter books didn’t grab me - but for a creature to fit the times I’ll take the tardigrade. Small (very), discreet, uncomplaining (apparently), they have survived all known mass extinction events. They can go without food for 30 years, cope with temperatures near absolute zero as well as managing 300deg F, can endure huge pressures but also the vacuum of outer space. They also look quite cute - who wouldn’t like a critter called a moss-piglet?


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Regardless of who's at fault, yesterday I paid the bill in full. I'll sort the details out later.

Continuous glucose monitoring allows patients with diabetes to receive immediate feedback on estimated blood glucose levels at any moment. A sensor is inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels in the interstitial fluid, and this information is transmitted to a receiving device, providing a continuous record of estimated blood glucose and the direction and rate of change. Patients engaged in continuous glucose monitoring are still required to complete fingerstick blood tests two to four times per day to calibrate the monitor.


Asian Americans are 10% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than non-Hispanic whites . Among Asian American adults, the age-adjusted rate of diagnosed diabetes was 4/3% for Chinese, 8/9% for Filipinos, 11/2% for Asian Indians, and 8/5% for other Asians .

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Grocery Chain Adds Biometric Payment Systems by Bill Glover. Useful until they chop your fingers to buy some cigarettes.


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I operated a pea combine back in the day (and night) for Green Giant. They hired college students and Mexican seasonal workers every summer. The shifts were 12 hours and we rotated once from days to nights. Ate a lot of sand in our P&J sandwich lunches.

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I do not have one but TPBM will find one and become a millionaire. How many ways can you prepare a baseball bat or cricket bat depending on which side of the pond you reside?


The public awareness and the growing perception of social cognizance about the environment have forced the textile industry to produce environmentally friendly products. For this reason, nowadays many companies and organizations focus on the environmentally friendly way of production. In order to create a sustainable textile, the main change factors have been linked to eco-materials so less and harmless waste, reusing/recycling, lesser usage of energy, water and chemicals and ethical issues in production processes. This article emphasizes the environmental effects of textiles in detail and contributes to cleaner production and sustainability in the textile industry by initiating a discussion on the opportunities for change in textile processes in accordance with the laws.

MP-028684 FORMIC ACID 75%

Sherburne A. Achieving sustainable textiles: a designer’s perspective. Oxford: Woodhead Publishing; 2009.


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Yup, a book for me and under the bedclothes with a flashlight after lights out. I was told it would make me short-sighted but I was that already. I did have a soft toy called Twinkle but in the war years you had to make do with what was available and he was a spaniel shaped pyjama case with no body stuffing at all - just a midline zip for an easy laparotomy.

Well, I don’t work so my calls have been with family who are usually sitting on the settee. But my husband has elected to sit on the wrong side of the desk so that his backdrop is the bookshelves rather than the rack I’ve created for wrapping paper.


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We’ve maintained a steady supply&demand relationship with a large number of manufacturers at home and abroad. We’ve developed an extensive network and because of our relationships with these manufacturers, we’re able to provide a stable supply of great quality materials.

Responses to Open Forum: November 9, 2021

In the exchange system, each serving of carbohydrate is equal to 15 grams. Patients are given a list of 15-gram serving sizes of common carbohydrate foods and instructed to consume a specified number of servings from each food group per meal or snack. For example, if three servings of starches and grains are recommended per meal, the patient may select any combination of three of the foods listed in the amount specified for that food group .


Three sunny days forecast and excursions 'strongly advised against' for the aged so I'll be trying to get my garden ready for summer. The garden is unhelpful for these apocalyptic times, some sage, rosemary and thyme (no parsley) but nothing else edible. I really need some chickens, and a goat to milk.

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It'll be the middle of the month, so I'm due for one anyway - the shower, I mean. And with the temperatures being over 100 for the past week - supposed to hit 107 today - I won't have to use the hot water. Even at 9:30 in the morning, the water from the cold tap 91°.


SMBG is also beneficial in that it can be utilized to monitor how psychologic and physical stressors influence glycemic responses . Correlating SMBG results with the presence of stressors can help the patient manage them for better glycemic control.

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Now, I won't even bother to mention why Hitler sent left-wing socialists and communists to the gas chambers by their thousands. If you haven't figured it out yet it's entirely likely you are a hardcore authoritarian whose obedience and gullibility to perceived authorities leaves you hopelessly locked into a world of propaganda and misinformation.


Nurse: "I can understand why you are afraid of having a hypoglycemic reaction. It certainly can lead to serious problems if not treated. Fortunately, most people can either prevent it or treat it in the early stages. I would like to talk to you about some ways of preventing and treating low blood sugar.

The high post-World War II birthrate coupled with longer life expectancy have turned baby boomers into the generation politicians chase most for votes. Hence politicians are loath to adjust baby boomers’ over-generous tax concessions. The situation is made worse when you consider the age profile of MPs. However, any politician capable of arguing their way out of a paper bag really should be able to sell reforms that include taxing the dead rather than the living.


While it may not be for everyone, this diet plan might be useful for those that are willing to do it in a clean eating way. There are many different Ketogenic Diet pdf’s to follow if you need a helping hand. There are no concrete plans to purchase, groups to follow, or supplements to refill on. This diet promotes the consumption of high protein, nutrient dense foods.

I'm still waiting for Amazon to reintroduce it's All-Clad brand 12-in skillet with lid ($120), that has been sold out for the past several days. I live in an apartment building in a high-rise. If I were going to grow anything it would be most excellent marijuana.


Anyway, I almost never re-read books, especially if I love them. I almost never return to the things that I loved which is probably why I am so sickeningly sentimental.

To start using our services, chat with our support team and let us know exactly what you want. We have a convenient order form, which you can complete within minutes and pay for the order via a secure payment system. Once you submit your instructions, while your order is in progress and even after its completion, our support team will monitor it to provide you with timely assistance.


SGiV, you've got astounding art museums available to you. We've got a few that are a mix of great old paintings and myopic modern stuff. But, you have to go to Dallas to see epic-sized paintings - Fredrick Church's The Iceberg, for example.

Medications in this class improve the body's ability to use insulin. Insulin action is enhanced by "opening up" the insulin receptors in the liver and skeletal tissues. When this occurs, insulin resistance is reversed and the body is able to utilize circulating insulin more effectively. A secondary action of the insulin sensitizers is that they decrease the production and release of glucose from the liver. Because these agents are not hypoglycemic agents, they will not generally lower blood glucose to levels below normal. When used in combination with insulin or sulfonylureas, the potential for hypoglycemia exists.


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DPP-4 is an enzyme that rapidly inactivates the incretin hormones. By inhibiting DPP-4, gliptins prolong active incretin levels, allowing for increased insulin action following the post-meal rise in blood glucose. Unlike incretin mimetics, gliptins do not slow gastric emptying or produce satiety and weight loss .

1 9 29%
2 10 77%
3 11 65%
4 12 14%
5 13 55%
6 14 9%
7 15 77%
8 16 59%
9 17 69%

Treasure Chest was a monthly comic book published by the Catholic Guild from 1946 to 1972. Each issue featured several different stories intended to inspire citizenship, morality, and patriotism.

Whoever told you that doesn't know me at all. But thanks for thinking it's true.


Or the German Democratic Republic (GDR or communist East Germany) that followed the demise of Hitler's "socialist" government was also a democracy. There a many more examples of such names showing how this "proof" to be garbage that flies in the face of mainstream academia, not to mention simple reality. What this nonsense fails to take into account is the simple fact that Hitler was a politician before he was a dictator, starting out his career in the very democratic Wiemar Republic of Germany. And prior to his taking absolute power, socialism in Germany was still very popular and drew a very large portion of the political votes Hitler so desperately needed early in his 'career'. Hitler was simply applying the chameleon factor still used by politicians today, as was more recently seen by the naming of the very right-wing "Progressive Conservative Party" of Canada. Were they "progressive" conservatives?

Seizures can also result from HHS. There may also be neurologic deficits that mimic stroke, such as unilateral weakness, aphasia, and sensory impairment. In fact, the onset of HHS may be mistaken for a stroke because it most frequently occurs in elderly people and has a slow, progressive onset.


The MP Mini Select doesn’t have a separate build plate and PCB heater. Instead, a thin sheet of aluminum is bonded directly to a PCB heater.

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And I've taken several other pictures. When I get a mind to, I'll go through and delete them, except the "keepers", like one of the clouds affected by the Saharan dust. And the twin fawns - Thing One and Thing Two. Cute little fellas - have heads like chihuahuas.


As with many aspects of life, I may not have the knowledge or skills but I do have a book about it. Knife Skills Illustrated by Peter Hertzmann. No books on blacksmithing though. I’m sure there is something on You Tube.

Self-isolating on account of the corona virus maybe? I'd have thought there was little chance of cross-infection on-line though.


Human insulin and its analogs are the only species of insulin available in the United States today, as the manufacture of beef and pork insulins has been discontinued in this country. Human insulins are manufactured by using recombinant-DNA technology and are preferred over animal-derived insulins as they are less likely to produce antigenic reactions.

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In my neighborhood, not too much. Most of my neighbors are empty nesters, so they've grown out of the impulse to burn down the neighborhood by shooting off miniature sticks of dynamite to watch as embers fall and ignite the tinder-dry grass. Other neighborhoods, though, equating fireworks to rock concerts, there were four Woodstocks going on all night and for few days on either side.


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I have a text messaging app on my phone, though. So, whenever someone wants to get political with me, especially about COVID-19 (like a friend from college,) I remind him why everything was shut down, and IMO, why we will ultimately fail in this premature, non-science-based forced attempt to jump-start the economy.

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Secondary diabetes occurs in some individuals due to a variety of medical conditions, including diseases and tumors that affect the liver or pancreas. Secondary diabetes may also occur in susceptible people who take medications that can impair glucose metabolism. Commonly used medications that can induce diabetes include corticosteroids, thyroid preparations, thiazide diuretics, and phenytoin, among others. Secondary diabetes usually resolves when the underlying cause is eliminated.


Coping can be described as the manner in which a person responds to a stressful situation. Ineffective coping mechanisms include apathy, denial, and avoidance behaviors. Other self-destructive coping mechanisms include overeating, smoking, and substance abuse. For the person with diabetes, poor coping skills may be self-destructive, resulting in chronically elevated blood glucose levels and creating increased risk for the development of long-term complications. It has been found that practicing appropriate coping skills can lead to better blood glucose control in the person with diabetes.

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I'm reading more but have started and stopped more books than usual. I've read 42 books so far this year compared to 38 last year, but it's hard to focus on anything more than mysteries and the occasional non political/religious/plague nonfiction book.


As hypoglycemia worsens, the body enters a phase commonly known as insulin shock. The patient's skin becomes cool and diaphoretic. The heart rate rises and the patient may become tachypneic. Confusion sets in. The patient may become combative and noncooperative as he loses consciousness.

Dispatch calls your EMS unit to the side of a roadway, where police officers have detained a driver on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol intoxication. You find the female driver handcuffed in the back seat of a police cruiser. She is screaming profanities and hitting her head against the side window.


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Had canned beans and sourdough pretzels for lunch. About 3 this afternoon at's zombies took out the water plant, and the water's been off since 3 and it's not even making a hiss when I turned turn the faucet so it'll be another couple of hours at least.

Sorry, I can't - although googling tells me it's unlikely. I am rejoicing in the return of stars to the Singapore night sky as pollution levels drop. Or, rather, dropped; sadly the stars are starting to disappear again as lockdowns around the world are curtailed/ lifted/ ignored.


Aside: I've got this social distancing down to an art form. For years, I've been a practitioner of extremely antisocial distancing.

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Linux and Audio Production: Simplicity Required, says Jono Bacon. Of course, that is true for every “end-user” application.


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When comparing the Ketogenic Diet program’s guidelines versus other diets such as low fat, the Ketogenic Diet is most useful for overall weight loss and body health. There are strict guidelines to follow, but there is a reason many people are going through this program to better their health even if they do not have to lose weight. Other reasons for going on the Ketogenic Diet program could be to stop seizures, epilepsy, polycystic ovarian syndrome, metabolic disease, diabetes, particular cancer, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The basis of a fire investigation is the determination of the cause, origin and development of a fire. Once the investigator has deemed the scene suspicious, crime scene investigators are required to identify and recover any evidence to either prove or disprove arson.


I did not have a blue blanket, but I did have a purple teddy bear. Actually only his arms and head were purple while his chest and back were white. I got him at a carnival shooting gallery when I was very young, either in Macon or Munich. To this day I confuse rural Georgia and Bavaria, even accounting for the differences in climate.

During the contemplation stage, the patient is less resistant to change, although he or she is still undecided and may be procrastinating. During this time, patients may tentatively seek information as they assess the benefits that the change will bring. Although the prospect of change within the next six months is characteristic, it is common for some patients to remain in this stage for an extended period of time. The role of the healthcare provider at this time is to help increase self-efficacy and to support the patient's efforts in seeking information. Specific interventions include reflective listening, providing empathic feedback, and offering information and resources when appropriate.


The annual clinical foot exam should include sensory testing with a monofilament to detect loss of protective sensation. This is a simple and noninvasive method for identifying feet that are at risk for problems that could lead to amputation. The test is done using a monofilament that resembles the bristle of a hairbrush. The monofilament is pressed onto specific areas on the plantar surface of the feet while the patient has his or her eyes closed. The patient then indicates whether or not the monofilament is felt, indicating the presence or absence of protective sensation. When protective sensation has been lost, there is an increased risk for amputation and the patient should be counseled on the importance of vigilant preventive measures. In some cases, custom-fit shoes are required for those who have lost protective sensation .

Michael Palin has told how he visited the dementing Terry Jones and ran through Python sketches to try to stimulate him. Apparently Jones often laughed but only at the lines he had written himself.


They hadn't sent another renewal notice, either. Up until then, it was a a great machine. Big freezer compartment in the bottom - held a 30-lb turkey with plenty of room to spare - French doors above, water and ice dispenser on the left door; a door-within-a-door on the right. After MrsHouseLibrary died, it became mostly empty. Note: that was not meant as a metaphor for my life; I simply didn't need more than two shelves to store everything.

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On the downside, I have to start a new prescription to get my thyroid back in balance. Long story short, I might actually start sleeping for more than 15 minutes at a time.


Had a very good-news kind of tele-visit with my endocrinologist earlier today. Happy to report I'm at a new 10-year low in my weight, and in my A1C. In medical terms, I'm considered pre-diabetic again.

But if "a month or so ago" qualifies under "just" (in geological- and astrological- time, and certainly in parsecs per fortnight, it would), about a month ago I found an unopened bottle of ketchup (catsup, for some) that expired in February 2021. Clearly, when I've had a hamburger, I bought it at some fast food chain. And that's how it's going to be until they start selling buns in packages of two.


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A: I don’t, you wanted that word. I merely took care of phonetic similarities.

Unleaded gasoline was added to half the samples to see how accelerant would impact detection methods. Blood testing methods included Bluestar, Luminol and phenolphthalein tetramethylbenzidine (PTMB). The extinguishment of fire by water negatively impacts the ability to detect blood using all three detection methods. Positive blood results from porous combustible surface is more likely to be successful using Luminol or Bluestar. Vineyard A et al ,38 concluded that even though the porous surface was exposed to the fire for only one-minute, presumptive tests are not sensitive enough to detect DNA samples on charred items.


Aliquots (2g) of oil were extracted 5min with acetone: hexane (4:6). After the extraction, the solvent is evaporated to dryness under a stream of nitrogen and the residue is reconstituted with 1ml of eluent solution and is colled in a screw-cap vial for HPLC analysis. Determination of β-carotene, consisted in the treatment of sample extraction with 1000µl aqueous potassium hydroxide solution (60% w/v) for 15min in a 45°C water bath. Following saponification, each sample is extracted with 1000µl hexane. The sample is vortexed for 3min, centrifuged at 1500×g for 5min, and the organic hexane layer is decanted into an evaporating tube. This procedure is repeated and the second hexane extract is combined with that from the first. The hexane is then evaporated to dryness with a stream of nitrogen gas. The remaining residue is reconstituted with 1ml of eluent solution. Aliquots of 20µl are used for HPLC analysis using appropriate column.

Kennwort *omosex*, Die Polizei in Bayern, Thüringen und Nordrhein-Westfalen verwendet eine Software mit einem speziellen Register für Schwule und Lesben. Wie finden die das eigentlich raus?


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Some of the photos are downright melodrama material. His brother, Oscar, poses with an unnamed coquette. Joe peers our from behind a screen of palm fronds.

And the best thing about all this wildlife is: they're not in my house. I replace the water in the feed bowls every morning, mostly because they suck them dry overnight, but if there's any left, I dump the water to kill off any mosquito larvae, let the bowls completely dry (just to be sure), and fill them up again.


Sec. 186.1316 Formic acid

Preventing the use of sulfide in reducing the dyes is another important consideration. It is recommended to use polymer or mechanically stabilized sodium hydrosulfite instead of compounds containing aldehydes and toxic metals. Preferring water-based systems for solvents and dispersants in place of halogenated ones is an another environmental approach. Substituting urea which is a dye-bath auxiliary as much as feasible, replacing EDTA by NTA, usage of decarbonated water in temperature and pH controlled dyeing bath to decrease the usage of textile auxiliaries, eliminating usage of a carrier by preferring HT dyeing are more environment and human beings sensitive changes. The use of retarders and levelers, which are used as auxiliary chemicals in the dyeing of nylon fibers, can be eliminated by performing pH and temperature controlled dyeing.

I've been busy preparing for the eventual reopening of the dine-in part of my favorite coffee shop. They sponsor an Open Mic Night, and when (optimistically) it reopens, I'll be the new emcee. So, I figured I should open with a COVID-19 -related tunes; "Don't Stand so Close to Me (The Police) for example. I'm writing new lyrics to John Sebastian's song "Welcome Back". Oh the coffee is hot, but their ice cream is not, welcome back, welcome back,welcome back.


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It is best to steer clear from processed meat and sausage covered in sugars, breadcrumbs, and unhealthy fats. Healthy saturated fats like coconut oil and ghee butter are allowed. As for monounsaturated fats, avocados and olive oil are approved.

As a kid, I used to pick a random volume of the World Book Encyclopaedia, open to a random page, and start reading - on a polar bear rug my father had bought during one of his several trips to Alaska and other points north. Mind you, it was already dead; he would never kill an animal. Mostly, it was because he couldn't handle the sight of blood. I've got a funny story about that, but not tonight.


Wiki Syntax Considered Harmful, says Adrian Sutton. Am I the only one that likes Wiki syntax?

I was not aware - of the actual creature; nor of that throne game. Is it some kind of strategy game, akin to chess, perhaps?


Muscle tissue is the third organ system involved in glucose metabolism. As the primary target organ for the action of insulin, the skeletal muscle tissue contains the majority of insulin receptor sites. When insulin binds with receptor sites on the skeletal muscle, the "doors are open" for the entry of glucose into the cell. When muscle tissue receptor sites are not working efficiently, a condition called insulin resistance occurs. Insulin resistance plays a major role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

A small victory that I celebrate every day. Of course pretending that we're still in lockdown except for essential services makes it far likelier that I'll continue to stay safe. And I'm saving money on haircuts and getting mani/pedis.


Changes in the Mapping market by Simon St. Laurent. Yet another evidence how GIS stuff is getting the next big thing.

If you count youtube videos, then yes - I watch FoodWishes.com recipes with Chef John and have successfully made several. I made his fabulous Hungarian Sausage and Potato soup just yesterday and we're going to have it again tonight.


F0654 Formic Acid >98.0%

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the United States: Facts and Figures for 2021.

Multiple and complex pathologic processes are involved in the development of diabetic foot disease. The presence of three specific conditions, peripheral sensory neuropathy, vascular disease, and immune deficiency related to elevated blood glucose, is implicated in the majority of cases. These risk factors make the diabetic foot more vulnerable to mechanical stresses that can lead to skin breakdown and poor healing . Diabetic foot amputations are often precipitated by minor preventable foot trauma, such as a blister from poorly fitting shoes or inappropriate care of toenails. If sensory neuropathy is present, the patient may not perceive that an injury has occurred. When the neuropathic wound is complicated by vascular disease, serious problems with wound healing may result. The environment provided by a poorly healing wound then presents significant opportunity for an infectious process to develop. This opportunistic environment can be further complicated by impaired host defenses when blood glucose is elevated.


So I stayed up all night to make six drawings depicting exposed studs, some new plumbing, where the electrical wires were being rerouted, where the new windows were going to be. I got a call from the building inspector. He'd never seen that kind of detail before, and couldn't find a single thing I overlooked.

Exchange lists were developed by dieticians in the 1950s to help people with diabetes make daily food choices that would maintain a balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat from day to day. Any food in one group can be exchanged for another food within the same group. An exchange system can be thought of as a "food budget," giving a certain number of food choices to spend at each meal. Examples of exchanges are shown inTable 7.


Unfortunately, reforming the way older Australians are taxed — or more accurately not taxed — is risky business politically. And in the wake of Labor losing the unlosable election spruiking a large-scale policy manifesto, taking risks is the last thing on anyone’s mind in Canberra.

Patient Y indicates that she has a good understanding of basic principles of meal planning and that her family is generally supportive of her dietary needs. Her dietary recall reveals that she makes many appropriate food choices when she eats but that her eating pattern is inconsistent. She skips or delays meals in some cases and eats large amounts at other times.


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In the UK 12/5% seems to be the norm for the 'voluntary-service-charge-added-to-your-bill' and tip jars are certainly not ubiquitous. I quite liked Giles (restaurant critic) Coren's suggestion that the tip should never go on the credit card but rather be folding money in an amount between 10 - 20%.

About 60% to 70% of people with diabetes have some degree of nervous system damage . Severe diabetic nerve disease is a major contributing factor in the development of problems leading to lower limb amputation. Results from the DCCT have provided evidence that maintaining good glycemic control reduces the risk for neuropathy by 60% . This finding indicates that chronic hyperglycemia plays a significant role in the cause or promotion of nerve damage.


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All of the other cooked meat, I bagged up and had my meals prepared for the rest of the week. But, hamburgers don't have that kind of shelf life, so they were the last things I grilled and the first things I ate, mostly. There were 4 of them; my stomach has a capacity for not quite two. I quit when I got half way through the third. I had forgotten what ketchup tasted like.

This whole black coffee thing has just left me exhausted. If there were a saint of black coffee, I'm sure that they would have been most horribly martyred and I'm sure I would have secretly agreed with their oppressors.


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There has been a tragedy in the family recently, and my Waco-based s-i-l spent Friday night here. So, we ordered some food from a seafood place, opting for curbside pick-up. I went to get it at the appointed time, and waited over 20 minutes after I notified them I had arrived. Four others who arrived after me got their orders and left. I flagged the runner down, and it was another 10 minutes before I got the bag of goods. I took it home, and there wasn't anything in the bag, which had my receipt stapled to it, that we had ordered.