So, I called my internet connection provider to see through this matter. They also cannot figure out the problem because every other internet lines they have provided to their clients are working just fine. Then they changed the IP address, but still the problem is there.

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Identity, like compute, storage and networking, is an essential platform service. In the same way that identity played a critical role in the adoption of workgroup computing, identity services will play a critical role as organizations adopt the (hybrid) cloud, embracing and managing the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) trend, and the API economy. Organizations (will) use cloud services and applications created by (cloud) ISVs, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud platforms for (Line of Business (LOB)) custom development, (as well as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud environment for specific workloads to onboard the cloud for IT optimization reasons).


These are the most effective solutions to the Windows Modules Installer Worker error. Hopefully, you were able to solve the problem using one of the methods listed. But if you don’t find a working solution, consider upgrading your system hardware.

Once done, restart your computer. This solution works for most users. However, if it doesn’t, feel free to try the next method.


Important note Customers using DirSync or Azure AD Sync will continue to synchronize after April 13, 2021 but they not be able to receive support for their synchronization tool. They must upgrade to the latest version of Azure AD Connect in order to receive support.

Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS) will require that we move beyond the models of identity management that have guided our thinking to date. A new service-based model will emerge combining more advanced capabilities with externalization of operations to achieve reduction in risk, effort and cost. High end security capabilities will become utilities available even to the smallest organizations, resulting in a democratization of the safe Internet.


As its name clearly indicates, Azure Virtual Machines provides support for virtual machines (VMs) provisioned from the cloud. At a glance, a VM consists of a piece of infrastructure available to deploy an operating system and an application. Specifically, this includes a persistent operating system (OS) disk, possibly some persistent data disks, and internal/external networking "glue"/connectivity to hold it all together. With these infrastructure ingredients, it enables the creation of a platform where you can take advantage of the reduced cost and ease of deployment offered by Azure. It's all the more so with the Infrastructure-as-code and Configuration-as-code advanced capabilities provided by Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

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From the new window, locate Windows Modules Installer. You can use the search tool provided in the top right corner of the window or simply press W on your keyboard to jump to services that start with W.


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Extremely low, resulting in hypoglycemia. This can be a life-threatening situation.

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Note Azure AD Domain Services, a cloud based service gives you a fully WSAD compatible set of API's and protocols, delivered as a managed Azure service. In other words, thanks to this new concept, you can now turn on support for all the critical directory capabilities your application and server VM's need, including Kerberos, NTLM, Group Policy and LDAP. For more information, see blog post #AzureAD Domain Services is now GA!

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By now you probably know that Windows Modules Installer work error often comes up when you have issues with automatic Windows updates. This is a common problem in Windows 10, though you may encounter it when using Windows 8/7.


Note The Azure Active Directory Connect Health (Azure AD Connect Health)cloud based service in the Azure portal helps you monitor and gain insight into health, performance and login activity of your on-premises identity infrastructure. As such, it offers you the ability to view alerts, performance, usage patterns, configuration settings, enables you to maintain a reliable connection to Azure AD and much more.

All of the above implies a new Identity Management model. This has to cut costs as well as deployment complexity – not increase them. Organizations need a specialized service that appropriately handles identity as well as security and privacy for them – with an increased level of specialization and professionalization adequate to emerging cyber threats. About the key understanding this leads to is how you get more capability for less money by leveraging cloud capabilities.

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The service operates more than 10 million of tenants and actually processes more than 1/3 billion, with a B, authentications every week. Since the release of the service, Azure AD has processed 1 trillion identity authentications. This is a real testament to the level of scale we can handle.

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And a new service for business-to-consumer (B2C) for individual consumer with Azure AD B2C in GA in North America, and in public preview elsewhere. As Gartner says in the aforementioned research document, "B2C use cases have grown in importance as organizations look to replace a mixture of custom-developed IAM products and traditional on-premises IAM products".

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AD is used extensively by governments and enterprises world-wide. AD is widely deployed in the Global 5000 today as their authoritative identity and access management system as well as in small and medium enterprises and we will not describe it further here.


It offers capabilities that can be leveraged to centralize the identity management needs of your solutions, and SaaS subscriptions, whether they are cloud-based, hybrid, or even on-premises. Azure AD is a complete offering that can help you to take advantage of your on-premises existing investment, to fully outsource to the cloud your users (and devices) management and anything in between. For enterprises with more demanding needs an advanced offering, Azure AD Basic, Azure AD Premium P1, and Azure AD Premium P2 help complete the set of capabilities that this identity and access management solution delivers.

Microsoft recommends customers to stay current with Azure AD Connect releases. For a full list of fixes and improvements over the time of Azure AD Connect, see article Azure AD Connect: Version Release History.


Single sign-on is the ability for a user to login in once and not have to re-enter their credentials each time when accessing different applications, APIs, or clouds. This represents an important part of Azure AD because it delivers a secure, yet simple and seamless way for users to connect to their resources running somewhere in the cloud.

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Azure AD Connect is the best way to connect your on-premises directory with Azure AD and Office 365. Azure AD Connect is replacing DirSync and Azure AD Sync and these two older sync engines are deprecated from April 13, 2021 reaching end of support April 13,2021.


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Azure AD is Microsoft's vehicle for providing IDaaS capabilities in a public cloud. Microsoft's approach to IDaaS is deeply grounded in – and extends – the proven concepts of on-premises AD.


Active Directory from on-premises to the cloud

The fundamental requirements for deploying AD on VM(s) in Azure differ very little from deploying it in VMs (and, to some extent, physical machines) on-premises. For example, if the domains controllers that you deploy on VMs are replicas in an existing on-premises corporate domain/forest, then the Azure deployment can largely be treated in the same way as you might treat any other additional AD site. That is, subnets must be defined in AD, a site created, the subnets linked to that site, and connected to other sites using appropriate site-links. There are, however, a number of differences that are common to all Azure deployments and some that vary according to the specific deployment scenario.

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To master these requirements, Microsoft has worked closely with a number of customers in private previews. Some of the private preview deployments are already fully in production.


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However, we recommend you manually check for updates at regular intervals. Missing critical updates means your Operating System will be unstable and you will encounter performance issues.

Azure AD B2C is a new comprehensive, cloud-based, consumer identity and access management solution currently for your consumer-facing applications, that can be integrated in any platform, and accessible from any device. Azure AD B2C is a highly available global service that can support hundreds of millions of consumer identities. Azure AD B2C gives individual consumer a choice between "Bringing their own Identities" (BYOI) by using one of their existing social accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, Amazon, or LinkedIn or Microsoft Account), or creating a new local account (arbitrary email address / username with password).


Note Using the Azure AD support, mobile business applications can use the same easy Mobile Services authentication experience to allow employees to sign into their mobile applications with their corporate Active Directory credentials. With this feature, Azure AD is supported as an identity provider in Mobile Services alongside with the other identity providers we already support (which include Microsoft Accounts, Facebook ID, Google ID, and Twitter ID).

What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker

Azure AD Connect Health is a feature of the Azure AD Premium P1 and P2 editions (see later in this document) and represents a key part of our effort to help you monitor and secure your cloud and on-premises identity infrastructure. For more information, see article Monitor your on-premises identity infrastructure and synchronization services in the cloud.


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Note For a description of each edition below and a comparison table, see article Azure Active Directory editions. For more information on usage model, see article Azure Active Directory Pricing. For information on the usage constraints and other service limits for the Azure AD service per edition, see article Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.


Note The EMS offerings are not only available with an Enterprise Agreement (EA) but also through the Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Open programs. For more information, see the blog post Azure AD and Enterprise Mobility Suite now available without an Enterprise Agreement.

Windows Modules Installer Worker error

Moreover, Azure AD is available for use by organizations who have applications running on any cloud platform or on-premises, and is offered as a service on the Azure Cloud platform (see below). Tenants can control the geographical region or regions in which their data resides.


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However, sometimes the service may become unresponsive when looking for updates. This causes your PC to become very slow or unresponsive.


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Azure AD B2B collaboration helps improve security while simplifying the management of partner access to resources, including SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Workday, etc, and other mobile, cloud, and on-premises claims-aware applications. An email-verified process allows partners of all sizes, with or without an existing Azure AD subscription, to manage their accounts and get single sign on (SSO) access to the line-of-business (LOB) applications you provide. This improves security as users lose access when they leave the partner organization, while you control access policies within your organization. This also simplifies administration as you don't need to manage an external partner directory or per partner federation relationships. These capabilities can be used with on the available Azure AD editions, and as part of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).