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Click Actions > Launch KVM Console. The KVM Console opens in a new tab.


Q: Dial-Up Networking Monitor will not run, and complains the file 'MSVBVM50.DLL' is missing

This application is based on MiTeC Portable Executable Reader. It reads and displays executable file properties and structure.

If you have already applied the Win98 SE shutdown Patch, you will not have the option to disable Fast Shutdown. In theory, it is already disabled. However, sometimes it does not get disabled successfully. You can check and correct this by ensuring that FastReboot=0 in the following Registry key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Shutdown. You can guarantee that it is set correctly by downloading and executing the No FastShutdown registry patch.


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Q194990 - Vserver.vxd File Not Found When You Start Your Computer

This delay caused by the previous item. Below the "Enumerating" event you should find the associated "Enumerated" event. The enumeration delay is printed on the "Enumerated" event.


But then you will ask how and why registry gets corrupted. It could be explained in simple terms here. When a program deletes a key in registry it is marked as deleted. So when you regedit you will not see that key.

A: CRC errors usually mean a problem with the speed of your COM port and/or your connect speed being too high. Try going into Control Panel | System | Device Manager | Ports, selecting the port that your modem is on, Port Settings, and lower the Bits per second speed. If that doesn't solve it, try dropping down the connect speed (in Dial-Up Networking, select the Connection you use and go into Modem). If the COM port speed solved the problem, you may need to replace the COM ports in your machine (probably an old machine) with 16550 UARTs. This would usually mean changing your Motherboard or your I/O controller.


I just installed 'XYZ' update from Microsoft, and Dial-Up Networking Monitor no longer works. Will you fix it

IRQ steering and device enumeration issues may be cause of these shutdown problems. This is due to a BIOS that is not fully compliant, so that the full solution, if this is the problem, is a BIOS upgrade.

Whatever Update Pack you install is up to you. If you want it you can even install the U98SESP3 and download the version of WUPG98 from MdGXs homepage and than extract some features that might not be available.


Using Btrieve with Windows

Also, you are almost powerless to truly solve them, because someone else wrote the program, and most people do not have the expertise required to change the application itself. The best you can do as an administrator is to repair the Registry and look for an update or replacement.

VxDWriter is a tool for developing Windows 95/98 device driver (VxD) quickly and efficiently in C/C++. No assembly language programming is required with this tool. It includes VxDWizard, run-time library, VxD class library, VxD service wrapper library, many sample VxDs, most of the library source codes, support for developing VxD in MS Developer Studio IDE, integrated help file with Win98 DDK, limited free technical support through e-mail, etc.

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Use of networking software implemented as an NDIS intermediate driver can cause the system to hang during shutdown (and also during startup). This is due to a known bug in Win98 SE that causes the operating system to inappropriately compete with the driver code, forcing a “deadlock” condition that hangs Windows (look at these guys).


In August, 1999, a couple of months after the problem emerged, Microsoft released a patch for this problem. This Win98 SE Shutdown Patch has had several “fine tuning” updates since. In the time since The Patch was released, is has solved the shutdown problem for most people with the problem (my estimate is about 80%). For others, though, it did not solve the problem.

Err Msg: No Logon Servers Available When You Try to Connect to Windows 9x-based Computer

Besides taking out the program, auxiliary, and data files, an uninstall routine may attempt to remove Registry entries as well. It may inadvertently remove required entries for other applications because it is nearly impossible for the system to know all the entries accessed by an application.


A: DNM requires the "RAS Total" Performance object to function on NT. Load the Performance Monitor (normally found in Start | Programs | Administrative Tools) and hit the Add (+) button. In the Object: list, you should find "RAS Total". If you do not, this is why DNM will not start.

NOTE: There is a possibility that this solution might make Plug-and-Play dysfunctional. This “fix” may, therefore, relate indirectly to the “Disabling Plug-and-Play” suggestion above. Therefore, if this approach repairs the shutdown problem, the actual underlying cause may be the need for a BIOS upgrade.


If you’ve ever used a PC in the last 30 years, you’re likely very familiar with Windows Solitaire. The card game was originally made available by Microsoft in 1990 to help Windows users hone their mouse skills, and it’s been a staple of the operating system ever since. No less ubiquitous was 1992’s Mortal Kombat, which helped usher in the ESRB after a congressional hearing was convened to debate the merits of it’s gory presentation. That same year, Nintendo’s Super Mario Kart proved that young players were just as ruthless, as the consolemaker introduced the franchise’s cutthroat multiplayer mode to the world.

When I load DNM on NT, it tells me I must have RAS installed. This is installed, so why doesn't DNM load?


This delay was caused by the previous item. Below the "Enumerating" event you should find the associated "Enumerated" event. The enumeration delay is printed on the "Enumerated" event.

For example, as MS-MVP Richard G. Harper reports, there are known bugs (corruption of packets sent over the network) with the 4/10/1998 Realtek drivers; Richard prudently recommends that the drivers on the Realtek website should be used instead. On the other hand, the drivers available from Realtek return the shutdown problem to computers where the above changes removed that problem.


Creating Windows 9x Home Directories on Windows NT Server

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It can be annoying and may require you to remove some or all of your fonts and replace them. It mostly happens when user installs and removes fonts frequently. It happened twice in my case because I remove some fonts which I never used to free some space only realising later what mess has been done.


The Dial-Up Networking update should now be installed, and Dial-Up Networking Monitor should load correctly

Your computer cannot be suspended at this time. A program or driver you have running may be preventing this action. Close all programs, and then try again.

NOTE: Either of these Windows (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1647) installations can be done atop an existing version. There will, generally, be no need to do a clean install in order to apply these fixes.


This is a listing of the known issues that have surface thus far in the Windows (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5883) Millennium Edition. It takes anywhere from 5 to 14 days for an issue to surface in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, therefore we will try and update this information as quickly as reasonably possible.

For Cloud Server and Virtual Private Server

In most cases, if ScanDisk runs at restart of the computer, it means that Windows did not shut down correctly. It may have appeared to shut down correctly but, in fact, does not finish all of its internal shutdown processes. It is important to know whether or not this final shutdown actually occurred; and the best method is probably the boot log method described here.

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A further concern is that part of what this recommended fix does is revert a portion of the Win98 SE power management code to the Win98 (original) version, which is consistent with some other avenues of repair (most, but not all, of the SE shutdown problems reduce to power management issues), but could also bring unsuspected problems. Mixing bits and pieces of different OS versions is generally not recommended.


Q: I don't understand the information Dial-Up Networking Monitor is showing me

A user can then double-click to start the application and load the document. Many times, other applications use the same extension. For example, the last graphics program loaded will be the one launched when a TIF graphic is activated based on the settings in the Registry. Occasionally, completely different, non-compatible applications will use the same extensions on their document files, and the document-loading shortcut won't work.

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