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  • Extreme Programming In Agile SDLC Environment
  • A guide to Extreme Programing in Agile
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Extreme Programming was the first Agile methodology to truly challenge traditional Waterfall methods. It changed traditional requirements-gathering techniques, brought testing to the forefront of the delivery process, and helped popularize core software engineering practices like automated testing, refactoring, continuous integration, and test-driven development.


Extreme Programming: Tips and Advantages

This practice, too, reduces the feedback cycle for issue identification and resolution. This results in a reduction in the number of bugs that get introduced into production.

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Scrum is, first and foremost, a managerial framework. It's about things developers do when they're not writing code. Scrum explicitly prescribes a model, according to which developers plan their work, update their plans, and analyze how things went in retrospect. The framework introduces the role of Scrum Master, a dedicated person whose task is to facilitate the process and make sure it’s being followed.

Values and Principles of Extreme Programming

As for the differences, unlike Kanban, Lean has some prescriptions regarding engineering practices (TDD, for example). At the same time, Lean is less prescriptive on delivery time-boxes, with the team potentially being ready to deploy at any time.


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In software engineering, Kanban means there's a limit on the amount of work one can have in progress at a time. In other words, there could be a cap on the number of cards the team can have inside the "In Progress" column on the Kanban Board. This is done to increase focus and decrease context switching.


XP means offering constant feedback, demonstrating the software early and often, listening carefully, and making any changes needed. Sprints help the team move in the right direction.

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FDD is a development process that, as all Agile methodologies, is iterative and incremental with the objective of delivering working software. FDD mixes best practices that are all driven by what is important to the client. This means that the developers focus on the features that the client values and the functions they expect.


A system metaphor is a common vision of the project in hand. The metaphor keeps the development team organized by providing a naming convention. A naming convention is very important as it helps in understanding the overall design of the system and helps developers reuse code. It saves time, as it makes it easier to find the functionality you are looking for and easier to know where to put certain functionalities.

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XP was conceived and developed by Kent Beck, who wrote Extreme Programming Explained, the book based on his concept. The book addresses the issues faced by small development teams working in an environment of ever-changing requirements. Beck emphasizes that in order to write code, you have to write a test for it first so that you will know when it succeeds. Beck also introduces the relatively novel idea that code should be written by pairs of programmers, forcing the main programmer to describe the code to the other programmer and perhaps stimulate further ideas. Normally, XP is for teams between two and 12, though larger projects of 30 have reported success as well.

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Slack: This implies adding a few, low priority tasks or stories in the weekly and quarterly cycles. If the team is lagging on more important tasks, these can be dropped. Else, these will also be completed, increasing the chances of meeting the estimated schedules.

Extreme programming aquarium example

The basis of extreme programming is a continuous mechanism of customer involvement through feedback during the development phase. Programmers must listen to what the customers and project managers need the system to do and what business value they need to provide. They must understand these needs well enough to give the customer feedback about the technical aspects of how the problem can be solved.


Extreme programming pert certification

Available customer participation. As XP requires customers, developers and managers work side-by-side, make sure your client can spend time in the office until a project ends.

Iteration Planning is a practice in which the team is given direction every few weeks. XP teams build software in two-week iterations, delivering running useful software at the end of each iteration. During iteration planning, the customer presents the features desired for the next two weeks.


Is it possible to write a clear code quickly? The answer is yes, according to XP practitioners. The quality of software derives from short development cycles that, in turn, allow for receiving frequent feedback. And valuable feedback comes from good testing. XP teams practice test-driven development technique (TTD) that entails writing an automated unit test before the code itself. According to this approach, every piece of code must pass the test to be released. So, software engineers thereby focus on writing code able to accomplish the needed function. That’s the way TDD allows programmers to use immediate feedback to produce reliable software. You can learn more about improving software testing in our dedicated article.

The development team is required to make small frequent releases of working software that customers can evaluate. The first release includes the smallest set of useful features. Subsequent releases include newly added features. Small releases are important for both the customers and the development team, as they provide necessary feedback to continue in the right direction. It is important to release early and often, adding a few features each time.


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According to XP, the end customer should fully participate in development. The customer should be present all the time to answer team questions, set priorities, and resolve disputes, if necessary.


This is not a general rule of thumb, but, as we mentioned, for FDD the shorter the better. Let’s say that a Sprint would last somewhere between two to ten days. This differs to Scrum, as Scrum Sprints typically last two to four weeks, and XP programming Sprints can last up to 6 weeks!

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The best design for software is the simplest one that works. If any complexity is found, it should be removed. The right design should pass all tests, have no duplicate code, and contain the fewest possible methods and classes. It should also clearly reflect the programmer’s intent.


The key difference between Kanban and Scrum is that Kanban is continuous, while Scrum is iterative. Kanban is better suited for teams that have a lot of unplanned work coming up (support issues, emergency fixes, urgent feature requests) during the Sprint. This way, instead of waiting until the end of the Sprint, the team can start working on items as they appear and re-prioritize tasks on the fly.

The core of XP is an interconnected set of software development practices. While it is possible to implement these practices in isolation, many teams have found that some practices reinforce the others and should be done in conjunction. This can enable fully eliminating the risks you often face in software development.


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On-site customers include real-life customers in the development process. The customers are always available to answer questions, provide the requirements, and set the priorities. As a result, the customer will be included and will avoid frustration caused by negative feedback and misunderstanding the requirements.

Software engineer Ken Beck introduced XP in the 90s with the goal of finding ways to writing high-qualitative software quickly and being able to adapt to customers’ changing requirements. In 1999, he refined XP approaches in the book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change.


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Simplicity is another advantage of Extreme Programming projects. Developers who prefer to use this methodology create extremely simple code that can be improved any time.

XP Adherence Metrics (XP-am): Through XP-am, the extent to which the team uses the XP practices were expressed. The XP-am also helped in investigating the interactions and dependencies amid the XP practices as well as the degree to which the practices can be detached or removed.


The XP team should maintain a fully integrated project. The integration process should be continued and carefully controlled. Developers should integrate tested code at least daily. CI often avoids diverging or fragmented development efforts in which developers are not communicating with each other about what can be reused or shared. Continuous Integration ensures that everyone has the latest version of the project. It also avoids and detects compatibility problems early.

If you are new to Agile, it may hard to wrap your head around the concept. That is because Agile is just a set of abstract principles that are void of any particularities on how to turn them to life. Hence, there are all sorts of practice-oriented frameworks, the most popular among which are Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP.


This practice declares a whole team’s responsibility for the design of a system. Each team member can review and update code. Developers that have access to code won’t get into a situation in which they don’t know the right place to add a new feature. The practice helps avoid code duplication. The implementation of collective code ownership encourages the team to cooperate more and feel free to bring new ideas.

Just like Kanban and Lean, XP also sees to it that no waste is produced, focusing on writing the code you need today instead of thinking about tomorrow, next month, etc. This is called the YAGNI (You Aren't Gonna Need It) approach. There's also the planning game that is done together with the customer.


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Here, you could compare the features list to the product backlog in scrum, and the feature would be some sort of user story. After having the overall model ready, based on the knowledge got during that phase, we will have to identify the features which are valuable to the client and which will basically guide the project. Features shouldn’t take longer than two weeks to be completed, and if they do, then it should be put into more than one feature. They are usually expressed as an action, result & object.

This is a meeting that occurs at the beginning of an iteration cycle. The development team and the customer get together to discuss and approve a product’s features. At the end of the planning game, developers plan for the upcoming iteration and release, assigning tasks for each of them.


Originally posted on AltexSoft's blog Extreme Programming: Values, Principles, and Practices

The team worked on developing a scriptable GUI environment for external customers to develop customized end-user and business applications. The team comprised of 6-10 members. The old release was finished 3 years prior (spanning 18 months) using the waterfall method whereas the new release was completed recently (spanning 3/5 months), using XP.

Like we said, Extreme Programming is part of the Agile methodology. It shares all Agile principles, including strong customer involvement in the software development process, good communication inside teams, and iterative cycles of development.


Weekly Cycle: The first day of every week, the team meets to reflect on the progress to date. The stories that should be delivered in the week are selected by the customer. The team determines how to approach those stories. The goal behind this is to achieve a running, verifiable feature by the end of the week. The fixed period allows for the production of a feature that can be shown to the customer for feedback.

These values represent a specific mindset of motivated team players who do their best on the way to achieving a common goal. XP principles derive from these values and reflect them in more concrete ways.


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Coding standards keep the code consistent and easy to read and refactor, which is very important in XP as it makes the code look as if one developer has written it. Everyone codes to the same standards. Ideally, you shouldn’t be able to tell who on the team has touched a specific piece of code by just looking at it.

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A team must have common sets of coding practices, using the same formats and styles for code writing. Application of standards allows all team members to read, share, and refactor code with ease, track who worked on certain pieces of code, as well as make the learning faster for other programmers. Code written according to the same rules encourages collective ownership.


We’ve talked about Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development, so I figured, why not cover Feature Driven Development? Actually, not many people talk about FDD and we may say that Extreme Programming, Scrum, and Test Driven Development are definitely the most popular Agile methods at the moment, but here at Apiumhub, we also value FDD quite a lot.


As I mentioned earlier, Jeff Luca was the creator of FDD. He proposed a solution which is a mix of 5 processes that would cover the development of the model, and its listing, design, planning, and, finally, the building of its features. So to get a better understanding, it obviously helps to have a look at those 5 basic processes of FDD.

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Pair Programming is one of the practices that distinguishes the XP methodology. Each pair of programmers works together to develop certain functionalities. This increases software quality. In addition to better code quality, it helps communicate knowledge so that no one developer becomes a bottleneck.


To deliver business value with well-designed software in every short iteration, XP teams also use refactoring. The goal of this technique is to continuously improve code. Refactoring is about removing redundancy, eliminating unnecessary functions, increasing code coherency, and at the same time decoupling elements. Keep your code clean and simple, so you can easily understand and modify it when required would be the advice of any XP team member.

System metaphor stands for a simple design that has a set of certain qualities. First, a design and its structure must be understandable to new people. They should be able to start working on it without spending too much time examining specifications. Second, the naming of classes and methods should be coherent. Developers should aim at naming an object as if it already existed, which makes the overall system design understandable.


Just like Kanban, Lean strives to reduce waste and maximize value to the customer. Waste could be building the wrong feature, waiting/multitasking/switching, wasting time doing something that will never be used or starting anew.

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Case Studies for Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming helps increase employee satisfaction and retention. Extreme Programming is a value-driven approach that sets fixed work times with little scope for overtime. The breakdown of project scope into subcomponents combined with constant customer feedback prevents the accumulation of work to be completed before a tight deadline.

Roles in Extreme Programming

The weekends with a review of the progress to date between the team and the customer. This leads to the decision if the project should continue or if sufficient value has been delivered.


On my team, we use Scrum, we use XP programming, FDD and more. So I thought it would be interesting to do a brief comparison of these three prominent Agile methods. Feature Driven Design takes a bit from Xtreme Programming as well as from Scrum, but it adds to them by implementing Domain-Driven Design techniques. What is great is that it is very easy to work in large teams using FDD.

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With software engineering being in such a fast-paced environment, traditional project management approaches are no longer viable. That means that IT professionals must find new ways to handle frequently changing development tasks.

Acceptance tests, or customer tests, are specified by the customer to test that the overall system is functioning as planned. Automated testing results in much better overall quality. Acceptance tests are tests done by customers to ensure that the overall system contains all the required features.


Beck’s fundamental idea is to start simply, build something real that works in its limited way, and then fit it into a design structure that is built for further code building. The XP team includes not only the developers but also the managers and customers, all working together elbow-to-elbow.

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Extreme Programming (XP) is one of the numerous Agile frameworks applied by IT companies. But its key feature — emphasis on technical aspects of software development — distinguishes XP from the other approaches.