November Also includes additional features. A minor update for Windows 2 Service Pack 2/1 has been released. The next version of Free Windows Movie Maker Lifetime Crack is relatively new. Introduced Windows XP Media Center Edition version 8/0.7/5, which supports DVD burning and other conversions.

  • Windows Media Center icon Taskbar
  • Free Windows 8 Pro to Windows Media Center Pack upgrades until January 31
  • I got my Windows Media Pack product key in like 12hrs
  • If you already have a product key, then follow these steps to add Windows 8 Media Center Pack
  • You’ll need to purchase a new product key using Windows Media Center add-on pack from Microsoft
  • Download Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8.1 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Windows 8 Pro is designed to help tech enthusiasts and business/technical professionals obtain a broader set of Windows 8 technologies. It includes all the features in Windows 8 plus features for encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain connectivity. Windows Media Center will be available as an economical “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro. If you are an enthusiast or you want to use your PC in a business environment, you will want Windows 8 Pro.


With the launch of Windows 8 PRO, Microsoft stripped quite a few features that were present in Windows 7. One of such features is the Windows Media Center which supports DVD/Music playback. As it is now, Windows Media Center is being offered as an addon to the new OS and attracts a fee BUT for a limited time only, Microsoft is offering it free of charge to early adopters of Windows 8 PRO.

Get Windows 8 Media Center for free

When I contacted Pinnacle support. They pretty much had the same ideas, but they threw in a suspicion that Windows Media Center might be conflicting with it. It wasn’t. In the last e-mail I got from them, they wanted me to reinstall Windows “as an experiment“. You know, I almost did it. It does make me wonder if this was a problem that was either caused by some Windows update or Service Pack 1, because as I said TVCenter Pro worked at first.


Microsoft Expression Media 2 Service Pack 1 was released in October 2008, and now, just under four months later, SP2 is out via Microsoft Update and the Mac AutoUpdate. You can also download SP2 via the Microsoft Download Center: Windows (3/4 MB) and Mac (62/5 MB). For Windows, the service pack is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, while on Mac it is available for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. Expression Media 2 SP1 must be installed before installing Expression Media 2 SP2.

No edition of Windows 8 / 8/1 includes Windows Media Center (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5290). It must always be separately bought and added. To get WMC when running a normal basic edition of Windows 8 / 8/1 you have to buy a Windows Pro Pack and upgrade using it, running Windows 8 / 8/1 Pro you have to buy Windows Media Center Pack.


Windows 8 doesn’t include Media Center like its predecessor, but you can install it as a separate download. And the grooviest part is that Microsoft letting you download it for free until January 31st.

Now the same site has posted up a new batch of screenshots, this time showing the process Windows 8 might follow when a user decides to upgrade it from one SKU to another. In this case, the screenshots show how the Pro SKU can be updated to the ProfessionalWMC version. The site says it stands for 'Professional with Windows Media Center', but the branding on this particular build states it is called 'Windows 8 Pro Pack'.


Window Media Center Pack

I upgraded to Windows 8/1 Pro with Media Center Pack from my Windows 8/1 Pro Preview. For convenience, I grabbed it through the Store app. For more convenience, the address was ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade. Type that into your address bar, and you’ll see.

Windows Media Center will be installed on your computer. Keep in mind that your system will reboot at least once during the process.


With my backend server update to Windows Server 2021, I was keen to get my media front-end up to Windows 8 also to take advantage of SMB 3/0 for improved performance of opening and accessing the media stored on the server. I rebuilt the front-end about two weeks ago, taking advantage of the free Media Pack upgrade prior January 31st. I had already tested the components I use to make my media center tick including Shark007 Codec Pack, MyMovies and MediaControl so I knew all was good.

As you may recall, when Microsoft was preparing Windows 8, the company announced that it had decided not to include Windows Media Center in the operating system anymore and instead would make it available as a separate download for a nominal fee once Windows 8 was released. While this raised the ire of quite a few long time Windows Media Center users, Microsoft made a fairly reasonable case for removing the application from the operating system in this blog post on the Building Windows 8 web site. After reading this post, many folks that I spoke with at the time shifted their point of contention from the removal to the cost of the add-on pack, which Microsoft vaguely described as in line with marginal costs.


Getting your free copy of the Windows 8 Media Center Pack is pretty straightforward procedure. On your Windows 8 system, launch Internet Explorer and point it to the Add features page on the Microsoft Windows 8 site. When you arrive at the page, read the introductory information and then scroll down to the Windows 8 Pro section as shown in Figure B. Then, enter your email address, type the BotDetect CAPTCHA characters, and click the Send my product key button.

No, they removed the DVD decoder, which allows you to watch movies on it, unless you buy the media center pack for Windows 8, which has the DVD decoder. You can also by a DVD decoding program such as Cyberlink PowerDVD.


Hopefully, you’re able to get the Media Center pack while Microsoft has the free offer – available until January 31st, 2021. After that, it looks like the pack will cost you $9/99 – of course, that could always change.

  • You must provide a valid email address to receive your Windows 8 Media Center Pack product key
  • Windows Media Center will be available as an economical 'media pack' add-on to Windows 8 Pro
  • Download Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8 from Official Microsoft Download Center
  • Windows 8.1 won't accept my Media Center Pack Product Key
  • Microsoft will announce pricing for these Media Center packs once Windows 8 reaches its final release stage
  • Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 w/Update Rollup Release 2 One Pack - OEM

WMP Tag Support Plugin add support for various additional audio files tag formats into Microsoft Media Player v10-11 and Windows Media Center. This Plugin allow you to use in Media Player or Media Center popular audio formats like m4a files from your iPod or iTunes, Flac, Ogg, Monkey's Audio (ape), Wav Pack (wv), Optim Frog.

Fortunately, Microsoft did remain true to their word. If you go to the Add features to Windows 8 tool in Windows 8 Pro, you'll see that the Windows 8 Media Center Pack will cost $9/99, as shown in Figure A.


If you obtain Windows 8 Media Center Pack through any other location fees might apply. Offer valid from October 26, 2021, until January 31, 2021, and is limited to one product key per email address. You qualify for this promotion if your PC is running Windows 8 Pro. Additional hardware may be required to watch and record live TV. You must provide a valid email address to receive your Windows 8 Media Center Pack product key. Your product key must be activated no later than January 31, 2021. Microsoft will only contact you at the email address you provide to send you your product key and to remind you when the activation period for your product key is ending. Catalysis Corporation is a third-party company we use to collect subscription information and process the delivery of these emails.

Windows 8 (and now 10) no longer comes with Windows Media Center by default. To get it, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and purchase the Media Center Pack (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9896). And Windows 10 doesn’t have it at all.


Install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

The one feature I didn’t mention here, of course, is Windows Media Center. Microsoft has decided that Media Center—which debuted 10 years ago and has been a defining feature of the Home Premium editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7—will be an optional add-on in Windows 8. You'll need to pay extra for the "media pack," and it will only work with Windows 8 Pro. I’ll have more to say about that later.

Summary Windows Media Center Pack is a feature that can be purchased and added into Windows (check out this site) 8 Pro version. With Media Center (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=4384), you can record TV shows through a TV tuner, as well as play DVDs.


To shrink an existing partition to create another partition to install Windows 8 on instead, select the partition that you want to shrink and click on the Extend option. Type in how much in MB (1 GB = 1024 MB) that you want to shrink it by. Now select the new extended partition.

  • Free Genuine Windows Media Center Pack for Windows 8 from Microsoft - Grab it for Free
  • Enter the free Windows 8 Media Center Pack product key and click Next
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On the plus side, Windows 8 Enterprise packs some nifty features that you won't find in the vanilla version of Windows 8, including BitLocker encryption, Hyper-V virtualization, and the intriguing Windows to Go, which allows the OS to boot from removable storage. You also get IT-friendly tools such as BranchCache and AppLocker support. Though some of those tools are come with with Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise users can't download the Pro version's $10 Windows Media Center pack (sorry, CableCard lovers). Wikipedia has a handy chart comparing the features available for the different editions of Windows 8, including Windows RT.

Any system using this kind of activation can be activated permanently for free with Windows 8 Media Center Pack promotion. While reading GHacks, I came to know about this loophole and tried it out of curiosity.


Windows 8/1 reached the end of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2021, and will reach end of Extended Support on January 10, 2021. With the general availability of Windows 8/1, customers on Windows 8 had until January 12, 2021, to move to Windows 8/1 to remain supported.

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Windows Media Center is a fantastic platform, and Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to give it the potential to really hit the mainstream. The next update (which unlike the TV Pack 2008, needs to be available to everyone) needs to focus on improving the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

Add Features to Windows

A couple of months back, we brought to you the news that Media Center pack is available for free for a limited time for legitimate Windows 8 Pro users. The offer will last till January 31, 2021, and will require an activation check on your copy of Windows 8 before you will be provided a valid license key. We also advised all Windows 8 Pro users to opt for the offer; you had nothing to lose, it wasn’t clear how Media Center would be priced once the promotion is over, and it’s never harmful to grab something for free while it lasts. Assuming that you took our advice and had signed up for the license key for Windows Media Center, here’s how you can install and set it up.


It is highly recommened that you create a password reset disk for your user account just in case you forget it later. You will be able to use it to reset your user account password.

Windows 8 -Tutorial Index

For even more convenience, my computer’s original OS was Windows 7 Ultimate. Then I upgraded it to Windows 8 Pro with Media Center Pack. After that, Windows 8/1 Pro Preview, then Windows 8/1 Pro with Media Center Pack. For much more convenience, I installed 8 Pro over 7 Ultimate using a genuine copy, then installed 8/1 Pro Preview over 8 Pro with the ISO file Microsoft had available on their website at the time. They also provided people with the product key.


How to Install Windows 8 on VMware Player

To access these features, you’ll need to upgrade to Windows (read this article) 8 Pro and purchase the Windows 8 Media Center Pack (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3062) from within the Add Features to Windows 8 window mentioned above. You can actually get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free until January 31, 2021 – assuming you’re using Windows 8 Pro.

Many of these programs will play DVDs, too. We’ve also covered some other ways to play DVDs on Windows 8. You don’t need the Media Center Pack for that, either.


Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business For Windows PKC Version Retail Box DVD Media

Yes, we have enabled the "Set as desktop background" right-click context menu option for all the file formats we support, in Windows 7 and Vista. You can also watch raw slideshows directly from Photo Gallery / Photo Viewer and, on Windows 7, also with Windows Media Center (that means you can watch raw image's slideshows on your living room TV, with the appropriate Media Center Extender hardware or an Xbox 360). The "print" and "email" functions of Photo Gallery are also enabled. What you cannot do, on the other hand, is add a folder containing raw files as a picture location for the automatic screen background image changer in Windows 7: only JPEGs and BMPs are compatible with this new Windows 7 features (perhaps this will change in the future as Windows 7 Service Packs gets released).

You can associate the most commonly used Windows settings to your user account. In this way, the saved settings are available when you sign in to your account on any Windows 8 PC. So your PC will be set up just the way you are used to.


I upgraded my old (though still robust) Dell Inspiron 15 to Windows 8 over the weekend. I’ve struggled quite a bit since then to get it up and running and finally ended up resetting my computer. It has been stable since then and the operating system is definitely faster than Vista and Windows 7.

So how does the need to use the Windows Media Center Pack key before 01 February 2021 impact your ability to delay installing that upgrade to Windows 8 Pro you grabbed at $40? Well in order to use that media center key you must install it on Windows 8 Pro and there is the conundrum that develops due to this deadline.


How to get Windows 8 Media Center for Free

If you will use it for other purposes in the future then it becomes logical. However at this stage I don't recommend you spend your money for Windows 8 for watching movies. Windows 8 requires Media Center Pack ($9/99) for DVD playback. It does not even has a Blu-Ray playing capability. You could of course install some freeware alternatives like XBMC if you intend using Windows 8. I only recommend you to buy Windows 8 if you don't want to miss reduced prices until this month.

Upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center Pack

Windows Media Center 6. Softonic review FastPictureViewer Codec Pack gives users the ability to view more than 40 different image formats in Windows Explorer and other image viewers on your PC. Fri Jan 06, Today we welcome Hidden Path Entertainment, Inc. Windows Vista and later natively supports thumbnail transparency and the background color in Explorer thumbnail views is white. Can I use raw files as desktop background or in slideshows?


Clean Install - Windows 8

After you get your key, there is a couple of ways to install the Media Center Pack. Use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + W to bring up Settings Search and type: add features.

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While Microsoft has discontinued Media Center with Windows (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5974) 10 - and with it, native playback of DVD video - there is a free app available for some users. Those upgrading from one of the following operating systems - Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate; Windows 8/8/1 with Media Center Pack or Pro Pack (see it here) - are eligible for the free DVD playback software.

The Concurrent RDP Patcher tool was originally released by a member of The Green Button, which used to be the official Windows Media Center Community forum. Sadly that forum is no longer available. The patcher was updated by its original author a while ago to include compatibility for Windows 7 Service Pack 1. As it was effectively abandoned by the author after this we have since made further updates to the tool as and when needed. It is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7.


Windows 8 Media Center Upgrade Pack

When upgrading from a clean install of Windows XP Service Pack 1 and higher, the system will be upgraded to the Media Center SKU. However, most branding will not be updated, and will still say Professional.

Basically, Windows 7 Home Premium is the upgraded version of Windows 7 Home Basic. The Windows 7 Home Premium is packed with more features that are not included inside the Home Basic Edition. A few basic features to be included inside Windows 7 Home Premium are The Homegroup, Windows Media Center and Windows Aero is also fully supported.


How to Install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Yes, it does show the OS product key. But, you have to buy Media Center Pack separately from windows (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8297) 8. However, I didn’t notice until you asked and I just looked. When you buy Media Center Pack it gives you a product key that when installed, Changes the OS key to that key and it is no longer the original product that was used to install Windows (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1263).

To install Windows Media Center, you would be needing a product key which you can get by clicking here. Simply scroll down, fill in your email address and answer the CAPTCHA then wait 24hrs for your key to arrive in your email. I got my Windows Media Pack product key in like 12hrs.