Star Wars: Episode I - Racer is a racing sci-fi game set in the Star Wars universe. Its sequel Star Wars Racer Revenge was never released on PC.

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  • This new patch uses the very latest WineD3D For Windows wrapper, as compiled by Dosse91
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You can sort-of play it on a Power Mac 6500 (final generation 603e), but you'll need a proper 3D accelerator card and lots of RAM. Don't forget to set for thousands of colors with a Voodoo2.


Completely change the vehicles appearance using multiple material types such as carbon fibre, glossy metal, and toon. Add decals from hundreds already included or choose from your own image library. Directly paint on the surface of the vehicles using a variety of custom brushes. Add new parts such as spoilers and create your own custom exhaust, nitrous effects to make your vehicles look unique and distinct from other players.

Star wars pod racer xp patch


SWE1R HD Upgrade Pack Adds higher resolution cinematic cutscenes. Includes Patcher features and aims to add HD in-game textures to models and environment.

Thank you Carl, the alternative download works fine. Burned it onto a disc, runs great on "my old warhorse", an iBook G3, 366 Mhz, 576 MB RAM and OS 9/2.2.


I remember this being an excellent game back in day - fast, addictive racing. Perhaps I was just crap at racing games in those days - but it seems as slow as molasses now. The frame rate is nice and high (and the timer seems to work at normal speed) - but it's really slow! I don't think that my reactions have improved any - I suspect that it just doesn't like my machine.

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This patch use the Wine3D emulation instead of dgvoodoo. Wine3D working with a DirectX-9 Emulation.

I can only think to suggest grabbing the OS9/2.2 for MDD (use search at top). It's a big download but it should work. Is there any reason why you still use OS9/2.1?


Someone has created a remake of this game using the Unreal Engine 4 (YouTube video). Unfortunately the download link to try it is always "over quota", and it is probably Windows (click reference) only of course.

For reference, how long does it take for you to complete a circuit of the first race, the boonta classic, going as fast as you can? On my G4, 1/6GHz, 512MB RAM, ATi Radeon 9000 (with the latest drivers), Mac OS 9/22, it takes 3:20/47.


Star Wars: Episode I: Jedi Power Battles Sony PlayStation 1 Video Games

Customise your vehicles appearance using a combination of special parts, paint colours, decals and effects. Choose the exact colour from literally millions of colours using a Photoshop-style colour wheel.

I've looked around and ours doesn't have one. Here is the technical breakdown of the product in our chipsets.


You need to edit drive letters in this entries Analyze Path, CD Path, Source Dir and Source Path so they point to your CD/DVD drive. After that edit entries Executable and Install Path so they point to folders/files where you copied your game.


Apple seemed to always favor ATI. I installed the OpenGL pluggin and put the extensions that it directed me to put in my extensions folder.

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Do you have the latest Extension "QuickDraw 3D RAVE" v1/8.1? This is one exception where latest is greatest. Many folks' OS 9 disks lack the final version of this file, and I believe it's essential for pushing fast graphics.