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Page 32 Select your location, then click Next. Setting the correct location allows the application to select the appropriate TV standard and DVD region to your location. When prompted, click Autoscan for TV Channels Now (recommended); otherwise, click Next to continue. A new window appears when you autoscan the channels.


Digital, depending on your cable TV subscription. For the Analog TV Tuner Card, select Analog. Select the TV connection type, then click Next. If you have a cable TV subscription, select Cable; otherwise, select Antenna.

Summary of Contents for Asus My Cinema Series

Browsing for Videos To change the order in which items are displayed, use the Sort By. option. To view videos in the My Videos folder on your computer, select My Videos. To display videos that you have recently viewed, select Recent Videos. Playback resumes from the point you stopped watching.


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Page 8 Conventions used in this guide To make sure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the following symbols used throughout this manual. DANGER/WARNING: Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. CAUTION: Information to prevent damage to the components when trying to complete a task.


TV on your computer can indeed be a splendid experience. ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology makes colors come alive and brings out optimum brightness and contrast levels even in dark scenes. You may choose from four viewing profiles for different video viewing conditions. Select the profile that best that suits your viewing environment: Enriched (Standard), Vivid.

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Asus My Cinema-PHC3-150 User Manual

Double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon. Click the ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box Drivers from the list.

Page 33 B. 11. Click Finish to close the Setup Wizard and to display the PowerCinema 4 main menu. You can run the Setup Wizard anytime by clicking or selecting from the PowerCinema home page.


Page 53 Select the channel/station you want to record, the scheduling interval, and the recording date and times. Click Apply to activate the recording schedule; otherwise, click Cancel to quit. To remove a previously created recording schedule, select Delete.

TV Tuner Asus My Cinema-PHC3-150 User Manual

Page 41 TV signal setting using the TV Settings window. To change the signal setting: From the TV screen, select Settings, then press OK. Select Signal Settings from the TV settings window, then press ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box 2-19.


ASUS EZVCR ASUS EZVCR is a program that allows you to watch and record live TV on your PC or notebook. ASUS EZVCR also lets you listen to and radio programs on systems that support this function. The image below shows the main ASUS EZVCR user interface window.

Hybrid USB TV box DVBT/AnalogTV-in port DVBT Express card Digital TV-in port Hybrid Express card Analog/Digital TV-in port Refer to the LED information table on page 1-7. Chapter 1: Hardware information.


Asus My Cinema 7131 User Manual

Operation safety • The ASUS My Cinema U-3000 TV Box becomes hot after prolonged use. Handle the TV Box with care to prevent discomfort from heat exposure. The heat will not affect the operation of the TV box so you may continue using it as desired.

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To navigate within the TeleText function, use the remote control buttons or the playback control buttons. The availability of this function depends on whether your local TV service supports it or not. ASUS TV Tuner Card/Box switch up one channel switch down one channel.


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Select TV on the Home page, then press OK from the remote controller, or click the mouse to display the main TV page. Make sure that you autoscan the channels before you watch TV on your computer.

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Picture Settings Slide Duration. Determine how long each slide in a slide show is displayed before automatically advancing.